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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. This is interesting. A member of establishment globalism says crypto currencies are worthless, based on no underlying asset, and highly speculative.

    So what’s the difference between crypto and our current manifestation of fiat currencies? And why does this uber Keynesian mouthpiece only now squawk about a competing medium of exchange? After all, it used to be that counterfitting was illegal. Anyone who dared challenge the hegemony of a country’s “dollar” was charged with a serious crime. Yes, if you make a good photocopy of a dollar and try to pass it off you will still get into trouble, but my question is why have cryptos been even tolerated as competition for so long? Talk to your bank’s “financial advisor” and cryptos are fair game. Talk to the same fraudster about precious metals and you are flirting with Satan.

    Has tolerance of cryptos been a grooming exersize for aclimatizing populations to digital currencies in preparation for central bank versions? I don’t know. But what I do know is that populations have been deprived of safe savings options during this, the longest stretch of near-zero interest rates for the longest period in human history. This has forced savers into speculative financial instruments just so they can try to better their returns above the rate of inflation. It has been a massive capital destruction machine for most non-professional investors. And now that bankers’ actions have directly caused the rise of cryptos, they have the nerve to say they are worthless? Maybe so, but these money mavens should look in the mirror, first.

  2. Iran Revolutionary Guard Colonel Killed in Tehran

    Col. Hassan Sayad Khodayari, a senior member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, was killed outside his home in Tehran on Sunday by unidentified gunmen on a motorbike, state TV reported.
    Slain Iranian Officer Planned Attacks Against Israelis, Jews Worldwide

    Iranian Revolutionary Guards Col. Hassan Sayad Khodayari had planned kidnappings and other attempts to attack Israeli and Jewish targets worldwide, according to Hebrew media. Channel 13 reported that one of the operatives under Khodayari’s direction was Mansour Rasouli, who admitted to Mossad agents in April that he was sent to target an Israeli diplomat in Turkey, an American general stationed in Germany, and a journalist in France.

    Channel 12 reported that Khodayari was also behind an attempt to lure Israeli academics, businesspeople, and former defense officials abroad and possibly kidnap them. It also said he was behind a plot to kill five Israelis in Cyprus. An Iranian security source was quoted as saying Khodayari also played an “important” role in Iran’s military industry, “especially when it came to drones.”
    Seth J. Frantzman:
    Assassination of IRGC Officer Reveals Iran’s Hollow System

    Iran continues to try to strike at Israel, but Iran cannot even defend key members of the IRGC in its own capital. All Iran can do is posture, while it appears to be more vulnerable than in the past. While the regime’s proxies have grown in power in Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria, the regime itself appears hollow.

    • WorldNews IL

      Hassan Sayad Khodayari was the deputy commander of unit 840 of Iran’s Quds Force.
      He was on target for several months because of his responsibility for planning assassinations against Israeli/Jewish targets all over the World – in Cyprus, Turkey, Colombia, and Africa.

      Hassan Sayad Khodayari was the deputy commander of unit 840 of Iran’s Quds Force.
      He was on target for several months because of his responsibility for planning assassinations against Israeli/Jewish targets all over the World – in Cyprus, Turkey, Colombia, and Africa.

      Khodayari was the deputy of Yazdan Mir AKA Sardar Bagheri, the commander of unit 840.

      Now we can confirm – Khodayari was the “Quds Force operative in Syria who is in contact with the Iranian network members.”

      The network comprises Iranians, including convicted criminals and Basij members, and is working under the orchestration of a Quds Force operative in Syria who is in contact with the Iranian network members.

  3. Yaakov Lappin:
    Iran’s IRGC Has Covert Presence in Red Sea –

    Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ (IRGC) Navy maintains a covert presence in the Red Sea through an array of ships, including some that gather intelligence and act as forward bases, Lt.-Col. (ret.) Michael Segall, a senior analyst at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, told JNS.

    After an alleged Israeli attack on the Saviz – described by international media as an IRGC ship acting as a forward and expeditionary base – the Iranians replaced it with the Shahid Roudaki, which is operated by the IRGC off the Eritrean coast.

    “They are building sea-based abilities to launch UAVs, and this is something that can reach our area, too,” cautioned Segall.

    The use of small submarines for laying mines is another Iranian aspect of this doctrine.

  4. Iran Plotted to Target Former Israeli Defense Minister

    The Israel Security Agency has uncovered an Iranian intelligence plot to lure former Israeli security officials and academics abroad, according to an announcement on Thursday. Iranians used fictitious email accounts to contact Israeli officials while impersonating real-life academics, journalists, businessmen, and philanthropists. The Iranians would then invite them to conferences abroad, possibly to abduct or hurt them.

    “It is a well-known method of operation of the Iranian intelligence and security bodies, headed by the Intelligence Organization of the Revolutionary Guards, Quds Force, and the Ministry of Intelligence,” the ISA said.

    One of the Israeli officials targeted was former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who immediately understood that he was being scammed and alerted the ISA.

  5. Gaza Terror Groups Prepare for Next War with Israel

    One year after the May 2021 war in Gaza, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are hard at work preparing for the next conflict with Israel.

    They are developing and perfecting new attack methods, including digging more tunnels, utilizing drone technology, and expanding their naval capabilities.

    Newly dug tunnels recently uncovered by the IDF reach the Israeli border but don’t cross Israel’s new subterranean barrier. Adjusting its tactics, Hamas hopes to emerge out of the tunnels on the Gaza side and then break through the partition fence.

    Hamas has also added 1,000 rockets to its arsenal since last year and is focusing on their quality, improving their range and accuracy.

  6. Israeli Court Rules that Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount Is Not a Disturbance of the Peace at a Criminal Level

    A Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Sunday rejected a criminal case against three Jewish minors arrested for praying on the Temple Mount.

    The court has in the past recognized the rights of Jews to quietly pray on the Temple Mount. Judge Zion Sahrai was careful to clarify that he was speaking only with respect to the facts of this case, which involved minors who had bowed on the ground and recited the “Shema Yisrael” Jewish prayer while visiting the site. Sahrai wrote that he did not believe their utterance of “Shema Yisrael” constituted a disturbance of the peace at a criminal level.

    The Israeli Government responded, “There is no change, nor is any change planned, on the status quo of the Temple Mount. The Magistrate Court’s decision is focused exclusively on the matter of conduct of the minors brought before it, and does not include a broader determination regarding the freedom of worship on the Temple Mount.”
    And THIS is controversial??

  7. Jerusalem Judge: Decision Does Not “Determine Anything Regarding Freedom of Worship at the Temple Mount”

    In the case involving Jewish minors arrested for praying on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Judge Zion Sahrai emphasized: “This [decision] does not intervene with the police’s job in enforcing public order at the Temple Mount, nor does it determine anything regarding freedom of worship at the Temple Mount. These matters are not discussed in the decision at all.”

    Radical, jooo-ish yout arrested for praying.

  8. IDF Military Intelligence Views Iran, the Palestinians, and Egypt

    IDF Brig.-Gen. Amir Sa’ar, head of the Military Intelligence Research Division, says, “Iran is weeks away from accumulating a sufficient quantity of uranium for a nuclear bomb….It’s the most advanced position they’ve reached in terms of accumulating materials….They’ve achieved complete control of advanced centrifugal technology.”

    However, Sa’ar says, the Iranians need another two years before they will be able to produce a bomb, since they still haven’t mastered metallurgy or the production of the explosive device.

    “Three things have always worked with the Iranians: military pressure, internal distress and political pressure. When these were used, they prompted the Iranians to make their biggest decisions. Iran can be deterred, and we have to have the capability to operate against them.”

    “I doubt [the recent spate of Palestinian terror attacks] can be defined as a ‘wave,’ like in the past….The Palestinian public weren’t part of this for a moment. There is weariness among them, as well as a lack of understanding of what, exactly, the issue is. The cry ‘Al-Aqsa is in danger’ doesn’t resonate with the [Palestinian] population in Judea and Samaria. It’s an eastern Jerusalem event, a bit Arab Israeli, but has nothing to do with Judea and Samaria.”

    Israel, he says, has an interest in day-to-day life in Judea and Samaria going on as usual, with people working and making a living. “The more you can separate the innocent population, who really want to work and to live, from terrorism, and to make sure there’s a cost for it [the terror], the better.”

    Egypt has recently brought its relations with Israel more into the open.

    “The Egyptians saw the Gulf states sailing comfortably into the world openly with us, and not paying a price. They didn’t want to be bypassed, and they understand the benefits of these relations.

    “President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi…understands he won’t benefit if he keeps relations with us on the level of security, and concealed….

    “Egypt today sees Israel as a positive element in the region. I don’t think the current Egyptian leadership sees Israel as an enemy.”

  9. Moon of Alabama:
    White House Rejects President’s Foreign Policy

    October 23 2021: ‘Strategic Ambiguity’ on Taiwan Apparent as White House Walks Back Biden Comments

    November 17 2021: Biden Struggles to Stick to the Script on Taiwan

    March 27 2022: Biden’s Putin remark, White House walk-back faces scrutiny

    May 23 2022: US would defend Taiwan if attacked by China, says Joe Biden

    Joe Biden has said the US would intervene militarily to defend Taiwan if it came under attack from China – a statement that is likely to enrage Beijing as concern grows over Chinese military activity in the region.

    Speaking in Tokyo on the second day of his visit to Japan, Biden said the US’s responsibility to protect the self-ruled island – which China considers a renegade province – was “even stronger” after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in one of the most forceful statements in support of Taiwan in decades.

  10. the gateway pundit – Stunning. Wuhan Lab was Experimenting with Monkeypox Last Year – Published Research Report in International Journal in February

    Virologica Sinica is an international journal which aims at presenting the cutting-edge research on viruses all over the world.

    The journal publishes peer-reviewed original research articles, reviews, and letters to the editor, to encompass the latest developments in all branches of virology,

    In February 2022, Virologica Sinica published a recent gain of function research project performed by scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in August 2021 while the COVID-19 pandemic was still raging around the world.

    The study was published in February 2022.
    Via The National Pulse.

    The Wuhan Institute of Virology assembled a monkeypox virus genome, allowing the virus to be identified through PCR tests, using a method researchers flagged for potentially creating a “contagious pathogen,” The National Pulse can reveal.

    • euronews – Monkeypox cases reported in more European countries

      Health authorities across Europe are reporting small but growing numbers of monkeypox and taking measures to prevent outbreaks.

    • global news – WHO chief warns COVID-19 pandemic “most certainly not over”

      He also thanked the executive board of the Health Assembly to nominate him for a second term as WHO’s director-general.

      He is expected to be re-elected via a secret ballot on Tuesday.

      More than 100 world health ministers had gathered in Geneva this week of the first in-person World Health Assembly in three years.

    • CBC -Montreal traveller linked to 1st suspected Toronto monkeypox case

      Toronto is investigating its first suspected monkeypox case, linked to a man who had contact with someone who travelled to Montreal.

    • Same players playing with Monkeypox?

      Defender Children’s Health site
      As monkeypox cases spread, a report shows the GATES Foundation, WHO, and Pharmaceutical executives took part in a Monkeypox Pandemic ‘Simulation’ in MARCH or 2021.

      The World Health Organization on Friday held an emergency meeting to discuss the outbreak of Monkeypox after more than 100 cases were reported across 12 countries.

      Days before the WHO convened, the mailin guy’s administration placed a 119 million dollar order for monkey pox vaccines after the Center for Disease Control confirmed 6 people in the US were being monitored for the viral infection and 1 person tested positive.

      Questions are popping up about the SIMILARITY between the March 2021 tabletop ‘Simulation’ of a MONKEYPOX outbreak and a similar simulation on OCTOBER 18, 2019 GATES funded, Event 201 which was correctly ‘predicted’ the COVID-19 pandemic.

  11. europravda – US would intervene with military to defend Taiwan, says Biden

    Biden said Monday that the US would intervene militarily if China were to invade Taiwan, adding that the burden to protect Taiwan is “even stronger’ following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  12. Defender Children’s Health

    Jack Hurn’s parents are waiting the results of a hearing into the death of their son. Jack 26, was an honours graduate of Coventry University. He died last year 13 days after getting the AstraZenaca shot from “catastrophic loos clots in his brain.

    Kim Lockwood a 34 year old mother from South Yorkshire died in March of 2021 of a “catastrophic brain bleed 9 days after her first shot of AstraZenca.

    Tom Dudley, a 31 year old father of 2, died 17 days after an AstraZenca shot of vaccine induced brain hemorrhage.

    Lisa Shaw 44, died from VITT after her first shot.

    Studies link all Covid-19 vaccines authorized in the US of blood clotting disorders.

    And governments are still pushing the vaccines!

  13. Erdogan says Turkey to launch new military operation in N. Syria

    ANKARA, May 23 (Xinhua) — Turkey is preparing for a new military operation in northern Syria to establish a 30-km deep safe zone along its southern border, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday.

    “As soon as the Turkish armed forces complete its intelligence and security preparations, these operations will begin,” Erdogan said at a press conference after the cabinet meeting.

    The operation will target the regions in northern Syria where the Turkish military does not have control and are “centers of attacks to our country and our safe zones,” he said.

    Turkey’s forces and Syria’s Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) members often exchange fire in the region and the clashes have accelerated since early this year.

    The Turkish National Security Council will discuss the issue on Thursday, he said.

    The Turkish army launched Operation Euphrates Shield in 2016, Operation Olive Branch in 2018, Operation Peace Spring in 2019, and Operation Spring Shield in 2020 in northern Syria, aiming to eliminate terror threats and provide a safe zone that will facilitate the return of Syrian refugees to their homes.

    Ankara sees the YPG as the Syrian branch of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

    The PKK, listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the United States and the EU, has been rebelling against the Turkish government for more than three decades.

  14. yahoo – Pfizer says 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shot for kids under 5 is 80% effective

    ….otherwise the kids could transfer that disease

  15. reuters – EU approves COVID booster shot: AstraZeneca

    Vaxzevria, AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine, has been approved for use as a third-dose booster for adults in the European Union.

  16. AstraZeneca Chairman: Making vaccines is one thing, but we need to make sure they get distributed

    Chairman Leif Johansson talks about what we can learn from the Covid pandemic ahead of the next pandemic.

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