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  1. Dispatches from the Killing Fields – Around the World


    Poster Boy for Vaccination Campaign Dies Suddenly at Just 4 Years Old

    It looks like in the Netherlands one in 1200 people who were vaccinated has died.



    The stage is set for US combat troops in Ukraine and WWIII







  2. FTX Isn’t The Canary In The Coal-Mine, FTX Is The Coal-Mine… & It Just Collapsed”
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    SUNDAY, NOV 13, 2022 – 10:00 PM

    Bitcoin Hodlers: Time is Running Out to Convert Nothing into Something
    Three key takeaways:

    For weeks, the Bitcoin market has looked propped up by the whales, especially after the recent FTX disaster.

    Bitcoin hodlers should strongly consider moving into gold, silver, or at least Ether.

    Full disclosure, I have a complicated relationship with Crypto

    Artificial Market
    I have specifically avoided writing about Bitcoin despite having strong opinions on the subject. Bitcoin is a very hot topic, and most people have already made up their minds. In short, I think it has zero value but that argument has been made many times before so I couldn’t add anything new to the conversation.

    Full disclosure, I have been in the Crypto market since 2013 and am net positive. That said, given recent market events, I cannot sit by in good conscience without giving fair warning. This is not a Bitcoin is worthless analysis, this is a wake-up call to push people to ask what is keeping this market from imploding. FTX isn’t the canary in the coal mine (that was Celsius, or one of the other firms that crashed this year). FTX is the coal mine, and it just collapsed.

    I think the data shows that this market is being propped up by whales. If the dam breaks it could send markets crashing. Back on Oct 31, before anything happened with FTX, I texted a close friend:

    My new theory is that the whales are not trying to pump the price anymore. Instead, they are trying to stabilize the price to win back institutional investors. I have never seen bitcoin price volatility so low over a 6 month stretch in 10 years. It just totally stopped moving after an epic collapse back in June. No bounce, no continuation, no nothing. Just super tight price range even while the stock market has continued falling.

      • How World Economic Forum, others are hiding their past ties with FTX

        The shocking implosion of the FTX crypto exchange has become an embarrassment for a who’s who among global elites, with some issuing mea culpas — and others apparently scrambling to hide their ties to its disgraced, 30-year-old founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

        Web archive sites show that the World Economic Forum — whose glitzy shindig in Davos, Switzerland, is a must-attend for billionaires and world leaders each year — had previously listed FTX as one of its “partners,” touting the Bahamas-based firm as a “cryptocurrency exchange built by traders, for traders.”

        Bankman-Fried also was a speaker at Davos last May alongside luminaries such as Google financial chief Ruth Porat and Bill Winters, CEO of the London-based financial giant Standard Chartered. Nevertheless, WEF has since scrubbed any mention of FTX from its website in the days after the crypto exchange filed for bankruptcy.

        The Geneva-based organization headed by Klaus Schwab didn’t immediately respond to Post inquiries. According to one WEF insider, Bankman-Fried likely landed on the group’s site because he donated cash to the group, in addition to his upcoming speaking gig.

        “World Economic Forum survives on donations from outside organizations and companies that are typically aligned with their mission and politics,” the source told The Post.

        The WEF isn’t the only group that has egg on its face from its cheerleading for FTX and Bankman-Fried, whose $16 billion fortune evaporated in a matter of days — a stunning collapse that has elicited comparisons to Lehman Brothers and Enron. Bankman-Fried is under federal investigation.

        Photographs circulated online over the weekend showing former President Bill Clinton sitting next to Bankman-Fried on stage — along with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair — at an event in the Bahamas this past April.

        The Post has sought comment from Clinton’s office.

        While big financial firms like Sequoia Capital, SoftBank and BlackRock have revealed FTX losses in public filings, insiders say wealthier individuals bought in privately, typically plowing money into FTX through family offices.

        “This is like a Madoff situation … almost everyone in tech and Hollywood invested in this thing,” one investor close to FTX told The Post. “Now no one wants to admit to it.”

        One insider told The Post that Jan Koum — the Ukrainian billionaire who co-founded WhatsApp and sold it to Facebook for $19 billion in 2014 — bought a stake through his family office. Reps for Koum didn’t respond to requests for comment.

        Twitter users promoted a video over the weekend showing CNBC investing maven Jim Cramer touting Bankman-Fried as “the JP Morgan of his generation.” The Post has reached out to Cramer and CNBC seeking comment.

        Kevin O’Leary — the “Shark Tank” investor who also admitted he has taken a bath on an FTX bet — posted a mea culpa on his Twitter account over the weekend, telling his 951,000 followers: “As an investor, you will never get it right every time. You will make some mistakes. Sometimes big ones like FTX.”

        Tom Brady and now-ex-wife Gisele Bündchen are among FTX’s most recognizable victims. After starring in several TV commercials promoting the crypto exchange, they got an equity stake in FTX that’s now likely worthless. Golden State Warriors basketball star Steph Curry was also given an equity stake in FTX. Curry, Brady and Bündchen were not immediately available for comment.

        Elsewhere, Bankman-Fried’s FTX earlier this year collaborated with former White House advisor Anthony Scaramucci’s SALT conference to launch a star-studded cryptocurrency summit in the Bahamas.

        “We are thrilled to welcome FTX as SALT’s premier global partner and to launch Crypto Bahamas. Sam and the FTX team are building the most important company in crypto and the financial industry more broadly,” Scaramucci said at the time.

        The Salt Crypto Bahamas Conference included the now-infamous scene in which Bankman-Fried shared the stage with supermodel Bündchen to talk about sustainability practices within the crypto sector.

        As Bankman-Fried’s estimated fortunate ballooned as high as $26 billion during the pandemic-era cryptocurrency boom, the FTX founder used the windfall to cultivate cozy relationships in media.

        Bankman-Fried was an early financial booster for Semafor, the blue-chip news startup co-founded by New York Times veteran Ben Smith and former Bloomberg CEO Justin B. Smith.

        The ex-billionaire poured money into Semafor in a Series A fundraising round that also drew contributions from media types such as The Atlantic chairman emeritus David G. Bradley and The Information founder Jessica Lessin.

        Semafor mentioned its ties to Bankman-Fried in its reporting on FTX’s abrupt bankruptcy filing last week. The outlet also addressed its dealings with the FTX founder in a story revealing Bankman-Fried wanted to start a competitor to publishing platform Substack, staffed with his “favorite writers.”

        “We closed our seed round in May and received all investments in full in USD. While we are monitoring the evolving situation closely, we don’t anticipate an impact on our financial outlook or our business,” Semafor spokesperson Meera Pattni said in a statement.

        The Post has reached out to Semafor for further comment.

        Bankman-Fried’s family foundation also gave a $5 million grant to ProPublica earlier this year to “support investigations into ongoing questions about the COVID-19 pandemic, biosecurity and public health preparedness.”

        In June, Puck News reported that Bankman-Fried was hiring staffers with experience in journalism to advise him on media relations strategy for his pet projects, including future pandemic preparedness. His aides purportedly took meetings with “several newsrooms” on potential nonprofit and for-profit partnerships — all funded by Bankman-Fried.

        Bankman-Fried was open about his ambitions to become a political kingmaker — once declaring that he planned to spend a whopping $1 billion in the 2024 presidential election cycle. He later walked back that brazen claim, describing it as a “dumb quote.”

        The disgraced executive may have dialed back the extent of his planned political spending, but he was still a major booster of left-leaning candidates and causes during the 2022 midterm elections. He was the Democratic Party’s second-biggest donor, trailing only George Soros.

        Bankman-Fried spent an estimated $36 million on political donations during the stretch run — most of which fueled Democrat-tied causes, according to the Financial Times.

        Some $27 million went to Protect Our Future, a super PAC backing Democratic candidates committed to pandemic prevention. His spending included a disastrous $11 million investment in the campaign of Carrick Flynn, a first-time House candidate in Oregon who failed to advance past the primary.

        Bankman-Fried’s sudden downfall has rankled some within the Democratic Party who expected a major influx of donor cash in the months ahead.

        “Sam didn’t live up to his commitments,” one Democratic lobbyist told the outlet.

        As for the WEF, its ties with Bankman-Fried extend to his family as well. His aunt, Linda P. Fried, an epidemiologist who serves as the dean of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, is listed on the WEF’s website.

        In 2012, Linda P. Fried contributed to a WEF-funded study on the aging global population. The Post has sought comment from her.

    • Manhattan US Attorney Office Probing FTX Collapse
      Tyler Durden’s Photo
      MONDAY, NOV 14, 2022 – 09:41 AM
      With Bahamanian regulators and local police investigating SBF – who last night was so drunk and/or high he tried tweeting and failed miserably…

      … for “criminal misconduct”, the democrat-controlled US judicial system has finally been dragged kicking and screaming into investigating the single biggest fraud in crypto history, and the second biggest Democratic donor in recent history…

    • FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Lists Bahamas Penthouse For $40 Million
      Tyler Durden’s Photo
      MONDAY, NOV 14, 2022 – 10:49 AM
      FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried has listed his Bahamas penthouse for sale at $39,500,000 following the collapse of his net worth when his crypto exchange imploded.

      12,000 square-ft, five bedroom residence is located in the luxury Albany resort was listed last week, according to Semafor, however the realtor declined to name the owner. That said, people close to current and former FTX employees who have been at the residence confirmed that it was SBF’s pad.

      After growing to become one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, FTX filed for bankruptcy on Friday, while Bankman-Fried, resigned as CEO. He has been reportedly looking to liquidate other holdings in recent days, with the Financial Times reporting that he was looking to offload his large stake in brokerage Robinhood, worth around $472 million, for a 20% discount.

    • Coincidence? Zelensky Calls for Peace Just Days After FTX Is Caught Funneling Millions of Ukrainian Aide Dollars to US Democrats
      By Jim Hoft
      Published November 14, 2022 at 6:25pm

      The CEO of now-bankrupt FTX admitted that FTX was nothing more than a laundromat for the Ukrainian government.

      TGP previously reported that the now-bankrupt FTX was transferring international funding to FTX and then laundering money back from Ukraine to the Democrat Party.

      On Sunday The Gateway Pundit posted an interview where Bankman-Fried admitted that FTX was laundering money for the Ukrainian government.

      Bankman-Fried was the second largest donor for Democrats this last election cycle, only behind megadonor George Soros. Bankman Fried gave at least $38 million to $40 million to Democrats, leftist causes, PACs, and candidates, Fox News reported.

      Bankman-Fried floated the idea of spending upwards of $1 billion in the 2024 presidential election if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.

      The billions of dollars that the US sent to Ukraine over the past two decades need to be audited and investigated.

      And, just like that… On Monday Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky called for peace with Russia.

      President Zelensky: “We are ready for peace, peace for our entire country.”

      Probably just a coincidence?

      It’s time for peace.

    • THE COVERUP BEGINS: Investigators at DOJ’s Corrupt Southern District of New York Investigating FTX
      By Joe Hoft
      Published November 14, 2022 at 5:00pm

      The FTX bankruptcy is now attracting the attention of some of the most notorious groups on earth.

      TGP reported on FTX this weekend with the most shocking news contained in this article attached below.

      The FTX story can be summarized as follows:

      Last week, investors rushed to withdraw their funds from FTX, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, fearing that it was about to collapse.

      We’re still trying to put the pieces together

      The FTX story can be summarized as follows:

      Last week, investors rushed to withdraw their funds from FTX, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, fearing that it was about to collapse.

      The company’s owner, Sam Bankman-Fried, claimed that there was no risk to the fund. That turned out not to be true: On Friday, FTX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and Bankman-Fried stepped down as CEO.

      It has since been reported that at least $1 billion of customers’ money has gone missing, and there were rumors that Bankman-Fried had fled to South America, which he denied.

      In addition to at least $1 billion lost we also uncovered that FTX was involved in transactions with Ukraine. We also know that the now-former CEO of FTX presented with Bill Clinton at the recent Clinton Global Initiative. If the Clintons are related to it, it has to be shady.

    • Massive 2200-word article on SBF in the NYT.

      Mentions of donations to democrats = 0


      NYT – How Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Empire Collapsed

      Mr. Bankman-Fried said in an interview that he had expanded too fast and failed to see warning signs. But he shared few details about his handling of FTX customers’ funds.

      In less than a week, the cryptocurrency billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried went from industry leader to industry villain, lost most of his fortune, saw his $32 billion company plunge into bankruptcy and became the target of investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department.

      But in a wide-ranging interview on Sunday that stretched past midnight, he sounded surprisingly calm. “You would’ve thought that I’d be getting no sleep right now, and instead I’m getting some,” he said. “It could be worse.”

      The empire built by Mr. Bankman-Fried, who was once compared to titans of finance like John Pierpont Morgan and Warren Buffett, collapsed last week after a run on deposits left his crypto exchange, FTX, with an $8 billion shortfall, forcing the firm to file for bankruptcy. The damage has rippled across the industry, destabilizing other crypto companies and sowing widespread distrust of the technology.

      Besides some Twitter posts, messages to employees and occasional texts to reporters, Mr. Bankman-Fried, 30, has said little publicly over the last week. In the interview on Sunday, he voiced numerous regrets over the collapse of FTX.

      But he would offer only limited details about the central questions swirling around him: whether FTX improperly used billions of dollars of customer funds to prop up a trading firm that he also founded, Alameda Research. The Justice Department and the S.E.C. are examining that relationship.

      Alameda had accumulated a large “margin position” on FTX, essentially meaning it had borrowed funds from the exchange, Mr. Bankman-Fried said. “It was substantially larger than I had thought it was,” he said. “And in fact the downside risk was very significant.” He said the size of the position was in the billions of dollars but declined to provide further details.

      Mr. Bankman-Fried did, however, agree with critics in the crypto community who said he had expanded his business interests too quickly across a wide swath of the industry. He said his other commitments had led him to miss signs that FTX was running into trouble.

      “Had I been a bit more concentrated on what I was doing, I would have been able to be more thorough,” he said. “That would have allowed me to catch what was going on on the risk side.”

      Mr. Bankman-Fried, who is based in the Bahamas, declined to comment on his current location, citing safety concerns. Lawyers for FTX and Mr. Bankman-Fried did not respond to requests for comment.

      Mr. Bankman-Fried’s fall has stunned the crypto world. But in recent months, warning signs had emerged that his business empire was in peril and that his ambitions exceeded his grasp, according to interviews with nine of his colleagues and business partners, as well as internal messages obtained by The New York Times.

      As he embarked on a buying spree this year, investing in beleaguered crypto companies, he wasn’t sharing information with key staff. When he was told that he was overextended and was encouraged to hire more employees, he resisted the suggestions. And in Washington, he was pushing an ambitious regulatory agenda while speaking critically about Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive of the rival exchange Binance, who eventually mobilized his extensive Twitter following to set off the run on FTX.

      Despite the billions that venture capital firms put into the company, FTX had none of those outside investors on its board. In the Bahamas, Mr. Bankman-Fried led a sometimes cloistered existence, surrounded by a small coterie of colleagues, some of whom were in romantic relationships with other FTX employees, according to four people familiar with the matter. He and his top lieutenants lived together in a penthouse in Albany, a 600-acre oceanside resort on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas.

      Asked whether he was overly dependent on that small group, Mr. Bankman-Fried said his circle of close colleagues numbered about 15. “Realistically speaking, I don’t think anyone can maintain close contact and close communication with more than 15 people,” he said.

      The relationship between Alameda and FTX was the root of Mr. Bankman-Fried’s downfall. He founded the trading firm in 2017 and rented offices in Berkeley, Calif., not far from where he had grown up as the son of Stanford Law professors. Soon the company made millions of dollars exploiting inefficiencies in the Bitcoin market.

      In 2019, Mr. Bankman-Fried relocated the company to Hong Kong, a friendlier regulatory environment. He moved with a small band of traders — including Caroline Ellison, a former trader at the financial firm Jane Street — and went on to start FTX, a marketplace for crypto investors to buy, sell and store digital assets.

      FTX and Alameda were closely linked. Alameda traded heavily on the FTX platform, meaning it sometimes benefited when FTX’s other customers lost money, a dynamic that critics called a conflict of interest. In the past, Mr. Bankman-Fried has defended the arrangement, saying Alameda provided crucial liquidity — injections of capital that enabled others customers to complete transactions on the exchange.

      Alameda was run by Ms. Ellison, but Mr. Bankman-Fried was also involved, contributing to the decision-making on big trades, a person familiar with the company’s inner workings said. At times, there did not appear to be much of a firewall between the businesses. Alameda was supposed to operate out of a separate office, but a guest who visited FTX’s complex in recent months said Ms. Ellison had been sitting within view of computers displaying the exchange’s trading data.

      In addition to Mr. Bankman-Fried and Ms. Ellison, the circle of executives running the crypto operation in the Bahamas included Nishad Singh, FTX’s director of engineering; Gary Wang, the exchange’s chief technology officer; and Ramnik Arora, the head of product.

      Mr. Bankman-Fried moved FTX to the Bahamas in 2021, drawn by a regulatory setup that allowed him to offer risky trading options that weren’t legal in the United States. On the exchange, investors could borrow money to make big bets on the future value of cryptocurrencies.

      He lived in a five-bedroom penthouse in the Albany resort’s Orchid building, with Ms. Ellison, Mr. Singh, Mr. Wang and six others. Mr. Bankman-Fried and Ms. Ellison were at times romantically involved, two people said.

      Mr. Bankman-Fried said he and Ms. Ellison were no longer in a romantic relationship but declined to comment further. Ms. Ellison did not respond to a request for comment. Many details of the relationships among FTX’s leadership team were previously reported in the crypto publication CoinDesk.

      Mr. Bankman-Fried’s circle of colleagues was bound by a commitment to effective altruism, a charitable movement that urges adherents to give away their wealth in efficient and logical ways. For co-workers outside the clique, it was sometimes difficult to get time speaking with Mr. Bankman Fried, a person familiar with the matter said. And Mr. Bankman-Fried made it a point of pride that FTX had only about a 300-person staff, much smaller than its top rivals, Binance and Coinbase.

      Even as he kept hiring down, Mr. Bankman-Fried built an ambitious philanthropic operation, invested in dozens of other crypto companies, bought stock in the trading firm Robinhood, donated to political campaigns, gave media interviews and offered Elon Musk billions of dollars to help finance the mogul’s Twitter takeover.

      Mr. Bankman-Fried said he wished “we’d bitten off a lot less.”

      “The venture stuff was probably not really worth it given the attention that it took,” he said, referring to his investments in other companies.

      Perhaps Mr. Bankman-Fried’s most ambitious aim was to shape crypto regulation in Washington, where he testified to Congress and met with regulators. He also used his growing influence in the capital to criticize his biggest rival, Mr. Zhao, in private meetings, people familiar with the matter said.

      Attacking Mr. Zhao “was not a good strategic move on my part,” Mr. Bankman-Fried said on Sunday. “I was pretty frustrated at a lot of what I saw happening, but I should’ve understood that it was not a good decision of me to express that.”

      A former investor in FTX, Mr. Zhao still owned a large amount of FTT, a cryptocurrency that FTX invented to facilitate trading on its platform. On Nov. 6, Mr. Zhao announced on Twitter that he was selling the FTT, spooking customers who rushed to withdraw their FTX deposits.

      “We won’t pretend to make love after divorce,” Mr. Zhao wrote on Twitter. “We won’t support people who lobby against other industry players behind their backs.”

      When FTX collapsed, Mr. Zhao initially agreed to buy the exchange in what would have amounted to a bailout. But soon the deal fell through, after Binance found problems in the company’s financials. In a Signal group chat that included Mr. Bankman-Fried and other FTX representatives, Mr. Zhao posted a curt note, according to two people familiar with the matter. “Sam, I’m sorry,” he wrote, “but we won’t be able to continue this deal. Way too many issues. CZ.”

      Mr. Bankman-Fried scrambled to line up new financing. “I shouldn’t throw stones in a glass house, so I’ll hold back a bit,” he said in a message to employees obtained by The Times. “Except to say: probably they never really planned to go through with the deal.”

      Meanwhile, at a meeting with Alameda employees on Wednesday, Ms. Ellison explained what had caused the collapse, according to a person familiar with the matter. Her voice shaking, she apologized, saying she had let the group down. Over recent months, she said, Alameda had taken out loans and used the money to make venture capital investments, among other expenditures.

      Around the time the crypto market crashed this spring, Ms. Ellison explained, lenders moved to recall those loans, the person familiar with the meeting said. But the funds that Alameda had spent were no longer easily available, so the company used FTX customer funds to make the payments. Besides her and Mr. Bankman-Fried, she said, two other people knew about the arrangement: Mr. Singh and Mr. Wang.

      The meeting was previously reported by The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Singh did not respond to a request for comment, and Mr. Wang could not be reached. According to a person familiar with FTX’s finances, the exchange lent as much as $10 billion to Alameda.

      As FTX has crumbled, Mr. Bankman-Fried has been “working constructively with regulators, bankruptcy officials and the company to try to do what’s best for consumers,” he said on Sunday.

      His management of FTX is now the subject of an inquiry by federal prosecutors in New York, who have begun contacting possible witnesses, according to a person familiar with the matter. Others associated with FTX have started reaching out to lawyers for potential representation, said several people briefed on the matter. FTX is being represented in the investigations and the bankruptcy by the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, while lawyers from Paul Weiss are representing Mr. Bankman-Fried.

      In the interview, Mr. Bankman-Fried declined to discuss the prospect of prison time.

      “People can say all the mean things they want about me online,” he said. “In the end, what’s going to matter to me is what I’ve done and what I can do.”

      He has also found other ways to occupy his time in recent days, playing the video game Storybook Brawl, though less than he usually does, he said. “It helps me unwind a bit,” he said. “It clears my mind.”

      Shortly before the interview, Mr. Bankman-Fried had posted a cryptic tweet: the word “What.” Then he had tweeted the letter H. Asked to explain, Mr. Bankman-Fried said he planned to post the letter A and then the letter P. “It’s going to be more than one word,” he said. “I’m making it up as I go.”

      So he was planning a series of cryptic tweets? “Something like that.”

      But why? “I don’t know,” he said. “I’m improvising. I think it’s time.”
      Forbes Explains What FTX Investors Stand To Lose

    • yahoo – SEC Chair Gary Gensler under fire amid FTX crypto chaos

      … how lawmakers have responded to the FTX collapse, the outlook for crypto regulation now, and accusations lobbied at SEC Chair Gary Gensler for working with Sam Bankman-Fried.

      + comments on the YT page

  3. Pelosi Says Trump 2024 Bid Would Be ‘Bad News For The Country’
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    MONDAY, NOV 14, 2022 – 08:25 AM
    Authored by Rita Li via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) warned against a 2024 run by former President Donald Trump, which she claimed to be “bad news for the country,” while saying President Joe Biden should run again.

    When asked on ABC News’ “This Week” whether a Trump 2024 presidential bid would be “good news” for Democrats, the speaker rejected the idea. “It’s bad news for the country, let’s put it that way,” Pelosi told host George Stephanopoulos without pushing back on the assumption.

    “This will be a very important election, very dispositive of the direction our country will go in,” Pelosi said, before giving her full support for Biden’s leadership and a possible reelection bid.

    “[Biden] has just done so many things that are so great, we need a lot more shows to talk about it,” she said of Biden. “He’s put money in people’s pockets, vaccines in their arms, children back to school, people back to work, for starters. … He has been a great president, and he has a great record to run on.”

  4. IMPOSSIBLE: Despite Only 17% Democrat Turnout on Election Day – Katie Hobbs and Democrats Are Winning Over 50% of Maricopa County Election Day Totals
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 13, 2022 at 8:44pm

    On Election night at 8 PM Uplift Data released its final hourly results on the Arizona and Maricopa County elections.

    Throughout the election cycle, Uplift posted the latest updates on mail-in ballot counts on its website as ballots arrived in the weeks leading up to Election Day. This was a great tool for Democrats to understand the real-time results. On Election Day Uplift tracked the hourly reported results from precincts across Maricopa County.

    When the polls closed at 8:00 PM MT Uplift released its final analysis from the day.

    Maricopa County turnout numbers on Election Day at 8:00 PM:

    Republicans received 52.7% of the vote.
    “Other” received 30.7% of the vote.
    Democrats received 16.6% of the vote.

    • Another* Poll Book Discrepancy Identified! This Time in Virginia’s Prince William County (VIDEO)
      By Brian Lupo
      Published November 14, 2022 at 6:10pm

      Over the weekend, The Gateway Pundit published compelling evidence that the electronic poll books can and have been manipulated to inflate the voter counts, whether intentionally or not.

      In Dallas County, TX, one precinct caught in real-time. They provided video evidence as well as testimony validating that voters were in fact being added to the poll books shortly before and immediately after polls had closed.

      If you are going to inject ballots into an election, as seems to be the case in Columbia, New Hampshire where over 1200 people voted in a town of just 695, you have to have voters injected as well to account for the excess ballots.

      In addition to the Poll Pad debacle in Dallas County, we have strong evidence that this occurred in Georgia as well. Because of Georgia law, however, poll watchers are not able to see the poll pads directly and only rely on the numbers called out by poll workers every 2 hours

      Now a third location has confirmed a discrepancy with the poll books. At least two precincts in Virginia’s Prince William County had more voters checked in than they had physical ballots.

      According to

      Electoral Process Education Corporation (EPEC), a non-profit 501c (3) that performs election data analysis, is urging Virginia’s public election officials to verify scanner machine ballot counts before certification of results in key precincts as a result of recent findings.

      The recommendation comes after election officers, analysts and observers discovered discrepancies in the data reported to and provided by the Virginia Department of Elections (“ELECT”). The findings raise questions about the proper certification of the machines in question, and whether issues were addressed according to statewide election protocols.

      In at least two precincts in Prince William County (PWC) the number of physical ballots cast and accumulated was different than the machine scanner’s tally of ballots, as reported by election officers. The numbers must align as part of the precinct’s tracking of total ballots cast at the voting location.

      Although the number of ballots impacted was small, the repeated findings raise questions about the origin of the errors and whether the machines were operating correctly.

      In Virginia’s VA-7 Congressional District Race, election officers observed differences in ballot counts of voters who were checked in with pollbooks compared to the actual number of ballots in the machines throughout the day. When the election officers went to close out the polling station, they discovered a ballot scanner with 27 more ballots represented in the electronic total than physical ballots present inside the machine’s collection bin. The scanner reported 531 ballots scanned and recorded, but only 504 physical ballots were in the collection bin underneath the scanner.

      The Democrat candidate received 22 of the unexplained votes, a 7.86% difference compared to the physical ballot tally for the candidate. The Republican candidate received another 3 votes, a 1.34% difference over the physical ballot tally for the candidate. There were 2 write-in ballots.

      The House of Representatives race between Abigail Spencer (D) and Yesli Vega (R) was separated by less than 12,000 votes out of 270,000 cast. Precincts are being urged to count the total number of ballots by hand and compare them to the poll books to ensure accuracy.

      There will be much more to come on this story!

    • Arizona Results Like the 2020 Results are Uncertifiable – There Are Too Many Infractions to Certify These Results
      By Joe Hoft
      Published November 14, 2022 at 7:15pm

      Like the 2020 Election for President, there is no way the 2022 Election in multiple states can be certified. The results of this election like the last are uncertifiable. You cannot certify fraud.

      Steve Bannon had Kari Lake’s advisor Caroline Wren on the War Room – unfortunately she must not have understood his final question

      Bannon asked whether the election results in Maricopa County could be certified. Ms. Wren deferred the answer.

  5. FLASHBACK: FOX 10 Arizona Flashed Katie Hobbs as Gubernatorial Winner 12 Days Before Election — When She Was Behind by 11 Points in Their Own Poll
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 14, 2022 at 8:30am

    On Thursday October 27, less than two weeks before the midterm election, Arizona’s FOX 10 Channel aired the “results” of the upcoming gubernatorial election before the actual election took place during their live broadcast.

    FOX 10 posted an election update in the lower lefthand corner of their screen with Democrat Katie Hobbs ahead in the race by 7 points.

    At the time, Katie Hobbs trailed Republican Kari Lake by 11 points in the latest FOX 10 poll

  6. Flashback… Barack Obama in 2008: “I Tell You, It Helps in Ohio that We Got Democrats in Charge of the Machines” (Video)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published November 14, 2022 at 8:00am

    A new video popped up this weed of Barack Obama campaigning at Kent State University during the 2008 election.

    Obama told the crowd in Philadelphia, Ohio, that it was good that Democrats control the election voting machines

    Barack Obama: “I tell you what, it helps in Ohio that we got Democrats in charge of the machines. But look, I come from Chicago so I want to be honest. It’s not as if it’s just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past, sometimes Democrats have too. Whenever people are in power they have this tendency to try to, you know, tilt things in their direction.”

    That was back in 2008. Today the elections are a total farce in America.

  7. twitter @ragipsoylu

    UPDATE, Istanbul attack:

    -Turkey detains the woman that left the bomb and 20+ suspects per Interior Minister Soylu

    – Soylu: PKK and its Syrian affiliate PYD is responsible

    – Soylu blames the US gov’t for the attack

    – Soylu says the US message of condolences is like the murderer returning to the scene of crime

    – He says the order of the attack was given through PKK/SDF controlled Kobane/Ayn-Al Arab in Syria, and the suspect was sent through Turkish-controlled Syrian city Afrin to Turkey

  8. Anonymous Wisconsin Heroes Demonstrated How to Collapse the Democrat Ballot Gathering Apparatus
    By Joe Hoft
    Published November 14, 2022 at 9:15am
    How Wisconsin Streetfighters Disrupted A Democrat Ballot Gathering System

    Ballots and votes.

    These two words seem synonymous yet infer opposite ways to choose a government.

    When election day became election month, mail-in ballots replaced in-person voters, the electoral world changed forever. It is not changing back.

    Democrats, expert in anything government-related, drove states to change laws, increase voting days, and loosen voter standards. Republican leadership dozed.

    Democrats, leftist non-governmental organizations, Big Tech invented every conceivable way to manipulate the ballot process: collect ballots, drop into streetside bins, fill them out if the voter doesn’t.

    That is a ballot-gathering strategy. It works!

    Republicans remained stuck in the same “voter strategy” for the last decade: yard signs, fund raising, obscure websites, TV ads

    The raw material of the ballot-gathering strategy is the phantom voter or address. Every ballot needs to tie to someone – even if only a name on a list.

    Live, votable ballots accumulate at addresses where the indicated voter does not reside. Those ballots gathered, are the inventory of electoral victory. He who gathers them can vote them.

    The ballot-gathering system was frictionless until 2020. Thousands of phantom addresses inhabited every state’s voter list.

    Clever Leftists built a national system, ERIC, now used by about 30 states, to make sure voter rolls protected phantoms. Using in-your-face messaging, ERIC claimed it was a resource to keep voter rolls clean.

    The raw material of the ballot-gathering strategy is the phantom voter or address. Every ballot needs to tie to someone – even if only a name on a list.

    Live, votable ballots accumulate at addresses where the indicated voter does not reside. Those ballots gathered, are the inventory of electoral victory. He who gathers them can vote them.

    The ballot-gathering system was frictionless until 2020. Thousands of phantom addresses inhabited every state’s voter list.

    Clever Leftists built a national system, ERIC, now used by about 30 states, to make sure voter rolls protected phantoms. Using in-your-face messaging, ERIC claimed it was a resource to keep voter rolls clean.

    Not in Wisconsin.

    Again, from the Conservative Treehouse:

    “Wisconsin tried essentially the same thing as PA and MI, except there was already residual election roll cleanup (hurts the ballot team) and strong election day turn our (helps vote team). November 2022

    A Wisconsin voter integrity team found, after reviewing scores of counties and localities, the number of ballots and votes cast lined up.

    Democrats know how many votes they need and cast them during the forever campaign time in the name of phantoms. Their ballot inventory comes from real ballots sent to fake addresses, then collected by someone – never a Republican – and voted.

    When evaluating any system, one asks: is there an inherent contradiction? Is there something in the system, that when pushed to scale will make it fail or blow up or both?

    Quiet, anonymous Wisconsin heroes, working in a small office, virtually unfunded – proved how to collapse the Democrat ballot gathering apparatus.

    For the ballot-gathering strategy to work, Democrats need tens of thousands of phantom addresses and voters. A few is not enough. Without thousands of loose ballots tied to phantoms, the edifice comes crashing down.

    They also need Republicans to do nothing.

    The Wisconsin team proved, in this election, adding even a small amount of friction – removing thousands of phantom names and identifying several hundred thousand incorrect addresses, has a massive impact on the ballot-gathering system.

    Our Wisconsin election heroes applied Fractal Programming technology, funded by Mike Lindell, at scale to find and challenge phantoms. The process is explained at

    They went to scores of county registrars and challenged thousands of phantoms – proof in hand. Quietly, below the radar, they showed registrars, whose job it is, that Bill Jones was not a real person. They helped clean up addresses that were wrong – either typos or fake.

  9. This Wasn’t an Election
    There is no ideological component to voter fraud whatsoever.
    By Dan Gelernter

    November 13, 2022
    Iam a libertarian—which is to say I believe the government should stay out of my life as much as possible. But until recently I was a conventional Republican. In fact, I spent a lot of time as a neocon. How did I get from there to here? It was the 2020 election.

    On Election Day 2020, we went to bed with Trump as the obvious victor—he had to win only one of the several states still in play. We woke up with Trump as the likely loser. I had a feeling we’d been cheated.

    Of course it was only a feeling, but I noticed it was shared by a surprising number of people in “deep blue” Connecticut: Enthusiasm for Trump 2020 had run higher than for any presidential candidate people could remember. Higher than it had for Obama the first time around. And it was all just a mirage?

    I was—still am—a full-stack software developer. I got a call from a voter integrity nonprofit who’d been in business long before I’d considered voter fraud a serious problem. They asked me to put together an emergency team to analyze the 2020 election results.

    My team focused on statistical analyses—studies of the very unlikely. Trying to find explanations for why certain late-reporting precincts were three standard deviations from their neighbors (think 1-in-1,000 shot) in areas like ballot-splitting. We found state databases where votes that had already been counted were subsequently deleted, or where thousands of mail-in ballots were received back by the government before they’d even been mailed out (Pennsylvania).

    Other parts of this nonprofit were doing on-the-ground detective work: The confessions of dropbox stuffers in Georgia led us to track and identify hundreds of individual ballot carriers, as well as the organizations that paid them to drive all over the state, delivering the fraudulent votes that changed the outcome.

    In Arizona, the most corrupt state in the nation, where dropboxes are unnecessary because it’s legal for one voter to deliver up to 10 ballots, we had video footage of Democratic Party poll workers paying voters to take a stack of 10 ballots and vote them. That video footage led to indictments—but only of the people actually caught on film. The people paying for and organizing the fraud remain at liberty. We know who they are. The FBI knows too, but it’s hard to tell whether they’re interested.

    My guys were working day and night on this—we took leaves of absence from our other jobs. There was no time: We had to furnish conclusive evidence before the election was certified. But we worked with patriotic fervor and a sense of service, even of sacrifice, knowing that what we found might prevent our votes—the nation’s votes—from being chucked in the trash can.

    But of course we were wasting our time. Because the national-level Republicans, all those prominent persons who had expressed outrage and said they looked forward to seeing what we found, disappeared. When it came time to act, they just melted away (with very few exceptions, of whom Doug Mastriano—a genuinely good man who just “lost” his election in Pennsylvania—was one).

    Mind you, this shouldn’t have been too surprising, given that we had plenty of evidence of Republican complicity. We even had a source in Arizona who fingered the late John McCain (“the worst senator Arizona ever had”) as a recipient of the services of the biggest fraud organizer in the state (a Democrat).

    some swamp monster. I’d made fun of all those tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists for years, and now I was wearing the hat myself. But I’d seen it with my own eyes. I didn’t have the luxury of pretending that Trump lost.

    It wasn’t the Democrats who stole the election in 2020. It was the politicians. The Democrats couldn’t have gotten away with it without the Republicans handing it to them and looking the other way.

    I won’t be analyzing this election too, because I already know how it’s done. I’ve seen how the sausage is made. And I know there were no real election integrity reforms between 2020 and 2022 except in Florida—which is why, by total coincidence, Florida is the only state in which the “red tsunami” actually happened. But that’s also why I moved to Florida: I want the politicians we elect, not the politicians the politicians elect.

    And while this whole exercise may have fatally crippled my faith in our system, it did teach me a few lessons, and it has allowed me to answer this important question about election fraud: People want to know how election fraud efforts are coordinated at a national level. The answer is, they’re really not.

    Election fraud is not about ideology. It’s about money. There is no ideological component to voter fraud whatsoever. Political corruption is simply one variety—the most powerful—of organized crime. It happens on local and state levels: The big cheese in a small town manipulates the election so he can control the school board, so he can get the government’s construction contracts. Even in a small town, that’s hundreds of thousands or millions in patronage. It’s real money—your money. And he takes it.

    If you add up these local and state elections, you end up with a stolen national election. But with no coordination, and with no ideology behind it. Leftist politicians “believe” in big government because big government steals your money and transfers it to them. The Marxist university professors who endorse the results are just useful idiots.

    Election fraud is not about ideology. It’s about money. There is no ideological component to voter fraud whatsoever. Political corruption is simply one variety—the most powerful—of organized crime. It happens on local and state levels: The big cheese in a small town manipulates the election so he can control the school board, so he can get the government’s construction contracts. Even in a small town, that’s hundreds of thousands or millions in patronage. It’s real money—your money. And he takes it.

    If you add up these local and state elections, you end up with a stolen national election. But with no coordination, and with no ideology behind it. Leftist politicians “believe” in big government because big government steals your money and transfers it to them. The Marxist university professors who endorse the results are just useful idiots.

    The machine didn’t hate Trump because he wrote mean tweets or because he was a right-winger or a populist—they hated him because he’s not part of the machine. He has his own money.

    But this is all up to you now. I can’t pretend that Pennsylvania actually preferred a severely disabled stroke victim to a Trump-endorsed candidate. I can’t pretend that, while incumbent presidents lose seats in the midterms, Biden is so much more popular than Obama was that he escaped a similar “shellacking.” I can’t pretend that abortion was a bigger issue for the young voters than taxes, lost jobs, inflation and war. I can’t pretend this election wasn’t stolen. But you can.

  10. MOROCCO -TANGER – November 13 2022 –

    – Islam of Enlightenment vs LGBT

    twitter @BckReality

    In Marokko-Tanger wird jetzt ein LGBT Anhänger fast erschlagen weil man die dort anscheinend nicht möchte, wir lassen jedoch immer mehr Marokkaner in die EU obwohl dort kein Krieg ist. Ich versteh die Logik der Gutmenschen nicht – ich würd ja sagen Stress is vorprogrammiert..

    + 1 min 47 video



  11. the gateway pundit – Massive Brazil Election Steal Protests Continue

    – Crooks from Brazil Sneek Off to New York, Are Greeted by Protesters

    […]The protests in Brazil continue as some of the crooks behind the steal sneek off to New York.

    Massive Gatherings Continue in Brazil as People Protest the Socialists Stealing Their Election,


    NEW YORK – Temer and STF ministers at the Lide Brazil Conference

    Former president opens the event; Moraes, Cármen Lúcia, Toffoli, Gilmar Mendes, Roberto Barroso and Lewandowski discuss freedom and democracy

    Grupo Lide (Business Leaders) is holding this Monday (14.Nov.2022) the 1st edition of the “Lide Brazil Conference” at the HCNY (Harvard Club of New York) in New York, United States.

    The event will be from 10 am to 2 pm . It aims to debate respect for freedom, democracy and the economy of Brazil from 2023.

    On this 1st day of Lide Brazil Conferenceministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), TSE (Superior Electoral Court), TCU (Union Audit Court) participate, as well as monetary authorities, representatives of class entities, public and private managers and more than 260 businessmen.

    The opening will be held by the former President of the Republic, Michel Temer (2016-2019). The theme of the panel will be “Brazil and respect for freedom and democracy”.


    • NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 14 2022

      “Grande parte da população não sabe mais o que é notícia verdadeira ou fraudulenta” diz Moraes

      • Here is the schedule of Lide Brazil Conference and exhibitors:

        1st day – Panel “Brazil and respect for freedom and democracy”

        Alexandre de Moraes, minister of the STF and president of the TSE;
        Carmen Lúcia, minister of the STF;
        Dias Toffoli, Minister of the STF;
        Gilmar Mendes, minister of the STF;
        Luís Roberto Barroso, Minister of the STF;
        Ricardo Lewandowski (STF);
        Carlos Ayres Britto, former minister and former president of the STF;
        Antonio Anastasia, Minister of the TCU.

        2nd day – Panel “Brazil’s Economy from 2023”

        Roberto Campos Neto, president of the Central Bank;
        Henrique Meirelles, former finance minister and former BC president;
        Isaac Sidney, president of Febraban;
        Joaquim Levy, director of Banco Safra and former finance minister;
        Pérsio Arida, former president of BNDES and the Central Bank;
        Rodrigo Garcia, governor of São Paulo;
        Rubens Ometto, chairman of Cosan’s Board of Directors.

        Lide’s president, businessman João Doria Neto, says that the event consolidates the group’s role in setting the national agenda of socioeconomic priorities and contributing to the credibility of the country’s image abroad. “We are bringing, in an innovative way, to the US, important and respected leaders from different sectors and powers.
        Certainly, the result of the discussions will bring important reflections on Brazil’s priorities from 2023 onwards, as well as raising the perception of Brazil’s socioeconomic scenario abroad.”

        Former São Paulo governor João Doria, founder and current vice-chairman of Lide’s Advisory Board, reaffirms the productive sector’s interest in institutional and economic issues.

        “The LIDE Brazil Conference – New York will be the first major post-election debate, which will bring together hundreds of prominent names in the business and public sector around issues relevant to Brazil.

        This event will better explain to international investors the scenario of Brazil in democracy and economy from 2023 onwards.”

        O Lide Brazil Conference – New York is an initiative of Lide with institutional support from BACC (Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce). BACC is based in New York and is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to stimulate dialogue, trade, investment and cultural ties between Brazil and the United States, between the public and private sectors, as well as to be a facilitator to develop networking between representatives of the productive sector from both countries.


        twitter @FerCerimedo_ok

        Pregunta: El voto en Brasil es secreto? O al menos lo que creen…

        Pergunta: A votação no Brasil é secreta? Ou pelo menos o que você pensa
        twitter @TheWZed

        O argentino decodificou tudo dos próprios arquivos do TSE conseguiu os nomes de todos os eleitores


        PIC :×900

      • reuters – Brazil’s democracy was attacked but survived, says electoral judge

        Nov 14 (Reuters) – Brazil’s democracy prevailed under attacks during elections in October by far-right social media militias that sought to discredit the voting system, the head of the national electoral authority said on Monday.

        Allegations that electronic voting machines were vulnerable to fraud were aimed at changing the political system, Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes said at a business conference on Brazil in New York.

        Moraes, who has been a thorn in President Jair Bolsonaro’s side, opening investigations into him and his far-right allies, did not mention the president by name. Bolsonaro was the main mouthpiece of the repeated, baseless accusations about the electronic voting system.

        Bolsonaro narrowly lost an Oct. 30 runoff vote to leftist rival Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, and although he did not concede, he did not block the handover of power. Some of his supporters, however, have refused to accept the result.

        “Democracy in Brazil was attacked, but it survived, democracy resisted because the country has strong institutions and an independent judiciary,” said Moraes, who sits on the Supreme Court and headed the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE).

        “It wasn’t the electronic voting that they wanted to replace, but the political system based on free voting. The intention was to attack democracy itself,” Moraes said.

        Outside the conference in Manhattan, dozens of rowdy Bolsonaro supporters heckled Moraes when he arrived with other Brazilian justices. The demonstrators shouted that the election had been “stolen” and called for a military coup.

        On Friday, Brazil’s armed forces commanders said election disputes must be resolved by the rule of law.

        Moraes said that during the election campaign “digital militias” had resorted to misinformation and aggressive hate messages that have been “corroding” democracy for some time.

        “This began in the United States, with the far-right, and spread to Eastern Europe and then to Brazil,” he said.

        Moraes said Brazil is the world’s fourth largest democracy, but the only one that can announce the winner of a presidential election in 2 hours and 38 minutes, thanks to its electronic voting system, as it did on Oct. 30.

        GARDA – Brazil: Protests denouncing presidential election results likely to continue in some states through late November /update 4

        Protests against presidential election results likely to continue in Brazil through late November. Protest planned in Brasilia Nov. 15.

        Protests denouncing the election of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as Brazil’s new president will likely continue in some areas of the country through at least late November. On Nov. 15, protesters plan to gather outside the National Congress in Brasilia. Protesters are likely to also march along Via N1 and Via S1 to reach the National Congress. Demonstrators coming from other cities to protest in the capital are also likely to camp at Praca dos Cristais, also known as Praca Civica, located near the military headquarters.

        Large demonstrations are also possible in other cities as Brazil celebrates Republic Proclamation Day on Nov. 15.

        While authorities have cleared hundreds of protester roadblocks that obstructed federal highways across Brazil in early November, further disruptions remain possible. Protests are particularly likely to continue in states with higher support for President Jair Bolsonaro, such as Santa Catarina, Mato Grosso, and Parana. Gatherings are particularly likely outside military headquarters and government buildings.

        Security personnel will almost certainly deploy to any demonstrations that may materialize. Clashes between activists and police cannot be ruled out. Localized disruptions to intercity transport services are possible. Heightened security is almost certain in the capital Nov. 15 and clashes are possible, especially if protesters attempt to breach security cordons around government buildings.


        Avoid all protests and related events as a precaution. Do not attempt to cross protester roadblocks; utilize alternative routes or wait for the police to reopen impacted roads. Confirm business appointments in advance. Allow additional time to reach destinations in affected locations.

  12. Massive Brazil Election Steal Protests Continue – Crooks from Brazil Sneek Off to New York, Are Greeted by Protesters
    By Joe Hoft
    Published November 14, 2022 at 11:00am

    The protests in Brazil continue as some of the crooks behind the steal sneek off to New York.

    Massive Gatherings Continue in Brazil as People Protest the Socialists Stealing Their Election, Livelihoods, Freedom and Country.

    Brazilians are chanting in huge rallies for Lula to go. Below is part of the public that was at the Interlagos Gp of Formula 1 on Sunday (Nov. 13, 2022) who protested against president-elect Luiz Inácio lula da Silva (PT). Videos circulating on social networks show the moment when the audience shouts “Lula thief his place is in prison”.

  13. Joe Biden: I Don’t Think There’s Enough Votes to Codify Roe v Wade Unless Something Happens Unusual in the House (VIDEO)
    By Cristina Laila
    Published November 14, 2022 at 11:53am

    Joe Biden traveled to Bali, Indonesia after delivering remarks at the annual US-ASEAN Summit in Cambodia.

    Biden was greeted by his puppet master Xi Jinping ahead of the G-20 Summit in Bali.

    Biden delivered remarks after his bilateral meeting with China’s Xi Jinping.Biden delivered remarks after his bilateral meeting with China’s Xi Jinping.

    Then he took questions from a preapproved list of reporters: “I’m happy to take questions and I’m told there will be four questioners.”

    Republicans may retake the House of Representatives after a lack-luster performance in the 2022 midterm elections so Biden prepared the Gen Zers for another let down.

    “I don’t think there’s enough votes to codify [Roe] unless something happens unusual in the House,” Biden said.

    Democrat voters got played again!

    Biden promised Gen Z he was going to give them a student bailout and codify Roe v Wade and failed to deliver on both promises.

    • @Martin,
      Your post about the "typical" Russian supermarket inspired a search for another perspective. So…

      Eight Months of War: A View From Russia’s Second City

      St. Petersburg, famously one of the world’s most beautiful cities, appears at first sight not to have obviously changed since the war in Ukraine began eight months ago. On closer inspection, though, not everything is quite as it was.

      The malls, for example, seem empty with the mass departure of Western brands from Russia, and the cinemas now screen classic movies rather than the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Walking down the city’s main thoroughfare, Nevsky Prospekt, the number of empty shop windows with “to rent” signs in them is noticeable, all of which contribute to an atmosphere of emptiness and uncertainty…

      Insulated by their wealth, Moscow and St. Petersburg will admittedly be the last places in Russia to feel the effects of the war in Ukraine. Nevertheless, food prices have jumped by as much as 40% even here and even though the supermarket shelves are still full, many imported products are no longer available and the price of baby food and hygiene products – never cheap in the first place – have gone through the roof…

      Then something we hear all the time from Russo-Ukrainian friends at the Russian Orthodox Church here:

      Fortunately, I am surrounded by like-minded people who see the war as a tragedy and don’t need to argue about it. But I also have friends who no longer talk to their parents who truly believe that the Russian military is “saving” Ukraine from the Nazis and that NATO wants to destroy Russia.

      They see their children as traitors for not supporting the war. One of my friends was told “if you don’t support your own country, we don’t want to see you at our home anymore.”

      My Russki's daughter-in-law won't leave Kiev and her family. His son won't leave without her - or let us grab the kids. He's NOT pro-regime, but he's not willing to go into exile.

      No one in Russia believed there could be a war, but now it’s crystal clear that the Russian government has been planning it for years. The lives of millions have been changed forever and my country is to blame. Many of my friends feel powerless, and – since mobilization was declared – scared as well…

      • It is not that I know better but it does not look like it was in the 70s and 80s..

        ... the profusion now is probably a reaction to the scarcity during the Soviet era

        .... they don't seem to have any Nutella though

        I found that video when I was looking for food markets in Afghanistan and Iran

        of course it is all propaganda and the reality maybe something else ....

        ....there are more similar videos on this YT channel :


        CCCP 1954

  14. CBC – Canada announces additional $500M in military aid to Ukraine, adds 23 names to sanctions list

    Canada is providing Ukraine with an additional $500 million in military assistance and is adding the names of 23 Russians to its sanctions list, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced at the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, on Monday.

    “This additional military assistance will support Ukrainians as they bravely continue to fight against Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion, while these new sanctions will put added pressure on those who support these acts of war,” Trudeau said in a statement.

    […]The Prime Minister’s Office said that so far, Canada has committed $3.4 billion in assistance to Ukraine since February.

  15. Seth Frantzman:
    From Bahrain to Azerbaijan, Iran is obsessed with ‘Zionist’ threats

    It is likely not a coincidence that Iran has been talking up new weapons, such as “hypersonic” missiles, in an attempt to strike fear into the region. Tehran has said that its new missiles will soon be able to evade air defense systems, knowing that Israel possesses some of the most advanced ones in the region.

    The Islamic Republic has tried to threaten Israel in the past with precision-guided munitions (PGMs). Therefore, the context here is that Iran is seeking to broadcast a message to Azerbaijan and Bahrain, whom it sees now as frontline states, bordering Iran at sea and land on two flanks. The message is that Iran can threaten the region.

    For decades, Iran sought to move its proxies closer to Israel. Viewing the region like a chessboard, it is now lashing out in rhetoric because it believes Israel has been successful in its counter-moves.

    From Tehran’s perspective, the high-level visits of Israeli officials to Bahrain and Azerbaijan represent a major regional shift. Iran knew that these two countries had warm ties with Israel, but recent months have brought more rhetoric from Iran against Baku, Manama and Riyadh.

  16. Russians With Dual Citizenship Can Now Be Drafted, New Putin Decree Says
    Tyler Durden’s Photo
    MONDAY, NOV 14, 2022 – 03:50 PM
    On Monday Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree which further seeks to address reported manpower shortages due to the war in Ukraine and after the prior controversial ‘partial mobilization’ order.

    For the first time, Russians who hold dual citizenship are allowed to be drafted, according to the new decree. This changes the longstanding law stating that dual nationals were exempt from conscription.

    “Nationals of any country can continue to serve in the Russian army under a contract in the ranks of soldiers, sailors, sergeants and foremen, so long as the individual isn’t under investigation, convicted or has a conviction that hasn’t been expunged, similar to the rules that apply to Russian citizens, according to the decree,” WSJ writes.

    This will mark the first time that dual-national Russians can potentially drafted going back to a 1999 regulation. The wording of the law suggests Americans or Israelis, or dual citizens of any other countries who previously warned of this possibility could face conscription.

    While this could possibly target a minority of Russians holding dual citizens from Western countries, the decree appears aimed primarily at tapping citizens hailing from border and regional countries.

    “According to some military observers the easing of the citizenship regulations are primarily aimed at nationals from countries in Russia’s near abroad, such as in Central Asia, whose citizens saturate the migrant-worker labor force in Russia,” the WSJ report continues.

    Russia is commonly estimated to have at least half-a-million people claiming dual citizenship. However, many may have fled the country in the weeks after Putin’s September 21st partial mobilization order.

    According to a recent report in The Moscow Times, many of the hundreds of thousands of Russians who initially fled on fears of being drafted and sent to Ukraine have returned home due to work and economic stability factors.

    • ctv – Does Ontario need to impose another mask mandate?

      A panel of medical officials discuss their concern with Ontario’s top doctor only recommending mask wearing, rather than imposing a mandate.

    • CBC – Is it time to bring back mask mandates?

      Dr. Barry Pakes, York Region Medical Officer of Health, and Dr. Fahad Razak, former head of the Ontario Science Table, discuss whether public health officials should bring back mask mandates to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed with a triple-whammy of respiratory illnesses.

  17. Comrades-in-Sanctions: Can Iran Help Russia Weather the Economic Storm?

    Since the start of the war in Ukraine, relations between Russia and Iran have flourished. Having been hit by a new raft of tough Western sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine, Moscow set about looking for alternative partners among other traditionally anti-Western countries – including to bypass trade restrictions – and Iran looks set to be one of the most promising.

    This year has seen a record number of meetings between senior Russian officials and their Iranian counterparts…
    ~ The meetings did yield concrete agreements, too. Gazprom, for example, has promised to invest $40 billion…
    ~ Iranian spare parts…
    ~ [T]rade turnover, which stood at $4 billion in 2021, could reach $6 billion “in the near future,” according to Tehran.

    This is not to say, however, that Iran will be able to compensate the Russian economy for the losses incurred as a result of Western sanctions. Even if those forecasts for the growth in trade turnover are accurate, that is still less than 1% of Russia’s total foreign trade…

    Even the new agreements have raised more doubts than optimism. Iran’s civil aviation industry has been in crisis for many years… and certainly will not be salvaged by the sale of individual parts to Russia.…

    Implementing large-scale Russian state projects in Iran and making them cost-effective won’t be plain sailing either. Tehran has a deficit of hard currency and has been battling a budget deficit for years…. This has created problems for Moscow in the past: Iran has still not paid off its debts to Russia for building the Bushehr nuclear plant.…

    Any project may be further complicated by the various and growing waves of protests Iran has been seeing for the last 18 months. The outbursts of unrest are becoming increasingly massive, protracted, and uncompromising in their criticism of the country’s political regime.…

    AND - No love lost:
    Russia is still widely seen for historical reasons as a colonial power seeking to gain control over local resources. Polling shows that public opinion of Russia nosedived in Iran following the invasion of Ukraine. In February and March, there were even small-scale protests in Tehran against Moscow’s actions…

    THAT’S a reality check.
    NOW, read bloviating M. K. Bhadrakumar, a widely read favorite in the substantial pro-Russia, Indian camp:

    Russia strategises with Iran for the long haul in Ukraine

    Russian security agencies share information with Iranian counterparts on hostile activities of western intelligence agencies. Notably, Patrushev [Sec. of Russia’s Security Council] sidestepped Iran’s suspicions regarding involvement of Saudi Arabia. Separately, Foreign Minister Sergey [‘the Snake’] Lavrov also publicly offered to mediate between Tehran and Riyadh.

    All this is driving Washington insane. On the one hand, it is not getting anywhere, including at President Biden’s level, to raise the spectre of Iran threat and rally the Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf all over again.

    Most recently, Washington resorted to theatrics following up an unsubstantiated report by Wall Street Journal planted by the CIA about an imminent Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia in the coming days. The US forces in the West Asian region increased their alert level and Washington vowed to be ready for any eventuality.

    But, curiously, Riyadh was unmoved and showed no interest in the US offer of protection to ward off threat from Iran.

    Clearly, Saudi-Iranian normalisation process, which has been front-loaded with sensitive exchanges on their mutual security concerns, has gained traction neither side gets provoked into knee-jerk reaction. Or MbS has another, more reliable source of intelligence.

    This paradigm shift works to Russia’s advantage. Alongside its highly strategic oil alliance with Saudi Arabia, Russia is now deepening its strategic partnership with Iran…

    “joint and synergistic institutions… dynamic mechanisms to start new activities… “a friendship group of defenders of the United Nations Charter” …Iran is a “force multiplier” for Russia…

    Patter identical to “Pepe Escobar”, a perennial in alt-right media, both blogs and YT. There’s a regular Russian-owned menagerie that’s vastly expanded its audience among American conservatives since the invasion of Ukraine.

    Breathless updates on gilded – new!! – Eurasia: Shanghai Cooperation Org, International North-South Transport Corridor, et al. The Neo-globalists, morally superior to the Globalists, who are doomed.

  18. global news – Truckers in Spain march to protest rising cost of living, increased regulations

    Truck drivers, who brought Spain to a halt earlier this year, began a new strike on Monday, as hundreds marched through the capital Madrid demanding changes to road freight rules and protesting at the cost of living.

    The protest by the unofficial Platform for the Defense of Transport came a day after a large rally against the Madrid region’s public health policy and 11 days after Spain’s main unions held a general demonstration against rising living costs.

    Hundreds of protesters in high-visibility vests marched through central Madrid from Atocha train station to parliament, waving posters with slogans such as: “We don’t want subsidies, we want solutions.”

    The month-long strike by truckers in March and April brought Spanish supply chains to a halt, caused food shortages and a bout of inflation, and hit quarterly economic growth.

  19. Russian official in Ukraine’s Kherson region dies in car crash

    Kirill Stremousov, the Russian-appointed deputy head of Ukraine’s Kherson region, was killed in a car crash Wednesday — the same day Russian troops were ordered to retreat out of the region.

    Stremousov, 45, is the most senior Russian-appointed official in occupied Ukraine to die since the start of the invasion in February.

    His death was confirmed by his boss Vladimir Saldo, who is the Russia-backed acting governor of Kherson.

    “It is very hard for me to say that Kirill Stremousov died today. He died on the territory of the Kherson region, travelling in a car that got into an accident,” Saldo said.

    In a video posted to his Telegram channel, Saldo said Stremousov was “one of the brightest” who “was able to speak and deliver to people the truth about what is happening in the Kherson region.”


    What is wrong with the official version of the death of Kirill Stremousov?

    {A lot. Quite a story.}

  20. Joe Biden Live | G20 Summit 2022 Live | Joe Biden at G20 Summit Indonesia | G20 Summit News Live
    CNN-News18 – Streamed 11 hours ago
    My Nasty enters @ 32:00.

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