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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Clearly a priority of the new world order being implemented was to rid the U.S. of President Trump. This diabolical plan required his removal so that the political, medical, judicial and fiscal rot could bloom into what we see forming. Four-dimensional fraud characterizes our day. Yesterday I picked an onion from my garden. It shouted to me it was a carrot.

    I guess what we see now is what Yuri Bezmenov meant all along. The politicization of the air we breath is no better metaphorized than by the ridiculous and useless masks we are told to wear.

    The frequency of unprovoked, spontaneous conversations I have with people about the injections is becoming as common as unreported adverse reactions to the stab. This now seems to be THE thing on peoples’ minds above all others. Any why not? It is the ultimate violation of personal sovereignty. I am finding that even some people who have had a single dose are not convinced that their decision was in their own best interest, and they have the integrity to air such lingering doubts. Others fight through the fever or lethargy (if they are one of the lucky ones) to proclaim their innoculation as a badge of virtue, or at least of societal good standing. This reminds me of the good ol’ days in Iron Curtain states when Communist Party membership was the equivalent declaration of fealty.

    Western Europeans, Aussies, Canadians and Americans are spectacularly naive to the tyranny afoot. It is clear to me now that the injection is really about psychological capture. Sure, many people who became communist party members did so just to get a job, and were not true believers. Yet, they were functional for the system that required at least their polite acquiescence to the revolution, even if their grudging agreement was at the business end of a machine gun. The communists don’t ask EVERYONE to be enthusiastic. They do require, however, everyone to do what they’re told. It is EXACTLY the same thing here. Dissent, debate, and protest cannot be tolerated under communism.

    You take the injections and you become a party member. Indeed, this connection is not made as clear to people as it was in the old Soviet system. People would not go along with this it if they understood the depth and breadth of the fine print of the contract they are told is a simple vaccination. The medical bifurcation of our society is much closer to endgame play than people know.

    The only difference between now and the old days was that back then you joined The Party at the end of a Soviet tank barrel. It was crystal clear what was going on. Now it is at the end of a syringe, and people still don’t understand that it’s plain old communism dressed up in a fake pandemic, and a fancy hat called technology. It is harder to go against the system after you’ve been injected because of the psychological and physical investment you’ve made. You have become a party member with priviledges. Listen to the Radio Man and you will hear this everywhere. And if you are an unstabbed medical leper you get what you deserve.

    • Milley is a bureaucrat not a war fighter, he does grasp the point that the enlisted will not accept the orders to fire on American Citizens unless they have been taught to hate the American people. It will take more then a few training sessions to turn the enlisted against the people that they came from. This is a major problem for the left because most of the enlisted come from the Red States and vote for the person that supports the Constitution. They are not robots that blindly follow orders and (at least when I was in) are taught to disobey illegal/unlawful orders.

      From what I have seen among the recently discharged people there is no way they are going to support oppressing and enslaving the US population.

  2. Disinformation and other information disorders: Psaki, Murthy, and two pings – Liberty Unyielding
    J.E. Dyer
    5-6 minutes

    Disinformation and other information disorders: Psaki, Murthy, and two pings

    WaPo video, YouTube

    The big news on the Information Disorder front this week would have to be Jen Psaki’s statement that the Biden White House is flagging “disinformation” on coronavirus vaccination for social media, so the social media platforms can censor it and be sure you don’t see it.

    But we’ll get to that. First, a ping that may seem shorter and fainter, but that actually tells us quite a bit. Quite a bit.

    Milley’s big coup-fighting adventure: Two pings – Liberty Unyielding
    J.E. Dyer
    7-9 minutes

    Milley’s big coup-fighting adventure: Two pings

    General Mark Milley (USA), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. DOD, Joint Staff video, YouTube

    It’s all spilling out so fast this week, there’s no keeping up with it. For Thursday night, I’m resorting to short-ping treatments, mainly so our noble readers have a place to dive in.

    It’s hard to keep a straight face about the abjectly non-credible tale that will be coming out in full in a few days of a supposed near-coup by former President Trump in his final days in office. To hear the narrators and at least one participant (in quotes; General Mark Milley, USA, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) tell it, the method of staving off the coup consisted of scurrying furtively around Washington dropping F-bombs.

    There are any number of places to read the sound-bites of linguistic derring-do. Excerpts from a forthcoming book were published this week at the Washington Post. The Post put up related treatments as well; e.g., here and here. For variety, you can check out CNN, The New Yorker, and for that matter almost any mainstream media outlet of your choice. They source back to the WaPo writers’ book excerpts.

  3. BRUSSELS — Companies in the European Union can ban employees from wearing a headscarf under certain conditions, if they need to do so to project an image of neutrality to customers, the E.U.’s top court said on Thursday.

    The Luxembourg-based E.U. Court of Justice (CJEU) was ruling on cases brought by two Muslim women in Germany who were suspended from their jobs for wearing a headscarf.

    The issue of the hijab, the traditional headscarf worn around the head and shoulders, has been divisive across Europe for years, underlining sharp differences over integrating Muslims.

    • When I have no choice other than to interact with a hijabee, I speak in a very soft voice.

      I first mention that she is not superior to me, as dictated by her god. I then add that I have great respect for the Islamic State because they are honest; they follow in the footsteps of Mohamed PBUH. They are very brave people willing to blow themselves up for extra points in Islam’s Paradise.

      You should see their look of astonishment, and there isn’t anything they can reply back. It’s not ‘Islamophobic’ and I’m not insulting her.

        • I get no satisfaction, it isn’t my goal. I’m not that type of person. The goal is to inform them about the meaning of the garment, nothing more.

          If anything, many hijabees don’t know the silent message they send with that garment. You would surprise how many Muslims don’t know their said religion. It gives them food for thought.

          My tone is always nice, friendly, and with a smile. When we part ways, there is no animosity.

          And I do respect (not admire, very different) the Islamic State because I respect honesty.

        • The EU Law: “to project an image of neutrality”

          Sharia Law: to project an image of neutrality

          Like a Christian wears a Cross
          Or a tattoo tells their loss
          The Symbols of the Earth
          Informs us of their birth

          And with kindness to awake
          Of the monkey-grasp they take
          That the prize is not the word
          But to free their vocal cord.

      • When I have no choice other than to interact with a female, I speak in a very strong voice

        I first mention that she is not prettier in make-up paste, as dictated by her magazine. I then add that I have great respect for Feminists because they are honest; they follow in the footsteps of Feminism haf. They are very brave people willing to bear their breasts for extra points towards Equality of Outcome.

        You should see their look of astonishment, and there isn’t anything they can reply back. It’s not ‘sexist’ and I’m not insulting her.

        (haf Human Adult Female)

    • The original Wisdom of Solomon was to discern the pure hearted from the wicked.

      The court had to decide whether headscarf bans at work represented

      a violation of the freedom of religion or

      were allowed as part of the freedom to conduct a business and the wish to project an image of neutrality to customers.”

      Private life. (Money where your mouth is)
      Private business. (Money where their mouth is). Don’t show your tattoos, don’t smoke, don’t show you are a willing slave to anything: that’s in your own time. You sell my business, not yours.

      Its response was that such bans were possible if justified by an employer’s need to present a neutral image.

      No more BLM, LGBTQ or Islamic Prayer Rooms? This kind of “neutral image,” told to keep sh*t out of the workplace?

      A prohibition on wearing any visible form of expression of political, philosophical or religious beliefs in the workplace may be justified by the employer’s need to present a neutral image towards customers or to prevent social disputes,” the court said.”

      Oh. It’s only if the majority is offended. The ‘Norm.’ And not because the business owner simply decides what they do with their own invention?

      Therefore, this was not a level playing field of: the right to a private life vs the right to the business owner’s investment. Not, apples vs apples, but apples vs pears. A third party demon was involved: the Marxist God of the Masses.

      “…a neutral image towards customers or to prevent social disputes…”

      Neutral. Means the majority state of mind, maintained in neutral.
      Dispute. Means any offense that wakes them up.

      Leverage of the mob, not human rights.

      The Wisdom of Solomon:

      “You two women, may think I am Socialist, that my court rulings guarantee that if you come back in numbers, you will take over the business. That The Law is run by putting each and everything, to a new vote. I am not a Cuck for Communism.

      Are you wicked, or are you of fine character? This I ask of the business owner too. A court of righteousness, which means justice. To protect liberty and private ownership.

      As such, I have directed a Sharia Court in Iran to preside, and examine your lives, as is the custom per your Religion as you demanded.”

      At this, they wailed and prostrated themselves, “Oh give back the business, give back the business, we do not want it!”

      The judge looked at the business owner. “It is yours.”,quickly.%20Some%20hijab-supporting%20Iranian%20women%20back%20the%20protests.

  4. Note: illegal protest at the Capitol, people arrested…I wonder if these insurrectionists will also be held in solitary confinement for months on end… I’m not holding my breath!

    An NBC News reporter shared a video on Twitter of protesters, led by Beatty, entering the Capitol chanting, “End the filibuster!”

    According to the USCP, officers arrived at the scene of the protest, in the Hart Senate office building, at approximately 3.30pm after “reports of illegal demonstration activity”.

    “After officers arrived on the scene they warned the demonstrators three times to stop. Those who refused were arrested,” the USCP said in a statement.

    The arresting officers then transferred two males and seven females to USCP headquarters for processing.

  5. Emergency authorization for Covid-19 vaccines in children under 12 could come in early to midwinter, a Food and Drug Administration official said Thursday, a move that could bring relief to many parents who have been unable to vaccinate their children. The agency hopes to then move quickly to full approval of the vaccine for this age group.

    One sticking point for some families who remain hesitant, the official said, is that the vaccines currently in use are administered under emergency use authorization and have not been given full approval by the FDA. Full approval, if it comes quickly after the emergency round, could alleviate that concern.

  6. CBC – Vandalized mosque latest in string of anti-Muslim attack

    A break-in at a Cambridge, Ont., mosque left it badly damaged and the community shaken as anti-Muslim attacks are on the rise.

    • I don’t see any damage other than to an old stove and probably an old piece of electronics. The TV was probably given away and now they’ll get a new one. The rest is papers and cardboard thrown around. It sure looks like a ‘we did it job’.

    • The skeptic in me, (knowing taqiyya), is just seeing an untidy mess, a broken cooker that probably was not working, and all shelves and furniture that had miraculously remained intact.

      Normally, the preventing of access to prayers, from water taps, to books, book-supports to carpets to preachers pedestal, would all be defaced. Not left in a jumble that can be quickly rearranged. No paint poured anywhere.

      Just seems odd that these obvious targets were missed, and a cooker chosen for the focus of their rage.

      The Narrative that “anti-Muslim attacks are on the rise” is never mentioned when Christian attacks are really on the rise.

      Canada’s reality:

  7. CBC – Common viruses returning as COVID-19 precautions lift

    Doctors are warning about a resurgence of common viruses such as colds and influenza that weren’t spreading as much because of the precautions and restrictions for COVID-19.

    But as people interact more they’re likely to spread and could hit children especially hard.

    • sky news australia – Big tech ‘rotten’ for censorship of Wuhan lab leak theory

      “The entire medical establishment, not just the WHO, much of the medical establishment also has a big case to answer because they went out there as the voice of authority and said if you talk about this, you’re a crank,” he said.

      “Facebook, Twitter, all these places all said if you talk about this not only are you a crank, but we will de-platform you.

    • global news – Quebec launches $2 million COVID-19 vaccine lottery

      Quebec will launch a lottery for a total of $2 million in prizes in order to get more people to roll up their sleeves for the COVID-19 vaccine.

      Health Minister Christian Dubé announced the initiative Friday as the province ramps up its immunization campaign ahead of fall.

      Registration for the contest will begin online starting July 25, he said. The goal is to encourage eligible Quebecers to book their appointments as soon as possible.

      The draws will take place throughout the month of August, with a grand prize of $1 million in September for those 18 and older who have received both shots of the vaccine.

    • sky news australia – Vaccination is ‘our only way out of this nightmare’

      Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching says the “only way out” of the pandemic is to be vaccinated and Australians should not be discouraging others from receiving the jab.

      “Being vaccinated is the only way out of this nightmare and it is a bit of a nightmare with the rolling lockdowns but obviously we need the supply of the vaccines and they are coming,” she told Sky News.

      […]Ms Kitching also said the Australian Bureau of Statistics released data showing “ten to 19 per cent of Australians on a state by state breakdown” do not agree with getting vaccinated as soon as possible.

      “There’s still a lot of work to be done and a lot of work to encourage our fellow Australians to be vaccinated.”

      “It is wrong for people to be discouraging people from being vaccinated, we need everyone to be vaccinated, and I think we are all in this together.”

    • Cincinnati doctor expects some younger children can get a COVID-19 vaccine by December

      Work is underway, right here in Cincinnati, to study a COVID-19 vaccine in children as young as six months.

    • MSNBC – Dr. Scott Gottlieb Talks Vaccine Misinformation, Possible Mandates

      Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the spike in coronavirus cases among unvaccinated communities nationwide.

      He explains vaccine misinformation, the prospects of vaccine and mask mandates as the Delta variant spreads, the safety of vaccines for kids, and what breakthrough Covid-19 cases show about vaccine effectiveness.

      “The vaccines do work,” he stresses.

      + comments on the YT page

    • ISRAEL – ‘Pfizer COVID vaccine significantly less effective against Delta variant’

      Ministers agree to move forward with rapid, home coronavirus testing as early as next week

      […]“We do not know exactly to what degree the vaccine helps, but it is significantly less,” Bennett said.

      […]The likely explanation is that among the current virus carriers, some 2,000 are schoolchildren, and half of them were fully vaccinated. Both groups are very unlikely to develop severe forms of the disease, even though it occasionally happens – at the moment, around 60% of the patients in serious conditions were vaccinated.

      […] the ministers agreed to prepare for enforcing the “Happy Badge” that gives access to weddings and similar events with more than 100 guests only to those who are vaccinated, recovered or holders of a recent negative coronavirus test. […]. There will be no cap on participants, and people will be required to wear masks.

      […]“The government will continue to monitor all developments and convene frequently to discuss them and plan the next steps in advance so that the public will understand where we are going and what we are doing, without the mishaps, without panic and, mainly – with advance planning – anticipate the future,” Bennett concluded.

    • the gateway pundit – Here We Go: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Warns of “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” (VIDEO)

      […]“This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. We are seeing outbreaks of cases in parts of the country that have low vaccination coverage because unvaccinated people are at risk.”

      CDC Director Walensky Warns Of ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’

    • Pay attention to the statistics in the video, they show that this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, and that it will be a long time before it gets better.

      She has a tone of massive disapproval in her voice when she is talking about the vigilante justice, but vigilantes come one when organized government and crime control has broken down. In the African nations almost all have a total breakdown of crime control with the ordinary people having to depend on themselves. This while the governments work to disarm the people so they can’t revolt.

  8. ctv news – Canadians likely to be targeted by foreign actors in next election, cyber agency says

    The federal cybersecurity agency is warning that Canadians are likely to run into some effort by foreign actors to influence or otherwise interfere with their right to vote in the next election.

    […]Such an election will almost certainly look different than anything Canada has seen before because of the pandemic, with more activities and processes being moved online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    […]an expected increase in the number of Canadians who vote by mail, with the agency warning foreign actors could try to use that as a way to undercut confidence in the election results.

    CBC -Canadian voters are likely to face foreign cyber interference in the next election, say cyber spies

    […]false narratives around voter fraud to surface

    […]— says cyber threat actors will likely try to take advantage of any new COVID-19-related changes.

    […]”We have seen that COVID-19-related changes to elections, such as more people choosing to vote by mail or delays in the dissemination of results, have spurred falsehoods and conspiracy theories that call into question the legitimacy of election results. This is happening at a time when the online information ecosystem is already rife with false and misleading content.”

    […]The issue took hold during last year’s U.S. election after then-president Donald Trump made unfounded claims about widespread voting fraud.


  9. Arizona Rally Demands Release of Jan. 6 ‘Political Prisoners’
    By Allan Stein
    July 15, 2021 Updated: July 15, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    Hoisting flags and political signs, more than 250 Arizona conservatives rallied in Scottsdale on July 14 to demand the release of pro-Trump protesters being held in federal prisons since Jan. 6.

    “This nation will not be [made] safe by cowards,” said keynote speaker Matt Braynard of Look Ahead America, co-sponsor of the rally with local branch Look Ahead Arizona, at Sue Wood’s Scottsdale Studios.

    Both groups have called upon conservatives to organize at the community level to free more than 500 pro-Trump protesters in federal custody.

    Braynard, a former Trump data analyst, is leading the charge with Look Ahead America to release what he called “political prisoners.”

    He said the July 14 rally was a run-up to a large political protest to be held on July 17 at a federal prison in Washington.

    While the FBI has arrested 535 protesters, Braynard said, “in almost all cases, these were non-violent” people.

    • More than 80 dead, dozens missing in Germany and Belgium after massive floods • FRANCE 24 English
      France 24 English – July 16, 2021

  10. White House denies ‘spying’ on social media, says users sharing misinformation should be banned from all platforms
    Chris Pandolfo
    4 minutes

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday denied that the federal government is “spying” on certain individuals’ social media accounts to look for “misinformation” about COVID-19, but also said that a person who is banned from one platform for sharing misinformation should be banned from all of them.

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