“The Americans did it. Happy Conspiracy Day!”

This coming Monday, July 14, the Canadian Arab Federation is hosting an evening event in downtown Toronto discussing what Islamists really believe happened on September 11, 2001. I suspect that the Canadian Islamic Congress will be supportive of the initiative as Dr. Elmasry loves a good lie. Not that they would of course, participate in such immorality, for that kind of base undertaking is reserved only for western infidels and media liars, primarily of the American stars and stripe brand. The aim of Monday’s evening discussion is to inform attendees of the truth, something Islamists believe they are in true posession of. 9/11 was a grandiose American conspiracy and the arrest of the Toronto 17 was a set-up by the Canadian government, designed to undermine the well being and cultural prosperity of Canadian Muslims.

Don’t bother reading the lies and distortion of any western newspaper when you can glean the truth from much of the Middle Eastern media and Islamist web sites. Forget tuning in to the bigotry of Canadian television newscasters, when fact and objectivity concerning global events are found on the principled al-jazeera network. And please, please, don’t be a pawn of the United States massive propaganda machine when the tolerant Muslim world’s accuracy of global affairs is so necessary and neglected in an increasingly colonialized and troubled world. For the truest of the true, go to www.canadianislamiccongress.com.   

For a mere $12.00 you can attend the July 14th seminar, a guaranteed good time for anyone interested in learning the Islamic version of the events of the morning of 9/11. Academics and religious/cultural leaders will uncover what they deem an obvious American government plot to murder over 3,000 of it’s own people to justify waging war against Islam and the ensuing rise of Islamophobia through a suffocating right wing media all in the name of “us” and “them”. (I have to wonder if members of al-quaeda might feel slighted, having fellow Muslims attribute their glory of martyrdom to the Great Satan). Anyway, maybe the ticket price will include a sentimental brief mention and nod to bin-laden, a non-alcoholic beverage with a halal food item and a complimentary take home photo with a smiling Imam. Good eats, good truth, good times.

I am not at all surprised that the CAF is hosting this tete a tete. Canada’s tolerant image applauds and depends upon the participation of all, including lunatics, phobes and liars. We’re even willing to fund them with tax-payers money with churches opening their doors to support a venue for Islamist spew. Cultural diversity and religious robe rubbing means collective idiocy, not to mention without the nutbars, the Canadian landscape would be less colourful and diverse and frankly, would leave me little to write about these days. Mind you, I could probably find something far less disturbing, say achievements and discoveries from the civilized world. 

Extremist, phobic rhetoric is common throughout the Muslim world and much of it has made it’s way to western nations. The shame campaign by Islamist organizations to brand any and all who question extremism as Islamophobic is clearly designed to advance jihad, and to deflect responsibility away from a troublesome, often violent source. In Canada, Islamic, radical sentiment by such groups (which obviously despise western ideals) is rarely morally, and never officially, taken to task for exposing many Canadians to hatred and contempt. Yet, this kind of event is clearly that; a forum for Islamic, fundamentalist ideology intended to promote anti western sentiment and belittle Canada, the sensitivities of the majority of it’s citizenry and the United States. Could it be time to launch human rights complaints against these organizations for their intolerance and shameless bigotry? If I wasn’t so against the proven Orwellian antics of human rights commissions and longed for their demise, I would have done so already, but I am deeply committed to the right to arseholery for all, as offensive as it is. Members of the CAF and CIC have the right to be idiots, bigots and schtupes for political Islam.

Johnathan Kay, National Post columnist writes in today’s edition of the July 14 revelation of truth. Please go to www.nationalpost.com, and read ” Embarrassing Canadian Arabs”. Are Arab Canadians truly embarrassed by a group who claims to speak for their majority as does the CIC? Surely, the Muslim community must realize in whole or in part, that these groups are nothing more than petty bandits of Islamic extremism and should be shamed and ostracized out of existence. I suppose we’ll have a better idea of how deep the embarrassement truly goes on Tuesday morning when we realize the number of attendants and intellectual enthusiasts. Happy Conspiracy Day!!!!









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