An open letter to Zabiullah Mujahid of the Taliban

Zabiullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesman,

As shocking and repulsive as you may find this letter to be, seeing that it is written by a western woman, I feel it necessary as a Canadian to respond to your group’s desperate attempt by open letter to intimidate Canadian forces, the Canadian public and international aid workers to leave Afghanistan.

Mr. Mujahid, you and yours would do well to be reminded that there is no other group existing today that perpetrates more violence and terror upon women than the Taliban in Afghanistan. Time and again, repeated examples of severe oppression, torture and incarceration and of course murder by stoning and beheading for the slightest of infractions, often for being raped by Afghan men are forced upon thousands of girls and women daily to forward your group’s obsessive Islamic extremist ideology.

I am certain that your group would like nothing better than to have the coalition forces leave Afghanistan. With that in mind, would come the opportunity for you to restore the ill begotten, Muhammed sanctioned, Islamic values to dominate, humiliate, persecute and murder Afghani women. The maintenance of poverty, illiteracy and backwardness are key to your interpretation of Quranic verse and virtue. Without the civilized world’s concerned and watchful eye, your group is free to restore terror and brutality upon the Afghan people.

Countless episodes of the thrashing of women, girls denied education, forced marriage, forced burqa, female circumcision, stonings and imprisonment, are all top drawer accomplishments for the Taliban. The plight of Afghan men, women and children is not the result of American and western ideology as you claim. It is the result of fourteen hundred of years of cultural stagnation at the hand of your brand of Islam. Without this self-imposed dependence on brutality, poverty, illiteracy and misogyny, you might find yourselves capable of coping peacefully in a world of equality and modernity.

Long before any Canadian or other coalition troops settled in Afghanistan, your people were subjected to horrific human tragedy. To ask that I, as a Canadian, convince my government to end the assistance of Afghanistan is just one more request in a along and consistent list of Islamic absurdities. I will not appease you or be intimidated by you; nor will my government. I will also insist that Afghani girls and women , like other Muslims deserve lives of dignity, respect, equality and independence and will work hard to ensure this message becomes prominent. Mr. Mujahid, you and the Taliban are a blight on humanity and a sorry reminder of all that is wrong with this world. My answer to your tactic of intimidation, as is my governments, is simply Fuck You.


2 Replies to “An open letter to Zabiullah Mujahid of the Taliban”

  1. In the name of the Allah – Zabiullah Mujahid – I am ashamed for you. Taliban and you are ignorant. You win people with Love, not violence. When will you and Taliban learn? Spit on your face and shoes up your ass! You know only death to live in heaven, so you think. Read Koran again, read it closely, you idiot! That’s love, wake up before it is too late for you, got it?

  2. I support my brothers Zabiullah Mujahid and Talibans!!!

    USA attacked they country in 2001 year. Talibans depend they country from occupants!

    May Allah help talibans and destroy USA and they followers!!!!


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