Anti-Israel demonstrators take to Ottawa streets

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Ottawa Citizen:

As tensions between Israel and the Palestinian group, Hamas, increase, a loud but peaceful crowd of up to 150 people took to Ottawa streets Friday to protest Isreal’s military action along the Gaza Strip.

Just hours after a rocket fired from Gaza hit Jerusalem for the first time in over 30 years, the crowd assembled at the Israeli embassy at O’Connor and Albert streets, chanting and waving Palestinian flags.

“We know that the majority of people killed in Gaza are civilians. We know that (Israel) is more interested in attacking civilian populations than brokering peace and this comes on the eve of an election in Israel,” said Dylan Penner, an organizer with the Ottawa Peace Assembly.

“We’re calling on the Canadian government to end its complicity in these crimes and for the opposition parties to stand up and demand real peace which means ending its attacks on civilians,” says Penner.

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8 thoughts on “Anti-Israel demonstrators take to Ottawa streets

  1. Who is this moron Dylan Penner and the so called Ottawa Peace Assembly ?

    How ironic that an organisation calling itself a peace assembly would distort reality and claim Isreal is more interested in attacking civilian populations than brokering peace.

    That statement alone tells me that Mr Penner is a pompous shallow fool
    Orwell was right. Morality and intelligence have surrendered to Doublethink and Newspeak as far as these idiots are concerned.

  2. He is some type of leftist, they are the ones who keep trying to change the language so black is white, good is bad and vis versa.

  3. BD:

    Because Islam is at war with everybody. Notice that despite Obama’s assistance to Islam and great help to Al Qaeda and his help establishing a new caliphate in Egypt and Turkey, Muslims still want to kill Americans and attack the US and call it “The Great Satan”.

    Being hated by tardish savages is an honour. It is when they like you that you should be concerned.

  4. They are at war with everyone, and way too many people refuse to accept this because to accept this fact would mean that their nice little fantasy world of no violence ever would collapse. Rather then live in the real world these people are sentencing countless millions to death or maiming, and they will continue to blame the people fighting for freedom for the violence.

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