The TT posted the other day about the ice pig, and pondered over how long before someone attacks it for being offended by its presence, well that has now been answered. KGS

Vlad informs the Tundra Tabloids that a commenter on his blog writes:

I live in the same town as the pig and a man of middle eastern decent was seen kicking the pig. You will not read this in any newspaper or comments on there online articles due to censorship against any critical comments about muslim immigrants.

The local newspaper even go as far as suggesting that it was a drunk angry man without anything at all to support that theory. They will do everything in there power to lead away the attantion from the immigrants.

NOTE: There is nothing that the non-Muslim does or doesn’t do, that won’t piss off the Mussulman. It’s because we live and breath is the reason for their hatred.

UPDATE: Here’s a Swedish article that carefully steers around the identity of the person who attacked the sculpture:

Awesome piglets kicked

KURIREN:One of the fine looking pig sculptures in the LuleƄ city park was vandalized on Wednesday evening.

An angry person, possibly kicked off an ear of a pig according to witnesses. The ice animal sculptures are sometimes the victims of vandalism, “says supervisor Ulf Eriksson of LuleĆ„.

Hopefully now the pigs will be left alone so that they can survive both the Christmas, New Year and Twelfth Night.