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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Does consciousness demand conscience? No. We have millions of examples throughout history where humans think with conscience suspended. Try Islam and communism, for starters. So without getting into the quagmire of whether a thing can think, take a step beyond into the shadow of our blooming technocracy and ask this question, because it is THE question. Clearly, the technocrats running the last two years are deficient of conscience, so how can their machines be different?

    Pay walled:

  2. A few years ago we went for a walk in the forest and got lost. Everything looks the same in the bush. You think you will remember certain trees or rocks, but you don’t. It’s so easy to get lost. Then you get nervous and start to walk faster even though walking is difficult. It took us two hours to find the road, and when we did we were a mile away from where we thought we were. You have to keep your head when lost, or else:

    • You can take long, little, bright strips of cloth and tie them on branches, you can remove them on the way back or leave them for your next adventure.. I got lost once in dense bush while hiking around Orphan lake, I walked out of the bush at 7:30 pm. It only takes one little wrong turn. Scary. Blackflies matter.

  3. HSBC banker suspended for calling climate catastrophisers ‘nut jobs’

    HSBC has suspended its head of responsible investment, Stuart Kirk, following a blunt address where he called Climate Change catastrophisers, ‘nut jobs’.

    Kirk offered a substance-based rebuttal of at least two speeches on the day, stating, ‘Climate Change is not a financial risk that we need to worry about.’

    Pre-empting his career’s inevitable lynching, Kirk wisecracked, ‘heresy’.

    The HSCB senior said he understood the competition, and the game of having to ‘out-hyperbole the next guy’. However, he added:

    ‘The constant reminder that we are doomed. The constant reminder that within decades it’s all over, and we’re not going to survive, is getting out of hand. I wouldn’t normally mind that; 25-years in the finance industry there’s always some nut job telling me about the end of the world.’

    Kirk illustrated his point with the irrational fear-mongering caused by apocalyptic ‘Y2K bug’ predictions.

    He then challenged previous speakers to explain the relationship between catastrophising and the higher prices, stating:

    ‘The number of times the phrase climate catastrophe is mentioned around the world the higher, and higher, and higher risk assets go; in tandem. The more we’re doomed the higher prices go. How is that possible? So what’s going on, then?’

    Kirk doubled down, asking the climate catastrophisers of the world to tell ‘us why prices are going up’ despite the world’s apparent ‘catastrophic’ demise.

    In other words, the figures don’t justify the fear-mongering, so fear-mongers need to fess up.

    Kirk also attacked the flood of regulations dragging down workplace efficiency.

    ‘We’ve got inflation coming down the pipes, and I’m being told – time and time again – to spend time looking at something that’s “going to happen in 20 or 30 years” hence.’

    He said, ‘The proportionality is completely out of whack.’

    Note here the relevance of the South Australian Labor government’s move to shift the state from a ‘Covid emergency’ into a ‘climate emergency’.

    Kirk’s 16-minute pragmatic speech also ran up a red flag over the lack of financial focus being spent on adapting to the challenges of alleged ‘Climate Change’, with Kirk arguing that they were expending way too much energy on mitigating ‘climate risk’ when they should be spending that energy on ‘climate adaptation’.

    Humans, he said:

    ‘Have been fantastic at adapting to change, adapting to climate emergencies, and we will continue to do so. Who cares if Miami is six metres underwater in 100 years? Amsterdam has been underwater for ages and that’s a really nice place.’

    ‘We will cope’, Kirk insists, with any climate emergency just as we’ve always done ‘through adaption’.

    According to Kirk one of the ‘tragedies of this whole debate’ is spending ‘way too much time [obsessing over] mitigation financing and not enough on adaptation financing’.

    The ballsy speech sent a shockwave through HSBC higher-ups causing panic, with prominent figures within the banks making an effort to publicly distance themselves from Kirk, and his commonsense comments.

    As Fortune reported, HSBC CEO Noel Quinn took to social media, rebuking Kirk.

    His views, Quinn said, are ‘inconsistent with HSBC’s strategy and do not reflect the views of the senior leadership of HSBC or HSBC Asset Management’.

    Fortune added that Quinn was backed by a co-CEO, and HSBC’s head of personal wealth and business banking:

    ‘The transition to Net Zero is of utmost importance to us and we will strive for ways to help our clients on this journey.’

    Unsurprisingly, Kirk has now been suspended and is under investigation – a likely euphemism for the euthanising of Kirk’s banking career.

    Opposition to Kirk’s free-thinking optimism is probably due to his advocacy of free market solutions to the perceived threat broadcast daily by Climate Change catastrophisers.

    Put simply, for the Climate Cult hardliners, Kirk’s heresy is preaching capitalism when he should be preaching Das Kapital.

    The ‘How dare you!’ cancellation of Kirk puts him in the same boat as Tesla’s Elon Musk.

    The more we deploy the free market toward solving the perceived ‘climate crisis’ the more likely that crisis is to be resolved.

    This threatens powerful political opportunists who want the crisis in order to further their own power, and advance a Covid-coercive government agenda.

    Unleashing the power of the free market on ‘Climate Change’ would put a solid full-stop on the Climate cult’s proposed government overreach, and their apparent goal of centralised control, aka: Global Communism.

  4. twitter @disclosetv –

    JUST IN – German military to set up a central command for territorial defense in Berlin from October 1.

    Express UK – Germany sends huge warning to Putin as ‘territorial command’ launched to protect border

    GERMANY has sent a strong message to Russian President Vladimir Putin by launching a “territorial command” unit designed to protect its borders.

    The news comes as the Federal Republic takes action to protect its own interests following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The move will see various units centralised into one task force according to news from the German federal government.

    The Federal Minister of Defence, Christine Lambrecht, decided to adapt the command organisation of the armed forces in response to the current security situation.

    She said: “Up to now, territorial command tasks have been spread across many areas.

    “On October 1, 2022, we will pool them in a Territorial Command and Control Command of the Bundeswehr in Berlin.”

    The Territorial Command of the Bundeswehr (TerrFüKdoBwTerritorial command of the Bundeswehr) is responsible for the operational leadership of national forces within the framework of homeland security, including administrative and disaster relief and civil-military cooperation.

    It performs the tasks as a “deployment command” for national relocations in accordance with NATO plans for national and alliance defence.

    The command organizes the movement of allied forces through Germany in close coordination with the NATO commands.

    The Defence Minister continued: “With the new command, we can quickly provide the necessary forces for a national crisis management team, in addition to the purely military tasks, if this is necessary – for example in the case of flood disasters or as in the Covid pandemic.”

    The command is directly subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Defence and is not part of an organisational area.

    The commander of the FüKdoBwTerritorial command of the Bundeswehrthe duties of the National Territorial Commander is delegated.

    Among other things, the state commands, the homeland security forces and the centre for civil-military cooperation are subordinate to the command.

    The German parts of the NATO Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSEC) and the multinational Operational Command (MNKdo OpFü) are assigned to the FüKdoBwTerritorial command of the Bundeswehrassigned to military service.

    Germany is stepping up its defence capabilities following a slow start to cooperation with other NATO states at the outbreak of the Russian-led invasion of Ukraine.

    Last month, the German government and opposition party leaders lobbied their members to approve a constitutional change that would secure an £85.7billion defence fund announced by Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

    The fund, which is meant to plug holes in equipment and ammunition, will be key to setting Germany on course for the NATO-agreed goal of spending two percent of gross domestic product on defence.

    If approved by the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, the money will go on top of annual military budgets frozen at slightly more than £42.5billion annually for the next several years.

    • DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – Why western weapons aren’t reaching Ukrainian troops

      Zelenskyy says his troops are engaged in fierce fighting for every single meter of Sieverodonetsk.

      Ukraine says Russia has destroyed all but one bridge out of Sievierodonetsk – leaving few options for anyone hoping to leave.

      Sievierodonetsk and neighboring Lysychansk are the last main areas in Luhansk province not under Russian control.

      Ukrainian fighters say they’re holding out.

      But without more longer range weapons and even basic ammunition from the West, the tide could be turning in Russia’s favor.

    • FRANCE PR4VD4 – Ukraine forces pushed back from Severodonetsk centre

      Ukraine said Monday its forces had been pushed back from the centre of key industrial city Severodonetsk, where Zelensky described a fight for “literally every metre”.

      The cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, which are separated by a river, have been targeted for weeks as the last areas still under Ukrainian control in the eastern Lugansk region.

      • Well, bully for the heroic politicians preening for international adoration in Kiev!
        WoW………….. wearing a T-shirt and skipping a shave!

    • Meet The Amateur Fighters Who Started Their Own Battalion To Defeat Russia

      About half the members come from other countries, and there are about 700 volunteers spread across the country.

      The battalion is not a part of the Ukrainian military, but most volunteers say they do have at least some military experience.

      • Karpatska Sich: Associated with Svoboda, et al. Neonazi/fascist gang. Less media coverage than Azov, part of a shadowy fraternity that’s a relic of the Cold War.

        They shout “Patria o Muerte” – but which “patria” is unclear. Some mercs like that free-floating, pseudo-nationalist gloss.

        They attract horrid Greeks (Golden Dawn), Spaniards, Turks (Gray Wolves, SADAT), Hungarian Jobbiks, and others nostalgic for the good old days. Extreme repression under military dictatorship. Seems that’s where this Uke regime is headed anyway.

        Assad’s Syrian fascists are definitely there. They’ll pick up Western weapons that’ll wind up in Putin’s arsenal.

        The filthy Turk can stay friendly with Russia while posing as patron of the tards of Crimea.

        See “The Rise of Paramilitary Groups in Turkey,”
        – and –
        “Erdogan’s shadow army,”

    • channel 4 UK – Ukraine: Former British soldier killed fighting in Severodonetsk

      Jordan Gatley was named in a social media tribute post by his father, who said his son left the British army in March to fight in Ukraine, and will be “forever be in our hearts”.

      He was shot dead in Severodonetsk where there’s been intense street-by-fighting in recent days as the city and what remains of its civilian population, has been under relentless Russian attack.

    • Missiles and UAVs in the Battle of Ukraine: Preliminary Lessons for Israel

      Russia’s “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine is indistinguishable from a high intensity, full-scale war between unequal contenders. A careful perusal of videos from the war uploaded to social media yields some preliminary impressions on the impact of precision missiles and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) in the fighting (as of April 2022).

      The invasion was preceded by a preemptive air strike on Ukraine Air Force airbases and air defense bases with 100 cruise missiles launched from Russian bombers flying over Russian territory. Indications are that while the Russian missile strike degraded the UAF’s operational capabilities, it failed to extinguish them entirely.

      According to a source in the U.S. Air Force, many Russian cruise missiles “failed to launch, missed or failed to explode after impact.” One satellite photo showed a Ukrainian runway with three fresh craters in the surrounding terrain, while the runway itself is untouched.

      The air-launched hypersonic Kinzahl precision missile made its world debut. The 2,000-km.-range Kinzahl, launched from MiG-31 heavy combat aircraft, has tremendous maneuvering capability. It can curve at the last minute into the target, preventing the defender from predicting its final trajectory and rendering all existing missile defense systems impotent against this type of threat.

      It seems the ground attacks by armed UAVs of both sides did not have any discernable effect on the course of the battle, and that the most significant impact of UAVs was in providing real-time battlefield reconnaissance, presenting “the transparent battlefield” where nothing can be hidden.

      Compared to the land-based firepower from artillery and anti-tank weapons, the level of firepower provided by armed UAVs is negligible. It seems that the Russians managed to shoot down most of Ukraine’s 20 Turkish Bayraktar armed UAVs during the first three weeks of the war.
      Bayraktar did better in the most recent Nagorno-Karabakh war. The Kinzahl sounds impressive.

      They’re all testing weapons now. Libya’s another showroom.
      The Spanish Civil War and Mussolini’s adventures in Ethiopia offered a preview of coming attractions..

  5. DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – Mass COVID testing in Peking amid ‘explosive’ spike in cases
    In China a government spokesman has described a new spike of COVID-19 cases in Peking as ‘explosive’.

    Millions of residents face mandatory testing after the outbreak was traced back to a nightclub there.

    Schools, shops and restaurants in the district have been closed.

    An infected person was at the club Thursday, and now authorites link 166 new cases to the venue.

  6. B.C. First Nations host traditional skateboard competition

    It’s the first-ever Indigenous hosted 7 Generation Cup skateboarding event, in Langley.

    Angela Bower speaks to the cultural organizer about what skateboarders and First Nations people have in common.

      • Iranian aerospace scientist dies ‘during mission’ in northern Iran base

        An Iranian Air Force scientist from the Aerospace Unit was killed “during a mission” at the Semnan Air Defense Base in northern Iran, state-owned Fars News Agency reported on Monday morning.

        The scientist, identified as Mohammad Abdous, reportedly worked on the Islamic Republic’s satellite program, in addition to developing UAVs and ballistic missiles as part of his work in the air force.

        Details on the circumstances leading to his death were not reported.

        The news of Abdous’ death comes less than 24 hours after Ali Kamani, another member of the air force’s Aerospace Unit, died in a car accident in the city of Khomein.

        Iranian state-owned media Tasnim’s report described Kamani as a “martyr who died in his mission to protect the homeland.”

        Earlier in June, an IRGC Quds Force officer was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Iranian officials told his family that he fell to his death from the roof of his home in Karaj, possibly in an act of suicide due to “psychological problems caused by separation from his wife.”

        However, Iran International reported the officer was suspected of leaking information that led to the assassination of Hassan Sayad Khodayari in May. The two officers, both members of the secretive Unit 840 responsible for terror operations against Israeli targets abroad, were reportedly “close associates.”

        Mossad Assassination Commander Asa Flotz

  7. BDS goes full antisemite
    Stop worrying if there is a hyphen in antisemitic. This is it.

    (RNS) – As everyone knows, “You can’t pahk ya cah in Havad Yad.”
    But, at least now, you can see where many Jews are trying to pahk theirs – all over the Boston area.

    “The Mapping Project” locates Jewish institutions and individuals in the Boston area that anti-Israel activists believe to be responsible for Israeli “crimes” against the Palestinians…

    As the Boston Jewish Community Relations Council has noted, “the underlying messages are clear: Jews are responsible for the ills of our community.”

    …What other ills of the community? It ties Zionism not only to U.S. imperialism but also to ableism, ecological harm, gentrification, the prison-industrial complex and other sins.

    Let us be clear. “The Mapping Project” is dangerous. We on the center-left like to imagine the right has a monopoly on the potential for violence in this country.

    True: Most political violence has come from that direction. I am writing this in the midst of the Jan. 6 hearings. Combine that horror with antisemitic and racist violence and you get the picture.

  8. Mark Sleboda @MarkSleboda1 5h
    The US/NATO’s long game in their proxy war against Russia – they want to keep the Maidan Putsch regime in power & fighting as long as possible. Not just to “weaken” the Russian military with attrition, 1/2

    ^ 2/2 but b/c every Ukrn conscript the Putsch regime throws in front of it, that Russian forces are forced to kill, is another Ukrn family that will hate Russia for ever. They WANT as many Ukrainians to die as possible, b/c they hope thus to sever still existing fraternal bonds

    ^ In this way they hope that even if Russia wins on the battlefield & even if the Maidan Putsch regime falls in Kiev, that the grim human toll of Ukrainian lives to bring the regime to terms or down, will mean that ultimately Russia still loses and the US/NATO wins.

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