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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. ** As the pandemic raged, at least 75 lawmakers bought and sold stock in companies that make COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, and tests…**

    “… Lawmakers held these investments in COVID-19-minded companies as Congress was at the center of pandemic relief efforts. In 2020 and 2021, members of Congress voted on six relief bills together worth nearly $6 trillion. Congress also authorized more than $10 billion to help drug companies develop and distribute vaccines and forced health insurers to cover the cost of getting the shot. …”

  2. The mountain cabin was surrounded. Dozens of police cars were slammed into the crime scene, their cherries flashing. The cops had their shotguns and rifles trained on the little shack. Canine units were positioned in the forest in case the fugitives tried to run. Detective O’Mally spoke through his bullhorn:

    “It’s over, Bugsy. Come out with your hands up. You and your gang are done. We’ve got you surrounded and out gunned.”

    “Shove it up your ass, dirty screws!” came the voice of Bugsy De Crappio, gangster extrordinaire. “You’ll never take us alive!”

    Some said De Crappio never knew who his father was. Others blamed it on his mother who was a circuit-court judge. Others, still, blamed the gangster’s criminality on the rumor he had but a single, pea-sized testicle, and the fact that he was a bed wetter into his early forties. Regardless, the monster in platform shoes, along with his notorious gang, had come to the end of the road.

    “Open fire!” came O’Mally’s command.

    The ensuing firefight was like no other seen in the history of humanity.

  3. Mosque in Germany vandalized by far-left protesters

    Police arrest 11 suspects after mosque vandalized in Leipzig during rally of left-wing groups

    A mosque in the eastern German city of Leipzig has been vandalized by left-wing extremists, authorities said on Tuesday.

    During a rally of far-left groups on Monday night in the east Leipzig, some of the protesters attacked the Eyup Sultan Mosque in the same district and smashed its windows, according to a police statement.

    Small groups of violent demonstrators also threw fireworks and rocks at police officers, burned garbage cans, and tried to torch parked cards in the district, according to local media reports.

    Police said they arrested 11 suspects after the demonstrators turned violent.

    Germany’s largest Turkish-Muslim group DITIB, which runs Leipzig’s Eyup Sultan Mosque, has condemned the attack and called for stronger protection for the places of worship.

    A country of over 82 million people, Germany has the second-largest Muslim population in Western Europe after France. Among the country’s nearly 5 million Muslims, 3 million are of Turkish origin.


    11 arrested for attack on Turkish mosque in Germany

    Eleven people were arrested for attacking the Eyüp Sultan Mosque in Germany of the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB) in Germany’s Leipzig province on Tuesday.

    The mosque was damaged when a far-left group of around 100-150 radicals on Monday evening threw hard objects and fireworks at the mosque.

    The Head of the Eyüp Sultan Mosque Association, Ömer Mumcu, stated that he condemned the attack and that the organization faces similar incidents every year.

    He added that four windows had been broken in addition to the damage to the building, and called on the police to create an end to such attacks.

    Germany has experienced a rise in racism and anti-Muslim hatred in recent years. Germany is home to 81 million people and hosts the second-largest Muslim population in Western Europe after France. Of the country’s nearly 4.7 million Muslims, at least 3 million are of Turkish descent.

    The Turkish community in Europe is concerned with the rising trend of Islamophobia and Turkophobia in Western countries and has called on European states to escalate measures against hate crimes.

    Turkish officials, including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, have frequently urged European decision-makers and politicians to take a stance against racism and other types of discrimination that have threatened the lives of millions of people living within the bloc’s borders.


    • Karl Lauterbach

      […]On 6 December 2021 Lauterbach was designated as Federal Minister of Health in the traffic light coalition.

      He assumed the office on 8 December 2021 when the Scholz cabinet was formally appointed by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

      […]During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lauterbach quickly rose to national prominence. He served as an advisor of Chancellor Angela Merkel during the pandemic.

      He became well-known to a wide audience through his frequency of appearances

      For his views he became the target of intense hatred by many COVID-19 deniers[1] and anti-vaxxers, frequently receiving death threats.

      Deutscher Bundestag – Tino Chrupalla (AfD) – Sie Spalten, Herr Lauterbach (13-12-2021)

    • paul j watson – UK Government Refuses to Reveal Details About ‘First Omicron Death’

      Professor says it’s likely because the patient primarily died with Omicron and not from it

      The UK government has refused to divulge any details about the first ever death of someone infected with the Omicron variant, leading one professor to assert that the person likely died with Omicron and not from it.

      Health Secretary Sajid Javid revealed news of the death yesterday, which is apparently the first of its kind in the world, prompting another round of media-driven fearmongering about the Omicron variant.

      However, when asked to provide vital information about the age, medical condition and vaccination status of the victim, the government has refused to do so, citing patient confidentiality.

      The government has refused to specify whether Omicron was the primary cause of death or whether someone already suffering with multiple co-morbidities merely died with Omicron.

      This prompted Professor of Medicine and Consultant Oncologist Karol Sikora to charge that this was causing “unnecessary alarm.”

      “Were they in hospital for Covid or were they there because they had been run over by a bus?,” he asked.

      “Have they had booster? Are they elderly?,” he added, noting that the average age of someone who dies from COVID is 82.5.

      “There are all sorts of nuances to this thing, and we’re not being given proper information. No details have been released, I suspect it’s just some old boy that’s tested positive, he may have died in his sleep or with a heart attack, who knows?”

      “I suspect that it’s a death, which is unfortunate, but is due to something else, and it just happens to be Covid positive that’s why they’re not making a big noise about them being vaccinated or not,” concluded Sikora.

      As the Daily Mail reports, key details about the Omicron death are notable by their absence.

      “(Boris) Johnson did not reveal the age of the person who died, or if they had underlying health conditions, which made them vulnerable, or whether Omicron was the leading cause of their death or a secondary factor.”

      However, Johnson did subsequently seize on the death to try to dismiss reports from South Africa that the variant is “mild” and could even be a good thing if it fully displaces delta.

      It was also revealed that “most” of the patients in UK hospitals with Omicron are double vaccinated.

      paul j watson – More GOOD News About Omicron

    • Omicron So Far Isn’t Persuading Most U.S. Adults To Get Vaccinated Or Booster Shot, Poll Finds

      The omicron variant so far has no effect on a majority of U.S. adults’ willingness to get the COVID-19 vaccine or a booster shot, a new Axios/Ipsos poll finds, despite early evidence suggesting the third shot is crucial for protecting against infection from the new strain.

    • DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – Growing protests against Germany’s COVID-19 response measures

      Six police were injured after around 2,000 people gathered in Mannheim to protest coronavirus restrictions, police said late Monday.

      The rally, which had been organized since last week on the encrypted Telegram chat app, surprised police in its size.

      Police told local media the “Querdenker” movement, which roughly translates as “lateral thinkers,” was behind the protest action.

      Elsewhere in Germany, approximately 3,500 protested in Magdeburg and 2,900 gathered in Rostock in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, both cities of former East Germany.

      In the eastern state of Thuringia, police said 6,000 people protested at a total of 26 banned demonstrations, which left seven officers injured.

      Smaller protests also took place in Gummersbach in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where 500 gathered.

      In Saxony, police cordoned off 100 people protesting in a supermarket parking lot, but let their march continue in the end, because it became impossible to distinguish between demonstrators and supermarket customers.

      In Dresden, police said just over 100 gathered in the city center to register their voices of dissent against current COVID-19 protocol in the country.

    • the sun – Risk of Omicron & Delta ‘DUAL infection’ Covid-19 vaccine boss warns

      THERE is a very real risk of getting a “duel infection” from both Omicron and Delta, a top vaccine boss has warned today.

      Dr Paul Burton, chief medical officer for Moderna, said: “In the near future these two viruses are going to coexists.”

      He made the warning as he spoke to the Science and Technology Committee this morning.

      He added: “Omicron is going to infect people with a very strong background of Delta.

      “I think Omicron poses a real threat – the doubling time at three days is far faster than we’ve seen.

      “People can harbor both viruses, and that could be possible here. it certainly could be [much worse].

      “It give an opportunity for the two viruses could share genes and swap genes over.”

      It’s not clear if this would make any infection worse but could certainly cause potential opportunities for each variant to develop further, Dr Burton warned.


    • UK – Desmond Swayne attacks ‘extraordinary extrapolations’ of Covid modelling

      Sir Desmond Swayne has attacked what he claims are the “extraordinary extrapolations” underpinning recent modelling around omicron cases in the UK, especially considering the record of modellers “before” the variant emerged.

      “The fact is that these are things we might face, and we have to balance this against the costs to enterprise, society and the economy.

      “And in the end it comes down to a matter of our prejudice. And we are typically capable of organising our lives, and making those decisions for ourselves. We decide the risk appetite for ourselves. Notwithstanding the carnage on our roads, we still decide to drive.”

      He attacked the “fear factor” advocated Government scientific advisors “who let hospitality be just collateral damage, [enduring] a daily deluge of cancellations affecting that industry. That’s the situation we have delivered. The Government, having administered that ministry of fear, is absolutely complicit with its officials and organisations.”

      He accused the Government of attacking “the principle of liberal democracy”.

      “Having abandoned what might be their ideology, they are ruinous, and as a consequence of that, so much more at risk of the opinions and predictions of the advisers to which the are in hoc.”

    • CBC – All hands must be on deck for omicron ‘freight train,’ says specialist

      Canada needs to move quickly to administer third doses of COVID-19 vaccine and flood the country with rapid tests to blunt the effect of the omicron variant, said infectious diseases specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch.

    • the gateway pundit “What is Being Discussed Is Disgusting, Indecent and Criminal” – German Justice Minister Wants to Control COVID Discussion on Telegram (Video)

      German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann wants to take action against the messenger service Telegram because it is used to oppose Covid measures.

      This enrages the globalists and their plans to control their subjects through forced vaccinations.

      Buschmann says, “What is being disseminated on Telegram is disgusting, indecent and criminal.”

      What they are really upset about is the fact that they can’t control the speech on Telegram.

      Look for Big Tech to crush Telegram in the near future like they did to Parlor earlier this year.



    • UK – Plan B Covid passes approved by MPs despite Tory backbench rebellion

      New Covid restrictions designed to slow down the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus in the UK have passed through the House of Commons, with 369 ayes to 126 noes.

      However, significant opposition from Tory MPs to Covid passes meant Boris Johnson had to rely on Labour support to get the new measure through.

    • reuters – Pfizer shot less effective in South Africa after Omicron emerges: study

      Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine has been less effective in South Africa at keeping people infected with the virus out of hospital since the Omicron variant emerged last month, a real-world study published on Tuesday showed.

    • CNN – Pfizer CEO: Mistake to think Covid pill will replace vaccine

      Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says his company’s anti-viral pill to treat Covid-19 awaiting FDA approval could be a game-changer in fighting the pandemic, but cautioned that it should not replace vaccines because the goal is to not get infected by the coronavirus in the first place.

    • DEUTSCHE PRAVDA – South Africa’s Afrigen COVID vaccine: A game changer for the continent?

      Since the beginning of the pandemic, several African countries have been calling for a patent waiver on COVID-19 vaccines.

      So far, without a result.

      Now an mRNA hub for Africa – the first of its kind – is being set up in Cape Town. It aims to copy the Moderna vaccine.

      It’s a first for the continent.

      An inconspicuous building in an industrial area of Cape Town is the base for Africa’s only vaccine technology hub.

      With vaccines in short supply in Africa, the WHO and COVAX initiative led the drive to set up a local technology-sharing platform.

      Afrigen is the company tasked with developing and producing mRNA vaccines.

      These are the relatively new but highly effective vaccines that so far only two major companies have commercialized: Biontech and Moderna.

      Afrigen was counting on a cooperation with Moderna.

      One of their key partners is in Johannesburg: the Antiviral Gene Therapy Research Unit at Witwatersrand University.

      They have been working on mRNA technology since 2015, as one of the only research units on the continent.

      They are now sharing their skills and knowledge with Afrigen.

      Back in Cape Town, Pietro Terreblanche is still hoping Moderna comes on board – as this would speed up the process.

      Moderna has announced a patent waiver while the pandemic is still ongoing – but afterwards no commercialization will be possible without its approval.

      Today, most vaccines used on the continent are imported.

      Afrigen and its partners aim to bring the first home-grown products to market within three years.

    • daily mail – ‘Covid will circulate forever’: Kate Bingham explains meaning of virus’s endemic status

      Dame Kate Bingham, former chair of the government’s Vaccine Taskforce, says the upgrading of Covid from pandemic to endemic reflects a belief that the virus will circulate ‘forever’, requiring regular vaccinations to protect the vulnerable.

  4. Part of the global plan is to wipe out Christianity.

    In the hamlet where I live there is small church. They held a fund raiser last week. The vaccinated “Christians” did not allow the unvaccinated Christians, ( the people that put their faith in God) to attend.

    “Woe to the Sheperds who mislead and scatter the flock of my pasture,” says the Lord.

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