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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Time to Keep the Promise of Democracy and Free Elections for Cuba
    Their calls for “libertad” — liberty — have gone unanswered for too long.
    by Jackie Gingrich Cushman
    July 15, 2021, 12:09 AM
    Supporters of Cuba, Miami, Florida, July 11, 2021 (Fernando Medina/
    Editors Picks
    Editor’s Picks
    Hunter Biden Cashed In to Fuel His Drug and Sex Habits
    by George Neumayr
    Targeting People With Mental Illness and Dementia for Euthanasia
    by Wesley J. Smith
    A Red Wave Through the Bayou
    by Scott McKay
    Is Mass Immigration Killing Two-Party Democracy in the U.S.?
    by James Delmont
    More Politics
    More Politics
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    Fidel Castro wrested the reins of power over Cuba from military dictator Fulgencio Batista on Jan. 1, 1959. My friend Luis Haza was eight at the time. His father, Col. Bonifacio Haza, was in command of the National Police in Santiago de Cuba, nearly 300 miles southeast of Havana.

    Batista had ruled with military might, leading a reign of terror that saw people taken from their homes, never to return.

    For years, numerous factions had been working to overthrow Batista. In December of 1956, Castro and his allies — who had been organizing in Mexico — landed on the eastern shore of Cuba in an attempt to overthrow Batista’s government. In the fighting that followed, most of Castro’s troops were killed, and those who survived lost much of their munitions and supplies.

    Undeterred, Castro continued his efforts. By the time he rode victoriously into Santiago de Cuba a little more than two years later, the prevailing belief (including among the island’s business leaders) was that Castro’s overthrow of Batista would lead to democracy and free elections. Colonel Haza believed democracy was Cuba’s destiny and stood with Castro on a stage after Castro first entered Santiago de Cuba in victory.

  2. Wikipedia co-founder: I no longer trust the website I created – The Post
    4-5 minutes


    Freddie Sayers spoke to Larry Sanger about why he left

    by UnHerd

    Chances are, if you’ve ever been on the internet, you’ve visited Wikipedia. It is the world’s fifth largest website, pulling in an estimated 6.1 billion followers per month and serves as a cheat sheet for almost any topic in the world. So great is the online encyclopaedia’s influence is so great that it is the biggest and “most read reference work in history”, with as many as 56 million editions.

    But the truth about this supposedly neutral purveyor of information is a little more complex. Historically, Wikipedia has been written and monitored by a community of volunteers who collaborated and contested competing claims with one another. In the words of Wikipedia’s co-founder, Larry Sanger who spoke to Freddie Sayers on LockdownTV, these volunteers would “battle it out”.

    This battle of ideas on Wikipedia’s platform formed a crucial part of the encyclopaedia’s commitment to neutrality, which according to Sanger, was abandoned after 2009. In the years since, on issues ranging from Covid to Joe Biden, it has become increasingly partisan, primarily espousing an establishment viewpoint that increasingly represents “propaganda”. This, says Sanger, is why he left the site in 2007, describing it as “broken beyond repair”.

  3. Interesting Timing – Obama Administration Lifted Block on “Gain of Function Research” Just Eleven Days Before President Trump Took Office, January 9, 2017 – The Last Refuge
    6-8 minutes

    Okay, straight talk. This discovery makes the suspicions of an intentionally released Pandemic virus, with a political intent, to “STOP TRUMP” look exponentially more plausible. SARS = Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, the deadly consequence within COVID-19.

    With people beginning to recognize that U.S. government officials and the intelligence community have been less than honest, and in some cases downright lying, surrounding the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus; and when we overlay the political motives in the background of mass narrative deflection from media and other institutions; and when we consider the known lengths that people inside the U.S. government were willing to go in their efforts to eliminate President Trump; discovering that President Obama’s administration technically authorized the restart of “gain of function” research (biological weaponization of SARS virus) just days before President Trump took office… is way more than alarming. My hunch is this link might even disappear [SEE HERE]

    • From someone who was duped by the mainstream media during the trump administration. I can say this , it was 100 percent a set up I have no doubts . The media attack was deplorable . I don’t consider myself the smartest in the room but I’m not the dumbest either . This was most likely the most horrendous media campaign on any political person in history . I’m glad I was able to open my eyes long before it was to late . I agree with you and your hypothesis.

      • Yep! Before Twitter suspended my account, I saw the hate and lies directed at Trump increase to intolerable levels. Even among people I know, the MSM eroded their soul.

        I was a Trump fan from the moment he went down the elevator to announce his candidacy. I never missed a Trump Rally on RSBN. I followed everything he did on the website Conservative Tree House, I understood all his policies.

        Trump 2024!

        • Pray that we win big next year and that the Repubs in Congress help us stop the Dem attempt to destroy the US.

          When Trump runs in 2024 I hope he has someone like DeSantis as VP instead of a Swamp Rat like Pence. We need Trump in 2024 and we need a VP that will run and govern like Trump in 2028 and 2032. In tonight’s live stream Brad said that he has heard that Trump is already picking a team of war fighters who will fight the Swamp instead of trusting the Swamp Critters that were recommended.

          I will post the live stream as soon as I can but You Tube has made it a private video.

        • I’ll be honest , I acknowledge I was wrong , I’m tired of political parties and their overspending , bullshit spreading , doublespeak agendas . I do see he is not what I thought but I can’t trust any politicians anymore. And honestly I was disappointed to see his supporters in jail still without bail. I wonder did he hire them good lawyers ? Cause they are not being treated well and being where I am today I think I can understand the fear of losing their freedoms and the urgency they may have felt within them . I did watch his speech and I hope he is helping somehow. It’s so tough with politicians cause power is the job so the risk of psychopaths is always very high . I wish we could figure out a way to have more checks and balances so NO politician can do what they do to us on a daily basis . I’m in Canada and even though we have different systems we have the same operatives atm. I hope we can get to a place when relying on politicians isn’t a issue cause we will rely more on one another . They should be like children were told back in the day seen but not heard .everywhere I go they are there somewhere talking literally it’s way to much they get way to much time taking at us. When this is over they can’t be allowed on social media anymore and it n tv twice a year in debate . If we desire hearing them more often then CPAC is there .

  4. July 15 2021 Peter R. de Vries, Dutch crime reporter shot in Amsterdam, dies
    Peter R. de Vries, the acclaimed Dutch crime reporter, has died from his injuries after being shot last week in Amsterdam, Dutch media reported.
    “Peter has lived by his conviction: ‘On bended knee is no way to be free,’” his family said in a statement through RTL. “We are unbelievably proud of him and at the same time inconsolable.”

    Prime Suspect: Why Moroccan Mafia Boss Is Being Linked With Shooting Of Crime Reporter In Amsterdam
    ?Taghi – who was arrested in Dubai in December 2019 and extradited back to the Netherlands – went on trial at a high-security courthouse known as The Bunker earlier this year along with 16 members of his gang.
    For the last year De Vries has been acting as an adviser and confidante of Nabil Bakkali, who was the prosecution’s main witness until he suddenly clammed up.
    Prosecutors have accused the Mocro Maffia – so-called because many of its members are of Moroccan extradition – as a “well-oiled killing machine” and it is accused of a string of murders, including the high profile assassination of lawyer Derk Wiersum in September 2019.
    Wiersum had been Nabil Bakkali’s lawyer.
    Security around Taghi – who is being held at the Nieuw Vosseveld prison in Vught – has been stepped up but there are many who believe he is still able to order killings from behind bars.
    Taghi is believed to have ordered eight murders between 2015 and 2017 linked to the cocaine trade and he is also suspected of ordering the killing of Bakkali’s brother, Reduan, in 2018.
    Among the murders Taghi is believed to have ordered is that of Dutch crime blogger Martin Kok, who was shot dead outside a sex club in December 2016.

    The top journalist, the mafia boss and the gunman: Dutch fear the rise of ‘narco crime’
    While Peter R de Vries fights for life in an Amsterdam hospital the nation reflects on how to end the grip of drug gangs
    Whoever is behind it, the shooting is being seen as a wake-up call on the hard drugs and organised crime the Dutch government fears is undermining the rule of law. “It is a many headed monster that gets ever more violent and more unscrupulous: we cannot accept this,” said acting justice minister Ferd Grapperhaus after the attack. “Criminality in our country abuses what is good here, our logistics, our space, our freedom, and at the same time limits our freedom.”
    Although in 2019, murder and manslaughter cases in the Netherlands hit a 20-year low of 125, Dutch police union the NPB has repeatedly claimed the country has “the characteristics of a narco state”, knife crime has risen among young people, and two years ago a report into drug-related criminality in Amsterdam described it as out of control.
    In recent years, Dutch police have struggled with drug gangs including the so-called “mocro” (Moroccan) mafia and their gruesome internal battles. In 2016, a man’s severed head was left in front of a shisha lounge in Amsterdam, last year a fully equipped torture chamber was discovered in a shipping container in Brabant, while Dutch police have recently raided record numbers of meth labs and cocaine and heroin shipments.
    Wouter Laumans, a crime reporter for the Het Parool newspaper whose co-authored novel, Mocro Maffia, coined the term, believes international crime feeds on a historically relaxed attitude to soft drugs, and in deprived areas of the Netherlands.
    “Here you have people in the underclass who want to drive a Mercedes just like the bankers,” he said.

    July 8 2021 Gangster in alleged ‘super mafia’ pact with Daniel Kinahan probed over Dutch journalist shooting
    Peter R de Vries (64) is in critical condition in hospital after being shot up to five times, including once in the head
    Police are investigating if an alleged business partner of cartel boss Daniel Kinahan ordered the murder of a high-profile Dutch crime journalist in Amsterdam last night.
    Peter R de Vries (64) is in critical condition in hospital after being shot up to five times, including once in the head.
    Dutch police arrested three suspects, including the suspected shooter.
    Yesterday, police said that two men arrested on a highway shortly after the shooting, one of them a Polish national, would remain in custody, while a third person arrested in Amsterdam had been released.
    One line of enquiry is that the shooting may have been organised and carried out by the gang led by Ridouan Taghi (43), a Dutch-Moroccan organised-crime boss who is alleged to have formed a European ‘super-mafia’ with Daniel Kinahan as well as senior criminals from Bosnia, Italy and Chile.
    Taghi is currently in custody and on trial with 16 of his associates, who face accusations relating to six gangland murders in the Netherlands as well as drugs trafficking charges.
    In 2019, Taghi made a public statement denying reports he had threatened to have Mr de Vries killed.
    Mr de Vries has been advising and acting as a confidant for a witness known as Nabil B in the case against Taghi and his alleged associates.
    Nabil B’s previous lawyer was shot dead in the street in Amsterdam in September 2019 and his brother has also been murdered by the ruthless mob.
    Investigations by the American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) established that Taghi was a prominent guest at Daniel Kinahan’s wedding in Dubai in July 2017 while the Dutch criminal was on the run from police in his own country.
    In February, it emerged that Kinahan was almost arrested by Dubai police in June 2019 in a hotel lobby when the Irish gangster went along to meet lawyers representing the fugitive mobster Taghi.
    At this stage, Taghi was the most wanted criminal in the Netherlands and described by Dutch police as the leader of a crime organisation described as an “oiled killing machine”.
    He was finally arrested in Dubai in December, 2019 and extradited back to Holland.
    Gardaí believe one of Taghi’s most trusted associates, Naoufal Fassih (36), was “put up” by the Kinahan cartel when he was arrested during a raid on a cartel-linked safe house on Baggot Street Dublin in 2016 and extradited to Holland where he was jailed for various offences.
    Fassih had been hiding out in Dublin with the assistance of the cartel as he was wanted in the Netherlands in relation to gangland offences.
    He was later sentenced to 18 years behind bars for ordering a gun attack on Dutch national Peter Raap, who survived the shooting.
    In 2019, he was jailed for life for organising the December 2015 murder of Mohammad Reza Kolahi Samadi – an Iranian dissident living in the Netherlands.
    Another associate of Daniel Kinahan, who also has strong links to Taghi and Fassih, is Chilean drugs trafficker Ricardo ‘El Rico’ Riquelme Vega who was jailed for 11 years last month for drugs trafficking.
    Messages recovered from an encrypted phone gardaí seized from Fassih in Dublin were used as part of El Rico’s trial.
    The trial heard evidence that Vega had exchanged phone messages organising gangland murders with jailed drug boss Taghi.
    Judges were also told how Dubai-based Kinahan was in a video on a phone seized from El Rico following his arrest and extradition to Holland from Chile in 2017 that also featured Italian fugitive Raffaele Imperiale and another unidentified man.
    Imperiale (46), a boss of the Naples-based Camorra organisation, is wanted by Italian authorities to serve an eight-year sentence for drug trafficking and is believed to be hiding out in Dubai – where Kinahan has been based since his gang’s deadly feud with the Hutch mob kicked off resulting in 18 murders between September 2015 and January 2018.

    • X: This is a worthy suggestion.: To keep the reader’s attention, try inserting line breaks. It makes for easier reading.

    • Yes we are in deep trouble, it is going to take a long hard fight to restore anything close to the civilization the left has destroyed. The way things are going we all need to keep our muskets clean, our powder dry and our bug out bags packed.

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