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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. I have nothing to bring other than I’m exhausted. The Quebec government is playing mind games with its citizens. I feel upcoming tax-death by slow strangulation but I don’t think they can pull it off.

    They change their press messengers also. From a strict person to a smooth person. Pure psycho games.

    So, out of a population of 8+ Million, we are only 545,000 who aren’t complying. And this is a problem for PM Legault who wants to boast of a 100% victory.

    This is what it’s all about: His ego. (WEF)

    • global news – Quebec to open pop-up vaccine clinic to get unvaccinated their 1st dose

      The Quebec government says a new “positive approach” to persuade people to get their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine will complement the punitive measures so far imposed to increase vaccination rates.

      “It’s really intensification of what has been done before,”junior health minister Lionel Carmant told reporters Monday in reference to a question about whether the government had any novel ideas to reach the roughly 540,000 Quebecers who so far have not had a single dose of vaccine.

      A pop-up vaccination clinic will open in downtown Montreal this week and a telephone line will be set up and staffed by medical professionals to field calls from residents seeking information about the vaccines, he said.

    • CBC – Quebec retail workers fear backlash over new vaccine passport rules

      Quebec’s vaccine passport will now be required to enter big-box stores, except for escorted trips to the pharmacy, and retail workers are concerned about being on the front line of the backlash from upset customers.

      • Martin: I read you this morning. All I can say is it is difficult for anyone to remain fully sane and physically healthy in such a situation as the Quebec government has put people like me.

        Early this afternoon, I did something very positive: l drew up a new will at my notary’s office. That feels so good.

        Ever since Donald J. Trump was elected President, I saw the impact of hate news on some individuals in my entourage. And with the Covid story, I saw it more. I saw hypocrisy also.

        The new will brings me a great sense of calm. And I will be leaving the province. Heading West.

        • er… myself I am at the point where I watch all “this” like I would watch exoctic fishes in an aquarium… I’m not even sure to be part of it… ( as long as I still can get some Nutella…)… around noon I went to IGA to get some cheap Portuguese wine… ( “alta gama” … It is cheap but it is good… you should try it …) ..then I baked sesame cookies and now I am back at the computer searching through the most stupid propaganda videos and selecting the most irrational and most stupid ones to post on the site… well, I hope you find a nice place …

  2. Germany

    Immunity status for recovered people was recently cut from 6 to 3 months.
    However, in the German house of Parliament, the Bundestag, this new rule is not applied.
    Politicians there apply the previous ruling for themselves and keep their immunity
    status for 6 months.

    It’s like George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

    (Source is in German)

    • OMG We are about to see just how corrupt our media collaborators are.

      People might start asking,
      What are the real numbers of Canadians who got vaccinated?

      How many Canadians died because they never received proper care – drugs that actually work but were denied?

      How many Canadians have died from the injections?

      How many Canadians have been injured from the injections?

      Why would health “officials” and politicians insist on people getting the injections when they know they do not work?

      Why would health officials and politicians insist on Canadians getting the injection when they must know the majority of people are 99.99 assured they will not die from Covid?

      How many Canadians have lost their jobs?

      Why are the hospitals understaffed- because those who did not fall in line were let go.

      How much money have the drug companies paid the hospitals and politicians to carry out this genocide?

      How many people know there is an under reporting of the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Events? How many people’s injuries have not been reported- – millions.

      You can only hide so much – – but BIG trucks and thousands of Patriots – -LOL good luck with that.

      DEFUND CBC and all news outlets in Canada – – Let’s get back to reporting the news and stop all the opinion bullshit.

      Stand up and fight for your Freedom

      Keep on the sunny side and to hell with the nay sayers.

      Justine Trudeau and company, Doug Ford and Company should all step down. O’Tool is just another global tool.

  3. Extreme market volatility anchored by the Fed’s narrative to raise interest rates precludes even the raising of said rates. Imagine what will happen if they actually go ahead with it. PM neutrality or even dropping is expected as volatility initially manifests in flight to USD, exacerbating the inversed relationship, followed by reality which will prompt flight to PMs.

  4. “…We’re still comin’…”.

    Trucker refers to the Fed pressuring Gofundme to stop donations. Excellent. He accents peaceful behavior.

    Beware the Ray Epps.

    Hey Martin how ’bout more trucker-following vids leading up to Saturday?

  5. reuters – Danish PM to announce removal of all COVID restrictions on Wednesday – Jyllands-Posten citing sources

    COPENHAGEN, Jan 25 (Reuters) – Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is on Wednesday expected to announce the removal of all COVID-19 restrictions by the end of this month, daily Jyllands-Posten reported on Tuesday citing several sources.

  6. the jerusalem post -COVID-19 in Israel: Fourth dose recommended for ages 18-60

    The recommendation comes after data showed that after the fourth dose, a person has 3-5 times protection against severe morbidity.

    Israel’s Pandemic Response Team and the Advisory Committee on Vaccines recommended on Tuesday that a fourth coronavirus vaccine be administered to those under the age of 60 and over the age of 18 who have either recovered or received the third dose at least five months prior.

    The recommendation was given in light of positive data which showed that after receiving the fourth dose, a person has between 3-5 times the amount of protection against severe morbidity, and double the protection against being infected in comparison to those who have received only three doses

    […]In the last week alone, over half a million new coronavirus cases were detected in Israel, bringing the total number of cases in Israel since March 2020 to 2,481,420.

    • CNN – Pfizer starting trial for Omicron-specific Covid-19 vaccine

      Pfizer and BioNTech announced they have begun a clinical trial for an Omicron-specific Covid-19 vaccine.

    • TURKISH RADIO & TELEVISION -TRT- Pfizer and BioNTech launch trial for Omicron specific vaccine

      The study will evaluate the vaccine’s safety in more than 1,400 participants.

      Amit N Thakker from the Africa Healthcare Federation has more on the impact of this clinical trial.

    • Jen Psaki Calls Ron DeSantis Crazy

      Let’s just take a step back here just to realize how crazy this is …

      “We know what works, vaccines and boosters.”

        • Has she checked out the latest CDC numbers?
          As of January 14, 2022
          Vaccine adverse reactions ONLY 1,053,830

          Deaths 22,193

          Serious injuries 174, 864 strokes, heart attacks, brain bleeds, stillborn, miscarriages, paralyzed, Guillian Barre Syndrome, Pots disease, rashes that last for months….”.

          IF these numbers represent less than 1%

          Adverse reactions 105,383,000
          Deaths 2,219,300

          Serious injuries 17,486,400

          Serious criminal intent by many politicians, healthcare “officials”, media for pushing the infection injections.

    • twitter @tomselliott

      The “surgeon general” vivek_murthy:

      “Critical part of how we get through this pandemic” is “limiting the spread of misinformation” from shows like joe rogan

      + video


      Vivek Murthy, joins Morning Joe to discuss addressing the politicization of the Covid vaccine and the need to combat Covid vaccine misinformation.

    • François Amalega Bitondo passera les trois prochains mois en prison

      L’obstination du militant antivaccin François Amalega Bitondo à ne pas respecter des conditions de libération qui lui sont imposées par les tribunaux a fini par lui coûter cher. L’homme de 43 ans, qui se représente sans avocat, restera incarcéré au moins jusqu’au 27 avril prochain, à la suite d’une cascade de conséquences qu’il a lui-même provoquées.

      Figure de proue du mouvement antimasque, M. Amalega Bitondo avait été arrêté le 16 janvier dernier, devant la maison de Radio-Canada, alors qu’il essayait de s’approcher du premier ministre François Legault à sa sortie d’une entrevue à Tout le monde en parle. Il était alors sous le coup de deux ordonnances de la cour, prononcées coup sur coup en novembre, après son arrestation à Shawinigan et à Trois-Rivières, lui interdisait spécifiquement de s’approcher du premier ministre.

      Il comparaissait ce mardi devant le juge Simon Ricard après que la Couronne eut demandé la révocation de sa liberté pour non-respect des conditions qui lui avaient été imposées par une juge de Trois-Rivières en novembre. M. Amalega se trouvait déjà en prison à Bordeaux, suite à son arrestation à Montréal pour non-respect des mêmes conditions.

      Le juge a refusé de le libérer jusqu’à la tenue de son procès sur le fond, dont la date a été fixée au 27 avril.

      « Il y a une probabilité marquée » qu’il viole une fois de plus les conditions lui interdisant de s’approcher de M. Legault, a tranché le juge. « Son insistance et son entêtement [à s’approcher du premier ministre] provoquent un risque d’entraînement qui représente un risque pour la sécurité du premier ministre », a-t-il ajouté.

      Le militant, qui refuse catégoriquement de porter un masque devant les tribunaux pour des « raisons de conscience », continue d’affirmer que les décrets sanitaires sont illégaux et refuse de s’y conformer. Il tente de s’attaquer, seul et sans la moindre connaissance de la procédure judiciaire, à leur validité à chaque fois qu’il se trouve devant un juge.

      Il a accusé mardi le juge de « manquer de courage » parce qu’il refusait de se pencher sur la validité des décrets sanitaires et des conditions de libération, selon lui « antidémocratiques », qui lui ont été imposées. « Ce n’est pas la question que j’avais à trancher aujourd’hui », lui a répliqué le magistrat, après lui avoir vivement conseillé de se prendre un avocat pour la suite des procédures.

      M. Amalega Bitondo devra également subir un procès à Shawinigan, à Joliette et à Montréal pour des accusations semblables. En octobre dernier, il a été reconnu coupable d’entrave au travail des policiers par la Cour municipale de Montréal, à la suite d’une arrestation musclée dans une épicerie où il s’était présenté sans masque pour défier les mesures sanitaires. Le juge Randall Richmond avait conclu que, par ses agissements, son argumentaire « franchement exagéré » et son insistance à faire de la désobéissance civile, M. Amalega Bitondo s’était lui-même « tiré dans le pied ».


      rebel news – ‘There’s no logic anywhere’: Maxime Bernier speaks at Toronto’s Worldwide Freedom Rally

    • Prosecutors seek to keep Montreal man on crusade against COVID-19 measures behind bars

      Prosecutors are asking the court to detain a Montreal man who is on a crusade against the Quebec government’s COVID-19 measures.

      + VIDEO

      Francois Amalega-Bitondo returned to court Tuesday after he was arrested Sunday night while demonstrating outside the Radio-Canada building where Premier Francois Legault was giving an interview.

      Amalega-Bitondo is accused of breaching a court order preventing him from being within 300 metres of the premier, following an earlier arrest.

      What should have been a standard bail hearing quickly turned to chaos when he launched into a conspiracy-filled rant on a video link from jail.

      Justice Guylaine Rivest was trying to ask him if he wanted to be represented by a lawyer.

      “Francois Legault is a an outlaw,” he shouted. “And there’s not a judge or a lawyer who will tell me otherwise.”

      The judge reminded Amalega-Bitondo that this was not his trial, and certainly not the premier’s, and that she simply wanted to ensure he would receive sound judicial advice. A legal aid lawyer offered him help, which, the defendant declined.

      “I’d rather work with my naive ways and my heart” he said, though he accepted a 24-hour postponement to think it over.

      Amalega-Bitondo, a former CEGEP teacher, has been front and centre in the protest movement against government public health measures and against the vaccine, demonstrating outside stores, schools, and even hospitals, which was prohibited by the government in the fall.

      He has so far accumulated $60,000 worth of fines for breaking COVID-19 rules – fines he has claimed he will never pay.

      Amalega-Bitondo is currently on probation after he was jailed in September for obstructing police in a similar case.

      This time, the prosecution is asking that he remain behind bars until his trial, because it claims he can’t be trusted to respect his bail conditions.

  7. ctv news – Motor truck council president on ‘freedom convoy’

    Mike Millian, president of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada, says it looks like vaccine mandates at the border are here to stay.

  8. Police Clash with Massive Protest in front of Ukraine’s Parliament

    Ukrainian small business owners have gathered in front of the nation’s legislature in Kiev to protest taxation, holding banners of their “SaveFOP” organization.

    A heavy police presence regulated movement downtown in the capital, on the same day that President Zelensky claimed (although added he didn’t believe) that a coup was being plotted.

  9. ENISA Lays Groundwork for European Digital IDs With Two New Reports

    The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) has released a pair of new reports that could influence the development of digital identity technologies in EU member states. One of the reports addresses some of the concerns with facial recognition technology, while the other details the potential for self-sovereign identities (SSI).

    With regards to the former, ENISA noted that COVID-19 has created a need for technologies that can verify someone’s identity online. Facial recognition has helped meet that demand, and has been used to facilitate everything from financial transactions to citizen interactions with various government agencies.

    The problem, according to the ENISA report, is that facial recognition is still vulnerable to spoofing. The report lists photos, video replays, masks, and deepfakes as the primary methods of attack, and recommends some steps that organizations can take to guard against those threats. Most notably, the report encourages organizations to set a minimum video quality for face checks, and to implement presentation attack detection systems that can gauge depth and spot some of the inconsistencies found in deepfakes. It also advises organizations to cross-reference identity documents with lists of lost, stolen, and expired IDs, and to adhere to industry standards and best practices when implementing an authentication system.

    ENISA’s SSI report, meanwhile, could inform the creation of a broader European Digital Identity scheme. The digital IDs would be available to all EU citizens, and would theoretically serve as a trusted digital identity that could be used for a range of cross-border interactions.

    ENISA noted that a good SSI should give individuals more control over their personal information, allowing them to choose what and when to share when proving their identity. Priorities for SSI include data minimization, accuracy, and consent, as well as utility more generally. Once completed, citizens will be able to store a European Digital Identity in a wallet on a mobile phone, and share information by clicking an icon when accessing online services.

    In doing so, citizens would only need to share enough information to complete a transaction, which allows people to do business with a greater degree of anonymity. The two reports are part of ENISA’s ongoing efforts to support the EU’s eIDAS Regulation, which seeks to create an interoperable standard for electronic interactions in Europe. ENISA has previously advocated for the use of passwordless FIDO2 authentication technologies.

    twitter @backtolife_2019

    Cristian Terhes member of The European Parliament

    “The European Green Pass / vaccine passports and the incoming European Digital Identity (EID) will lead towards a European social credit system, and it will be tied to carbon taxes.” – part 1

    + video


    European Identity Summit 2022

    Date: 27 January 2022
    Location: Rotterdam
    Organised by: INSPIR8ION, DIGIE

    It is with great pride to introduce ‘The European Identity Summit 2022’. A brand new event in Rotterdam.

    In a world where almost everything is connected the need for digital trust is a must. Identities are at the heart of our digital society and European governments, companies and knowledge institutions want to be at the forefront globally by developing sustainable policies and solutions for current and future generations based on in-depth research.

    During #EIDS2022 these ambitions will be supported by connecting sectors, organisations, networks and people while focusing on 3 different tracks. These being:

    Digital Trust
    – Security
    – Privacy
    – Compliancy
    – Ethics
    – Anti-Fraud

    Everything is Identity
    – Citizen/Consumer/Employee Identities
    – Identity & Access Management
    – Digital Identity as the key to Data Sharing
    – Qualified Electronic Signatures in practice

    Identity of the Future
    – Identity of Things
    – AI for Good
    – Self Sovereign Identity
    – Cloud & Platforms

    To unlock value, organisations need to make the benefits of digital identity applications very clear to citizens, consumers and employees. Further, they need to embrace the new digital identity paradigm of responsibility, transparency and user control and consent.

    The event partners in purpose and keynote speakers will give you the insights and tools to become future-proof and a digital leader in your sector.

    Want to join as a partner? Or interested in supporting this event through your network? Get in touch with Lisa van der Heijden and let’s create the future of identity together!


  10. Here’s one for you: This pinhead idiot who is apparently the leader of Ontario’s “Liberal” Party wants the NAZI passport system extended to the LCBO. The same LCBO that has never been responsible for any outbreaks of the fake virus. He wants to bring Ontario “in line” with the extremely bad ideas being played out in Quebec.

    He ALSO predicts a “fifth wave” and isn’t shy about locking the “unvaccinated” completely out of society (because you know, Doogie Ford just hasn’t done ENOUGH).

    Living in Retardio I really don’t know where these people come from. He has the most punchable face I’ve seen in a long time.

  11. Australian reportedly killed when explosive vest detonates

    Police were investigating the death of a man who was reportedly killed when an explosive vest he was wearing detonated while he was driving his car in the street in the Australian city of Melbourne.

    The vest was understood to have been triggered by the car hitting a speed bump in suburban Hallam on Saturday morning, Seven News reported.

    Security camera video showed the flash of the explosion rise about the roof and from the driver’s side window. A speed bump wasn’t apparent in the video.

    The car continued to travel a few hundred meters (yards) before it hit a parked vehicle.

    A 43-year-old man was found dead inside his car, police said. Police have not released his name.

    Bomb Response Unit members worked to render the explosives in the car safe, police said. They were investigating the circumstances of the man’s death but do not consider him a crime victim.

    Police did not say where the man was heading. He had visited the home of his ex-partner immediately before his death, Seven reported.

    Neighbors said police spent almost 24 hours at the scene, Seven reported.

    “I just heard a big, loud bang at 11 a.m. and looked out the window of my house and saw a car had gone through the roundabout and hadn’t braked or anything like that and crashed,” witness Ben Augel told Seven.

    Seven described the driver as a former soldier and a father.

    A spray painted tribute on a brick wall near the scene of the tragedy said: “Dad my soldier 4 ever” with a love heart.

    CANBERRA, Australia — Police were investigating the death of a man who was reportedly killed when an explosive vest he was wearing detonated while he was driving his car in the street in the Australian city of Melbourne.

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