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  1. Tucker

    Something about his segment with Malone isn’t right. Malone says the admission of the Pfizer exec that the company is doing its own gain-of-function work is really an admission of its failure to keep up with mutating viruses. This furnishes Pfizer with some shadow of good intention that cannot logically exist. Here’s why:

    There used to be, in our recent prehistory, the expression “…finding a cure for the common cold,” which was considered a futuristic dream by scientists and laymen alike.

    So call me a conspiracy nut, but I’ve got a hunch the great Dr. Malone hasn’t forgotten his prehistory. Yet still he grants that Pfizer is trying to find a cure for the common cold. Why?

    Maybe his genius slept in for this interview, like Jordan Peterson’s did yesterday, but the only “cure” it seems these Dr. Frankensteins can muster is to pre-design a virus for which there is a pre-invented, preprogrammed mRNA injection to suit. We learn here just how narrow the state of this art is. –And it sounds remarkably like Soros’s reflexivity, doesn’t it? Invent the solution for the problem you also created. It may be clever in its own sneaky way until you catch on, but then it’s much more sneaky and not very clever, at all.

    So at this stage in the game it is abundantly clear that gain-of-function really means gain-of-cash. And given that there are now so many scientists in the world capable of doing this kind of thing, the takeaway is that the collateral human damage that is lethal antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), or the myriad of other bad outcomes, is the domain of willful, greedy psychopaths in the service of big pharma who subscribe to the Stalinesque view that one lost life is a tragedy while a million lost is a statistic. Or something. Until this cat gets out of its bag millions of people will be seduced by captured media and government into taking magical injections that deplete their innate immune systems. Not until the pharma gods control every wild virus–yeah, right–will all walking pin cushions be safe. By extension of all of this, how can one not extrapolate it to be a mass culling exercise? Please someone walk me backwards to show me. Maybe the disinformation police can do this.

    But wait there’s more. I submit herein that this is just one front in a multi-symptomatic ponzi scheme. The orgy of plunder by the aristocracy of the peasant taxpayer is clear to see in the Ukraine war and carbon taxes, too. This is endgame stuff, folks. It continues until all faith is lost in the over-printed U.S. dollar. (And don’t forget all fiat currencies are derivatives of the USD.) The trick afoot is to steal as much as possible in the meantime, buy up as many tangible assets as possible, then sit back and watch the axe fall.

    Plunder, plunder comes the thunder.

  2. Vera Sharav:
    “The Holocaust was facilitated by mass obedience to authority. Our survival rests on our willingness to RESIST oppressive orders. Those who resisted – by falsifying their identity, by jumping off trains to Auschwitz and joining the partisans, had a higher survival rate than those who obeyed.

    President Ronald Reagan:
    “Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.”

  3. Mummified ancient Egyptians remains should no longer be called mummies as the term is outdated and dehumanizing.

    London’s British Museum and National Museums of Scotland no longer use the term, preferring “mummified person” or “ mummified remains” as a politically correct alternative.

  4. New Evidence!! Kari Lake Lead Attorney Kurt Olsen Sits Down with CannCon to Discuss Lake v. Hobbs and Their On-going Appeal!
    By Brian Lupo
    Published January 27, 2023 at 8:46am

    This afternoon, Kari Lake attorney and former Donald Trump attorney Kurt Olsen sat down with The Gateway Pundit and Badlands Media’s CannCon to discuss the ongoing case.

    Kari Lake’s case vs. Katie Hobbs alleging that there was discrepancies in the 2022 gubernatorial race in Maricopa County was dismissed on Christmas Eve last year after an incredibly high bar was set that, as discussed, resembled more of a criminal trial rather than civil case. Lead attorney Kurt Olsen did a great job of giving us a recap with an insider perspective!

    In this episode, we discuss

    incredibly high bar set for the trial from last month
    the contradictory testimony of one of the witnesses, Scott Jarrett, from Day 1 to Day 2
    new evidence obtained by the Election Oversight Group that calls into serious question the “hiccup” the defense has alluded to for in person election day voting in Maricopa County.
    If the below player doesn’t play, you can also view the podcast by clicking here or by opening up the Rumble app on your mobile device.

  5. REMINDER – Ukrainian Bank Behind Burisma Holdings and Linked to the Bidens Looted and Lost Billions of IMF and US Funds
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 27, 2023 at 8:15am

    Back in 2019 when the corrupt US House, under Nancy Pelosi, was frantically putting together a garbage narrative of President Trump saying something wrong on a phone call, TGP was putting together reasons why these crooks were so adamant to get President Trump.

    We knew then, and we can confirm now, that the reason they frantically used this false narrative against President Trump was that Trump was getting too close. They couldn’t risk the President uncovering their crimes in Ukraine, especially in relation to the Biden family and friends and Burisma

    The Gateway Pundit put together information and shared the results of our investigation into Burisma and the Bidens.

    Much of this deserves repeating as the Biden family crimes related to classified documents are suddenly in the news.

    The Biden (and now Kerry) scandal in Ukraine is much more than about the money paid to Hunter Biden for being a Board member at the largest gas producer in Ukraine, Burisma Holdings. The real scandal involves billions in aid funds from the IMF and US that has gone missing.

    Burisma (Ukraine’s largest oil and gas provider) is the entity where Devon Archer (connected to John Kerry) and Hunter Biden were on the Board.

    • IMF Weighs Ukraine Aid Package Worth Up to $16 Billion

      Fund’s program is conditional on a number of terms being met
      First disbursements in program could come as soon as April

      The International Monetary Fund is exploring a multiyear aid package for Ukraine worth as much as $16 billion to help cover the country’s needs and provide a catalyst for more international funding while Kyiv tries to repel Russian forces, according to people familiar with the matter.

      Whether the program is implemented hinges on a range of conditions, including endorsement from Group of Seven nations, and Ukraine’s donors and creditors ensuring the sustainability of the country’s debt, said the people.

      The plan would also require changes to IMF lending rules so the fund could lend to the war-torn country, and the government in Kyiv would need to commit to a series of policies, on top of successfully completing a four-month non-cash IMF program approved last year, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because they’re not authorized to discuss the issues publicly.

      If approved, the three- to four-year program — worth $14 billion to $16 billion total — will assume a disbursement of $5 billion to $7 billion in the first year, according to the people. There’s hope the plan will be agreed on by the end of March, with the first tranche coming as early as in April in the best-case scenario, they said. It’s also expected to help propel more financial support for the country from public and private creditors.

      “Unless the IMF changes its lending terms, it would be in Ukraine’s interest to borrow less from the Fund, with an IMF program serving largely as a policy anchor helping ensure financial aid from partner-countries,” Olena Bilan, chief economist at Kyiv-based broker Dragon Capital, said in a note, referring to the fund’s standard terms of interest.

      The IMF “remains closely engaged” with Ukraine, the fund said in a statement in response to questions from Bloomberg News, adding the cooperation “could pave the way toward a fully fledged program,” without elaborating on details such as the potential size of a loan.

      Ukraine’s Finance Ministry declined to comment. In a separate statement on Thursday, it expressed hopes for a “fully fledged” program with the fund that would include financing.

      Funding Needs

      If the plan doesn’t get the support from enough IMF member countries, the fund could back Ukraine with a $1.3 billion Rapid Financing Instrument program, according to two of the people.

      The IMF last month estimated Ukraine’s external funding needs to be at least $39.5 billion this year. Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko said Jan. 10 the government’s monthly budget shortfall will amount to $3.5 billion during 2023, which would total about $42 billion.

      However, the country will likely need about $8 billion more this year for critical infrastructure damaged by recent Russian attacks, one of the people said.

      The European Union has committed to providing Ukraine with €18 billion ($19.5 billion) in financial assistance this year and the US is expected to contribute about $10 billion. Ukraine anticipates other creditors will also send varying amounts.

      Under the current program with the IMF, the Ukraine government has committed itself to take measures to boost tax revenue, significantly reduce the central bank’s support of its war-battered budget and further improve corporate governance at state-run companies.

      When the war ends, Ukraine will need major financial support to finance its reconstruction.

      Recent Russian attacks targeted civilian infrastructure, and particularly the power grid, in a bombing campaign that wrought damage across the country, leaving millions of people and businesses without reliable supplies of electricity, heat and water.

      Economic recovery may be slow. Ukraine’s economy is expected to grow 0.3% after a 30.3% decline last year, the country’s central bank said Thursday.

  6. NY Times Editorial Board Member Thinks Trump Returning To Facebook Would ‘Take Down The Country’ (VIDEO)
    By Mike LaChance
    Published January 27, 2023 at 7:45am

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is still a major problem for some people in media.

    Mara Gay, a member of the editorial board of the New York Times, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Thursday and said that it could ‘take down the country’ and destroy democracy if Trump is allowed back on social media sites like Facebook.

  7. Colorado Baker Who Refused to Make ‘Gender Transition’ Cake Loses Appeal
    By Cassandra MacDonald
    Published January 27, 2023 at 7:45am

    A Colorado baker who refused to make a cake celebrating a “gender transition” has lost an appeal arguing that his decision was protected free speech.
    The Colorado Court of Appeals decided on Thursday that Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop broke the law when he refused to bake cakes for people based on their gender identity or sexual orientation.

    Phillips won a Supreme court case in 2018 over his refusal to bake a cake for a gay wedding. He has since been relentlessly targeted by LGBT activists.

    In Thursday’s ruling, the court said that the symbolism in the decorations on the cake requested by activist Autumn Scardina would not be attributed to the baker — and therefore it is not protected free speech to refuse.

  8. Why Is the Marco Polo Group Editing Documents Found on Hunter Biden’s Laptop?
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 27, 2023 at 9:30am

    The Marco Polo Group is changing documents they claim to be from Hunter Biden’s laptop. The documents might have originally been from the laptop, but the Marco Polo Group is editing them and now they are useless because they’ve been edited.

    What sort of playground is this?

    Advertisement –

    On Tuesday, TGP reported on an email from Hunter Biden that was sent to his business partner in crime, Devon Archer. These two were on the Board of Ukraine’s oil and gas giant Burisma together.

    The bulk of the email appeared to be from someone or some source other than Hunter Biden based on the information in it and the way it was written. This email listed 22 points that looked taken from a government briefing

  9. LAWRENCE SELLIN: Biden’s Defense Department Gives Huge Research Funding to Institutions Linked to Chinese and Russian Biowarfare Programs
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 27, 2023 at 10:05am

    Biden’s Defense Department gives huge research funding to institutions linked to Chinese and Russian biowarfare programs

    Perhaps, the Biden regime considers it “Genocide-Affirming Care.”

    Whatever you call it, U.S. government funding and the potentially dangerous experiments resulting from it is reckless and out of control.

    As if the COVID-19 pandemic and the mass administration of unsafe and ineffective mRNA vaccines never happened, it is business as usual for the lucrative “biodefense” racket

    Despite millions of deaths and hundreds of millions infected, Biden’s Defense Department just awarded a multi-year grant worth $3 million to EcoHealth Alliance, a long-time collaborator with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese military-linked research center believed to be involved in the laboratory origin of the COVID-19 virus.

    That award is on top of a $3.3 million research grant to the EcoHealth Alliance from Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), given last September

  10. DAILY MAIL – Getting Pfizer’s Covid booster and flu vaccine on the same day may raise the risk of a STROKE, FDA says

    FDA review found the preliminary link while scouring vaccine injury databases

    May not represent true link — and flu and Covid infection both raise stroke risk

    Comes as Covid shots will be offered on a once-a-year basis moving forward


    Getting Pfizer’s Covid bivalent booster and a flu shot on the same day may raise the risk of a stroke, a small official analysis suggests.

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found the preliminary link while scouring vaccine injury databases after a separate safety concern was raised about Pfizer’s jab.

    Earlier this month, one of the country’s vaccine surveillance systems flagged a possible association between the Omicron-specific shot and an elevated risk of an ischemic stroke among seniors over 65.

    FDA officials who have been investigating the link said most of the patients had also received their flu shot on the same day, which might be a factor.

    Millions of Americans got both shots at the same time this winter following a major public health push by the White House.

    In September, Dr Ashish Jha, White House Covid Response Coordinator, said: ‘I believe this is why God gave us two arms — one for the flu shot and the other for the Covid shot.’

    more :


    US CDC looks at potential stroke risk from Pfizer bivalent COVID shot

    US Food and Drug Administration officials said they had not detected a link between the shots and strokes in two other safety monitoring databases.


    New data from one US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) database shows a possible stroke risk link for older adults who received an updated Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 booster shot, but the signal is weaker than what the agency had flagged earlier in January, health officials said on Thursday.

    US Food and Drug Administration officials said they had not detected a link between the shots and strokes in two other safety monitoring databases.

    The new data was presented at a meeting of outside experts that advise the FDA on vaccine policy.

    Earlier this month, US health officials said they had detected the possible link to ischemic strokes in people over age 65 who received the newer booster shots in its Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) database. They said at the time it was very unlikely to represent a true clinical risk.

    Dr. Nicola Klein of healthcare company Kaiser Permanente, which maintains VSD data for the CDC, said the rate of strokes observed in the database had slowed in recent weeks, but the signal was still statistically significant, meaning likely not by chance.

    Most of the confirmed cases had also received a flu vaccine at the same time, which might be a factor, she said.

    FDA scientist Richard Forshee said the agency plans to study whether there is any increased risk of stroke from receiving the two shots at the same time.

    Both agencies still recommend older adults receive the booster shots, now tailored to target Omicron variants as well as the original coronavirus.

    Dr. Walid Gellad, professor of medicine at University of Pittsburgh, said the issue required further investigation.

    “Sometimes signals are not clear,” Gellad said in an email. “It makes sense to look into it more, and it doesn’t make sense to change practice given the known benefits (of getting the booster) in this age group.”


    • WEF- Putting Health at the Heart of Climate Action | Davos 2023 | World Economic Forum

      Climate change has a direct impact on physical and mental health, with more than half of known infectious diseases worsened by rising temperatures and 20 million individuals displaced each year as a result of weather-related events.

      What steps are needed to place health at the heart of climate action and protect individuals globally?

      Speakers: Ahmed Ogwell Ouma, Cheryl Moore, Catherine Russell, Vanessa Kerry, Victor Dzau, Paul Hudson, Shyam Bishen

      ( 44 min )

    • What We Knew About COVID Before the World Did (Pt. 3) | Mike Pompeo

      ( 9 min )

      Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to former director of the CIA and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about what the government knew about the Coronavirus pandemic before the public;

      what he really thinks about the lab leak theory and COVID-19’s origin;

      how the CCP and China hid what they knew about COVID from the very beginning;

      why the World Health Organization can no longer be trusted to help us in a public health emergency;

      why we need to rethink our reliance on China;

      what COVID restrictions he most regrets; and much more.

    • WHO to decide if COVID-19 is still global health emergency

      A World Health Organization committee is meeting on Friday to decide if the COVID-19 pandemic is still a global emergency.

      Several leading scientists say it may be too early for WHO to declare the end of the pandemic emergency phase.

      The United Kingdom started easing restrictions in 2021 but is still working to live with the virus.

    • DAILY MAIL – EXCLUSIVE: Is WHO preparing for nuclear war?

      Health body publishes list of medicines for nations to stockpile in case of ‘radiation or nuclear emergency’ as EU warns ‘Russia is at war with the West’

      WHO issued guidance on how to survive a nuclear catastrophe today

      Threat of nuclear war is heightened amid Russian fury over NATO tank deal

      Volodymyr Zelensky has again ruled out peace talks with Vladimir Putin

      The World Health Organisation (WHO) has updated its list of medicines to stockpile for ‘radiological or nuclear emergencies’, just hours after the EU warned that Russia ‘is at war with the West’.

      The global health body issued guidance on how to survive a nuclear catastrophe in a new report today, warning against ‘intentional uses of radioactive materials with malicious intent’.

      The report was published as the spectre of nuclear war looms over the world after the West supplied state-of-the-art tanks to Ukraine to the fury of Vladimir Putin.

      The Kremlin accused NATO of a ‘blatant provocation’ and threatened a ‘global catastrophe’ in response to the deal.

      more :

    • globla news – COVID-19 misinformation led to at least 2,800 deaths: study

      ( 2 min 49 )

      “…. conspiracy theories are spreading faster than ever before ”

      The Council of Canadian Academies is trying to quantify the damage caused by misinformation and conspiracy theories about COVID-19, which it says contributed to vaccine hesitancy and additional deaths.

      Heather Yourex-West looks at the organization’s estimate of the far-reaching and fatal consequences, how the false information about the coronavirus has divided families and society

      and what the potential solutions are.


  11. BREAKING: Police Body Cam Video Released of Paul Pelosi Attack – PELOSI WAS IN HIS UNDERWEAR, HOLDING A DRINK – GRAPHIC VIDEO
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 27, 2023 at 11:00am

    San Francisco court officials announced late Thursday that they will release the Paul Pelosi attack video on Friday morning.

    On Friday morning at 9 AM Pacific Time, 12 noon Eastern, the court released footage to reporters.

    The court released the 911 call and the video of the alleged attack.

    • Far-right politician Paludan burns Quran in front of Denmark mosque

      Danish party leader burns copy of Quran in Copenhagen under police protection

      […]Meanwhile, it was seen that a group of young Muslim people, who had water and fire extinguisher in their hands, was warned by the police.

      During Paludan’s provocation, takbirs of tashriq prayers were recited through loudspeakers which could be heard outside the mosque.

      Paludan left the area, where he stayed for about 40 minutes, under police protection.


      Turkey summons Danish envoy over Quran-burning protest

      COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Turkey summoned the Danish ambassador and accused Denmark of endorsing a “hate crime” after an anti-Islam activist on Friday burned two copies of Islam’s holy book, the Quran, in a solitary protest in Copenhagen.

      Rasmus Paludan, a far-right activist who holds both Danish and Swedish citizenship, had already infuriated Turkey by staging a Quran-burning protest in Sweden on Jan. 21. On Friday, he replicated the stunt in front of a mosque, as well as the Turkish Embassy in Copenhagen, and vowed to continue every Friday until Sweden is admitted into NATO.

      Sweden and neighboring Finland are seeking to join the military alliance amid the war in Ukraine, in a historic departure from their non-aligned policies. But their accession requires approval from all NATO members, and Turkey has indicated it will block Sweden’s bid — in part due to Paludan’s initial stunt. Even before that, Ankara was pressing the two countries to crack down on Kurdish militants and other groups it considers terrorists.

      Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency said the Danish ambassador was summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry where Turkish officials “strongly condemned the permission given for this provocative act which clearly constitutes a hate crime.”

  12. WATCH: Surveillance Video of Pelosi Attacker David Depape Busting Window with Hammer Before Entering Home Released
    By Cristina Laila
    Published January 27, 2023 at 1:30pm

    The police bodycam footage of the Paul Pelosi assault was released Friday morning.

    The video showed the attacker, David DePape, 42, assault Pelosi with a hammer as police arrived to the scene.

    Pelosi opened the door and looked calm holding the hammer and holding a drink in his underwear.


  13. Joe Biden Makes “Joke” About People Thinking He’s Stupid, Calls For Nonexistent Congressman “Doug” Four Times (VIDEO)
    By Cullen Linebarger
    Published January 27, 2023 at 12:40pm

    The jokes just simply write themselves. Biden actually thought he was being clever poking fun at his critics for “underestimating” his intelligence before proving them right again.

    The Dolt from Delaware on Thursday gave a press conference in Springfield, Virginia filled with his usual prevarications about the economy and Republicans. Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), who represents Springfield in Congress, was in attendance

    Biden makes his so-called joke and looks around for Beyer. He proceeds to forget Beyer’s name, calling him “Doug.”


    • RAND – Corp 2018

      Extending Russia – Competing from Advantageous Ground

      …. this report examines Russia’s economic, political, and military vulnerabilities and anxieties.

      ….. It then analyzes potential policy options to exploit them — ideologically, economically, geopolitically, and militarily

      ….Most of the steps covered in this report are in some sense escalatory, and most would likely prompt some Russian counter-escalation.

      … sanctions, providing the latter are multilateral.

      …. ideological measures to undermine the regime’s stability

    • WSJ – Abrams, Leopard and Challenger 2 vs. T-72: How Western Tanks Compare to Russia’s Armor

      As the U.S. and its allies start sending Abrams, Leopards and other tanks to help Ukraine, those vehicles are set to change the dynamics of the war along the front lines.

      WSJ examines how the tanks that Ukraine will receive from the West compare with Russia’s vehicles.

    • Anita Anand explains why Canada is sending only 4 tanks to Ukraine

      …. while leaving some here to ‘defend the homeland’ if need be.

    • Russie: l’interview de Piotr Tolstoï, vice-président de la Douma, sur BFMTV en intégralité

      ( 60 min )

      + comments on the YT page

  14. Karine Jean-Pierre Refuses to Say Why Biden is Leaving Camp David to Go to Delaware Just for One Night on Sunday (VIDEO)
    By Cristina Laila
    Published January 27, 2023 at 2:25pm

    Joe Biden on Friday is departing the White House and traveling to Camp David, the presidential retreat in Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland.

    Biden is leaving Camp David to go to Delaware just for one night on Sunday

    White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Friday refused to say why Biden was going to Wilmington, Delaware on Sunday night.

    “Is there a specific reason the president is leaving Camp David to go to Delaware just for that one night on Sunday night?” a reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre.

    don’t have anything to preview about what he’s gonna be doing.” Karine Jean-Pierre said.


  15. Gateway Pundit Exclusive: Interview With Justin Goodman of White Coat Waste Project, The Person Who Exposed Anthony Fauci’s NIH Funding Of The Wuhan Institute Of Virology and Other Overseas Animal Experiments
    By Cullen Linebarger
    Published January 27, 2023 at 5:00pm

    Justin Goodman is the Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Public Policy at White Coat Waste Project, a government watchdog group dedicated to finding, exposing, and defunding $20 billion in wasteful government spending on animal experiments.

    In an exclusive interview with TGP’s Cullen Linebarger, he describes the ways the NIH under Anthony Fauci used taxpayer dollars to torture and kill animals for years, especially overseas. He also explains how White Coat Waste Project was able to expose NIH’s funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where the pandemic almost certainly originated from, and discusses the victories WCWP has secured to save animals and American taxpayer dollars.

    The following is a transcript of the interview:

  16. Terrorist On Murderous Rampage Kills 7, Injures Others in Shooting at Jerusalem Synagogue
    By Margaret Flavin
    Published January 27, 2023 at 5:20pm
    1 Comment

    As the Jewish Sabbath was just underway, a terrorist on a murderous rampage killed 7 and injured others in a shooting outside a synagogue in Jerusalem Friday night. The attacker, alleged to be a 21-year-old Palestinian man from East Jerusalem, was killed by police while trying to escape.

    A 14-year-old boy is among the fatalities.

  17. Bizarre: CIA Is Attempting to Resurrect The Woolly Mammoth
    By Anthony Scott
    Published October 22, 2022 at 7:30am

    Besides backing rebel groups and planning coups in foreign nations, the CIA has found enough time to invest its time into resurrecting the woolly mammoth.

    According to a report by The Intercept, the CIA is investing in a biotechnology company called Colossal Biosciences which is aiming to bring back to life extinct animals such as the woolly mammoth.

    Capturing the Presidency Without a Vote
    The intelligence community must remain subordinate to our elected officials or we no longer have a functioning democracy. The intelligence community hates this.

    By Adam Mill
    January 26, 2023
    On January 20, 2021, documents with classified markings in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, though not actually moving even a square inch, embarked on a figurative journey—traveling from the control of a president into the control of a former president. More than 1,000 miles to the northeast, batches of documents also containing classified markings made a journey in the opposite direction. As Joe Biden took the oath of office, documents in his Wilmington home and at the Penn Biden Center came into the possession of the president of the United States. Two years later, the Justice Department is now using both cases as a pretext to interfere in the next presidential election. In both cases, the larger scandal is the Justice Department’s unconstitutional seizure of authority over classified documents at the expense of elected leaders.

    It is a legal impossibility for a president to mishandle classified documents. In general, the executive branch of the government should not keep secrets from the voters who, as the sovereign, hold exclusive legitimate political power over their subordinate elected leaders. The classification system that keeps secrets from the public falls under the president’s constitutional powers as the commander in chief of the armed forces. Legitimate secrecy can only be justified when the material bears on the security of the nation. And it’s ultimately up to the elected president (who only has that power because the sovereign people delegated it to him by his election) to determine and define under what circumstances these secrets may be revealed to third parties.

    While the president has delegated some of this authority to unelected officials, these powers all piggyback on the president’s authority. Put another way, these officials report to and serve the president who, in turn, serves the sovereign people. No matter how smart the assorted officials of the FBI or the CIA think they are, these agencies cannot overrule a presidential decision regarding the secrecy of a government document.

    In 2017, for example, the intelligence community went berserk when then-President Trump revealed to the Russians that a classified source obtained information that the Russians might soon be the subject of a terrorist attack. But Trump had the legal right to reveal this information and if the intelligence agencies cared anything about democracy, they would not have run to their allies in the media to whine about this legitimate exercise in presidential power.

    As I wrote here, the Justice Department should not have raided and seized documents from former President Trump’s private home. A president put those documents in that home. There’s no higher authority required to agree or sign off. But the raid itself, like the Justice Department’s search of Biden’s home, is meant to establish a precedent that the Justice Department or some unelected bureaucrat has a higher authority over secret documents than a sitting president.

    Biden’s situation is a bit of a mirror image. On January 21, almost exactly two years after Biden took the oath of office, the Justice Department seized, “six more items, including documents with classification markings,” after conducting a search of the sitting president’s private home. In other words, the Justice Department seized documents from a sitting president who had every right to have them. True, he came into possession of the documents before he became president, when he did not have the authority to take them. But the Justice Department did not take the documents from a former senator or a former vice president. It took the documents from the sitting president.

    There’s something very disturbing about the Justice Department searching a sitting president’s private home. Additionally, if one reads carefully, the Justice Department seized more than just classified documents from the Biden home. Why would it do that? One word: leverage.

    Biden, the man, deserves little sympathy after encouraging his attorney general’s politicization of the Justice Department’s prosecutions and investigations. Biden gleefully lectured the public as FBI thugs pawed through the private bedroom of a former president and likely rival in the next election. He accused his political opponents of being fascists. He stood by while the Justice Department intimidated parents out of participating in local school board forums. And he’s encouraged hateful and racist “critical race theory” to guide official policy and practice within the government. But Biden will not be president forever. And, sensing weakness, the Justice Department has used the opportunity to gain more and more power over the presidency, current and future.

    This is all so predictable. I wrote in December 2020 that President Trump should have pardoned the entire Biden family before leaving office.

    He should pardon the whole family and everyone who could be used as a pressure point against Biden after January. If we must live with the marionette president, let’s cut a few of the strings that were intended for his control. Whether or not you believe Biden was legitimately elected last month, he still got more votes than Christopher Wray.

    When Biden acquired his classified documents as a senator and then later as vice president, he had the legitimacy of an elected official. The intelligence community must remain subordinate to our elected officials or we no longer have a functioning democracy. The intelligence community hates this. During the Trump Administration, for example, self-appointed guardians mutinied against the Constitution by refusing to share certain classified information with the elected president. Voters, not bureaucrats, have the ultimate authority to determine who is authorized to handle our nation’s secrets.

    Setting aside the super secret documents both retained outside their elected roles, both Biden and Trump, whether in or out of office, would continue to have access to that information within their own brains. Unless we find a way to erase the memories of former leaders, scooping up classified documents will not secure any secrets that former presidents and vice presidents possess in their own minds.

    This sideshow isn’t about securing secrets. This is about intimidating and controlling presidents and meddling in the process of picking future presidents.

    Everyone knows what’s really going on here. Is this any different than what the FBI did in 2016 when it used criminal investigations to gain leverage over both presidential candidates? The FBI should have no role in determining who should run for president and what can be said during election campaigns. Yet in the mad dash to grab power, the FBI and other government agencies have abused their authorities to do both. This must stop or our Constitution will become as meaningless as the one in Communist China.

  19. Suicide Pact: Minnesota Democrats Pass Bill to Ban Coal, Oil and Gas in One of Nation’s Coldest States – As Biden Bans Mining in State’s Iron Range
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 27, 2023 at 7:15pm

    It should be clear by now that the Democrats are leading the nation into rapid collapse

    Democrats in Minnesota banned coal, oil and gas after passing historic legislation in the state House of Representatives on Thursday.

    Democrats hold a 34-33 advantage in the Minnesota State Senate.
    Democrats hold a 70-64 advantage in the Minnesota State House of Representatives.

    And the legislation will cause electricity prices to skyrocket.

  20. Observations on the Paul Pelosi – David DePape Videos – What Looks Weird and What’s Missing?
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 27, 2023 at 7:00pm

    Today three videos related to the Paul Pelosi hammer incident at the Pelosi home were released. The entire event was weird and it just got weirder.

    Three long-awaited videos came out today related to the attack on Paul Pelosi in the early morning of October 28, 2022.

    These are discussed below in the order in which they occurred.

    The first video is the security camera footage from that night outside the Pelosi home. This was released by FOX News. The time stamp on this video is at 5:06 on October 28th. The reason for this difference is likely because the video came from the US Capitol Police who had cameras on the Pelosi house because Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House at the time. This time would be eastern time which would be 2:06 Pacific in San Francisco.

    Fox News obtained footage of David DePape busting the window with a hammer before entering the home.

  21. HERE WE GO AGAIN: Leftists Protest In Memphis, TN – Antifa Plans Rallies in Several Cities Over Tyre Nichols’ Death (VIDEO)
    By Mike LaChance
    Published January 27, 2023 at 8:27pm

    Following the release of the Tyre Nichols video, left wing protesters in Memphis and other cities went right to work with their ususal tactics.

    In Tennessee, protesters have shut down both sides of the I-55 bridge in Memphis.

    Similar events are unfolding in New York.

    R A W S A L E R T S
    ?#BREAKING: Multiple groups are now protesting in streets of New York City

    ?#Manhattan | #NY

    Multiple protest groups have started to march in the streets after authorities have just multiple videos showing five police officers beating Tyre Nichols a Black man who later died

  22. Reporter Jorge Ventura: Leftist Mob Shuts Down Major Interstate in Memphis, Tennessee for 2 HOURS and No Police Have Shown Up (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 27, 2023 at 8:45pm

    Reporter Jorge Ventura is reporting live from Memphis, Tennessee tonight.

    Jorge told Tucker Carlson he has not seen any police officers on the scene at all in TWO HOURS.

    This was at 7:45 PM Central. So the leftist mob has shut down traffic on the interstate since around 6 PM.

    Leftist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter organized protests in several major cities across the country following the death of Tyre Nichols by five black police officers in Memphis earlier this month.

  23. REPORT: Director Of George Soros Organization Has Visited Biden White House Over A Dozen Times
    By Mike LaChance

    The Biden administration is apparently even more friendly to left wing billionaire George Soros than the Obama administration was.

    A director at the Soros Open Society Foundation has visited the Biden White House over a dozen times.

    Advertisement – story continues

    What do you suppose was discussed?

    FOX News reports:


    Top George Soros director has frequent Biden White House access, records show

    A high-level director at George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) who is tied to a group bankrolled by the billionaire and quietly working with President Biden’s administration on policy has close access to the White House, records show.
    Published January 27, 2023 at 9:11pm

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