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    • NYPD to increase patrols city-wide after Jerusalem terror attack

      In response to the terrorist attack at the synagogue in Neve Yaakov, in which seven people were killed, the NYPD announced that it is increasing patrols across New York City, including at synagogues, Yeshiva World News reported.

      Inspector Richie Taylor, the NYPD Commanding Officer of Community Affairs, told the news outlet that the NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey ordered extra officers to patrol outside synagogues and other houses of worship across the city.

      The increase in patrols is said to be city-wide. The NYPD told Yeshiva World News that it is not in response to a specific threat but rather being done as a precaution.

      • I see why from the comments in the Adin twitter thread: at least 1 of 10 disapprove of the man shooting the one who shot up the synagogue. That is, they feel it is the right of everyone who wants to to kill whoever they perceive has wronged them. Such a moral compass is alien.

    • Seth Frantzman:
      The ‘cycle of violence’ dehumanizing cliches after Jerusalem massacre

      It’s not a cycle, it’s a one way conflict in which the Iran-backed PIJ stockpiles illegal weapons and threatens Israel from places like Jenin. PIJ is an illegal armed terror group. There’s no cycle, it’s Israelis trying to pre-empt the group from expanding and carrying out attacks.

      On the other hand the attack in Jerusalem, apparently carried out by one perpetrator who targeted Jewish civilians, is not a cycle. It’s two different incidents, one in Jenin and one in Jerusalem. Is there evidence that PIJ is involved in both? Not according to reports. Just because long wolf terrorists are angered by other incidents doesn’t turn their actions into a cycle.

      The reason the “cycle” cliché is problematic is also because it is trotted out almost every day without introspection. The UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process condemned a “cycle of violence” on January 26 and back on January 18 France’s mission to the UN also said the “cycle of violence” should end. January 18 was even before the Jenin raid and the Jerusalem attack.

      These kinds of statements are banal and they are becoming so common that it reads like one of those articles written by artificial intelligence, where you just plug in the new parameters and the statement comes out the other end.

    • Seth Frantzman:
      The ‘cycle of violence’ dehumanizing cliches after Jerusalem massacre

      It’s not a cycle, it’s a one way conflict in which the Iran-backed PIJ stockpiles illegal weapons and threatens Israel from places like Jenin. PIJ is an illegal armed terror group. There’s no cycle, it’s Israelis trying to pre-empt the group from expanding and carrying out attacks.

      On the other hand the attack in Jerusalem, apparently carried out by one perpetrator who targeted Jewish civilians, is not a cycle. It’s two different incidents, one in Jenin and one in Jerusalem. Is there evidence that PIJ is involved in both? Not according to reports. Just because long wolf terrorists are angered by other incidents doesn’t turn their actions into a cycle.

      The reason the “cycle” cliché is problematic is also because it is trotted out almost every day without introspection. The UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process condemned a “cycle of violence” on January 26 and back on January 18 France’s mission to the UN also said the “cycle of violence” should end. January 18 was even before the Jenin raid and the Jerusalem attack.

      These kinds of statements are banal and they are becoming so common that it reads like one of those articles written by artificial intelligence, where you just plug in the new parameters and the statement comes out the other end.

    • No, President Biden, the Synagogue Attack Was Not Against the “Civilized World”

      Three decades ago, Israel made the mistake of sanitizing and overlooking that hatred by pretending that a political agreement based on geographical borders could end the conflict. I was one of those dreamers, and part of me still dreams of that day.

      But ugly, deep, personal hatred dies hard. The narrative that has always been exceedingly difficult for westerners to contemplate is that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a political conflict but an existential one. This narrative is horribly inconvenient for the simple reason that it doesn’t lend itself to solutions– the drug of choice of civilized diplomacy.

      From the minute Israel was born 75 years ago, continuing with its building of a vibrant nation with the strongest army in the region, Israel has been a victim of its success, becoming a source of constant humiliation to Arab neighbors who could never match that success. This has been especially true for Palestinians…

      If anything, given this shameful failure, Palestinian leaders have a greater incentive to double down on their status as the most coddled victims in the world, oppressed by the “little Satan” Israel. You take your status where you can get it.

      That may also explain why murdering Jews who come out of a synagogue, as heinous as it is, is so acceptable in the perverted Palestinian algorithm of Jew hatred. The terror act itself serves to reinforce and dramatize the desperation of victimhood.

      Until a radically new and brave leadership infiltrates Palestinian society, teaching its people that Jew hatred is violently against their interest, we are relegated to dealing with facts on the ground.

      Those facts go as follows: Terrorists will continue to try to kill Jews, and Jews will continue to try to stop them. This may not be very comforting for the civilized world, Mr. President, but for the Jews of Israel, it’s the only world they know.

      • They do, but the mood waxes and wanes. Depends on what’s going on.

        Last time I was there the place was bristling with people carrying rifles. At a funeral for a young person murdered by a terrorist, every third person was carrying.

        • The entire world is headed into WWII Israel is lucky that they still recognize self defense.

          Portions of the US still recognize that right (this right is the reason for the Second Amendment.) the rest of the states seem to take the attitude that if you don’t allow the victims weapons they will never need them. I pray that Israel never reaches the point where that becomes main stream thought.

  1. Untold Reality of Russia’s Wagner Group In Bakhmut Ukraine, First Hand Account, What the Media Won’t Tell You
    By Larry Johnson
    Published January 30, 2023 at 7:00am

    you have a spare hour I want to encourage you to watch the following video. It is a conversation between two former members of the Australian Army. Willy OAM, the guy with the red beard, is interviewing a former mate who is on the ground fighting for Ukraine. The unnamed Aussie is a bit schizophrenic in his assessment of the situation. Based on his analysis, I believe he was a senior NCO in the Australian Army because he is very focused on the tactical level but clearly has no clue about the broader geo-strategic picture (that is not an insult to enlisted guys).

    He concedes, albeit reluctantly, that Ukraine is losing and is suffering massive casualties. He reports that one Ukrainian brigade (a unit of 5000 men) suffered 80% casualties in recent weeks. He admits that the Wagner Gr

  2. Renowned MIT Professor and Drug Safety Analytics Specialist Calls for Immediate Suspension of all mRNA COVID Vaccines
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 30, 2023 at 7:30am

    The number of health professionals and experts calling for the immediate suspension of COVID mRNA vaccines is growing, and yet governments still turn a blind eye to one of the most atrocious crimes against humanity.

    Late Sunday night, Prof. Retsef Levi from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) warned about the risks associated with experimental mRNA COVID vaccines.

    Prof. Levi has been a faculty member at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts since 2006. MIT is one of the top private universities in Cambridge, United States. It is ranked #1 in QS World University Rankings 2023.

    “I have more than 30 years of experience as a practitioner and an academic in using data and analytics to assess and manage risk, particularly in the context of health systems health policies, as well as the management of safety and quality of manufacturing of biologic drugs,” said Levi.

    Levi claims that neither governments nor big pharmaceutical companies have been able to deliver on their efficacy claims.

    It can be recalled that Pfizer’s President of International Developed Markets, Janine Small, admitted that the vaccine had never been tested on its ability to prevent transmission, contrary to what was previously advertised

  3. EXCLUSIVE: SECOND Hunter Biden Email from Laptop WITH CLASSIFIED INFORMATION Uncovered – And More Are Coming
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 29, 2023 at 7:48pm

    The Biden crime family made millions in Ukraine performing nefarious and criminal activities including espionage.

    TGP reported on Thursday that the Bidens were using classified information to the benefit of the Hunter Biden family business.

    Miranda Devine provided one email that appeared to include classified material from the US government.

    TGP determined that this information from the 22-point email came from the US State Department and it was classified. This email included this classified information and Hunter had no security clearance or reason to have this information.

    This was not the first time Hunter Biden had access to classified information.

  4. EXCLUSIVE: THIRD Hunter Biden Email from Laptop with Classified Information Uncovered – And SEVERAL More Are Coming
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 30, 2023 at 8:00am
    1 Comment

    The Biden crime family made millions in Ukraine performing nefarious and criminal activities including espionage.

    TGP reported on Thursday that the Bidens were using classified information to the benefit of the Hunter Biden family business.


    Miranda Devine from the New York Post provided one email that appeared to include classified material from the US government

    TGP determined that this information from the 22-point email came from the US State Department and was classified. This email included this classified information and Hunter had no security clearance or reason to have this information.

    On Sunday night TGP reported a second email that showed Hunter Biden was sharing classified information with individuals at Burisma in Ukraine which is espionage

    • WATCH: Karyn Turk and Ed Henry STUNNED with Joe Hoft and TGP’s Latest Reports on MORE Classified Docs on Hunter Biden’s Laptop (VIDEO)
      By Jim Hoft
      Published January 30, 2023 at 10:00am

      The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft joined Ed Henry and Karyn Turk Monday morning on “American Sunrise” on Real America’s Voice television.

      On this morning’s show, Joe Hoft broke the news on our latest investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop computer.

      Advertisement – story continues below

      As reported earlier The Gateway Pundit has confirmed new classified documents and material from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

      Please note that the FBI has been holding this laptop since 2019. They have failed to act on this classified material that was shared by Hunter Biden and his business associates with foreign operatives. This was criminal conduct. The FBI knows this and covered it up… UNTIL NOW!

  5. Sen. Ted Cruz Says FBI Should Search Hunter Biden’s Home for Classified Docs
    By Cassandra MacDonald
    Published January 29, 2023 at 10:00pm

    Sen. Ted Cruz said on Sunday that the FBI should search Hunter Biden’s home and office for classified documents.
    Cruz made the comments while speaking to Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

    Classified documents have been found in Biden’s Delaware home and an office he previously used in Washington, DC.

    “It seems he leaves classified documents wherever he goes. And we also know that Hunter Biden at times was — declared his residence to be those very same places,” Cruz said.


    • 78 years on, Hungarian Jewish Holocaust rescuers want their story told

      Just before Nazi Germany invaded Hungary in March 1944, Jewish youth leaders in the eastern European country jumped into action: They formed an underground network that in the coming months would save tens of thousands of fellow Jews from the gas chambers.

      This chapter of the Holocaust heroism is scarcely remembered in Israel. Nor is it part of the official curriculum in schools. But the few remaining members of Hungary’s Jewish underground want their story told. Dismayed at the prospect of being forgotten, they are determined to keep memories of their mission alive.

      “The story of the struggle to save tens of thousands needs to be a part of the chronicles of the people of Israel,” said David Gur, 97, one of a handful of members still alive. “It is a lighthouse during the period of the Holocaust, a lesson and exemplar for the generations.”

      Accounts of Jewish resistance to the Nazis, such as the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, are mainstays in the national narrative but rescue missions by fellow Jews — such as the Hungarian resistance — are less known.

      Hungarian toughness.

    • Magyar were savaged like Russophones for 8 years! They’re now just meat for the grinder – inadequate training, uniforms, weapons. Sent to the very hottest part of the front, 80% attrition.

      This must be torture for Mr. Orban. It’s good Bibi is back, they can talk. Plus Mr. Modi, of course.

      Losing Shinzo Abe is a terrible blow. He never would’ve come to heel like this vassal Fumio Kishida.

      • The sides are being chosen for the latest massive war. We are going to see a lot of political and military stupidity along with amazing new technologies during the kinetic portion of the war. We will also see many in the west return to religion.

        I will return to this subject when I have managed to get my thoughts in the proper order.

  6. Election Day Footage of Unbelievable Ballot Rejections in Maricopa County. It Seems Like More Than Just a Few Ballots
    By Brian Lupo
    Published January 30, 2023 at 8:30am

    Last month, Kari Lake was able to finally get an election challenge before a judge and to have a case ruled on its merits. Kind of. The judge ended up turning the case into more of a criminal trial than a civil suit and set an incredibly high bar to prove their case. The attorneys for Kari Lake had to show not just that the election was tainted, but also who did it, how many ballots exactly were impacted, that it was deliberate, and more. This judge basically told anyone contemplating cheating: you can cheat, just make sure it looks like an accident, even if the same issue occurred in three other elections.

    Kurt Olsen discussed the case and the upcoming appeal in an interview with The Gateway Pundit’s Brian Lupo:

    The Gateway Pundit has been one of the only news outlets to report on the actual facts and circumstances surrounding the botched election and subsequent trial from the Lake campaign. TGP’s Jordan Conradson has been relentless in reporting the truth from the ground in Maricopa County.

    Citizens of Maricopa County have argued to their Board of Supervisors that they were disenfranchised on Election Day due to high rejection rates, unacceptably long lines to vote, and unequal processing of ballots with some Election Day voters being told to drop their ballots in “Bin #3” and trust that they’ll be counted later on.

    Maricopa County’s Scott Jarrett testified that only three locations had the now infamous “shrink to fit” problem that caused a high rejection rate among certain Election Day ballots. However, plaintiff’s expert witness, Clay Parikh, formerly of Pro V&V and other voting system test labs for nine years, was able to look at six randomly chosen voting centers. All six had ballot images that were consistent with the anomaly Jarrett claimed only effected 3 voting centers

    Now, we have video that has surfaced showing just how bad the actual voting debacle was for in person voting

  7. PESHAWAR -PAKISTAN – Suicide bomber kills at least 47 in Pakistan mosque attack

    Police fear the death toll will rise as many people are in critical condition due to the impact of the explosion, which caused the roof of the mosque to cave in.

    At least 47 people have been killed and 150 injured after a suicide bomber struck a mosque in Pakistan.

    The bomber detonated his suicide vest as a large number of worshipers – including many policemen from nearby police offices – were praying inside.

    Local police officer Zafar Khan said the impact of the explosion caused the roof of the mosque to cave in, injuring dozens.

  8. Just a little learning
    Multiculturalism- – What is qisas Qur’an 5:45

    An injured plaintiff (a private citizen) has the option of forgiving or exacting legal and literal revenge – physical an eye for an eye.

    Islamic courts today can ask a doctor to remove an eye or disfigure a face or body, quisas can be applied to children.

  9. DEAD LAST: “Ridin with Biden” Comes In Last at 2023 Pegasus World Cup at Gulfstream Park – VIDEO
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 30, 2023 at 9:00am

    What a surprise… Ridin with Biden is dead last at the Pegasus World Cup.

    The 2023 Pegasus World Cup took place on Saturday at Gulfstream Park in Florida. The Pegasus World Cup Presented By Baccarat has quickly established itself as South Florida’s leading luxury sports and lifestyle event of the year. Nationally broadcast on NBC and distributed globally, Pegasus World Cup attracts A-list celebrity attendees, fashion icons, influencers and avid fans to catch a glimpse of the sport’s most iconic event of the year.

    Ridin with Biden was a 20-1 favorite in this year’s race.

  10. JEROME CORSI: How the CIA Engineered the “Russian Collusion” Coup d’État to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 30, 2023 at 8:15am

    How the CIA Engineered the “Russian Collusion” Coup d’État to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency

    Guest post by Jerome R. Corsi

    As the FBI is forced to disclose additional documents on their “Crossfire Hurricane” counterintelligence investigation, the Hillary Clinton “Russian Collusion” disinformation campaign is collapsing, making it clear the CIA was at the center of an intelligence agency coup d’état operation aimed at removing Donald Trump from the presidency.

    Newly released FBI documents make clear that the FBI had possession of, but never examined, two of Seth Rich’s laptops. Instead of examining the laptops in an FBI lab, the FBI turned the laptops over to CrowdStrike. The Mueller prosecutors relied upon a three-page “forensic report” that CrowdStrike prepared for the FBI, arguing Seth Rich was not the source who leaked the DNC emails to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential election.

    Richard: Interesting information in the article. If this flood of damaging information can last until November 2024 the election should be an easy win. Should be but the Dems will once again try to steal the Presidency to continue the destruction of the US.

  11. Jan 30th update – all evidence points to Remdesivir, Gilead, and BSG, not Pfizer
    Part 1 & 2 – January 30, 2023 – 2hs ago & 18 mins ago
    George Webb – Investigative Journalist

    “As a First line drug, Remdesivir worked ~ 28% of the time. In other words less than chance. They weren’t happy we published this work either. It has been published, quoted in the Green Journal and presented at ASNC last Oct (2022).”
    Dr. Richard Fleming – January 30, 2023

  12. CBC – WHO says COVID-19 remains global health emergency

    The coronavirus remains a global public health emergency, says the WHO director general.

    A key advisory panel has found the pandemic may be nearing an ‘inflection point’ where higher levels of immunity can lower virus-related deaths.

    • GREEN FINGERS Urgent warning to gardeners as soil ‘increases risk of killer heart disease’

      WE all have our favourite habits.

      But those who class gardening as one of their top past times have been warned that it could be leaving them at risk.

      Experts found that pollutants in the soil could have a ‘detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system’ – leading to an increased risk of heart disease.

      The results of the analysis pushed experts to recommend that people wear a face mask, if they are in close contact with the soil.

      Experts at the University Medical Center Mainz, Germany said pollution of air, water and soil is responsible for at least nine million deaths each year.

      They highlighted that more than 60 per cent of pollution-related deaths are due to heart issues such as strokes, heart attacks, heart rhythm disorders and chronic ischaemic heart disease.

      Writing earlier this year in Cardiovascular Research, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology, the authors said soil pollutants include heavy metals, pesticides, and plastics.

      They stated that contaminated soil could then lead to increasing oxidative stress in the blood vessels, which in turn leads to heart disease.

      Dirty soil can get into the blood stream, through inhalation.

      Soil pollutants also flow into rivers, making dirty water, which may later be consumed.

      Pesticides were also linked to cardiovascular disease, they stated.

      The experts added that while people who work in agriculture and chemical industries will be most at risk – the general public could also ingest pesticides from contaminated food, soil and water.

      The experts said: “Although soil pollution with heavy metals and its association with cardiovascular diseases is especially a problem low- and middle-income countries since their populations are disproportionately exposed to these environmental pollutants, it becomes a problem for any country in the world due to the increasing globalisation of food supply chains and uptake of these heavy metals with fruits, vegetables and meat.”

      Medics also investigated cadmium, which is a heavy metal that occurs naturally in small amounts in air, water, soil and food, and also comes from industrial and agricultural sources.

      Their analysis showed mixed results in the relationship between cadmium and heart disease.

      Through analysis they found that the number of cardiovascular emergency department visits in Japan was 21 per cent higher on days with heavy exposure to Asian dust.

      This dust is hazardous because it is usually contaminated and is airbourne.

      Professor Münzel added that more studies are needed on the combined effect of multiple soil pollutants on cardiovascular disease since we are rarely exposed to one toxic agent alone.

      “Research is urgently required on how nano- and microplastic might initiate and exacerbate cardiovascular disease.

      “Until we know more, it seems sensible to wear a face mask to limit exposure to windblown dust, filter water to remove contaminants, and buy food grown in healthy soil.”

      A paper published in 2013 by experts in California, US, also stated that exposure to pollutants while gardening comes mostly from accidentally inhaling or ingesting soil.

      In April 2022, gardeners were also warned to look out for symptoms of a dangerous lung condition.

      Aspergillosis is rare in healthy people and is caused by inhaling tiny bits of mould.

      Experts at Imperial College London had tracked samples from across England and found that six people had been infected with a strain resistant to medication.

      Researchers looked at 218 samples of the mould between 2005 and 2017.

      Writing in Nature Microbiology, they said seven out of 10 samples were from infected people.

      Experts at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) said that when gardening, you should take a ‘common sense’ approach to help reduce the potential risks posed by plants or diseases.

      They explained that diseases such as Legionnaires can be caught from stagnant water or water droplets in warm conditions.

      The gurus also said that people with existing chest conditions such as asthma or bronchitis or those prone to allergies are most at risk of Bioaerosols.

      These, they explain, are airborne micro-organisms including spores, bacteria and fungi.

      You’re most likely to breathe these in when turning compost – especially in warm weather, they added.

    • Defund the CBC and the WHO – – stop the madness propaganda

      Move on sports fans, demand their crimes against humanity be mandated.
      Enough of their panic and fear. Nobody elected these criminals.

      Stop the vaccines should be the number one trend worldwide.

      REMEMBER – -There is nothing to fear but fear itself, stand together, look after one another. “Be not afraid”.

    • Successful patient care after vaccination

      ( 23 min 46 )

      Patients often complain about symptoms which do not fit into a neat diagnosis. Dr. Cohen carries out an individualised assessment.

      He often finds specific nutritional deficiencies, which can be readily corrected with simple dietary modifications and supplements.

      This optimises the nutritional status of the body and maximised to potential for the body to heal itself.

      Wile drugs are often necessary, it is good to minimise their use as all drugs come with potential unwanted effects.

      • the telegraph – Army’s ‘information warfare’ unit monitored Covid lockdown critics

        Whistleblower reveals specialist military team spent time ‘monitoring the social media posts of ordinary, scared people’

        The Army’s “information warfare” unit monitored Covid lockdown critics during the pandemic, the Government has revealed.

        The 77th Brigade, a specialist unit set up to counter disinformation and other online activity deemed harmful to the UK, assisted other government units in the task.

        Publicly available social media posts were scrutinised for accuracy and challenged if the Government felt information presented to the public was incorrect, inaccurate or deliberately misleading.

        The Government made the admission in response to an article in the Mail on Sunday, based on reports from an anonymous Army whistleblower and documents obtained by the civil liberties group Big Brother Watch.

        The Army whistleblower told the Mail on Sunday: “It is quite obvious that our activities resulted in the monitoring of the UK population … monitoring the social media posts of ordinary, scared people”.

        A government spokesman said: “Online disinformation is a serious threat to the UK, which is why during the pandemic we brought together expertise from across Government to monitor disinformation about Covid.

        The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) is in charge of the Government’s counter-disinformation strategy.

        During the pandemic however, the Government’s response to harmful online messaging was largely conducted through three separate units brought together for the duration of the national emergency.

        The Counter Disinformation Unit, a part of DCMS, searched for content deemed harmful to the UK which was then flagged to social media platforms.

        The Cabinet Office’s Rapid Response Unit, launched in March 2020, was designed to identify and counter social media posts and other commentary from purported experts issuing dangerous misinformation, as well as phishing scams run by criminal fraudsters.

        When false narratives were identified, the Government issued direct rebuttals on social media to ensure public health campaigns were only promoted through reliable sources.

        The unit, which has since been disbanded, played a central role in tackling misinformation online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

        Specialists from the Army’s 77th Brigade, assisted the other government departments during the pandemic.

        ‘Harmful to our democracy’
        The 77th Brigade, established in 2015 and consisting of regular and reserve personnel, mostly focuses on hostile state actors and violent extremist organisations outside the UK.

        It provides military commanders with information strategies, mainly through social media posts and other online messaging, as part of a wider plan.

        However, during the pandemic, the Government used some of the military experts to help counter disinformation.

        Silkie Carlo, the director of Big Brother Watch, a civil liberties advocacy group, told the Mail on Sunday: “Contrary to their stated aims, these Government truth units are secretive and harmful to our democracy.

        The Counter Disinformation Unit should be suspended immediately and subject to a full investigation.”

        “These units used publicly available data, including material shared on social media platforms, to assess UK disinformation trends and narratives.

        “They did not target individuals or take any action that could impact anyone’s ability to discuss and debate issues freely.”


        77th Brigade in the pandemic

    • JAN 30 2023 – CNN – Covid-19 is a leading cause of death for children in the US, despite relatively low mortality rate

      Covid-19 has become the eighth most common cause of death among children in the United States, according to a study published Monday.

      Children are significantly less likely to die from Covid-19 than any other age group – less than 1% of all deaths since the start of the pandemic have been among those younger than 18, according to federal data. Covid-19 has been the third leading cause of death in the broader population.

      But it’s rare for children to die for any reason, the researchers wrote, so the burden of Covid-19 is best understood in the context of other pediatric deaths.

      “Pediatric deaths are rare by any measure. It’s something that that we don’t expect to happen and it’s a tragedy in a unique way. It’s a really profound event,” said Dr. Sean O’Leary, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Infectious Diseases.

      “Everyone knows that Covid is the most severe in the elderly and immunocompromised and that it’s less severe in children, but that does not mean it’s a benign disease in children. Just because the numbers are so much lower in children doesn’t mean that they’re not impactful.”

      In 2019, the last year before the pandemic, the leading causes of death among children and young adults ages 0 to 19 included perinatal conditions, unintentional injuries, congenital malformations or deformations, assault, suicide, malignant neoplasms, diseases of the heart and influenza and pneumonia.

      The researchers’ analysis of data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that there were 821 Covid-19 deaths in this age group during a 12-month period from August 2021 to July 2022. That death rate – about 1 for every 100,000 children ages 0 to 19 – ranks eighth compared with the 2019 data. It ranks fifth among adolescents ages 15 to 19.

      Covid-19 deaths displace influenza and pneumonia, becoming the top cause of death caused by any infectious or respiratory disease. It caused “substantially” more deaths than any vaccine-preventable disease historically, the researchers wrote.

      According to CDC data, children are less vaccinated against Covid-19 than any other age group in the US. Less than 10% of eligible children have gotten their updated booster shot, and more than 90% of children under 5 are completely unvaccinated.

      “If we looked at all those other leading causes of death – whether you’re talking about motor vehicle accidents or childhood cancer – and we said, ‘Gosh, if we had some simple, safe thing we could do to get rid of one of those, wouldn’t we just jump at it?” And we have that with Covid with vaccines,” said O’Leary, who is also a professor of pediatric infectious disease at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Colorado.

      A CDC survey of blood samples suggest that more than 90% of children have already had Covid-19 at least once.

      There is uncertainty about exactly how much risk the virus will continue to pose, O’Leary said, but the potential benefits of vaccination clearly outweigh any potential risks.

      “Vaccination clearly is our best option right now,” and the benefits clearly outweigh the risks, he said. “Better safe than sorry.”

      The findings of the new study, published in JAMA Network Open, may underestimate the mortality burden of Covid-19 because the analysis focuses on deaths where Covid-19 was an underlying cause of death but not those where it may have been a contributing factor, the researchers wrote. Also, other analyses of excess deaths suggest that Covid-19 deaths have been underreported.

      As Covid-19 continues to spread in the US, the researchers say that intervention methods such as vaccination and ventilation will “continue to play an important role in limiting transmission of the virus and mitigating severe disease.”

      Aussies resist fifth COVID-19 jab despite health authorities’ warning

    • Bill Gates complained to tech companies about ‘laughable’ COVID-19 conspiracy theories

      Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says he complained to technology companies about COVID-19 conspiracy theories about him being spread online.

      Conspiracy theories circulated on social media by anti-vaccination campaigners included that Mr Gates was using COVID-19 vaccines to control people, some even claiming he wanted to insert microchips in people.

      “Maybe I should complain even more, but I certainly point out false stories when they’re published, or even people who highlight sort of almost silly misinformation,” Mr Gates told 7.30.

      “There’s a constant dialogue of anybody who gets, you know, this crazy stuff published, going to the digital platforms and saying, ‘Hey, look at this, look at that.'”

      Early in the pandemic, when governments worldwide were floundering, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation helped mobilise the global response, including donating $US751 million ($1.05 billion) to the World Health Organization, more than any country except Germany.

      The billionaire philanthropist said traditional news sources amplified the spread of conspiracy theories about his involvement in global vaccine campaigns.

      “I think it’s more of the mainstream news media that would constantly bring it up, even though it’s laughable. That did more to spread the rumours,” he said.

      Despite the spread of misinformation online, Mr Gates said he was optimistic about the future of social media.

      “We have a generation coming that will hopefully be creative about social media and how we make it more of a force for good,” he said.

      As for Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, Mr Gates said while Mr Musk had “done a lot of great work, you know, I’m not sure that’s the best use of his time”.

      In the past, Mr Gates has said he is both excited and concerned about the rise of artificial intelligence.

      Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in the company OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot that can generate natural-sounding text.

      ChatGPT has been making headlines recently over concerns students could use it to cheat in exams.

      Mr Gates told 7.30 “innovation is always going to surprise us”.

      “AI is going to help us with teaching kids, it’s going to help us with access to healthcare workers, making health care more efficient,” he said.

      While AI would “affect not just blue-collar jobs but also white-collar jobs”, he said: “There’ll be plenty of time to adapt, as this increased efficiency gives us more economic options.”

      There would be unpredictable things that cropped up as we had new technologies, “things like misinformation”, he said.

      “The downsides of a modern technology, we have been able to manage those to the benefit of mankind,” Mr Gates said.

      “People are literate, people live three times as long as they did before. And this is the next wave of human innovation.”

      World must reduce emissions ‘as fast as we can’

      During his visit to Australia Mr Gates met with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to discuss climate change, among other topics.

      Mr Gates told 7.30 “Australia has a huge role to play” in combating climate change.

      “[Australia] is very lucky in terms of it’ll have some of the cheapest renewable energy in the world,” he said.

      “There’s a lot of minerals here in Australia, including lithium, cobalt [and] many others that will be in very high demand.

      “Australia will be able to export green hydrogen and other clean products … it’s certainly a country where the opportunity in a green economy is greater than it has been in the past.”

      As well as his philanthropy through the foundation, Mr Gates invests in breakthrough green technology. One of those investments is in next-generation nuclear power reactors called natrium reactors, which are aimed to make nuclear power safer and cheaper.

      Asked if he thinks the Australian government should change its policy on nuclear energy, bringing it into line with the Coalition — opposition leader Peter Dutton has said nuclear power should be part of Australia’s energy mix — Mr Gates said: “Australia doesn’t need to get engaged on this.”

      “Australia gets to watch over the next 10 to 15 years and see if this next generation, in terms of its cost, safety, waste disposal, meets these very high goals,” he said.

      Earlier this month Mr Gates said the prospects of reaching agreed global warming targets were increasingly remote.

      He told 7.30 that emissions needed to be reduced to zero “as fast as we can”.

      “In the meantime, while we do those reductions, which is called climate mitigation, we also have to do climate adaptation,” he said.

      “Sadly, the poor countries in the equatorial zones are the most affected. Most of the people there are farmers with small pieces of land who won’t be able to have the crop output they have today.

      “So we’ll have to adapt while we do our very, very best to bring emissions to zero as fast as we can.”

      ‘I shouldn’t have had dinners’ with Epstein

      Asked about his association with wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender who died in prison in 2019, Mr Gates said he regretted it.

      “You’re going way back in time. But I will say for the, you know, over 100th time, yeah, I shouldn’t have had dinners with him,” Mr Gates said.

      Over the decades Epstein was associated with many rich and famous people including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew.

      At the time of his death, Epstein was facing sex-trafficking charges.

      Following her divorce from Bill Gates, Melinda French-Gates revealed she had told her husband in strong terms that he should not associate with Epstein, whom she described as “evil personified”. The couple have continued to work together at the multi-billion-dollar foundation since their separation.

      Giving away his money

      Mr Gates, who according to Forbes is worth $US104.1 billion, pledged last year to give away the vast proportion of his wealth, and he is encouraging other wealthy people to do the same.

      Australia lags behind the US in terms of philanthropic giving. Mr Gates told 7.30 why he made his decision and wanted others to follow suit.

      “It’s not a favour to your children to have all the wealth,” he said. “Show up. Every parent has to decide what the appropriate level is. In my case, I can see the impact that philanthropy is having. It’s my full-time work.

      “The dream is that, over time, the quantity and quality of philanthropy will improve.”
      twitter @backtolife_2023

      Bill Gates complained to tech companies about ‘laughable’ COVID-19 conspiracy theories

      Source: #abc730

      + 1 min 25 video


      JAN 30 2023 – russell brand – Bill Gates Said WHAT About Vaccines?!

      ( 16 min 13 )

      Bill Gates has been spitting truths about vaccine efficacy and Covid origins, including that the next pandemic – EXCITING – could man-made. Nothing like the last pandemic, which, as we all know, came from that stinking wet market. Right Bill?

  13. Please Pray for The Gateway Pundit – We Are Releasing Documents in Coming Days that Reveal Numerous Criminal Acts by the President and His Son Hunter
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 30, 2023 at 11:15am

    Earlier today, Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit reported on newly discovered classified documents and content found on Hunter Biden’s laptop computer.

    This was the second report in our expose revealing the classified material on Hunter Biden’s computer.


    This comes after The New York Post’s Miranda Devine reported on an email last week from the laptop that appeared to include classified material from the US government.

    The Gateway Pundit released these two reports in the last 24 hours.

  14. JUST IN: Sixth Memphis Police Officer Involved in Fatal Beating of Tyre Nichols Relieved of Duty
    By Cristina Laila
    Published January 30, 2023 at 10:58am

    A sixth Memphis police officer was relieved of his duty for his involvement in the Tyre Nichols fatal beating.

    Preston Hemphill was relieved of his duty pending investigation

    A sixth Memphis Police officer involved in the arrest which led to the death of Tyre Nichols on Jan. 7 has been relieved of duty, a spokesperson for the department confirmed with ABC24 Monday.

    According to Memphis Police, Officer Preston Hemphill has been relieved of duty during an ongoing investigation

    Hemphill was hired in 2018.

    Memphis Police said additional information would be available on their social media platforms once it became available.

    One previously unnamed officer was shown on video during MPD’s initial confrontation with Nichols, pulling him from his car forcefully while hitting him on the ground with a Taser, later stating, “I hope they stomp his a**” after Nichols escaped.

    MPD did not confirm whether this officer was Hemphill.

    Authorities on Friday evening released bodycam footage of five Memphis police officers beating motorist Tyre Nichols during a traffic stop

  15. WHO Decides COVID-19 Pandemic is Not Over (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 30, 2023 at 10:40am

    After three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries have returned to the pre-pandemic era by abolishing vaccine and testing requirements, while others have eased restrictions.

    Japan, for example, has categorized COVID-19 the same as seasonal flu.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan announced earlier this month that he had instructed his cabinet to reclassify COVID-19, placing it in the same category as seasonal flu, rubella, and chickenpox in spring.

    “In order to further advance the efforts of ‘living with Corona’ and restore Japan to a state of normalcy, we will transition the various policies and measures to date in phases,” Kishida said.

  16. Lula’s Brazilian “Indigenous” Charity Embezzled $6.5 Million
    By Richard Abelson
    Published January 30, 2023 at 9:15am

    The Brazilian NGO which posted images of Yanomami indios from Venezuela, claiming they were victims of Jair Bolsonaro, is a leftist organization which embezzled $6.5 million of taxpayer funds, reveals investigative journalist Oswaldo Eustáquio.

    Public data from the Brazilia Federal Court of Auditors reveals that the NGO URIHI diverted R$ 33 million (US$ 6.5 million) from public coffers meant for indigenous health measures in the state of Roraima, according to Oswaldo Eustáquio.

    The public funds that are intended to be used for food, sanitation and health of the indigenous Yanomami instead are being used to enrich the leaders who live far from the villages, leaving their relatives in misery”, Eustáquio said.

    URIHI is led by allies of Lula’s leftist Workers’ Party, and faces several lawsuits for misappropriation of public funds. URIHI president Júnior Hekurari Yanomami lives a life of luxury, as his Instagram posts reveal, showing him flying in private planes and wearing Armani shirts. In April, Júnior Hekurari appeared with now-President Lula da Silva at an event.

  17. Don Surber
    Jan 28

    When I was 7, America elected a fellow named John Kennedy president. He had been a senator and he was witty. His daddy was rich as he made money the way John Hancock did, by smuggling. Hancock smuggled tea. Kennedy’s dad smuggled hooch.

    In 1958, Kennedy began a speech to the Gridiron Club — a journalist organization when newspapers ruled the land — by saying, “I have just received the following wire from my generous daddy: ‘Dear Jack — Don’t buy a single vote more than necessary — I’ll be damned if I am going to pay for a landslide.’”

    Looking back as an adult, I realize he was not joking. He was bragging. But he was so charming that I secretly have wished for a Republican John Kennedy. Ronald Reagan came close. Donald Trump too. Maybe the John Kennedy we need is the senator by that very name from Louisiana. He uses humor and common sense to make his point and his points are always good ones.

    Early in his days in the Senate, the Republican John Kennedy said, “This is Washington, D.C. Politics is in everybody’s blood, kind of like herpes.”

    He was a Louisiana Democrat until he decided he wanted to win election to an office bigger than state treasurer. He converted to Republican but skipped the testicle-removal ceremony. In 2016, his state sent him to the Senate. He wound up on a boring committee that overlooks banks and the like.

    At a hearing on October 9, 2017, he said something that shocked the Advocate, Louisiana’s biggest newspaper.

    It reported, “During a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing last week, members of Congress expressed bewilderment that credit reporting company Equifax, under siege after a data breach affecting more than 145 million people, has received a $7.25 million contract with the IRS to validate the identity of taxpayers communicating with the agency on the telephone or through its website.”

    At the hearing, Kennedy said to former Equifax CEO Richard Smith of that contract, “You realize, to many Americans right now, that looks like we’re giving Lindsay Lohan the keys to the mini-bar.”

    Pearls were clutched. Vapors were taken. The Lohan family threatened to sue, but all that did was amplify the remark.

    Kennedy was tougher on the Equifax man than his fellow committee members Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren, saying, “Credit monitoring companies collect our information without permission and sell that information to businesses. These companies then offer a premium service to make sure that the data they’re collecting is accurate. It is ridiculous. I don’t pay extra in a restaurant to prevent the waiter from spitting in my food.”

    Six days earlier, he questioned Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan about the bank’s creation of 3.5 million unauthorized deposit accounts and more than 500,000 unauthorized credit card applications.

    Kennedy said, “I am certainly not anti-business. You can’t be for jobs if you are against business. What I am curious about is what in God’s name were you thinking? I am not against big business. With all due respect, I am against dumb.”

    He plays the blunt good old boy so well, he could have been Buford T. Justice in Smokey and the Bandit, but without the swearing. He also graduated from Vanderbilt, got a University of Virginia law degree and was educated at Oxford. Good old boys ain’t dumb, as Northerners who underestimate them learn over and over again.

    He uses quips the way Zorro wields a sword.

    On September 14, 2019, he told Fox, “I trust Russia and China and Iran and North Korea like I trust a Jussie Smollett police report.”

    10 days later, he discussed impeachment on Fox. He said, “My Democratic friends just can’t accept the fact that the American people chose Donald Trump to be president — it’s called democracy. My advice to them, and I say this gently: Fill out a Hurt Feelings Report and let’s move on.”

    Two years earlier, he told MSNBC, “I’d rather drink weed killer than support automatic tax increases on the American people.”

    His wit works because it comes from a man who is not trying to impress his colleagues. He arrived at the Senate too late (he was 65) to acquire the seniority needed to make a mark. His value and power are in speaking plainly to the American people who 1. know Lohan has a drinking problem, 2. know Jussie Smollett lied, and 3. know not to drink weed killer. Judging by the shocked reactions to his comments, I am not so sure the media knows these things.

    Igor Bobic at HuffPo called him the folksiest man in the Senate.

    The first quote Bobic used was a winner: “Our country was founded by geniuses, but it’s being run by idiots. I think most Americans are wondering how some folks up here made it through the birth canal.”

    Forget abortion; ban Caesareans.

    Kennedy said of the DC riffraff hectoring Trump, “That’s why the aliens won’t talk to us. They look at us and say, ‘These people, they’re 13-year-olds.’”

    He also said of the Senate, “It’s like a circus without a tent.”

    The 21st century version of the Wit and Wisdom of John Kennedy includes:

    “Capitalism has done more to lift people out of poverty than all the social programs put together. … That money to help our neighbors who are less fortunate than we are did not come from leprechauns.”

    “Inflation is gutting the American people like a fish.”

    “You will never win—never—the uber-woke sweepstakes. I understand that the pressure to run that race is fierce. You will never win it. Nothing you do will ever be enough. The uber-woke people in positions of power in this town think America was evil when it was founded and it’s even more evil today. You’re not going to convince them otherwise.”

    He spoke that truth to power at a hearing on September 22, 2017, to Charles W. Scharf of Wells Fargo & Company, Brian Thomas Moynihan of Bank of America, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase & Co., Jane Fraser of Citigroup, William H. Rogers Jr. of Truist Financial Corporation, Andy Cecere of U.S. Bancorp and William S. Demchak of PNC Financial Services Group.

    Just one more. On June 9, 2022, he told Fox, “In my state, the price of gas is so high that it would be cheaper to buy cocaine and just run everywhere.”

    Did I say just one more? OK, I was lying.

    From February 27, 2019, he said of Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, “Here’s what I think about Mr. Cohen. He’s a convicted felon. He’s a crook. He’s angry. He’s bitter. I’m not saying he’s a bunny boiler, but he’s a little bit unbalanced.”

    And this, “Jesus loves him, but everybody else thinks he’s an idiot.”

    And this about Roger Stone, “I think Mr. Stone is a total Beavis. … He talked his way into an indictment. I’ve never seen anything like it. When his IQ gets to 75, he ought to sell.”

    And this about Congress, “Some of them are running around like sprayed roaches.”

    He likes Mitch McConnell. As Joe E. Brown said at the end of Some Like It Hot, nobody’s perfect. Kennedy said:

    “Mitch understands what makes the mules plow around here.”

    “He is mad as a mama wasp, and he is determined to get these nominations through.”

    “McConnell’s tough as a pine knot. He’s not going to give in.”

    It is the sap that makes those knots tough.

    But he loves President Trump. During a showdown on a government shutdown, Kennedy said, “Looks to me like he’s serious as four heart attacks and a stroke. He’s not bluffing. If I were playing poker with him and I didn’t have the cards, I’d fold.”

    Nancy Pelosi? Kennedy said, “Billy goat brain, mockingbird mouth.”

    Mrs. Potato Head face. I couldn’t resist. Sorry.

    Kennedy is more than the Louisiana Lip entertaining the masses. He uses his power to do his job far more effectively than anyone else on the judiciary committee. Trump nominated Matthew Spencer Petersen for a lifetime federal judgeship. Kennedy ate him up and spit him out in 5 questions that totaled 14 words.

    KENNEDY: Have you ever tried a jury trial?

    PETERSEN: I have not.

    KENNEDY: Civil?


    KENNEDY: Criminal?


    KENNEDY: Bench?


    KENNEDY: State or federal court?

    PETERSEN: I have not.

    Then Kennedy knocked him out: “Just because you’ve seen My Cousin Vinny doesn’t qualify you to be a federal judge.”

    Petersen subsequently withdrew his nomination. Kennedy spared the Republic one bad judge. After that humiliation, one would believe future judicial candidates would be prepared for him.

    One would be wrong.

    NBC reported on Wednesday, “A judicial nominee of President Joe Biden was apparently stumped by Sen. John Kennedy’s basic questions about the Constitution during her Senate confirmation hearing.

    “Spokane County Superior Court Judge Charnelle Bjelkengren, who was nominated to be a U.S. district judge for the Eastern District of Washington state, couldn’t answer when Kennedy, R-La., pressed her about articles of the nation’s founding document.”

    KENNEDY: Tell me what Article V of the Constitution does.

    BJELKENGREN: Article V is not coming to mind at the moment.

    Article V covers amending the Constitution. We shall see if I she withdraws or if Democrats rally around her because she would be the first woman of color to serve on the federal bench in the state of Washington. With Democrats, if you have the right skin, you’re in. Kennedy goes by the content of their character.

    Kennedy told Neil Gorsuch when his nomination came up, “I guess what I want is a cross between Socrates and Dirty Harry, and I believe you just might be that person.”

    He told Brett Kavanaugh, “I want someone who is willing to protect the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights and understands that the Bill of Rights is not an a la carte menu.”

    The senator wanted a clean budget bill — hah — and said so on March 20, 2018, “I think they’re making a big mistake if they start tacking on extraneous issues to the budget. We have enough trouble doing a budget by itself. We haven’t had one since Moses walked the earth. It’s embarrassing.”

    His folksiness was honed long before he went to DC. As state treasurer, he used it to fight the plan of Governor Bobby Jindal (remember him?) to borrow $700 million from a tobacco settlement to spend, spend, spend.

    Kennedy said, “This is my worry: You dangle $700 million dollars in front of the Louisiana legislature right now, and it’s going to be spent as fast as green grass through a goose.”

    I see Louisiana has the same problem with geese that West Virginia has, as well as the same problem with spendaholic legislators.

    Kennedy made a good case for the tax cuts of 2018, saying on C-Span, “If you believe that tax policy has nothing to do with the economy, you’re pretty much like a rock only dumber.”

    He is not just a man mouthing off. He can do more than quip. He is great at communicating large ideas with few words.

    On April 13, 2021, he told Fox, “Without order, there is no justice. We can’t have a society without order, and we have decided to hire law enforcement officials to maintain order. We hire Whites, Blacks, Browns, men, and women to maintain order. Many of our law enforcement agencies are majority-minority. If you decide, just like you want to judge someone solely by the color of the skin, if you want to make a pejorative judgment about a cop — I’ll put it this way: If you hate cops just because they are cops, you don’t know a thing about them. The next time you get in trouble call a crackhead.”

    Here is a better example. He told Fox on May 16, 2019, “Let me state the obvious. Illegal immigration is illegal, duh.”

    Kennedy shows a respect for the American people that is MIA in Washington.

    On October 25, 2017, he told CNN, “My advice to the president, very gently and respectfully, would be, saddle up and go. Talk about three things. Go to every state and talk about three things, tax reform, tax reform, tax reform. Because that’s what is important to the American people right now, because it affects their pocketbooks. Look, the American people are smart. They don’t read Aristotle every day, but they get it. Their take-home pay is just about the same as it was in 1999. Median household income this country is about the same it was in 1999.”

    You are darned tooting he has read Aristotle.

    He also pays attention to Louisiana. On November 28, 2017, he addressed problems in the state’s prisons, saying, “Look at their track record. I wouldn’t hire these people to run a food truck. They don’t even know where their inmates are.”

    Kennedy’s lofty education — Vandy, UVa Law, Oxford — gave him an up-close and personal view of the credentialed class. He told the Washington Post, “You can find an analyst to say just about anything you want to say.

    “Let me tell you about economic forecasting. There are 300 Ph.Ds and economists at the Fed, and not a single one of them called a meltdown in ’08. Economic forecasting around this place in the last 10 years — let’s be fair, the last eight years — makes those psychic hotlines look reputable.”

    Oh, this John Kennedy will never be president, but not every priest becomes a pope. The Lord needs more shepherds than pontiffs.

    President Kennedy was inspirational. Unfortunately, one of the things he inspired was a book by Allen H. Loughry, a clerk in the West Virginia state Supreme Court. He wrote, Don’t Buy Another Vote, I Won’t Pay for a Landslide: The Sordid And Continuing History of Political Corruption in West Virginia. Both John McCain and Robert Byrd wrote forewards to the book.

    The book propelled Loughry’s political career. In 2012, the people elected him to the state Supreme Court as a reformer. His colleagues made him chief justice, where he made history by becoming the first chief justice in West Virginia to resign and go to prison as a federal jury convicted him on October 2, 2018, of seven counts of wire fraud, one count of mail fraud, one count of witness tampering and two counts of lying to the FBI. He spent nearly two years in prison.

    I seriously doubt the new John Kennedy — the one from Louisiana — will inspire people to be anything but be straight-forward in both their words and their thinking.

    • That cursed name is on public buildings, roads, you-name-it.

      The Kennedy School at Harvard has been known as “The Toilet” from the day the ground was broken for its building. It’s become a refuge for the likes of Mike Dukakis and Dan Rather. Who must pay for the privilege of their safe space.

      • He was a failure as a President who couldn’t have won the 64 election. I often wonder how long it will be before historians start saying that?

        • He didn’t win in 1960.
          Chicago’s Mayor Daley held back ballots as a favor for cooked old Papa Joe. Probably others, like Pelosi’s mafia daddy Thomas D’Alesandro Jr.

    Rantz: Democrats sue to kill WA’s one election security feature, which makes fraud easier

    A trio of left-wing organizations is suing Washington Secretary of State Steve Hobbs, King County Elections Director Julie Wise, and two members of the King County canvassing board. The result of their lawsuit would make election theft virtually effortless, particularly for illegal immigrants or those taking advantage of the homeless.

    Before the Thanksgiving holiday, Vet Voice Foundation, Washington Bus, and El Centro de la Raza quietly filed a lawsuit challenging signature verifications on ballots. They are represented by the Perkins Coie firm, counsel to the Democratic National Committee. Three King County voters also joined the lawsuit as plaintiffs

  19. NEW: Manhattan DA will Begin Presenting Trump, Stormy Daniels Hush Payment Case to Grand Jury
    By Cristina Laila
    Published January 30, 2023 at 12:49pm

    The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has revived its criminal investigation into Trump’s ‘hush payments’ to porn star Stephanie Clifford, AKA, Stormy Daniels.

    Trump has been accused of paying Daniels ‘hush payments’ in a scheme to silence her and stop the story about their alleged affair from being published in the National Inquirer.

    Trump has denied the affair.

    House Democrats previously launched the inquiry into the hush payments ahead of the 2020 election cycle as a way to bog down Trump and slow down his 2020 re-election campaign.

    Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s predecessor previously rejected the Trump ‘hush payments’ case because it wouldn’t stand up in court.

    Fast-forward a couple years and now the Manhattan DA has revived the Stormy Daniel hush payments probe to counter Trump’s 2024 White House bid.

  20. Bill Gates Claims He Regrets Having Dinner with Jeffrey Epstein and Dismisses Any Ties Between His Foundation and Epstein’s Organization (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 30, 2023 at 12:00pm

    During a live television interview, Sarah Ferguson from ABC Australia confronted Bill Gates about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

    Ferguson asked the billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft if he regretted the relationship that he “maintained” with Epstein “against Melinda’s advice and wishes.”

    You’re going way back in time, but yeah, I will say it for the over 100th time, yeah, I shouldn’t have had dinners with him,” Gates said.

    “Epstein had a way of sexually compromising people. Is that what Melinda was warning you about?” asked Ferguson.

  21. Illegals Housed at Taxpayer Expense Refuse to Leave NYC Hell’s Kitchen Hotel for New Shelter
    By Margaret Flavin
    Published January 30, 2023 at 1:47pm

    New York Mayor Eric Adams is discovering the complications that come with Biden’s broken immigration policy.

    Last week, Adams announced a new mega-shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal to address the growing illegal population in the city. The shelter is slated to hold up to 1,000 single men and becomes the fifth such shelter to open recently opened as Biden’s porous border impacts the entire nation.

    The illegals staying at the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen on the taxpayer dime, however, don’t want to relocate to the mega-shelter.

  22. The Truth About How Baby Girls Are Being Exterminated In the United States…Are We Becoming China?
    By Patty McMurray
    Published January 30, 2023 at 7:10pm

    100 Percent Fed Up reports – Did you know that between 1970 and 2017, there were 45 million “missing” female births due to prenatal sex selection? This information came from a British Medical Journal Global Health in-depth study in 2021. It was based on examining 3.26 billion birth records

    What about the United States?

    Sex-selective abortions are abortions performed for the purpose of eliminating an unborn child of an undesired sex. Usually, females are the “undesired” sex. Only seven states in the U.S. ban sex-selective abortions.

  23. Wyoming Legislators Want To Send Message To Woke Banks Which Are Attacking Fossil Fuels
    Published on January 30, 2023January 30, 2023 in News/wyoming economy/Legislature

    Not Perfect

    Members of the House Minerals, Business and Economic Development were supportive of the general goal of the bill, as was much of the testimony it heard Monday, but a number of questions came up over how the bill would work if it passed.

    “This is not a perfect solution by any stretch. But it’s a framework,” Neiman said.

    Given their support of the spirit of the bill, the committee agreed to make it an interim topic in committee meetings later this year, with a goal of producing a bill that would effectively address the problem.

    Neiman told Cowboy State Daily he appreciated that the committee was willing to take up the issue as an interim topic and believes a viable bill for the next legislative session will emerge.

    “Legislators are willing to open this conversation about how much effect ESG is having on a broader scale,” Neiman said.

    Neiman explained during his presentation of

  24. Russian journalist who explains international news as it SHOULD be understood. It’s alt-media Pravda. In this piece he trashes China, gives Iran victim status – puts a bandaid on its boo-boo. Scores points with the Gulfies.

    Iran Publicly Complained About China’s Paltry Investments Over The Past Year

    These back-to-back developments – last year’s unexpected scandal caused by President Xi’s signing of such a fiercely anti-Iranian joint statement with the GCC and this weekend’s revelation of China’s dramatic underinvestment in Iran – indisputably prove that there are problems behind the scenes.

    China and Iran officially remain strategic partners, but some unseen factors are clearly responsible for Beijing’s reluctance to tap into Tehran’s full economic potential.
    The increased diplomatic engagements between China and the US since their leaders met on the sidelines of November’s G20 Summit in Bali can be described as being driven by the desire to explore a New Détente, or a series of mutual compromises aimed at achieving a new balance between them. This trend, which is expected to be among the most meaningful ones for shaping International Relations across the present year, seemingly influenced China to curtail its investments in Iran for the time being.

    In parallel, China scaled up its investments in the GCC, which might have made any further speculative progress on the so-called “petroyuan” dependent on Beijing symmetrically reducing investments in Iran…

    • Snip from the above:

      The absence of American statesmanship – really, the presence of American anti-leadership, even international subversion – is bringing catastrophe. Washington should be pressing both sides to negotiate not just be sending more, more and still more lethal weapons to Kiev. This is a criminal abandonment of leadership that risks us all with World War III and nuclear conflagration.

      It is perhaps more and surely deeply disturbing – and certainly must be raising red flags in Moscow – that there is a senile, arrogant, corrupt American president threatened by congressional investigations and perhaps impeachment for crimes he and his son committed, who is deciding how far the West’s involvement in the NATO-Russian war in Ukraine should go.

      The possibility that Joe Biden is not in charge or is being profoundly manipulated by a coalition of Washington Democrat Party-state and globalist radicals is no more comforting.

  25. BREAKING: HORRIBLE – Arizona Regime Is Investigating Kari Lake And Trying To JAIL Her On Felony Charges For Exercising First Amendment And Exposing Election Fraud
    By Jordan Conradson
    Published January 30, 2023 at 8:57pm

    The newly selected regime heading up Arizona’s top statewide offices is now targeting Kari Lake with potential felony charges for speaking out against the rigged election in Arizona.

    Questionably elected Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, a former lawyer for Mexican drug cartels, sent out a new letter on Monday, asking questionably elected Attorney General Kris Mayes to “investigate and take appropriate enforcement action against Kari Lake” for sounding the alarm about the stolen 2022 Election.


    This comes just TWO DAYS before Kari Lake’s Arizona Court of Appeals is set to hold a February 1 conference in Kari Lake’s lawsuit contesting the stolen Midterm Election. They are terrified and will stop at nothing to cover up the truth.

    As The Gateway Pundit reported, Kris Mayes recently revealed that the AG’s Election Integrity Unit (EIU) “is going to become a Voter Protection Unit” to “fight any effort by anyone to eliminate vote by mail” and prosecute alleged voter intimidation and alleged intimidation of election officials.

    Instead of fighting election fraud, the new regime will target good Arizonans who want honest elections.

    The letter from Adrian Fontes references a tweet from Kari Lake, which can be found below:

    The photo that Lake embedded in this tweet shows redacted early ballot affidavits compared with signatures from redacted voter registration records. This information was made public by the Arizona Senate Elections Committee last Monday and is being used in Kari Lake’s election lawsuit.

    Lake simply shared evidence that was presented in the Senate.

    Nothing in this section shall preclude public inspection of voter registration records at the office of the county recorder for the purposes prescribed by this section, except that the month and day of birth date, the social security number or any portion thereof, the driver license number or nonoperating identification license number, the Indian census number, the father’s name or mother’s maiden name, the state or country of birth and the records containing a voter’s signature and a voter’s e-mail address shall not be accessible or reproduced by any person other than the voter, by an authorized government official in the scope of the official’s duties, for any purpose by an entity designated by the secretary of state as a voter registration agency pursuant to the national voter registration act of 1993 (P.L. 103-31; 107 Stat. 77), for signature verification on petitions and candidate filings, for election purposes and for news gathering purposes by a person engaged in newspaper, radio, television or reportorial work, or connected with or employed by a newspaper, radio or television station or pursuant to a court order. Notwithstanding any other law, a voter’s e-mail address may not be released for any purpose. A person who violates this subsection or subsection E of this section is guilty of a class 6 felony.

    Fontes’ letter asks Mayes to take action and investigate Lake for a felony offense

    According to Salwin Law Group, “in Arizona, crimes can be classified as misdemeanors or felonies. Misdemeanors are less serious than felonies. Unlike misdemeanors, felonies can result in prison time. A conviction for a felony also will result in the defendant losing certain civil rights, such as the right to vote or possess a firearm.”

    Some examples of class 6 felonies include:

    Sexual conduct with a minor (if the victim is 15 years or older)
    Theft (if the value of stolen items is between $2000 and $3000)
    Possession of drug paraphernalia
    Aggravated domestic violence
    Possession of burglary tools
    Disorderly conduct
    Resisting arrest
    Unlawful discharge of firearms

    AZ Defenders writes, “a conviction of a class 6 felony can result in fines, probation, or a prison sentence typically ranging from 4 months to 5.75 years

    This is not what our founding fathers had in mind. This is what communists do.

    Local patriot Anthony Dewitt shared the letter on Twitter, saying,


    They are now trying to come after and investigate @KariLake for speaking up about our mismanaged elections! The corrupt government is now trying to force her to remain silent by prosecution!!!

    THIS IS HORRIBLE! They are now trying to come after and investigate @KariLake for speaking up about our mismanaged elections! The corrupt government is now trying to force her to remain silent by prosecution!!!

    This is political persecution!

    These are the same tactics used by the illegitimate Hobbs regime when Katie Hobbs threatened the Mohave County Board of Supervisors with felony arrests if they did not vote to certify the election

    The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates on Kari Lake’s historic fight to save Arizona.

  26. From Black Mountain Analysis:

    Russia’s army is training in its large-scale manoeuvres, like “Zapad” or “Vostok” etc. commanding armies with and without full support of the space component of its intelligence services. For command and control.

    What does that mean? Russia is training to fight in an environment, where it has full access to all the command-and-control features, that comes with its space assets and it also trains to fight a large-scale war, without these components/assets.


    Well, NATO heavily relies on its space assets, to conduct a war. Everything is being conducted by space reconnaissance, GPS and communications. In fact, my personal assumption is that NATO wouldn’t be able to fight a large-scale conflict effectively, without their space assets.

    And here comes the Kessler syndrome. It is a theory, that is saying, that if you shot down enough satellites in different orbits, their debris would get out of control and destroy all other satellites and space assets in the same orbit.

    This effect would then spiral out of control and simply destroy everything, that is based up in the space. Of any nation. The density of debris would be so high that there wouldn’t be any further space launches possible.

    Well, this is, what Russian officials has announced several times. If a conflict with NATO breaks out, the Kessler syndrome would be triggered immediately. Yes, all parties would lose their assets and thereby the corresponding benefits. But Russia is always training exactly for this scenario.

    • More from Black Mountain Analysis:

      As we know, Russia still is training with large formations to conduct division and army sized warfare. And yet, we don’t see it currently in Ukraine… Why?

      Because NATO sees and hears everything, that Russia is doing. Every movement of larger formations would be detected immediately and submitted to the Ukrainians which could prepare accordingly.

      Large scale formations are not that agile, to simply surprise the enemy, with all the reconnaissance, up in the space. Today, if you move in large formations, even though you manoeuvre, all your assets would be sitting ducks, if the enemy knows where you are and that you are coming.

      And the enemy capabilities in the space are more than significant.

      This is exactly the reason, why Russia is currently grinding and not penetrating deep. The loses would be horrendous. And why do this, if not needed?
      To trigger the Kessler Syndrome in a fight with NATO to make them deaf and blind and thereby equalizing the field, so Russia could move large formations, conduct deep penetration and manoeuvre warfare, exactly as in WW2.

      This is of course a simplification. Russia would cut far more command-and-control assets, like the undersea internet cables etc.

      Which is currently NOT the case. So, no fancy “Big Arrows” on maps. Again, they will come, but first the risks on the field, in form of the Ukrainian army needs to be degraded a little more. It needs to be safe enough.

      Well, Russia can’t unleash “The Equalizer”…against the NATO space assets, because both parties are currently not officially at war with each other. And to trigger the Kessler Syndrome would be certainly a declaration of war against the opponent.

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