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I wont be able to post much for the coming week but there is so much on many truly excellent sites such as which keeps us updated on Islamic terror attacks that oddly do not make the news. I guess its dog bites man. Muslims killing civilians in gruesome ways, nothing to see here.

This I thought was interesting. Ex Muslim org disbands in Holland because of frequent threats and beatings.

I myself had my life threatened in a chat room today by a Muslim in my city as I suggested Islam was a violent religion and not miscible with western values.

His /whois reads:

Ozk is [email protected] * PKTUN
Ozk on #politics +#pakistan #delusion
Ozk using * The Undernet Underworld
Ozk End of /WHOIS list.

His threat was,

“<Ozk> Eeyore^^ i will kill you if i see you”

Can’t accuse him of being overly subtle or hard to interpret at least.

Maybe some techies out there can decipher that in case my city finds itself short one blogger.

Also the public pool in England that refuses a father and son to swim as it was Muslim men only hour seems to be getting legs. Or is it fins in this case. Lots of contradictory stories on that but it appears that it was indeed a public pool and the Muslims had not rented it as a private thing.

The British truly are racing towards Dhimitude. Maybe someone in London can print some Fjordman articles and circulate them to at least counterbalance ferociously bad post colonial guilt they seem to have despite the fact that areas and nations the British where in, seem to be the ones doing the best in the world. Canada, The USA, India, Australia, yeah the British must have been just awful to leave that legacy.

Fjordman as usual, has some important and brilliantly worded information on the facts of who colonized who and for how long. Again, another elephant in the room. The British ruled over parts of Asia for a few decades while Islam ruled over Spain for over seven hundred years and still rules over the seat of Christendom at Constantinople now known as Istanbul.

It is somewhat heartening how many blogs are appearing all over the world trying to warn people of the imminent danger to the western world by the retrograde philosophy which is Islam even if western governments are frantically violating the most basic rights to free speech thought and writing to try and stop it.

Im not 100% shure what to make of this blog and its creator yet but the interviews with him are worth seeing if for no other reason than to see what the UK will do to its own to stop people from writing the truth as they see it. Remember, this isnt the HRC or anything its actually the criminal justice system of the UK who is charging this fellow.

Also, Lionheart posted the entirety of the excellent movie ‘Obession, Radical Islam’s war with the west’ on his blog. If any of you have not seen this movie please take this opportunity to do so. The section on the grand mufti of Jerusalem’s complicity with Hitler is worth the watch alone.

I believe that’s also available as a separate liveleak clip.

Meanwhile the BBC sells out to Saudi oil money with a ‘documentary’ called ‘Inside the Medieval mind’. Now this was interesting. It proved something my mother used to like to say. “A half truth is the damndest of lies”. This bit of film attempted to retell European history as if Islam was the savior of fanatically superstitious Europe and talks of brutal Christian aggression against rightfully Islamic Spain. Never mentioned the reconquista.


Anyway this should keep you busy for a while and for those wishing to read a rather excellent scholarly and verifiable history of Islam and the west please click here. Fjordman never disapoints.


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