Samizdat in Canadian cities

There are a few terms this site kicks around an awful lot. Dialectic, Ultra-virus vires, and Samizdat. The first is the overarching term for the means of the destruction of the West via Semantic Marxism. The second about the destruction of rights by selectively abusing an existing state power to create and enforce authoritarian rules in ways in which was never intended or allowed by the act being used to justify it. And the last, an old fashioned means of fighting back by disseminating actual information through clandestine means, since all the official and normal channels of communication are compromised by a communist state.

Although this has been going on for a substantial amount of time during the 3 years to flatten our freedoms, it still seems noteworthy that boxes on the street, set up for commercial interests like real-estate magazines and other small tabloids have when empty, been opportunistically filled with counter-narrative, actual news.

In speaking with activist groups and observing how laughably referred to as “Social Media” works triple shifts to make sure that the cultural, social and political landscape is always sculpted in a particular way (yes I mean you Zuckerberg with hundreds of millions donated to the Democrat Party) Samizdat will become more common and more dangerous. So it is an obligation on all of us to think on ways to do it. Prepare materials to be disseminated in these ways, and prepare to begin to disseminate them.

Looking for the swift decisive victory at this point is very likely not possible. There are sacrifices that need to be made. Not dangerous ones. But ones that require preserving our brains and maximizing delayed gratification.

There is a real chance that liberty will not be taken back in our lifetimes. So like the book, Fahrenheit 451, we may have to become an old book, burn the original to protect ourselves, and carry the legacy forward of the book’s ideas and contents forward in the hope that someday, the socialist state becomes weak enough by its own inadequacy that liberty can once again take root in the West. Or anywhere for that matter.

So glad to see people in so many areas placing this paper in spots for the public to have free access. If you see one, do grab and read it.

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