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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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    • Today I asked 10 individuals what they thought of the Davos meetings. Not one of them knew what I was talking about and all have never heard of Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum or Chrystia Freeland. LOL and that is why we are in big shit worldwide

    • WEF 2023: You don’t need a car in a 15-minute city

      Bastien Girod (Member of the Swiss National Council) breaks down the need for 15-minute smart neighborhoods or as he called them sustainable districts so that way people don’t need to own a car.

      • The medieval peasant never travelled further than seven miles from his place of birth,neo-fuedalism is what the world criminals seek,and once they have us trapped,our means of communication will disappear also,until we are as ignorant and debased as the creatures they are importing.

    • russell brand – So THIS Is What They Have Planned Next

      Andrew Lawton tells me about what Klaus Schwab and globalist leaders have in store for us in 2023

      • CBS – As elites gather in Davos, conspiracy theories gain traction online

        + 4 min 19 video

        When some of the world’s wealthiest and most influential figures gathered at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting last year, sessions on climate change drew high-level discussions on topics such as carbon financing and sustainable food systems.

        But an entirely different narrative played out on the internet, where social media users claimed leaders wanted to force the population to eat insects instead of meat in the name of saving the environment.

        The annual event in the Swiss ski resort town of Davos, which opens Monday, has increasingly become a target of bizarre claims from a growing chorus of commentators who believe the forum involves a group of elites manipulating global events for their own benefit. Experts say what was once a conspiracy theory found in the internet’s underbelly has now hit the mainstream.

        “This isn’t a conspiracy that is playing out on the extreme fringes,” said Alex Friedfeld, a researcher with the Anti-Defamation League who studies anti-government extremism. “We’re seeing it on mainstream social media platforms being shared by regular Americans. We were seeing it being spread by mainstream media figures right on their prime time news, on their nightly networks.”

        The meeting draws heads of state, business executives, cultural trendsetters and representatives from international organizations to the luxe mountain town. Though it’s always unclear how much concrete action will emerge, the meeting is slated to take on pressing global issues from climate change and economic uncertainty to geopolitical instability and public health.

        “The Great Reset”
        Hundreds of public sessions are planned, but the four-day conference is also known for secretive backroom meetings and deal-making by business leaders. This gap between what’s shown to the public and what happens behind closed doors helps make that makes the meeting a flashpoint for misinformation.

        “When we have very high levels of ambiguity, it’s very easy to fill in narratives,” said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, who is the director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania and also studies misinformation.

        Theories about influential global leaders are not new, she said, but scrutiny of the forum and its chairman, Klaus Schwab, intensified in 2020 in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. That year, the theme of the annual meeting was “The Great Reset.” The initiative envisioned sweeping changes to how societies and economies would work to recover from the pandemic and build a more sustainable future.

        Now, in increasingly mainstream corners of the internet and on conservative talk shows, “The Great Reset” has become shorthand for what skeptics say is a reorganization of society, using global uncertainty as a guise to take away rights. Believers argue that measures including pandemic lockdowns and vaccine mandates are tools to consolidate power and undercut individual sovereignty.

        Extremist beliefs take root
        In a time of mounting anxiety, Jamieson says the public has become more susceptible to falsehoods, as conspiracy theories emerge as a tool to cut through the chaos. Researchers who monitor extremism say these beliefs are becoming more popular and more concerning.

        At a rally staged on the grounds of an upstate New York church last fall, a photo of Schwab was displayed on the center of a large screen alongside other “villains” accused of threatening American values. The crowd of thousands had gathered in a revivalist tent at a traveling roadshow used as a recruiting tool for an ascendant Christian nationalist movement. Participants discussed “The Great Reset,” among a host of other theories, as an assault on America’s foundations.

        The phrase was used more than 60 times across all programs on Fox News in 2022, according to one tally generated by the Internet Archive’s TV news database. That’s up from 30 mentions in 2021 and about 20 in 2020. It was discussed most frequently on “The Ingraham Angle” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

        And in August, amid a defamation trial for calling the Sandy Hook Elementary School attack a hoax, Infowars host Alex Jones released a book called “The Great Reset: And The War For the World.” It’s described as an analysis of “the global elite’s international conspiracy to enslave humanity and all life on the planet.”

        As the World Economic Forum has become intertwined with this narrative, a steady stream of claims have plagued the organization. While some people offer legitimate criticisms of the forum — namely that it hosts wealthy executives who fly in on emissions-spewing corporate jets — others spread unverified or baseless information as fact.

        For example, a site known for spreading fabricated stories falsely claimed last month that Schwab publicly encouraged the decriminalization of sex between children and adults, using an invented quote and other baseless statements. Still, it drew tens of thousands of shares on Twitter and Facebook.

        Bug eaters?
        Meanwhile, the popular claim that the forum wants people to replace meat with bugs is a distorted reference to an article once published on the organization’s website. In another instance, a widely shared post claimed without evidence that the forum had “appointed” U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House before the actual vote had taken place.

        The concern, Friedfeld says, is that posts like these could introduce people to more fringe and dangerous conspiracy theories or even translate into real-world violence. Yann Zopf, head of media for the forum, says the organization has increased its monitoring of this kind of online activity and carefully watches for direct threats.

        “Creating all that kind of stuff can generate enemies that people believe are responsible for whatever bad thing is happening in the world,” Friedfeld said. “Once that happens, when you believe that that things are happening in the world and a certain person or group of people is responsible for these attacks, all of a sudden, the idea of using violence to resist becomes more plausible.”
        twitter @AndrewLawton

        The World Economic Forum hosted journalists for a media welcome reception tonight, serving wine and hors d’œuvres while Idris and Sabrina Dhowre Elba and UN IFAD president Alvaro Lario spoke about food insecurity in Africa.

        PIC :


        twitter @AndrewLawton

        Your value in Davos isn’t determined by your net worth but by the colour of your ID badge.

        I try to demystify the feudal colour coding system here.

        + 1min 42 video

        REDACTED – Oh SH*T, something BIG is happening at Davos as WEF blocks the media

        ( 28 min )

    • Crystal Awards Ceremony 2023 | Davos

      This year’s awardees are four exceptional cultural leaders who are being honoured for their work to promote environmental conservation, food security, climate change, mental health and education.

  1. Why Was Hunter Paying Joe Biden $50k Per Month To Rent House Where Classified Documents Found?
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    SUNDAY, JAN 15, 2023 – 02:00 PM
    A Thursday tweet from the NY Post’s Miranda Devine containing a background check for Hunter Biden has people asking questions.

    The now-52-year-old began listing the Wilmington home as his address following his 2017 divorce from ex-wife Kathleen Buhle — even falsely claiming he owned the property on a July 2018 background check form as part of a rental application,” the Post reported.

    Of note, this is the same house where classified documents were found.

    Yet, upon closer inspection, Hunter lists the “Monthly Rent” as $49,910 – or roughly $550,000 for the 11 months he indicated he lived there?

  2. The Gateway Pundit

    IT WAS ALL PLANNED: Tactical Commander for US Capitol Police Admits Under Oath that “Agitators” Who Were “Highly Trained” Ripped Down Fencing Prior to Protest at US Capitol on Jan. 6
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 16, 2023 at 9:10am

    We’ve known for two years numerous federal operatives were involved in the January 6, 2021 protests.

    On Sunday night, Julie Kelly from American Greatness, along with several J6 prisoners, conservatives reporters, j6 family members, and even liberal trolls, joined in the “J6 Truth Exposed” Twitter Space hosted by The Gateway Pundit.

    You can still listen in to the conversation below.

    TRENDING: Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2023 – And Remember, The Republican Party is the Party of Civil Rights

    During the discussion author and investigative reporter Julie Kelly dropped a bomb from J-6 defendant Richard Barnett’s jury trial last week.

    Julie discussed new evidence she wrote about in her latest column at American Greatness – Captain Carneysha Mendoza, a tactical commander for U.S. Capitol Police at the time, admitted under oath last week that a group of “agitators” who were “highly trained” destroyed security barriers and lured people to Capitol grounds that day.

    Suspicious man takes down fencing on January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol – has never been arrested.

    This is something we reported on before. Who were the mysterious people who arrived early at the US Capitol and took down all of the fencing and barriers while President Donald Trump was still talking at the Ellipse a mile away?

    Julie Kelly reported:

    Captain Carneysha Mendoza, a tactical commander for U.S. Capitol Police at the time, testified Wednesday how a group of agitators destroyed security barriers and lured people to Capitol grounds that afternoon:

    Defense Counsel Brad Geyer: Isn’t it true that you had a lot of people, a large quantity of people walking down two streets that dead-ended at the Capitol?

    Mendoza: Yes, sir.

    Geyer: And would it be fair to say that at least at some of the leading edges of that crowd, they contained bad people or provocateurs; is that fair?

    Mendoza: It’s fair.

    Geyer: Dangerous people?

    Mendoza: Yes.

    Geyer: Violent people?

    Mendoza: Yes.

    Geyer: Highly trained violent people?

    Mendoza: Yes.

    Geyer: Highly trained violent people who work and coordinate together?

    Mendoza: Yes

    It was a stunning admission, representing the first time a top law enforcement official stated under oath (to my knowledge) that a coordinated, experienced group of agitators engaged in much of the mischief early that day. Under further questioning, Mendoza acknowledged those same individuals “pushed through barriers, removed barriers, threw barriers over the side,
    fencing, and eased the flow of people into places where they shouldn’t be.” This happened around 1:00 p.m., the same time the joint session of Congress convened to debate the results of the 2020 presidential election.

    Hiding the pivotal role of still unidentified—and uncharged—agitators on January 6 is just one reason why the government has successfully sought to conceal thousands of hours of footage captured by the Capitol police’s security system before, during, and after the protest.

    There is now evidence that dozens of federal operatives were involved in the 2021 January 6 protests on Capitol Hill.

    The Gateway Pundit has reported on this for over two years now.

    TGP reported evidence of at least 12 incidents involving dozens of federal agents working inside the crowd on January 6.

  3. Did The Deep State Turn on Biden?
    If the exposure of Biden’s apparent mishandling of classified documents arose from an intelligence community operation, it shows that the unelected deep state is beholden to neither party.
    By Christopher Roach

    January 15, 2023
    Lately political analysis in the United States seems closer to Cold War-era Kremlinology. Small hints of what is really happening must be divined from the unintentional slips and innocuous gestures of officials. The reality of governance is concealed by a cloak of normality, procedural regularity, and legality.

    This is to be expected within party politics, where things are resolved with deals among party insiders, i.e., the proverbial “smoke filled rooms.” This is why Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar rather suddenly dropped out to make way for Joe Biden in 2020, after it appeared the divided field could end up with Bernie Sanders as the nominee.

    But this approach—secret groups secretly deciding

    But this approach—secret groups secretly deciding how to control events—is not supposed to dominate ordinary governance.

    The Deep State Revealed Itself Under Trump
    Donald Trump faced harassment from the Intelligence Community and other unelected parts of government throughout his term as president. Delaying the provision of funds Congress appropriated for Ukraine—something well within his authority as president—formed the basis of the first impeachment. A crew of insiders and bureaucrats waxed eloquent about their sacred “interagency consensus,” but the Congress and the American people were not buying it. Americans still think elections are supposed to matter.

    In spite of his manifest unpopularity and refusal even to campaign, Biden was installed as president in 2020. Having rarely met an actual Biden supporter, Trump voters were skeptical and angry. The extended recounts, unceremonious dismissal of legal challenges, and videos of disappearing ballots, along with strident denunciations of “election deniers,” did not reassure anyone. Later revelations showed the coordinated way government officials, the media, NGOs, billionaires, and others conspired to “fortify” the 2020 election.

    Biden governed as he ran: mostly hidden from the public, beholden to donors and party elders, doing as little as possible. This seemed acceptable for a while, since it allowed the various constituent parts of the government to do what they wanted with little interference. Everyone knows Biden’s never been that sharp and seems more decrepit than ever, that his vice president is even dumber than he is, and that he’s not really running anything.

    But this is all a feature, not a bug, for the cabal that brought him to office. For them, the more independence they have from oversight, the better.

  4. January 16, 2023
    Democrat godfathers (and mothers?)
    By Robert Arvay
    In the 1972 movie, The Godfather, the main character, Michael Corleone, subtly asserts that there is little substantive difference between the U.S. government and the Mafia. He even hints that U.S. senators sometimes go so far as to kill their political opponents. Nonsense, we said at the time. Our government is not an organized crime syndicate. We knew that.

    Two prominent Democrat members of Congress are soon to be removed from sensitive committee assignments, and a third is next on the list. The reasons for this are clear. Eric Swalwell, who had a sexual affair with a Chinese spy is obviously, ineligible to be trusted with military secrets. Adam Schiff repeatedly lied about closed-door proceedings targeting President Trump. Ilhan Omar has openly made pejorative remarks about Jews, while refusing to condemn (or even acknowledge) Islamic terrorism.

    None of these removals, necessary though they are, occurred while the Democrats held the House. Indeed, their speaker expressed support for them.

    To further complicate matters, all this is occurring at the same time as damning revelations are being made concerning “the big guy,” Joe Biden, who occupies the Oval Office. Big Joe has been being paid one million dollars yearly by the Communist Chinese government, laundered through the University of Pennsylvania, in return for failing to suppress Chinese spy operations in the U.S. Could a million dollars influence Joe Biden to skew the performance of his official duties in favor of the Chinese?

    Combined with the discovery that Big Joe has been hiding classified government documents in unsecured locations, such as his garage, the portrait emerging is not that of an American statesman, but rather, that of the head of a family that profits immensely by collaborating with potential wartime enemies of the United States.

    Politically, Big Joe’s scandals promise to become the proverbial millstone around Democrat necks. Indeed, that is why government agencies (read, Democrat operatives) under Biden have been concealing them. Now, however, concealment is becoming increasingly difficult, and therefore, we are witnessing the beginnings of his predictable jettisoning due to his endangering continued Democrat control of the government. Amendment 25 looms large. Near the end of The Godfather, one of his close associates is notified that he is being taken for the iconic “ride.” His pleas to “get me out of this” are callously brushed aside. Biden’s ride will be political only, but just as much of a figurative dead end.

    This raises the absurd prospect of America’s possible first female president being, not a “crooked Hillary,” but rather, a “giggling Kamala.” While it seems inconceivable that even the clownish Democrats could be so ludicrous, they are. If Biden is unable to finish his term, Kamala will inherit the presidency, but will be as much a millstone as Big Joe. Kamala’s election prospects in 2024 will be dismal. Indeed, she was summarily dismissed by Democrat voters during her brief and bungled attempt at a presidential primary campaign in 2019. Her most memorable moment occurred when fellow Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard, humiliated her on the debate stage by exposing her lies and hypocrisy. Kamala’s ride to the Oval Office was over — but this one time, Biden got her out of it, by naming her as his running mate.

    She lives; therein lies the dilemma for the Democrats.

  5. Matt Taibbi: This is the key takeaway of the Twitter Files

    Independent journalist Matt Taibbi joined ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss the significance of the Twitter Files and the politicization of the social media platform.

    • the gateway pundit – JUST IN: Another Twitter Files Drop: How the Pharmaceutical Industry Lobbied Social Media to Shape Content Around Vaccine Policy

      Journalist Lee Fang released the new Twitter Files: How the pharmaceutical industry lobbied social media to shape content around vaccine policy.

      “The push included direct pressure from Pfizer partner BioNTech to censor activists demanding low-cost generic vaccines for low-income countries.” Lee Fang said.

      zerohedge -“Deeply Sinister”: Big Pharma Bullied Twitter To Censor Cheap Vaccine Demands, ZeroHedge Articles

      Today’s Twitter Files drop contains several notable pieces of evidence.

      […]BIO provided $1,275,000 to the campaign, part of which is revealed through tax forms.

      The PGP campaign, called “Stronger,” helped Twitter create content moderation bots, select which public health accounts got verification, helped crowdsource content takedowns.


      twitter @lhfang

      1. New piece from the TWITTER FILES.

      How the pharmaceutical industry lobbied social media to shape content around vaccine policy.

      The push included direct pressure from Pfizer partner BioNTech to censor activists demanding low-cost generic vaccines for low-income countries.


      The social media pressure campaign was just a part of the pharmaceutical industry’s successful lobbying blitz to retain patents — and make record profits.

      IN MID-DECEMBER 2020, Nina Morschhaeuser, a lobbyist for Twitter in Europe, emailed colleagues with a dire warning. The drugmaker BioNTech, along with the German government, had contacted her with news of an imminent “campaign targeting the pharmaceutical companies developing the COVID-19 vaccine,” she wrote.

      MORE :

  6. mRNA Flu Vaccines: Preventing the Next Pandemic

    An experimental mRNA flu vaccine that targets 20 different strains of influenza viruses may help prevent future pandemics, says new research led by Scott Hensley, PhD, a professor of Microbiology.

    The study of the vaccine, published last week in Science, dramatically reduced signs of illness and protected from death, even for flu strains different from those used in making the vaccine.

    The vaccine uses the same messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology employed in the Pfizer and Moderna SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, pioneered at Penn by Drew Weissman, MD, PhD, the Roberts Family Professor in Vaccine Research and Director of Vaccine Research at Penn Medicine.

    • DAILY MAIL –Covid vaccines may make BOTOX wear off faster, study suggests

      Pfizer’s vaccine may impact the longevity of Botox injections, new study claims

      Israeli Botox regulars came in for top-ups around 22 days sooner post vax

      Researchers claim this could be due to vaccine’s impact on immune response

      US dermatologists say they have noticed a similar trend among their patients

      Dermatologists in the US are reportedly seeing a similar trend among Botox users.

      New York dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick addressed the topic in an Instagram reel last week.

      ‘Is the COVID vaccine why your Botox isn’t lasting as long?’ she asks in the short video, before flashing an image of the study.

      In the accompanying caption, Dr. Garshick clarified that while some dermatologists – and patients – may have noticed this phenomenon in the office, ‘more research is needed to truly understand this observation’.

      She also made sure to caveat that the potential cosmetic side-effect is not a reason to not get vaccinated.

      […] Questions over the impact of the mRNA jab on patients with filler – substances injected into the skin to add volume and fullness – were raised early on during the vaccine rollout after the FDA reported two people developing facial swelling after vaccination, both with prior histories of cosmetic filler injections.

      On both, the swelling was localized to where filler was injected but went down with anti-histamines and steroid cream.

      Doctors at the time claimed the reaction was most likely the result of the immune system revving up in the wake of the vaccine – a similar explanation to that put forward by the recent Botox-focused study.

      None of these side effects imply the Covid vaccine is unsafe, however, as many dermatologists are clear to clarify.

  7. REBEL NEWS – New Phenomenon Being Observed Since The Pandemic — The Slow Disappearance Of Cash In Establishments

    Rebel News’ Alexa Lavoie speaks with Montreal residents about the slow disappearance of cash in establishments since the pandemic.

  8. Questionable Governor Katie Hobbs Rolls Out New Budget Proposal Eliminating Border Security, Repealing School Choice Law, And $40 MILLION For In-State College Tuition For Illegal Aliens
    By Jordan Conradson
    Published January 16, 2023 at 12:00pm

    Katie Hobbs’ first budget proposal, released on Friday, January 13, calls for the defunding and total elimination of Arizona’s ‘Border Strike Force,’ $40 million for illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition rates, and the repeal of a new school voucher law giving school choice to all families.

    As The Gateway Pundit reported, in 2022, The Arizona Legislature passed a new law expanding the Empowerment Scholarship Account program, giving every family in the state the freedom to choose their child’s school no matter which school they attend.
    Katie Hobbs did everything possible to prevent this law from taking effect late last year.

    As she removes tax breaks for American families, Hobbs calls for $40 million to be used on financial aid programs for illegal immigrants.

    State Representative Joseph Chapik tweeted, “Katie Hobbs isn’t serious about protecting the border and stopping human and drug trafficking,” then said her policies are “rolling out the red carpet to illegals.”

    Breitbart reported,

    Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) is proposing a state-funded scholarship program, with $40 million in taxpayer money, to help illegal aliens attend state universities and colleges.

    In her inaugural address, Hobbs vowed to expand the Arizona Promise Scholarship Program — which helps low-income students pay tuition and fees to attend universities — while creating the “Promise for DREAMers Scholarship Program” that will “cover all students, regardless of immigration status, who attend a public university.”

    In effect, Hobbs’ initiative would spend $40 million to help funnel illegal aliens into limited spots at state universities and colleges. An estimated 2,000 illegal aliens would benefit from the initiative every school year.

    The move comes after Arizona voters approved a Republican-led law that gives in-state tuition to illegal aliens. The vote reversed a ban on in-state tuition for illegal aliens that was imposed in 2006.

    For American students in Arizona, the cost to attend college is immensely expensive. Average in-state tuition is about $4,500 but that figure goes up to more than $20,000 when books, supplies, and room and board are added on.

    Graduate degree programs in Arizona are even more costly for American students. In-state costs average more than $27,300.

    Meanwhile, university systems across the United States rely on a billion-dollar pipeline of foreign students, including thousands of illegal aliens, attending their schools. Such university systems are generating about $9 billion in revenue annually via tuition and fees from foreign students.

    Specifically, roughly 182,000 illegal aliens of the more than 400,000 illegal aliens enrolled in United States universities and colleges are eligible or enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — making up a significant portion of university systems’ billions in revenue from their foreign student pipeline.

    Arizona Senate President Warren Petersen assured Arizona on Twitter that this budget proposal was “DOA” at the Republican legislature. Petersen said they will approve a budget “that will not California our Arizona.”

    Petersen: Definitely DOA. BTW only legislators can introduce a budget. I look forward to sending our planned budget up with my colleagues that will not Calif. our AZ. Years of good policy have made us a top destination. We aren’t departing from our success and prosperity.

    It’s fitting she released this on Friday the 13th. It’s horrific,” tweeted Kari Lake.

  9. Former Commercial Airline Pilot Reveals Wealthy Elites Want UNVACCINATED PILOTS To Fly Their Jets Around The World (VIDEO)
    By Cullen Linebarger
    Published January 16, 2023 at 11:20am

    Seems ironic that wealthy elitists would choose to avoid pilots who received the COVID shot considering the time they spent promoting how safe and effective the vaccine supposedly is. Yet according to a former commercial airline pilot, these individuals would rather take their chances with unvaccinated pilots.

    Alan Dana, a former pilot for Jetstar, a Singapore-based airline, went on “Maria Zeee Uncensored” last week and revealed that wealthy businessmen were actively seeking out pilots who had not received the vaccine. These unvaccinated pilots belong to the U.S. Freedom Flyers, an anti-vaccine mandate group formed after prominent airlines in America mandated the shot.

    The U.S. Freedom Flyers Josh Yoda, he’s the president of the U.S. Freedom Flyers. He says they’re getting calls from wealthy businessmen to fly their executives around on business jets with unvaccinated crew.

    Now, they get the luxury of being able to choose because they’re still a large amount of crew available in the United States who are not vaccinated because the companies didn’t mandate it.

    These wealthy businessmen are requiring unvaccinated crew. Now, passengers on an airline who bought a ticket don’t have that luxury. It’s just like, okay.

    This news brings back memories of elitist politicians and celebrities regularly partying during the COVID lockdowns while ordinary people lost their jobs, businesses, and in some cases their lives. These corrupt individuals never believed a virus was worth putting their lives on hold yet they wanted to scare the general public into submission with lies.

    The wealthy and connected are also privy to information generally unavailable to the masses. Have these businessmen seen undisclosed data informing their flying decisions?

    Perhaps they are just simply scared about pilots suddenly passing away during flights. The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on the increasing number of incidents involving pilots either dying suddenly or fainting while flying. While no one has conclusively proven whether the COVID vaccine is responsible, ignoring these occurrences is simply imprudent.

    Now, they get the luxury of being able to choose because they’re still a large amount of crew available in the United States who are not vaccinated because the companies didn’t mandate it.

    These wealthy businessmen are requiring unvaccinated crew. Now, passengers on an airline who bought a ticket don’t have that luxury. It’s just like, okay.

    This news brings back memories of elitist politicians and celebrities regularly partying during the COVID lockdowns while ordinary people lost their jobs, businesses, and in some cases their lives. These corrupt individuals never believed a virus was worth putting their lives on hold yet they wanted to scare the general public into submission with lies.

    Pilots have a responsibility to come forward as well if they suspect a direct correlation exists between the COVID vaccine and these sudden deaths. We are only talking about potentially hundreds of passengers on a single flight dying in a crash due to the head pilot suffering a serious medical episode.

    The elite seeking out unvaccinated pilots serves as yet another example why we should judge people primarily by their actions rather than words. America for instance could certainly use a few mean tweets now over the current disaster in the White House.

  10. BIDEN ECONOMY: Real Estate Experts Are Sounding the Alarm that US Real Estate Markets Are in Big Trouble
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 16, 2023 at 12:35pm

    The FED’s increases in interest rates are starting to impact the real estate market experts warn.

    We reported late last week that banks are preparing for millions in losses in 2023. This is due to Biden’s horrible economy and rising interest rates. These are some of the highest liabilities on the books in years.

    Related to this is the expectation that the housing market “is in big trouble”.

    As the Federal Reserve continues its hawkish market reset – which has contributed to a rise in interest and mortgage rates – real estate experts are sounding the alarm that “big trouble” lies ahead for the U.S. market.

    “When you have a rise and increase in interest rates like we’ve had, that is a big problem for housing. Interest rates are like the mother’s milk of housing,” Pulte Capital CEO Bill Pulte told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo Thursday. “And if you cut it off, you’re in big trouble. And when you’ve had these massive increases in interest rates, it just puts a lot of things to a stop.”

  11. Peter Schiff: The Recession Everybody Denies Exists Is Going To Get Worse
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    MONDAY, JAN 16, 2023 – 12:20 PM

    Peter Schiff recently appeared on Dan Bongino’s Unfiltered on Fox News to talk about the economy, inflation, the stock market, the Federal Reserve and investing in 2023. Peter said the recession that everybody denies exists is going to get worse, and so is inflation.

    Some people in the mainstream seem to think a big stock market rally is in the cards. Peter said the optimism is unfounded.

  12. the Rubin Report –Debunking the Media’s Lies About Events in Brazil | Matthew Tyrmand |

    Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Matthew Tyrmand about what is really going on with the Brazil protests where Bolsonaro supporters swarmed the congress in Brasilia; how Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has used violence to silence any dissent of his administration; why Brazilians don’t trust the results of the Brazilian presidential election where Jair Bolsonaro lost; how Alexandre de Moraes has used the Brazil supreme court to consolidate immense unchecked power; and much more.

    0:00 Intro
    2:20 Who Is Matthew Tyrmand & Why Brazilians Are Protesting?
    9:55 President Lula’s Corrupt Scandals
    16:36 Why The Media Is Demonizing Bolsonaro Protestors
    33:40 Were The Brazil Protests Influenced by MAGA?
    37:08 Did Bolsonaro Flee Brazil?
    40:30 Where Can People Find Reliable News?

  13. 13 FACTS on the Dozens of Federal Operatives Who Infiltrated the Trump Crowds on January 6th at the US Capitol
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 16, 2023 at 1:15pm

    Dozens if not hundreds of government operatives infiltrated the protests at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

    FACT 1: The FBI infiltrated the Proud Boys — and their informant exonerated the Proud Boys of any conspiracy

    In July 2022 TGP contributor Cara Castronuova released whistleblower documents, text messages, and audio transcripts of FBI informant James Knowles’s communications with his FBI handlers on January 6. The evidence exonerates Trump supporters and the Proud Boys of any conspiracy or planning to storm the US Capitol, to enter the US Capitol, or to overthrow official proceedings.

    The evidence reported by Cara at The Gateway Pundit was explosive.

    IT DID NOT HAPPEN as we all know.
    Now we have the proof!

    The FBI had the evidence that there was “no conspiracy” or plans made by the Proud Boys and others to invade and take control of the US Capitol. The FBI ignored this information from their own operative. They ran with lies about an insurrection instead.

    FACT 2: The FBI was recruiting men and women to infiltrate the crowds and work as operatives prior to January 6

    On Thursday afternoon, September 30th, at 3:45 PM Eastern the FBI raided Jeremy Brown’s home and arrested Jeremy. The charge is trespassing. The FBI sent 20 vehicles for his arrest. DHS and Pinellas County law enforcement were also present. The FBI was in Jeremy’s home for 5-and-a-half hours looking for evidence.

    The FBI searched his house, RV, and trailer. Then they arrested Jeremy and took him away.

    Jeremy’s family contacted The Gateway Pundit the next morning.

    ** You can support Jeremy Brown’s fundraising effort here.

    Jeremy Brown is a Green Beret and former Republican candidate for Congress in Florida’s 14th Congressional District. Brown served in the United States Army from 1992 to 2012 and reached the rank of Special Forces Master Sergeant.

    Jeremy Brown NEVER entered the US Capitol on January 6. His actual crime was refusing to be an FBI informant as we describe below

    Not only did Jeremy refuse to work as an FBI informant on January 6th, he went public with photos and audio of the conversations he had with agents.

    As we reported months ago, Jeremy Brown refused to be an informant for the dirty FBI — They wanted him to be one of their operatives at the Jan. 6 Trump rallies.

    According to an earlier TGP report:

    The FBI called Jeremy’s cellphone and asked for a meeting after trying to contact him at his house. Jeremy then met with the FBI agents at a restaurant in Ybor City in December. He told Brandon Gray that 38 seconds into the interview the FBI attempted to recruit him to spy on the Oath Keepers.

    Jeremy refused to be an FBI informant so they stormed his home and arrested him on bogus misdemeanor charges months after the Jan. 6 protests.

    Jeremy Brown still sits in jail today a year later – an innocent man who committed no crimes.

    FACT 3: FBI wiretapped friends and family members, including children, to spy on January 6 protesters.

    FACT 4: Luke Robinson — armed J6 protester with earpiece — dropped from FBI most wanted list.

    FACT 5: AT LEAST 20 undercover FBI and ATF operatives and 3 undercover police officers were running operations in the crowd on January 6

    The FBI finally admitted in September 2021 to The New York Times that they were running informants and operatives inside groups attending the January 6 rallies in Washington DC.

    In fact, one of the first “protesters” inside the US Capitol was an FBI informant.

    What a surprise!

    There is also evidence that the US Capitol Police were also running informants and operatives inside the Trump crowd including members who entered the US Capitol with the protesters

    Now we learn that at least 20 assets from the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives were embedded in the crowds at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

    FACT 6: Ray Epps

    FACT 7: Disappearing Feds from FBI List

    FACT 8: DOJ finally admits they were running Confidential Human Sources inside the Oath Keepers organization on January 6th

    We discovered this less than a week before their sham trials in Washington, DC where they are already determined to be guilty as charged.

    FACT 9: Former DEA Agent was PRESSURED to go inside US Capitol on January 6th by an Informant “friend” he was with.

    We may never know how many confidential human sources the government was running in the massive crowd on January 6th.

    We know there were dozens of operatives in the crowd.


    FACT 10: The FBI admited in November 2022 they were running at least 8 informants inside the Proud Boys in th months leading to January 6

    Was the FBI leading the insurrection?

    FACT 11: At least 3 FBI operatives or cutouts were speaking on the Oath Keepers “walkie-talkie” app used by the Oath Keepers on January 6th. They were THE ONLY ONES calling for violence!

    We now know their names from the app: The government expressed little interest in identifying those behind the screennames on this chat-including 1% Watchdog, General Mark Davis CFA, and iWatchDirectorLaureen.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    FACT 11: At least 3 FBI operatives or cutouts were speaking on the Oath Keepers “walkie-talkie” app used by the Oath Keepers on January 6th. They were THE ONLY ONES calling for violence!

    We now know their names from the app: The government expressed little interest in identifying those behind the screennames on this chat-including 1% Watchdog, General Mark Davis CFA, and iWatchDirectorLaureen.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    For some reason they were never questioned and the DOJ did not identify them at trial.

    FACT 12: The tactical commander for the US Capitol Police admitted under oath that agitators who were highly trained ripped down fencing prior to the protest at the US Capitol on January 6.

    For some reason they were never questioned and the DOJ did not identify them at trial.

    FACT 12: The tactical commander for the US Capitol Police admitted under oath that agitators who were highly trained ripped down fencing prior to the protest at the US Capitol on January 6.

    FACT 13: January 6th was an intelligence operation run by the US government against the people of the United States.

  14. Radical Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Introduces Bill To Make White People Criticizing Minorities A Federal Offense
    By Cullen Linebarger
    Published January 16, 2023 at 1:35pm

    Race-baiting from the radical left never takes a day off, even on a day meant to promote racial healing. A Democratic Congresswoman from Texas has introduced a bill that could make criticism of non-white individuals by whites a federal crime.

    Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is so blinded by racial hatred that she is too dumb to see how such legislation will hold up in court. Let’s be clear: she really is stupid.

    It may be MLK Day, but Democrats aren’t here for all that “content of character” stuff.

    Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee, long in the running for being the vapidest member of Congress (oops, did I just commit a crime?), has introduced legislation that could make political criticism by white people against minorities a federal crime.

  15. I Have INFO on Everyone!” – Trump Taunts Joe Biden After White House Lawyer Claims There Are No Visitor Logs at Biden Delaware Home
    By Cristina Laila
    Published January 16, 2023 at 2:50pm

    President Trump on Monday taunted Joe Biden after White House lawyers claimed there are no visitor logs at Biden’s Wilmington home.

    Biden has spent 40% of his presidency on vacation at his Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach homes where there are no visitor logs.

    Like every President in decades of modern history, his personal residence is personal,” the White House Counsel’s Office told Fox News Digital. “But upon taking office, President Biden restored the norm and tradition of keeping White House visitors logs, including publishing them regularly, after the previous administration ended them.”

    It was revealed last week that Joe Biden improperly stored stolen classified documents in the garage of his Wilmington, Delaware home.

  16. Wyoming GOP Lawmakers Propose Ban on Sale of Electric Vehicles by 2035 to Protect Its Oil and Gas Industry
    By Cristina Laila
    Published January 16, 2023 at 4:58pm

    Republican Wyoming lawmakers on Friday proposed a ban on the sale of electric vehicles by 2035 to protect the state’s gas and oil industry.

    The lawmakers said the electric vehicle charging stations would require too much power to “sustain the misadventure of electric vehicles.”

    The Hill reported:

    A group of GOP Wyoming state lawmakers want to end electric vehicle sales there by 2035, saying the move will help safeguard the oil and gas industries.

    The measure, introduced to the state legislature on Friday, was sponsored by six state legislators, who said in it that electric vehicles will hinder Wyoming’s ability to trade with other states. The bill states that citizens and industries would be encouraged not to purchase electric vehicles before the ban goes into effect.

    “The proliferation of electric vehicles at the expense of gas-powered vehicles will have deleterious impacts on Wyoming’s communities and will be detrimental to Wyoming’s economy and the ability for the country to efficiently engage in commerce,” the bill reads.

    The legislation said that adding new power charging stations would require “massive” amounts of new power to “sustain the misadventure of electric vehicles.”

    Meanwhile California is forcing the sale of electric vehicles.

    Last summer California air regulators voted to ban new gas-powered car sales by 2035.

    100% of all cars sold in California by 2035 must be ‘free of fossil fuel emissions.’

    It is unclear how California drivers will be able to charge millions of electric vehicles in a state plagued by rolling blackouts.

  17. Colorado College Professor: Astrophysics is Racist Due to Emphasis on Individualism and Exceptionalism

    Professor Natalie Gosnell has declared that astrophysics is a racist field. That itself is not unique. We have discussed how professors like Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis have declared math, statistics, and technology as “inherently racist.” However, Gosnell’s reason is that academia continues to focus on “individualism” and “exceptionalism

    As an astrophysicist, I’m a product of institutions that are steeped in systemic racism and white supremacy…The [tenets] of white supremacy that show up [in physics] of individualism and exceptionalism and perfectionism… it’s either-or thinking, and there’s…no subtlety, there’s no gray area.”

    The attack on individualism and exceptionalism is a growing trend. We previously discussed how “meritocracy” is racist and furthers “white supremacy.”

    Professor Natalie Gosnell also objected to “metaphors” that she believes reflect a “violent” and “hypermasculine” bias. With the exception of the big bang theory, it is not clear what the violence inherent in the astrophysics field might be. The article mentions examples of this “violent, hyper-masculine lens” as the “Vampire Star” and “Cannibal Star.”

    It is not clear what might be suggested for feminine or non-violent alternatives, but there is a risk in proposing such changes since that could be seen as a play at “exceptionalism” as an academic.

  18. MLK Day Flashback: Joe Biden Calls Young Black Men “Predators On Our Streets” and Warns about Integration Policies Creating “Racial Jungles”
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 16, 2023 at 6:47pm

    Happy MLK Jr. Day.
    Never forget–

    Joe Biden delivered the eulogy at KKK Kleagle Robert Byrd’s funeral.

    Joe Biden warned about young black men becoming “predators on our streets” when pushing the 1994 crime bill, back when Democrats cared about crime.

    And in 1977 Joe Biden warned that non-orderly racial integration policies would cause his children to grow up in “racial jungles.”

  19. What’s life like under Hamas? ‘Whispered in Gaza’ offers unique, courageous testimony

    This article, the first in a series of three, presents eight short, animated interviews with residents of the Gaza Strip…

    The Times of Israel’s French site is carrying a French edition of the clips. An Arabic-language edition is being presented on, a Persian edition via the newspaper Kayhan, a Spanish edition on Infobae, and a Portuguese edition on RecordTV.

    The short clips – none of them longer than two and a half minutes – offer poignant insights into day-to-day life in the Strip, an area that most outsiders cannot reach and whose residents directly suffer from the consequent lack of understanding.

    We meet ordinary people telling authentic stories about common problems that are drastically exacerbated by Hamas’s control, ordinary people with expectations and aspirations and dreams – from running a pharmacy to working as a journalist to simply dancing – that they are forbidden from realizing.
    I’ll embed one from YT. See others at ToI link above.
    “My Brother is Gone”

    Fatima’s brother used to work as a street vendor, selling vegetables his mother grew. But Hamas police in Gaza would confiscate his wares, demanding bribes to let him work and threatening him with jail, beatings, and worse.

  20. It’s a Clean Up Job…They Are Trying to Cover-Up Something Else” – Christina Bobb on Biden’s Classified Document Crimes
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 16, 2023 at 8:25pm

    Christina Bobb, Attorney for President Trump’s 2024 Campaign, was on the War Room this morning to discuss Biden’s classified document crimes and cover-up.

    Steve Bannon invited Christina Bobb on the War Room this morning to discuss the Biden classified document crimes.

    Bannon shared that Bobb is not simply a lawyer, but she is a Marine Corps Major. He also said he didn’t want to take the bait between Trump and Biden’s classified document cases because there’s no comparison.

    Bannon went on to mention that Dana Remus, Biden’s former White House Counsel, is not “doing storage movement”.

    You don’t have arguably the most powerful lawyer in Washington DC. I say Bob Bauer and her are the most powerful lawyers because they represent Joe Biden as a person. She represented the office of the President as White House Counsel and now she’s not over there rumaging…and they moved these things multiple times.

    Even NBC notes these are the most classified documents we have. They have compartmented top secret, we know they are about Ukraine. They already leaked that…Why would a personal lawyer of Biden be rumaging around that closet ma’am?

    Bobb replied:

    Quite possibly. I think you hit the nail on the head earlier in the show. It’s a clean-up job. There’s no reason for her to be out there, other than they are trying to cover up something else.

    And if you have Adam Schiff, the New York Times, CNN, and all these Democrats saying, oh his inadvertent mishandling of classified documents. They’re all singing that song. It lets you know that that’s the cover-up it’s not the actual story. So I don’t think the actual story has come out yet.

    Bobb goes on to say:

    The fact that it is about Ukraine is extremely, extremely interesting…I don’t believe for a second that the media is telling the story honestly.


    Much was said before Bannon shared the following about the corrupt Democrats and their response to Biden’s classified document crimes:

    They are in full panic mode. You can’t get any folks heavier on the Democratic side.

    Watch the entire interview below:

  21. Dr. Harriet Hall, Staunch Critic of Anti-vaxxers and Alternative Medicine, Dies in Her Sleep
    By Jim Hoft
    Published January 16, 2023 at 8:00pm

    Dr. Harriet “The SkepDoc” Hall, an author of a science medicine blog slamming the anti-vaxxers and critic of alternative medicine, died suddenly in her sleep last week.

    Dr. Hall is a retired Air Force physician and flight surgeon who writes about pseudoscience and questionable medical practices.

    This is Kirk Hall, Harriet’s husband. I know Harriet’s work was followed and admired by many of you. It is with great sadness that I must tell you my beloved wife passed away quietly and unexpectedly in her sleep last night,” Harriet’s husband wrote on Facebook.

    “At this moment, she would probably simply ask you to have a kind thought for her, be kind to each other and continue to support her belief in the truth,” the post added.

  22. LEO HOHMANN: Biden Signs On to “Declaration of North America” (DNA) with Canada and Mexico – Is the Planned North America Union Making a Comeback?
    By Joe Hoft
    Published January 16, 2023 at 7:40pm

    Biden signs onto ‘Declaration of North America (DNA)’ with Canada and Mexico: Is the planned North American Union making a comeback?
    Guest post by Leo Hohmann – reprinted with permission.

    Joe Biden met last week in Mexico City with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the 10th North American Leaders’ Summit.

    The three leaders signed onto a document that looks like a prelude to a North American Union, which the globalists talked a lot about during the George W. Bush presidency. It looks like the push toward a merger of the U.S., Canada and Mexico may be back on the front burner if this document is any indication.

  23. Persecuted Brazilian Journalist Recounts his Torture – “God, Homeland, Family and Freedom – They Took it All”
    By Richard Abelson
    Published January 16, 2023 at 9:10pm

    The Communist crackdown continues in Brazil as leading conservative network Jovem Pan was taken off the air and forced to fire top journalists including Paulo Figueiredo Filho, Rodrigo Constantino and Zoe Martinez. Gateway Pundit interviewed Oswaldo Eustáquio, who was arrested on orders of the Supreme Court three times and tortured in 2020. He is now in hiding.

    On December 22, 2022, power-mad Chief Justice Alexanre der Moraes ordered the arrest of Jovem Pan journalist Oswaldo Eustáquio for the crime of attending protests and urging the Military to invoke Article 142, which allows the military to intervene in conflicts between branches of government

    Oswaldo Eustáquio is an award-winning journalist. In 2009, he produced the film Quebrando o Silêncio, about the killing of indigenous babies in Brazil, which received the International Young Peace Prize in 2009. In December 2018, he was part of President Jair Bolsonaro’s transition team.

    In 2019, US journalist Glenn Greenwald published hacked phone calls meant to exonerate current president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who was in prison at the time, serving a 10-year sentence over the 17 billion $ Car Wash embezzlement scandal.

    Eustáquio was the first journalist to identify Greenwald’s hackers, who hacked the conversations of the prosecutors and Judge Moro, who had busted Lula and 200 other corrupt politicians. 14 days after his report, the hackers were arrested.

    Eustáquio relentlessly attacked Greenwald, who lives in Brazil with his husband, Rio Senator David Miranda. Eustáquio accused Greenwald of hiring young Brazilian men to produce porn films, and accused Miranda of having been a callboy. Miranda and Greenwald recruited young men from the favelas and paid them 1000 Reals for performing in gay porn films for Greenwald’s company Hairy Studs, which began making films in Rio de Janeiro in 2005, as Agora Parana reported 2019. Greenwald acknowledged his porn career to New York Daily News.

  24. “Iran Sending Hezbollah Terrorists to Ukraine to Assist Russia with Drone Attacks”

    Iran is reportedly planning on sending Hezbollah fighters to Ukraine to aid the Russians in operating Iranian-made drones.

    A source associated with the Syrian opposition (USA-aligned Kurds) reports that Iran is planning on sending 150 Hezbollah militants currently stationed in Syria to Ukraine to assist the Russians in operating the Iranian-made drones.

    According to the source, the militants who are set to depart to Ukraine have gathered at the village of al-Dimass, located west of Damascus near Syria’s border with Lebanon (in case anyone needs to know where they are).

    …in case anyone needs to know where they are…
    That’s the whole point here.

    Both sides have been using jihadis as mercs since the beginning. Like toilet paper.

    Putin and the Filthy Turk seem to agree that dispensing excess jihadis post-ISIS is desirable. For another example, consider the proxy war in Libya. Competing sponsors share observations as they watch together from Sochi. (Enjoying ice-cream rather than popcorn.)

    Putin pays mercs very well and promptly. A Twisted Raghead wets its beak, congestion at Afghan refugee camps is relieved.

    Both Putin and Assad are eager to diminish the presence of Iran in Syria. But that’s complicated. They still need warm bodies to keep out the Sultan-wannabe and Western imperialists. This “coalition of the willing” inspires legions of editorial cartoonists.

    For the “Special Military Operation” Iran is especially useful – and drones are the least of it. It’s the direct corridor to India, Russia’s BFF. Both share an interest in balancing China to some extent. Neither likes Iran, Turkey, or China.

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