Kathy Shaidle’s Letter to Toronto Star columnist Haroon Siddiqui

Dear Mr. Siddiqui

The difference between what the Nazis said about the Jews and what people today are saying about radical Muslims is…

What we’re saying about radical Muslims is true.

To pretend otherwise is to perform the intellectual equivalent of hiding Nazis in your attic during World War II.

Whereas The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a proven hoax (something millions of your fellow Muslims seem too stupid to figure out or too stubborn to admit), the many declarations of radical Muslims of their intent to take over the world are all too true — they uttered those words themselves; have been doing so before your favourite punching bag, George Bush, was even born; and have been captured doing so on video.

Please present me with similar statements by Jews — let alone Baha’i (that’s the correct spelling btw).

You can’t, can you?

(And an aside to Mr. Farber, assuming he really said what you claim he did — should the unlikely day dawn when Baha’i fly stolen planes into buildings and incinerate 3000 people alive, or mutilate the genitals of millions of women, or slice up their little boys as part of “religious festivals”, or take over a school and rape pre-pubescent girls in front of their classmates, then shoot them in the back as they try to run away, then plenty of us will be more than willing to hate them for it, and we won’t be silenced either, especially not by an out of touch, would-be bully like Mr. Farber.)

Millions of us want to know: why do so many Muslims do things like that, Mr. Siddiqui?

And why don’t more of your fellow Muslims condemn them, loudly, publicly and without the usual “buts” about Israel’s or America’s mostly imaginary equivalence? Now that would be a column worth writing.

You work from a false assumption, Mr. Siddiqui: that hate is bad.

Sometimes hatred is justified, even a duty.

If people hate Muslims, blame the likes of admitted terrorism supporter Mohammed Elmasry and his three law student dupes, who brought Maclean’s to court, and, among other things, condemned Mark Steyn’s use of “sarcasm” and “subtle intellectual arguments.”

It’s a sad commentary when even the so-called educated members of your “community” — three law school graduates — can’t appreciate basic English literary devices that date back to Chaucer.

But then again, Muslims don’t care much for books, do they?

Except for the Koran, which contains more hate speech than every issue of Maclean’s published in the last hundred years put together.

(Now THAT would be an interesting case for the Human Rights Commission. I’m a free speech absolutist, but I’d love to see how a case calling the Koran “hate speech” would play out, what with all its calls to violence against “apes and pigs” , i.e. Christians and Jews.)

PS: you foolishly cited professor John “Who?” Miller’s tedious, cliche ridden screed against Steyn. Speaking of “riddled with errors”: did you know that the great journalism professor Miller accused Steyn of not “arguing in food [sic] faith”? (Have someone else in the newsroom explain his mistake to you…)

As well, the best critic Miller could find to slag Steyn is Johann Hari, a reporter who has previously written glowing essays about his casual homosexual encounters with neo-Nazis.

Here’s what really going on here, Mr. Siddiqui:

Were you or your fellow hacks Mr. Miller and Mr. Hari to spend an entire day in the effort, neither of you could write a sentence comparable to one that Mr. Steyn is capable of tossing off with no effort.

Unlike him, neither of you will ever be invited to the White House, or to meet with EU heads of state, who’ve made Steyn’s book required reading for their Cabinets. You will never write bestselling books or sell out $500 dollar a plate events.

Had Mohammed Elmasry and his jumped up little Sockpuppets tried to hijack an airplane instead of Canada’s oldest magazine, they couldn’t have tainted the average Canadian’s view of Muslims more than they already have.

They are the cause of whatever “Islamophobia” exists in Canada, Mr. Siddiqui. And so are you, with your weekly excretions of Marxist claptrap of the sort that’s been past its “best before” date since the Berlin Wall came down.

In order to be intellectually honest and consistent, you would all charge yourselves with committing hate crimes and spreading “Islamophobia” throughout Canada and the world. Then take yourselves to court, fine each other and go to jail.

Maybe then my fellow Canadians and I could finally get a break from the constant seditious whining we’re obliged to endure from you and your fellow ungrateful, foreign born belligerent victocrats.


Siddiqui writes back:

U r entitled to your views.

Thanks for reading.

I respond:

Actually Mr. Siddiqui, I am NOT entitled to my views, according to Canada’s Human Rights Commissions, and according to you yourself, in the column you just typed.

I can be fined tens of thousands of dollars for my views — just ask Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn. That is a funny kind of “entitlement.”

God, you’re an dimwit.

If that is the best you can do in terms of reply, it really does make me wonder why you still have a column in the Star and I do not.


Siddiqui just keeps on digging:

That’s the law. And we all are governed by the same law.

The right-wing nuts who revel in anti-Semitism have been found to be in
violation of those very laws, rightly so.

I replied:

Then the law should be changed. And it will be, whether you like it or not.

The brave will defy it, while sheep like you will go along to get along, aiming for that Order of Canada and all the other empty honours our pathetic excuse for a nation bestows on its willing slaves.

Speaking of which: slavery used to be legal in the US. What say you?

What if the law said we could chop people’s hands off for theft, as it does in countries run by your co-religionists? Would you say the same thing?

You’re on the wrong side of history, Siddiqui. You bet on the communist horse and it has been sent to the glue factory. Now you’re groping around for something new to be wrong about. Sad.

I’m saddened too by your assertion that any Canadian citizen should be forcibly silenced, even and especially those of whom you disapprove.

And remember: today, most of those “anti-semites” you claim to hate so much aren’t white “right wingers.” They are actually Muslims like you.

So watch out: you may be next.

Meanwhile, do TRY to get better arguments than “that’s the law” and “you’re entitled to your views.” You really aren’t helping the image of Muslims, whose reputation for stupidity grows with every passing day.

Your moral and intellectual superior,

etc etc.


3 Replies to “Kathy Shaidle’s Letter to Toronto Star columnist Haroon Siddiqui”

  1. This is a lovely piece of writing from a person with perception.

    The Communists and the Fascists, (and the Third Way of nepotism), have enabled the hands of the few to have power by collective deferment.

    The Law of Entitlement, of preference, and not of merit.

    Only if people are made scared, caught in the headlights of tyranny.

    A Jewish-Christian once said God was like a radio transmitter and we were the receiver. The same if the State were the transmitter, or your traumatic childhood comforted by perverted junkie orgasm-dependence. All these Receivers with their entitlements if they held the faith; for truly the Communist Party Member by her submission is superior to all, the Muslim capitulator superior to all, and the Homosexual (specialist in the cruelest addiction), superior to all.

    Of course there are Moderate Communists, Moderate Muslims and Moderate Homosexuals. This does not make them right. It just makes them Useful Idiots. What they dabble in is like surrendering to a suspension of disbelief while watching a movie, they numb their critical thinking by constant repetition of association of pleasure in forgetting and not thinking too hard, taking the glory from wearing the mantle of their Idols; of being convinced of taking other people to gas chambers is for the greater good.

    When the bright light of their God awes you, the glory of their State Statistics overwhelms you, and the pity for their loneliness as a pedophile engulfs you; look to how they behave and in their stasis will gladly kill those who will reveal the truth about them that ‘they know not what they do’.

    May every Muslim be set free. As every Communist, Socialist and sexual deviant. For suffering of others, other people’s pain, is the only life they have. Because to live their life they have forfeited and surrendered their own. They proudly tell you this themselves. For they are the living dead, who feed off flesh, the cannibals, hooked into the matrix.

    • In fine form yourself here, for the year’s end.

      The thing is, the Muslims, communists, socialists and deviants don’t want to be set free, by and large. They want us subservient, as you observe, or destroyed or dead. They’re terminally addicted. Few will be cured. It’s good in the Matrix and they don’t care if the steak is virtual or halal or whatever. They will sell out their families to keep that cable in the back of their heads, the many morally weakened among us, or to get it installed if the offer is made, if it’s dangled in front of them. And the incentives are real enough. Kathie Shaidle can think and write, Haroon Siddiqi is an imbecile, but it’s Siddiqui who is racking up the Canadian Awards and Distinctions.

      People are going to start snapping soon, and in numbers, is my feeling these days, probably projecting. Spending too much time in Gulf food courts, no very edifying experience. And their flare-ups will be used to take away more freedoms, starting ugly but inevitable chain reactions.

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