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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Lest We Forget, our winter of love was only the beginning.

    Yesterday the Radio Man talked about who would become Ottawa’s new chief of police. Thug Bell, who replaced thug Sloley, will likely be chosen.

    Warmer weather brings opportunity. If they did it all in brutal cold imagine the durability embracing sunbeams will bring.

    This is a full meal pertinent to all, not only Dystopians:

  2. Quebec media pen letter denouncing criminal trial held in secret, kept off court docket

    The heads of Quebec major newsrooms have penned an open letter denouncing a criminal trial involving a police informant held entirely in secret and kept off the official court docket.

    The existence of the trial only became public because the police informant accused in the case appealed his or her conviction, and the appeals court issued a heavily redacted ruling critical of the lower court proceedings.

    A letter signed by the newsroom leaders of the province’s major media outlets, including The Canadian Press and Global Montreal, stated their indignation and deep concern over the “shadow trial” revealed in a judgment rendered by the Quebec Court of Appeal, which was first published by La Presse.

    The letter addressed to the chief justices of the Quebec court, Superior Court and Court of Appeal says it is unacceptable that a trial took place for which no official records were kept regarding the court that heard the case and the identities of the judge or lawyers involved.

    Quebec’s newsrooms are calling for an in-depth review of court practices to ensure such a trial doesn’t occur again.

    In a decision date Feb. 28, a three-member Court of Appeal panel wrote the trial was “contrary to the fundamental principles that govern our justice system.”


    national post – ‘No trace’: Quebec justice minister seeks answers on criminal trial that took place in secret

    The existence of the trial only became known because the police informant accused in the case appealed the conviction

    MONTREAL — Quebec’s justice minister says he’s looking into a criminal trial in the province involving a police informant that took place entirely in secret and was kept off the official court docket.

    Simon Jolin-Barrette told reporters today he would have more to say after he learns what happened in the trial in which the prosecutors, defence lawyers and judge agreed to keep proceedings secret in order to protect the identity of the informant.

    The existence of the trial only became known because the police informant accused in the case appealed his or her conviction, and the appeals court issued a heavily redacted ruling critical of the lower court proceedings.

    In a decision dated Feb. 28, 2022, the three-member Court of Appeal panel says the way the initial trial took place was “contrary to the fundamental principles that govern our justice system.”

    It says the case had no official docket number, the witnesses were questioned outside court, adding that “no trace of this trial exists, other than in the minds of the individuals implicated.”

    The time and place where the alleged unnamed crime occurred were also kept secret, as were the accused’s name and the police force involved.

    The Quebec prosecutor’s office did not immediately return a request for comment.

    The appeals court panel found that even if the informant’s identity needed to be protected, the legal proceedings should have been public and subject to specific court orders or held partially behind closed doors.

    The case involves a police informant who was convicted of participating in a crime that he or she had initially revealed to police. The informant claimed he or she was a victim of an abuse of process, but the lower court judge disagreed.

    The Appeal Court panel, however, sided with the informant and stayed the conviction and the legal proceedings.

    “It cannot be overstated the importance of the open court principle in this country,” Appeal Court justices Marie-France Bich, Martin Vauclair and Patrick Healy wrote in the introduction to their ruling.

    “The court is of the opinion that if trials must protect certain information disclosed therein, a procedure as secret as the present one is absolutely contrary to modern criminal law and to the respect of the constitutional rights not only of the accused, but also of the media, and it is equally incompatible with the values of a liberal democracy,” they added.

  3. BREITBART – Anthony Fauci: Americans Should Be Ready for Possibility of a ‘More Rigid Type of Restriction’

    Dr. Anthony Fauci over the weekend said Americans need to be “flexible enough to pivot” back to a world with restrictions in place — “more rigid” restrictions, specifically — due to the Chinese coronavirus.

    …. during an appearance on BBC’s Sunday Morning program

    ….people must be prepared for “a more rigid type of restriction.”

    Dave 2 days ago

    .... Sounds like they’re preparing us for another “surge” and more mail in votes.



    BBC – Sunday Morning – 27th March 2022

    • CBC – Pfizer’s CEO on triumphs, challenges of creating COVID-19 vaccine

      Andrew Chang talks to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla about what it was like to develop a COVID-19 vaccine in record time — and why he calls people who spread vaccine misinformation ‘criminals.’

    • associated pravda – Wild animals the latest frontier in COVID fight

      Wildlife experts are searching for the virus that causes COVID-19 in deer, bears, moose and wolves in Minnesota’s north woods.

      They are among researchers around the world trying to figure out how and where wildlife is spreading the coronavirus.

    • twitter @breaking911


      “If we need a different vaccine for the future to combat a new variant, we are not going to have enough money to purchase it.”

      + video


      Biden pushes Congress to pass urgent COVID funding

      Warning the “consequences of inaction are severe,” Biden urged Congress to pass billions of dollars in additional COVID funding to ensure the nation maintains a supply of the tools that have helped it emerge from the pandemic.

    • Top FDA official says fully vaccinated Americans may need more Covid shots this fall ( number 5 )

      Dr. Peter Marks at the Food and Drug Administration said people might need another booster shot in the fall.

      Marks also said the U.S. might need to switch to a different vaccine that targets specific variants of Covid.

      The FDA on Tuesday approved a fourth dose for people age 50 and older and fifth dose for certain younger individuals with compromised immune systems.

      […]People who are now eligible for fourth shots would likely get a 5th shot if there’s evidence that would be beneficial, Marks told reporters on a conference call.

      […]Marks also said the U.S. could switch to a different vaccine that targets a specific Covid variant or a mix of several.

      The FDA will hold an advisory committee meeting on April 6 to discuss the future of booster shots in the U.S. and whether the vaccines need an update to offer better protection against variants.


  4. “A teacher at a top grammar school has been suspended after allegedly using a mug with an image depicting the Prophet Muhammad”

    “The white mug appears to feature a cartoon of Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad”

    “Most Muslims deem that any physical depiction of the prophet – even a positive one – is blasphemous”

    (Photo edited and obscured by the kufar to themselves).

    The Daily Dhimmi alleged the teacher was using the very cup we can see in his hand, whilst not mentioning the drawing of an Arab was of an alleged Last Jewish Prophet.

    International Socialists: silence what you hear.
    National Socialists: silence what you see.
    ‘Keep my Mother-God’s name out of your f#£&ing mouth!’

    • The juxtaposition of Jesus and Mohammad in conversation, is a powerful metaphor regarding freedom and enslavement.


      A man with a crown of thorns, who suffered and died to set the whole of the human race free from their attachments to the pride of sin, so as to able to stand freely naked and unashamed before their own god once again; innocently chatting to a warlord who hijacked this journey by way of a path to submission so that the the scales fell off their eyes to enter the never-ending war between Good and Evil.

      One has real peace, the other holds only a Promise of Peace when their Savior returns.

      The individual, speaking to the Masters of their flocks.

      ‘why should I turn these stones into bread? These will not feed my soul that I am looking to reconnect to.’

      The father awakening the femaled top dogs and the femaled sharers, this world of doms and subs, back to the pain of reality. Denial had once reigned as the instant blanking of the mind. ‘Move along, nothing to see here.’

      The Daily Mail stated:
      “Launched in 2005, the simply-drawn webcomic chronicles the lives of two religious prophets – Jesus and Mo – based on the Christian and Islamic faiths and generally understood to represent Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad.

      The cartoons poke fun at various aspects of religion, such as arguments for the existence of God.”

      “There is no god, you fools!”

      Why should you, looking in the direction of god, (to be able to spot all the fake gods and prophets that come alone), be blinded by a Collectivist image of God? Where all Gods will once again be put into a kaaba to Coexist, to lay down all defences as per the rules of engagement, and history bloodily repeat itself?

      And why should looking in the direction of the world (to spot the trickery of masks and identities) be blinded by the Classification of Man? With no definition of ‘woman.’ The straight male is a rapist. Environmentally designed victims. Herstory repeat itself?

      Be open to god, and to be open to mankind. No clenched fists, because such looking for objects, won’t find them. Hands just full of empty symbols and images.

      “There is no god, you fools!”

      There is no Utopia, you fools.

    • The belief in a heaven where you’re reunited with those who’ve passed must be a terrific comfort for those who mourn. We just get, “May his/her memory be a blessing.”

      Either way, it takes a long, long time till the pain of loss diminishes enough to feel like a blessing.

      At least for me. For others, who knows? I can’t get into anybody else’s mind.

      Mothers of terrorist murderers cry with supposed pride and joy for their shaheed offspring. Is this for real? Does it depend on how much reinforcement they get for the sacrifice?

      If a tree falls in the forest but nobody hears it, does it make a sound? Schrödinger’s cat?

  5. Election Flu coming to you. – Get vaccine it is not safe and can be deadly.

    Remember Ezekiel Emanuel Bioethicist and special advisor who helped draft the Affordable Care Act, brother of Rahm, Obama’s hatchet man.
    Ezekiel stated “Older Americans live too long in a diminished state- – wondered wether “our consumption is worth our contributions”. They REALLY care about you.

    Klaus Schwab and all the Economic Forum Frankenstein freaks want y’all to be digital and biological systems. You will trade your name for a number, own nothing and be happy or………..

    Anybody out there tired of the transhuman bullshit yet? Are you missing the “old normal” taken from us by the oh so not normal politicians, media freaks, “healthcare officials” – – it is time for all people who care about others to stop this madness. Start mocking the monsters, send them all to prison.

  6. I admit I believed the Chris Rock slap by Will Smith was real. And it may have been a real slap, but a staged real slap. The rationalization for such an event are compelling given the unbridled absurdity of our times:

    Another absurdity is Zelensky pushing “green” energy in the middle of a war under the premise that it will hurt Russia. Talk about evoking the globalist agenda. This guy is pure puppet. There’s no shame in admitting one has been fooled, but there’s plenty of shame in continuing to play along after you’ve seen the scam.

    Best summary yet of the current Israeli govt, {spit} its relationship with Team Biden {spit}, and the confusion amongst the Arab partners in the Abraham Accords.

    The power, potential and possible pitfalls of the Negev Summit

    With the many challenges facing Israel and its neighbors, including an unstable structure of once-reliable global superpowers and the growing likelihood of a rogue nuclear regime in Iran, this regional alliance is becoming more important by the day.

  8. MIT Tech Review:
    The new malaria vaccine might not be perfect, but it will save countless lives

    In 2020 malaria sickened 241 million people and killed roughly 627,000. In sub-Saharan Africa, where 95% of cases and deaths took place, children under five accounted for 80% of the fatalities.

    The numbers are horrifying—but there is finally a reason for optimism. Last October, the World Health Organization approved GlaxoSmithKline’s malaria vaccine, known as RTS,S or Mosquirix….

    Meanwhile, BioNTech, the German biotech company that teamed with Pfizer to develop a covid-19 vaccine based on mRNA, is aiming to begin clinical trials of a malaria vaccine in 2022. The tide may finally be turning….

    Scientists first identified the proteins present on the malaria parasite’s surface right after it enters the human body—targets that the immune system could recognize and attack. In order to enhance the immune response, they discovered, it would be necessary to add additional ingredients….

    To guard against autoimmune diseases and even allergies, SOME immunologists SUGGEST[*], the human immune system has multiple safety mechanisms aimed at preventing it from needlessly attacking irrelevant or harmless proteins….

    [*]Here they were insisting on prophylactic acyclovir for patients who chose to get boosters.

    The data from that trial, which ended in 2014, showed that the vaccine was effective. But a SMALL percentage of girls who received it developed bacterial meningitis, AND independent of that, there was also a TINY rise in the total number of girls who DIED of other causes….

    [A]pproval of Mosquirix has sent a powerful signal to the investors and foundations most scientists rely upon to finance the hunt for even more effective vaccines against malaria and other parasitic diseases. And there are signs of early scientific success….

    Meanwhile, the success of mRNA vaccines for covid-19 could be a good omen for the new malaria shot being developed by BioNTech. Like the company’s covid vaccine, this malaria vaccine exposes the body to synthetic pieces of messenger RNA … These harmless proteins then trigger alarms in the immune system, causing it to raise an army of protective immune cells…

  9. Bruce Willis retires. Diagnosed with aphasia. Did he get the injection?

    Very early in the rollout Dr. Byram Bridle spoke about a young, previous healthy girl couldn’t speak shortly after getting vaccinated.

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