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  1. My mother looked at people with a very long lense. She was not an educated person, but more the intuitive type. Often times she met someone who didn’t sit quite right with her. Sometimes she would mention it. Sometimes in the presence of very educated people she was intimidated, her confidence fragile. This was but one wheel turning in her head. The other was balanced by its own gyroscope and was ever vigilant in its quest for liars and fakes. It never stopped turning. Often she had very little information to go on. It’s almost like the sense of smell, sniffing out fraud in character, has more to it than sensing parts per million. The nose connected to the mind uses feeling to magnify things. Kind of like a human PCR test. It may tell you something is faintly there, but it won’t tell you what it is.

    I remember her telling me about the time she took the train down to Washington D.C. to visit her younger sister who had a job working as a nanny for a rich family. This must have been in the early 1950’s. She gave the taxi driver at the station an address written down on a piece of paper. She said it was a long, long ride out of town. Finally they arrived at a red brick mansion with white pillars at the end of a long, tree-lined driveway. She paid the driver then started the walk to the house. Never had she seen such a fancy, big place as this.

    She rang the bell and a butler answered the door. He let her in to the foyer and she looked around for her sister, but there was no sign of her at all. Something gave her the impression that her sister was not even there. Maybe it was the silence in the place. Houses with children are rarely so quiet. Instead she found a middle-aged man reclining on a long, red velvet sofa in a big living room. He wore a red silk robe with, seemingly, nothing underneath.

    Imagine if we could plug our brains into a computer and every data point, every sensory input, every conscious and subconscious thought and feeling was displayed in real time onto the screen. Imagine how fast that screen would be scrolling down with reams of information. But amazing as this would be, for all the mind can do, it would not be able to detect the presence of microscopic virus particles.

    It would, however, be constantly forming impressions of many things. All that data on the screen would be the scaffolding of human intuition being made visible. Intuition finds its own type of microscopic particles. In this case it was the living cells of danger. A PCR test can do this, too, but it can also be set to make the man in the red robe appear even though he isn’t there.

    She turned and bolted out the door. Strangely, she recounted, the butler had not yet closed it. She said she was a fast runner when she was young. Remarkably the taxi was still idling at the end of the driveway, waiting. This fact only adds a bunch of intriguing questions to a creepy story. The taxi driver took off. She said she was too afraid, even, to look back.

    • I agree with that. When someone has lost the will to live after all attempts to redirect or improve their life, there should be a smooth escape hatch. Otherwise, it remains a form of torture.

  2. twitter @disclosetv

    Germany: Father shot his wife, 3 children, and himself after employer found out he had forged his wife’s COVID19 vaccination passport (BILD)

    Devid R. (40) feared imprisonment and, according to the suicide note, was also afraid that his children would be taken away from him – Attorney General


    Schock-Motiv für Familien-Mord in Brandenburg
    Abschiedsbrief verrät: Devid R. (†40) hatte das Impfzertifikat seiner Frau gefälscht


    Gefälschtes Impfzertifikat – Vater beschreibt Schock-Motiv in Abschiedsbrief

    Der 40-Jährige hatte dem Brief zufolge ein Impfzertifikat für seine Frau Linda fälschen lassen. Ihr Arbeitgeber habe dies erfahren. Nun hatte das Paar Angst vor der Verhaftung und dem Verlust der Kinder Leni (10), Janni (8) und Rubi (4), wie Oberstaatsanwalt Gernot Bantleon am Dienstag sagte.


    5 Tote in Brandenburg gefunden: Jetzt gibt es neue Details zum Familien-Drama

    • zero hedge – German Man Kills His Entire Family In Murder-Suicide Motivated By Vaccine Passport Penalties

      The mental toll from stress induced by countries’ pandemic response has arrived at a point where that itself may outweigh the risk that COVID-19 possesses. Nowhere is this more apparent than in sharp increases in violent crimes worldwide. Although Germany has somewhat defied this unspoken pandemic by seeing violent crime drop 2.3% in 2020, even it is not immune. Despite that marked decrease, a closer examination of those statistics shows that homicides rose 3.7% in the same time frame. Even with an increase up to 2,401 murders in 2020, Germany still experiences fewer homicides than other developed nations. While it is too soon to conclude any statistical analysis of that trend for 2021, the nation’s latest high profile murder clearly shows the catalyst behind the increased murder rate.

      On Tuesday, police in Senzig, Brandenburg discovered the deaths of an entire family living in the town just south of Berlin. A suicide note was also present at the scene, which was left by the husband and father of the family. In the note, the 40 year-old confessed to murdering his wife and 3 daughters before killing himself. The motive he described behind the murder-suicide was his fear of forthcoming penalties after it was discovered that he forged his wife’s vaccine certificate.

      Germany, which recently announced its intentions to make vaccination against COVID-19 compulsory among its population following Austria’s decision to do so, has taken a starkly more authoritarian position in its pandemic response. Despite recent court rulings citing the unconsitutionality of lockdown measures, the German governments have implemented some of the harshest restrictions in Europe at state, local, and federal levels. This is made evident by the nation’s recent lockdown of the unvaccinated and in the state of Hesse, where vaccine passports are required to enter grocery stores.

      As expected, penalties for falsifying vaccine passports are just as harsh. Under German federal law, those found to fake their proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 face heavy fines and even imprisonment. Those daunting penalties loomed over the murderer after his wife’s employer discovered that he had forged her vaccine certificate. Given the reporting requirements thrust upon employer’s who are carrying out the national vaccination mandate affecting all workers, he feared that he and his wife would face a prison sentence which would lead to his children being taken away from their parents by social services.

      This rationale conveyed by the suicide note was confirmed by Chief Public Prosecutor Gernot Bantleon. That stress was reportedly compounded by termination from his own job as a school teacher, though police have yet to confirm the veracity of that circulating claim. The bodies were discovered following a call to authorities who saw the family’s lifeless bodies through a window in their home. It is unknown if other details the issuer of the report has provided to investigators at this time.

      Additional preliminary reports state that the husband and wife had purchased the fake vaccination certificate online. Use of forged proof of vaccination has steadily risen since Germany’s latest clampdown. The majority of these violations in the country have occurred in the last month or so, making the causation readily apparent. In Bavaria, there have been 1,286 violations on record, with about half of those occurring this November alone. Given this correlation, officials see a significant increase ahead, especially under the premise of a forthcoming nationwide vaccinate requirement.

      The emergence of the omicron variant has been advantageously cited as the reason for an increase in restrictive measures through pandemic response efforts. However, there is no clear evidence that the mutations causing the latest COVID-19 variant created increased virility. The divide between scientific fact and pseudo-scientific justifications selected to defend public health policies which have clearly failed is nothing new. Studies have shown that lockdowns have led to increases of diseases other than COVID-19, with those affecting mental health being especially profound.

      The Senzig murder-suicide illustrates just how deeply the terror instilled by authoritarian measures taken by governments resonate with their citizens. The utter desperation, despair, and horror of this crime should serve as an example of how these inhumane vaccine mandates erode our lives on a human level and its clear downward spiral that pulls society asunder. It’s easy to say that if any nation should have learned of the horrors of authoritarianism from its history then it is Germany. However, that trite criticism overlooks a haunting truth; that the lessons from that history have taught Germany how to put those totalitarian methods from the past to better use in the present.

    • DAILY MAIL – German husband kills himself, his wife and their three young girls after he faked a Covid jab certificate and feared his children would be taken away when it was discovered

      Devid R said in a note found by police that he forged a Covid jab pass for his wife
      Her employer found out, prompting them to fear arrest and losing their children
      Devid killed wife Linda and kids Leni, Janni, Rubi at Koenigs Wusterhausen home
      Officers were called by witnesses who said they saw lifeless bodies in the house

      PIC :

  3. Christmas tree made of empty VACCINE BOTTLES

    A Bucharest vaccination center’s staff assembled a Christmas tree made entirely of empty vaccine containers. The 19.000 bottles used are a ‘thank you’ message from the center to everyone who got the jab there.

  4. europravda – WHO speaks on Europe’s COVID surge

    WHO’s regional director for Europe, Dr Hans Kluge, gives a press conference on the COVID-19 situation across the continent.

    • city news – Canadian-made COVID-19 vaccine shows strong efficacy in latest trial

      Nathalie Charland, Medicago’s senior director, discusses the results of the Phase 3 clinical trial of its Canadian-made vaccine.

      If approved, it would be the first made-in-Canada COVID vaccine and the world’s first plant-based vaccine for human use.

    • national post – Canadian scientists developing inhaled COVID vaccine

      Professor of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Fiona Smaill explains the development of a vaccine that is administered through aerosol inhalation, directly into the lungs.

      • CBC – McMaster University developing inhaled aerosol COVID-19 vaccines

        Professor Fiona Smaill of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., is running trials for two new inhaled aerosol drugs intended as COVID-19 booster vaccines.

      • Everyone must read Celia Farber’s EXPLOSIVE report on Substack about Pfizer.

        CDC as of last Friday reported 146,700 serious injuries hmmmm
        Pfizer report shows vaccine adverse reactions in the first 3 months 158,000 and 1223 deaths.


          • Celia Farber

            Court-Ordered Pfizer Documents They Tried To Have Sealed For 55 years Show 1223 Deaths, 158,000 Adverse Events in 90 Days Post EUA Release

            The Most Shocking Document Release Of The Last 100 years



            Celia Farber

            Jon Rappoport Casts New Light On Pfizer Docs:

            Long List Of Adverse Reactions Were Master List Of All Possible Reactions, Based On Past Vaccines

            I’m appending a correction to my blog post. Here it is:

            CORRECTION: After publishing this article, I discovered that the gigantic Pfizer list of medical conditions was apparently not a report on logged cases of adverse events, but instead a complete list of conditions that Pfizer would be monitoring, in order to see whether they popped up on their radar as reactions to the COVID vaccine.

            Why would Pfizer publish this extraordinary list? Because as they state, these medical conditions have been associated with severe COVID-19 “and vaccines in general.” In other words, vaccines in general, historically, have carried enormous risk and dangers over an incredibly wide area of medical conditions. This is a key confession.

            Further, if you read the full secret Pfizer document, you will come to Table 7, which does list a number of categories of adverse reactions, all of which WERE reported in the first three months of the Pfizer vaccine rollout. This IS stunning.

            In the secret document, Pfizer does list 1223 deaths occurring after just three months of the vaccine rollout. This should have been sufficient to cause a complete halt to the vaccination program.

            Finally, Pfizer admits that in the first three months of the vaccine rollout, it logged a staggering 42,000 cases of adverse reactions. And as far as I can determine from the Pfizer document, these 42,000 cases represented a total of 139,000 adverse events. In other words, in many cases, there were reports of multiple adverse events.

            —-OK, that’s my correction. That’s my best analysis of what the Pfizer document does and doesn’t say.


            PS. Thank you Tom. You have an eye for detail like nobody I have ever known and I’ve told you this. And thank you also to the reader who wrote me and pointed this out, late last night. I looked for your email to thank you by name but couldn’t find it. Who was it? This publishing entity is a symbiotic organism. And I believe in “fruitful errors.” And I think our whale is truly a whale.


      • zero hedge – Pfizer Accused Of Spreading “Misinformation” About Rival COVID Jabs

        Leave it to the Brits to highlight all the flaws inherent in the US-led effort to develop (and reap immense profits from) COVID vaccines while the WTO holds the line on denying the sharing of IP rights to allow developing nations to produce their own jabs.

        The UK’s Channel 4 has produced a new documentary that exposes Pfizer’s efforts to undermine its rivals, including AstraZeneca, which developed a jab in the UK with help from Oxford University. And teasers from this new doc, released late Monday, purports to show that Pfizer criticized AZ in a presentation where the company said the rival jab was potentially dangerous.

        Furthermore, the speakers claimed AZ’s jab could cause cancer and was not safe for immunosuppressed patients.

        The presentation in question was delivered in Canada sometime last year, although it’s unclear whether it was a one-off event or whether the speaker had made the claim multiple times. The program, entitled “Vaccine Wars: The Truth About Pfizer”, will air in its entirety on Friday.

        Pfizer responded to the claims made in the documentary by insisting that the presentation cited therein had been “wrongly attributed” to Pfizer, and that it actually had been made by a third party.

        In a statement to the Daily Mail, Pfizer insisted that it’s priority “has always been getting high-quality, well-tolerated and effective vaccines…”

        “We refute any suggestion that Pfizer has sought to undermine others’ scientific endeavors,” a company spokesman told the Daily Mail.

        “Our priority has always been getting high-quality, well-tolerated and effective vaccines to patients all over the world as quickly as possible and to help put an end to this deadly pandemic.”

        The documentary also purports to show that Pfizer is price gouging governments and insurers by estimating the cost of producing a single jab is just 76 pence ($1.02). The vaccines are then sold for 20x that, or roughly $20 a dose (and Pfizer hopes to raise prices in the coming months, particularly if it’s forced to reformulate its vaccines for omicron).

        Responding to this claim, Pfizer insisted that the $1.02 figure is “grossly inaccurate”, and that the cost estimate didn’t factor in the resources expended during research and development.

        Pfizer seems to be embracing the strategy of ‘deny, deny, deny’, and it’s not hard to see why. Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, the director of the Oxford vaccine group that developed the AstraZeneca vaccine, responded to the claims in the presentation, and warned about the dangers of spreading vaccine “misinformation.”

        “There is huge risks of misinformation, because anything that makes people hesitate about being vaccinated can risk their lives,” the professor said. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        “It can undermine and impact on decisions that people make about their own health, but also create uncertainty for policymakers.”

        Meanwhile, a spokesman for Pfizer said the company had provided funds to a third-party agency with an independent scientific committee to produce an educational program about vaccines in CANADA following the approval of the company’s jab in the country. Pfizer hired the firm following “numerous requests” from Canadian health professionals.

        Fortunately for Pfizer, its deal to supply jabs to the UK stipulates that it can’t be sued for anything relating to COVID. Any disputes must be resolved in secret arbitration.

        As for the Channel 4 documentary, it airs 19:30 London Time on Friday.


        the guardian – ‘Wall of secrecy’ in Pfizer contracts as company accused of profiteering

        US company faces scrutiny over Covid profits after UK agrees to secrecy clause

        Ministers have agreed a secrecy clause in any dispute with the drugs manufacturer Pfizer over Britain’s Covid vaccine supply. Large portions of the government’s contracts with the company over the supply of 189m vaccine doses have been redacted and any arbitration proceedings will be kept secret.

        The revelation comes as Pfizer is accused by a former senior US health official of “war profiteering’’ during the pandemic. In a Channel 4 Dispatches investigation to be broadcast this week, Tom Frieden, who was director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under Barack Obama, said: “If you’re just focusing on maximising your profits and you’re a vaccine manufacturer … you are war profiteering.”

        Zain Rizvi, research director at Public Citizen, a US consumer advocacy organisation which has examined Pfizer’s global vaccine contracts, said: “There is a wall of secrecy surrounding these contracts and it’s unacceptable, particularly in a public health crisis.”

        Rizvi said the UK needed to explain why it had agreed to secret arbitration proceedings. He said: “It’s the only high-income country we have seen that has agreed to this provision. It allows pharmaceutical companies to bypass domestic legal processes.

        “The UK government has allowed the drug firms to call the shots. How did we end up in a situation where a handful of drug firms were able to exert so much control over the most powerful governments in the world? It points to a broken system.”

        Pfizer has won plaudits for its vaccine delivery programme, but the US multinational faces growing scrutiny over the scale of its profits and the proportion of doses it has delivered to low-income countries.

        While AstraZeneca agreed to sell its vaccine at cost during the pandemic, Pfizer wanted to secure its profits. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, which now has the brand name Comirnaty, will be one of the most lucrative drugs in pharmaceutical history.

        The Channel 4 investigation reveals analysis by one biological engineering expert claiming the Pfizer vaccine costs just 76p to manufacture for each shot. It is reportedly being sold for £22 a dose to the UK government.

        The estimated manufacturing costs do not include research, distribution and other costs, but Pfizer says its profit margin as a percentage before tax are in the “high-20s”. Pfizer expects to deliver 2.3bn vaccines this year with predicted revenues of $36bn (£26.3bn).

        A report last month by the People’s Vaccine Alliance, a coalition of organisations including aid charities, said Pfizer and other drug firms have sold the majority of doses to rich countries, leaving low-income countries “out in the cold” . Only 2% of people in low-income countries had been fully vaccinated against coronavirus. Drug firms should suspend intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines, tests, treatments and other medical tools.

        Pfizer has faced increased scrutiny allegations of excessive global profits after its partner, the biotechnology company BioNTech, announced in September 2020 it was to receive up to €375m (£320m) from the German government to fund vaccine development.

        Anna Marriott, Oxfam’s health policy manager, said: “It is deplorable that billions of people around the world are being denied vaccines so that pharmaceutical companies can make obscene profits. Given that public investment was crucial to vaccine development, it’s incomprehensible that pharma monopolies are being prioritised over people’s lives.”

        Pfizer has to date pledged 40m doses out of global production to Covax, the UN-backed initiative delivering vaccines for low income countries. This is less than 2% of its global production for 2021. The firm says it aims to deliver at least two billion doses to low- and middle-income countries by the end of 2022.

        Pfizer said vaccine production was the “biggest scale-up” in the firm’s history and it was proud to have delivered more than 2bn vaccines to 162 countries. It supplied low-income countries on a not-for-profit price and all other countries were being offered the vaccine at a significantly discounted price.

        The company added: “The pandemic has highlighted the extraordinary value that a vibrant private sector can deliver to society.” It said confidentiality agreements were standard practice. The estimated cost of manufacturing the vaccine by a biological engineering expert was grossly inaccurate and meaningless because it did not reflect the true costs of bringing the vaccine to patients, including clinical studies, increased manufacturing efforts and global distribution.

        The government said its vaccine contracts were commercially sensitive and it could not disclose any further details. BioNTech did not respond to a request for comment.

        Vaccine Wars: The Truth About Pfizer is on Channel 4 at 7.30pm on Friday

    • COVID-19 vaccines (5 to 11 year olds): It’s time for kids to make memories again

      Vaccination against COVID-19 can help kids get back to being kids.

      • Canadian tax dollars at work, unfortunately they don’t mention that there is no liability for anyone should the ‘vaccine’ cause a child any illness or death.

      • really simple logic here;
        1. Don’t vaccinate your child and one of two things will happen:
        A. Child does not get Covid.
        B. Child gets Covid and has no illness, except possibly a sore throat and a runny nose.
        2. Go ahead and vaccinate your child and four things can happen:
        A. Child does not get Covid.
        B. Child gets Covid and has no illness, except possibly a sore throat and runny nose.
        C. Child is exposed to having a reaction to vaccine of unknown severity.
        D. Child develops long term side effects that were previously unknown due to lack of study.

    • CTH – Impactful Video Showcases Hollywood Vaccine Propaganda as Contrast Against Adverse Vaccine Outcomes

      […]a video has been created to remind everyone how much propaganda effort was put forth as a result of collaboration between the U.S. government and Hollywood [much of this I had never seen].

      […]The vaccine push is then contrast against the mounting examples of serious injury from the vaccine. The final video is quite powerful.

    • Austria: ‘The lockdown will end, but not for unvaccinated’ – Nehammer

      The lockdown in Austria will end as planned, announced Chancellor Karl Nehammer in Vienna on Tuesday.

      Speaking at a press conference, Nehammer added that the unvaccinated will have to continue living with restrictions.

      “It [lockdown] will end. But not for the unvaccinated and that is a drastic measure by itself. It is important to engage in dialogue with those affected and make sure that the unvaccinated don’t feel excluded from society,” stated Nehammer.

      He went on to comment on the vaccine mandates that have been announced for Austria to be introduced in February 2022, saying “It’s a clear signal that vaccinations are the path to freedom, and to receive one’s freedom in a democracy. Therefore, for me it inevitable, seeing that we still have a deficit there, that we will actually pass the vaccination mandate. It is our last resort, however.”

      Austria’s lockdown was imposed on November 22, and will last until December 13, after which anti-COVID measures including curfews, closed retail stores and contact restrictions, are set to be lifted. Coronavirus cases have recently decreased in Austria, declining from a 7-day incidence of over 1,000 to 500, according to local media.

      SOT, Karl Nehammer, Chancellor of Austria (German): “The issue of a reopening that is a subject to discuss now, keeping in mind who we are up against – the coronavirus. We were able to learn that the virus is not following political restrictions, but rather we have to acknowledge that the virus is changing and adapting quickly, taking measures by itself to keep putting pressure on the people, to threaten them with infection. We need to keep an eye on this constantly.”

      SOT, Karl Nehammer, Chancellor of Austria (German): “It [lockdown] will end. But not for the unvaccinated and that is a drastic measure by itself. It is important to engage in dialogue with those affected and make sure that the unvaccinated don’t feel excluded from society. Quite the contrary – that we, as a society, have the opportunity to not have that happen by vaccinating ourselves. Science gives us the opportunities for that. The crucial thing is to reach the people so we do it sufficiently. A thing that is going well at the moment, are the third jabs, the third vaccination.”

      SOT, Karl Nehammer, Chancellor of Austria (German): “Some feel overwhelmed already. In my opinion, it is therefore necessary to change our language. We need to start sending the clear message that we are not up against each other – we are one society in Austria – it is about a close togetherness in the fight against the virus. For the virus is our enemy. The virus is restricting our freedoms and is endangering human lives and leads to an overload in intensive care, and, sadly to death. As too many have already died from the virus.”

      SOT, Karl Nehammer, Chancellor of Austria (German): “It’s a clear signal that vaccinations are the path to freedom, and to receive one’s freedom in a democracy. Therefore for me it inevitable, seeing that we still have a deficit there, that we will actually pass the vaccination mandate. It is our last resort, however. Until then we have to increase the willingness [of the population] to vaccinate themselves, to force the third jab. In my point of view this is one of the most important projects right now.”

      SOT, Karl Nehammer, Chancellor of Austria (German): “Therefore we need to continue to engage in dialogue with those who don’t want to get vaccinated. And you have to differentiate very carefully there. Those who aren’t vaccinated now, are not those who at the last demonstration were responsible for the 67 arrests, or that an activist threw fireworks at a police officer, who could have suffered a hearing trauma, which is very dangerous and makes apparent with what kind of readiness to let the situation escalate we’re dealing here. Many of those who are present at these demonstrations or haven’t got vaccinated yet, still feel insecure or need leverage for their motivation to do it.”

      SOT, Karl Nehammer, Chancellor of Austria (German): “At the same time, science gives us the chance to continue living in freedom. That’s the good news. Vaccinations help. And vaccinations protect us. And vaccinations stand for the fact that we can prevent further lockdowns if we vaccinate enough.”

    • sky news UK – Omicron cases COULD hit 100,000 a day by January

      Current projections suggest there could be 30,000 daily Omicron cases by Christmas Day and 100,000 by the New Year.

      One leading scientist has told Sky News there are more than 500 cases of the variant in the UK – and those cases are doubling every three to four days.

      But what impact will those soaring infections have on the NHS?

      And how many people will have received their booster jabs by then?

    • Austria: Vaccine mandate opponents hold rally opposite Social Democratic Party HQ

      A number of opponents of Austria’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate rallied opposite of the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party of Austria on Tuesday.

      Police guarded the building as the protesters held a small rally and held speeches.

      The Austrian government last month presented an initial plan to introduce mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 from February.

      An initial draft of the legislation has suggested that non-compliance with the vaccine mandate may be punishable with a fine.

      The Social Democratic Party of Austria is currently involved in the process of drafting the bill alongside the government and the New Austria and Liberal Forum.

      A lockdown has been in place in the country since November 22 and is scheduled to end this Sunday, although restrictions will remain for unvaccinated residents.

  5. Microchip your cat or face fines, UK govt says

    The UK government has unveiled a compulsory microchipping plan for domestic cats, designed to make it easier to reunite lost pets with their owners. Those refusing to inject their feline with a chip will face fines of up to £500.

    The microchipping plan was unveiled by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs on Saturday. The measure is said to enjoy overwhelming public support, with “99% of people” backing the compulsory microchipping of pet cats, according to the government.

    “Cats are much-loved parts of our families and making sure that they’re microchipped is the best possible way of making sure that you are reunited with them if they are ever lost or stolen,” Animal Welfare Minister Lord Goldsmith said in a statement.

    According to official statistics, the majority of Britain’s felines are already fitted with tracking microchips, with some 2.8 million out of more than 10.8 million pet cats not having one. At the same time, eight out of ten stray cats ending up at shelters do not have a microchip installed.

    Under the new rules, all cats will have to be fitted with a microchip before they reach the age of 20 weeks, with contact details of their owners stored in a database. Those owners whose cats happen to be without such a device will have a grace period of 21 days to fit their pet with a chip, after which failure to do so will incur a fine of up to £500.

    The measure has been hailed by British cat charities: “Microchipping is by far the most effective and quickest way of identifying lost cats and can help ease the pressure on rescue charities like Cats Protection. Without a microchip, a lost cat will most likely end up being rehomed to a new home as there is often no trace of their original owner,” Jacqui Cuff, head of Cats Protection’s Advocacy & Government Relations, said.

    • Gentle Kiwis, good people.
      You get it.

      Can you ride this fake pandemic to foil its intent?
      – Remove the dagger poised at your heart.
      – Get rid of the communist jackass and her ChiCom controllers.


    A white, South African-born surgeon who tied and taped a noose to an operating room door in 2016 to allegedly target a Black, Nigerian-born surgical assistant has been suspended from practising for four months.

    An all-white disciplinary tribunal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) issued the four month-suspension to Dr. Wynand Wessels on Monday, ordering him to pay 75 per cent of the costs of the investigation and two hearings


    The RCMP said the decision was made after consulting with the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service.

    The president of the Black Physicians’ Association of Alberta, Dr. Kannin Osei-Tutu, called the tribunal’s sanction “an affront to Black physicians.

    “I think it is an affront to the Black community; I think it is an affront to all racialized people,” he said in an interview

    Barbara Perry, the director of the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, said the sanction will undermine the public’s trust of not just the Grande Prairie hospital, but the entire health-care system in Canada.

    Citing the case of the racist abuse of Indigenous woman Joyce Echaquan in a Quebec hospital, Perry said the minimization of this Alberta incident will heighten the fear among racialized people that they will be subjected to racist behaviour if they seek medical attention

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