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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. “The wind is free … but everything else costs money”.

    Plus the greed factor, of course …

    Let’s start with the initial costs. The construction and installation of the wind farm cost $350 million. The transmission line from Block Island to the mainland was another $114 million, paid for separately by the mainland ratepayers.

    Then you have to add in “O&M”, operation and maintenance costs, which are about 1-2 cents per kilowatt-hour generated per year for offshore wind, conservatively at least another million dollars per year at Block Island, perhaps more. At an average of 28.6 cents/kWh over the next ten years, power sales will net about $25 million per year … so the company owning the wind farm won’t even make a profit until 14 or so years down the line … and that’s not counting the “oops” factor.

    What is the “oops” factor? Well, it’s unexpected maintenance, or a wind turbine that gets destroyed in a storm, or, well, something like the following:.

    MORE and very interesting, including exorbitant cost to the taxpayer:

  2. The two brothers stood staring at the parched, hard ground. Never had they been very compatible. Their father had urged them to get along, and they tried, but the peace rarely lasted for long.

    “Too much clay,” said Tom.
    “I don’t think it’s that. Roots find their way,” Mike began. “I think the problem was we planted them too far apart. They didn’t get a chance to share the nutrients. If we plant them closer next year it’ll work.”

    Tom looked at Mike with the steel face that always came before their quarrels, like a cloud passing over the sun to cast a shadow and a chill. “What are you talking about?” he asked. He was already trying to contain his irritation. “Sharing nutrients?”
    “Of course. They naturally divide the available minerals and water among them for their greater benefit.”
    “Where does this conference take place, Vegas?”

    The postmortem for their failed little vegetable garden continued in the looping, declining vector that was every argument they had. “Show me the science that says I’m wrong,” Mike asked at one point.

    This was when Tom turned and walked away. Some people never grew up, he thought. This state of arrested adolescence was common to those who believed their own lies, first, then promoted those lies to others in some form of story. Unfortunately, the inability to see things the way they truly were, instead of how they wanted to see them, had consequences. The larger the lie the larger were these consequences.

    In the postmortem of all civilizational gardens, the dead have no stories to tell, at all.

  3. (Richard: Russia is sending signals that they are still players on the world stage and have military forces that are equal to the Western Europe portion of NATO. The US flying strategic bombers over Paris on Memorial Day makes we wonder who we were suppose to be warning off? This is Biden and Obama and they are not that friendly with our allies.)

    Meanwhile on the high seas: Is a Russian submarine inviting itself to the G7 summit? – Liberty Unyielding
    J.E. Dyer
    11-14 minutes

    Meanwhile on the high seas: Is a Russian submarine inviting itself to the G7 summit?

    UK PM Boris Johnson in pounce mode preparing to host G7 summit in June 2021. Today Show video, YouTube

    The Washington Examiner suggested on Wednesday 9 June that a Russian submarine may be operating off the coast of Cornwall, UK, as the G7 assembles there (once again without Russia, since the invasion of Ukraine in 2014) for a summit to be held this Friday (11 June) through Sunday.

    Author Tom Rogan noted that antisubmarine warfare (ASW) aircraft from the UK, U.S., and France were operating in the area from early this week, along with HMS Northumberland (F238), a Type 23 frigate. Northumberland is reportedly performing general security patrols for the summit, but has advanced sonar and integrated ASW capability as well.

    Rogan speculates that if there’s a Russian submarine in the area, it may be a nuclear-powered Yasen-class cruise missile submarine (SSGN) from the Russian Northern Fleet. There are two Yasens in commission, Severodvinsk (K-560) and Kazan (K-561), the latter having just been delivered to the Russian navy in May 2021.”

    • The first of the reforger exercises that are mentioned in the article was held in response to the Soviets moving more Tanks into Czechoslovakia (to crush the Czech spring uprising) then NATO had world wide. The US Command sent out the order (uncoded) to arm all nukes in Europe and issue live ammo to all personal within 15 klicks of the border. I spent the next 36 hours either walking fence guard or working the radios. We were scared for the first couple of hours and after that boredom set in.

  4. Foreign criminals got $300 billion from America’s COVID relief program, experts estimate – Liberty Unyielding
    Hans Bader
    6-7 minutes

    Foreign criminals got $300 billion from America’s COVID relief program, experts estimate

    Image: CDC

    Foreign criminals have received around $300 billion from America’s pandemic unemployment funds, according to expert estimates. Such handouts were paid for with government borrowing that has increased America’s national debt to a point where it is now much bigger than our economy.

    The New York Post reports that half of America’s pandemic unemployment money may have been stolen, with foreign scammers collecting most of the stolen money:

  5. Graffiti of swastika and anti-Semitic slur found on Arizona synagogue – Liberty Unyielding
    Daily Caller News Foundation
    3-4 minutes

    Graffiti of swastika and anti-Semitic slur found on Arizona synagogue

    Anti-Semitic grafitti (Image via Twitter)

    By Kendall Tietz

    An Arizona synagogue was vandalized with graffiti depicting a swastika and an anti-Semitic slur, COLlive reported Tuesday.

    Rabbi Rami Bigelman of the Chabad on River synagogue found the graffiti before beginning a Torah class, COLlive reported. He told the outlet that “we are obviously devastated by this.”

    Tucson mayor Regina Romero said her office has confirmed with the Tucson Police Department that the incident is being investigated as a hate crime and that a suspect has not been identified. “There is no place for antisemitic hate crimes in our community,” the Tucson Police Department wrote in a statement, according to COLlive.

  6. Around 5,000 unvaccinated police feared to become COVID ‘superspreaders’ at G7

    The UK government’s refusal to prioritize vaccinating police forces has prompted police communities to accuse it of betrayal, as about 5,000 unvaccinated officers are expected to be present at the G7 summit in Cornwall.

    • CBC – What will it take for the pandemic to end globally?

      Rohinton Medhora, president of the Centre for International Governance Innovation, talks about how the pandemic will end.

      He says it will require a high level of international cooperation — comparable to the kind we saw when countries joined together to fight smallpox.

    • CNBC – Former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb on post-vaccine heart inflammation symptoms

      There have been a higher-than-expected number of cases of heart inflammation in 16- to 24-year-olds after receiving their second dose of Pfizer’s or Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday, citing preliminary data from its vaccine safety monitor system.

      Dr. Scott Gottlieb, member of the boards of Pfizer and biotech company Illumina and former FDA commissioner, joined “Squawk Box” on Friday to discuss.

    • FRANCE PR4VD4 – G-7 nations gather to pledge 1 billion vaccine doses for world

      G7 leaders will agree to expand global Covid vaccine manufacturing to provide at least one billion doses to the world through sharing and financing schemes, Britain said Thursday.

      The UK, which is hosting the big powers’ gathering in southwest England, added it would donate at least 100 million surplus doses within the next year, including five million beginning in the coming weeks.

    • Deutsche Pravda – G7 to pledge 1 billion vaccines for global rollout

      World leaders gathering in south west England will announce a plan to help vaccinate poorer countries by the end of next year.

      At the G7 summit in Cornwall, they will pledge to provide one billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines.

      The move aims to address criticism that wealthy nations have secured the vast majority of vaccines against coronavirus for themselves.

      Meeting UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson ahead of the summit, President Joe Biden said the US would donate 500 million vaccine shots.

      In many African countries very few people have received even one dose.

      And just a month ago India was breaking records with its numbers of new cases and deaths, and a shortage of vaccines.

      The South Asian country has been one of the worst affected by the pandemic.

      So can this vaccine offer make a real difference?

    • Deutsche Pravda – Are the ‘lollipop tests’ innovating COVID-19 mass screening?

      Some German schools are trying to prevent the virus from spreading: Vaccines are one defense.

      But most kids are still waiting for the jab.

      They are at the back of the queue because they often don’t develop severe cases of the coronavirus.

      In the meantime, testing is critical.

      Some schools are now using the lollipop test, which sounds like fun.

      It means no long swabs up the nose, but still not all pupils are that enthusiastic about it.

    • Vaccine access protest in downtown Atlanta

      Outside the Sam Nunn Federal Center in downtown Atlanta protesters called on the Biden Administration to share American vaccinations globally

    • Gavi chair says Biden vaccine donation is ‘great contribution’ to global vaccine efforts/b>

      Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, chair José Manuel Barroso said he’s ‘grateful” to the Biden administration, calling the decision “a great contribution.”

      • Gavi chair says they hope to have ‘$1.8 billion vaccines delivered’ by the end of the year

        José Manuel Barroso says the organization’s goal with COVAX is to have “$1.8 billion vaccines delivered” by the end of this year or the beginning of 2022.

    • global news – Delta variant spreading through Canada, raising reopening concerns

      Since one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine isn’t enough protection against the Delta variant, which is more contagious and can make people sicker, urgency is growing to get more Canadians fully vaccinated.

      Nearly 70 per cent of the population is half vaccinated, while less than 10 per cent have received both doses.

      That has some provinces wary of reopening plans.

    • ctv news – ‘Fear of normalization’ in Canada: Doctor says Canada needs guidance for full-vaccinated people

      Dr. Nathan Stall says fully-vaccinated people will make up their own rules if Canada doesn’t issue solid guidelines.

    • ctv news – Delta variant shows the ‘changing the face’ of COVID-19 | Expert on possibility of a fourth wave

      University of Manitoba’s Jason Kindrachuk says Canada needs to take proactive action to prevent the further spread of the delta variant.

    • ctv news – Delta variant spreading quickly in Peel Region, warns Loh

      Peel Region’s chief medical officer Dr. Lawrence Loh warned that the region could see a fourth wave of COVID-19, sparked by the delta variant.

    • LI teen wins full scholarship to NY public college with vaccine program

      Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday the second-round winners of the “Get A Shot to Make Your Future” incentive for a full scholarship to a SUNY or CUNY school.

      Winners receive a full scholarship to any New York public college or university, including tuition and room and board, and one of them is Lindenhurst’s Natalia Low.

    • Army Medical Command leadership encourages COVID vaccine

      Lt. Gen. R. Scott Dingle, the 45th Surgeon General of the United States Army and Commanding General, United States Army Medical Command, and Command Sgt. Maj. Diamond Hough, the Army Medical Command sergeant major, encourage everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

    • sky news australia – ‘Slowly but surely, the people will wake up and that’s what these plutocratic elites fear the most’

      Sky News host Cory Bernardi says agendas are moving quickly, falsehoods are being exposed, and “it’s more important than ever that you know who you can trust and how you can prepare for what’s coming”.

      “There are so many important things going at the moment that you need to know about. And what is coming, is a battle between individual liberty and centralised power,” he said.

      “Right now the power-hungry plutocrats seem to be winning. They’ve scared almost everyone into submission over the coronavirus. Under the guise of emergency powers, governments have taken away your freedoms, deferred decision-making to unelected bureaucrats, and abandoned financial responsibility.

      “To get their way, they have hidden facts, refused to acknowledge the truth, and labelled any dissenters as ‘conspiracy theorists’.

      “Many of your media services are now as unreliable and dishonest as our political class. They spin a warped view of the world where censorship seems to rule the day. Even the medical world seems to have been weaponised by nutty ‘experts’.”

      Mr Bernardi said given most people have minor or no symptoms in the first place, it raises questions as to why we must rush to vaccinate the masses.

      “We know who is most vulnerable to this disease and our medical system seems well able to cope. The experts tell us it’s all about getting back to normal but it’s not really. A vaccinated person can still catch and transmit the disease,” he said.

      “The global push is towards empowering the clearly ‘untrustables’ with even more authority and control over all of us.

      “These people are rewriting history to suit themselves. They are poisoning our children’s minds with harmful and damaging concepts about race and gender fluidity in schools. They are insisting we submit to a global medical experiment even while they have demonstrated they are making little more than educated guesses as to why.

      “For decades there have been baby steps taken by the totalitarians but they are now sprinting toward the finishing line, sensing victory is at hand.”

      Mr Bernardi said it was now up to the people to put a stop to this madness because we, the people could “no longer rely on government to do it for us”.

      “We need less of them and more of us; individuals who ought to be able to make decisions for ourselves, who can wean ourselves off of government dependency and pursue a mission of individual autonomy and decentralised authority,” he said.

      “Try as they might to resist liberty’s bell from ringing, the established powers cannot stop what is coming. That’s why they have redoubled their efforts to advance their own agenda. Their rush has only exposed their frailty and their hypocrisy.

      “Slowly but surely, the people will wake up and that’s what these plutocratic elites fear the most.”

    • twitter @HansMahncke

      Big scandal brewing in Germany.

      Hospitals lied about ICU availability to get more money.

      Merkel government knew hospitals were inflating ICU problem to get more money, but went along with lies to scare the public into ever harsher lockdowns.


      Unsere Angst darf nicht missbraucht werden


      Das fühlte jeder Deutsche, wenn er hörte, dass unsere Krankenhäuser vor dem Kollaps stünden. Die Vorstellung, auf überfüllten Klinikfluren um Atem zu ringen, ist beklemmend.

      Diese Angst war das wichtigste Argument für die Lockdowns.

      Und die Bundesregierung nutzte es immer wieder.

      „Die Intensivmediziner senden einen Hilferuf nach dem anderen“ – so forderte Kanzlerin Angela Merkel erst am 16. April die „Bundesnotbremse“.

      Dass Klinik-Manager bewusst zu wenige freie Betten meldeten, um Geld vom Staat zu kassieren, ist unerträglich.

      Dass die Bundesregierung seit Monaten davon wusste, ohne die Bürger zu informieren, aber dennoch mit Kollaps-Warnungen für den Lockdown warb, ist ein Skandal.

      Die Manipulationsvorwürfe müssen restlos aufgeklärt werden. Die Bundesregierung muss sofort alle Fragen beantworten.

      Das ist sie der gesamten Öffentlichkeit und nicht zuletzt den heldenhaften Ärzten und Pflegern schuldig.

      Unsere Angst darf nicht missbraucht werden.


      Der große Betrug mit den Intensivbetten

      Was wussten Merkel und Spahn?

      Es ist einer der größten Skandale der Corona-Krise: Zahlreiche Kliniken meldeten bewusst weniger freie Intensivbetten als sie hatten – um Geld vom Steuerzahler zu kassieren! Das enthüllt ein Bericht des Bundesrechnungshofs (BRH).

      Das Schlimmste daran: Die Bundesregierung wusste seit Monaten über die Manipulation Bescheid.



    • FDA orders J&J to toss 60M possibly tainted COVID-19 vaccine doses

      The FDA told Johnson & Johnson to throw away 60 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine because of possible contamination at Emergent BioSolutions’ manufacturing plant in Baltimore, The New York Times reported June 11.

      The agency has been reviewing the vaccine doses made at the plant for weeks after discovering Emergent BioSolutions workers mixed up ingredients for Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine with ingredients for AstraZeneca‘s COVID-19 vaccine.

      The FDA is expected to allow about 10 million doses from the plant to be distributed in the U.S. or sent to other countries, but with a warning that it cannot guarantee Emergent followed good manufacturing practices, the Times reported. The agency hasn’t decided if the plant can reopen. It’s been closed for two months due to regulatory concerns.

      More than 100 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine and at least 70 million doses of AstraZeneca’s vaccine were put in limbo after the ingredient mixup, the Times reported.

      The loss of 60 million COVID-19 vaccine doses shouldn’t hurt the U.S.’ vaccination campaign, as the country has ample supply of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, but may affect the Biden administration’s plan to distribute vaccines to other countries that need them, according to the Times.

      When reached for comment, a Johnson & Johnson spokesperson did not acknowledge to Becker’s the 60 million vaccine doses that must be tossed, but said that two batches of the vaccine made at the Emergent BioSolutions plant have been authorized by the FDA for distribution.

      “Since establishing our COVID-19 vaccine program, Johnson & Johnson has committed to producing safe, high-quality vaccines in order to bring health and hope to people everywhere,” Kathy Wengel, Johnson & Johnson’s executive vice president and chief global supply chain officer, said in a statement shared with Becker’s. “Today’s decisions represent progress in our continued efforts to make a difference in this pandemic on a global scale, and we appreciate the close collaboration with the FDA and global health authorities.”


      NYT – The F.D.A. tells Johnson & Johnson that about 60 million doses made at troubled plant cannot be used.

      WASHINGTON — Federal regulators have told Johnson & Johnson that about 60 million doses of its coronavirus vaccine produced at a troubled Baltimore factory cannot be used because of possible contamination, according to people familiar with the situation.

      The Food and Drug Administration plans to allow about 10 million doses to be distributed in the United States or sent to other countries, but with a warning that regulators cannot guarantee that Emergent BioSolutions, the company that operates the plant, followed good manufacturing practices.

      The agency has not yet decided whether Emergent can reopen the factory, which has been closed for two months because of regulatory concerns, the people said.

      The Johnson & Johnson doses administered in the United States so far were manufactured at the firm’s plant in the Netherlands, not by Emergent. For weeks the F.D.A. has been trying to figure out what to do about at least 170 million doses of vaccine that were left in limbo after the discovery of a major production mishap involving two vaccines manufactured at the Baltimore factory.

      More than 100 million doses of Johnson & Johnson and at least 70 million doses of AstraZeneca were put on hold after Emergent discovered in March that its workers had contaminated a batch of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine with a key ingredient used to produce AstraZeneca’s. Federal officials then ordered the plant to pause production, stripped Emergent of its responsibility to produce AstraZeneca’s vaccine and instructed Johnson & Johnson to assert direct control over the manufacturing of its vaccine there.

      Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine was once considered a potential game-changer in the nation’s vaccine stock because it required only one shot and was particularly useful in vulnerable communities. But the federal government now has an ample supply of the vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, the two other federally authorized vaccine developers, and no longer needs Johnson & Johnson’s supply.

      Still, the loss of 60 million Johnson & Johnson doses puts a dent in the Biden administration’s plan to distribute vaccines to other countries that are still in the grip of the pandemic. The administration had been counting on sharing doses of both Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca but had to delay its plan while the F.D.A. completed a review of the facility.

      After he arrived in Britain for the Group of 7 summit this week, President Biden announced he had found another source for donations. Pfizer-BioNTech has now agreed to sell his administration 500 million doses at cost for donation to low and lower-middle income countries over the next year. The World Health Organization estimates that 11 billion doses are needed globally to stamp out the epidemic.

      The F.D.A.’s action is disappointing news for Emergent and Johnson & Johnson, which hired the firm as a subcontractor. Inspectors are still reviewing the plant and are not expected to decide whether the company can reopen it until later this month, according to people familiar with the situation. Regulators are also continuing to cast doubt on whether the company, which has been paid hundreds of millions of dollars by the federal government to manufacture coronavirus vaccines, adhered to manufacturing standards.

      The agency’s plan to allow 10 million doses to be used in the United States or abroad with a warning is somewhat unusual for a product under emergency authorization, experts said. Regulators have the discretion to take that action if the drugs are badly needed and in short supply, they said.

      In a statement, the F.D.A. said that before making its decision, it “conducted a thorough review of facility records and the results of quality testing performed by the manufacturer.” It also considered the ongoing public health emergency. The agency said it was continuing to “work through issues” at the Baltimore plant with Johnson & Johnson and Emergent.

      Dr. Peter Marks, the F.D.A.’s top vaccine regulator, said in the statement that the agency has been conducting an extensive review of batches of vaccine produced at the plant “while Emergent BioSolutions prepares to resume manufacturing operations with corrective actions to ensure compliance with the F.D.A.’s current good manufacturing practice requirements.”

      Representatives from Johnson & Johnson and Emergent declined to comment on the agency’s decision.


    • global news – Canada could get Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine shipment in June, officials say

      During a COVID-19 press conference on Friday, Joelle Paquette, director-general responsible for vaccine procurement at Public Services and Procurement, Canada, announced that the country will receive a shipment of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines by the end of June, but “further detail will be provided once we solidify that.”

      It is unclear at this point if the shipment will come from the same U.S. plant that delivered the first batch of 310,000 Johnson & Johnson shots to Canada that were held back due to quality control issues.

      “We have the 310,000 [doses] that came earlier, that are still on hold pending health Canada approval. They [U.S.] have advised that they will have a shipment at the end of this month,” Paquette said.

    • reuters – FDA asks Johnson & Johnson to discard millions of vaccine doses

      The U.S. Food & Drug Administration said Johnson & Johnson must throw away millions of doses of its COVID-19 vaccine that were manufactured at a problem-plagued Baltimore factory but also cleared millions of other doses for use.

    • ctv news – Delta variant will likely be dominant strain by the summer, warns Dr. Brown | COVID-19 in Ontario

      Dr. Adalsteinn Brown gave an update on Ontario’s modelling numbers, warning that variants added increased uncertainty to projections

    • sky news UK – Vaccine heroes top Queen’s Birthday Honours

      The scientists behind some of the most significant advancements in the battle against COVID-19 have been commended in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

      Kate Bingham and Sarah Gilbert who were instrumental in the vaccine roll out lead the way.

    • First batch of Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines won’t be released in Canada

      OTTAWA – More than 300,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson single-shot COVID-19 vaccine will not be released for use in Canada.

      The vaccines were quarantined in April before they were distributed to provinces because Health Canada was informed the drug substance in them was manufactured at the Emergent BioSolutions facility in Baltimore, Md., where there have been quality control issues.

      J&J had to throw out more than 15 million doses of vaccine made at the plant in early April after it was discovered workers had mixed up the formula with one for the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, which was also being made there.

      Health Canada says the substance in the 310,000 Canadian doses was manufactured at the same time as those contaminated ones and it can’t determine if they meet Canada’s standards.

      As a result, it will not be releasing them for use in Canada.

      The department says it is planning an on-site inspection of the Maryland facility this summer but, until that is completed, Canada will not accept any product or ingredients made there.

      “Canadians can be assured that any vaccines will only be released for distribution once Health Canada is satisfied that they meet the Department’s high standards for quality, safety and efficacy,” the department said in a statement late Friday.

      Earlier Friday, Joelle Paquette, director general for Public Services and Procurement Canada, told a briefing that another unspecified number of J&J doses are expected to arrive by the end of the month. It was not immediately clear where the second batch is being manufactured or whether it will be affected by Health Canada’s decision.

      The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also announced Friday that some 60 million doses of the J&J vaccine from the Baltimore plant will have to be tossed.


      Health Canada not releasing more than 300k doses of J&J vaccine over possible quality control issue

      TORONTO — Health Canada says it “will not be releasing” the 310,000 Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine doses that arrived in the country in April due to a possible quality control issue.

      In a statement issued on Friday, Health Canada said it has completed its quality review of the shipment and has decided not to distribute them to provinces to “protect the health and safety of Canadians” amid concerns over the Baltimore facility part of the vaccine was produced at.

      The J&J vaccine doses were previously being held for review after arriving in Canada upon learning that a drug substance used in the vaccine was produced at the Emergent BioSolutions’ Baltimore facility. The plant had an error in March that led to millions of J&J doses being ruined.

      The agency said the drug substance produced at the Emergent BioSolutions facility was used in the manufacturing of Canada’s shipment of Janssen vaccines, but noted that the final vaccines were manufactured at a different site located outside of the U.S.

      “Health Canada was unable to determine that this shipment of Janssen vaccines meets the Department’s rigorous quality standards,” the statement read.

      The announcement comes after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said on Friday that J&J must throw away millions of doses of its COVID-19 vaccine that were manufactured at the Baltimore facility.

      Production of J&J’s vaccine at the Baltimore site was halted by the FDA after discovering that ingredients from AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine — also being produced at the plant at the time — contaminated a batch of J&J’s vaccine. An FDA inspection also found sanitary problems and bad manufacturing practices at the plant.

      AstraZeneca’s shot is no longer being made at the Baltimore facility, and Health Canada previously said that the 1.5 million doses of AstraZeneca it had imported from this facility were safe and met quality specifications.

      To ensure the safety of “any future vaccine supply” from the facility, Health Canada said it is planning an onsite inspection of the factory this summer.

      “Until this inspection has been completed, Canada will not be accepting any product or ingredients made at this site,” Health Canada said.

      The agency assured Canadians that any COVID-19 vaccines will only be released for distribution to the public once Health Canada is “satisfied that they meet the Department’s high standards for quality, safety and efficacy.”

      At a press briefing on Friday, Joelle Paquette, director general for Public Services and Procurement Canada, said another shipment of J&J COVID-19 vaccines are expected to arrive in Canada by the end of June.

      Paquette did not elaborate on the number of doses that would be in the shipment or where this batch of vaccines was being manufactured.

    • ctv news – Majority oppose unvaccinated kids going back to school: poll

      Nanos Research’s Nik Nanos discusses new polling showing the majority of Canadians want children who go back to school to be vaccinated.

      + comments on the YT page

    • NBC News – J&J to Destroy 60 Million Doses Of Vaccine

      The FDA told Johnson & Johnson that they must destroy 60 million vaccine doses from a plant in Baltimore citing contamination problems.

      This will not impact the U.S. supply, but could set back those going overseas.

      There are two confirmed breakthrough cases on a Royal Caribbean cruise.»

  7. Pakistan set to implement Islamized school reform

    The Pakistani government is planning to implement a uniform education system in the country – with a strong focus on an Islamized curriculum.

    Critics call it part of the Islamization of education. Pervez Hoodbhoy, a noted educationist, puts the blame on Prime Minister Imran Khan – calling him a ‘fundamentalist’.

    • CDC – Ethylene Oxide

      CAS No. 75-21-8

      Ethylene oxide (C?H?O) is a flammable gas with a somewhat sweet odor. Exposure to ethylene oxide may cause headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulty, drowsiness, weakness, exhaustion, eye and skin burns, frostbite, and reproductive effects. Workers may be harmed from exposure to ethylene oxide. The level of exposure depends upon the dose, duration, and work being done.

      Ethylene oxide is used in many industries. It’s used to make ethylene glycol, a product used in antifreeze and polyester. Some examples of workers at risk of being exposed to ethylene oxide include the following:

      Factory workers in plants that use it to produce solvents, antifreeze, textiles, detergents, adhesives, and polyurethane foam
      Factory workers who work in plants that manufacture ethylene oxide
      Agricultural workers who use it to control insects in grain bins
      Hospital workers who use it to sterilize medical equipment and supplies
      NIOSH recommends that employers use Hierarchy of Controls to prevent injuries. If you work in an industry that uses ethylene oxide, please read chemical labels and the accompanying Safety Data Sheets for hazard information. Visit NIOSH’s page on Managing Chemical Safety in the Workplace to learn more about controlling chemical workplace exposures.

      The following resources provide information about occupational exposure to ethylene oxide. Useful search terms for ethylene oxide include “dimethylene oxide,” “1,2-epoxy ethane,” and “oxirane.”

  8. The state of Ohio on Tuesday filed an unprecedented lawsuit calling on a local court to declare Google as much a public utility as an electric company.

    Google should be designated a public utility subject to government regulation regarding its search engine and other services, Ohio attorney general Dave Yost contended in the legal filing.

    Public utilities supply essential goods or services such as water or power, and are often effectively monopolies.

    “When you own the railroad or the electric company or the cellphone tower, you have to treat everyone the same and give everybody access,” Yost said in a release announcing the suit.

    Yost accused Google of favoring its own products, websites, and services in search results, putting competitors at a disadvantage.

    Google said the lawsuit had no basis in fact and that it will defend itself in court.

    “AG Yost’s lawsuit would make Google Search results worse and make it harder for small businesses to connect directly with customers,” a company spokesman said in reply to an AFP inquiry.

    “Ohioans simply don’t want the government to run Google like a gas or electric company.”

    Ohio late last year was among some three dozen US states that filed a federal lawsuit accusing Google of abusing its market dominance. That case is still pending.

  9. Not written by me, don’t know the author, but a great comment:

    Liberals before COVID: Don’t trust Big Pharma! Eat granola and do yoga to stay healthy. They are soul sucking mega corps who advertise too much.

    Conservatives before COVID: The FDA is way to careful, holding big pharma back from wondrous cures with its extensive approval process. Look at what capitalism can do for you.

    Liberals now: Trust BIG PHARMA! They have your best interests at heart. The FDA is also way to slow with its approval process.

    Conservatives now: The FDA didn’t approve that shit, I’m not taking it.

  10. Missouri Governor Will Sign Bill Nullifying Federal Gun Laws: Spokeswoman
    By Jack Phillips
    June 11, 2021 Updated: June 11, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    Missouri Gov. Mike Parson will sign newly passed legislation that would ban state law enforcement agencies from enforcing new federal gun laws following proposed rulemaking from the Biden administration to regulate firearms with stabilizing braces.

    According to Parson spokeswoman Kelli Jones, the Republican governor will sign the “Second Amendment Preservation Act,” which says that it is the duty of courts and law enforcement agencies in Missouri to protect the Second Amendment rights of citizens to keep and bear arms. It also declares federal laws that infringe on that right null.

    (Richard: The Democrats in DC are out to remove all of the rights of the individuals and of the States, the Red States are fighting back and the left hate this. They setting the stage for a major electoral defeat in the 2022 and 2024 elections, of course this depends on the elections being semi honest which may be a problem. if it is as openly crooked as the 2020 election the liberty lovers will explode. If the Liberty lovers win big the left will explode, the stage is set for an asymmetric civil war between the people who support the Constitution and individual rights and the big government left. It will be a war that the left can’t win. the article in the above link will explain why they will loose.)

  11. Did David Chipman Lose His Duty Gun When He Worked At The ATF? – The Truth About Guns
    3-4 minutes

    David Chipman

    Gosh, that would be awkward, wouldn’t it? Having an ATF director who couldn’t manage to keep track of his duty gun when he was an ATF agent would be…uncomfortable. That’s probably why President BidenHarris’s nominee to lead the firearms regulatory agency answered ‘no’ when he was asked about the allegedly missing pistol.

    But as The Federalist is now reporting, Chippy might have fibbed . . .

    Judiciary ranking member Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah pushed Chipman on whether he had ever lost possession of his assigned gun while employed at the ATF for more than two decades. Chipman wrote in his testimony a negative to the question, but leadership at the American Accountability Foundation told The Federalist the nominee’s former supervisors and peers at ATF remember Chipman getting his gun stolen.

  12. Kamala Plots Marxist Regime Change in Guatemala – Frontpagemag
    Daniel Greenfield
    8-10 minutes

    She’s not there to stop illegal migration, but to topple a conservative government.

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

    In March, Joe Biden announced that Kamala Harris was going “to lead our efforts with Mexico and the Northern Triangle” to stem illegal “migration to our southern border”.


    According to Biden, “she’s the most qualified person to do it.”

    This confused everyone including the White House, Kamala Harris, and even the media which spent the next few months clarifying exactly what her job was and how she was going to do it.

    Anonymous officials told CNN that afterward, “Harris’ aides appeared to ‘panic'”.

    At their joint press conference, Kamala Harris dubiously claimed that “we can chew gum and walk at the same time”. While Texas officials demanded that she visit the border, Kamala instead vowed to focus on diplomacy with the countries the migrants were coming from.

  13. Beijing’s Lies Matter – Frontpagemag
    Joseph Hippolito
    9-12 minutes

    Chinese communists nurture BLM to destabilize America.

    One year after George Floyd died in the custody of Minneapolis police, one year after riots ravaged the nation in his name, the founder of Black Lives Matter’s chapter in nearby St. Paul quit.

    “After a year on the inside, I learned they had little concern for rebuilding black families, and they cared even less about improving the quality of education for students in Minneapolis,” Rashard Turner said in a video May 26. One week later, Turner provided specifics in an interview with Fox News.

    “When you call for a moratorium on charter schools, that is a direct attack on black families, on black children,” Turner said. “We know that charter schools are creating opportunities. Anyone who is in opposition to school choice, charter schools, I would say they’re racist.

    “I was an insider in Black Lives Matter, and I learned the ugly truth.”

    That ugly truth goes beyond BLM’s professional hypocrisy. It extends to an even uglier truth: BLM knowingly plays a pivotal role in China’s quest to attain geopolitical and ideological supremacy by destabilizing the United States.

    BLM’s role is so pivotal that many of the group’s leaders and affiliated bodies have relationships with organizations that are connected to China through fronts or diplomatic contacts.

  14. Virginia Tech football player went to meet a ‘woman’ he found on a dating app. Police say he beat the man to death.
    Carlos Garcia
    2-3 minutes

    A Virginia Tech football player allegedly beat a man to death after he pretended to be a woman online to seek a sexual relationship with the player.

    40-year-old restaurant worker Paul Smith was found beaten to death in his apartment on June 1.

    Police later arrested 18-year-old Isimemen Etute and charged him with second degree murder.

    Prosecutors say that Etute had met up with Smith one time for oral sex after meeting him on the dating app Tinder. They allege that the second time the two met on May 31, Etute discovered Smith was a man and not a woman as he had said on the dating app, and he beat him to death. Etute allegedly punched Smith five times before he fell to the ground.

  15. This guy looks and talks like an American. Doesn’t have piercings or tatoos all over his face, dresses like a conservative –

    But he’s talking like a product of Soviet education. 100% convinced that the USSR saved the world from the Nazis. The role of the Allies was trivial, blah, blah~

  16. ‘Hundreds’ of Whistleblowers Say Military Forcing ‘Anti-American Indoctrination’ on Them: Sen. Cotton
    By Jack Phillips
    June 10, 2021 Updated: June 10, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) told Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on June 10 that “hundreds” of military whistleblowers have reported being forced to receive “anti-American indoctrination” training, including critical race theory (CRT).

    In a Senate hearing with Austin, Cotton claimed that within the military, there’s “plummeting morale, growing mistrust between races and sexes where none existed just six months ago and unexpected retirements and separations based on these trainings alone.”

  17. Antrim County Attorney DePerno Releases BOMBSHELL Report – Claims County Voting Machines Were Remotely Logged into – Decertifies Entire Antrim Election
    Jim Hoft
    2-3 minutes

    Michigan Attorney Matthew DePerno released new information from his investigation into the Antrim County 2020 election.

    In May DePerno broke the news that the Antrim County tabulator machines can be reopened after the election. The machines can then run more ballots through the tabulator, print off a new tabulator tape with new ballots, and then backdate that tape to November 3rd.

    On Tuesday Matt DePerno dropped another bomb that he says should disqualify the 2020 Antrim County election.

    According to DePerno the Dominion Voting Machines were accessed from the outside and remotely logged into after the election.

  18. Prince Charles tells G7 leaders to tackle climate change like the pandemic

    In an address to the Group of Seven (G7) nations on Friday, Britain’s Prince Charles urged the leaders to tackle climate change like they did the COVID-19 pandemic.

    […]”Climate change and biodiversity loss represent a borderless crisis, the solutions to which have been argued about and postponed for far too long,” Charles said.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, we are doing it for the pandemic, so if you don’t mind me saying so, we must also do it for the planet.”

  19. In Poland, daily screams for victims of Lukashenko regime

    Shostak began screaming last year

    .... don't forget to turn off the sound before playing the video....</code

    • global news – Maxime Bernier arrested in Manitoba for violating public health orders

      He was arrested Friday afternoon just outside St. Pierre, Man., say Manitoba RCMP.

      “Mr. Bernier knew of the health orders and has already received a ticket. The continuation of the offence of violating the current public health orders in Manitoba has resulted in his arrest,” said Manitoba RCMP spokesperson Tara Seel.

      “He is charged under the Public Health Act with Contravening a Provision of the Act for assembling in a gathering at an outdoor public place and for failing to self-isolate in accordance with the Order upon arrival in Manitoba. Under the Provincial Offences Act of Manitoba, he was arrested to prevent the continuation of an offence.”

      RCMP say Bernier will be brought before a magistrate.


    • cbc – People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier arrested by RCMP in Manitoba

      People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier was arrested after appearing at a sparsely attended rally against COVID-19 restrictions in a southern Manitoba village on Friday afternoon.

      Radio-Canada’s Laïssa Pamou who was covering the event said the rally in St-Pierre-Jolys, which is about 57 kilometres south of Winnipeg, saw no more than 15 people in attendance. After the event ended, Bernier got into a vehicle to head to a rally in nearby St. Malo, another small, rural community.

      That’s when he was pulled out of the vehicle by Mounties who handcuffed him and put him in the back seat of an RCMP vehicle.

      Bernier spoke to Radio-Canada shortly before he was detained and said he got a ticket for violating public health orders at a rally in the nearby town of Niverville earlier Friday. He did not say how much he was fined — just that he planned to fight it.

      An RCMP spokesperson confirmed Bernier was ticketed earlier in the day.

      “It is the duty of the RCMP to enforce the laws of Manitoba, and those include public health orders. Mr. Bernier knew of the health orders and has already received a ticket. The continuation of the offence of violating the current public health orders in Manitoba has resulted in his arrest,” Tara Seel said in an email.

      Bernier was charged under the Public Health Act for assembling in a gathering at an outdoor public place and for failing to self-isolate once he got to Manitoba, and he will appear before a magistrate, Seel said.

      Manitoba Justice said it would not comment on how long Bernier might be held and also would not say when he might appear before the magistrate, as his case is now before the courts.

      The penalties section of Manitoba’s Public Health Act states the maximum sanction is a $100,000 fine, one year in jail or both.

      Bernier had announced a tour of southern Manitoba this weekend that was set to include several stops at anti-lockdown rallies in spite of pandemic restrictions banning large events and requiring people to self-isolate when entering the province if they’re not fully vaccinated.

      Bernier’s appearances in Niverville and St-Pierre-Jolys were the first two rallies listed on an itinerary posted on Facebook that was supposed to see him stop in the rural cities of Morden and Winkler later Friday.

      He was also scheduled to appear in the communities of La Salle and Lorette, as well as in Winnipeg on Saturday, then in the cities of Steinbach and Selkirk on Sunday, according to the itinerary.

      Rights violated, party claims

      People’s Party of Canada spokesperson Martin Masse said in a statement Bernier was “wrongfully arrested” on charges that violate his charter rights.

      “This isn’t about COVID anymore. It’s political repression. This is the kind of stuff countries like China and Russia do,” Masse said.

      The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms said in a news release that it will appear in court on Bernier’s behalf.

      The Calgary-based organization has also been involved in challenges of lockdown measures across the country, including one in Manitoba that saw seven churches take the province to court over its pandemic powers. No decision has been issued yet in that challenge.

      A provincial spokesperson previously told CBC News that the province was aware of Bernier’s planned rallies and would be conducting surveillance to gather video and other evidence.

      At a news conference on Thursday morning, Premier Brian Pallister said Bernier would be “light in the pocket book” if he planned on violating Manitoba’s public health orders.


  20. Early Treatment Works for COVID: So Why the Vaccine Push?
    DrLee4America – March 26, 2021 – Podcast

    We are talking today with one of the international leaders about the major successes with early home treatment of COVID, and what you need to know to save your life if you become ill with this virus. Doctors like our guest today are very successful in treating COVID early to preventing deaths and serious complications, so why is all the media and public health focus on everyone getting vaccinated with experimental vaccines? Why don’t you hear about home treatment options? Why are we pushing to vaccinate even those who were excluded from the clinical trials? And why are we vaccinating those who have recovered from COVID? What’s the difference between natural immunity and that from vaccines? We will be talking about all this and more with our guest expert today.
    Dr. Harpal Mangat is an innovator and leader in COVID-19 early treatment who has personally treated over 200 high-risk COVID patients early in the home setting and has taught over 600 physicians the successful multi-drug sequenced early treatment approaches that have kept patients out of the hospital and dramatically reduced risk of dying from COVID. Dr. Mangat has a worldwide reach with dignitaries across the globe and with his wife, has been integrally involved in the Maryland antibody infusion program. Dr. Mangat is an Assistant professor at Howard University College of Medicine as well as teaching Nurse Practitioner students in the University of Maryland program. Dr. Mangat has 4 issued patents and teaches innovation to University of Maryland biomedical engineering undergraduates. He continues his work educating other physicians on the early treatment of COVID with small group zoom tutorials.

    • COVID-19: Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology and Treatment
      AAPS – Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
      Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet – June 3, 2021
      Webninar led by Harpal Mangat, MD

  21. – Giant of Avant-Garde Music Says: ‘If We Lose America, Shame on Us’ –

    Anthony Braxton is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who, over the past fifty years, has written hundreds of jazz, classical, and unclassifiable avant-garde musical works, along with operas and innovative combinations of improvised, pre-composed, and recorded music…

    …Braxton, a black American who is now 76, in an interview Friday expressed his unabashed love for America and his deep consternation over the forces that are now endeavoring to destroy it…

    “There is a separation between real America and what is being reported about our great country. More and more, there is an effort to teach our young people that America has not been an agent of something positive, but rather, America has been an agent of something that is negative.”…

    In fact, he says, “It’s already starting to happen. People beating up strangers walking down the street. What the hell is that? People jumping on someone they’ve never met and beating them up or bullying them. What the hell is that? If you think it happens to ‘them,’ maybe you need to go back and study history. Because you are the ‘them.’”


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