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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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    • The predator class is trying to create so much chaos that they will be welcome as saviors when the order martial law. The US still has an armed citizenry which will save us but the nations that have given up their guns are in for a rough time before they regain their freedom

  1. twitter @PaulSperry30

    BREAKING: Sid Blumenthal, who was working on 2nd dossier w Cody Shearer, emailed Robby Mook on Sept 18, 2016 re “Trump-Russia story,” proving Blumenthal was working w top Clinton campaign officials to smear Trump. (Sullivan had acted as liaison b/t Blumenthal & Secretary Clinton)

    BREAKING: After Comey and McCabe maintained an office inside the DNC’s law firm and gave a Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer security badge privileges to FBI HQ, they planted a special reserve agent inside the White House to secretly spy on President Trump and report back to FBI HQ

    BREAKING: Journalist David Corn gave Nancy Pelosi a copy of the dossier right after Trump won in November 2016, according to internal FBI emails


    BREAKING NEWS: Congressional investigators have met with Special Counsel Durham’s team concerning at least “a dozen criminal referrals including perjury” involving former Hillary Clinton campaign officials and contractors and FBI officials who’ve testified re the Russiagate probe

    How the FBI Weaponized a Political Smear Campaign and Changed the Course of History | Trailer

  2. Novavax aims to bring new COVID shot option to US

    Americans may soon get a new COVID-19 vaccine option — a more traditional kind of shot known as a protein vaccine.

    It’s late in the pandemic for a new choice, but Novavax is hoping to find a niche with those who are unvaccinated or need boosters.

      • Everyone should start marching to stop these monsters, demand an end to the shot NOW.

        Look around you, there are a lot of people who were normal healthy before these vaccines.

        Justine Trudeau keeps wearing his mask in the house, in public, he repeats and repeats the pandemic is not over. he is the one that is sick not all the little kids. Madness.

    • The AP Interview: Dr. Ashish Jha on fall virus vulnerability

      White House COVID-19 coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha issued a dire warning that the U.S. will be increasingly vulnerable to the coronavirus this fall and winter if Congress doesn’t swiftly approve new funding for more vaccines and treatments.

    • Slow take-up for recently approved COVID-19 oral pills

      At least two clinics have said that the take-up has been slow for a recently approved COVID-19 medication.

      They said that not many patients are eligible for the antiviral drug known as Paxlovid, and among those who are eligible, several have declined.

      Some patients said that mild symptoms negate the need, while a few have reported side effects.
      Dale Fisher, Professor of Medicine at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and Chair of the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network at WHO, shared his thoughts on this.

    • COLORADO – If you have COVID, here are your treatment options

      ….everyone who tests positive should ask their doctor about COVID-19 medications.

    • USA – DETROIT – Beaumont doctor says the best treatment for Covid is to not get sick

      …. the latest trends in Covid

    • AUSTRALIA – Flu and COVID-19 crisis: Inside a hospital’s ‘red zone’

      As Australia’s healthcare crisis continues, hospitals across the country are preparing for tougher times as winter approaches, fearing that a breakout of both COVID-19 and influenza could push the health system to the brink.

    • the sun UK – Ukraine’s foreign legion ready to fight Russians back in Severodonetsk

      Zurab Kakalidze is a 22-year-old member of Ukraine’s foreign legion, which is made of foreign fighters who volunteer to come to Ukraine and fight against the Russians. He said he felt he was on the right side of history. He and his fellow fighters were optimistic to see their families again and wanted to make sure the enemy would not, he added.

      Ukraine’s defence minister said his troops were already training in Europe to operate new, advanced missile systems pledged this week by the United States and Britain, which Kyiv hopes will help swing the battle in its favour in coming weeks.

    • zero hedge – As Invasion Enters 100th Day, Russia Now Holds 20% Of Ukraine: Zelensky

      […]The BBC has meanwhile cited UK defense officials who say most of the city is currently in Russian control and that Kremlin forces are making “steady local gains, enabled by a heavy concentration of artillery.”

      […]the Ukrainian leader issued a high Russia death toll in the address to Luxembourg MPs, claiming that more than 30,000 Russian troops have died.

      “That’s greater than the death toll of the Soviet Union in 10 years of war in Afghanistan, greater than Russia’s death toll in two Chechen wars,” according to Zelensky, who did not divulge Ukrainian losses. International correspondents have not been able to verify these Ukrainian claims, which also have been advanced by some Western pundits.


    • NEWSWEEK – Exclusive: Putin Treated for Cancer in April, U.S. Intelligence Report Says

      Vladimir Putin’s health is a subject of intense conversation inside the Biden administration after the intelligence community produced its fourth comprehensive assessment at the end of May. The classified U.S. report says Putin seems to have re-emerged after undergoing treatment in April for advanced cancer, three U.S. intelligence leaders who have read the reports tell Newsweek.

      The assessments also confirm that there was an assassination attempt on Putin’s life in March, the officials say.

      The high-ranking officials, who represent three separate intelligence agencies, are concerned that Putin is increasingly paranoid about his hold on power, a status that makes for a rocky and unpredictable course in Ukraine.

      […]All three officials—one from the office of the Director of National Intelligence, one a retired Air Force senior officer, and one from the Defense Intelligence Agency—caution that the Russian leader’s isolation makes it more difficult for U.S. intelligence to precisely assess Putin’s status and health.

      […]“We need to be mindful of the influence of wishful thinking,” cautions the retired Air Force leader.

      […]Then came the very long table that Putin used in the Kremlin to record the photo ops of his important meetings, one that came to symbolize his paranoia and physical fear.

      […]Some observers inferred that the Russian leader had Parkinson’s disease.

      […] The video was closely scrutinized by intelligence community analysts, some trained in remote diagnosis and others in psychiatry. Many pieces of intelligence were analyzed for the White House: the consensus was that Putin was ill and probably dying.

      […]The U.S. intelligence community agreed that his situation was graver than previously thought, and his physical exhaustion was matched by Russia’s own exhaustion.

      […]As the official explains it, a strong Putin could bully his way through, overcoming objections from ministers and commanders. But a damaged Putin (and here the official mentions Donald Trump as a similar example), “one who might not be in control of all of his faculties, just doesn’t have that kind of sway.”

      “Putin is definitely sick … whether he’s going to die soon is mere speculation,” the DIA official says. “Still, we shouldn’t rest assured. We shouldn’t answer our own mail, if you will, believing only the intelligence that affirms our own desired outcome. He’s still dangerous, and chaos does lie ahead if he does die. We need to focus on that. Be ready.”

      Russia is ready to raise wheat exports to 50 million tons, Putin said.

      The situation with food problems in the world began to take shape long before the special operation in Ukraine, during the pandemic

      Russia owns 25% of the global fertilizer market. Russia and Belarus own 45% of potash fertilizers — “this is a huge volume”

      the situation with global fertilizers due to sanctions will worsen, food prices will only go up

    • europravda – ‘Not acceptable’: Xavier Bettel lashes out at Viktor Orbán over Kirill’s removal from EU sanctions

    • =============================
      THE HILL – The unpalatable truth in Ukraine

      […]The first unrealistic endgame is the reduction of Ukraine to a vassal state of the Russian empire.

      […]The second impossible scenario is the total defeat of the Russian military and the restoration of Ukraine to its pre-2014 borders.

      […]The third and final impossible scenario is a limited Ukrainian victory that would reverse all or most of the Russian gains (…)While once viewed as a realistic outcome, by now it should be obvious that this is impossible.

      […]And that leaves only one other conceivable outcome: a fragmented and partly dismembered Ukraine, neither fully part of the West nor entirely within the Russian sphere of influence. (…) in that it will not be free to join NATO or even to have a meaningful partnership with the EU. Simply put, this outcome is not only not impossible, it’s not even improbable.

      And when this final scenario comes to pass, who will have won the war in Ukraine?

      Well, it won’t be Ukraine.

      […]“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable unpalatable, must be the truth.”
      ‘Victory will be ours’: Zelensky addresses Ukrainians on 100th day of war

    • patrick lancaster – How Pro Russian Troops Live While Fighting In Ukraine

      In the Russian controlled Kherson Region of Ukraine we met with Pro Russian DPR fighters and they showed us how they live in Ukraine while fighting

    • patrick lancaster – Ships Held Captive In Kherson Ukraine Port. See How

      In Russian Controlled Kherson Region Ukraine there are many civilian ships that can not leave to the Black sea. In this report The captain of a Turkish ship in the port and Russian Soldiers explain why they can not leave the port and go to the Black sea.

    • CNN – A huge problem’: Retired colonel identifies danger area for Ukraine’s military

      Retired Air Force Col. Cedric Leighton says that if Ukraine doesn’t take the opportunity to withdraw from a pocket near the key city of Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine, they risk losing a large part of their military.

    • Medvedeev : la Russie frappera les centres de décision même hors d’Ukraine



      Medvedev, in an interview with Al Jazeera, said that if Kiev uses weapons against objects on Russian territory, the RF Armed Forces will have no choice but to act to “defeat the decision-making centers”

      The need for such threats is a consequence, among other things, of such a simple fact that last time these threats were voiced, but were never implemented, although the shelling of the territories of the Russian Federation continued. In the West, they saw that the threats remained only words and simply raised the stakes, threatening strikes already to a greater depth.

    • europravda – Ukraine live: Biden says ‘negotiated settlement’ needed to end the war

      The US president made his comments on the 100th day since Russian forces invaded Ukraine on 24 February, which launched the bloodiest conflict in Europe in decades.

  3. Norway to Track All Supermarket Purchases
    June 3, 2022 by David Nikel
    Home » News from Norway » Norway to Track All Supermarket Purchases
    Statistics Norway wants to receive several million daily receipts from food stores, signalling a new era in state data collection. Privacy advocates and the supermarkets themselves are unhappy.

    People living in Norway are used to big government. But the latest news coming out of Oslo is a surprising new step down the road of data collection that not everyone is happy with.

  4. WASHINGTON (TND) — A California appeals court has ruled four species of bumblebees are legally fish.

    And no, this is not a story out of the satirical website The Onion. Rather, it involves the legal definition of bees when it comes to the California Endangered Species Act (CESA).

    This all stems from a 2019 lawsuit between large agricultural groups in the state — such as almond and citrus growers — and the California Fish and Game Commission.

  5. ITALY – TURIN —- Il “Far West” a Torino. Rissa a colpi di machete (vicino alle elementari)

    I due sono nordafricani ventenni, quello armato era a petto nudo e insanguinato

    Torino. Scena di ordinaria follia nel quartiere Aurora di Torino: un ragazzo a petto nudo, con il viso ed il petto macchiati di sangue ed in mano un machete, ha dato la caccia per diversi minuti ad un altro ragazzo, inseguendolo per vari metri, sotto gli occhi esterrefatti dei passanti. Un Far West con urla, botte ed inseguimenti che si è svolto in pieno giorno, nelle vicinanza di una scuola primaria, la Parini, dove a quell’ora si trovavo bambini ed insegnanti, tra l’altro in procinto di uscire dall’edificio visto l’avvicinarsi della fine delle lezioni. Pochi istanti dopo e la rissa avrebbe potuto coinvolgere anche i piccoli alunni.

    Precedenti penali per l’uomo con il machete di Torino: “Serve il daspo urbano”

    Lo straniero protagonista del video virale girato a Torino aveva già aggredito altre persone in passato: Fratelli d’Italia chiede più controlli

    Non si è ancora spenta l’eco della terribile aggressione avvenuta a Torino, nel quartiere Aurora, a colpi di machete. Tutto è nato da una rissa scoppiata tra due giovani stranieri, nordafricani, che dopo aver menato le mani scelgono di passare a qualcosa di più forte. Ed è a questo punto che comincia il video diventato rapidamente virale sui social. Si vede uno dei due che, a petto nudo e brandendo un machete, rincorre l’altro che, a differenza sua, indossa una maglietta della Juve. Il tutto avviene tra le auto che transitano lungo il corso Giulio Cesare nel pomeriggio del 1 giugno, a pochi passi da una scuola elementare proprio durante l’orario di uscita dei bimbi. Ciò che è grave è che, purtroppo, non è la prima volta che episodi simili si verificano nel quartiere Aurora, periferia di Torino dimenticata e sempre più simile a un ghetto multiculturale in cui sono tantissimi i problemi di sicurezza denunciati dai cittadini.

    L’uomo col machete è stato fermato e identificato dalla polizia: ha 28 anni, è marocchino e pare abbia PROBLEMI PSICHICI. È già noto alle forze dell’ordine a causa dei suoi precedenti. In passato, per sfuggire a un controllo, sarebbe salito su un tetto e avrebbe iniziato a lanciare le tegole sui passanti. Ma risulta anche essere l’autore di un’aggressione compiuta ai danni di due persone a bordo di un autobus. È stato denunciato per lesioni aggravate per aver colpito con il machete l’altro ragazzo straniero, che non risulta comunque essere in pericolo di vita.

  6. The Truth About the Two Key People Leading “The Great Reset”
    Who Are the Two Key Individuals Leading “The Great Reset” Agenda?
    Klaus Schwab and Doctor Yuval Noah Hararri are the two key leaders of creating, narrating and implementing “The Great Reset” agenda.

    Klaus Schwab is the founder of The World Economic Forum and the author of “COVID-19: The Great Reset” and “The Great Narrative.”
    Watch –

    Yuval Noah Harari is lead advisor to Klaus Schwab and one of the most outspoken endorsers of the transhumanism / “Great Reset Agenda.” Yuval Noah Harari is the author highly-endorsed by former United States President Barack Hussein Obama. Yuval Noah Harari is an Israeli public thought leader, an intellectual, a historian, an outspoken proponent of the transhumanism agenda and a professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. –
    Watch –

    What Other Names Are Used When Describing the “Great Reset?”
    The “Great Reset” is also known as: COVID-19, The Great Reset, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, Transhumanism, and the One-World Government agenda, Event 201, Agenda 2030)


    ICS Advisory (ICSA-22-154-01)
    Vulnerabilities Affecting Dominion Voting Systems ImageCast X

    Legal Notice

    All information products included in are provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within. DHS does not endorse any commercial product or service, referenced in this product or otherwise. Further dissemination of this product is governed by the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) marking in the header. For more information about TLP, see

    1. SUMMARY

    This advisory identifies vulnerabilities affecting versions of the Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite ImageCast X, which is an in-person voting system used to allow voters to mark their ballot. The ImageCast X can be configured to allow a voter to produce a paper record or to record votes electronically. While these vulnerabilities present risks that should be mitigated as soon as possible, CISA has no evidence that these vulnerabilities have been exploited in any elections.

    Exploitation of these vulnerabilities would require physical access to individual ImageCast X devices, access to the Election Management System (EMS), or the ability to modify files before they are uploaded to ImageCast X devices. Jurisdictions can prevent and/or detect the exploitation of these vulnerabilities by diligently applying the mitigations recommended in this advisory, including technical, physical, and operational controls that limit unauthorized access or manipulation of voting systems. Many of these mitigations are already typically standard practice in jurisdictions where these devices are in use and can be enhanced to further guard against exploitation of these vulnerabilities.



    The following versions of the Dominion Voting Systems ImageCast X software are known to be affected (other versions were not able to be tested):

    ImageCast X firmware based on Android 5.1, as used in Dominion Democracy Suite Voting System Version 5.5-A
    ImageCast X application Versions and, as used in Dominion Democracy Suite Voting System Version 5.5-A
    NOTE: After following the vendor’s procedure to upgrade the ImageCast X from Version to, or after performing other Android administrative actions, the ImageCast X may be left in a configuration that could allow an attacker who can attach an external input device to escalate privileges and/or install malicious code. Instructions to check for and mitigate this condition are available from Dominion Voting Systems.
    Any jurisdictions running ImageCast X are encouraged to contact Dominion Voting Systems to understand the vulnerability status of their specific implementation.


    NOTE: Mitigations to reduce the risk of exploitation of these vulnerabilities can be found in Section 3 of this document.


    The tested version of ImageCast X does not validate application signatures to a trusted root certificate. Use of a trusted root certificate ensures software installed on a device is traceable to, or verifiable against, a cryptographic key provided by the manufacturer to detect tampering. An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to install malicious code, which could also be spread to other vulnerable ImageCast X devices via removable media.

    CVE-2022-1739 has been assigned to this vulnerability.


    The tested version of ImageCast X’s on-screen application hash display feature, audit log export, and application export functionality rely on self-attestation mechanisms. An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to disguise malicious applications on a device.

    CVE-2022-1740 has been assigned to this vulnerability.


    The tested version of ImageCast X has a Terminal Emulator application which could be leveraged by an attacker to gain elevated privileges on a device and/or install malicious code.

    CVE-2022-1741 has been assigned to this vulnerability.


    The tested version of ImageCast X allows for rebooting into Android Safe Mode, which allows an attacker to directly access the operating system. An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to escalate privileges on a device and/or install malicious code.

    CVE-2022-1742 has been assigned to this vulnerability.


    The tested version of ImageCast X can be manipulated to cause arbitrary code execution by specially crafted election definition files. An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to spread malicious code to ImageCast X devices from the EMS.

    CVE-2022-1743 has been assigned to this vulnerability.


    Applications on the tested version of ImageCast X can execute code with elevated privileges by exploiting a system level service. An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to escalate privileges on a device and/or install malicious code.

    CVE-2022-1744 has been assigned to this vulnerability.


    The authentication mechanism used by technicians on the tested version of ImageCast X is susceptible to forgery. An attacker with physical access may use this to gain administrative privileges on a device and install malicious code or perform arbitrary administrative actions.

    CVE-2022-1745 has been assigned to this vulnerability.


    The authentication mechanism used by poll workers to administer voting using the tested version of ImageCast X can expose cryptographic secrets used to protect election information. An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to gain access to sensitive information and perform privileged actions, potentially affecting other election equipment.

    CVE-2022-1746 has been assigned to this vulnerability.


    The authentication mechanism used by voters to activate a voting session on the tested version of ImageCast X is susceptible to forgery. An attacker could leverage this vulnerability to print an arbitrary number of ballots without authorization.

    CVE-2022-1747 has been assigned to this vulnerability.

    -CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE SECTORS Government Facilities / Election Infrastructure



    J. Alex Halderman, University of Michigan, and Drew Springall, Auburn University, reported these vulnerabilities to CISA.

    CISA recommends election officials continue to take and further enhance defensive measures to reduce the risk of exploitation of these vulnerabilities. Specifically, for each election, election officials should:

    -Contact Dominion Voting Systems to determine which software and/or firmware updates need to be applied. Dominion Voting Systems reports to CISA that the above vulnerabilities have been addressed in subsequent software versions.

    -Ensure all affected devices are physically protected before, during, and after voting.

    -Ensure compliance with chain of custody procedures throughout the election cycle.

    -Ensure that ImageCast X and the Election Management System (EMS) are not connected to any external (i.e., Internet accessible) networks.

    -Ensure carefully selected protective and detective physical security measures (for example, locks and tamper-evident seals) are implemented on all affected devices, including on connected devices such as printers and connecting cables.

    -Close any background application windows on each ImageCast X device.

    -Use read-only media to update software or install files onto ImageCast X devices.

    -Use separate, unique passcodes for each poll worker card.

    -Ensure all ImageCast X devices are subjected to rigorous pre- and post-election testing.

    -Disable the “Unify Tabulator Security Keys” feature on the election management system and ensure new cryptographic keys are used for each election.

    -As recommended by Dominion Voting Systems, use the supplemental method to validate hashes on applications, audit log exports, and application exports.

    -Encourage voters to verify the human-readable votes on printout.

    -Conduct rigorous post-election tabulation audits of the human-readable portions of physical ballots and paper records, to include reviewing ballot chain of custody and conducting voter/ballot reconciliation procedures. These activities are especially crucial to detect attacks where the listed vulnerabilities are exploited such that a barcode is manipulated to be tabulated inconsistently with the human-readable portion of the paper ballot. (NOTE: If states and jurisdictions so choose, the ImageCast X provides the configuration option to produce ballots that do not print barcodes for tabulation.)

  8. I have been wanting to post this since the war started.

    In war having blooded troops in tested equipment is a it advantage, to this is why no one wants to go head to head with the US military. This war is a training war for the Russian military and a testing ground for their equipment, NATO is going to test their new weapons also. Their are training wars before all major wars, and with Biden having 2 1/2 years to go it will take a major miracle to prevent a major war.

  9. Former US Attorney General Bill Barr has declared that Hillary Clinton faces a 20-year prison sentence for committing “sedition” against Donald Trump.

    “I thought we were heading into a constitutional crisis. I think whatever you think of Trump, the fact is that the whole Russiagate thing was a grave injustice,” Barr said in an upcoming episode of Glenn Beck’s Blaze TV podcast.

    “It appears to be a dirty political trick that was used first to hobble him and then potentially to drive him from office,” he continued, adding “I believe it is seditious.”

    “It was a gross injustice, and it hurt the United States in many ways, including what we’re seeing in Ukraine these days.“

    “It distorted our foreign policy, and so forth,” he revealed.

  10. CBC – Conservative MP removed from Parliament Hill over vaccination status

    Saskatchewan MP Cathay Wagantall was escorted off Parliament Hill

    Conservative member of Parliament Cathay Wagantall was removed from the grounds of Parliament Friday for violating COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

    Wagantall, an MP who has represented the Saskatchewan riding of Yorkton—Melville since 2015, sat in the House this week despite not having provided proof of vaccination.

    The Board of Internal Economy, which sets administrative rules for Parliament, has decreed that all individuals in the House of Commons precinct must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated.

    Wagantall told reporters in a press conference Friday that as she entered Parliament Hill’s West Block earlier in the day, she was expecting some form of action to remove her from the House of Commons precinct.

    Wagantall said that after she entered the building, the Sergeant-at-Arms asked to speak to her in his office. She didn’t offer details of that conversation but said that as she headed to the Commons chamber, Conservative House leader John Brassard warned her that there might be action to remove her if she left the Commons.

    “So my goal was to not leave unless I was basically forced to,” she said.

    Wagantall said that when she left the building to attend a 1 p.m. Veterans Affairs committee meeting, the Sergeant-at-Arms escorted her off Parliament Hill to her car. She ended up attending the meeting virtually.

    Wagantall — who also cannot board a plane or train because of vaccination rules — said she’s been driving to Ottawa from her riding in Saskatchewan. She said she has not been in her Parliament Hill office since November of last year.

    She did not reveal whether she’s vaccinated against COVID-19.

    “This is ridiculous. Ontario is open. My province has been open for a long time,” Wagantall said.

    She didn’t provide many details when asked what her future plans are for attending House of Commons proceedings. She said she and her party will continue to fight for the end of the vaccination requirement.

    “I’m prepared to do whatever I need to do to continue to do my job as best I can, in light of the circumstances, and yeah, from there we’ll see what happens,” Wagantall said.

    In a media statement, Conservative House Leader John Brassard said Wagantall “has every right to be in the House of Commons.”

    He also criticized the prime minister’s approach to COVID-19 vaccine mandates beyond Parliament Hill.

    “Make no mistake, the restrictions in the House of Commons are at the direction of the prime minister,” Brassard said. “He could end these tomorrow if he wanted to. He could also end the restrictions he placed on millions of Canadians who are still unable to travel or have lost their jobs.”

    Wagantall mentioned a number of times that she chaired the National Prayer Breakfast in Ottawa earlier in the week and was close to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at that event.

    Brassard pointed to the event as a contradiction.

    “[Trudeau] had no problem sitting next to MP Wagantall at last week’s Prayer Breakfast, but he won’t sit across the aisle from her in the House,” he said. “The hypocrisy is astonishing.”

    In a statement on the incident, a spokesperson for the Speaker of the House of Commons pointed to the Board of Internal Economy’s ruling.

    “To be allowed within the House of Commons precinct, individuals must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This requirement applies to any person who wishes to enter the House of Commons precinct, including Members and their staff,” the statement reads.

    It also mentioned that there are medical exemptions for a limited number of cases.

    “Reasons for medical exemptions to this requirement must follow the guidance from the Ontario Ministry of Health document entitled ‘Medical Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccination’ and the National Advisory Committee on Immunization,” the statement said.

    Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall discusses House of Commons rules concerning COVID-19 vaccinations

    Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall holds a news conference on Parliament Hill to discuss the circumstances of her departure from the House of Commons precinct earlier in the day amid concerns about her COVID-19 vaccination status.

    In November 2021, the House’s Board of Internal Economy imposed a requirement for anyone accessing the precinct to show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19.

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