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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    ** Stanford women’s soccer team star goalkeeper Katie Meyer is found dead in her dorm room aged just 22 **

    School officials confirmed on Wednesday that Katie Meyer, a goalkeeper for the women’s soccer team who majored in international relations and minored in history, was the student who was found dead in a residential building the day before.

    A cause of death has not been released, but police said there was no threat to anyone else on campus and are not treating Meyer’s death as suspicious.

    Meyer, of Newbury Park, California, earned national fame in 2019 after she made two critical saves to help the Cardinals win its third NCAA championship.

    Her reaction to making the second save – where she looked directly into ESPN’s camera ad pantomimed locking her mouth shut and throwing away the key went viral with 5,900 likes.

    The Stanford Daily reported that students first noticed ambulances and police vehicles near Crothers Hall at around 11am.

    Residents of the building reported seeing police officers inside, and multiple sheriff cars and officers remained stationed outside the building through early afternoon.

    The school has now released a list of grief resources available to students and others throughout the community.

  2. Sadly, only a thought experiment.

    If Russia had all its weapon removed, who would they turn to for friendship?

    NATO, or Communist China?

    I think under Chinese occupation, colonization and surveillance they will then figure this out.

    And those who left Ukraine with fighting ability should never be allowed to return.

    If you cannot defend you neighbors and their homes, those who welcomed you to live amongst them to enjoy their freedoms and food, what neighbor are you to anyone?

    This may be why America is what it is today: full of refugees running from problems they bring with them.

    • My Russki’s son says the same thing.
      Not for any abstract “Free Ukraine” – that’s an abstraction at best. But for the place and the people that make it home.

      We think daughter-in-law and grandkids are ok in Moldova.

      I hate it all. We’re sick with worry.
      I’ll visit you all tomorrow, if I can.

  3. “You mean things used to be different?” asked Joanne. She studied Mark’s face carefully. If this was the man the Department of Arrangements had picked for her to join in gene sharing, she had better take a darn good look at him.
    “Of course,” Mark replied. “It was only twenty-five years ago, back in around 2022 when things began changing. People choosing their own partners in marriage may seem barbaric now, in 2047, but that’s the way it was. It was a time of huge change.”
    “I should watch more videos on how it was. Imagine–.”
    “Yes,” Mark continued, “it was a different world. Even the money we used was different. But that started to change slowly, then all at once. The bankers tipped their hand sooner–or maybe not–than they’d planned. Suddenly nobody trusted the government or the banks with their money. It happened first in Canada, then Russia in a war.”

    Well, Joanne thought, at least he seems to have a brain.

    • Further clarifications on this. It means the U.S. Dollar’s demise as the world’s reserve currency may be accelerating. My question is, is this by mismanagement or intentional? Certainly, the end has been telegraphed and understood for years, while the unaffordability of financing all western postmodernist poisons became a political yoke around the necks of the citizenry. No central bank heads, or Presidents, want to own the responsibility and criminality of this happening on their watch, so it is entirely plausible that the failure, and subsequent transition to a new financial paradigm, must be obscured by successive distractions on multiple levels:

    • In this context I it is important for people to obtain physical precious metals to protect themselves from failed fiat currencies. While it is possible governments may outlaw their ownership, the dual capacity of silver as both an industrial metal and a monetary metal may dissuade such outlaw, since to do so would cripple auto, computer, solar panel and many other manufacturing sectors.

    • Remarkable video circulating on Telegram. Ukrainians gave a captured Russian soldier food and tea and called his mother.
      We Stand WithUkraine – March 2, 2022

      Russian soldier captured by the Ukrainian soldiers; “Mom, I don’t know where I am, in general, I am a prisoner, everything is fine, no one beats me, they feed me, everything is fine.” At the end bursts in tears
      We Stand With Ukraine – March 1, 2022

      • TOTAL fake. GARBAGE propaganda, so transparent it’s obscene.

        Cheering for the “noble ukes” against the foot soldiers of the “axis of evil” reflects a mind that froze to death in the Cold War.

        It’s not Ukes vs. Russkis.
        It’s a mess. My Russki’s son is Russian. And Uke. It’s no where NEAR as simple as it’s made out to be.

        Puppet govt vs. the most sinister warlords since WW-2. Weapons from the West sent to maximize total death tolls.

        Don’t get suckered into cheering for the “good guys” as designated by NWO. OR the hapless conscripts dispatched to fight their own brothers.

        Believe nothing you read, vids you see. Your favorite anti-commie sources are so out of the loop, they’re best avoided altogether.

  4. The World Health Organization (WHO) has signed a deal with T-Systems (a Deutsche Telecom subsidiary) for the production of a global QR system to produce an international vaccine passport. The company noted has already implemented vaccine QR codes for over 60 countries, despite the intense resistance by the people. T-Systems is also responsible for implementing the European Federation Gateway Service (EFGS), and Germany’s COVID warning app, which has been downloaded over 43 million times.

    The WHO said further information is coming “soon,” but we already know the implications. This will provide governments with a tool to track and control our movements both domestically and internationally. Even if you have received the COVID shots and booster, you are only one vaccine away from becoming part of “the unvaccinated” population; you will be banished into the shadows of society. France recently repealed four million vaccine passports, halting lives instantaneously. Countries such as Israel and Australia are calling for four or five vaccines. If the people do not push back, the government will have us on a tight leash with full control over our lives.

  5. What is the meaning of a mad scientist?

    Mad Scientist (also mad doctor or professor) is a stock character of a scientist who is described as “mad” or “insane” owing to a combination of unusual or unsettling personality traits and the unabashedly ambitious, taboo or hubristic nature of their experiments.

    Fauci, Gates, Collins, Schwab, young global leaders……..

    Woman died of blood disorder after J & J Vaccine. CDC says disorder rare.

    Booster shots causing more injuries than previously thought Israeli survey shows.

    Gates polio vaccine is responsible for the resurgence of polio which most frightening epidemics in Congo, Afghanistan and the Philippines. In fact by 2018, 70% of all global polio cases were of the vaccine strain. The W HEALTH O reluctantly admitted admitted the global explosion in polio is predominantly of the vaccine strain.

    During a meeting October 26, by the U S Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccine panel, Dr. Jessica Rose, a viral immunologist and biologist, said tens of thousands of reports have been submitted to VARES for children ages 0-18, and that 60 children have died – – 23 of them were under 2 years old.
    “It is disturbing to note that “product” administered to patients of inappropriate age was filed 5,510 times in this age group”, Rose said, “Two children were inappropriately injected, presumed by a trained medical professional, and subsequently died. This is malfeasance”.

    Myocarditis up 269%
    Bell’s Palsy up 291%
    Pulmonary embolisms up 467%

    Underreported cases in Europe, Germany, Israel, Canada, US

    Based on data, the FDA must revoke Emergency Use Authorization for Moderna, Pfizer, J&J Covid vaccines, and the Biologics License Application for Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine.

    It would be wrong for the FDA to extrapolate the industry’s clinical trial data to paediatrics without HALTING the use of the vaccines and conducting an INVESTIGATION abased on real-world data.

    Klaus Schwab, Justine, “This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is OUR chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to re-imagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, and inequality and climate change”.

    Vaccine injured people are resorting to GoFundMe pages for financial help.

    A groundbreaking preprint paper by the “prestigious” Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published August 10, in the Lancet, includes alarming findings devastating to the Covid vaccine rollout.
    The study found vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of Covid-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.

    While moderating the symptoms of infection, the jab allows individuals to carry unusual high viral loads, without becoming ill at first, potentially transforming them into presymptomatic superspreaders.

    This phenomenon may be the source of the post-vaccination surges in heavily vaccinated populations globally.

    The papers authors, Chau et al, demonstrated widespread vaccine failur and transmission under tightly con controlled circumstances in a hospital lockdown in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    The scientists studied healthcare workers who were unable to leave the hospital for 2 weeks. The data showed that the fully vaccinated workers, about 2 months after injections with Oxford AstraZenaca Covid-19 vaccine (AZD-1222) acquired, carried and presumably transmitted the Delta variant to their vaccinated colleagues.

    Many mad “Build Back Better” politicians are STILL promoting the injections, knowing full well the travesty they have caused.

    The brainwashed, fear freaks will of course wear their masks, even outside, and cry “fake news”. I pity them.

    February 18, Underreported VARES numbers
    Adverse Reactions 1,134,063
    Deaths 24,402
    Vaccine injuries 196,203
    God help us all IF these numbers are less than 1% of the actual numbers.

    • CNN – DeSantis scolds high school students over masks

      Thomas Garvan - 6 hours ago

      They're not doing him any harm wearing masks ( literally). This is all about control not freedom. It's the students choice and he doesn't care.


    • MSNBC – ‘Who Raised Him?’: Joe Slams DeSantis For ‘Rude’ Criticism Of Teenagers Over Masks

      Joe Scarborough, Mika Brezinski, Willie Geist and the Morning Joe panel discuss Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Wednesday press conference where he chided teenagers for wearing masks, telling them to “stop with this covid theatre.”

      • Mother said she was very upset with Governor telling them to take off their masks ha ha ha he is in college. I wonder what she would think of a Canadian school teacher telling a young girl to get the injection – it is safe- your mother doesn’t need to know.

      • At this point – OMG two years, not two weeks later, does anyone in their right mind care what the fearful freaks thinks think? Find a physic ward, go there, stay there, shut up.

    • Pfizer Documents Received by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency

      Four days after the Pfizer vaccine was approved for ages 16+, Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request to the FDA for all of the data within Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine biological product file. PHMPT then sued the FDA for not releasing the data.

      The FDA is now releasing the data in batches and PHMPT is making them public. ICAN is making them available for you.

      Click below for court documents and for productions of Pfizer’s documents from the FDA.

    • Decision to wear mask in Quebec will be personal choice

      “The province’s epidemiological situation is progressively improving,” says Quebec public health director, Dr. Luc Boileau, adding it’s justified to start removing mask mandates by mid-April and drop the vaccine passport.

  6. CBC – Many American donors to Ottawa protest convoy also gave to Trump, Republicans

    Half of the 200 top American donors to the Ottawa protest convoy have names matching those of donors to Republicans and former president Donald Trump, a CBC News analysis found.

  7. “Russia Goes Nuclear – Distraction From Western Tyranny Or WWIII? Alex Newman” Unraveling the Narrative – March 1, 2022

  8. global news – Training intensifies for Canadian troops in Latvia amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

    Hundreds of Canadian soldiers are Latvia, training to defend against a possible attack in case Russia extends its aggression beyond Ukraine.

  9. DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – Germany to send Soviet-made anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine

    Germany has announced that it’s sending more weapons to Ukraine. A government source says Berlin has agreed to provide 2,700 anti-aircraft missiles.

    The weapons are Soviet-designed “Strela” missiles from the stocks of the former East German armed forces.

    Germany had already commited to delivering 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 surface-to-air missiles.

    Berlin recently reversed a longstanding policy of not exporting weapons to conflict zones.

  10. First lady Jill Biden had a close family friend as a guest at the State of the Union address on Tuesday, Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger, whose company is one of the largest tech manufacturers in the world with deep ties to communist China and was a proud sponsor of the Beijing Olympics.

    Intel has previously cooperated with the Chinese Communist Party, deferring to its diktats rather than American principles. That did not stop President Joe Biden from introducing Gelsinger during his speech and proclaiming that Intel will build a monster manufacturing facility in Ohio that will ironically produce computer chips and other technology to counter China’s stranglehold on the market.

  11. When a Democratic president accuses a Republican of “government overreach,” it generally means either a joke or hypocrisy is at work. When the president is Joe Biden and the Republican is Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, it means a fight is brewing.

    On Feb. 22, Abbott directed the state’s Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate “abusive gender-transitioning procedures” for children, such as surgery and puberty blockers, which “constitute child abuse under existing Texas law.”

    On Wednesday, Biden called the move “government overreach at its worst” and — apparently not realizing the irony — both he and his secretary of Health and Human Services said they would “take immediate action if necessary” to ensure “gender-affirming care for transgender children” in Texas.

  12. Apparently, the mechanized goat enthusiast battalion is no more:

    Russian Hit Squad Sent to Assassinate Zelensky ‘Eliminated,’ Ukrainian Official Says
    “I can say that we received information from representatives of the FSB, who today have no desire to take part in this bloody war,” said Danilov, who claimed that the Chechen special forces sent to kill Zelensky had been “eliminated.”

    “The Kadyrovites’ elite group, which came here specifically to eliminate our president, was directly destroyed,” he said. Kadyrovites refers to a Chechen paramilitary group accused of a number of human-rights violations and abuses. They serve at the pleasure of Razman Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic and a close ally of Vladimir Putin.

  13. ctv -Convoy trucks seized by police in Ottawa returned to owners

    The Ford government revealed Thursday that the 12 vehicles involved in the convoy seized by police were returned to their owners.

  14. ctv- Former Ottawa police board member: ‘I did nothing wrong’ attending ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest

    CTV’s Leah Larocque reports on the chaos within the Ottawa Police Services Board, after three provincially-appointed members resigned.

  15. “Fire Erupts at Ukrainian Power Plant – Elevated Levels of Radiation Detected (Video)” by Cristina Laila – March 3, 2022

    “Our Russian Oracle”
    by JR Nyquist – May 28, 2010


    The Russians also do more. They make the future, directly, instead of merely reacting to events. Back in the 1980s, for example, you might ask whether Europe was going to use Russian natural gas or continue to build nuclear power plants. The answer appeared by way of a nuclear reactor accident at a place called Chernobyl. Europe’s future dependence on Russian natural gas was thereby sealed.

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