Reader’s Links for October 9, 2021

Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Tumbled did I down the stairs
    Into the wallow of my strewn
    Into the valley of my down
    Like slipped on little choo choo thoughts
    Or stepped on little worry blocks
    “Pick up your toys!”
    Shouts me at me
    Then chasing me just like her dog
    With pointy little teeth of glass
    That bite me right me on the ass:
    “You’re too negative!”
    “Yes, Deer,” I reply.

    Up the Logan of her right
    With ropes and spikes and grunts and groans
    My heavy leaden legs I lift
    One million pounds of solitude
    Another million just for laughs
    Up and up and up I go
    To where the air for me is thin
    Her wagging voice is waiting there:
    “Sit down and eat your sandwich,” she says.


  2. That Randy Hillier quote down below really says it. I am becoming aware and gobs macked (I hate the word gobsmacked so much I just had to use and abuse it) that so many people have been properly trained to fear the healthy. See how distorted perceptions are? My understanding is that the only spreading is by shedding, and “shedding” never came up in my lexicon before all this BS.

    I don’t have to be black to have an excuse to be skeptical, and neither do black people, frankly.

    That airline flyboy sure nails it. While The Others are being created and vilified for choosing to have their own fine selves to be disease-spreading reservoirs, or some such nonsense (which takes the heat off REDHEADS and gypsies for all of five friggin’ minutes, I promise), The Others are actually standing for the rights and freedoms of those who are vilifying them. So, while I’d rather be societal mortar than martyr any day, we find ourselves in this rather rotten barrel. Who’d have thunk?

  3. Two 13-year old girls are talking in the school hallway. One looks at the hat of another girl walking and says, “That’s sooo ghetto.”

    Just two teenage girls talking between each other.

    A nearby teacher overhears. “Your comment is racist ” she says to the girl who said it. But the teacher thinks it came from the white girl standing there, not the other girl who is black.

    The white girl will have none of it. “Actually, no,” she replies to the teacher. “You’re the one being racist. The word ‘ghetto’ doesn’t automatically mean black people. What about the Jewish ghettos in Poland in WW2? It just means a poor neighborhood. Connecting the word to black people stigmatizes them.”

    “Oh,” says the teacher, embarrassed. “Thank you for correcting me. I will try to remember that.”

    (Teacher undoubtedly proceeds to make mental note to mark-down smartass white girl.)

  4. Was cc’d on an email from an old buddy wishing us all Happy Thanksgiving. Nice.

    Then he warns anyone who isn’t vaxxed that they may die, and that he is satisfied he has done his ‘DUTY’, and displays resentment that his government may expect more ‘duty'(booster) from him.

    To parse:
    Your duty is not to take a medically-questionable experimental medicine. This is more true when such is presented coercively by an incredibly corrupted leader.

    Your duty is to make informed choices for yourself, and for those for whom you are responsible.

    ‘Duty’ as guilt chocolate. Take it and pass it on. As if the greater good is served by serfdom.

    • Great GAP in the analysis. It’s the the filthy Turk and his Ottoman ambition that’s driving this maneuver.

      An ethnic Turk corridor across the Caucasus. It would run thru Nagorno-Karabakh, bypassing Iran, all the way to the Caspian. From there, it links ethnic ‘Stans, reaches its very best buddy Af-ugh/Pak, to shake hands at last with China.

      It fits the BRI scheme to a “T”. It’s even plausible.

      Russia has been excessively generous to the Filthy Turk. Gave minimal help to Armenia, a disgrace. Hasn’t cut off the highway that enables jihadis to hang on to Idlib in Syria.

      Russia figured maybe he’d get kicked out of Nato, his behavior has been so egregious. But no, it seems the West has gone dhimmi. Keep an eye on this Trans-Caucasus corridor.

      • Not too long ago China sold some of their strategic oil reserves to get money to buy food. China is hurting for hard currencies to continue to buy food, oil and coal to keep their people semi quiet. Then add in the way they are having rolling blackouts that are shutting down the factories and the way the covid regulations are causing ships to be backed up for a month or better waiting to unload. When the stores are waiting for the goods to be unloaded they aren’t going to spend money to buy more goods.

        China is hurting but are saying they are hurting. I don’t know how much longer their house of cards will hold together.

        • Looks like the globalists have outsmarted them, too. Or more likely they only outsmarted themselves by thinking they can centrally plan everything.

    • Just the meaty part: We’re rooting for whichever side MbZ supports.

      Ethiopians can kill each other, but they have to be stopped from filling GERD, that damn dam built by China. Not only will that devastate much of Africa, it’ll threaten 100 million people in Egypt, the largest and most important Arab country.

      Our MB-aligned MSM doesn’t like Egypt, so we focus on the oily Gulfies. Family gas stations with flags, as if history began a century ago. In the region they’re still regarded as janitors for the holy sites and camel drivers.

      Arabs know better. Egypt is an authentic NATION. The MB is a GLOBALIST endeavor, the natural enemy of independent nation-states like the UAE. They may be small tribal entities, but they’re developing pride in their respective identities.

  5. Texas ‘fetal heartbeat’ abortion law reinstated by appeals court ruling
    Thomas Barrabi
    2 minutes

    A federal appeals court reinstated Texas’ controversial “fetal heart beat” abortion ban on Friday night, days after a lower court suspended the Republican-backed law.

    The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay, effectively pausing U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman’s decision to grant a temporary restraining order against the abortion ban earlier this week. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, had appealed the lower court’s decision.

    “Great news tonight, The Fifth Circuit has granted an administrative stay on #SB8. I will fight federal overreach at every turn,” Paxton wrote on Twitter after the decision.

  6. White House: Some Federal Workers With Valid Vaccine Exemptions Could Still Be Fired
    By Jack Phillips
    October 8, 2021 Updated: October 8, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    White House officials said President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all federal workers and contractors allows for some religious or medical exemptions, but agencies may still fire certain employees where no other safety protocols are enough.

    “There may be circumstances in which an agency determines that the nature of an employee’s job responsibilities requires heightened safety protocols if they are provided with a legally required exception,” according to new guidance posted on the federal government’s Safer Federal Workforce Task Force website this week. “In some cases, the nature of the employee’s job may be such that an agency determines that no safety protocol other than vaccination is adequate. In such circumstances, the agency may deny the requested accommodation.”

    The task force said that in most cases, unvaccinated employees would have to maintain social distancing, submit to regular testing, and wear masks. But some agencies may require more measures in some cases, depending on the employee’s job.

  7. Entirety Of Lebanon Goes Dark, Mass Power Outage To Last Several Days
    by Tyler Durden
    3-4 minutes

    On Saturday the entirety of Lebanon was plunged into darkness, with the electricity grid shut down completely after the small Mediterranean country’s two main power stations reportedly ran out of fuel. “The al Zahrani and the Deir Ammar power stations stopped working after supplies of diesel were apparently exhausted, and energy production dropped to below 200 megawatts,” Sky News reports.

    A Lebanese official has confirmed to Reuters that the blackout is expected to last multiple days. “The Lebanese power network completely stopped working at noon today, and it is unlikely that it will work until next Monday, or for several days,” the official

  8. Biden Lifts Sanctions On Iranian Missile Producers As Iran Nears Having Enough Nuclear Fuel For Bomb: Report
    Ryan Saavedra
    5-6 minutes

    President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly lifted sanctions on two Iranian entities involved in Iran’s missile program just as Iran is believed to be closing in on having enough nuclear fuel to build a nuclear bomb.

    “The sanctions, targeting the Mammut Industrial Group (Mammut Industries) and its subsidiary Mammut Diesel, were originally imposed by the Trump administration in September 2020 as part of efforts to increase a maximum pressure campaign of sanctions on Tehran over its nuclear activity and actions in the region criticized as malign and destabilizing,” The Hill reported. “The entities were identified as being ‘key producers and suppliers of military-grade, dual-use goods for Iran’s missile programs.’”

    The Trump administration had imposed crushing sanctions on Iran, which is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, in an effort to get the country to abandon its nuclear program.

    The U.S. Treasury Department issued the sanctions against the two entities, Mammut Industrial Group and Mammut Diesel, in September 2020:

  9. europravda – Long COVID now has an official WHO clinical definition

    In September, there were more than one million people living in the UK who reported they were suffering from long COVID.

  10. Trump Just Froze Pelosi In Her Tracks – Donald Uses His Executive Privilege To Block House Subpoenas
    Ben Dutka
    4-5 minutes

    Trump Just Froze Pelosi In Her Tracks – Donald Uses His Executive Privilege To Block House Subpoenas

    For months, Democrat leaders and the House have been trying to investigate former President Donald Trump. They want to know what role he might’ve played in the unfortunate Jan. 6 incident.

    Trump has always maintained his innocence, but that hasn’t stopped House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from sending subpoenas to several Trump officials.

  11. Former Border Chief Accuses President Biden – He Claims That Joe Is “Withholding Info,” The Border Is “Wide Open”
    Ben Dutka
    4-5 minutes

    Former Border Chief Accuses President Biden – He Claims That Joe Is “Withholding Info,” The Border Is “Wide Open”

    President Joe Biden currently faces a variety of challenges. Perhaps the biggest issue is the southern border crisis, which many authorities claim has spun out of control in recent months.

    One of the most vocal critics of Biden’s border policies is former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, who was forced out of his role earlier this year. That won’t stop him from talking, though.

    And he’s got a disturbing warning for the country.

    In speaking with Fox News host Bret Baier, Scott said that for a while, things were moving in the right direction down south.

    He said everything was improving at the border: officials had a “higher confidence level” in apprehending unregistered individuals, and they were doing a better job of nabbing criminals before they got into the U.S.

    Janet Yellen Celebrates Controversial ‘Once-In-A-Generation’ Global Minimum Corporate Tax Agreement
    Ian Haworth
    4-5 minutes

    On Friday, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) announced that they had agreed to a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%, after years of debate and disagreement.

    “The landmark deal, agreed by 136 countries and jurisdictions representing more than 90% of global GDP, will also reallocate more than USD 125 billion of profits from around 100 of the world’s largest and most profitable MNEs to countries worldwide, ensuring that these firms pay a fair share of tax wherever they operate and generate profits,” the OECD said in a statement.

    136 jurisdictions out of the 140 members of the OECD and G20 “Inclusive Framework on BEPS” joined the “Statement on the Two-Pillar Solution to Address the Tax Challenges Arising from the Digitalization of the Economy.”

  13. China’s Xi says “reunification” with Taiwan must and will be realized

    Xi Jinping vowed Saturday that a “reunification” with Taiwan must and will be realized, adding doing so by “peaceful means” would best serve the interests of the Chinese nation “as a whole.”

    The words come as concerns have been raised by various countries after a week of tensions between Peking and the democratically-ruled island. Taiwan has come under increased military and political pressure from Peking to accept its sovereignty, but Taipei has pledged to defend their freedom.

    Xi made the comments Saturday on the 110th anniversary of the revolution that overthrew the last imperial dynasty in 1911.

    • And to show their thanks to God and not the government. “His hands will guide you on your way and you will always walk along as long as you’ve got God.”

  14. city news – COVID-19 risks persist, even at Thanksgiving gatherings

    Hear from two health experts urging you to be safe this Thanksgiving long weekend.

    Department Of Justice In Hot Water Over Threats Against School Parents
    4-5 minutes

    In one of the most radically left moves yet, United States Attorney General Merrick Garland recently shared that he would instruct the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its resources to stand up to parents who oppose Critical Race Theory and COVID-19 mandates. They have even labeled parents who question the liberal school boards as “domestic threats” and accused them of threatening public servants. The Biden Administration is looking to suppress the First Amendment by classifying everything as ‘domestic terrorism’ or ‘misinformation.’

    Garland wrote a letter to the National School Board Association, requesting that they classify these parents as ‘domestic terrorism’ and that they run counter to the nation’s core values. He went on to claim that teachers should be able to do their work without fear for their safety and that children should be ensured a proper education. He didn’t note any credible threats in his letter and only cited an increase in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school board members, teachers, and workers.

    In the next 30 days, the FBI and U.S Attorneys’ Offices will meet with federal, state, Tribal, territorial, and local law enforcement leaders to discuss strategies for addressing “this disturbing trend,” with Garland adding that the sessions will open the lines of communication. He said they will be able to accurately report threats, assessments, and responses by law enforcement, as well as assembling a DOJ-led task force to determine how to prosecute the crimes. You’d think that federal agencies would prioritize this much time and dedication to tackle some of the city’s biggest crime problems instead of attacking and targeting parents at school board meetings.

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