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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Fire departments, police, dangerous commodities workers, all hold simulations. Schwab, Gates, Justine Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Mark Carney and many, many collaborators took part in the simulated “Global HEALTH crisis”.

    Millions of people’s lives have been destroyed worldwide. ENOUGH is ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

  2. North Korea Marks 80th Anniversary of Kim Jong-il’s Birth

    North Korea has released footage of a ceremony marking former leader Kim Jong-il’s birth, near Mount Paektu on the China border.

    Officially known by authorities as ‘The Day of the Shining Star,’ February 16 is Kim Jong-il’s official birthday, and was marked with a grandiose ceremony attended by senior officials and citizens.

    • CBC – 7 soldiers investigated for supporting convoy protests

      At least seven active members of the Canadian Forces are being investigated for publicly supporting the convoy protests, including two members of an elite unit who participated in the occupation of downtown Ottawa.

    • global news – Trucker protests: Emergencies Act prohibits bringing children, food or fuel to blockades

      New details have been released on what the Emergencies Act, invoked Monday by the Canadian government in response to ongoing protests against COVID-19 mandates, will actually do.

      The emergency powers prohibit several activities that could result in fines including bringing children, food or fuel to the blockades.

      Breaking this rule could result in a person getting a fine of $5,000 or five years in prison.

      The same punishment would also apply to anyone participating the protests directly, or bringing aid such as food or fuel to those involved.

    • ctv news – Children’s Aid Society urges Ottawa convoy protesters to make arrangements for kids’ care

      Children’s Aid has issued a warning for protesters occupying Ottawa to arrange alternate care for their kids in case they are arrested.

    • ctv – Police give notice to Ottawa truck protesters

      … police are distributing notices to protesters, warning that they will be arrested.

    • city news – Police in Ottawa hand out notices to protesters

      Notices are being handed out to protesters in Ottawa, saying leave now or you could be arrested.


      Roy Beyers, executive director of Taking Back Our Freedoms (—chaired by the Hon. Brian Peckford, the last living co-author of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms—delivers an immediate call to action for Canadians and international supporters of the Freedom Convoy to stop the Emergencies Act.

    • Canadian Truckers: ‘That’s worse than what Thatcher did to the miners’

      ‘That’s worse than what Thatcher did to the miners and I’m saying that as a miners son. You’re freezing the working classes ability to eat and live’

      Deputy Leader of the Reclaim Party, Martin Daubney, discusses the Canadian Government freeing the bank accounts of ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers.

      • This woman is lying. Ottawa is not being held– as my funny 13-year old daughter would say– “sausage”. The ambulances and workers are free to move as they wish. The only inhibitions that I an aware of is some construction in the Parliamentary district.

    • FULL PRESSER: Call to Action to Stop PM Trudeau’s Emergencies Act

      ( 42 min )

      Roy Beyers, executive director of Taking Back Our Freedoms (—chaired by the Hon. Brian Peckford, the last living co-author of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms—delivers an immediate call to action for Canadians and international supporters of the Freedom Convoy to stop the Emergencies Act.

    • Glenn Beck – Canada’s response to the trucker convoy is a warning for US ALL

      The CBC — a media organization tied directly to Canada’s government — now is combing through the HACKED GiveSendGo database of donations and is asking donors WHY they gave to the ‘Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy.’

      But that’s not all Prime Minister Trudeau and his team are doing to SQUASH Canadian voices of dissent.

      Glenn gives the latest details on the story, shows how social media is entirely onboard with tyranny too, and explains why this kind of slippery slope should be a warning for US ALL…

    • CBC – Ottawa police warn remaining protesters to ‘leave the area now’

      Ottawa police have begun distributing written notices to the remaining vaccine mandate protesters telling them to leave the downtown area immediately.

        • @yucki

          It is because you have to get the "real" URL for the video you want to embed ....

          .... the URL that appears on the adress bar of the browser ....

          it usually look like this :

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          otherwise if you click on the video screen and choose the option"copy the URL of this video"

          then you end up with a "truncated URL " that will look like

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          and those URLs simply don't embed

    • ctv news – Feds on new powers under Emergencies Act: full statement

      Federal ministers say the new powers were enacted after ‘exhausting all other options’.

    • Associated Press – Canada truck protesters call to defy order

      Representatives for a group of truckers blockading Canada’s capital over COVID-19 restrictions are calling on protesters to defy government orders to vacate the area.

    • twitter @breaking911

      WATCH: Canadian Justice Minister David Lametti says if you’re part of a “Pro-Trump movement” you should “be worried” about your bank account being frozen by the Government.

      + VIDEO

      ctv news – U.S. donors to trucker protest convoys ‘ought to be worried’: Lametti

      ( 4 min 29 )

      Lametti discusses the government’s new legislation to target and freeze the accounts of donors to protest blockades.

    • CBC – Ottawa protest trying to bring government down, justice minister says

      ‘This isn’t a protest. This is an occupation,’ said David Lametti, as some protesters in Ottawa strike a defiant tone despite police warnings to leave or face arrest.

    • city news – Interim chief says Ottawa police ready to ‘take back’ downtown core

      As Ottawa’s city council holds a meeting to discuss the ongoing convoy protest, the new interim police chief says officers are now ready to ‘take back the entirety of the downtown core’ and put an end to the protests.

    • CBC – Court grants 60-day extension to injunction against honking in Ottawa

      Paul Champ, the lawyer who brought forward the injunction to end honking during the protests in the capital, joins Power & Politics to talk about its impact on the ongoing situation in downtown Ottawa.

    • cth – Canadian Hacker Brags About Hacking GiveSendGo Donor Files, Meanwhile Canadian State Media Brag About Doxing Donors and Canadian Banks Begin Blocking Withdrawals

      The Canadian hacker who infiltrated the Crowdfunding website GiveSendGo has been identified as Aubrey Cottle, also known as Kirtaner. Cottle is a left-wing extremist who took credit for the hack (and displayed his severe mental instability) in a TikTok proclamation where he bragged about his success.

      GiveSendGo founder Jacob Wells told Fox News the cyberattack and rapid dissemination of the donor files shows a deliberate, “well-orchestrated,” and politically motivated doxing effort, where the hacker closely coordinated his efforts with the Canadian government and state media.

      Wells plans to file criminal charges against Aubrey Cottle; however, the fact that government officials coordinated with the hacker does not leave many avenues despite the illegal nature of the events.

      gbn – Trucker donors hacked: ‘An attempt to intimidate those people who have contributed token amounts’

    • global news – Debates over Canada’s Emergencies Act to ensue amid concerns of government overreach

      As concerns over government overreach swirl for the now-invoked Emergencies Act, debates are set to ensue in Parliament on whether it is necessary.

      The legislation that was invoked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday gives the federal government broad powers to clampdown on the “illegal” blockades by demonstrators and their vehicles that have paralyzed the nation’s capital.

      Global’s David Akin explains the new measures the government hopes will end the disruptive protests and which political parties will be supporting or pushing back against them.

    • global news – Trucker protests: Cryptocurrency complicates efforts to stop blockade funds

      What has been keeping the Ottawa trucker protest going is the funding behind it. But even though organizers raised over $10 million through various crowdfunding platforms, it has been one obstacle after the next in actually getting that money.

      After sweeping changes targeting banks and crowdfunding platforms were announced under the Emergencies Act, which limits the transaction of traditional funds, some have turned to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

      Global’s Anne Gaviola explains how cryptocurrency is complicating the government’s efforts to stop blockade funds.

    • CBC – Protesters in Ottawa supported by organized operation

      The protesters occupying downtown Ottawa have set up everything from kitchens to bathrooms and even a gym in the last few weeks.

      And it’s all supported by an organized operation that stretches outside downtown.

    • CBC – How might police break up the protest camp in Ottawa?

      Former deputy RCMP commissioner Pierre-Yves Bourduas discusses how police might approach breaking up the protest camp in downtown Ottawa and the special considerations needed because there are numerous children on site.

        • Well we started already by not watching in large numbers. They have a small share. But my personal vote would be to treat it like the Los Angeles public TV as it was in the early 2000s.

          As I recall, they had studios and cameras. ANYONE who wanted a TV show could sign up to volunteer doing lights or sound etc. for some other show, and after you had done a few, you could have your own TV show.

          Commercial networks complained because some were so good, they stole market share from official TV stations.

          One example, perhaps not the most wholesome one, was a guy who called his show, ‘whateverhisnamewas and his kinky friends. And it was a show all about sex and kinks. IIRC porn stations complained as his was more fun and organic so to speak.

          But there was music and instructional channels and all in all, was REAL public TV of the people by the people and for the people.

          THAT is what MUST happen to CBC.

    • CBC – How misinformation is threatening U.S. democracy

      Conspiracy theories and misinformation are influencing political beliefs in the U.S. like never before.

      False claims that the 2020 election was stolen, have some American voters justifying the violence that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

      Some researchers worry there could be more violence, if voters don’t accept the results of the midterm elections this November.

    • CBC – The potential financial consequences for protesters in Ottawa

      The Emergencies Act gives authorities the power to freeze the finances of those connected to blockades and protests, and the consequences could last long after the demonstrations end.

      • What are the financial consequences of the simulated global pandemic?

        How many lives have been lost because they were denied proper treatment?

        How many Canadians have been vaccine injured or died?

  3. Did anyone watch the vote in 5he house to end all mandates

    All liberals but one and of course the communist part all voted NO

    Cons and quebecquois voted to end

    It will be tricky for Pierre once leader to find a no;confidence vote, but
    I believe he can do it

  4. Dutch statistics office drops ‘Western/non Western’ migrant categories
    The Dutch statistics office CBS is dropping the term ‘migration background’ in its population reports and will no longer divide people by whether their parents have a ‘Western or non-Western migration background.’ In the past, the body referred to people with at least one parent born abroad as ‘allochtoon’ but this term was dropped in 2016 after being criticised for encouraging stigmatisation. Now, the CBS has said it will give priority to ‘where somebody is born and less…to where somebody’s parents are born.’ From 2022, it will first look at whether Dutch residents were born in the Netherlands or abroad, registering the country of birth. Only those born abroad will be termed ‘migrants’. People with one or more parents born abroad will be classified ‘children of migrant(s)’ rather than also as migrants. Ethnic origins will be measured in terms of country names rather than being divided into ‘Western’ or ‘non-Western’, however the body will highlight groups with ethnic origins from ‘classic migration countries (Turkey, Morocco, Suriname, Indonesia and the Dutch Caribbean)’.

  5. “A finance professor battered a bloody and bruised Old Harrovian businessman, 77, at his £2m home after he told him he was sleeping with his 28-year-old girlfriend, a court heard.

    Professor Christopher Hennessy, 51, was seen banging the front door of sporting hospitality specialist Robert Titchener-Barrett ‘aggressively and angrily,’ the jury were told.

    Hennessy, who lectures at the London Business School, has pleaded not guilty to one count of causing actual bodily harm to Mr Titchener-Barrett at the Portobello Road, Notting Hill house on November 2, 2019.”

    Counting the days off when accurately describing “Fuckwit,” becomes Hate Speech and an imprisonable offence.

    Until, as such a word will do, it becomes culturally-appropriated to mean “an erudite Sexual”.

    Baby Boris, Teenage Trudeau, Mommy Macron…

  6. Government Approves Plan to Reinforce Windows in Sderot Safe Rooms

    An Israeli ministerial Committee on Civilian Sector Emergency Readiness approved a plan on Monday by Defense Minister Benny Gantz to upgrade safe room windows in the southern Israeli city of Sderot, which in the past has suffered frequent rocket fire launched by Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups based in the Gaza Strip.

    The committee approved the decision to reinforce the windows to 32 millimeters (1.2 inches)….

    The review was put into motion following the death of 5-year-old Israeli child Ido Avigail, who was killed by shrapnel that penetrated the window of the safe room he was sheltered in during last May’s “Operation Guardian of the Walls.”

    “We are continuing the plan to broaden reinforcements of civilian protection components,” Gantz said in a statement. “The last decision joins the upgrade of reinforcements for kindergartens and other maneuvers that we are conducting based on the understanding that a strong, prepared home front will allow the IDF to fully conduct its operational mission.”

    ………Even better, find a defense minister who can think strategy beyond appeasement and safer safe-rooms. This guy is a serial loser.

    The IDF brass is far left. They hear From the river to the sea as a friendly suggestion to take a dive. You can’t make peace with people who just want you DEAD.

    The most qualified officers leave the military for the private sector out of frustration. The officer core ends up miserable and mediocre. When they retire, they go into politics. They look good in business suits. That’s about it.

    • Abu Yehuda:
      Some hard facts

      There are such things as hard facts. A hard fact is something that is true, not dependent on point of view, ideology, culture, religious belief, or politics…

      The laws of physics are hard facts. So are the strategic facts of geography, like the physical characteristics of Eretz Yisrael, which demand that its eastern border encompass the slope of the Jordan Valley, and that the hills of Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights must be under Israeli control. These are the facts that make the division of the land that is so beloved by peace processors impossible.

      But there are also social, historical laws…

      Perhaps because of the influence of Marxism in Israeli political culture, Israeli leaders from Ben Gurion on have believed that if the economic condition of the Arabs were improved, their alienation from the state would decrease…

      [W]e have two tribes, physically and genetically similar, but in terms of ideas – memetically – opposed. Neither side is especially comfortable with the other, but the Palestinian narrative makes the position of the Arab side not just uncomfortable, but intolerable.

      And it can’t be fixed by any arrangement that doesn’t end Jewish sovereignty, or indeed, any Jewish ownership of the land that the narrative insists belongs only to Palestinian Arabs. These tribes cannot coexist.

      Westerners tend to think that all problems have compromise solutions, that there is always a way to talk things out, and that nothing is black and white. But that isn’t always true. Some games ARE zero-sum. Sometimes there has to be a winner and a loser. And in this case, the loser loses everything, include the right to live here on the land that both sides claim…
      Whatever westerners think now, they’ll learn the same hard facts. Hamburg, Molenbeek, Birmingham. Gently murmur the shahada and go zombie.

  7. Associated Press – CDC: Data and science key to virus guidance change

    Rochelle Walensky says we share the same goal to make the virus not a constant crisis, but any guidance changes to come will only be based on data and science.

  8. “Trudeau, Who Took a Knee for BLM, Imposes Tyranny and Terror on Freedom Convoy” by Daniel Greenfield – February 15, 2022

    “Black Lives Matter is Actually Part of the Maoist Playbook Against America” Counterpunch with Trevor Loudon – February 9, 2022

  9. CBC – Federal government aims to welcome 432,000 immigrants to Canada this year

    Immigration Minister Sean Fraser joins Power & Politics to discuss Canada’s new immigration targets of welcoming 432,000 people to the country in 2022.

  10. UK – NHS recruits sheep to ‘calm’ 12-year-olds getting Covid jabs

    A petting zoo full of sheep and a skate park are just some of the things the NHS has lined up to get children vaccinated.

    Shetland sheep – called Lashes, Cumin, Coriander, Clove and Cardamom – greeted youngsters going for their Covid jabs at Nescot College in Epsom this weekend.

    Sama Ali, 14, from Tadworth, Surrey, is scared of needles but wanted to get jabbed TO PROTECT HER 75-YEAR-OLD GRANDMOTHER .

    The teen said the sheep had a ‘calming’ effect and it was ‘fun to stroke the animals’.

    Her mother Farina Ahmad said: ‘I am so proud of her. The sheep were a nice surprise, especially as she was nervous.’

    Veronika Brosnan, 12, from Sutton, was also a bit nervous about the injection, but said she feels better after getting it.

    She said: ‘It was fun to feed the sheep and stroke them because when I am older I want to work with animals.’

    Nurse Catherine Frew Brown said: ‘We want the children to appreciate the experience and they may come back again without feeling anxious and fearful.

    ‘It is very important that this age group is vaccinated because they are on their half-term holiday at the moment. They are going to be going back into school and will be mingling.

    ‘We want them to be vaccinated so they are protected and safe while they are with members of their own family, some of whom may not yet have been vaccinated.’

    More than 770,000 appointments have been made available during this cheerful drive to get the children vaccinated.

    Since the rollout was expanded to include children late last year, the NHS has delivered more than 2.1 million vaccinations to 12 to 15 year olds.

    The line-up of attractions are being laid on during half-term. Balloons, face painting and other activities will be on offer for children at the Community Centre in south-east London.

    A walk-in clinic for children seeking their first or second dose is also set to open at Adrenaline Alley Skate Park in Corby from Tuesday to Sunday.

  11. PROJECT VERITAS – FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies

    FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies: ‘Almost a Billion Dollars a Year Going into FDA’s Budget from the People we Regulate’

    • FDA Executive Officer Chris Cole: “The drug companies, the food companies, the vaccine companies. So, they pay us hundreds of millions of dollars a year to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their products.”

    • Cole on FDA fees: “Congress approved user fees for [the] FDA. Basically, we charge the industry millions of dollars in order to hire more drug reviewers and vaccine reviewers which will speed up the approval process. So, they [pharmaceutical companies] make more money.”

    • Cole: “They [FDA] tone down the impact of the user fees on their operations because they know they’re dependent on the drug companies, and the vaccine companies, and these other companies for their agency to operate.”

    • Cole on blowing the whistle: “There’s not an incentive to speak out in government, surprisingly. You would think there would be, but there’s not. It’s better just to just not say anything and just ignore it.”

    • Cole on retaliation in government: “You’ll be marked from getting other jobs because another office is not going to want to hire you if you’ve spoken out about something, right or wrong. They don’t look at what you’ve spoken out about. They’re just not willing to- government’s about rocking the boat and they don’t want to- which is the problem I have with- one of the problems I have with government is, like, they don’t like people rocking the boat, for right or wrong, at all costs. They want to hire a safe person that can do the job but doesn’t necessarily- is a great hire.”

    [WASHINGTON, D.C. – Feb. 16, 2022] Project Veritas published Part Two of its series on the FDA on Wednesday night which featured FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole, speaking about the inner workings of the agency including the FDA’s conflicts of interest, overspending, and why it’s hard for those within the agency to speak out on such abuses.

    In the footage, Cole talks about the impact that pharmaceutical companies have on the agency including the process for approving drugs.

    “A long time ago, Congress approved user fees for [the] FDA. Basically, we charge the industry millions of dollars in order to hire more drug reviewers and vaccine reviewers, which will speed up the approval process, so they make more money,” Cole says in the hidden camera footage.

    He then reveals that the FDA tones down the impact that these user fees have on the agency’s operations because, “they’re dependent on the drug companies, and the vaccine companies and these other companies for their agency to operate.”

    The incendiary footage, which features Cole talking about how the additional money the FDA brings in “gets banked” to be spent on “whatever you can, whether it’s right or wrong,’’ also features Cole discussing reasons why it’s difficult for anyone in government to speak out about practices he sees as “probably excessive.”

    “I don’t think there’s enough people saying — they’re, like, ‘Look, that’s fine, but that’s not right. So, we’re not going to charge that.’ You don’t want to be that person. You’re not going to have a long shelf life in the agency if you’re always that person,” Cole said.

    “There’s not an incentive to speak out in government, surprisingly. You would think there would be, but there’s not. It’s better just to just not say anything and just ignore it. The whistleblower, well, it’s high-profile whistleblower statutes and everything, that’s kind of ridiculous,” Cole said before adding “it’s better to just stay quiet and accept.”

    Cole’s LinkedIn page lists him as an Executive Officer within the agency’s Countermeasures Initiatives, which plays a critical role in ensuring that drugs, vaccines, and other measures to counter infectious diseases and viruses are safe. He made these revelations on a hidden camera to an undercover Project Veritas reporter.

    A spokesperson for FDA issued a statement yesterday saying, “The person purportedly in the video does not work on vaccine matters and does not represent the views of the FDA.”

    This statement appears to contradict a phone call released Wednesday afternoon by Project Veritas wherein Cole reiterated, during the conversation with Project Veritas Founder and CEO, James O’Keefe, that he is “a manager in the office that helps oversee the approval of the COVID vaccines for emergency approval.”

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