Sudan responds to the Haag’s charges

July 15, 2008 from Jihad Watch:

Sudan’s Prez dances, shouts “Allahu akbar” over war crimes charges

Dancin’ fool

Darfur Jihad Update. “Omar al-Bashir defiant dance over war crimes charges,” from the Herald Sun, July 16 (thanks to JE):

SUDANESE President Omar al-Bashir danced, punched the air in delight and shouted “God is great” in his first public appearance yesterday as a war crimes suspect.Sudan promised to turn Darfur into a graveyard as it reacted to charges laid by an international prosecutor accusing Mr al-Bashir of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Turn Darfur into a graveyard? Yeah, that’ll show that no genocide is going on, all right.

The threat was made by an official in Darfur after Luis Moreno-Ocampo, of the International Criminal Court, called for the arrest of Mr al-Bashir over his Government’s campaign of violence in the war-torn region….Mr al-Bashir appeared to have hardly a care in the world at a ceremony to mark Sudan’s new electoral law….

Sitting on a high podium in the Chinese-built Friendship Hall in Khartoum before more than 500 supporters and Sudan’s leaders, Mr al-Bashir was given roars of support as he stood to sign the legislation….

Many in the audience, which also included high-ranking army officials, Muslim and Christian leaders, and foreign diplomats, stood to dance in a brief music break.

“My faith is in my homeland, what makes me stand proud and say ‘I am Sudanese, I am African’,” sang pop singer Jamal Mustafa. “This is the land of good people, a country full of untapped resources.”

Dozens of the audience then rushed forward to try to shake the President’s hand, as Mr al-Bashir clicked his fingers to the beat and waved to the crowd.

Mr al-Bashir made no speech but shouted “God is great” as he left the stage….

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