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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. So while some push to open source the intellectual property of “vaccines” so that poor countries can get stabbed more quickly, Gates opposes this because it will hinder the profit margins of big pharma? Do I understand this correctly? And yet he presents himself as the savior of peoplekind? Hmm. Me thinkest him a bullshitter. Yet, any and all such discourse will only have the net effect of normalizing a predatory medicine that no one should be taking, anyway. And, incidentally, how can anything resembling Informed Consent be provided while the medical community challenges itself over all these so-called therapies?

    • zero hedge – Bill Gates Doubles Down On Opposition To “Open Vaccine” Movement

      Roughly one year after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seized control of the global response to COVID-19 with the goal of providing “equitable access” to a vaccine, Bill Gates & Co. have accomplished the opposite:

      The Covid-19 ACT-Accelerator mechanism, backed by the Gates Foundation, has a stated policy of respecting the exclusive intellectual property rights of western drugmakers.

      At the same time, the WHO-backed alternative solution, known as Covid-19 Technology Access Pool, or C-TAP, which was supposed to foster an open-source pool of vaccine and drug technology, has mostly faltered.


  2. We have been lied to: Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Dr Fauci, many past Presidents, current mail-in guy, Justine Trudeau………..

    Government or God – pick a side

    I’ll Walk With God – – Mario Lanza
    I’ll walk with God
    From this day on
    His helping hand I’ll lean upon
    This is my prayer, my humble plea
    May the Lord be ever with me.

    There is no death though eyes grow dim
    There is no FEAR when I’m near to him
    I’ll lean on him forever
    And He’ll forsake me never

    He will not fail me as long as my faith is strong
    Whatever road I may walk along.

    I’ll walk with God
    I’ll take his hand
    I’ll talk with God He’ll understand
    I’ll pray to him
    Each day to him
    And He’ll hear the words that I say
    His hands will guide me on my throne and Rod
    And I’ll never walk alone
    While I walk with God.

    • “Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has boasted that his plan for Muslim-majority countries to unite and force Western governments to criminalise insulting the Prophet Mohammed will work.

      The 68-year-old leader said lobbying Western nations, the EU and UN to adopt blasphemy laws with a warning of a trade boycott if they do not do so will be ‘effective’ in achieving their goal.

      He said leaders of Muslim-majority countries should call on the West to ‘stop hurting the feelings’ of Muslims across the world with their current freedom of speech laws, reports Pakistani newspaper Dawn.

      Khan said insulting Islam’s Prophet should be treated in the same way as questioning the Holocaust, which is a crime in some European countries.”

      “And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.”

      Don’t lie to yourself. What you don’t know – admit you don’t know.

      islam, Communism and Sexscrewality all cursed themselves to submit.

      Mohammad, Mao and Mom.

  3. Iran busts an info op on U.S. media, and it’s a doozy – Liberty Unyielding
    J.E. Dyer
    11-14 minutes

    Iran busts an info op on U.S. media, and it’s a doozy

    Javad Zarif at 2019 Munich Security Conference. YouTube video

    I admit, I was suspicious from the get-go when I first learned of the “leaked” audio of Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, in which Zarif expatiated on how the IRGC is always overriding the “civilian government,” and briefly alluded to John Kerry telling him about 200 times Israel attacked Iranian interests in Syria.

    This passage was a wailing klaxon: Javad Zarif was reportedly speaking in a “three-hour taped conversation that was a part of an oral history project documenting the work of the current administration.” Right.

    Followed by this: “The recording, of a conversation between Mr. Zarif and an economist named Saeed Leylaz, an ally, was not meant for publication, as the foreign minister can repeatedly be heard saying on the audio.”

  4. “How the Communist Party USA, loyal to the CCP, has placed an ally into President Biden’s Cabinet.”
    Counterpunch with Trevor Loudon – April 24, 2021

    • After the Russia, Russia, Russia campaign Biden/ Obama is copying Putin and using mercs instead of national troops. This is going to give Russia and China a lot of propaganda ammo.

      • Palki and a lot of the people at WION were upset with Trump for instisting that vote fraud stole the election, now she and the others are discovering just how crooked and self serving Biden and the rest of the Dem leaders are. The truly criminal thing is that Biden and company are souring India and American relations for decades, Trump was slowly weaning them away from Russia and Biden is driving the even deeper into the Russian alliance.

        • Relations are doomed no matter what.

          Tardish partisanship and an MB-controlled media make India almost as much the Swamp’s enemy as Israel. UK goes Paki, UN trash is tard heavy.

          0’s appalling discourtesy toward Bibi and Modi – and, to a lesser extent, Shinzu Abe – is what forged a personal bond between those three leaders.

  5. MONTREAL – Meet Dorothy, a 68-year old woman who co-founded a COOP in 1982 so people could have lower-rent housing while carrying out maintenance and upkeep duties.

    – A 68-year-old woman who lived in her home for nearly 40 years was thrown out on the street in the midst of a pandemic because an injury prevented her from performing the tasks that would allow her to remain a member of the co-op she founded.

    “I never, ever, ever thought that one day I would end up in a shelter. Especially not after living there since 1982, after creating this co-op so that people could live in a beautiful neighbourhood at a reduced price,” says Dorothy Desjardins, who was evicted from her apartment in the Coopérative Les Jardins on Avenue du Parc in Montreal. She was one of the five founders of the co-op.

    On April 9, MONTREAL POLICE removed the 68-year-old woman from her apartment and took her to a shelter. She only had time to take a few clothes and personal belongings.

    In an accident, Dorothy had broken her hip and leg in 2018. Living with pain and a cane since then, it was impossible for her to perform the housekeeping chores she needed to participate in to keep her “co-op member” status.

    The co-op’s board of directors then suspended her membership and asked her to pay an additional $300 a month for rent, an amount that Desjardins says was too much for her.

    She decided to refuse to pay the increase, but continued to pay the original rent.

    The lady’s apartment was emptied of all her belongings by a moving company that took her furniture and clothes to a warehouse.

    Only her grandmother’s piano, bequeathed by her father, remained in the apartment.

    Her gigantic and faithful goldfish of 10 years, Bubbles, was put in a bucket and entrusted to a neighbor since its aquarium was also stored.

    “I don’t understand how someone could do that to a woman of that age who has trouble walking,” says the man who prefers to remain anonymous.

    The sexagenarian hopes to find an apartment in her neighborhood.

    “But if I don’t find anything, what will happen to me? Will I have to live from shelter to shelter and lose all my things? I’m going to have to live in a shelter and lose all my things,” says the woman who only has a distant cousin left.

  6. FRANCE – Rambouillet : des images pédopornographiques dans le téléphone de l’auteur de l’attaque

    Des images pornographiques et pédopornographiques ont été retrouvées par les enquêteurs dans le téléphone portable de Jamel G., le musulman radicalisé qui a assassiné vendredi dernier une fonctionnaire du commissariat de Rambouillet.

    Des images pornographiques et pédopornographiques ont été retrouvées par les enquêteurs dans le téléphone portable de Jamel G., le musulman radicalisé qui a assassiné vendredi dernier une fonctionnaire du commissariat de Rambouillet.

    Les enquêteurs poursuivent leurs investigations mais, à ce stade, ils ont découvert des images mettant en scène des transsexuels et des enfants, confirme ce soir une source judiciaire.

    [....Looking for an English translation of that news I got this warning message : ...]

    Child sexual abuse imagery is illegal

    If you see sexually explicit images or videos of minors on the web, please report it below. Phone is available 24 hours. Learn more

    Report at cybertip.caCall hotline: 1-866-658-9022


  7. SPAIN – ‘No sign of contagion’ after 5,000-person rock concert in Barcelona

    A rock concert held in Barcelona and attended by 5,000 people showed “no sign” of causing coronavirus contagion, officials said.

    The event at Palau Sant Jordi in the Catalan capital saw attendees take rapid COVID-19 tests before being allowed in to see the rock band Love of Lesbian on March 27.

    They also wore FFP2 masks, there was improved ventilation, and management procedures for the toilet and bar areas, but no social distancing.

    It was one of the first spectator events to be held in Europe this year amid the pandemic.

    Presenting the results of a study into whether indoor spectator events can be held safely, Josep Maria Llibre, a doctor at the Germans Trias i Pujol hospital in Badalona, told a news conference “in summary, a live music concert in a covered enclosure with the correct measures and ventilation is a safe activity”.

    “There is no sign that suggests that transmission took place during the event, which was the objective of this study,” he continued.

    Two weeks after the concert, there had been just six positive cases confirmed among the spectators, with organisers certain that four of the six cases were not transmitted during the concert. The other two are unconfirmed.

    Llibre said the study shows “we can guarantee a safe space” for spectator events with optimised ventilation, testing, and masks.


    • NBC News – How ‘Common Sense’ Could Impact CDC Mask-Wearing Guidance

      With nearly a third of Americans fully vaccinated against Covid-19, President Biden is expected to update the CDC guidance on wearing masks outside.

      Director of the Institute for Autoimmune and Rheumatic Diseases at Saint Joseph Health, Dr. Bob Lahita, explains what these new guidelines will look like and how the guidance might differ for people who have not been fully vaccinated.

    • CDC says it is safe for vaccinated people to unmask outdoors

      New guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it is safe for people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to be outside without a mask, but only in small groups.

      The guidance, which CDC Director Rochelle Walensky outlined during a White House press conference Tuesday, builds on previous updates from the agency about the activities people can feel comfortable with once fully vaccinated.

      + comments on the YT page

    • CNN – Tucker Carlson encourages viewers to confront those wearing masks

      Fox News host Tucker Carlson is encouraging his viewers to confront those wearing masks in public, likening wearing a mask outside to exposing oneself in public.

    • global news – COVID-19 vaccine certificates ‘to be expected’ as part of pandemic, Trudeau says

      While there is no definitive answer on whether Canada will mandate COVID-19 vaccination certificates, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says they are “naturally to be expected” as part of the pandemic.

      “As was the case pre-pandemic, certificates of vaccination are a part of international travel to certain regions and are naturally to be expected when it comes to this pandemic and the coronavirus,” Trudeau said on Tuesday.

      “How we actually roll that out in alignment with partners and allies around the world is something that we’re working on right now to co-ordinate.”

      […]While concept of vaccine or ‘immunity’ passports are quickly gaining popularity in the EU, it was not immediately clear whether all U.S. tourists would need proof of vaccination for entry, or whether a negative test or proof of recent recovery from COVID-19 would be acceptable instead.


      ctv news – Vaccine certificates ‘to be expected’ as a condition of reopening international travel: Trudeau

    • city news – Canada’s first death linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine

      “We have to be mindful of the side effects and realize they exist,” says Dr. Christopher Labos, after a 54-year-old Quebec woman was reported as the first death in Canada due to blood clots from the AstraZeneca vaccine. Dr. Labos answers questions on the rare occurrence.

    • city news – Quebec woman dies of blood clot after AstraZeneca vaccine

      “We are sure we are preventing more deaths even with that vaccine,” says Dr. Horacio Arruda, after a 54-year-old Quebec woman died of a blood clot linked to the AstraZeneca shot – a first fatality in Canada. Samsara Rainville reports.

    • CBC -Quebec confirms 1st death related to rare AstraZeneca-linked blood clots

      Quebec public health director Dr. Horacio Arruda has confirmed the death of a Quebec woman after she received the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine in early April.

      He said it’s important to weigh the risk of vaccination against the higher risk of serious complications associated with COVID-19.

  8. DAILY MAIL – French generals who called for military rule if President Macron cannot stop ‘Islamists’ from ‘disintegrating society’ will be punished, government declares

    Twenty retired generals, as well as serving officers, signed the ferocious rebuke
    Incendiary letter claims France at risk of ‘disintegration’ at ‘hands of Islamists’
    Defence Minister Florence Parly warned ‘these are unacceptable actions’
    She added that those serving officers who signed letter would be disciplined

    Emmanuel Macron has threatened to punish generals who signed an open letter warning that the country is heading for ‘civil war’ because of radical Islam.

    Twenty retired generals, as well as several serving soldiers, signed the letter which warned that failure to act against the ‘suburban hordes’ – a reference to the predominantly immigrant population of the housing estates which surround French cities – will lead to deaths ‘in the thousands.’

    The government strongly condemned the letter, which was published on the 60th anniversary of a failed coup d’etat by generals opposed to France granting independence to Algeria.

    ‘These are unacceptable actions,’ Defence Minister Florence Parly said Monday, adding that serving military members had flouted a law requiring them to remain politically neutral.

    ‘There will be consequences, naturally,’ Parly said, adding that she had instructed the army chief of staff to discipline them.

    The open letter, published in Valeurs Actuelles, a right-wing magazine, claims a military coup might be necessary to stop a ‘civil war’ in France.

    Despite condemnation from the government and left-wing parties, Marine Le Pen hailed the letter which was signed by 80 officers, as well as the 20 generals.

    ‘I invite you to join us in taking part in the coming battle, which is the battle of France,’ she wrote in a response to the letter.

    Le Pen was widely criticised by her opponents on both the left and right for her overtures to the soldiers behind what the left-wing daily Liberation described as a ‘call to sedition’.

    The lead signatory was Christian Piquemal, 80, who commanded the Foreign Legion before losing his privileges as a retired officer after being arrested while taking part in an anti-Islam demonstration in 2016.

    It was written by Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac, a former officer, and signed by 1000 others who were in lower ranks.

    The incendiary letter reads: ‘France is in danger. Several mortal perils threaten her. Even in retirement, we remain soldiers of France and cannot in the present circumstances remain indifferent to the fate of our beautiful country.’

    The retired officers claimed that France was ‘disintegrating with the Islamists of the hordes of the banlieue [suburbs] who are detaching large parts of the nation and turning them into territory subject to dogmas contrary to our constitution’.

    Macron also came under fire with the retired officers blasting the state for allowing brutal police action against yellow vest protesters in the country.

    In a chilling call, the letter claimed that the country would ‘explode’ into civil war if ‘nothing was done’, which would lead to the deaths of thousands.

    They also claimed they had broad support in the military and were ‘ready to support’ politicians who focused on the ‘safety of a nation’.

    Le Pen’s National Rally gave the letter their backing, saying it reflected the views of ‘patriots’ like General Pierre de Villiers, former chief of the defence staff, who was sacked by Macron in 2017.

    Christian Piquemal, stripped of his privileges by army chiefs

    Piquemal, 80, a former general of the Foreign Legion, leads the signatories of the furious letter addressed to Emmanuel Macron.

    He was stripped of his privileges as a retired officer after he was arrested at an anti-immigration rally in Calais in 2016.

    Also in attendance were members of the anti-Islamic Pegida movement.

    Francois Gaubert, Le Pen ally

    Gaubert, 77, another graduate of the elite Saint-Cyr officer training college, spent four decades in the Navy on operations abroad, including in Africa, the Indian and Pacific Oceans, in Berlin after the fall of the wall and in Sarajevo, at the end of the war in Bosnia.

    He retired in 2002.

    He joined Front National in December 2012 and was a candidate in council elections in Montpellier.

    He was elected as a councillor in 2015.

    Today he is National Rally councillor in Occitanie.

    The 20 generals:
    Christian Piquemal, Gilles Barrie, François Gaubert, Emmanuel de Richoufftz, Michel Joslin de Noray, André Coustou, Philippe Desrousseaux de Medrano, Antoine Martinez, Daniel Grosmaire, Robert Jeannerod, Pierre Dominique Aigueperse, Roland Dubois, Dominique Delawarde, Jean Claude Grolier, Norbert de Cacqueray, Roger Prigent, Alfred Lebreton, Guy Durand and Gérard Balastre.

    Defence Minister Parly reacted with fury, saying a coalition between politicised former military personnel and far-Right presidential candidate Le Pen would be an outrage.

    Ms Parly said: ‘The irresponsible column published in Valeurs Actuelles is signed by retired soldiers, who no longer have any function in our armies and only represent themselves.’

    Expressing her anger further on Twitter, Ms Parly said ‘neutrality and loyalty’ were two principles that were crucial to military conduct.

    If Le Pen was to replace Emmanuel Macron as President of France following elections next year, she would become head of the country’s Armed Forces.

    ‘Madame Le Pen’s words reflect a serious misunderstanding of the military institution,’ said Ms Parly. Ms Parly said this was ‘worrying for anyone who wants to become head of the Armed Forces.’

    Ms Parly continued: ‘The politicisation of the Armed Forces suggested by Madame Le Pen would weaken our military capability and therefore France.

    ‘The military are not there to campaign, but to defend France and protect the French.’

    France’s current Fifth Republic has been threatened by military coups in the past, notably by far-Right activists who were eventually defeated as they tried to keep the former North African colony of Algeria.

    There are some five million Muslims in France – the largest community of its kind in western Europe – and many have backgrounds in former colonies, such as Algeria.

    The Rassemblement National used to be called the Front National (National Front), and was founded by Ms Le Pen’s father, the convicted anti-Semite, racist and Islamophobe, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

  9. DAILY MAIL – Florida residents claim ‘pest control trial’ that will release up to a BILLION genetically engineered mosquitos in the Keys to reduce species carrying diseases is ‘TERRORISM’

    Trials of the first-ever US release of genetically engineered being this week
    Florida has been chosen due to its influx of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
    This species, which comes from Brazil, carries Zika and other diseases
    The modified mosquitoes pass a specific protein to females during mating
    This ensures female offspring do not survive the next generation
    However, residents are furious about the ‘live experiment’
    Some are saying the release of up to a billion is an act of terrorism

    The Florida Keys will soon be buzzing with close to a billion ‘fraken-squitoes’ – gene-hacked mosquitoes aimed at eradicating a disease carrying mosquito.

    The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) and Oxitec, a British biotech company, are starting the first-ever U.S. release of genetically engineered (GE) Aedes aegypti mosquitoes this week, which will see up to a billion over a two-year period.

    The project aims to reduce the numbers of Aedes aegypti, one of several mosquito species that can carry diseases including dengue, chikungunya, Zika and yellow fever.

    Floridians, however, are calling on the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to end ‘this live experiment’ saying they are being subjected to terrorism by the FKMCD.

    The trial is set to begin this week, with the first phase releasing up to 144,000 GE mosquitoes over the next 12 weeks. Ultimately, up to a billion will be released in Monroe County.

    The GE mosquitos, developed by Oxitect, have been modified to pass on a particular protein when they mate, which ensures female offspring do not survive the next generation.

    With fewer females in each subsequent generation, the researchers hope overall mosquito populations in the region will decrease along with transmission rates of disease passed through mosquito bites.

    The modified mosquitoes – from the Aedes aegypti species – are all male and the company contends that because only female mosquitoes can bite, there is no risk to humans in releasing them.

    Barry Wray of the Florida Keys Environmental Coalition said: ‘People here in Florida do not consent to the genetically engineered mosquitoes or to being human experiments.’

    Islamorada resident Virginia Donaldson told Futurism that on April 23, two men in uniforms came to her home to do ‘mosquito control’ and asked her to participate in a new pest control program.

    In a hurry, Donaldson agreed and signed a waiver, but later told Futurism: ‘I don’t even know what I signed.’

    And later found out that she had agreed to the genetic mosquito experiment.

    Dana Perls, food and technology Program Manager at Friends of the Earth, said: ‘This is a dark moment in history. The EPA must halt this live experiment immediately.

    ‘The release of genetically engineered mosquitoes puts Floridians, the environment, and endangered species at risk in the midst of a pandemic.’

    In March, a panel of independent experts testified to the Florida Keys mosquito board that GE mosquitoes could also pose significant threats to sensitive ecosystems and human populations in the Florida Keys.

    Megan Hull, a resident of Islamorada, spoke at the council meeting where she stated her grievances.

    ‘I find this criminal, that we are being bullied into the experiment,’ she said in March.

    ‘I find it criminal that we are being subjected to this terrorism by our own Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board.’

    Residents say the EPA did not require peer review or preliminary trials for caged GE mosquitoes before releasing them into the wild.

    Oxitec and FKMCD’s claim that the GMO mosquito experiments will be monitored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is misleading.

    CDC has agreed to review data provided by Oxietc, but that data will not include independent health assessments.

    A Florida Keys resident opposed to Oxitec’s GMO mosquitoes received an email response from the CDC dated April 12, 2021, which reads: ‘CDC is not formally involved in any evaluation at this time. CDC is not overseeing the trial, and CDC does not plan to conduct any health assessments before, during, or after the trials.’

    Oxitec, however, has said it has assembled extensive amounts of research to show the mosquitoes are safe, and previously conducted trial releases in Brazil where the mosquitos were effective in cutting disease transmission rates.

    If the mosquitoes prove effective, Oxitec hopes they can be used in regions with high prevalence of mosquito-born diseases like Dengue fever and Zika virus.

    ‘I truly believe we are fighting one of the most consequential regulatory malfunctions we could ever imagine,’ Wray said.

    ‘We all watched as four experts in the biotech field, each enthusiastic about the technology Oxitec had created and each wise enough to say that without proper scientific rigor and prudence, we risk unnecessary outcomes and mistakes.

    ‘The problem is that the discovery of those mistakes and consequences may not be realized until damages are more severe and irreversible.

    ‘All this risk to benefit a for-profit company getting to market quicker with a product that has yet to actually prove anything other than failure in all of its historical field trials.’

  10. John Kerry denies giving Israeli intel to Iran after Zarif leaks but is that true?
    5-6 minutes

    Former US secretary of state John Kerry on Tuesday denied allegations he leaked sensitive information about Israeli military operations to Iran after a leaked audio recording of the country’s foreign minister appeared to claim he had.

    The accusation surfaced in a leaked audio recording in which Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif recounted an interaction with Mr Kerry in which the then secretary of state said Israel had hit Iranian targets in Syria over 200 times – to Mr Zarif’s “astonishment”.

    The accusation has led to a backlash against Mr Kerry, who now serves as President Joe Biden’s envoy for climate.

    “I can tell you that this story and these allegations are unequivocally false. This never happened – either when I was secretary of state or since,” he tweeted.

    I can tell you that this story and these allegations are unequivocally false. This never happened – either when I was Secretary of State or since.

    • The purpose of the leak was to sow dissension in the US, so far we have no evidence beyond a self serving leak that Kerry did commit what amounts to either treason or giving aid and comfort to the enemy during time of conflict. What makes this believable is that Kerry did give aid and comfort to the Viet Cong and the NFA after he came home from his tour in Nam as a Naval officer.

      Apparently Iran has decided that Kerry can’t help them anymore and are willing to throw him under the bus to create problems in the US.

  11. ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo – Fraction of eligible Parkway students show up at vaccine clinic

    Parkway administrators said nearly 4,000 district high school students are age-eligible, but 350 showed interest and fewer than 200 turned out to get vaccinated.

    …but of course nothing to do with vaccine reluctance.

  12. Biden’s Catastrophic Global Warming Policies – Frontpagemag
    Bruce Thornton
    9-11 minutes

    If you thought last year was bad, wait until these proposed policies tear through the economy.

    Bruce Thornton is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

    At the “virtual world summit” President Biden announced that he’s committing this country to cut CO2 emissions to half of 2005 levels by 2030. Just trying to reach this ambitious goal will require severely damaging the economy in order to achieve something that won’t stop the alleged catastrophic effects of a rise in temperature that may or may not happen.

    If you thought last year’s debacle wrought by self-proclaimed “experts” was bad, just wait until these proposed policies tear through the economy. Once more, the party that “follows the science” will wreak havoc by mistaking a dubious hypothesis for a scientific fact.

  13. Biden Puts ‘Finance Legend’ Allied w/Chicom Company in Charge of Energy Loans – Frontpagemag
    Daniel Greenfield
    8-11 minutes

    Jigar Shah fought efforts to stop Chinese Communist solar dumping.

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

    “DOE is thrilled to bring on these dynamic leaders, who understand the urgency of the climate crisis and will help us seize opportunities to deploy the clean energy technologies of the future,” Department of Energy Chief of Staff Tarak Shah declared.

    Tarak Shah, whose DOE bio boasts that he is “the first person of color, first Indian-American, and first openly LGBTQ person” to run the department into the ground, was touting Jigar Shah, no relation, as one of the “dynamic leaders” who will “build our energy economy back better” and create “millions of good-paying union jobs” and help the “the hardest-hit communities.”

  14. The Armenian Genocide Continues – Frontpagemag
    Raymond Ibrahim
    8-10 minutes

    Far from merely acknowledging it, Turkey and other Muslims are hell-bent on reigniting the genocide.

    Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. This article first appeared on the Gatestone Institute.

    Note: Soon after this article was published, President Biden became the first sitting U.S. president formally to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. Ramifications of this will be discussed in another article by Mr. Ibrahim later this week.

    April 24 was Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, marking 106 years since the start of the Armenian Genocide, when the Ottoman Turks massacred approximately 1.5 million Armenians during World War I.

    Most objective historians who have examined the topic unequivocally agree that it was a deliberate, calculated genocide. According to the Genocide Education Project:

    • Kurdish autonomous regions in Syria and Iraq are traditional homelands for minority peoples and their religions. (Jews lived there, once upon a time.)

      Assyrians, Yazidis, Armenians, other Christians are all lumped together as “PKK terrorists” by the filthy Turk – subhuman Untermenschen. And we go along with it, we look the other way, we don’t report atrocities of our “NATO ally”.

      Ignorant Westerners dub them “Marxists” or even “Maoists”. They simply do not know the region or the people. For those who know better, it’s a convenient posture: a justification for enabling a genocidaire.

      And some are paid lobbyists for the filthy Turk. That includes regional experts in think tanks like the Hudson Institute, and other high-profile Americans like Gen. Michael Flynn.

  15. Biden’s Curious Choice to Lead Customs and Border Protection

    As Tucson Police Chief, Chris Magnus refused to assist Border Patrol.
    Tue Apr 27, 2021 Michael Cutler

    The disaster on the U.S./Mexican border has catapulted the issue of border security to new levels of importance. Therefore, the Biden administration’s pick for the Director of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), an always important position, has taken on additional significance.

    On April 12, 2021 the Washington Post reported: Biden picks Tucson police chief to run U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

    That article began with this excerpt:

  16. Public Service Announcement: A Warning of the Real Danger of Marijuana – Frontpagemag
    Phil Orenstein
    7-9 minutes

    The high price I paid for falling in love with the hippy crowd.

    The state Legislature passed a bill legalizing recreational marijuana in New York State, but with its passage, the public has been sold a bill of goods. It was deceptively sold to the public as good policy signifying an “historic” end to the “failed policies of marijuana prohibition.” The good news is that several Long Island mayors, the entire Town of Hempstead, and many other cities, towns and villages stood up and chose to opt out of selling marijuana in their municipalities. Assemblyman Kieran Lalor and other legislators also said NO, claiming that legalization will not reduce crime, will not end the black-market sale of pot, won’t be a big job creator, won’t help poor communities, won’t bring in major revenue to the state, and will lead to accidents and addiction, and endanger families and their children.

    But that’s just half the story. Even more serious is the story of marijuana’s insidious harm to one’s body and mind which must be told. This is my own story of the major mental health consequences of marijuana use, which is the chronic psychiatric disorder called amotivational syndrome.

  17. China Is Extending Its Totalitarian Controls to the Rest of the World
    Gordon G. Chang
    7-9 minutes

    In the Haidilao Hot Pot restaurant in the Kitsilano district of Vancouver, Canada (pictured), more than 60 surveillance cameras watch 30 tables and send feeds to China. The cameras, manager Ryan Pan explained to Scott McGregor and Ina Mitchell, are there to “people track” and are “part of the social credit system in China.” (Image source: Ina Mitchell)

    China is surreptitiously collecting, for use in its domestic social credit system, video from a popular eatery in Canada.

    In the Haidilao Hot Pot restaurant in the Kitsilano district of Vancouver, more than 60 surveillance cameras watch 30 tables and send feeds to China. The cameras, manager Ryan Pan explained to Scott McGregor and Ina Mitchell, are there to “people track” and are “part of the social credit system in China.”

    This restaurant is corporate-owned, one of two Haidilao locations in that port city in British Columbia. There are more than 935 of the chain’s restaurants worldwide with over 36 million VIP members. The business started in China’s Sichuan province.

    Why do we care? Beijing is evidently extending its totalitarian controls to the rest of the world.

  18. Biden Acknowledges the Armenian Genocide; What about the Other Current Genocides?
    Raymond Ibrahim
    9-12 minutes

    To his credit, U.S. President Joe Biden has become the first sitting president formally to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide since it occurred more than century ago. An even more laudable next step would be to acknowledge the current genocides and hate speech fueling them — and to take steps against them. There appears underway an attempted genocide by the Communist Chinese of the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. More than a million are being held in 1,300 concentration camps. Pictured: The outer wall of an internment camp on the outskirts of Hotan, in China’s Xinjiang region. (Photo by Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images)

    To his credit, U.S. President Joe Biden has become the first sitting president formally to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide since it occurred more than century ago. On Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, April 24, 2021, the American president issued a statement opening with the following words:

    • He’s absolutely right.
      Big deal, calling an atrocity by name a century later. We let ourselves be cowed by our NATO ally’s tender sensibilities.

      Even today we do nothing but watch as the filthy Turk’s head-choppers invade Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenians depend on Russia. Again.

  19. Netherlands: Police force people to leave Amsterdam park due to overcrowding concerns

    Police forced people to leave a park in Amsterdam and subsequently closed it entirely on Tuesday, amid concerns of overcrowding amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    Large crowds of mostly young people were seen gathering in the Vondelpark, in the west of the Dutch capital, for King’s Day, a national holiday celebrating the Dutch king’s birthday, with few wearing masks or adhering to social distancing.

    Later in the afternoon, the local government published a post on its Twitter page asking people not to come to the park anymore, citing overcrowding.

    The nearby Sarphatipark was also closed after police cleared the area due to a similar overcrowding situation.

    A broad array of coronavirus restrictions remain in place across the Netherlands with people allowed to meet outside in groups of a maximum of two people, with exceptions for people living at the same address, although restrictive measures are set to begin easing on Wednesday.

  20. Trump Asks Arizona’s Governor to Provide ‘Large-Scale Security’ for 2020 Election Audit
    By Samuel Allegri
    April 24, 2021 Updated: April 26, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    Former President Donald Trump has asked Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to provide security for a 2020 election audit taking place in the state’s largest county.

    “The Republican Party is demanding that Gov. Ducey of Arizona immediately provide large-scale security for the brave American Patriots doing the Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election,” Trump wrote in a statement on April 24.

    “Gov. Ducey will be held fully responsible for the safety of those involved. State police or National Guard must be immediately sent out for protection. The Democrats do not want to have this information revealed, and they will do anything to stop it. Gov. Ducey must finally act!”

    Ducey’s office didn’t respond to a request by The Epoch Times for comment by press time.

    The audit started on April 19 in Maricopa County.

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