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This is a very welcome site for any author interested in writing with unabashed honesty and who wishes to forego the stagnant rules of fancy political correctness. It is a welcome respite from the usual churn of mediocre and stagnant press opinion that leaves all but a few saged writers with open pen.

The pressing issue(s) of terrorism, multiculturalism and political correctness (and I would also add, spent fascho-feminism), that we face today, are in dire need of factual and honest reporting and open, vital criticism. I consider vladtepes a welcoming Canadian watering hole for the thirsty, true liberal mind amidst the sand storm of a sleeping, polyanna, modern (the)- (i)deology.

March 8, 2008 is International Women’s Day. I think it timely to honor the many men who strive for the equality of the women they love and respect and who continue to counter those who preach otherwise. Look for my upcoming, politically (in) correct article.

Thank you James.

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