An interview with Geert Wilders

Here is an excellent 3 page interview with the man who made the Islam critical film ‘Fitna’ and has created a storm of controversy in Holland before the film is even released.

an excerpt:


“imagine if I would have said last year that I wanted to burn the Bible, that I want to make a movie to show the fascist character of Christianity. Would there be extra meetings of the government? Would there be evacuation plans of our embassies in Rome, Berlin and Brussels? Would there be bishops like grand muftis who say there would be bloodshed?… The answer of course is “no”. So it proves my point already. All the reactions of the Islamic world, even unfortunately from the Dutch government, show that Islam is something different, has to be treated differently, as something entirely beside our own culture and values.”

Please take the time to read all three pages of this interview on the original link above.


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