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    • Psalm II
      Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

      2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,

      3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

      4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

      5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

  1. California Governor Gavin Newsom Has Disgusting Response to Target Boycott
    By Mike LaChance May. 25, 2023 10:15 pm777 Comments

    Some conservatives are boycotting the retail chain Target, over the company’s promotion of LGBT and even Satanic themed merchandise.

    People on the right are tired of giving their business to companies that go out of their way to show that they have nothing but hostility for average, right-leaning Americans.

    California Governor Gavin Newsom, who is as leftist as they come, had a disgusting reaction to this, suggesting that the American people who are just reacting to this move by Target are the aggressors.

    Conservatives Are Looking For Ways To Boycott and Move Spending Away From Woke Corporations — Here Is One Way To Do It

    Now the Left Is Attacking Target Too: Here Comes Gavin Newsom With a Shameful Hot Take

    Some of the Target stores have now reportedly removed some of the LGBTQ merchandise and/or moved it to the back of the store, although they haven’t identified what items were removed. While the store is blaming “threats,” it’s likely more in response to the economic backlash from some calling for a boycott against the company because of items directed toward children.

    Now, prepare for the boycott coming from the left, as California Gov. Gavin Newsom (otherwise known as “He Who Wants to Be President” if Joe Biden steps aside) attacked Target for removing the products.

    See Newsom’s tweet below:

    The full text of the tweet is:

    CEO of Target Brian Cornell selling out the LGBTQ+ community to extremists is a real profile in courage.

    This isn’t just a couple stores in the South. There is a systematic attack on the gay community happening across the country.

    Wake up America.

    This doesn’t stop here. You’re black? You’re Asian? You’re Jewish? You’re a woman?

    You’re next.

    The left sure loves Nazi comparisons. People are sick of it.

    Target is going to learn the lesson Bud Light is learning now.

    People are tired of having woke propaganda forced on them.

  2. Bud Light Sponsoring Several Pride Events — Despite Anheuser-Busch Market Value Dropping $15.7 Billion Over Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco
    By Cassandra MacDonald May. 26, 2023 8:15 am46 CommentsBud Light is doubling down and sponsoring Pride parades across the nation.
    The news of the sponsorships comes as Anheuser-Busch InBev’s market value has collapsed by a massive $15.7 billion since Bud Light’s partnership with transgender activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney was announced.

    According to a report from the Daily Wire, Bud Light is listed as a sponsor for Pride parades in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, as well as St. Louis, Missouri.

    The report states that “in St. Louis, Missouri, where Anheuser-Busch is headquartered, the company is listed as the presenting sponsor of the St. Louis Pride Parade. A sponsorship packet explains that there are only four ‘presenting sponsor’ slots available. The ‘Rainbow’ sponsorship tier, located below the ‘presenting sponsor’ tier, requires entities to pay $25,000.”

  3. POWDER KEG EUROPE: Russian Official Predicts the END of Ukraine – Polish Military Ready to Intervene in Case of COUP in Belarus – Georgia Being Pressured Into Military Action Against Putin
    By Paul Serran May. 26, 2023 7:45 am90 Comments

    The war in Ukraine is far from over, but a lot of activities prefacing the post-war realities are already playing out, showing an increasingly militarized ‘powder keg’ Europe, at the brink of widespread military conflicts.

    Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev: “Now it’s time to say how Ukraine will disappear, and also what is the risk of a resumption of conflict in Europe and in the world.”

    Russias’ Medvedev. Credit Intel Slava Z
    “The western regions of Ukraine are coming under the control of a number of EU states with the subsequent “anschluss” of these lands by recipient states. At the same time, a certain “no-man’s-land” Ukrainian territory will remain, which is squeezed between Russia and lands that have passed under the sovereignty of a number of European countries.
    Ukraine disappears after the completion of its own in the process of its division between Russia and a number of EU states. The government of Ukraine is being formed in exile in one of the European countries. The conflict ends with reasonable guarantees of its non-renewal in the near future, but with the preservation of the terrorist activity of the Ukrainian Nazis, who will be dispersed on the territory of the EU states that have received Western Ukrainian lands.
    The same thing happens as in the first case, but with the opposite sign. The western lands of Ukraine are joining a number of EU countries. The people of the central and some other ownerless regions of Ukraine, within the framework of Article 1 of the UN Charter, immediately declare their self-determination by joining the Russian Federation. His request is granted, and the conflict ends with sufficient guarantees of its non-renewal in the long term.”

    Poland’s General Skrzypczak.
    Poland Military ‘ready to interfere’ in eventual Belarus coup d’état.

    Senior Polish General commented on the recent cross-border actions in Belgorod, and said that similar moves could soon happen in Belarus, too.

    Charter 97 reported:

    “General Waldemar Skrzypczak, former commander of the Polish Land Forces & former Deputy Minister of Defense, has said Poland should prepare for a coming uprising against Lukashenko in Belarus.

    ‘If the Ukrainian counteroffensive is successful, the Belarusian soldiers allied with the Ukrainian Army won’t quit. They’ll go to Belarus.’

    ‘I hope this will trigger an uprising in Belarus, this is what Lukashenko is afraid of. Let’s prepare for an uprising in Belarus, because it will happen.’

    […] ‘We must be ready to support the troops that will carry out the operation against Lukashenko.’

    The General did not speak in any official capacity, but the understanding is that he is voicing the mainstream military opinion in increasingly belligerent Poland.

    Belarusian president Lukashenko reacted to this as he received Nuclear Missiles from Russia that will be stationed in Belarus that very day: “We are ready, let them come!”

    Georgia’s Irakli Kobakhidze.
    And finally, Georgia has been bullied by the EU to sever trade with Russia – a move that would be innocuous for Russia but tragic for the Georgian economy. But now we learn the real shocking extent of Ukrainian pressure in the nation.

    Ukraine Watch:

    “ Ukraine has asked Georgia to open a second front against Russia.

    According to the chairman of the ruling party of Georgia, Irakli Kobakhidze, Ukrainian officials made such a request to the Georgian authorities.

    ‘I think it is important for the international community to know what is required of our country. This important information should be communicated to our partners’, Kobakhidze said.”

    • Russia signs deal to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus
      Moscow says it will maintain control of the weapons, but Ukraine accuses Russia of taking Minsk ‘hostage’.

      Moscow and Minsk have signed a deal to formalise the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear missiles on Belarusian territory.

      Russia on Thursday said the step was driven by rising tensions with the West.

      “In the context of an extremely sharp escalation of threats on the western borders of Russia and Belarus, a decision was made to take countermeasures in the military-nuclear sphere,” Russia’s state-owned TASS news agency quoted Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu as saying.

    • RT – US has been preparing Ukrainian counteroffensive ‘for months’ – Nuland

      The “Maidan midwife” confirmed Washington’s role in the conflict at the Kiev Security Forum

      US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland told an audience in Kiev on Thursday that Washington has been helping plan the Ukrainian ‘counteroffensive’ against Russia for almost half a year.

      “Even as you plan for the counteroffensive, which we have been working on with you for some 4-5 months, we are already beginning our discussions with [the] Ukrainian government and with friends in Kiev – both on the civilian side and on the military side – about Ukraine’s long-term future,” Nuland told the Kiev Security Forum via video-link from the State Department.

      She added that the attack will be “likely starting and moving concurrently” with events such as the NATO summit in Lithuania, scheduled for July 11.

      According to Nuland, the US is also planning for Ukraine’s future military to deter Russia, so “wherever and however this ends – one year, six years, 16 years – we are not doing this again.”

      She also painted a rosy picture of a future in which Ukraine would be the “engine of Europe’s revitalization” and “setting the democratic example… for the whole world.”

      The forum was organized by the Open Ukraine Foundation, established by former Ukrainian PM Arseny Yatseniuk, who moderated the panel at which Nuland spoke. Another panel was co-sponsored by the Atlantic Council, whose officials argued that “transatlantic unity and robust support can help Ukraine defeat Russia and renew European security.”


      Returning to the State Department in 2021 as part of Joe Biden’s administration, Nuland was once again put in charge of Ukraine policy. Speaking at a Carnegie Foundation event in February, she said the conquest of Crimea and regime change in Moscow would be the ideal outcome of the current conflict. Her husband is Robert Kagan, a co-founder of the neoconservative Project for an American Century and her sister-in-law, Kimberly Kagan, runs the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a Washington advocacy group frequently quoted by Western media about the situation on the Ukraine frontline.

      MAY 25 2023 – Kyiv Security Forum “For Our Freedom And Yours

      In particular, George W. BUSH, Boris JOHNSON, Victoria NULAND, Francis FUKUYAMA will address the participants of the Forum and all of Ukraine.

      Nuland ====>just past 1 h 02 m 30

    • zero hedge -MAY 26 2023 – Ukraine War Could Last For Decades: Medvedev

      […]Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev was quoted in Russian media as saying the war will last “decades, probably”.

      “This conflict will last for a very long time. For decades, probably. This is a new reality,” he said as cited in RIA, while also describing that if Moscow agrees to a truce anytime soon the war would likely just erupt again.

      […]He also in a fresh interview reiterated his concerns for nuclear escalation, warning that if Ukraine were ever given nukes, Moscow would launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike. This week saw Russia and Belarus sign a deal to formalize plans to station tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian soil, which President Lukashenko has hinted is a process that’s already begun.

      “There are irreversible laws of war. If it comes to nuclear weapons, there will have to be a pre-emptive strike,” Medvedev said, adding that any possible nukes given to Ukraine would result in “a missile with a nuclear charge coming to them.”

      “The Anglo-Saxons do not fully realize this and believe that it will not come to this. It will under certain conditions,”

      twitter @SystemUpdate_

      This war in Ukraine was not “unprovoked.”

      Jeffrey Sachs, long-time Washington insider, walks through a brief and important history of the decades-long prelude to Russia’s invasion:

      1. In the early 90s, the US promises Gorbachev that it will not expand NATO “one inch” eastward.

      2. The US instead chooses to pursue a strategy of global hegemony, violating this promise with first Clinton and then Bush incorporating many former Soviet states into NATO.

      3. Putin gives a famous speech in 2007 at the Munich Security Conference, demanding the US stop this expansion up to Russia’s border.

      4. In 2008, Bush expresses strong support for Ukraine’s attempt to join NATO.

      5. In 2013, the US supports a violent coup that overthrew Ukraine’s government to install a more US-friendly leader.

      Whatever this war is, it didn’t come out of nowhere.

      + 8 min 05 video

      Douglas Macgregor – The Threat of Russia

    • BBC – Boris Johnson: Former PM meets Donald Trump to discuss Ukraine

      Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has met former President Donald Trump to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

      The meeting took place on Thursday, during Mr Johnson’s visit to the United States.

      This week Mr Johnson has also met Republican politicians in Texas and Mr Trump’s former secretary of state Mike Pompeo to shore up support for Ukraine.

      Mr Trump has previously described Mr Johnson as a friend but their stances on the Ukraine war differ.

      Mr Johnson has been a vocal supporter, visiting Ukraine several times and calling for the West to provide more weapons to the country.

      Mr Trump, on the other hand, has previously refused to commit to sending military aid to Ukraine if he returned to the White House and would not say who he thought should win the war.

      The US has committed $46.65bn of arms and equipment to Ukraine over the past year, making it the largest donor of military aid to the country, followed by the UK, which has committed $7.16bn.

      The pair have met several times before, including on the sidelines of the 2019 G7 summit in France.

      When Mr Johnson became prime minister, Mr Trump described him as “a good man”, adding: “They call him Britain Trump.”

  4. Elon Musk’s Brain-Computer Company “Neuralink” Receives FDA Approval to Launch Human Clinical Trial
    By Jim Hoft May. 25, 2023 9:50 pm408 Comments

    Elon Musk’s brain-implant company Neuralink announced on Thursday that it has been granted official approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to launch its first-in-human clinical study.

    “We are excited to share that we have received the FDA’s approval to launch our first-in-human clinical study!” Neuralink wrote on Twitter.

    “This is the result of incredible work by the Neuralink team in close collaboration with the FDA and represents an important first step that will one day allow our technology to help many people,” it added.

    The company said recruitment is not yet open for the clinical trial. However, anyone interested to participate in the clinical trial can register their information on Neuralink’s patient registry.

    • Given that the FDA is captured why should we trust this tech won’t be used for evil while the “good” is just a Trojan horse? Musk doesn’t mention if it can fix the brain damage done by mRNA.

  5. Chuck Schumer Slams ‘MAGA’ Supreme Court After All Nine Justices Rule Against EPA on Water Regulations
    By Mike LaChance May. 25, 2023 9:30 pm523 Comments

    The entire U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the Environmental Protection Agency this week, which was seeking to impose new measures on regulating bodies of water.

    Even though the court’s decision was unanimous, Senator Chuck Schumer couldn’t resist the urge to politicize the ruling, blasting the ‘MAGA’ Supreme Court.

    It’s such blatant dishonesty.

  6. Comer says alleged Biden bribe was $5M, threatens FBI with contempt
    By Steven Nelson
    May 25, 2023 3:13pm Updated

    WASHINGTON — House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer says an informant file that he’s seeking from the FBI links President Biden to a $5 million bribery scheme while he was vice president.

    Comer (R-Ky.) revealed the size of the alleged bribe for the first time Wednesday in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, threatening him with contempt proceedings if he doesn’t share the file pursuant to a May 3 subpoena

  7. Gun Free’ DC Sees 40% Rise in Arms Offences Since 2017.
    Washington D.C. witnessed four shootings in a single night on April 21st, including one involving a 12-year-old girl. It was an evening emblematic of how gun violence continues soar in the city, despite it being a “gun free” zone that spends millions on “social justice.”

    Gun violence in the nation’s capital has “increased significantly” over the past five years, with a 40 percent rise in offenses involving a gun since 2017. In 2017, there were 1573 violent offenses involving a firearm, whereas, in 2022, there were 2,203, according to Axios D.C.

    The city’s Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) seized 3,152 guns in 2022 – over 800 more than in 2021 – 127 of which were modified to feature a fully automatic switch.

    In general, D.C. has seen skyrocketing criminality in recent years, with back-to-back years with more than 200 murders between 2021 – 2022 for the first

  8. The Zark Files

    The first discovery
    Altered certified vote counts

    MAY 24, 2023

    If you want to know who New York’s Board of Elections certified as the winner of any given election, you can go to their website. For the 2020 election results, follow this link. Almost two years ago, on August 15, 2021, that’s what I did. The document I downloaded was the first document I looked at in my quest to understand how Biden emerged as the winner in an election he appeared to have lost.

    Later that same week, I posted the ballot count totals for each county to the America’s First Audit New York (AFANY) telegram chat page. One of the people there contacted me shortly after to inform me of a mistake. I forget which colleague, so I’ll just call her Pam. The Orange County number I posted was off by 475 votes. I was embarrassed. How could I have made the mistake? It was a simple matter of copying the numbers in one spreadsheet and pasting them into another.

    The more I thought about it, the more I wondered how I could have erred. Not that it never happened but I like to know these things. I opened my copy of the file. Aha! The numbers were exactly what I’d posted earlier. I hadn’t made a mistake after all. I contacted Pam to tell her the mistake was on her end. Now it was her turn to be confused.

    Pam looked at her file and said, “no, it says exactly what I told you before. You’re off by 475 votes. “

    “Where did you get your file?” I asked.

    “The Secreatary of State’s website.”

    “Send me the link you used.”

    Pam sent it. It was the same link I used to get my file.

    “What’s the filename of the file you downloaded?”


    The same name as the file I had.

    “Send me your file.”

    A close comparison of the two files revealed that hers was “created on” 8/21/2021, a week after mine. “Is that when you downloaded it?” I asked. It was. Our two files had been downloaded from the same site, they were the same file, in the sense that they had the same filename and purported to contain the same information. And yet, the total ballot count for Orange County differed by 475 ballots between the two files.

    At the time, I knew very little about elections. For instance, I was aware that in a presidential election there are two candidates from the two major parties, and a few independents and write-in candidates. I was unaware that there were so many of these that they would occupy 27 columns on a spreadsheet.

    Biden and Trump each had two columns. This is because they were both listed twice as the candidates for a total of four parties. Trump was the Republican and Conservative party candidate. Biden was the Democrat and Working Families party. After them, there was Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins, Libertarian Jo Jorgenson, and Independent Brock Pierce. There were eighteen write-in candidates, including musicians Phil Collins and Kanye West. The ballot count for all of these candidates and parties were identical in both files.

    The difference was located in the last two fields, marked “Blank” and “Void”. A blank ballot is a ballot printed for use by a walk-in voter at a polling station that isn’t used. These are counted before and after the election to be sure that none of the blanks wandered off and got used by a person to cast multiple votes with them.

    Voids, also known as “spoiled ballots”, are ballots that were not correctly filled out, were damaged, or for some other reason could not be used after they had been marked, thus changing them from a blank into a void. I spoiled a ballot in the 2022 election by writing an unflattering editorial comment near the ballot measures section of the ballot. The ballot measure seemed designed to enable election fraud, I didn’t like that, and wrote as much on the ballot. The tabulator wouldn’t read my ballot because of my writing, so I had to write “VOID” over it and get a new ballot (formerly blank).

    The file dated 8/15/2021 has 498 blanks and 331 voids. The file dated one week later has an additional 676 blanks but the number of voids has gone down by 201 (Table 1). Combined, this is a net difference of 475 ballots.

    Table 1 Orange County discrepancies
    These changes to the certified totals were both published on the New York State Board of Elections website as official results. The election was certified in New York on December fourth, 2020, more than eight months earlier. And yet, changes were still being made.

    Blank and void ballots are not votes but they represent opportunities to commit election or voter fraud. That is why they are counted and the count is recorded. For instance, what does it mean that on 8/15 there were 498 blank ballots but one week later, there are 1,174, an increase of 676 ballots? It could mean that the first count was preliminary and thus incomplete but the second count was either the final count or another intermediate step toward a final number. Both of these explanations are not credible because by the time these numbers were published, the election had already been certified eight months earlier.

    Another explanation is that at some point during the week ending on 8/21/2021, someone found a box of uncounted ballots and added them to the previous total. If that is what happened, it is an example of carelessness and negligence. One more possibility is that a certain number of blanks were reserved for fraudulent use if needed. Until it was known how many would be needed, the blank ballot count was kept artificially low by intentionally leaving some ballots uncounted. Then, after it was known how many fraudulent ballots had been cast, the remainder could be counted and added to the total, thus accounting for every ballot.

    A problem with these three scenarios is that without proper chain of custody documentation of what happened, there is no way to differentiate between these three possibilities or to learn of a fourth. New York Citizen’s Audit (NYCA) did ask for chain of custody information but for the most part, received little to nothing.

    The situation is similar for voided ballots. In Orange County, the number of voids drops from 331 to 130, for a loss of 201 ballots. How does that happen? Did someone erase the pen marks on 201 ballots to restore them to being blank ballots? Were some of them then used as live ballots? A voided ballot, to be counted as a void, must have the word “VOID” scrawled across it in large letters. That cannot be removed easily, if at all.

    This means that some of the ballots counted as voids were not voids. Someone had to either look at a perfectly clean ballot and count it as if it had been visibly defaced, or the total was manipulated digitally, without reference to the ballots. One election observer I communicated with told me that at the precincts he observed, there were no more than a few dozen voids in each. He was stationed in Queens, the second most populous county in New York. How does tiny Putnam County accumulate hundreds of voids (at least initially) while Queens only has voids in the low dozens?

    At the very least, these two changes demonstrate that the certified totals were incorrect. If the results are incorrect, what is the meaning of “certified” in this context? I thought “certified” meant that the numbers provided had been checked and were found to be unambiguously accurate.

    Without chain of custody, the three known options for these changes amount to the following: 1) the NYBOE can’t count, 2) the NYBOE (or a subordinate entity) is negligent, 3) someone committed election or voter fraud by embezzling blank and voided ballots.

    Any official at the NYBOE office would likely prefer the first or second explanation. Several county officials have told me personally that their subordinates are incompetent (which means the supervisors are also incompetent). Incompetence is always the lesser evil compared to fraud.

    An official could say, “give us the benefit of the doubt. You can’t prove criminal intent but you have us dead to rights on incompetence. We’ll admit that freely.” However, why should they be given the benefit of the doubt? If the audit trail has been destroyed, whether through negligence or intention, there is no support for a claim of negligence just as there is no support for a claim of malfeasance.

    The reason they don’t get the benefit of the doubt is that the audit trail is destroyed. The purpose of the audit trail is to provide all county and state employees a get out of jail free card. If they lose that card, they become fully responsible for everything the audit trail might have been able to explain innocently. The “innocent” explanation evaporates along with the audit trail.

    The odd thing about this is that there is an audit trail of sorts. Each of the two documents has a tab marked “Revision History” (and thanks to CD for pointing this out to me). The revision history shows dozens of changes were made in multiple counties after the election was certified. Some of the changes are massive.

    The largest revisions occurred in Westchester County the day after the election was certified, 12/4/2020. It is interesting that Westchester adds 305,904 blanks for the Judicial District 9 judges race, 6,409 blanks for the president/vice-president race, 48,976 blanks for Congressional District 16, and over a hundred thousand more in other races. Either this was the first and only count, and therefore not a revision, or the original count was off by those amounts.

    There are a total of twenty-three revisions dated between 12/8/2020 and 6/18/2021. One modification that stands out is in Orange County, which subtracted 23,066 blanks from their count. Where did they go? Were they real blank ballots that later disappeared? Or was the original count inflated? Either way, this is a serious miscount in a county with a total of 172,843 ballots cast. Speaking of which, this is in Orange County, the same county that ended up with 1,174 blanks. How do you miscount 1,174 as something over 23,066? That is a big difference.

    On December 8, Suffolk County adds 12,448 votes for Joseph Biden and 573 for President Trump but only 125 blanks and 117 voids. Could some of their blanks have been converted to Biden votes? Without a proper chain of custody, it isn’t possible to prove it didn’t happen that way.

    If you were paying attention to the dates in this article, you may have noticed that the latest revision is dated 6/18/2021. And yet, we have evidence of two revisions, both in Orange County, that happened sometime between 8/15/2021 and 8/21/2021. That change is not reflected in the revision history of the 8/21/2021 document but it should be there.

    The latest revision listed in the 8/15/2021 document is dated 2/26/2021, almost six months earlier. Is that how long it takes to update the document? If so, why does the revision get updated but the fact the revision was made takes almost half a year to be added? Both numbers are in the same document. Is it that difficult to push the single button required to reach the revisions tab?

    This, I remind readers, is the first thing I found, in the first document I looked at as part of the NYCA audit of the election. Since then, such discoveries have become a weekly, sometimes daily, experience. This goes beyond incompetence. This is serious administrative negligence for the least of the problems found to date. Others are clear violations of election law, such as the existence and tolerance of cloned records.

    The fact that the people of this state pay salaries to the people responsible for the many errors and illegal records contained in official election materials is a disgrace. The state of recordkeeping is so poor that I am inclined to take officials at their word: everyone is incompetent. Then fire them!

    After that, hire some competent investigators to determine who was responsible for the many violations of election law and deal with that separately and appropriately.

    UPDATE: I was reminded this morning of two things that resulted in corrections to this article.
    1) Although I got the document referred to here from the Secretary of State’s website, it is derived from the NYSBOE website and is available there also (that’s the link in the article). Meaning, the numbers are from the NYSBOE. The SoS only copies them from there.
    2) The election in New York was certified on December 3rd, not the 4th.

  9. Special Counsel John Durham Will Testify Before Congress on June 21 on the Greatest Political Scandal in US History – Obama and Hillary’s Trump-Russia Hoax
    By Jim Hoft May. 26, 2023 9:16 am31 Comments

    Special Counsel John Durham released his final report earlier this month in his investigation on the launch of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax by top intelligence Durham concluded the FBI had no verified intel when it opened the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into Trump in 2016. And the FBI still had no evidence when they opened the Mueller Special Counsel in 2017.

    In July of 2016, Peter Strzok opened a counterintel investigation into Trump’s camp dubbed “Crossfire Hurricane” on suspicions (based on zero evidence) that the Russians had infiltrated Trump’s circle. This was a complete lie and there was not one item of intelligence to back it up.

    The CI investigation was based on lies conjured up by Hillary Clinton and her paid for fake Russia dossier.

    According to John Durham’s report, Hillary Clinton’s plan to link Trump’s campaign to Russia was briefed by former CIA Director John Brennan to Barack Obama and Joe Biden in August 2016. They were all in on it from the beginning. The investigation led to the attempted coup to rid President Trump from the White House. Trump battled the intelligence community, FBI, CIA, and others his entire first term. Democrats and their mainstream media gladly and willingly spread this lie for years.

    Not one official is serving time today for this crime – the greatest political scandal in US history, brought to you by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    Maybe Durham will be asked why he never subpoenaed the ringleaders in the greatest political scandal in US history?

    Via Paul Sperry.

    FOX News reported:

    Special Counsel John Durham will testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee about his report in June, a source has told Fox News on Friday.

    The hearing will happen on Wednesday, June 21.

    The day before, Durham will appear before the House Intelligence Committee in a closed-door briefing.

    Durham has found that the Department of Justice and FBI “failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law” when it launched the Trump-Russia investigation.

  10. Superstar Boxer Ryan Garcia Takes BOLD Stand Against Target’s Demonic Clothing Line
    By Guest Contributor May. 26, 2023 9:00 am44 Comments

    Garcia included in his tweet a reference to Mathew 8:16 which says “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (NIV) The post has been seen by over 600,000 people on twitter alone. It was also shared on his Instagram story where he has over 10 million followers.

  11. ”- Award-Winning Actor Reveals the “Disturbing” Demonic Event He Witnessed in Hollywood as a Child (VIDEO)
    By Cullen Linebarger May. 26, 2023 10:05 am84 Comments

    Credit: Ricky Schroder Instagram
    The rampant debauchery in Hollywood is no secret to Americans, especially conservatives.

    Ricky Schroder, a former child star and award-winning actor, went on Instagram to share a shocking incident he said happened to him in Hollywood when he was a boy. It takes the term “evil” to another level.

    Schroder is best known for his role as conservative actor Jon Voight’s young son in the 1979 film, “The Champ.” He won a Golden Globe award for his performance.

    Schroder started his Instagram video by talking about his great-uncle, who he described as one of his heroes. His great-uncle, who served in General George Patton’s army during World War II, shared stories with Schroeder when he was a boy regarding the monstrous actions of the Nazis.

    After telling his followers about his heroic great-uncle, Schroder slams the corruption rampant in American society, particularly within the federal government and Hollywood. He astutely notes this is probably why all these so-called “investigations” never result in anyone being held accountable.

    Schroder then pivots to the demonic episode he witnessed as a boy. He said it occurred before he was old enough to drive.

    The following details may be disturbing to some readers:

    I was hanging out with the older guys. And somebody popped in a cassette tape into a VHS player.

    They had some sort of ritual where they took out a knife and cut him down the side. It was his right side.

    They took out parts of him, and blood started flowing and they were chanting.

    There were women there, and they took off their clothes, and then they took the blood and they smeared it on their bodies and started to be sexual with each other.

    It was quite disturbing to see.


    Schroder said the adults handed him the cassette tape and he said he took it to someone he trusted. Schroder then revealed what happened next.

    So we watched it. Then he told me never watch that again, and give it back to whoever gave it to you.

    So I did that. But I was always confused about why they didn’t ask where it came from.

    Schroder believes the people who subjected him to this horrific abuse were cult members who could be linked to the Illuminati.

    And so, I believe that I met some of the cult members when I was younger, and they could be the Illuminati, or tied to them.

    The actor closed his video by saying the reason justice in America is nonexistent is because powerful leaders may be corrupted by this unnamed cult.

    If, in fact, we have no accountability or justice, it could be because these people who are supposed to bring us justice, and protect and defend the Constitution, are corrupted by this cult, which I believe exists globally. But it especially has roots in Hollywood and in the environmental cult and in industry and politics.

  12. Hillary Clinton Claims to Know More About Putin Than The CIA
    By Anthony Scott May. 26, 2023 10:20 am21 Comments

    Hillary Clinton recently sat down at the FT Weekend Festival and claimed she knew more about Putin than the CIA.

    Clinton shared with the FT Festival Panel that when she was the Secretary of State, President Putin shared a story about his parents that even the CIA had no knowledge about.

    Clinton said that Putin’s father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, rescued his mother from a pile of bodies during the siege of Leningrad.

    The Former Secretary of State claimed that after Putin told her the story she went back to the entourage she was with, which included CIA agents, and shared the new information but discovered the CIA officers never heard the story before.

  13. ‘Blood Is Thicker Than Water’: China’s New Ambassador Calls On Chinese ‘Compatriots’ In US To ‘Serve The Motherland’
    Philip Lenczycki
    on May 25, 2023
    China’s new ambassador to the United States called on “fellow compatriots” and “Chinese students” in the U.S. to work with the Chinese Embassy, according to two open letters published by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tuesday.

    On his first day in office, Ambassador Xie Feng asked for the “support” of Chinese “compatriots” in the U.S., and also urged “Chinese students” in the U.S. to “serve the motherland,” according to two open letters written in English on the Chinese Embassy’s website. Xie called on both groups to serve as “bridges” between the U.S. and China to improve flailing bilateral relations.

    “Blood is thicker than water,” Xie’s open letter to “fellow compatriots” states. “Your support, involvement and contribution would be most valuable.”

    Not only is Xie’s letter to “fellow compatriots” written in English, but another indication that its intended audience is Chinese-Americans is that it includes an invitation to visit China.

    “A China marching toward modernity is a boon to the Chinese people and to countries across the world,” Xie’s letter states. “You are most welcome to visit China often to experience the progress of the country and find opportunities there for self-fulfillment.”

    Although Xie’s second open letter to “Chinese students” is also written in English, it appears to be directed to Chinese nationals studying abroad in the U.S., given that it states students had to overcome “a lot of difficulties” by “traveling across the Pacific.”

    “The Chinese Dream of great national rejuvenation can only be realized with the hard work of generation after generation of

  14. Letter from Ambassador Xie Feng to Fellow Compatriots in the United States
    2023/05/23 16:49

    Dear Fellow Compatriots,

    ????As I arrive in the United States and begin my tenure as the 12th Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to the United States of America, I wish to reach out to you at the first opportunity, and bring you hearty greetings and best wishes from the motherland.

    ????The well-being of each and every one of you is close to the heart of our motherland, just as you all follow her development with deep care. Back home, guided by the blueprint drawn at the 20th CPC National Congress, the 1.4 billion-plus Chinese people are rolling up their sleeves to advance high-quality development and high-standard opening-up, and pursue national rejuvenation through a Chinese path to modernization, so that every Chinese can live a better life. A China marching toward modernity is a boon to the Chinese people and to countries across the world. You are most welcome to visit China often to experience the progress of the country and find opportunities there for self-fulfillment.

    ????The Chinese community in the United States is a bridge that connects the two countries, and you all have a stake in China-U.S. relations. Now China-U.S. relations are experiencing serious difficulties. This is not what China wants to see, nor is it in the fundamental interests of the Chinese and American people, as you must have felt. China has a consistent and clear position on its relations with the U.S. We are committed to the three principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation put forward by President Xi Jinping, and wish to work with the U.S. to explore the right way for the two countries to get along in the new era. This is my mission as Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. The journey ahead may be long and arduous, but perseverance will take one to the destination. My colleagues and I will rise to the challenge, and work diligently to fulfil our responsibilities. In this process, your support, involvement and contribution would be most valuable.

    ????Blood is thicker than water. Serving the Chinese nationals overseas and protecting your lawful rights and interests is what all Chinese diplomats must do and do well. My colleagues in the Embassy and I will always be there for you. We will help you resolve difficulties and take concrete actions to foster more favorable conditions and environment for your work and life in the U.S.

    ????I look forward to meeting old friends here soon and making new ones. Please feel free to come and visit us at the Embassy.



    Blood Is Thicker Than Water’: China’s New Ambassador Calls On Chinese ‘Compatriots’ In US To ‘Serve The Motherland’
    Philip Lenczycki
    on May 25, 2023
    China’s new ambassador to the United States called on “fellow compatriots” and “Chinese students” in the U.S. to work with the Chinese Embassy, according to two open letters published by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tuesday.

    On his first day in office, Ambassador Xie Feng asked for the “support” of Chinese “compatriots” in the U.S., and also urged “Chinese students” in the U.S. to “serve the motherland,” according to two open letters written in English on the Chinese Embassy’s website. Xie called on both groups to serve as “bridges” between the U.S. and China to improve flailing bilateral relations.

    “Blood is thicker than water,” Xie’s open letter to “fellow compatriots” states. “Your support, involvement and contribution would be most valuable.”

    Not only is Xie’s letter to “fellow compatriots” written in English, but another indication that its intended audience is Chinese-Americans is that it includes an invitation to visit China.

    “A China marching toward modernity is a boon to the Chinese people and to countries across the world,” Xie’s letter states. “You are most welcome to visit China often to experience the progress of the country and find opportunities there for self-fulfillment.”

    Although Xie’s second open letter to “Chinese students” is also written in English, it appears to be directed to Chinese nationals studying abroad in the U.S., given that it states students had to overcome “a lot of difficulties” by “traveling across the Pacific


    Letter from Ambassador Xie Feng to Chinese Students in the United States
    2023/05/23 16:51

    Dear Chinese Students,

    ????Upon arriving here as the 12th Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to the United States of America, I’m writing to extend my most sincere greetings and best wishes to you all!

    ????The well-being of Chinese students abroad is a high priority for our motherland. Traveling across the Pacific, you have overcome a lot of difficulties, including the COVID pandemic, to pursue greater heights in your study and research. In all of you, I see the fortitude and perseverance that define the Chinese nation. I am truly proud of you.

    ????President Xi Jinping noted that a country will be full of hope and a nation can look forward to a bright future when its younger generation has ideals, abilities and a strong sense of responsibility. The Chinese Dream of great national rejuvenation can only be realized with the hard work of generation after generation of young people.

    ????I stand ready to serve our country together with you. Let us carry forward the tradition of loving our country and studying abroad to serve the motherland. I encourage you to observe and embrace the world with the motherland in mind, and build our country and serve the people with a global vision. Let us build a fulfilling life in the process of advancing Chinese modernization and contribute our intellect and strength to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

    ????I stand ready to build bridges of communication together with you. Every one of you is a window for the world to learn about China and a bond linking the Chinese and American people. At a time of serious difficulties and challenges in China-U.S. relations, I hope that all of you, with your deep understanding of both China and the West, will tell China’s story well, present a true China to your American friends, and contribute to greater mutual understanding and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries.

    ????I stand ready to help as you realize your youthful dreams. The time in school and university is the best time of one’s life. I hope you will make the most of youth. I encourage you to set your sight on the world and the future, take in knowledge like a sponge, and master true expertise and practical skills to pursue constant self-improvement. I also hope you will stay united, value friendship, help one another, exercise more and put safety first. Our motherland and your families all hope you will enjoy good health and academic success and fulfill your dreams.

    ????Dear Chinese students, you can always count on our motherland and on the Embassy. Come what may, I for one and my colleagues in the Embassy and Consulates will always stand by your side, listen to your views and concerns, and do everything we can to facilitate your studies and employment. We will always have your back, and foster a safe and reassuring environment for your studies and stay. You can seek our help whenever you are in need.

    ????There is still much I wish to talk to you about. I look forward to meeting you soon!


    ???????????????????????????????Xie Feng

    ??????????????????????????????????Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of

    ???????????????????????????The People’s Republic of China to the United States of America

    ?????????????????????????????????May 23, 2023

  15. redacted – BBC launches HILARIOUS “disinformation” department to keep you safe

    The BBC is trying to target misinformation with fake Twitter accounts.

    They admitted as such with the launch of their project called Verity.

    That’s interesting because Twitter expressly forbids fake accounts but the BBC says that they are doing this to investigate conspiracy theories.

    The journalist who introduced this, Marianna Spring, says that she is trying to look into conspiracy theories such as those around Covid.

    She doesn’t say which ones because most conspiracy theories have proven to be true conspiracies but she will let us know on her upcoming podcast called “Marianna in Conspiracyland.”” Can’t wait.

    Meanwhile, reporter Max Blumenthal has shown that Spring was connected to British journalist Paul Mason and his plot to smear investigative journalists.

    He asked her if she ever followed through with these meetings on Twitter but she has not replied.

    This project raises important questions: Should the media get involved in labeling “disinformation” or “conspiracies” or should they just do their job with better reporting?

    Who verifies the verifiers? Do these projects do more harm than good?

    • twitter @GenFlynn

      This film “SILENCED” by Tommy Robinson, was banned in the UK. Shame on those people and institutions for censoring the truth.

      I had the privilege of watching this exceptional story.

      It will anger, educate, and then inspire.

      Robinson is an action oriented, truth seeking, fiercely independent journalist who has courageously reported on issues that affect not only the British people, but people all over the world who’s voices have been banned by their own governments.

      This story could become anyone of us or our families here in America given the direction our government has taken.

      Stand up, step up and speak up—local action = national impact.
      twitter @FilmSilenced

      A British High Court issued an order prohibiting the public release of Tommy Robinson’s film Silenced.

      Now that it has been leaked online, Tommy faces 2 years in prison.

      Once you watch it, you’ll know why they wanted it SILENCED.

      RUMBLE – Silenced – A BANNED Documentary by Tommy Robinson

      ( 1 hour 32 min )

      “Silenced” is a leaked documentary originally made by Tommy Robinson. In the film, he uncovers an unholy alliance between the government and the media as well as the unbelievable lengths they will go to silence the truth.

      A judge of the high court has threatened to send Tommy to prison if he released this documentary to the public. That is where we come in! Leaked to us by an unknown source, it is our duty to share this story with the world.

    • redacted –INSANE! Biden to create new federal agency to track your behavior

      A new bill proposed in the U.S. will allow the government to track users online and allow so-called “disinformation experts” to rule on what are called “behavioral codes.”

      The Digital Platform Commission Act of 2023 would establish a new federal agency that could “organize hearings, investigations, assess fines and establish rules through engagement in public rule-making.”

      The agency could designate some platforms as being more important than others and subject those to extra oversight and regulation.

      So for example, given that Elon Musk has thwarted government perks of controlling the narrative on Twitter, could this new federal agency supersede Musk’s decisions in the name of “disinformation”?

  16. Robert F. Kennedy’s book: “Letter to Liberals” is free on Kindle. I don’t know if there’s a time limit. He’s agreed to an interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson.

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