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  1. – AS of this Saturday, unvaxxed Canadian truckers can cross into the USA.
    However, unvaxxed American truckers will not be allowed into Canada.

    I would say we have two days to stock up on American foods and supplies.-

    * Canadian truckers crossing U.S. border now exempt from new COVID-19 rules, feds say *

    The federal government is backing down from mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for cross-border Canadian truckers just days before the new rule was set to take effect.

    A spokesperson for the Canadian Border Services Agency told Global News Wednesday that unvaccinated Canadian truckers crossing from the United States will remain exempt from testing and quarantine requirements after arriving in the country.

    Those requirements will, however, still apply to unvaccinated or partially vaccinated foreign nationals, including American truck drivers starting this Saturday, spokesperson Rebecca Purdy said.

    Those truckers will be forced to turn back to the U.S. until they are fully inoculated.

    • Yea, so we may not receive a lot of food products, BUT we will be able to watch hockey players, basketball, and other sports “heroes” who are exempt. Don’t fret, take a look at all the downtrodden illegals Justine, the global PM is allowing to flood into Canada at Roxham Rd. – don’t cha just feel all warm and fuzzy that they are not vaccinated either.

      You try my patience Justine!

    • ctv news – Vaccine mandate for truckers will have exemptions, CBSA says

      With just days to go before a federal vaccine mandate for truck drivers is set to come into effect, the federal government says Canadian truckers will be exempt from Canada’s new rules, but are still expected to face restrictions once the reciprocal American policy comes into effect.

      In a statement, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) told CTV News that “unvaccinated, or partially vaccinated Canadian truck drivers arriving at the border will remain exempt from pre-arrival, on arrival and post-arrival testing and quarantine requirement.”

      Previously it was understood that Canada’s vaccine mandate would require all truckers entering Canada to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with The Canadian Press reporting that foreign nationals would be turned away, while unvaccinated Canadian truckers would have to quarantine upon arrival.

      The federal government is denying that it’s a reversal of the mandate, saying that because the United States is set to enact its own vaccine mandate for essential workers at the border, starting on Jan. 22, unvaccinated Canadian truckers are expected to be required to quarantine as part of the U.S. rules.

      CBSA spokesperson Rebecca Purdy said that the mandate will still come into effect for non-Canadian truckers coming into this country at the U.S. border, requiring them to show proof of immunization or be turned around.

      “Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated foreign nationals, including American truck drivers will be prohibited entry into Canada as of January 15, 2022,” Purdy said. She also noted that if drivers are able to provide evidence confirming a contraindication to the COVID-19 vaccines, they may be granted an exemption.

      Industry stakeholders have said that while they support vaccination, the new Canadian policy set to come into effect on Saturday, Jan. 15, would result in approximately 10 per cent of Canada’s 120,000 drivers being taken off the roads, on top of the existing trucker shortage.

      Stephen Laskowski, head of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, told CTV News Channel Thursday morning that he was surprised by the update to the requirements, but said it’s a “step in the right direction.”

      “The issue with regards to next week, is the Americans will apply that same rule on foreign nationals to Canadian trucks. So what we really have here in the next seven to nine days is the need for Ottawa and Washington to both agree to remove their foreign national requirements,” Laskowski said, adding that he hasn’t heard directly from the government about the state of the vaccinate mandate.

      “It’s not a question of if this mandate should be put in place, it’s a question of when. So let’s work together in a collegial manner on both sides of the border, let’s understand that the supply chain is in a fragile state, and let’s pick a date to impose such measures when the supply chain is in a in a more in a stronger condition than it is today,” he said.

      The American Trucking Associations has estimated that just under half of the 28,000 U.S. drivers who regularly transport goods across the border would be halted by the mandate, The Canadian Press has reported.

      “ATA has been working with our partners in the Canadian Trucking Alliance to seek relief from this two-way mandate… ATA now believes that fleets should prepare to comply with the impending requirements,” said the organization in a statement earlier this month.

      Concerns, including from the federal Conservatives, have also been raised that reducing the number of truckers—a profession that the government has considered an essential service throughout the pandemic that’s been exempted from COVID-19 border closures—will lead to serious strains on the supply chain.

      “The trucking industry moves close to 80 per cent of the annual $648 billion in Canada-U.S. trade,” said the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) in a letter sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this week, asking for the mandate to be postponed “to avoid a crisis at the border,” and “catastrophic outcomes” for Canadian companies that rely on these supplies.

      Warning of potential cost impacts for Canadian businesses and consumers given how much of Canada’s agri-food imports come into Canada by truck, Sylvain Charlebois, director of the agri-food analytics lab at Dalhousie University, said the mandate would be “the first public health measure that could disrupt trades between Canada and the United States since the start of the pandemic.”

      Facing questions Wednesday about a potential mandate postponement, federal ministers gave no indication that Canada would be backing away from the policy.

      “I continue to work with my colleagues in transportation and others to ensure that… supply chains continue to be resilient but, you know, what is top of priority for all of us, of course, is making sure that the health and safety of Canadians are, you know, looked after,” said International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development Minister Mary Ng.

    • city news – Federal government makes last-minute reversal on vaccine mandate for Canadian truckers

      The federal government is backing down from its vaccine mandate for Canadian truckers three days before it was set to take effect according to the Canadian Press.

    • Battleground Melbourne tells the story of the Fall of the World’s Most Liveable City, through the eyes of those who risked everything to save it.

      We’ve been called every name you can imagine, the media, politicians, and the ‘I stand with Dan’ crowd have used every baseless slur you can imagine, and probably many you can’t, to try and shame us and shut us down.

      And Victoria Police went on an 18 month rampage of repression, unlawful arrests, and widespread intimidation in order to silence us.

      So who are we? And given all we were up against, how did we grow from just 70 people in April 2020, to hundreds of thousands in the biggest political events in Australian history in November 2021?

      This is our story, told through our eyes. Battleground Melbourne is our reply to the lies, half truths, slurs, and lazy attacks that we have endured for the last 2 years.

      This is our story. The story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things and taking extreme risks to stand for what we believe in.

      You may not agree with us, you may not even like us, but you can’t claim to know who we are until you’ve watched Battleground Melbourne.

  2. Canadian-based Ronald McDonald House evicts unvaccinated family of 4-yr-old with cancer
    by Kennedy Hall – January 12, 2022

    Idaho doctor reports a ’20 times increase’ of cancer in vaccinated patients
    by Jack Bingham – September 13, 2021

  3. See if the mass media offers any opinions

    From new research revealed at a July 15 press conference last year, the anthropologist scaled back the potential discovery from 215 to 200 “probable burials.” Having “barely scratched the surface,” she found many “disturbances in the ground such as tree roots, metal and stones.” The “disruptions picked up in the radar,” she says, led her to conclude that the sites “have multiple signatures that present like burials.” But she cannot confirm that until the site is excavated – if it is ever done. A community spokesperson says the full report “cannot” be released to the media.[2] For Chief Casimir, “it is not yet clear whether the continuing work on the Kamloops site will involve excavation.”


    THE Kamloops residential school is located at the heart of the Kamloops Reserve itself — a fact that is never reported by Aboriginal spokespersons or the media. The TRC report states that “schools were virtually all church-run in the early years of the system [and] Christian burial was the norm at most schools.” Also, the adjoining church cemetery “may be used as a burial ground for students who die at the school as well as for members of the local community and the missionaries themselves.”

  4. zero hedge “We Failed”: Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Publishing Official COVID Narratives Without Questioning Them

    In August, Germany’s top newspaper, Bild, apologized for the outlet’s fear-driven Covid coverage – with special message to children, who were told “that they were going to murder their grandma.”

    Now, a newspaper in Denmark has publicly apologized for reporting government narratives surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic without questioning them.

    “We failed,” reads the article’s headline from tabloid Ekstra Bladet, which goes on to admit that “For ALMOST two years, we – the press and the population – have been almost hypnotically preoccupied with the authorities’ daily coronavirus figures. ”

    WE HAVE STARED at the oscillations of the number pendulum when it came to infected, hospitalized and died with corona. And we have been given the significance of the pendulum’s smallest movements laid out by experts, politicians and authorities, who have constantly warned us about the dormant corona monster under our beds. A monster just waiting for us to fall asleep so it can strike in the gloom and darkness of the night.

    THE CONSTANT mental alertness has worn out tremendously on all of us. That is why we – the press – must also take stock of our own efforts. And we have failed.

    WE HAVE NOT been vigilant enough at the garden gate when the authorities were required to answer what it actually meant that people are hospitalized with corona and not because of corona. Because it makes a difference. A big difference. Exactly, the official hospitalization numbers have been shown to be 27 percent higher than the actual figure for how many there are in the hospital, simply because they have corona. We only know that now.

    OF COURSE, it is first and foremost the authorities who are responsible for informing the population correctly, accurately and honestly. The figures for how many are sick and died of corona should, for obvious reasons, have been published long ago, so we got the clearest picture of the monster under the bed.

    IN ALL, the messages of the authorities and politicians to the people in this historic crisis leave much to be desired. And therefore they lie as they have ridden when parts of the population lose confidence in them.

    ANOTHER example: The vaccines are consistently referred to as our ‘superweapon’. And our hospitals are called ‘superhospitals’. Nevertheless, these super-hospitals are apparently maximally pressured, even though almost the entire population is armed with a super-weapon. Even children have been vaccinated on a huge scale, which has not been done in our neighboring countries.

    IN OTHER WORDS, there is something here that does not deserve the term ‘super’. Whether it’s the vaccines, the hospitals, or a mixture of it all, is every man’s bid. But at least the authorities’ communication to the population in no way deserves the term ‘super’. On the contrary.

    * * *

    Will other news outlets have the journalistic integrity to follow suit? Perhaps CNN’s ratings wouldn’t be down 90% from last year in the key 25-to-54 demographic if they simply owned up to their complicity in breathlessly spewing government propaganda.

  5. zero hedge – 270 Angry Scientists Cite MSM ‘Fact Checks’ In Open Letter Urging Spotify To Censor Joe Rogan

    You knew it was coming…

    Two weeks after Joe Rogan interviewed mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone on his Spotify podcast – which boasts 11 million viewers on average – an angry letter brigade of 270 doctors and scientists have written an open letter to Spotify to demand they censor Rogan and implement a Covid-19 “misinformation policy,” so that people, even highly trained virologist-immunologists such as Malone, can’t contradict ‘the science.’

    Getting down to their core argument:

    In episode #1757, Rogan hosted Dr. Robert Malone, who was suspended from Twitter for spreading misinformation about COVID-19. Dr. Malone used the JRE platform to further promote numerous baseless claims, including several falsehoods about COVID-19 vaccines and an unfounded theory that societal leaders have “hypnotized” the public. Many of these statements have already been discredited.

    The links go to an instagram slideshow and three MSM ‘fact checks’ – one of which doesn’t even discuss Malone, and say his actions are not only “objectionable and offensive, but also medically and culturally dangerous.”

    And of course, just three of the signatories are immunologists, roughly 10% are nurses or nurse practitioners, and 33 are some type of ‘assistant’ (professor, nurse, lab, etc.). In short – hardly any of these people are qualified to refute Malone, which is probably why they link to ‘fact checks’ instead of compiling their own response on the merits of what Malone said.

    more :

  6. twitter @CBCAlerts

    Federal contracts poised to deliver 100 million vaccine doses annually for years. Canada should get enough doses to give two or three more mRNA shots to every Canadian, every year, until at least 2024.


    CBC – Federal contracts poised to deliver 100 million vaccine doses annually for years

    Contracts are for 65M doses from Pfizer and 35M from Moderna

    Federal COVID-19 vaccine contracts mean Canada should get enough doses to give two or three more mRNA shots to every Canadian, every year, until at least 2024.

    But even as the National Advisory Committee on Immunization is now suggesting some Canadians get in line for their fourth doses, the World Health Organization is warning that “repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition” are not a sustainable plan to end the pandemic.

    The WHO’s vaccine technical committee said today vaccines need to become more effective at keeping up with emerging variants.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday there will be third and fourth booster doses available in this country if or when they’re needed.

    Contracts signed last year provide for delivery of up to 65 million doses from Pfizer and 35 million from Moderna this year, followed by 60 million from Pfizer and 35 million from Moderna in each of the next two years.

    More than three in four Canadians already have their first two doses, and more than one in four already have a booster shot as Canadian health authorities try to cut off the Omicron variant.

    The variant is breaking through the original vaccines but is mostly not causing serious illness, even in those with just the first two doses.

    4th doses questioned

    Dr. Srinivas Murthy, a British Columbia pediatrician and co-chair of the WHO’s clinical research committee on COVID-19, said the booster response is panicky politics not public health.

    “It’s a continually boost and boost and boost and hope that the virus will eventually go away or will build up enough of a immunity wall so that the virus can’t creep over it and get into Canada,” he said.

    Murthy said with Omicron there is some data that suggests a third dose is doing better at preventing infection outright than the original two doses, but he said there is no evidence a fourth dose is helping at all.

    In early December, Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization recommended that moderately or severely immune compromised people may need a fourth dose. For many of those people, whose immune systems are weakened and didn’t mount the same robust reaction to the vaccines as fully healthy individuals, the third dose was seen not as a booster, but as the completion of the vaccines needed to be considered fully vaccinated.

    Several provinces are already offering those fourth doses, including Ontario where fourth dose campaigns in long-term care and retirement homes are underway.

    The WHO’s vaccine technical committee Tuesday said vaccines need to become more effective at keeping up with emerging variants and there are some in development. But the committee said in the absence of those vaccines for now, and the need for vaccine equity, “a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.”

    Murthy said if the goal is just to get movie theatres and restaurants open temporarily until the next variant hits, then a booster strategy might work.

    “If your goal is to save lives, and to have a durable, sustainable pandemic closure, then getting vaccine to places that need it the most, to develop at least some immunity in those populations, is going to be the most useful way of using a vaccine.”

    Canada has donated about 12.7 million doses, and administered almost 72 million. It hasn’t made a new donation since Dec. 21, but since that time 5.2 million booster shots were given in Canada.

    Canada says it will donate 200 million doses by the end of the year, including 50 million directly and the rest from cash given to the COVAX vaccine sharing alliance. But it’s not clear how many doses are even available for COVAX to purchase, while countries like Canada continue to snap up more and more of the available supply.

    Globally, the wealthiest countries in the world have boosted about one-fourth of their populations, while in the poorest countries more than five in every six people are still waiting even for their first dose.

    • ~ ~In the belly of the Moderna Beast~~

      I went for medical imaging today at an MIT-affiliate. Standard questionnaire – history, current meds, etc. Check box re: vaxx status. Without booster, I’m officially NOT.

      Turns out, no problem.
      Wink and a nod speakeasies are thriving in the land of Moderna, Biogen, et al.

  7. Triple Vaxxed French Health Minister Olivier Véran tests positive for Covid

    Health Minister Olivier Véran is self-isolating after testing positive for Covid, as France registers the highest-ever number of newly registered cases.

    A spokesperson of France’s Health Ministry told AFP that Véran showed “light symptoms,” adding that he had been vaccinated three times.

    “He will go into isolation and continue to work from his private quarters in the ministry.”

    “I’ve tested positive for Covid,” Véran tweeted. “As a result, I have self-isolated and continue working from a distance.”

    Véran has contracted the virus at the time health statistics showed the highest single-day tally of the pandemic.

    On 21 December, 72,800 new cases were reported, but numbers exploded over the last few weeks as the Omicron variant took hold, resulting in 368,000 cases on 11 January, and only slightly less – 361,000 cases – on 12 January.

    Meanwhile some three-quarters of teachers in France were striking Thursday to vent their anger over the government’s shifting rules on Covid testing for pupils.

    This comes amid growing frustration over what unions say is a lack of support and unmanageable logistics in the face of Omicron infections.

  8. Biden announces free masks, tests to fight omicron

    Biden announced Thursday the government will distribute 1 billion rapid, at-home COVID-19 tests free to Americans, along with the most protective N95 masks to fight the spike in coronavirus cases.

    • city news – Parent concerned over “medical grade” masks

      “It does nothing. It was gaping off their faces.” One Edmonton parent is raising her concerns over the “medical grade” mask her daughter received in school.

    • ctv news – “If you’re unvaccinated, you should be worried”

      Dr. Niall Ferguson, head of critical care at University Health Network, explains what his team is seeing in those infected with Omicron.

      + comments on the YT page

  9. BILD – Iraker (33) vergewaltigte Rollstuhl-Fahrerin (90) in Klinik

    Dresden – Was der körperbehinderten Witwe Lili F. (90) auf der Toilette der Notaufnahme des Krankenhauses Dresden-Friedrichstadt passiert sein soll, macht fassungslos.

    Laut Anklage drängte sich der Iraker Munthar Al L. (33) zu ihr aufs WC und missbrauchte sie schwer. Jetzt steht er vor dem Dresdner Landgericht „wegen Vergewaltigung mit vorsätzlicher Körperverletzung“, so Oberstaatsanwalt Lorenz Haase.

    Die im Altersheim lebende Lili F. kam nach einem Sturz zum Röntgen in die Notaufnahme. Im Wartebereich wollte sie zur Toilette: „An der Tür schob plötzlich jemand den Rollstuhl, setzte mich aufs Klo. Zuerst dachte ich, es sei ein Pfleger. Doch als er wortlos seine Hände zwischen meinen Beinen rieb und meine Brust betatschte, bekam ich Angst.“

    Auch im Intimbereich soll er die alte Dame angefasst haben, seitdem plagen sie Alpträume. Um ihr den Gang vors Gericht zu ersparen, nahm die Polizei ihre Aussage per Video auf.

    Der mit nierenkranker Frau und Tochter (9) in Gorbitz lebende Angeklagte („Ich trinke jeden Tag 8 Bier und eine Flasche Ouzo“) bestreitet alles: „Sie lügt! Ich wollte helfen, hob sie nur auf die Toilette.“ Der Prozess wird fortgesetzt.

  10. What kind of a madman would tell kids to tell their parents they want to get a “experimental vaccine” when they 99.99 % safe from getting COVID. Justine, the globalist must know by now the numbers of children who have died or disabled from these injections.

    I thought when he made pot legal, he was a drug pusher, but this is pure evil. Just remember Canadians when the trials of Crimes Against Humanity begin, this half witted drama queen was collaborating with Gates.

    IF he could read, he would have checked out the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Events, 1,017,001. Remember when money went missing years ago and Chrétien said “so, it’s only a million dollars”.

    So there are only 21,382 dead and 166,606 with serious injuries – – 7 year old girl VARES #1975356 from Minnesota died after her first dose – her mother found her unresponsive-an autopsy is pending.

    Tell your children they do not need an injection, they have nothing to worry about, that Justine is sick mentally.
    Parents should tell Justine Trudeau to mind his own children and go to hell.

    This clown is a MONSTER, a mentally, sick globalist shill.

  11. It’s been over 6 years since the Paris attacks, and Molenbeek is still a hotbed of jihadist radicals. It seems the Belgians now finally grew a pair:

    Imam banned from Belgium for calling for “burning of Jews”
    This imam, Mohamed Toujgani, who preached until last year at the Al-Khalil mosque in Molenbeek, one of the largest Muslim places of worship in Belgium, had his residence permit withdrawn on October 12, 2021.
    A Moroccan imam was banned from Belgium in October, considered “a threat to national security», in particular for having called for «burn jews in a video, the government said Thursday, January 13. The information, revealed by the Flemish public channel VRT, was confirmed by the Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Sammy Mahdi.
    This imam, Mohamed Toujgani, who preached until last year at the Al-Khalil mosque in Molenbeek, one of the largest Muslim places of worship in Belgium, had his residence permit withdrawn.
    October 122021, said in a press release the services of Sammy Mahdi. This preacherhad been disputed for some time. In 2009, he again called for the burning of Jews“, adds the press release. The video had resurfaced in 2019, specifies the VRT, stressing that Mohamed Toujgani had apologized for these remarks, evoking “a skid“ linked to ”the war carried out by Israel against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
    Mohamed Toujgani, considered an influential cleric, responsible for the League of Moroccan Imams in Belgium, was monitored by the State Security, the Belgian civil intelligence service. Sammy Mahdi explains that he decided to ban the stay three months ago “on the basis of information from the security services“, and “due to signs of grave danger to national security“. This ban is for ten years. “We will not tolerate those who divide and threaten our national security“, insisted the Secretary of State.
    Why this decision in 2021? Asked by AFP, State Security replied that it “does not communicate information on an individual file for which procedures are in progress“. According to the VRT, Mohamed Toujgani is no longer in Belgium but he has contacted a lawyer to contest his expulsion. The imam, established in Belgium for 40 years, has a wife and children residing in the country, according to the Flemish channel.
    The Al-Khalil mosque, located in the Brussels municipality of Molenbeek, is managed by the Islamic Mutual Aid League (LEI) which presents itself as “the largest Muslim institution in Belgium», also including training centers and an Arabic-language school welcoming 500 children and adolescents.

  12. According to this article by belgian news network VRT, the imam Mohamed Toujgani, who has now been expelled, had ties with the muslim brotherhood, and was working for the Moroccan government as a spy.
    Article in Flemish, I used google translate:

    Imam’s residence permit for largest Belgian mosque revoked: “Serious threat to national security”
    Toujgani preached a very conservative Islam. Experts label him as a Muslim brother. The Muslim Brotherhood is a controversial political-Islamic movement: according to the State Security, it is essentially peaceful, but in the longer term it strives for a gradual Islamization of society.
    In earlier – much-discussed – memorandums, the State Security wrote that the Muslim Brothers “create a climate of segregation and polarization, which can be a fertile breeding ground for (violent) radicalization”.
    The security services, according to our information, also link Mohamed Toujgani to espionage. The imam would in any case have ties with the Moroccan government, according to testimonies that we recorded from people who know his mosque well.
    Toujgani is also president of the Ligue des imams marocains de Belgique, an organization that unites Moroccan imams in our country. Various sources tell us that this association is strongly influenced by the Moroccan government. The league is also said to spread extremism and engage in espionage.
    It has been known for some time that the Moroccan government exerts influence in our country, including through the mosques. In our report magazine “Pano”, Moroccan Muslims testified last year about control from the Moroccan embassy. Earlier, Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne (Open VLD) stopped the recognition procedure of the Grand Mosque in Brussels because of “Moroccan interference and espionage”.

    • The King of Morocco has been trying to freeze out the MB lately. Subtle pressure, he just wants quiet at home. But maybe there’s a shuffle in foreign spy ops.

  13. AUSTRALI A- ‘Burden on our health staff’: McGowan unveils toughest ban yet on unvaccinated

    Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan says life will become “very difficult” for the state’s unvaccinated, as he unveils the toughest proof-of-vaccination rules in Australia.

    Under Western Australia’s new rules, unvaccinated people will not be allowed to enter all public and private hospitals, aged care facilities, hospitality venues, indoor entertainment venues, gyms, large events and amusement parks from January 31.

    “No pubs, no bottleshops, no gym, no yoga classes, no gigs, no dancefloors, no hospital or aged care visits,” Mr McGowan said.

    “If you choose to remain unvaccinated – and at this point, it certainly is your choice – you’re choosing to put yourself at risk, you’re choosing to put the people around you at risk and you’re choosing to increase the burden on our health staff.”

  14. sky news australia -Farmers destroy crops over staff shortages

    …. as the COVID-19 induced worker shortage leaves them with nobody to harvest them.

  15. Old news, but this doc on the murder of Khashoggi is still worthy imho:

    The murder of Jamal Khashoggi | DW Documentary
    2,331,530 viewsOct 1, 2020

  16. Kyiv Post:
    What’s at Stake for Europe and Ukraine in the French Presidential Election

    The outcome of the next French presidential election scheduled for April 10 could have a major impact on international affairs and the balance of political forces in Europe and the Western world. While Russia keeps its fingers crossed, Ukraine and its friends have cause for concern and should be following French politics more closely.

    Russian influence in the 2017 French presidential election
    In December 2019, Le Monde revealed that the origin of the “hack and leak” episode during the 2017 French presidential election, which became known as “Macron Leaks”, could be traced to Russian military intelligence.…

    As with the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump, the French campaign of 2017 was affected by Russian interference, but unlike the US and the UK, France managed to maintain its democratic integrity…

    Russian threat to the 2022 French presidential election
    Marine Le Pen (polling 16.5%) Jean-Luc Mélenchon (polling 9.5%) and Éric Zemmour (polling 13.5%) have entered the presidential race… Despite their differences, all these candidates have a common desire to reject the hardline stance towards Russia adopted by France and the EU…

    In 2018, 27% of French people had a good opinion of the head of the Russian State, but that rate increases to 35% among Republican sympathizers and 50% among members of the French National Front…

    [Possible measures of appeasement
    • Withdrawing French troops from the Baltics.
    • Unilateral recognition by France of the annexation of Crimea.
    • Syria: Paris could reconnect with Bashar Al-Assad a new position that would break with the policy of ‘diplomacy based on values’…
    • Iran: Ignoring the goal of nuclear non-proliferation.]

    Putin’s ‘useful idiots’ in far-left and far-right politics
    France is not the only European country with populist parties voicing affection for Moscow. There is the AfD in Germany, The League in Italy and the FPE in Austria, among others … We need not even mention the financial support given to certain political parties like Le Pen’s National Front.

    Anti-EU sentiment
    Above all, the populism of both the left and right have found a new culprit far away from the Cold War – the European Union – again a question of sovereignty….

    The French presidential election is the most important election for the western world in 2022 and much depends on its results: the alliance with the USA, NATO effectiveness, the future of the EU, the future of Ukraine.

    Most of all, it is our western democracies that are in danger. A new bipolarity is taking shape – the democratic regimes against those that are authoritarian. It will be a fight to the death because, if our democracies favour humanist values and dialogue, authoritarian regimes and dictators only favour force.

  17. Badiucao Explains How China Exports Its Propaganda and Censorship to the West

    On New Year’s Eve Badiucao, a famous Chinese dissident artist, was landing in Melbourne on his way back from Italy, where the Chinese government had severely pressuerd his exhibition in Brescia. Currently, the so-called Chinese Banksy, is in self-exile in Australia…

    Above all, the dialogue with Badiucao is crucial to understand how China exerts its propaganda outside its borders through multiple levels: from coercion and boycotts to judicial accusations, stalking, and death threats.

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