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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Twisted, New Comments Justifying ‘Race-Based’ Policies

    Now, Jackson said she didn’t think the 14th Amendment guaranteeing equal protection meant that you couldn’t take race into account, saying she didn’t think it was meant to be “race-neutral or race-blind.”

  2. Volodymyr Zelensky’s acting career when the latest round of the Uke war began. Start at 3 min mark. Almost as fun as Dear Leader bungee cord jumping to improve his destroyed public image:

  3. Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) recently won a lawsuit brought against the CDC, forcing the agency to turn over its V-safe COVID-19 jab injury data.

    In order to collect health evaluations following the COVID-19 shot, the CDC developed a tool called V-safe that runs on smartphones.

    “V-safe provides personalized and confidential health check-ins via text messages and web surveys so you can quickly and easily share with CDC how you, or your dependent, feel after getting a COVID-19 vaccine. This information helps CDC monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in near real time,” says the CDC.

    Over 10 million participants submitted their health data into v-safe.

    ICAN now has access to the v-safe data following the lawsuit.

  4. The family of Iranian teenager Nika Shakarami has accused security forces of stealing her body and burying her without their knowledge, according to a report by BBC Persian.

    Nika, 16 at the time, was missing for around 10 days after attending one of many protests held across the country following the death of Mahsa Amini.

    Her aunty, Atash Shahkarami, told the BBC that Nika was last heard telling her friends she was being chased by security forces in Tehran.

  5. Justine Trudeau has told Canadians repeatedly that Islam is compatible with Western secular democracy.

    Islamic leaders have stated repeatedly that Islam is NOT compatible with Western secular democracy.

    Understanding the Threat’s quote of the day:
    “Truth is like the sun, you can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away. —Elvis

    When hearing English words coming out of Islamic leaders, those words must be understood — AND ONLY UNDERSTOOD —through the filter of sharia.

    List of English words and legal meaning in sharia, also known as “Allah’s Devine law” in the Islamic world.

    Peace – – the state that exists when the entire world is submitted to “Allah’s Devine law” or sharia.

    Justice – – The Justice provided to people living under sharia

    FREEDOM – – Freedom from man-made laws.

    Terrorism – – Killing Muslims without right under sharia.

    Terrorists – – Someone who kills a Muslim for any reason not prescribed for by sharia.

    Innocent – – Only Muslims are innocent under sharia.

    Human Rights – – The implementation of sharia on earth, and the right to do so.

    When a Muslim leader says “We condemn all terrorism and call for the spread of Human Rights to protect all innocents – it sounds pretty nice.

    We condemn all terrorism and call for the spread of human rights to protect all innocents, put through the filter of sharia becomes “We condemn the killing of any Muslims outside of sharia, and we call for the spread of sharia across the globe to protect all Muslims”.

  6. OPEC+ agrees deep cuts to oil production despite U.S. pressure

    VIENNA/LONDON, Oct 5 (Reuters) – OPEC+ agreed its deepest cuts to oil production since the 2020 COVID pandemic at a Vienna meeting on Wednesday, curbing supply in an already tight market despite pressure from the United States and others to pump more.

    The cut could spur a recovery in oil prices that have dropped to about $90 from $120 three months ago on fears of a global economic recession, rising U.S. interest rates and a stronger dollar.

    The United States had pushed OPEC not to proceed with the cuts, arguing that fundamentals don’t support them, a source familiar with the matter said.

    Sources said it remained unclear if cuts could include additional voluntary reductions by members such as Saudi Arabia, or if they could include existing under-production by the group.

    OPEC+ fell about 3.6 million barrels per day short of its output target in August.

    “Higher oil prices, if driven by sizeable production cuts, would likely irritate the Biden Administration ahead of U.S. mid-term elections,” Citi analysts said in a note.

    “There could be further political reactions from the U.S., including additional releases of strategic stocks, along with some wildcards including further fostering of a NOPEC bill,” Citi said, referring to a U.S. antitrust bill against OPEC.

    JPMorgan also said it expected Washington to put in place countermeasures by releasing more oil stocks.


    Saudi Arabia and other members of OPEC+ – which groups the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and other producers including Russia – have said they seek to prevent volatility rather than to target a particular oil price.

    Benchmark Brent crude rose towards $93 per barrel on Wednesday, after climbing on Tuesday.

    The West has accused Russia of weaponising energy, creating a crisis in Europe that could trigger gas and power rationing this winter.

    Moscow accuses the West of weaponising the dollar and financial systems such as SWIFT in retaliation for Russia sending troops into Ukraine in February.

    The West accuses Moscow of invading Ukraine, while Russia calls its actions a special military operation.

    Part of the reason Washington wants lower oil prices is to deprive Moscow of oil revenue, while Saudi Arabia has not condemned Moscow’s actions.

    Relations have been strained between the kingdom and the administration of Biden, who travelled to Riyadh this year but failed to secure any firm cooperation commitments on energy.

    “The decision is technical, not political,” United Arab Emirates Energy Minister Suhail al-Mazroui told reporters ahead of the meeting.

    “We will not use it as a political organisation,” he said, adding that concerns about a global recession would be one of the key topics.

    Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, who was put on the U.S. special designated nationals sanctions list last week, also travelled to Vienna to participate in meetings. Novak is not under EU sanctions.
    WaPo – Saudi-led coalition moves toward cut in oil, threatening to send gas prices higher

    Fearful of spike in energy costs, Biden officials launched last-minute effort to try and dissuade America’s Middle Eastern allies from scaling back energy production

    A coalition of oil-producing nations led by Saudi Arabia is moving toward dramatically slashing oil production, according to multiple reports, in a rebuke to President Biden that could push up gas prices worldwide and worsen fears of a global recession.

    A panel of the OPEC Plus coalition has recommended reducing production by 2 million barrels per day, Bloomberg and Reuters reported.

    That is a more aggressive move than most analysts had expected even a few days ago, and reflects the oil producing nations’ desire to stem the recent drop in global prices. By sending energy prices higher, the cut could also help Russia — which relies on gas and oil sales for a large portion of its budget — finance the war on Ukraine that the U.S. has sought to undercut.

    The recommended cut comes despite aggressive lobbying by the Biden administration for the consortium to continue production at current levels or higher — punctuated by Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia in July. Biden had earlier in his administration vowed to make Saudi Arabia an international pariah, but he re-engaged while trying to use all available channels to curb increases in the price of gas that had hurt his domestic approval ratings.

    Biden’s efforts have been overshadowed by a recent steep drop in the price of oil that moved the consortium to act at an in-person meeting for the first time since 2020 in Vienna, on Wednesday. The price drop in oil prices was driven by a souring of the global economy, forcing demand to plunge. The potential production cut — which experts say would be the most dramatic from OPEC Plus since 2020 — aims to push those prices back up.

    Oil prices already jumped this week in anticipation of today’s news. They are expected to increase further now, likely to over $100 per barrel. The impact the OPEC Plus decision could have on U.S. gas prices, though, is not entirely clear. The consortium was already failing to meet its previous production targets, with several of its members unable to fill their quotas.

    The Biden administration waged a last minute push to convince Middle East allies not to dramatically cut oil production ahead of the meeting, according to senior administration officials. That effort, involving senior-level discussions with foreign-counterparts, was seen internally as a long shot.

    “We know they will cut big,” said a senior administration official in an interview before the recommendation emerged.

    One official quibbled with the suggestion that the Biden administration waged a major push to dissuade countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates from cutting production, saying it was a “minor effort.” Other officials said it was a more significant push, but acknowledged that Biden was not making calls on the matter.

    When asked if OPEC Plus’s expected decision to slash production proved that Biden’s charm offensive in Saudi Arabia wasn’t worth the blow to Washington’s moral standing, a senior U.S. official said the Biden trip was still worth it.

    “Price was at $117 and $5.03 gasoline,” said the official. “It’s now $30 lower on oil and $1.30 lower on gasoline.”

    Even so, the announcement is expected to add to inflationary pressures in the U.S. and Europe, as well as undercut the effort to bolster Ukraine as it defends itself against the Russian invasion. Russia had pushed for the production cut, which will enable Moscow to sell oil for higher prices on the global market, generating more revenue for its war and troop mobilization.

    The OPEC Plus measure could also help Russia offset the impact of Western attempts to limit their energy revenue. On Wednesday, the European Union advanced a U.S.-backed measure to impose a price cap on Russian oil, a move designed to force Russian President Vladimir Putin to accept lower energy revenue without pulling supply from global markets.

    “A large supply cut would delight Moscow, which would benefit from both stabilized if not higher crude prices and an implicit sign of solidarity from its OPEC plus colleagues as it braces for looming E.U. oil sanctions‚” said Bob McNally, an energy analyst at the Rapidan Energy Group.

    A significant cut could also have considerable political fallout in the United States, where midterm elections will be held in just over a month. The falling gas prices over the summer played a big role in lifting the political fortunes of Democrats, who face a tough election season. They also helped elevate Biden’s approval rating, and gave the party a glimmer of hope for blunting a widely anticipated Red Wave in November.

    Before the OPEC Plus meeting, prices were already up sharply in some areas of the U.S. where there are several hotly contested congressional races, as well as close races for governor. Those increases were propelled by maintenance with refineries on the West Coast and a large fire at a refinery in the Midwest.

    Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Alaska have all seen prices jump by at least 40 cents per gallon in the past week. Throughout the swing states of the Midwest, the increase has been less severe, but large enough for drivers to feel the pain. In California, where there are at least eight close House races, prices jumped 62 cents over the last week to $6.38 per gallon of gasoline.

    While the White House has little control over the cost of gas, which is guided by global markets, Biden has more actively engaged on the matter than many of his predecessors. That includes his order to release 1 million barrels of oil per day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, an action that helped lower prices but now makes the U.S. even more vulnerable to cost increases as it faces the challenge of replenishing.

    The administration has already extended the release of that reserve oil into November. But the potential production cuts by OPEC Plus suggest the U.S. may not be able to restock at the lower prices administration officials had hoped.

    “We will continue to take steps to protect American consumers,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday, ahead of the announcement. “Our focus — and it’s been very clear for the past several months — has been on taking every step to ensure markets are sufficiently supplied to meet demand for a growing global economy.”

    “Energy prices have declined sharply from their highs and American consumers are paying far less at the pump than they were several months ago,” she added.

    However, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) told CNBC in an interview on Tuesday the slash in production should lead to a “wholesale revaluation of the U.S. alliance with Saudi Arabia,” adding that Biden’s visit this year didn’t yield the necessary results from Riyadh. “When the chips are down the Saudis effectively choose the Russians instead of the United States,” he said. “We need them right now.”

    Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) added in an interview: “President Biden should make it clear that we will stop supplying the Saudis with weapons and air parts if they fleece the American people and strengthen Putin by making drastic production cuts.”

    The increasingly challenging realities of the global energy market are certain to raise tensions between the Biden administration and large oil producers. Biden and other Democrats have been repeatedly attacking oil companies for reaping record profits at a time when consumers are struggling to pay for a tank of gas.

    Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has previously put oil companies on notice that the administration could use emergency powers to curb exports if the firms do not put more emphasis on boosting their domestic inventories. Oil executives and industry experts have warned such a curb on exports could backfire, tightening the global supply even further and discouraging investment in increased production.

    As the OPEC Plus production cut loomed, the leaders of the American Petroleum Institute and American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers sent Granholm a five-page letter on Tuesday warning that restrictions on exports “would likely decrease inventory levels, reduce domestic refining capacity, put upward pressure on consumer fuel prices, and alienate U.S. allies during a time of war.


    Oil rises as OPEC+ agrees deep cuts to production

    LONDON, Oct 5 (Reuters) – Oil rose on Wednesday, building on gains in recent days as OPEC+ agreed its deepest cuts to production since the 2020 COVID pandemic, despite a tight market and opposition to cuts from the United States and others.

    Brent crude was up 28 cents, or 0.3%, at $92.08 a barrel at 1351 GMT, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude rose 7 cents, or 0.1%, to $86.59 a barrel. Both contracts rose sharply in the last two days.

    The cut could spur a recovery in oil prices that have dropped to about $90 from $120 three months ago on fears of a global economic recession, rising U.S. interest rates and a stronger dollar.

    Oil had been rising this week in anticipation of the cuts, said Fiona Cincotta, senior financial markets analyst at City Index.

    “The real impact of a large cut would be smaller, given that some of the members are failing to reach their output quotas,” Cincotta added.

    In August, OPEC+ missed its production target by 3.58 million bpd as several countries were already pumping well below their existing quotas.

    “We believe new output targets will mostly be shouldered by core Middle East countries, led by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait,” said Rystad Energy’s analyst Jorge Leon.

    The United States was pressing OPEC+ producers to avoid making deep cuts, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters, as President Joe Biden looks to prevent a rise in U.S. gasoline prices ahead of midterm congressional elections on Nov. 8. read more

    Biden has been grappling with gasoline prices all year and after a spike, they have eased, something his administration has touted as a major accomplishment.

    Wednesday’s agreement by OPEC+ in Vienna would “send a strong message that the group is determined to support the market,” ANZ Research analysts said in a note, adding that it “would significantly tighten the market”.

    U.S. crude oil stocks fell by about 1.8 million barrels for the week ended Sept. 30, according to market sources citing American Petroleum Institute figures on Tuesday.

    A rise in the U.S. dollar has also put pressure on crude prices as it makes oil more expensive for buyers holding other currencies.

    • europravda – Ukraine war: EU countries agree new sanctions on Russia that includes a price cap on Russian oil

      “This oil cap will help reduce Russia’s revenues and keep global energy markets stable,” Ursula von der Leyen said.

    • Ursula von der Leyen to press EU leaders on gas price cap and warns EU energy is a target!

      The European Union’s energy infrastructure has become a target for the first time in recent history, Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday, adding that the bloc must carry out stress tests of critical infrastructure and make better use of its surveillance satellites to prevent acts of sabotage.

      “The acts of sabotage against Nordstream pipelines have shown how vulnerable our energy infrastructure is.

      “We need to identify whether we have weak points and where these weak points are and, of course, we have to prepare our reaction to sudden disruptions. What are we doing then? Are all the information chains in place? Is everybody informed? Does this emergency scenario really work then in our Single Market?,”

      “We have these satellites in place, we have the capacity to do the surveillance to detect potential threats so this is also a matter of prevention and awareness,”

      “Now is the time to keep track, to help the Ukrainians to face down the invader. A strong and steadfast Europe that will be the only way to stop Putin. This is the moment to stay the course and to signal again we stay by your side as long as it takes,”

      • Novak: Russia is ready to supply gas via the intact Nord Stream 2 line

        Russia can supply gas to Europe through the Nord Stream 2 line that was not damaged by the explosions. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak. He called what happened on the gas pipelines a sabotage.

        Saudi Energy energy minister refuses to answer questions from Reuters reporter

      • Stupid stuff, but maybe not: Notice her pink vest.
        Instead of lapels, it’s designed with a V-cut on both sides. I’ve noticed this on so many Far-Left female politicians, AOC being the first that captured my attention.

    • twitter @Malbrunot

      Guerre secrète: “une cinquantaine d’hommes du Service Action de la DGSE sont déployés en Ukraine depuis le début de l’invasion russe”, confie une source du renseignement.

      Parmi leurs missions: exploiter auprès des Ukrainiens le renseignement satellitaire fourni par la France.

      L’instruction de certains matériels livrés à Kiev est une autre de leurs missions.


      Depuis le début de la guerre, Américains et Britanniques ont également déployé des hommes secrètement en Ukraine, comme nous le révélions au printemps.


      French spies deployed in Ukraine – Le Figaro

      Among other things, the agents process satellite imagery provided by France to Ukraine

      Dozens of French operatives from the Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE) have been deployed to Ukraine amid the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev, Le Figaro newspaper has reported, citing an intelligence source.

      The source told the newspaper’s senior international correspondent Georges Malbrunot that “about fifty men from the DGSE Action Service have been deployed in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion.” The agents are performing different tasks in the country, among these being processing satellite imagery provided by Paris to Kiev, Malbrunot added.

      The spies are also working with “certain materiel” provided to Ukraine, “probably” including French-made Ceasar self-propelled howitzers, Le Figaro also reported.

      France has been among the top supporters of the Ukrainian authorities in the ongoing conflict, sending in assorted equipment to prop them up in their fight against Russia. Moscow has repeatedly urged the West to stop “pumping” Ukraine with weaponry, warning that such aid would only prolong the hostilities.

      Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, designed to give the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. The protocols, brokered by Germany and France, were first signed in 2014. Former Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.”

      In February 2022, the Kremlin recognized the Donbass republics, which have since joined the Russian Federation, as independent states, and demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join any Western military bloc. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked.


      Guerre en Ukraine : pourquoi le service Action de la DGSE a été déployé sur le terrain

    • twitter @disclosetv

      JUST IN – Putin orders per decree the transfer of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant into Russian federal ownership.


      Russia says it will supervise Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant after annexation

      Oct 5 (Reuters) – Russia plans to supervise operations of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant after formally annexing the wider Zaporizhzhia region in southern Ukraine this week, the state-owned RIA news agency reported on Wednesday, citing a foreign ministry official.

      Russia captured the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in early March shortly after invading Ukraine, but Ukrainian staff had continued to operate it. Both Moscow and Kyiv have since accused each other of shelling the facility, risking a nuclear disaster.

      “The Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant is now on the territory of the Russian Federation and, accordingly, should be operated under the supervision of our relevant agencies,” RIA quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin as saying.

      It was not clear how Russia planned to operate the plant and if it would try and introduce its own staff to the complex.

      Another state-owned Russian news agency, TASS, reported that Rafael Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the U.N. nuclear watchdog, will visit Moscow in the coming days to discuss the situation at the plant.

      Russia acted to annex Zaporizhzhia and three other regions after holding what it called referendums – votes that were denounced by Kyiv and Western governments as illegal and coercive. Moscow does not fully control any of the regions.


      AFP – Putin decrees Russia takeover of Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

      Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered his government to take over operations at Europe’s largest nuclear power station in the Russia-annexed region of Zaporizhzhia in southern Ukraine.

      “The government will ensure that the nuclear facilities at the plant… are integrated as federal property,” the executive order said.

      The power station has been occupied by Moscow’s forces since March and is close to the front line.

      Putin’s decree came as the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi said he was travelling to Ukraine for talks on the Zaporizhzhia plant.

      Grossi will “continue his consultations” on setting up a nuclear safety and protection zone around the power station, the IAEA said Tuesday.

      Ukrainian state nuclear agency Energoatom said earlier Wednesday, after the plant’s operating company was moved to Moscow, that Russia was “creating pseudo-enterprises with the names of Ukrainian companies”.

      “It’s just a pity that they are trying to involve Ukrainian nuclear professionals, who have been heroically working under… occupation for more than seven months” at the Zaporizhzhia plant, Energoatom said on social media.

      Russian forces detained the chief of the power station, Ihor Murashov, for two days before releasing him on Monday.

      But Grossi said his detention and release posed “no risk at all” to operations at the plant.

      Shelling has hit in the vicinity of the power station in recent months, with Ukraine and Russia blaming each other for the attacks that have raised fears of a nuclear disaster.

    • TASS – Russia ready to supply gas to EU over undamaged Nord Stream 2 string — Deputy PM

      VIENNA, October 5. /TASS/. Russia is ready to start supplying gas over the undamaged string of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline within a short term if all required procedures are passed, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Wednesday.

      “Yes, deliveries [via the undamaged string] are possible. We reiterated this is possible. The infrastructure is ready. I regret saying one string was damaged due to sabotage acts and a survey is needed to decide on its fate,” Novak said.

      “As regards the second string, it is ready, it was built, and I believe Russia could provide supplies over this string of the gas pipeline within short terms in case European colleagues make required legal decisions concerning its certification and lifting of restrictions,” he added.


      bloomberg – Gazprom Ready to Ship Gas Via Shelved Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

      One line of Nord Stream 2 may be undamaged after attacks
      Leaks have stopped in three other strings of Nord Stream pipes

      Gazprom PJSC told European gas customers that part of the damaged Nord Stream network could still transport fuel — but only on the new pipeline that Germany ditched in February in protest at Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine.

      The Nord Stream 2 pipeline was set to go into operation earlier this year when Germany pulled the plug on the project just before Russia’s invasion. The pipeline, which was set to double the capacity of Nord Stream, had been sanctioned by the U.S. and faced strong opposition in parts of Europe, forcing Germany to eventually give up on the project.

      After the suspected sabotage of the network last week in a series of explosions, Gazprom said on Monday three of the lines were affected and one wasn’t. The gas giant has lowered pressure on the unaffected line B of Nord Stream 2 to inspect the link for damage and potential leaks, it said in a statement on its Telegram account.

      Any start of Nord Stream 2 would require approval from the EU and is unlikely as tensions between the Kremlin and the West are deepening.

      The European Union is preparing a stronger package of sanctions to punish Russia for escalating its war in Ukraine and illegally annexing four occupied territories there. The restrictions would include a price cap on Russian oil and target a range of individuals and entities, including senior Russian ministry officials and people involved in staging the recent, widely condemned referendums.

      Gas has stopped leaking from the three ruptured pipelines in the Baltic Sea in the Danish and Swedish exclusive economic zones, according to Gazprom.

      Traders and policy makers have been closely monitoring Gazprom’s exports to Europe for months as the continent battles its worst energy crisis in decades. The Russian company has been gradually reducing deliveries to the continent amid the war, citing western sanctions and restrictions imposed by the Kremlin as the key reasons.

      The cause of the damage to the Nord Stream pipelines so far remains unknown, with western countries and Russia blaming each other.

      Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said last week the pipelines had been attacked by ‘Anglo-Saxons,’ while several leaders in the European Union said they consider the attacks a sabotage. Europe has also bolstered security at key energy assets, fearing further attacks.

      Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 each have a shipment capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year, which means line B could deliver as much as 27.5 billion cubic meters per year to Germany across the Baltic Sea.

      10 05 2022 – AfD – Petra Federau: Nord Stream 2 öffnen!

    • the gateway pundit – US Veteran Working on the Ground in Ukraine: There Is NO EVIDENCE of the Billions in US Dollars Sent to Ukraine – Not Seeing Any Relief (AUDIO)

      […]Chad Robichaaux, the founder end CEO of Mighty Oaks Foundation, was recently on the ground in Ukraine. Chad told Glenn Beck that he saw NO evidence of the billions of dollars in aide the US taxpayers sent over to the country.

      Chad Robichaux: No, and that’s the same on this trip. It’s sad and unfortunate. It needs to be addressed. There is no congressional oversight of this money. This money is going into a black hole. In any country in the world it would be bad. People are people and governments are corrupt and it’s going to end up where it shouldn’t. And the money is not ending up where’s it’s going. US taxpayers dollars, millions of dollars… It’s meant for restoring lives and saving humanity and it’s not being used for that.


      twitter @glennbeck
      ‘I saw it myself’: US vet describes HORROR from Ukraine’s front lines

      Just how cruel has the Russian military been during its onslaught against Ukraine? Chad Robichaux, a U.S. combat veteran and Founder of Mighty Oaks Foundation, tells Glenn the Russians have committed certain horrors during today’s conflict with Ukraine that he hasn’t witnessed in any other war. Recently returned from the front lines, Robichaux describes those horrors that he witnessed firsthand.

      Plus, he tells Glenn he hasn’t seen proof of any significant American relief there, despite the billions of dollars sent to Ukraine from the U.S. government. So where DID the money go?!

    • sky news – EXCLUSIVE: British rocket launchers used against Russia filmed for the first time in Ukraine

      Sky News is the first broadcaster to be granted permission to film a multiple-launch rocket system given to Ukraine by the UK in action during the war and to meet the soldiers operating it.

      + comments on the YT page

    • CNN – The tide of war has turned’: Ex-CIA director on Ukraine’s counteroffensive

      ( 9 min 50 )

      Former CIA Director Leon Panetta discusses the latest developments in Ukraine’s war with Russia.

    • twitter @disclosetv

      NEW – U.S. to buy “nuclear emergency” drugs for $290 million.

      MORE – Nplate, the drug HHS intends to buy, is produced by Amgen. It is a subcutaneous powder for injection. 125 mcg (for one injection) is around $1,195.


      HHS purchases drug for use in radiological and nuclear emergencies

      As part of long-standing, ongoing efforts to be better prepared to save lives following radiological and nuclear emergencies, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is purchasing a supply of the drug Nplate from Amgen USA Inc; Nplate is approved to treat blood cell injuries that accompany acute radiation syndrome in adult and pediatric patients (ARS).

      Amgen, based in Thousands Oaks, California, developed Nplate for ARS with support from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), part of the HHS Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR), as well as the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health.

      BARDA is using its authority provided under the 2004 Project Bioshield Act and $290 million in Project BioShield designated funding to purchase this supply of the drug. Amgen will maintain this supply in vendor-managed inventory. This approach decreases life-cycle management costs for taxpayers because doses that near expiration can be rotated into the commercial market for rapid use prior to expiry and new doses can be added to the government supply.

      ARS, also known as radiation sickness, occurs when a person’s entire body is exposed to a high dose of penetrating radiation, reaching internal organs in a matter of seconds. Symptoms of ARS injuries include impaired blood clotting as a result of low platelet counts, which can lead to uncontrolled and life-threatening bleeding.

      To reduce radiation-induced bleeding, Nplate stimulates the body’s production of platelets. The drug can be used to treat adults and children.

      Nplate is also approved for adult and pediatric patients with immune thrombocytopenia, a blood disorder resulting in low platelet counts. Repurposing drugs for acute radiation syndrome that also are approved for a commercial indication helps to sustain availability of the product and improves healthcare provider familiarity with the drug.

      About HHS, ASPR, and BARDA: HHS works to enhance and protect the health and well-being of all Americans, providing for effective health and human services and fostering advances in medicine, public health, and social services. ASPR leads HHS in preparing the nation to respond to and recover from adverse health effects of emergencies, supporting communities’ ability to withstand adversity, strengthening health and response systems, and enhancing national health security. Within ASPR, BARDA invests in the innovation, advanced research and development, acquisition, and manufacturing of medical countermeasures – vaccines, drugs, therapeutics, diagnostic tools, and non-pharmaceutical products – needed to combat health security threats. To learn more, visit,resulting%20in%20low%20platelet%20counts

      • Thank You Martin !!!

        I am so surprised that, during this 3rd Obama/Clinton administration, the delightful Tucker Carlson has not been suicided yet: Intelligence, perfectly functioning BS detector, Humor and Courage – to mention just a few qualities that cannot be tolerated now.

  7. CBC – Canadian officials have met with Taliban 13 times since Afghanistan takeover

    Canadian government officials have met with representatives of the Taliban on at least 13 occasions in Qatar since the fall of Kabul

  8. Oregon School Board Fires Unvaccinated Teachers Amid Teacher Shortage
    Posted On October 5, 2022
    An Oregon school board terminated the employment of three unvaccinated teachers on Tuesday amid a statewide teacher shortage.

    Bend-La Pine School Board in Bend, Oregon, fired three teachers who were unvaccinated because they are in violation of Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) vaccine requirement, which mandates all educators be fully vaccinated. The board unanimously chose to follow guidance from Superintendent Steve Cook to terminate the teachers.

    The firings come as Oregon is facing a statewide teacher shortage, according to Oregon Capitol Chronicle. To fill the vacancies, schools are hiring retired teachers and looking to use salary bonuses to retain teachers.

  9. Poilievre demands Justine stop vaccine mandates for Canadian Armed Forces, why is he not calling to stop all vaccines? Is he not aware of the numbers of Canadians that are vaccine injured or dead? It only took 50 deaths and they stopped the Swine Flu shots. What the hell is the matter with our politicians?

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