Obama and the breaking of a barrier

With Barak Obama’s victory, political pundits and commentators alike have said ” Obama has broken a barrier as the first African American to have become a presidentail candidate”.

It is indeed a fact that Obama is the first African American to find himself so close to the Oval Office, and to praise him for a well fought, successful campaign is appropriate. However, to credit him for breaking the race barrier is misplaced.

The credit can only belong to the American people; it is they who broke the race barrier and Barak, the recipient of an unshakable democracy. To the many critics of the United States and to those despots whose lives revolve around the continuous demonization and chants of feverish threats of death to “the great Satan” I only have this to say: The United States of America is the strongest nation on earth because of it’s unyielding democratic principle; the free will of it’s people, pride in individualism, collective patriotism and opportunity for all. Other nations may boast the same in document, but few, if any, can claim the same reality.


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