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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. I’d lost all sense of where I was
    So sat right there among the trees
    Collecting all my scattered thoughts
    Like herding cats it doesn’t work
    But tried I did I tried to please
    The gods of chaos raining down
    What kind of wisdom did they have?
    Foolish me, I realized
    They won’t be pleased no matter what.

    There was no choice but trundle on
    All trees the same no guide to me
    Shouting out with all their leaves
    The wind their words insanity
    Inverting all I know was true
    So tried I did to find one voice
    Just one to help me find my way
    That split the forest from the trees
    The noise so loud I couldn’t hear.

    “…The world is flat!”
    “–The Earth is round!”
    “–The sky is falling to the ground!”
    “–I am the truth!”
    “–You are a lie!”
    “–We all as sure as shit will die!”
    “–Follow me I am the One!”
    “–Oh, you’re nothing but a bum!”
    And so went the debating club of the dialectically lobotomized.

    My hands I put up to my ears
    To unjangle all my jangled fears
    The “expert” Oak, the screaming pines
    The Cedars crawling up my spine
    The overwhelming sonic rot
    –Decaying wood, decaying thought
    But then just when I’d lost all hope
    A single little voice came up
    As an angel singing from a rose.

    A rose, a rose, a forest rose
    Red like blood it trickles up
    Against the backdrop of the din
    Humble, weary, burdened, lost
    Its voice so low I strain to hear
    (I feel like shouting down the fools)
    So meek its timber grows and grows
    With the simple words:
    “I just don’t know.”

    Hand-in-hand we moved ahead
    Finding, finally, our lost tribe
    Joined by those whose private thoughts
    Now went public without fear
    And suddenly we were so many
    And the Oaks and Maples tried to flee
    And we cut them down so hard they fell
    For one and all it was plain to see
    Now all the forest for the trees.

    • I love it.[*]

      You had to be ruthless with those trees.
      They were convinced they were sooo special, the impunity of a protected class.

      Even if you stay put, for a while anyway, your kids will move on to join the tribe. It’s not lost.
      [*]It was actually an Angel Bird who took the form of a Rose.

  2. AOC Melts Down Over CNN Hosting Trump Town Hall: “CNN should be ashamed of themselves…The audience is cheering him on and laughing at the host”
    By Kristinn Taylor May. 11, 2023 7:02 am108 Comments

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was triggered early in the CNN town hall with President Trump Wednesday night, tweeting a full meltdown freakout about thirty minutes in:

    “CNN should be ashamed of themselves. They have lost total control of this “town hall” to again be manipulated into platforming election disinformation, defenses of Jan 6th, and a public attack on a sexual abuse victim. The audience is cheering him on and laughing at the host…This falls squarely on CNN. Everyone here saw exactly what was going to happen. Instead they put a sexual abuse victim in harm’s way for views. This was a choice to platform lies about the election & Jan 6th w/ no plan but to have their moderator interrupted without consequence.”

    The Guardian’s Hugo Lowell, “Kaitlan Collins is doing a valiant effort trying to correct or interject when Trump lies or misconstrues at this CNN Town Hall, but Trump just talks over her and she gets rolled as the audience roars with laughter and claps”

    Breitbart’s Joel Pollak, “The @CNN audience is laughing at Kaitlin Collins because she keeps trying to squeeze Trump’s answers into her preconceived categories. It’s stupid and, yes, it is funny to laugh at her doing that.”

    This is probably what triggered AOC, the audience laughing as Trump recounts the implausible story of E. Jean Carroll.

    Lefty journalist Victoria Brownworth had an accurate take, even though she was appalled, “The biggest reveals were that the crowd doesn’t support the Ukraine war and doesn’t believe Carroll on the rape case. That Trump had people laughing with his version of events despite pushback from Collins was disgusting; pan of the audience showed women laughing. #TrumpTownHall”

    The audience, hand selected by CNN, laughed uproariously when Trump called Kaitlan Collins, after being repeatedly interrupted, a “nasty person”:

    AOC later attacked CNN further, on Twitter and on MSNBC: “There is simply no way CNN can feign ignorance about the fact that they set up a sexual assault victim to be targeted and attacked on national television a day after the verdict. People were sounding the alarm about this exact scenario. They let it happen anyway without a plan…This, the choice to platform election disinformation, lies about January 6th, totally unchecked and reckless claims about abortion… they need to take ownership of what just happened. This cannot be normalized. It’s dangerous.”

    Trump triggering them like it’s 2016.

  3. Soros-Backed Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Releases Woman Who Opened Fire into the Cinco de Mayo Crowd in St. Louis
    By Jim Hoft May. 11, 2023 7:30 am1 Comment

    St. Louis Cinco de Mayo shooters

    Soros-funded Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner announced earlier this week that she will step down in June. This was cause for celebration in St. Louis. Under Gardner crime has skyrocketed in the city as she refuses to indict murderers and lets criminals roam free on the streets.

    But she still has four more weeks to serve and on Wednesday Gardner released a woman who shot up the Cinco de Mayo festival in South St. Louis over the weekend.

    There were eleven shootings in the City of St. Louis over the weekend including the shooting at the Cinco de Mayo festival on Cherokee Street in South St. Louis on Saturday.

    Police were looking for the suspects in the shooting that left two innocent bystanders hurt. The South City Cinco de Mayo celebration on Cherokee Street brings together over 50,000 attendees each year.

    Local KMOV reported:

    The female shooter was arrested on Tuesday by St. Louis Police. But on Wednesday The Circuit Attorney’s office refused to file charges against the woman who opened fire on the Cinco de Mayo crowd.

    Local KMOV reported:

    The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office refused charges applied to a woman arrested in connection with a shooting on Cherokee Street during a Cinco de Mayo that left a man and a woman injured Saturday.

    Wednesday morning, St. Louis police said the woman was taken into custody after the department released security images Monday of her and a man they believe were responsible for the shooting.

    The department filed charges with the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office, but charges were later refused, citing ‘lack of evidence’ and the ‘victim refuses to assist’.

    She is no longer in custody as of Wednesday afternoon. 5 On Your Side is not identifying the woman because she has not been charged as of this writing.

    Kim Gardner cannot leave office soon enough.

  4. Former DEA Official Derek Maltz Joins Rose Unplugged: As Title 42 Expires, Expect A Tsunami of Fentanyl Pouring Into Your Community (AUDIO)
    By Cristina Laila May. 11, 2023 7:15 am5 Comments

    The US-Mexico border is bracing for a surge of illegal aliens as Title 42 expires.

    Title 42 is a Trump-era policy that forced migrants seeking asylum to remain in Mexico while the immigration process worked its way through the system.

    According to some estimates, up to 1 million illegals are at border ready to storm the US.

    A tsunami of fentanyl will also be pouring into the United States.

    Derek Maltz, former Director of the Special Operations Division of the DEA joined Rose Unplugged to discuss the fentanyl crisis.

    • Illegals will use these drugs as currency on American streets. And I am sure it will roll through the northern border soon.

      • That it will, the Obiden administration wants to destroy the US, they consider what they are doing to Canada to be acceptable collateral damage.

      • They’re contributing all kinds of diseases to which we’ve become naive.

        Opportunity! A new pandemic, bonafide natural origin this time!
        Because… climate change!

        Climate change can worsen 58% of human infectious diseases. This is why
        Climate change and communicable diseases | The BMJ

        Climate change is an important driver of disease incidence, and a wait and see approach invites unnecessary risk

        • That is one of my nightmares. We are being attacked by natural Bio weapons. But we can’t prove they are weapons.

          • The invasion is perfect cover.
            Not just crime and disease, and whatever else they generate and hype as “climate catastrophe” measures.

            • The Nat’l Guard begins to enlist “generous volunteers” from among the military-aged male majority of the alien horde.

            • Here’s the remedy for our depleted armed services. Eliminate those ideologically unreliable white supremacists…

          • Smallpox-saturated blankets, redux.

            The medical-industrial-complex may decide conventional treatments are no longer appropriate for the serial pandemics we can expect.

            Then what?

  5. Celebrity Charlize Theron’s Son ‘Identified As Female’ At Age 3: ‘I Will F*** Anybody Up’ Who Criticizes Drag Queen Performances For Children
    By Alicia Powe May. 11, 2023 8:00 am426 Comments

    Speaking at a “Drag Isn’t Dangerous” telethon, actress Charlize Theron issued a stern warning to opponents of drag queen performances for children.

    “We love you, queens! We’re in your corner, and we’ve got you,” Theron said during the telethon aimed at mobilizing support to overturn laws preventing kids from viewing drag performances.

    “And I will “f*** anybody up who is, like, trying to f*** with anything with you guys,” the Mad Max star continued.

    Theron, whose adopted son now identifies as female, scoffed at parents against child drag shows, arguing children face more serious threats from other dangers in the world.

  6. Former CNN Potato Brian Stelter and NBC Host Wonder Who Will “Police” Tucker Carlson’s Speech on His Twitter Show (VIDEO)
    By Mike LaChance May. 11, 2023 9:00 am5 Comments

    Now that Tucker Carlson has announced that he is taking his show to Twitter, some of the usual suspects in liberal media are already melting down.

    On NBC, former media reporter Brian Stelter and some random host wondered who will “police” Tucker Carlson’s words. They are basically admitting to being speech police.

    Stelter also claims that this move will solidify Twitter as a ‘right wing’ website. Free speech is apparently right wing now.

  7. US Border Patrol Discovers Child Pornography On Chinese Migrant’s Phone
    By Anthony Scott May. 11, 2023 8:15 am66 Comments

    A Chinese migrant who was being held at an immigration processing center in McAllen, Texas is facing charges after Border Patrol agents discovered child pornography on his phone.

    Valley Central has reported Chinese citizen Tong Sun, 46, is now facing charges of possession of child pornography after Sun crossed into McAllen, Texas with the child exploitation material on his phone.

    Border Patrol agents made the discovery after they asked Sun for consent to search through his phone to which Sun complied.

  8. BIG MISTAKE! After Drubbing by Trump CNN Invites Rep. Byron Donalds on the Post-Debate Show for a Second Round of Public Humiliation (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft May. 11, 2023 8:30 am76 Comments

    On Wednesday night CNN invited President Trump on to hold a town hall in front of New Hampshire voters.

    Despite her best efforts and weeks of preparation and role-playing, “nasty” CNN host Kaitlyn Collins was dragged through the mud by President Trump.

    During the public thrashing commie AOC lost her mind and started lecturing CNN on who should be allowed to have a voice in the country.

  9. Canadian academic Jordan Peterson has lashed out at “scumrats” within the legacy media for “lying” about slavery.

    The psychologist has taken issue with a report on slavery published in the UK media on Wednesday, calling those responsible for the article “scumrats” who were “lying” about the UK’s role in slavery.

    Published in The Guardian, the article called on newly-crowned King Charles III to focus more on the role of both the monarch and the United Kingdom in slavery and other so-called “legacies of racism”.

    Peterson however has taken serious issue with such a characterisation, with the Canadian seemingly being particularly upset that the role the UK’s Royal Navy played in ending the international slave trade worldwide was ommitted entirely. “You absolute scumrats,” Peterson wrote online. “You are literally standing the truth on its head.”

  10. the gateway pundit – Larry Johnson Discusses CIA Lies and Ukraine with Judge Napolitano

    A chat with the Judge is stimulating and thought provoking, and today was no exception. One of the topics explored is what I call, “Russia’s Cuban Missile Crisis.”

    In 2016 the United States deployed a land based air defense system — i.e. Aegis Ashore — in Deveselu, Romania. Aegis Ashorek is a land-based version of the missile system now on Aegis cruisers in the U.S. Navy.

    Then, last year, the United States set up the same system in Redzikowo, Poland. Only one little problem — the Aegis Ashore system can also be used to launch nuclear tipped Tomahawk Cruise missiles.

    These two systems have the potential to put a nuke in Moscow within 10 minutes of launch from Poland or Romania. See the problem?

    This threat situation is similar to the one the United States faced in 1961 when the Soviets deployed nuclear missiles to Cuba. Just as the United States correctly viewed those missiles in Cuba as an existential threat, Russia also sees that U.S. placement of missiles as an existential threat to Moscow.

    Ray McGovern, in a recent speech to a peace group in New England, does a masterful job of describing how the missile launchers in Poland and Romania are a critical predicate for Russia’s Special Military Operation (aka SMO) in Ukraine.

    Without those missiles looming large in the strategic picture, Russia probably would not have gone into Ukraine on February 24, 2022. When Putin speaks of “de-militarization” as one of the primary objectives of the SMO, he is not just talking about eliminating the threat in Ukraine. I believe that Russia views those missile launchers in Poland and Romania as part of the de-militarization effort.

    • BBC – Ukraine needs more time for Russia counter-offensive says Zelensky

      Zelensky has said his country needs more time to launch a much-anticipated counter-offensive against Russian forces, as its military awaits the delivery of promised aid.

      The expected attack could be decisive in the war, redrawing frontlines that, for months, have remained unchanged.

      It will also be a crucial test for Ukraine, eager to prove that the weapons and equipment it has received from the West can result in significant battlefield gains.

    • Ukraine War Will Increasingly Pit Quantity Against Quality, NATO Official Says

      The war in Ukraine will increasingly be a battle between large numbers of poorly trained Russian troops with outdated equipment and a smaller Ukrainian force with better Western weapons and training, NATO’s top military official said on Wednesday.

      Admiral Rob Bauer, the chair of NATO’s military committee, noted Russia was now deploying significant numbers of T-54 tanks – an old model designed in the years after World War Two.

      “But the problem is they still have a lot of T-54s. So … in terms of numbers, quantity, it is an issue,” Bauer told reporters after a meeting of the alliance’s national military chiefs at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

      “What we will see now is that the Russians will focus – have to focus – on quantity, larger number of conscripts, and mobilize people, not well-trained, older materiel. But large numbers,” he said.

      The Ukrainians meanwhile would “focus on quality, with Western weapon systems and Western training.

      That’s the big difference in the coming months, I would say

      DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – NATO Military Committee press briefing

      Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer
      -Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), General Christopher Cavoli
      -Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), General Philippe Lavigne

  11. Israel War Room @IsraelWarRoom
    Approximately 30% of PIJ’s rocket launches failed and landed within the Gaza Strip.
    While PIJ aims to kill Israeli civilians, they don’t care how many Gazans they kill in the process.
    The Mossad: @TheMossadIL
    Islamic Jihad rocket and mortar shell launch sites along the Gaza Strip efficiently destroyed by @IAFsite
    @pmofa @PalestinePMO @nadplo
    Arsen Ostrovsky @Ostrov_A·Follow
    3 million Jews are still buried in Poland. With all due respect, Poland will not be lecturing Israel on how we shall defend our people.

  12. The Israel Guys
    (Evangelicals, not Israeli MSN trash):

    At least 15 killed in Israeli strikes in Gaza

    The Israeli military struck Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leaders and weapon manufacturing facilities in the Gaza Strip. Israel’s army declared the start of operation “Shield and Arrow” in response to months of attacks from the PIJ

    The Israel Guys: BREAKING: Israeli Air Force Eliminates 3 Terrorists in the GAZA STRIP The IDF launched Operation Shield and Arrow last night, already taking out 3 senior terrorist leaders in the Gaza Strip, and eliminating ten Palestinian Islamic Jihad weapons depots and terrorist hubs. More than 1 million Christians all over the world are fasting and praying for Israel for the next 3 weeks, and on today’s program, we have awarded an Anti-Semite of the week!

  13. Joe Truzman @JoeTruzman

    Palestinian militant factions are saying the Joint Operations Room (JOR) is leading this round of conflict. The JOR is led by Hamas, and is a grouping of approximately 12 Palestinian armed groups (most supported by Iran) that coordinate attacks against Israel during conflict. Islamic Jihad is a prominent member of the JOR.
    Jonathan Schanzer @JSchanzer
    This is literally happening as Israeli television channels report that Qatar is involved in discussions to limit a wider war. Qatar owns and controls Al-Jazeera.
    Arsonist and firefighter. Or perhaps more simply: a duplicitous Islamist regime that is a blight on the world.

    Quote Tweet:
    Hussain Abdul-Hussain @hahussain ·May 10
    Aljazeera unhappy that Hamas has not yet entered the battle between Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and #Israel, gears its broadcast toward applying pressure on Hamas to join, cites rocket response to death of PIJ Kheder Adnan (presumably joint) as the right choice.
    David Collier @mishtal
    Fascinating. What Al Jazeera forgot to mention:

    Attack 1 took out 3 terrorist leaders
    Attack 2 took out terrorists moving heavy weaponry
    Attack 3 took out two terrorists who fired at the IDF
    It is like Al Jazeera do not want you to know the truth.

    Quote Tweet
    Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish ·May 9
    Israeli forces have killed two Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, a day after Israel pounded the Gaza Strip with missiles that killed 15 people in separate attacks over several hours
    MEMRI @MEMRIReports

    Canada-Based PFLP Senior Leader Khaled Barakat Calls for a Salute to Gaza Terrorist Organizations, Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades: “We Salute Our Brothers and Sisters, Who Are Fighting on a Daily Basis in Gaza” #Palestinians #Canada #Hamas #PFLP

  14. <b<Bank of Canada launches public consultations on digital C$

    OTTAWA, May 8 (Reuters) – The Bank of Canada (BoC) on Monday launched public consultations on the features that could be included in a digital Canadian dollar, in an exploratory move to gauge the viability of a digital version of the currency.

    “As the world becomes increasingly digital, the Bank – like many other central banks – is exploring a digital version of Canada’s national currency,” the central bank said in a statement. The consultation runs until June 19.

    Central banks across the world are studying digital versions of their currencies to avoid leaving digital payments to the private sector as the decline of cash has accelerated in some cases due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    China has been a leader among countries that are developing central bank digital currencies (CBDC), although adoption is still in the early stages. The central banks of Japan, Brazil and Australia have also taken steps toward launching a digital token.

    Policymakers in the United States have been divided, with Federal Reserve Governor Christopher Waller among skeptics.

    “A digital Canadian dollar would ensure Canadians always have an official, safe, and stable digital payment option issued by Canada’s central bank,” the BoC said.

    The bank, however, said that a digital Canadian dollar was not currently needed, and any decision to issue one would have to be taken by Canada’s parliament and government.

    “If a digital Canadian dollar is issued in the future, the Bank will continue to provide bank notes for those who want them,” it said. “Cash isn’t going anywhere.”

    Pierre Poilievre, the leader of Canada’s opposition Conservatives, has said he would ban the BoC from issuing a CBDC if he became prime minister.

    The ruling Liberals have the support of the left-leaning New Democrats to keep Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s minority government in power until the fall of 2025, unless an election is called earlier.


    Bank of Canada launches public consultations on a digital dollar

    Media Relations
    Ottawa, Ontario
    May 8, 2023

    The Bank of Canada is launching an online public consultation on the features that could be included in a digital Canadian dollar.

    The consultation opened today and runs until June 19.

    The way Canadians pay for everything from the daily necessities to major purchases is evolving rapidly. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the Bank—like many other central banks—is exploring a digital version of Canada’s national currency.

    “As Canada’s central bank, we want to make sure everyone can always take part in our country’s economy. That means being ready for whatever the future holds,” said Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Rogers.

    At this time, a digital Canadian dollar is not needed. And any decision to issue one rests with Parliament and the Government of Canada.

    A digital Canadian dollar issued by the Bank would have to be designed to serve Canadians’ needs. That’s why the Bank is holding this online consultation: to understand which features are most important to Canadians. The Bank is also seeking opinions about topics related to a digital dollar, such as:

    -how people would likely use it
    -what security features are important
    -what concerns you have about accessibility and privacy

    “We want to hear from Canadians about what they value most in the design of a digital dollar. This will help us make design choices and ensure that it is secure, reliable and meets the needs of Canadians,” Rogers said.

    The Bank has been providing bank notes to Canadians for more than 85 years. Cash is a safe, accessible and trusted method of payment that anyone can use, including people who don’t have a bank account, a credit score or official identification documents.

    If a digital Canadian dollar is issued in the future, the Bank will continue to provide bank notes for those who want them. Cash isn’t going anywhere.

    However, there may come a time when bank notes are not widely used in day-to-day transactions, which could risk excluding many Canadians from taking part in the economy.

    It’s also possible that private cryptocurrencies or central bank digital currencies issued by other countries could become widely used in Canada in the future. This could compromise the role of an official, centrally issued currency—the Canadian dollar—in our economy and pose a risk to the stability of our financial system.

    A digital Canadian dollar would ensure Canadians always have an official, safe, and stable digital payment option issued by Canada’s central bank.

    The Bank will publish a report summarizing this consultation later this year.

    For the latest updates on the process, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

    The following link to the consultation page can be embedded in your stories:

    For more information on the Bank of Canada’s work on a digital Canadian dollar, see

    The public consultation will be accessible on the Bank’s website until June 19, 2023, at 23:59 Pacific time.

    A broadcast-quality video clip of the Senior Deputy Governor is available for download upon request.

    city news Bank of Canada launches consultations on potential digital currency

    + comments on the YT page

    • REBEL NEWS – Canada’s failed digital currency venture cost millions of dollars: report

      The failed MintChip program in 2016 prompted then-finance minister Bill Morneau to strip Mint managers of authority in launching any new ventures without cabinet approval.

      According to figures released by the Royal Canadian Mint on Tuesday, a failed Canadian digital currency venture cost millions of dollars.

      “We have nothing to add,” said Mint spokesperson Alex Reeves. “We do not segment the reporting of operating costs nor investments by business line.”

      Management would not comment further as they consider financial information strictly confidential, reported Blacklock’s Reporter.

      According to corporate records, Mint spent roughly $34.3 million on the venture, launched in 2012 to facilitate a “new era” in currency. They estimated costs at $29 million for the project’s unrecovered research and development costs.

      Blacklock’s Reporter claims the costs reflect the filing of eight patents, production of sales videos, a doubling in the hiring of research scientists and a $50,000 cash prize to software developers to design a MintChip app.

      In 2015, Mint sold MintChip — its custom-made digital currency — to private investors for $16 million.

      “In December 2015, the company closed the sale of MintChip for a cash consideration of $5 million paid at closing and an $11 million, four percent interest-bearing secured promissory note with interest payments due semi-annually,” said the Annual Report. They did not receive the principal $11 million due last December 16.

      Mint executives hailed the program as groundbreaking. Canada was “the only mint to have initiated research and development related to the evolution of physical currency,” then-CEO Ian Bennett said in 2012.

      “Money as we know it is fine today, but tomorrow is a different story,” said one Mint promotion. MintChip was described as “better than cash since you can use it online.”

      In 2013, the Bank of Canada disbanded the program. The central bank has a legal monopoly over the distribution of money under the 1934 Currency Act and earns $1.6 billion a year through the circulation of banknotes, by official estimates.

      Mint managers spent two years searching for a buyer for the program, and kept its net losses private.

      The failed MintChip program in 2016 prompted then-finance minister Bill Morneau to strip Mint managers of authority in launching any new ventures without cabinet approval.

      “While the Mint operates in part on a commercial, profit-oriented basis, as a federal Crown corporation, it is an instrument of public policy for which the Government is ultimately accountable to Parliament and Canadians,” Morneau wrote in a Letter Of Expectations.

    • CBC – Pornhub’s new Ottawa-based owner vows to give performers more of a voice

      Conversations about industry can’t be ‘one-sided,’ says Solomon Friedman

      The Ottawa private equity firm that’s purchased the owner of adult-entertainment website Pornhub says it hopes to bring the industry into the future by boosting transparency and giving performers and content creators more of a voice.

      One of the top-15 most frequented websites by some counts, Pornhub has had its share of controversies, including allegations that parent company Mindgeek shared and profited from videos posted there without consent.

      “The challenges with respect to content is one that faces the internet as a whole,” said Solomon Friedman, a lawyer and partner with Ethical Capital Partners, which announced it had secured ownership on Thursday.

      Friedman said other large websites are also struggling with how best to monitor uploaded content, and the Ottawa firm was impressed with how credibly MindGeek was addressing the issue.

      “What we discovered in our extensive review was just how seriously they take that, and [we were impressed by] the tools which they have built in order to keep that platform safe, to verify the identity of every single uploader to their platform,” said Friedman.

      “[That’s] something that no other platform — adult or otherwise — does.”

      No content can be uploaded to Pornhub without being checked by automated tools and real humans, he said.

      Visa and Mastercard stopped allowing their cards to be used on the site in 2020 amid concerns they were facilitating access to sexually exploitative material.

      But Friedman said he hopes MindGeek will be a leader in trust and safety, moderation and data privacy beyond the adult-entertainment industry — and that its content-verification tools can be used elsewhere on the internet.

      ‘Public, transparent and visible ownership’
      Friedman said the firm wants to do more to include content creators and sex workers in discussions about the industry and engage regulators and legislators with them directly.

      He also said Ethical Capital Partners plans to facilitate conversations with other partners like victim advocacy groups, senior law enforcement officials and non-governmental organizations.

      “You cannot have this conversation if it’s one-sided,” Friedman said. “And this industry is too important. It is too important to the livelihood of many people.

      “It’s certainly a new step to have public, transparent and visible ownership.”

      Jenn Clamen, national co-ordinator of the Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform, said the past problems at Pornhub have been used to malign the industry as a whole.

      “What we can only hope is that [Ethical Capital Partners] have a respect for working conditions,” Clamen told CBC.

      “And that they will [be interested in] developing content with workers and focusing on ethical content and asking workers what that is.”

      Maggie MacDonald, a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto’s faculty of information who studies porn platforms, was asked to join the firm’s advisory board a few months back.

      She said it’s the first time a private sector pitch convinced her, as Ethical Capital Partners impressed upon her that they have the interests of pornography workers at heart.

      “They’re financially disenfranchised frequently, they’re discriminated against,” she said.

      “The most impressive single factor, I would say in [the firm’s] early conversations with me, was that they are very interested in engaging and centering the workers, which is something that I had not seen [before].”


      DAILY MAIL – Is this the end of internet porn? Pornhub pulls out of Utah over a strict new law – and dozens more states may be affected…

      Now lays bare the $100 BILLION war over online erotica

      Frisky residents of the Beehive State must have felt a bit deflated on Tuesday after trying to access Pornhub, one of the world’s most prolific online pornography platforms.

      Instead of finding the usual raunchy options on the X-rated site, Utahns were greeted by adult entertainer Cherie DeVille — fully clothed.

      ‘We’ve made the difficult decision to completely disable access to our website in your region,’ DeVille informed visitors.

      Pornhub, she explained, had determined that the state’s new age verification law, which requires that porn sites affirm their users are at least 18 years old, is seriously flawed.

      So, in lieu of complying, Pornhub has slammed the doors of their digital peep show altogether, prompting the question: Does this signal the beginning of the end for online porn? examined the growing fight over the future of internet erotica and found that while there’s a general consensus something must be done to block children from seeing potentially harmful content — the solutions are troublingly elusive.


      Utah’s new law, SB 287, compels websites with pornographic material to require users submit identification cards, so that the site owners can verify their age. If the online platform refuses to comply, they can be held liable if minors access their content.

      After all, it’s illegal for adults to show porn to children.

      It’s the second such measure to take effect in 2023, as lawmakers increasingly look for ways to stop minors accessing explicit content.

      So far, four states – run by Republicans and Democrats – have enacted similar legislation. And over the last year, two dozen other states have proposed related restrictions.

      Supporters of SB 287 in Utah say it is a common-sense measure to protect children from porn, which was declared a ‘public health hazard’ in the state in 2016.

      ‘Businesses that sell tobacco, vaping products and alcohol online already age verify,’ the bill’s Republican sponsor, state senator Todd Weiler told ‘I don’t think that is too much to ask.’

      But apparently, Big Porn disagrees and they’re now hitting back.

      On Wednesday, a trade association for the adult entertainment industry filed a lawsuit against the state of Utah, claiming SB 287 infringes on 1st Amendment rights to free speech and the 14th Amendment rights to privacy.

      The complaint by the Free Speech Coalition also argues that the law isn’t readily enforceable because the age-verification system can be easily circumvented.

      Pornhub co-owner, Solomon Friedman, a criminal defense lawyer, private equity partner and ordained rabbi, told on Thursday that while the company is an ‘enthusiastic supporter of age verification,’ it will not operate in jurisdictions with laws requiring sites to collect user data.

      ‘With a solution that is so obviously infringing on individual privacy and is not effective at keeping children away from adult material, we felt that we had no choice but to suspend our services in Utah,’ he explained.

      Child safety advocate, Benjamin Bull, fiercely disagrees with Pornhub’s assessment.

      MAY 08 2023 Meet Pornhub’s New Owner: Solomon Friedman of Ethical Capital Partners

      We have a major interview coming at you today, Jacob and John welcome Solomon Friedman into Down to the Wire Studios for an exclusive sit down.

      Solomon is a top Criminal Defence Attorney in Canada and is now the Co-Founder of Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), which just acquired MindGeek, thus acquiring Pornhub.

      We discuss the details of this purchase, the core values of ECP and their approach to the adult industry. ECP acquired Pornhub a day after the Netflix documentary ‘Money Shot: The Pornhub Story’ was released. It details legal issues and controversy surrounding MindGeek, the adult platform that faced public scrutiny stemming from a viral New York Times article.

      Solomon answers concerns raised in the documentary, along with how he believes adult can be done properly. We discuss the future of Pornhub along with the adult industry, including details on some groundbreaking technology that will reshape the internet as a whole.

      Conversations also lead into the legal battles they face, how ECP is going to be sex worker driven, the financial discrimination they face, content restrictions, age verification technology, collaborating with other tech giants and so much more.

    • OTTAWA CITIZEN – Solomon Friedman is on a mission to save Pornhub

      The high-profile criminal defence lawyer, firearms advocate and ordained rabbi plans to make the world’s largest porn site a force for good.

      Solomon Friedman is not someone readily defined: He’s a defence lawyer and an organ donor; a firearms advocate and an ordained rabbi; an investor, philanthropist, and pornography magnate

      If the 37-year-old father of three is not the most interesting man in Ottawa, then the licensed pilot and part-time law professor is certainly one of the busiest.

      “I’m a big believer that you always need to keep learning in life, you need to keep challenging yourself,” Friedman said in an interview days after the private equity firm that he helped found, Ethical Capital Partners, bought the world’s largest adult entertainment site, Pornhub.

      Friedman’s dramatic entry into the private equity business will force him to scale back his high-profile work as a defence lawyer.

      “This is obviously occupying a significant portion of my time,” he says. “I’ll never leave the criminal courtroom, but this is my focus.”

      One of the most visited sites on the internet, Pornhub is also among the most controversial. It’s now the subject of a series of lawsuits from people who claim its former owners failed to stop images of child abuse, sexual assault and other illegal, non-consensual sex from being posted to the website. More than 2.2 million people have signed an online petition to shut down the site.

      News of its mid-March purchase by Ethical Capital Partners stunned many of those in Ottawa’s tight-knit legal community. Why would one of their leading members want anything to do with something as toxic as Pornhub?

      Not surprisingly, Friedman has a considered position on the matter. “Unlike a courtroom where I’m representing one person at a time,” he argues, “here the scale for change and positive effect is enormous.”

      Friedman and his fellow investors from Ethical Capital Partners believe they can make Pornhub internet safe, sex worker-focused and transparent to the public. They’re convinced that responsible ownership combined with the company’s cutting-edge software can make Pornhub a force for good on the internet, and help to eliminate some of its most grievous ills, including revenge porn and child sexual abuse material.

      It seems an unlikely mission for an acclaimed officer of the court, but then, it’s not the first time that Solomon Friedman has defied expectations.

      Born into an Orthodox family in west-end Ottawa, Friedman grew up in a household with nine siblings. His father, Barry, was a Nortel contractor and software developer whose work sprawled through the house.

      “I was raised in a house with more computers than kids,” Friedman says. “My first computer was a terminal attached to a Unix server.”

      As a young man, Friedman travelled a conservative path. He moved to Israel at 18, studied Talmudic law for three years, and was ordained by the Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem. By that time, 2006, he was already married and the father of twins.

      But unwilling to commit to life as a spiritual leader, Friedman altered course and entered law school at the University of Ottawa, determined to launch a career at a major corporate firm.

      He graduated near the top of his class and worked as a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada for Justice Morris Fish, a former defence lawyer. Most of his casework involved criminal law – something Friedman previously dismissed as “not a grown-up job.” The experience set his career on another new course.

      “Within six months, I’m convinced the only thing I’m interested in doing is criminal law,” he remembers.

      Friedman landed a job as an associate at one of Ottawa’s premier defence firms, Edelson Clifford D’Angelo Barristers LLP, and was immediately thrown into the deep end of criminal law. One of his very first cases involved Russell Williams, a former Canadian Forces colonel who would plead guilty to murdering two women, sexually assaulting two others and breaking into more than 80 homes to steal underwear from young women and girls.

      Friedman’s job was to review and categorize the Crown’s disclosure in the case, which was voluminous, lurid and disturbing. Lawyer Michael Edelson gave him the chance to turn down the job.

      “It was the most horrendous disclosure any human being could ever see,” says Friedman. “That was my welcome to criminal law.”

      The young lawyer quickly gained a public profile. He wrote a column for the Citizen that explained to readers the criminal justice system, and established himself as a national expert in firearms law. He testified more than a dozen times before Parliamentary committees studying proposed firearms legislation, and repeatedly accused the government of embracing “symbolism over substance.”

      Friedman had a personal interest in the country’s rapidly-evolving firearms law since he was a sportsman and target shooter. “It’s like meditation,” he once explained of the hobby. “When shooting, you have to be aware of every movement in your body, down to each breath. That’s very freeing.”

      Not yet 30, Friedman successfully argued a case on behalf of the National Firearms Association in front of the Supreme Court of Canada, which in 2015 struck down the three-year mandatory minimum sentence for possession of a restricted firearm.
      That same year, Friedman was made a partner at Edelson’s firm. It was a meteoric rise. Edelson told Precedent magazine, a publication for lawyers based in Toronto: “(Friedman) will ultimately be the leader here. He will become me.”

      Friedman worked closely with Edelson on a series of high-profile cases, including those involving Catholic Bishop Raymond Leahy, Ottawa police officer Daniel Montsion, and Pembroke dentist Christy Natsis. He defended the jihadist recruiter Awso Peshdary in a complex, years-long case that ended with a guilty plea.

      Friedman also found time to write a textbook on firearms law, and a series of legal commentaries for journals and law conferences. (One 2016 paper, ‘The Long and Short of Phallometric Testing: Science and Law,’ canvassed the limitations of the tests, which are used to determine an individual’s sexual preferences.)

      Outside the courtroom, Friedman helped launch a local charity, Barristers for a Better Bytown, that raised money to improve the lives of vulnerable people in Ottawa, including at-risk youth. And in October 2015, he travelled to New York City to donate a kidney to his ailing older brother, Max, who was then on dialysis.

      “There’s really nothing that can replace that feeling when you’ve helped someone in a real meaningful way with a chronic illness,” he said of the experience.

      Three years ago, Friedman launched his own law firm with Fady Mansour, also an avid target shooter and hunter, and one of the country’s leading Arab Canadian lawyers.

      Together, they successfully defended OC Transpo driver Aissatou Diallo against charges of dangerous driving for her role in the January 2019 bus crash that killed three passengers and injured dozens more.

      During the pandemic, Friedman also earned his pilot’s licence. He’s now close to obtaining his commercial licence and plans to teach flying in the near future.
      “It’s the only place where you can leave everything on Earth behind, where you can have true and uninterrupted focus on the task at hand,” he says. “It’s total mindfulness, beyond yoga.”

      Solomon Friedman has discussed his decision to invest in Pornhub with those close to him, including his 17-year-old daughter. She did not take long to embrace the idea, he says.
      “She said, ‘This material is legal, it’s going to exist, good people should be governing it,’” Friedman says. “She’s a smart cookie.”

      It was an effective summary of her father’s expansive argument in favour of buying Pornhub.

      Friedman’s road to Pornhub began more than two years ago when his law firm broadened its line of business to include corporate advisory work: Friedman and Mansour would offer advice to companies involved in takeover bids when criminal law or regulatory issues were in play.

      That work led them to Pornhub’s parent company, MindGeek.

      MindGeek – the company is registered in Luxemburg but has a large Montreal office – owns not only Pornhub, but also a portfolio of adult entertainment sites, including YouPorn, Redtube, Brazzers,, Sean Cody, Trans Angels and Nutaku. Together, they dominate the landscape of internet porn.

      Pornhub alone receives more than 100 million website visitors a day, including four million in Canada. In 2022, according to Pornhub, it recorded more than 36 billion visits. A privately held company, it generates revenue through its ad network, TrafficJunky, along with membership fees and software licensing.

      University of Toronto doctoral student Maggie MacDonald, now a member of the advisory board for Ethical Capital Partners, wrote her Master’s thesis on Pornhub in 2019. She described it as an internet colossus.

      “While nowhere near a household name,” MacDonald wrote, “the company now known as MindGeek is a major player within the internet economy, a driver of tech entrepreneurship and arguably deserves to share billing alongside the massive GAFA companies (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) that are currently dominating conversations surrounding online platforms.”

      MindGeek’s exponential growth – revenues reached (U.S.) $460 million in 2018 – occurred with little public notice. That all changed in December 2020 when the New York Times thrust the firm into the international spotlight: An investigative column by Nicholas Kristof alleged Pornhub was monetizing child rape, revenge porn and spy cam videos of women showering.

      Pornhub executives denied any wrongdoing, but the scandal rocked the company to its foundation.

      MasterCard and Visa suspended their payment services on the website, victims came forward in a flurry of lawsuits, and a House of Commons standing committee held hearings into Pornhub’s operation. Last year, two of MindGeek’s top executives, Feras Antoon and David Tassillo, left the company. (Antoon’s $19 million Montreal mansion burned down in April 2021 in an arson that remains unsolved.)

      Potential buyers circled the distressed firm.

      One takeover bid was reportedly mounted by Chuck Rifici, an Ottawa-based entrepreneur and co-founder of Canopy Growth. Several current members of Ethical Capital Partners, including Friedman and Mansour, were part of a private equity firm, Bruinen, put together by Rifici as part of the process.

      When that bid collapsed, Ethical Capital Partners coalesced and tabled its own offer. Mansour now serves as the firm’s managing partner, while investor, cannabis entrepreneur and real estate developer Rocco Meliambro serves as chair.

      Friedman, vice-president of compliance at Ethical Capital Partners, had the opportunity to look under the hood of MindGeek before the purchase.

      “I didn’t know what to expect,” Friedman says of his introduction to MindGeek, “and what I saw was not what I expected. Both are true.”

      Friedman came away deeply impressed by the technology and systems MindGeek engineers had built to improve trust and safety on the firm’s websites.

      MindGeek eliminated 10 million pieces of user-generated content from Pornhub following the New York Times story, and introduced a program with the help of the digital identity company, Yoti, to verify the age and personal identity of anyone uploading content to the site. Now, only verified users can post material to Pornhub. (More than half a million uploaders have been verified.)

      MindGeek introduced other measures to identify, disable and report child sexual abuse material. Friedman says its “breakthrough” technology – a patented tool called SafeGuard – allows MindGeek to fingerprint non-consensual material and add that fingerprint (not the material) to a database that can be accessed by other social media platforms. The digital fingerprint endures even if the video is later altered or its file format is changed.
      It means the same material cannot be added to any other platform that uses the database, Friedman says.

      “When I started looking at this, and knowing the implications because of my defence work, I was immediately convinced this technology needed to be invested in: It cannot remain only in the adult industry,” he says. “You can solve really intractable problems with this.”

      As part of his due diligence, Friedman also reviewed MindGeek’s response to judicial authorizations and law enforcement inquiries during the past two years. The company, he says, has developed an online portal for law enforcement agencies that ensures requests are acted upon within four hours. Most are given a full response within 24 hours.
      “Any prosecutor or defence lawyer who works in this area could tell you that Bell, Telus, Google and Facebook must take a page from their books,” he argues.

      Friedman says the firm’s 700 engineers are building important new tools to verify content and eliminate non-consensual material. Among them is an extension of SafeGuard that would allow the picture of a face to be “fingerprinted,” he says, and all material using the same image blocked from any platform that uses the system.

      Unlike previous owners of MindGeek, Ethical Capital Partners intends to be public facing. In the past, where MindGeek failed, Friedman says, was in its public engagement on the important issues of trust and transparency. That was a function of the shame and stigma that continues to attach to adult entertainment, he says, even though it is a ubiquitous, legal and constitutionally protected form of entertainment.

      The new owners have vowed to engage with law enforcement officials, child safety experts, sex workers, academics and critics to discuss how to make Pornhub a better, safer, more responsible internet actor. The firm intends to sponsor research papers, academic conferences and create other forums to destigmatize and demystify the business of internet porn.

      “We need to bring these parties together so they can stop speaking past each other, but you can’t do that unless the people who are managing these companies, like Ethical Capital Partners, are willing to step forward and be visible and transparent,” he argues. “When it’s done by adults, the sky is the limit.”

      But for all that blue sky, is it possible to profit from pornography without profiting from exploitation?

      “I think it absolutely is,” Friedman says. “I fundamentally believe that sex work is work.”
      Given Pornhub’s dominant position among internet porn sites, Friedman and his partners stand to earn substantial rewards if they succeed in eliminating from the video-sharing platform images that depict the abuse of women and children. But the legal, technological and business challenges that face the company are many – and daunting.

      Mastercard and Visa have not restored their payment services. Meanwhile, critics call the Pornhub website a “crime scene” that should not be monetized by its new owners.
      “I think they’re trying to whitewash history,” says Laila Mickelwait, a California woman who launched a spirited online campaign to shut down Pornhub.

      Micklewait contends Pornhub’s new verification system for uploading content does not go far enough because it does not ensure that all those depicted in the material are consensual participants. More lawsuits, she says, are forthcoming.

      For his part, Friedman says the new management group is committed to putting in place measures to ensure only consensual sex is featured on Pornhub. That is not only the right thing to do, he says, but will be good for MindGeek’s business since it will bring more visitors to its websites.

      What’s more, he says, people should consider what would happen if the current management group at MindGeek does not succeed. Internet pornography will not disappear, he says. Rather, it will move to dark websites operated by unknown figures in countries with little or no regulation.

      “It’s very easy to shout from the sidelines and say, ‘This is awful and needs to be eradicated.’ But that is not a solution because adult content can never be eradicated. The only thing that’s going to happen is that the nefarious players are going to fill that space – and that’s bad for everybody.”

      Printed on the wall of Friedman’s downtown law office is a quote from a Texas attorney that seeks to define what it means to be a criminal defence lawyer: “My job is protecting the Lord’s children who have fallen short of perfection from the wrath of those who believe they have attained it.”

      Friedman believes the maxim gives voice to the pragmatism that goes with being a defence lawyer. “It means,” he says, “you can look at something horrifying and then ask the next question, which is, ‘How do we ensure that this never happens again?’”

      He asked himself the same question after reading what he called “the heart-wrenching stories” of children victimized by Pornhub. There were two possible answers to the question of what to do in response, he says. One was to shut down Pornhub and let nefarious operators take over the world of internet pornography.

      “The other one is do what we’re doing,” Friedman says.
      He views the taming of Pornhub as a personal challenge, as the culmination of his professional experience, and as an extension of his often-difficult work for the greater good.

      “I’m a big believer that we have one shot at this life,” Friedman says. “We have one opportunity to make it a glorious life and to take big swings, try to make real change, try to find things that bring us meaning.”

  15. A father’s closure: terrorist responsible for death of family, dead in strike

    In May 2004, two Palestinian terrorists opened fire at Tali Hatuel (34), a pregnant mother, and her four daughters – Hila (11), Hadar (9), Roni (7), and Merav (2) – at the Kissufim crossing in Gaza.

    On Tuesday, Jahed Ahnam (62), secretary of the Islamic Jihad’s military council, who was involved in planning that murderous attack, was killed in the opening strike of IDF Operation Shield and Arrow.
    Barak Ravid:
    Israeli Airstrikes Kill Three Palestinian Islamic Jihad Commanders in Gaza

    Three Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) commanders who were responsible for recent rocket fire into Israel and coordinating terrorist attacks in the West Bank were killed Tuesday in targeted Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

    They included Khalil Bahatini, PIJ commander in northern Gaza, who was in charge of the rocket fire toward Israel in the past month and was planning further attacks; Jihad Ghanam, secretary of the PIJ military council in Gaza; and Tareq Izz al-Din, who was in charge of planning PIJ attacks in the West Bank. The IDF also attacked ten PIJ military facilities in Gaza used for producing rockets or storing weapons.

    IDF spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Daniel Hagari said preparations for the operation had gone on for weeks and that 40 fighter jets, attack helicopters and attack drones took part in the strike.
    Israel Thwarted Palestinian Attempt to Produce Rockets in Jenin

    Israel thwarted an attempt by Palestinian Islamic Jihad to produce rockets and a launcher in Jenin in the northern West Bank in recent weeks, Israel Security Agency head Ronen Bar revealed Tuesday.

    He said Tareq Ezzaldin, a spokesperson for the PIJ who was killed by the IDF in Gaza on Tuesday, had directly organized and provided knowledge and funding to 20 terrorist cells who aimed to murder Israelis, including the cell attempting to produce rockets.

    Bar stressed that “we have no intention of waiting defensively for threats, but are always acting on the offensive against those sending them… The PIJ is an organization that is fully funded by Iran. The hands are the hands of Palestinians, the voice is the voice of Iran.”
    Commander of Islamic Jihad’s rocket forces assassinated in Israeli strike

    Islamic Jihad commander Ali Hassan Ghali, head of the group’s rocket forces, was killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza on Thursday, the IDF said. Two other Islamic Jihad commanders, including his brother, were also killed. “Ghali was responsible for directing and carrying out rocket fire at Israeli territory, including the recent barrages.”

    As of Wednesday evening, 507 rockets had been fired toward Israel. 154 were intercepted by Israeli air defense systems, as Iron Dome recorded a 96% success rate. Another 108 crashed inside Gaza, killing four Palestinian civilians including 3 children.

  16. Lahav Harkov @LahavHarkov

    She must have been in a coma last week, apparently, which is why she missed the actual war crime of Palestinian Islamic Jihad shooting 102 rockets into Israeli civilian centers aka the armed attack to which Israel responded

    Quote Tweet
    Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur oPt@FranceskAlbs
    May 9 Israel’s last night operation in Gaza, violating the August truce, killed 14, incl. 4 children and 3 PIJ operatives. Int’l law allows force only in response to armed attacks. Bombing residential buildings at night appears disproportionate and indiscriminate. Possible war crime.
    Michael Oren @DrMichaelOren

    I’m appalled by the EU’s condemnation of Israel’s counterstrikes in Gaza that makes no mention of the 100 rockets fired at Israeli civilians by Palestinian terrorists. For a continent which condemns Russian aggression against Ukraine, this is total hypocrisy.
    7:42 AM · May 10, 2023

  17. The Biden administration will announce nearly $5 billion in grants and loans to support landowners’ ability to retrofit low-income housing with green technology like solar panels, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

    The funding will be broken into $837.5 million in grants and $4 billion in loans to implement the Green and Resilient Retrofit Program, a provision of President Joe Biden’s signature climate law, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), according to the Post. While the IRA already offers tax breaks for making the switch from fossil-fuel-powered appliances to green tech — for example, offering $2,000 to install an electric heat pump — the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program seeks to address the lack of time and resources that low-income Americans may have to take advantage of them.

  18. Elliot Abrams:
    As Israel Turns 75, “Foreign Affairs” Publishes a Call to Eliminate It

    In a recent article in the prestigious journal Foreign Affairs, four highly regard professors of politics and international relations assert that “Israel’s system of structural discrimination is more severe than those of even the most illiberal states” and therefore—they contend—since a two-state solution has become impossible, the U.S. should lead an international campaign to undermine Israel.

    The argument… rests in large part on ignoring the Jewish state’s large non-Jewish minority, and the opinions of its members. And that is not its only flaw:

    The authors land in some very nasty places. Their arguments against normalization with Israel in essence call for a new form of the old Arab boycott of Israel…

    “Although Washington cannot prevent normalization of relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors, the United States should not lead such efforts.”

    … [T]hey don’t quite have the courage of their convictions and do not say what their article logically leads to—the belief that Zionism is indeed a form of racism. Their goal is…eliminating Israel as a Jewish state, because in their view it is irredeemably evil. It is fundamentally racist and repressive, and it is time for U.S. policy to punish it for those traits…

    [I]t is not a contribution to that debate to vilify Israel, treat Palestinians as inert objects with little or no influence over their own future, and gloss over terrorism and the entire issue of security (for Palestinians, Israelis, and Jordanians).

    The article calls for the end of the state of Israel as it has existed since 1948. By publishing this article Foreign Affairs has served only one useful purpose: to show us the state of the debate in academia. There, the view that one Jewish state is one too many is widely and indeed increasingly popular.

    Those who believe otherwise are well-advised to learn from this article that the goal of many of today’s academic critics is not to reform the state of Israel. The goal is to eliminate it.

  19. Dishwashers join growing list of home appliances targeted by Biden climate warriors
    Critics fear administration’s “energy efficiency standards” for household appliances will raise costs, reduce performance, kill jobs, disproportionately impact low-income families.

    Note: will this govern the breathing patterns of the illegal immigrant dishwashers the elites employ?

  20. Cowardly Islamic Jihad leaders care more about their own lives than that of ordinary Gazans

    The head of Islamic Jihad’s “political wing,” Dr. Muhammad al-Hindi, spoke to Gaza media of demands that his group has before any cease fire.

    There was only one: “Stop targeting our leaders!”

    He couched the demands in bravado, claiming that Islamic Jihad caused great damage to Israeli towns, but he didn’t say Israel should stop bombing Gaza or anything like that.

    These supposed brave warriors only want to save their own skins.

    Al-Hindi explained in an interview… that the ongoing negotiations between the mediators to stop the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip have failed due to the intransigence of the Israeli occupation in continuing the policy of assassination…

  21. AWFUL. Following CNN-Trump Debate Team DeSantis Announces Support for Political Prosecutions by FBI-DOJ, Lawfare Against Trump, Jailing Innocent Trump Supporters for 2 Years without a Trial
    By Jim Hoft May. 11, 2023 10:44 am

    CNN and the fake news legacy media were not the only losers last night.

    President Trump agreed to appear at a CNN town hall in New Hampshire on Wednesday night that turned into a lopsided debate win over CNN host Kaitlan Collins.

    Trump gave Kaitlan a thorough thrashing.

    But CNN was not the only loser last night.

  22. twitter @

    Compilation of the Media’s changing coverage of the Covid vaccines: Then & Now…

    + 6 min 27 video


    sky news UK – ITALY – Explosion in centre of Milan leaves several vehicles on fire

    The driver of a van carrying oxygen to a hospital tried to limit the damage by grabbing some of the explosive cylinders and fleeing a fire. But he could not prevent a domino effect of blasts, according to the city’s mayor.

    Several vehicles caught fire in the centre of Milan after an explosion.

    Sky TG24 reported the blast came from a van, which has since been confirmed by the Italian city’s mayor.

    Italian daily paper La Repubblica said the vehicle was carrying oxygen cylinders when it exploded, triggering “domino explosions”.

    A number of other vehicles became engulfed in flames, and plumes of thick black smoke were seen rising above the wreckage.

    At least five cars and four mopeds were alight, with the blaze scorching the facades of buildings on the street – including apartments and a pharmacy, according to the newspaper.

    A nearby school and nursing home were evacuated.

    The city’s mayor, Giuseppe Sala, ruled out foul play and said the driver of the van had told the fire brigade the blaze had started in the engine.

    “He quickly grabbed the oxygen cylinders he was carrying… he tried to limit the damage but then there was an explosion,” the mayor said.

    He added the van driver had suffered minor injuries.

  23. Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries Says Republicans Are Creating “A Fictional Argument Around What’s Happening at the Border” (VIDEO)
    By Cristina Laila May. 11, 2023 12:16 pm1 CommentDemocrat Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries on Thursday said the Republicans are creating a fictional argument about what’s happening at the border as Title 42 expires.

    Title 42, a Trump era policy that forced migrants seeking asylum to remain in Mexico while their immigration case makes it through the system, expired on Thursday.

    House Republicans are expected to pass a bill, the Secure the Border Act of 2023, in an effort to get the border crisis under control.

  24. Black Residents of Chicago’s South Shore Are NOT HAPPY About Plans for a ‘Migrant Respite Center’ in Their Neighborhood (VIDEO)
    By Mike LaChance May. 11, 2023 9:15 am508 Comments

    Local leaders in Chicago’s South Shore recently held a meeting with residents to talk about a ‘migrant respite center’ in an empty school building.

    The elected officials could barely get a word in as residents expressed their anger over the plan.

    People are concerned about crime and the fact that they weren’t consulted on the idea before it began to move forward.

    These folks sound an awful lot like… conservatives.

    NBC Chicago reported:

    Residents Express Opposition to Using Vacant South Shore High School to Shelter Migrants

    Chicago city leaders were confronted with opposition to a proposed plan to shelter migrants at a former high school in the South Shore neighborhood, with dozens gathering for a raucous meeting Thursday night.

    Those leaders had difficulty getting a word in during the loud gathering, with residents largely expressing their concerns about the plan to house migrants at the former South Shore High School building in the 7600 block of South Constance Avenue.

    “I am outraged,” one resident said. “I am outraged, and I don’t understand why our community was chosen.”

    Residents say they are sympathetic to the plight that the migrants have gone through, often being bussed out of areas of Texas and Florida after they fled to the United States to escape horrifying conditions in their home countries, but they also are concerned about public safety if the proposed plan moves forward.

    “I don’t hate anyone,” one resident said. “I just want to feel safe.”

    Take a look below:

    Someone was even holding a sign that said ‘Build the Wall 2024.’

    This is how the problem at the southern border ends. When Democrat officials see that their own voters won’t put up with it.

  25. HERE WE GO: Biden Regime Green-Lights Release of Illegal Aliens into the United States with “Legally Questionable” Memo – Thousands More Arrive to Storm the Border (VIDEO)
    By Cullen Linebarger May. 11, 2023 3:20 pm250 Comments

    Credit: Bill Melugin Twitter
    The Biden Regime is determined to inflict as much pain on law-abiding Americans as possible as thousands more arrive to storm the border.

    Instead of enforcing immigration laws, Fox News reports the head of the Biden’s Border Patrol sent out a lawless memo allowing illegal invaders to run wild inside the country on parole.

    As Fox News notes, illegal migrants under a parole release are rapidly released into the country, do not get an alien registration number and do not receive a court date.

    The memo also claims that this applies only “if” agents face overcrowding and illegal aliens must make an appointment with ICE or request a notice to appear by mail. But how likely does one think this will be enforced?

    We also can certain overcrowding at immigration facilities is certain to happen once Title 42 is null and void. Just take a look at this horde of invaders lining up yesterday:

    Here is another video showing THOUSANDS of Haitians lining up in Reynosa, Texas this afternoon ready to Strom the border.

    President Donald Trump was probably not exaggerating last night when he said up to 15 million illegal aliens could stream into America after Title 42 expires tonight.

    Fox News even admits this new memo granting parole to illegal invaders is “legally questionable” (it is illegal).

    The use of parole is legally questionable, with critics arguing it is not supposed to be used to wave in thousands of migrants. The state of Florida successfully sued the Biden administration in March to block a similar policy — “Parole + ATD.”

    On Thursday, Fox Digital reported that Florida sued this week over the latest plan to release migrants into the U.S. interior, saying it is “materially identical” to the policy that the federal court enjoined.

    The judge has given the Biden
    administration a 4pm deadline Thursday to respond to the request for a temporary restraining order, adding that it appears the administration is “preparing to flout” the court’s order.

    Disgraced Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas continues to lie, claiming illegal migrants are being misled by smugglers

    Smugglers care only about profit, not people. They do not care about you or your well-being. Do not believe their lies, do not risk your life and your life savings only to be removed from the United States, if and when you arrive here.

    On the contrary, the invaders know the Biden Regime will welcome them with open arms because this has been the policy since Day One.

    American will continue to pay the price until the Regime is removed from power.

  26. The BC college of Physicians and Surgeons Must Withdraw all Proceedings Against Ethically Courages Doctors.

    A handful of headstrong and ethically courageous B.C. Doctors have stood up and voiced their concerns about the potential harms associated with provincial COVID-19 policies. These doctors, Charles Hoffe, Stephen Malthouse, Daniel Nagase, and Kevin Sclater, have all run afoul of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C.

    In the interest of brevity and clarity, the reflections that follow will be confined to a single case —-that of Dr. Hoffe, who was one of the first, if not, the first B.C. Physicians to be censured by the college.

    According to
    Epoch Times, a citation for Hoffe issued by the college in February of 2022 alleges that his online comments around April of 2021 “contravened standards imposed under the Health Professions Act including but not limited to the Canadian Medical Association code of Ethics and Professionalism.

    The citation accuses Hoffe of uttering a number of public health heresies which, we are told, are many and grevious. First, he suggested that the mNRA COVID-19 genetic vaccines may course “microscopic blood clots.” such microscopic blood clots, he allegedly stated, might contribute to severe neurological issues as well as a wide range of other serious harms. on this matter, the college is unfazed by the unprecedented number of varieties of harms reported in the world’s most prominent and widely recognized reporting systems, such as the American Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VARES), the UK’s Yellow Card, European Medicines Agency EudraVigilance, and the WHO’s VigiAccess Systems.

    A second heresy for which Dr. Hoffe is reproached in his suggestion that “vaccinated persons can cause harm to the unvaccinated persons.” The college appears steady in its resolve to censure Hoffe on this matter, unshaken by the grown body of evidence that mRNA COVID-19 genetic vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of COVID-19 or its variants, or apparently reduce the occurrence of severe COVID-19.

    Health Canada historically and presently supports the use of approved medicines such as Ivermectin in for off-label indications at the discretion of prescribing physicians if there are compelling reasons why the doctor believes they may be helpful to their patients.

    The College’s attack on this statement is particularly ludicrous given its information by no less an authority than Dr. Tess Lowrie, the Director of Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy in Bath, UK. With respect to the advisability of Ivermectin in treating COVID-19, Dr. Laurie has conducted a meta-analysis of 15 trials following the gold-standard Cochrane Protocol. While citing both the well-known safety profile and the very low cost of Ivermectin, Dr. Lowrie’s meta-analysis concludes with the aid of this essential medicine “large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible, and that using Ivermectin in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease.”

    As though Hoffe’s fantastically reckless claim that Ivermectin is an advisable treatment for COVID-19-19 we’re not offensive enough —not to mention that, his assertion is now supported by not just one, but multiple meta-analyses— as if this weren’t already dreadful enough, the allegedly off-his-rocker doctor stands accused of suggesting that people wishing to make use of this treatment disregard its prohibition by Public Health.

    If Public Health refuses to make this potentially life-saving and inexpensive treatment available — a treatment with an unparalleled safety profile, a treatment already administered to billions of times around the worl, a treatment with incredibly few adverse events recorded over 40 years of use — Dr. Hoffe had the unmitigated gall to suggest that the public might be justified in obtaining it “from animal feed stores” — where it is also available.

    Public Interest
    But all kidding aside, to an increasing number of gravely concerned British Columbians, the disciplinary actions undertaken by the College of Physicians and Surgeons against Dr. Hoffe and his fellow physicians for identifying issues concerns regarding COVID mandates and recommendations pronounced by the public health authorities, appear arbitrary, vindictive, and against public interest.

    To these citizens, the college appears to be aggressively persecuting highly qualified and conscientious medical professionals for acting according to the dictates of their conscience, knowledge and sworn oath to do no harm.

    These doctors have felt compelled to comply with their duties to patients and the community by voicing science-based concerns about potential harms associated with the mRNA COVID-19 genetic vaccine and by drawing attention to the benefits of early treatment. For casting doubt upon the reliability of the Public Health Authority’s COVID-19 policies, they have drawn the ire of the college, yet for many British Columbians, these courageous physicians embody the spirit of both ethical medicine and social responsibility.

    If the actions taken against these doctors by the college are contrary to the spirit of ethical medicine and the dictates of a socially responsible conscience, they are also contrary to the spirit of the law in Canada. According to the Canadian concept of law, a citizen cannot be both accused of a crime and also stripped of the ability to answer the accusation. When the college suspends a doctor’s license it thereby prevents that doctor from earning income. without income, such doctors will be unable to effectively pay the legal fees required to mount adequate Defense in answering accusations made against them.

    The punitive actions undertaken by the college are made even more outrageous by the complete lack of reasonable grounds. Again and again, the people of B.C. have heard from the Interior Health, Public Health, and the Minister of Health that shared their goal to this end, they have prohibited physicians and other healthcare providers from publicly expressing opinions that contradict official Public Health recommendations and orders. To contradict these recommendations, they say, is to put people’s lives at risk by encouraging vaccine hesitancy.

    And yet, time and time again, to compel uninformed or poorly informed compliance, our public health authorities have provided misleading, erroneous, and inadequate information to justify orders and recommendations. Assertions concerning the safety and efficacy of mask wearing and social distancing have been disproven. Similarly assertions by the public health authorities concerning the safety and efficacy of lockdown measures have been disproven.

    While falsely touting the benefits of these mandates, Public Health authorities have been silent or misleading about the risks. The college of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C. has censured doctors for attempting to prevent harm by providing patients and others with some of the information needed to make informed decisions about COVID-19 treatment.

    At this stage we should know that the mNRA COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission. Indeed, Pfizer executive Janine Small, admitted before the European Union parliamentary hearing that Pfizer did not test the vaccine for preventing transmission of COVID-19prior to it being made available to the public. U S CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, has publicly admitted the vaccines can’t prevent transmission. And viral immunologist,, Dr. Byram Bridle has written, “the current COVID-19 vaccines fail to induce what we call sterilizing immunity,”. This means that the vaccinated individuals can still get infected with SARS-CoV-2, potentially become ill and potentially transmit the virus to others.

    At this stage, we should know that not only do the mRNA COVID-19 genetic vaccines not prevent hospitalization or death, but that the vaccine adverse event reporting systems around the world are showing higher rates of mortality for these mRNA COVID-19 genetic vaccines than for any other vaccines in history. looking at the U S VARES, the UK Yellow Card, the WHO’s VigiAccess, systems, in less than three years more vaccine injuries have been reported in connection with the COVID-19 vaccines than from the combined sum of all other vaccines administered over the past 3 decades.

    People at Risk
    Once upon a time, members of the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons might have believed there were adequate scientific grounds for promoting mRNA COVID-19genetic vaccines as safe and effective. Now, however, it has been made abundantly clear, and that for a good long time already, that no such grounds exist.

    With over 35,000 COVID-19 vaccine deaths and over 2,400,000 adverse events reported in U.S. VARES alone, the college should be pulling bullhorns and shouting from the roof tops: These genetic vaccines are NOT safe, and they are NOT effective.

    Instead, the college has prohibited physicians from expressing concerns about the safety and efficacy of these genetic vaccines on the grounds that to express such concerns puts people at risk by encouraging vaccine hesitancy. It appears patently obvious, however, that when we set about administering any new treatment, it is precisely by prohibiting physicians from sharing their opinions — as qualified, experienced, and ethically conscientious medical professionals— that we put people at risk.

    Physicians Rights
    The college’s disciplinary actions clearly prohibit or impair not just those targeted, but all physicians from carrying out professional and ethical duties to ensure providing information, specialized knowledge, and careful advice about risks and benefits of recommended medical products and about alternative treatments.

    The disciplinary actions by the college also violate our physicians’ protected rights, including their rights to work and earn income as physicians, to due process, to remedies for rights violations, to freedom of expression and the right to participate in the governance of decision-making.

    All of these rights, which the B.C. College is violating through their autocratic disciplinary actions, are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Now, discussions of charter rights and freedoms tend to be inclusive, because it is difficult,, on the basis of the charter alone, to reach a useful end or stable determination. There is a simple reason for this.

    From a legal perspective, the charter is a weak,constitutional document. It is weak in the sense that it does not, on its own, provide clear and definitive guidance on the general matters with which it is concerned. This does not mean, however, that no such guidance is possible. On the contrary, the relatively weak guidance provided by the charter can be reinforced through reference to another body of law.

    It is important, and also very helpful, to recognize that the charter can and should be interpreted in accordance with many international human rights treaties signed by Canada.

    When it comes to compliance with treaty obligations, one might say the entire world is watching—or to quote from section 8 of the policy on Tabling of Treaties in Parliament: “Under International Law, a treaty creates International legal obligations for Canada.”

    By referring to international human rights treaty law, it is possible to throw much needed light on some of the more obscure, ambivalent, and vague sections of the charter. Our physicians’ rights — the rights that are being violated by the B.C. college of Physicians and Surgeons —are protected under the charter, and they further protected under international human rights law treaties to which .Canada is a party. The guidance these treaties provide is, definitive and clear, and the protection provide is unquestionable — for these treaties are binding upon Canada. These include, but are not limited to, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rigts and the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

    Patients’ Rights
    In addition to stripping physicians of charter of rights and freedoms, the college of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C.’s disciplinary proceedings also deprive patients of their essential rights to informed consent to medical treatment, , freedom from coercion or force to accept a medical treatment not voluntarily chosen and freedom from non-consensual medical or scientific experimentation.

    As ought to be widely known, these last two rights are absolute. They cannot be restricted under any circumstances, including those pertaining to public health emergencies. These law are, in fact, part of the peremptory right to freedom from torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.

    In addition, the illegitimate disciplinary actions undertaken by the college have had a chilling effect on non-targeted B.C. physicians whose silent acquiescence to harmful COVID mandates has,likely harmed hundreds of thousands of patients in this province alone.

    This is not an abstract issue that only concerns lawmakers and stuffy bureaucrats; it is a deeply personal crisis that affects Canadains living in major metropolitan centres across the country as surely as it reaches into the heart of rural townships throughout the Southern, Interior and Northern reaches of B.C..

    It is no great stretch to imagine that many of those who have lost loved ones subsequent on vaccination, and a great many more who have been injured, are now calling out for Justice. far from wishing to see the B.C. doctors punished for speaking out, a great many of these may wish to see Canada’s regulatory colleges rebuked and disciplined —-if not DISMANTLED— for prohibiting their doctors from providing them with the responsible medical councel required to make properly informed risk benefit analysis.

    by effectively muzzling physicians, the B.C. college has deprived British Columbians of their legal right to informed consent. This, in turn, has led to an inevitable desire for Justice among the vaccine injured and bereaved.

    Broader Context
    The broader legal context and consequences of the B.C. college’s autocratic policies and punitive actions against Drs, Hoffe, Malthouse, Nagase and Sclater are of enormous importance. with the college’s persecutory proceeding against these physicians, we are witness to non-consensual and arbitrary imposition of orders, arbitrary punishment, and arbitrary withdrawal of privileges. This is not only contrary to the spirit of the law in Canada — it is an outright attack on Canadians’ most fundamental participatory and democratic social values.

    The college of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C.has dealt a terrible blow to doctors’ freedom to practise ethical medicine in the away province of British Columbia. if the college’s arbitrary punishment of Hoffe, Malthouse, Nagase and Sclater is allowed to stand, it will set a president that threatens the constitutionality protected societal values of all Canadians while destroying the right to, provide and receive personalized health care in B.C.

    If these doctors ethical actions on behalf of their patients are not vindicated, it will hamper the ability of all B.C. doctors to,provide honest and informed consultations that are in the best interests of their patients, because here doctors, in turn, will fear that their own ability to practise medicine may be threatened if they do so.

    Ethical Medicine
    In closing this, discussion ethical medicine and ill-advisement, of autocratic authority in matters of public safety, it may be helpful to remind ourselves of he fundamental principle of human rights recognized the world over. health professionals are under a legal obligation “ to document to document report torture and ill-treatment in all contexts.” Declaring a medical pandemic does not mean that authorities and health professionals no longer need to respect the rule of law and the rights and freedoms of individuals. On the contrary, even if the domestic law were to be changed, it cannot be used as an excuse to suspend rights guaranteed under treaties signed by Canada.

    Highly qualified and ethically conscientious medical practitioners, doctors willing to risk their own livelihoods in order to advocate for the well-being of their patients, are a precious commodity. When doctors have science-based concerns about potential harms to their patients , they must not be only allowed, but encouraged to speak out. To punitively restrict and silence doctors, to prevent them from acting accordingly to their conscience, to prevent them from fulfilling their fiduciary duty towards their patients is recklessly poor policy.

    Left unchecked, the arbitrary power of the College of the Physicians and Surgeons of B.C. threatens the health and well-being of all British Columbians as well as the core values of Canadian democracy.

    In light of the above and in compliance with its statutory and ethical duty to the people of this province, I urge the college to immediately withdraw all proceedings against Drs. Hoffe, Malthouse, Nagase and Sclater. I further urge the college to take whatever measures are necessary to enable these doctors’ return to practising medicine.

    The value of these doctors’ principled stand against the college’s autocratic imposition of ill-advised public health policy cannot be overstated. Exemplary embodiments of the spirit of ethical medicine and social responsibility, these physicians are to be applauded for the tremendous efforts they have made on behalf of British Columbians.

    Matthew Evans – Cockle of the Epoch Times wrote this article about the heroic B.C. doctors. This article could apply to all Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons across Canada. The staggering number of doctors who have heroically stood up against the vaccines, doctors and nurses who have lost so much for speaking the truth. It is a sad commentary to the status of health care in Canada.

    Please when reading the CDC numbers, historically the CDC numbers are less than 1% of the actual numbers.
    I followed the CDC VARES Report every Friday from the very beginning, some weeks the numbers were much less than the week before.

    My numbers for Friday, January 25, 2022 were deaths at 32,955, vaccine injured at 2,955,134. I stopped keeping track of the 6 months to 19 years of age because I found them too disturbing. I don’t think I will ever understand why the world allowed the children and young adults to be vaccinated or why governments did not shut this crime down after a few weeks. They knew very early on and did nothing.

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