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Happy and meaningful New Year to all our readers of all opinions and beliefs so long as the pursuit is of truth, and the best for us all and this world. May 2022 be the year where those who love freedom begin to fight back.

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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. To you, too, Vlad. Thank you for this special little blog. I would also like to wish a special Happy New Year to all those MIA.

  2. Okay! Officially I am “gone” but the punk cannot yet type as her left-hand mistypes more often than she usually does while her “good” right hand still shakes so I am sending this for her. They say it is the epilepsy medication plus the surgery, but the temper does not help.
    I have no idea about this as I am busy working and are just passing it on. Thank you all for the kind comments.

    As a bioweapon covid achieves its effect by cumulative damage. Omicron was made seemingly milder so that idiot Westerners, too stupid to use ivermectin and other antivirals, would think that they could live with it.

    And thus we have the spectacle of the new Chief Health Officer for Queensland recommending vaccinating and boosting as much as possible while letting the virus rip. So that it will be endemic.

    Vaccination is to reduce the load on the hospital system, not for the health of the vaccinated. A succint summary of his proposal:

    Endemic doesn’t mean mild, it just means it’s all over the place. And Covid infection doesn’t give immunity either. You just keep getting reinfected until it kills you. Great plan!

    Unless vaccination kills you first. A school district in New York has had to hire a doctor just to look after sudden cardiac arrests in the kindergarten to twelth grade group. Heart attacks in children used to be as rare as hen’s teeth.

    Most of the Western world is vaccinated and most age groups in the vaccinated have a higher rate of infection than the unvaccinated. There has been another interesting development in the weekly covid statistics from the UK:

    In the last data set, for Week 51, suddenly the 18 to 39 year olds have shown a jump in infectivity for the vaccinated relative to the unvaccinated.

    The reason why young people and children had seemed immune to covid is that they have more active immune systems than adults. The fact that the vaccinated 18 to 29 year old age group is suddenly more prone to infection suggests immunological exhaustion.

    SARS-CoV-2 can replicate within tissue for over 3 months after infection in some individuals, with RNA failing to clear from multiple compartments.

    Photos from autopsies are coming in too. The fastest way of dying from covid is having blood clots in the lungs:

    Figure 2 shows a champion covid blood clot. The most common effect, including in the asymptomatic, is micro-clotting. The best way of detecting these is with a D-dimer test.

    By the way, quercetin is a thrombolytic which means it helps dissolve blood clots.

  3. twitter @disclosetv

    JUST IN – 89.7% of people infected with #Omicron in Denmark are either “fully vaccinated” or had their first booster, per report from today.

    77.9% of the population is fully vaccinated.


    Polar researchers in remote Antarctica have fallen victim to Covid, despite taking strict health precautions, being fully vaccinated, and miles from civilization.

    – Two-thirds of the 25 staff based in Belgium’s Polar Station infected with Covid despite being fully vaccinated, passing multiple PCR tests, quarantining, and living miles from civilization (Telegraph)

    • There are reports that the personnel on the supply ship tested positive after leaving their supplies, so ask who is mis-characterizing this outbreak as being an isolated group.

      Let’s see if the vaccination improves outcomes for severity.

      This is certainly a visible group to attract our attention. How many research outposts exist that have comparable limited outside access? Does the dry air increase transmission compared to say the Volcano group in Hawaii?

  4. – About the QUEBEC movie producer’s sudden death (Jean-Marc Vallée) –


    ** The cause of death of Jean-Marc Vallée remains unknown **

    The preliminary report of the coroner could not specify the exact cause of death of the director Jean-Marc Vallée, which occurred suddenly Saturday, said the family in a statement released Friday morning.

    This first report of the coroner, received by the family, however, states that the death was not caused by the intervention of third parties, nor by a voluntary act, nor by a known disease. “Further analysis is underway,” the family said.

  5. twitter @MarketsPuke

    The RT-PCR fraud was the foundation on which this entire house of cards was built.

    The pandemic, the justification for the measures, the jab campaign following that.

    When you control detection and countermeasures, you have full message control.

    This should be criminal. And for those who say this was some sort of accident, I’d refer them to the Reuters report on the CDC intentionally botching the early testing efforts to politically damage Donald Trump.

    These are not good people.

    twitter @tweettruth2me

    Are cases of vaccine-induced myocarditis rare like breakthrough cases are rare?

    twitter @kylenabecker

    I am not afraid of the virus.

    I am afraid of the people who are afraid of the virus.

    • DAILY MAIL – Police release fresh image of woman after anti-vaxxers stole test kits and dumped them in a bin as they rampaged through NHS Covid test and trace centre

      Activists stormed the site in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire on Wednesday
      Demonstrators filmed shouting ‘shame on you’ repeatedly at testing site staff
      Police now appealing for help in tracking down a woman they want to speak to

      Police have released a new image of a woman they are hunting after anti-vaxxers stole test kits and dumped them in a bin as they rampaged thorough an NHS centre earlier this week.

      Activists stormed the site in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, and marched through the facility where protesters tore down signs, threw traffic cones and appeared to steal medical supplies.

      Demonstrators were filmed shouting ‘shame on you’ repeatedly at testing site staff.

      Officers believe the woman in an image they have released has information about what happened.

      Police say they have identified 38 witnesses and are obtaining statements and their accounts. Over four hours of footage is being reviewed.

      An investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time.

      Chief Inspector Graham Hadley, of Thames Valley Police, said: ‘We are carrying out a thorough investigation into the protest that happened [on Wednesday].

      ‘As part of our enquiries, we believe the woman pictured may have information that could help our investigation.

      ‘If you recognise this woman, or if it is you, please get in touch with us by making a report online or calling 101, quoting reference 43210583457.

      ‘Furthermore, we are also continuing to appeal for witnesses to this incident, anyone who has information or video footage, to please come forward and make a report to us if you haven’t already. You can do so by using the methods above.

      ‘If anyone wishes to remain anonymous, you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers by calling 0800 555 111 or via their website.’

      During the protest, some activists held placards bearing slogans including ‘BBC: Just a bunch of WOKERS!’, ‘Fear is the currency of control’ and ‘Boris lied, people died’, while others threw traffic cones and pushed over signs.

      Cries of ‘You murdering b****rds’ and ‘The wind is changing’ were heard as the crowd marches into the site, and one of the demonstrators appears to pick up testing equipment before carrying it out of one of the site’s tents.

      One of the protesters is seen asking a member of staff in a high visibility jacket: ‘Have you had the vaccine yourself?’

      The social media user who uploaded footage of the incident, which has been viewed 10,000 times, claimed that one protester ‘stole testing equipment and dumped it in a bin outside the centre’.

      Tory MP Alicia Kearns branded the scenes ‘utterly appalling’, adding: ‘Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who deserve so much better than this shameful, self-aggrandising nonsense.’

      It came on the same day that Boris Johnson visited a vaccination centre in Milton Keynes, urging people to get tested before New Year’s Eve festivities.

      Milton Keynes NHS Covid testing Centre Protest (29.12.21)

    • Simone Plaut Speech at Milton Keynes Protest (29.12.21)

      Simone Plaut former Government advisor on Health and Safety speaks to protesters in Milton Keynes about the impact of face masks on children & how schools are now been given notices of liability.

    • SPAIN: Anti-vaxxers stage rave in BARCELONA to protest against COVID measures

      Hundreds of anti-vaccine protesters took to the streets of Barcelona to protest against the government’s COVID restrictions amid a new wave of infections caused by the Omicron strain, on Thursday.

      Footage shows protesters staging a rave under the city’s Arc de Triomf, then marching with placards and banners down the Ramblas to the Catalan government’s headquarters.

      The Spanish government has taken a series of measures such as increasing booster vaccinations and mandatory use of face masks outdoors.

    • JAPAN – Large Crowds Gather to Ring in New Year in Tokyo

      Tokyo canceled its official New Year’s countdown at the famous Shibuya crossing intersection, but thousands of people still came out to celebrate Friday, despite pleas from authorities to avoid big gatherings because of the omicron coronavirus variant.

      The Shibuya crossing is often crowded with large numbers of people and is a popular tourist attraction.

      In the hope of preventing people from gathering around the busy landmark, the city had requested that people refrain from visiting the area and turned off all billboards at 11 pm.

      But that wasn’t enough to keep the crowds away.

    • CNN – ‘EXCELLENT NEWS’: FDA to approve Covid vaccine boosters for ages 12-15

      The US Food and Drug Administration is expected to broaden eligibility for Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine boosters to youths ages 12 to 15 in the coming days, according to a person familiar with the agency’s plan.

    • Boris Johnson hails success of the vaccine booster rollout in New Year message

      Boris Johnson will announce that the Government has met its target to offer all adults in England a booster jab, even though nine million eligible people have failed to receive a third dose.

      The Prime Minister will use his New Year’s message to celebrate the “huge national effort” behind the booster jab rollout to date, while urging those who are not fully vaccinated to come forward to receive their first, second and third jabs.

      So far, 70 per cent of eligible adults have received their booster dose – a total of 28.1 million and an increase of eight million since the target for the programme was brought forward earlier this month.

    • bloomberg – Israel Starts Fourth Covid Vaccine Dose Trial

      …. in an attempt to fight rising cases fueled by the omicron variant.

    • DAILY MAIL – Biden signs $137 million deal with German pharmaceutical company for COVID test strip factory that will take THREE YEARS to build and will start producing 83.3 million tests a month in late 2024 at the earliest

      Biden administration struck a deal a German company to build a factory in Wisconsin to increase production of COVID-19 testing kits

      MilliporeSigma’s new factory will pump out 83.3 million tests per month – but the facility won’t be operational for another three years

      ‘Construction is expected to begin the second half of 2022 and initial planning and preparatory work is already underway,’ a MilliporeSigma spokesperson said

      They told ‘We estimate that the facility will be capable of providing lateral flow membranes in the latter part of 2024’

      Fuels speculation the administration thinks testing will still be needed in 2025

      Does not fix immediate concerns of testing shortages and hours-long lines to get tested for COVID-19 as the Omicron variant sweeps the nation

      Biden caught heat Wednesday with news contracts won’t be finished ‘until next week’ for the 500 million at-home tests that he promised

      There are still unanswered questions about how the at-home test distribution will work and how long it will take for the tests to arrive once ordered


      The Biden administration struck a $137 million deal to build a new factory in the U.S. to ramp up production of COVID-19 testing kits – but the new facility won’t be completed until late 2024 at the earliest.

      MilliporeSigma, a brand formed by Germany’s Merck KGaA, will build a new factory in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the DEFENSE DEPARTMENT announced as the U.S. hit a high record of 489,267 COVID cases on Wednesday

      While the contract gives the company three years to complete the facility, it is not immediately clear when it will ramp up to full production, which is expected to pump out 83.3 million tests per month.

      ‘Construction is expected to begin the second half of 2022 and initial planning and preparatory work is already underway,’ a MilliporeSigma spokesperson told ‘We estimate that the facility will be capable of providing lateral flow membranes in the latter part of 2024.’

      The individual said that the production of lateral flow membrane is ‘critical for rapid diagnostic tests’ that will not only help with COVID-19 detection, but also with ‘any future public health emergencies.’

      The deal has fueled speculation that the administration is predicting high rates of testing capabilities for coronavirus detection will still be needed several years down the line.

      Others have pointed out that the deal does not fix any immediate issues rising from testing kit shortages in the U.S., which has led to massive wait times at testing locations across the country.

      ‘Worldwide market demand for lateral flow membrane exceeds supply, and there is limited production capacity in the United States,’ the spokesperson said. ‘The current lack of domestic supply of lateral flow membrane impacts the United States’ ability to respond fully to the COVID-19 pandemic and any future public health emergencies.’

      ‘MilliporeSigma’s new lateral flow membrane facility will increase domestic supply, help alleviate shortage concerns, and add to the United States’ pandemic preparedness and response.’

      The Pentagon released a statement Wednesday stating: ‘On Dec. 29, 2021, the Department of Defense (DoD), on behalf of and in coordination with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, awarded a $136.7 million contract to MilliporeSigma to establish nitrocellulose membrane production capacity in the United States.’

      ‘Nitrocellulose membrane,’ according to the statement, ‘is a critical material used in manufacturing SARS-CoV-2 rapid point-of-care tests.’

      The facility will expand MilliporeSigma’s ability to manufacture nitrocellulose at the new facility that will support production of 83.3 million tests per month starting in 2025.

      Money for the project is allocated through the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan passed by President Joe Biden early in his presidency. It falls under the need to ‘support domestic industrial base expansion for critical medical resources.’

      ‘It’s probably the most constrained piece of technology in expanding capacity, in making more of these over-the-counter or point-of-care tests,’ an official told Reuters. ‘This amount they’re going to produce is roughly equivalent to another billion over-the-counter tests being able to be made.’

      The official said the government is invoking the Defense Production Act (DPA) to award the contract, claiming there are several similar contracts in the works.

      Biden has already used the DPA to speed production of swabs and pipettes for COVID-19 test production.

      DPA is a 1950s Korean war-era national defense law giving federal agencies the power to prioritize procurement orders in times of war or national emergency.

      […]Earlier this month, Biden unveiled a plan to distribute 500 million at-home coronavirus tests, building on a prior pledge to invest $3 billion in the kits.

      There are concerns Biden won’t be able to deliver on his promise for 500 million tests as it emerged Wednesday contracts for the order won’t be finished until early January and the administration is still ‘working to finalize’ how to distribute the kits.

      […]The sudden spike has prompted warnings from experts that the virus will ‘threaten critical infrastructure’ in the US with workers at hospitals, grocery stores and gas stations forced into isolation.

      Despite Omicron being milder than previous variants the sheer scale of the numbers means that ‘there’s a big hole’ in terms of what the US can expect in terms of deaths, according to Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

      ‘But what we do know and what is emerging here is that this country is going to be in the soup in just the next few weeks with so many cases and so many locations, that we’re going to see critical infrastructure as well as health care challenged,’ he told CNN.

      […]Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted a serious error in calculating the prevalence of the variant, overblowing the figure recorded in mid-December by as much as 50 percentage points and sowing confusion as the nation breaks records for new cases.

      The agency released a revised chart on Tuesday showing that the new variant accounted for 23 percent of all COVID-19 cases for the week ending on December 18, as opposed to the 73 percent it originally reported.

      […]Despite the CDC’s astonishing error, data from the UK suggest that Omicron will soon account for nearly all new cases in the US.

      […]The CDC corrected its error, to the confusion of many, on the same day that the nation broke its record for the most daily COVID-19 cases. On Monday, 512,553 new cases were reported in the US, marking the country’s largest single-day tally since the beginning of the pandemic. The record-breaking figure was in part the product of a multi-day build up of unreported cases over the Christmas holiday on Saturday, which finally were logged to start the week.

      […]Meanwhile, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, in a round of television interviews on Wednesday morning, said she was watching the nation’s case load and its potential impact on health care providers.

      While there was some data from other countries that showed less severe illness with Omicron, it was too early to say what the impact might be across the United States, particularly given its uneven vaccination rates, Walensky told MSNBC.

      ‘We may have many, many more cases and so we may still very well see a lot of severe disease in the hospitals,’ Walensky said.

      ‘What I am focused on now is making sure that we can get through this Omicron surge, that we do so with minimal amount of hospitalization and severe disease,’ she added, pointing to vaccines and booster shots as top tools to curb infections.

      ‘We are seeing and expecting even more cases of this Omicron variant,’ even if many are mild, she said separately on CNN.

      Walensky also defended the CDC’s move to slash the quarantine period for asymptomatic cases in half, to five days from 10, without any negative testing requirement.

      The CDC director said that PCR tests are too sensitive and could return a positive even after someone is no longer contagious, and that rapid antigen tests could be unreliable in later stages of infection.

      ‘We know it performs really well during that period where you’re initially infected, but the FDA has not at all looked at whether … your positive antigen really does correlate with whether you’re transmissible or not,’ she told CBS Mornings.

      Walensky explained that even if someone tests negative with an antigen test after five days of isolation, the CDC would still urge them to wear a mask to prevent possible spread.

      ‘Since it wasn’t going to make a difference in our recommendations, we did not recommend an antigen at that period of time,’ Walensky said.

      ‘What we do know is about 85% to 90% of viral transmission happens in those first five days, which is why we really want people to stay home during that period of time,’ Walensky said. ‘And then mask for the rest of the time to capture that last 10% to 15%.’

      […]The CDC’s latest data will also put a burden on hospitals that will have to adjust their treatment methods to account for the vast different in Omicron and Delta cases, as different strains require different antibodies and medications.

  6. europravda – Austrian police investigate fraud at Vienna COVID vaccination centre

    Austria’s largest COVID vaccination centre is under scrutiny after dozens of people received a vaccination certificate without actually getting the jab.

  7. Vlad thank you for being you, a man of courage, a true Patriot. Happy New Year to you and yours and all the wonderful people on this site.

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