Behind the scenes at ‘Little Church on the Sand Dune’

For those of you that don’t know, Canada’s CBC runs a rather feeble pseudo comedy called ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’ about delightful Canadian Muslims and how they are always so misunderstood when they say a normal thing and we, stupid xenophobic and of course, perpetually ‘Islamaphobic’ Canadian red neck idiots harass them just for mentioning bombs at airports in an innocent context. (something which is illegal for all people. It’s odd that muslims should feel entitled to be exempt from when it is them planting all the bombs)

Here is a clip for the uninitiated:

This got me thinking. A TV show got made in Canada for mass market showing indigenous Canadians as horrible people (And of course Americans) for misunderstanding Islamics when they do something not brutally violent misogynistic or anti freedom and democracy. I wonder what a show in Saudi Arabia called ‘Little Church on the sand dune’ be like.

Well, for openers it wouldn’t ever take. Lets face it people need to identify with and get to know the characters. When each episode inevitably ends with everyone within the church or connected to it assassinated beheaded or mysteriously disappears its hard to get warm and fuzzy over the people involved. But more to the point, Canada’s show takes a people who in fact are a genuine threat to national security because of their beliefs and makes fun of all suspicious of them while a show like little church would take a people attempting to spread a doctrine other than Islamic manifest destiny of the world and have them all killed in reality.

The truth is of course that Little Church on the Sand dune would never be made. All images of non Islamic religions in the Islamic world are as negative as their creativity can make possible. So to summarize, Little mosque makes people look like total ignoramuses for mistaking Muslims as anti Canadian when Islam is creating nearly all the terrorism and wars in the world in the name of Islam and attempting to remake every nation they move to into a reflection of a Shariah state. The show albeit imaginary little Church would of course not be made and if it was, would make the non Muslims look like Satan’s agents and all involved would be killed for the good of Allah (meca leca hi meca haino ho)

Just something for the overpaid bureaucrats at the CBC to think about while they wallow in a trough of Canadian tax payer money.


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  1. well I have an old friend who is one of the stars of “little mosque”. He is a talented actor and a fine person. However this show is so Canadian, it is painful. Not just the politics , but the writing , acting, direction etc. It reminds me a lot of that old Canadian show from 1939… “the Brownshirts move to Kitchener” .remember how the the Brownshirt family moved to Kitchener and tried to get them to name it Berlin again…ha that was a funny episode. The next episode , was the one where they fooled little Joshua Goldberg into taking a shower, cause they said he was a dirty Hebe….hilarious. Oh yeah and what was the spin-off called ? Right, I remember, it was ” The SS join the YMCA” ,,,,, funny funny stuff. Gosh I love Canada! Can’t wait til “Little Mosque” comes to America.

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