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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Sweden to Teach Migrants That Violence, Female Genital Mutilation, and Child Marriage are Wrong (sputniknews, Feb 2, 2021)

    “In the words of Justice and Migration Minister Morgan Johansson, the introductory course in democratic norms and Swedish values will function as “a natural start to a chain of assimilation-promoting initiatives” for the new arrivals.

    The Swedish government has decided that all asylum seekers who come to the country in the future will undergo a mandatory social introduction course shortly after their arrival.

    The Swedish Migration Board has been tasked with preparing an introductory course that will inform the new arrivals about the asylum process, Swedish legislation, and the country’s democratic norms and values. This includes information on the rules that apply to so-called “honour-related” violence and oppression as well as protection from discrimination and abuse.

    Among other things, the new arrivals will be informed that polygamy, female genital mutilation, child marriage, and domestic violence are forbidden, as is racism (inluding anti-Semitism, Afrophobia, and Islamophobia) and other forms of hostility.

    “All asylum seekers staying in this country must know what rights and obligations apply and what life here looks like. The introduction to society must be part of the asylum process and it must function as a natural start to a chain of assimilation-promoting initiatives given to asylum seekers in Sweden”, Justice and Migration Minister Morgan Johansson said in a press release.

    According to the government, the introduction must, as a starting point, be conducted orally on site at the Swedish Migration Board’s premises, but can be combined with, among other things, digital self-study. The starting point is that women and men should have “equal opportunities” to be able to participate.

    The course is the result of an agreement between the ruling Social Democrats and the Greens, and their sidekicks the Centre Party and the Liberals. The social introduction procedures will be presented by April of this year and will be formally evaluated at some point in 2023.

    Sweden, a relatively homogeneous nation until half a century ago, has in the past few decades embraced mass immigration, to the point where over a quarter of the population have a foreign background (up from 15 percent in 2000). Using a counting method now considered outdated, where having at least one foreign-born parent constitutes a foreign background, their proportion rises 33 percent, or about a third. Among young children, the proportion of non-Swedes is even higher.

    The most popular countries of origin for immigrants in Sweden include Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, and the former Yugoslavia.

    The Swedish authorities, political establishment, and press have largely been in denial about the difficulties associated with large-scale immigration and culture clashes, sparking increasingly bitter criticism from opposition parties, such as the liberal-conservative Moderates and the national-conservative Sweden Democrats. In a turning point last year, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven admitted that failed integration is fraught with problems and may create tensions in society and pledged to change the country’s policy.”

  2. Greater Jihad (To kill your own soul)
    Lesser Jihad (To kill someone else’s soul)
    Least Jihad (To kill indiscriminately for lust whilst knowing that suicide bombing wipes out all debts)
    muslim (to kill others only in your heart)

    • Pride creates victimhood
      Desiring great justice
      To be lauded as Good
      The kufar, a just-is

      Their Prophet a killer,
      Pirate, and sadist –
      Jihadi deceiver
      To do what his rape is.

      Innocent blood flows from
      His blade of blind tryst
      To never let go or
      Lose your right to exist.

    • You might also find the documentary with Morgan Freeman saying the most beautiful sound he ever heard was the call to prayer and that Jews, Muslims and Christians all worship the same God. Spin, spin, spin.

  3. The Reddit guys are now branded as “extremist” for upsetting Wall Street. That’s a label that should be dismissed as nonsensicle, of course. However, MSM pundits on CNN, CBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, BBC, NYT, WAPO, and all the others take their marching orders, in this example, by a telephone call or text message from an angry executive, and so begins pumping this message. After a while I bet they barely have to be given explicit directions. They are only too willing to do so. Why? Because the two are now partners. What used to be the army of left-wing, anti-capitalist hacks and flaks–journalists–has become the propaganda arm of big business using big media to eliminate competition. On the other side MSM has also become the suppression and promotion arm of big government.

    This flow of information capital from MSM–in this example done in the service of Wall Street–will be returned by a flow of traditional capital, money. Hey, how do you think the Federal Reserve picks the winners and losers as it invests taxpayer money in the stock markets? I distinguish big media companies from the rest of Wall Street simply because their product is pure information, and in our sharing of Grey Zone matters here it, well, matters.

    For its part, government financial and economic policies have assured fabulous wealth was made by their private-sector counterparts, but not so much the smaller mom and pop family outfits that are too small to be politically connected. Masters of their universes could care less about these little guys. –Law of the jungle and all that. Problem is, they pout like little girls when, for the first time ever, the prey bites back.

    Each member of this triad is solidly ensconced in the others’ businesses. In fact, this is the business model. I dare anyone to challenge the picture of these entities holding hands in a small circle, their stances wide enough to have one foot crossing over into eachother’s spaces.

    You’ve got to admit it’s a pretty sweet setup if you’re on the inside. And once that circle is closed it is extremely difficult to break. It takes extraordinary effort by really smart people frustrated all to hell. And even then you see the machine quickly fight back.

    It’s all very clear. It has become a replicated model everywhere, and its name is Fascism.

    With the successful President Trump coup the symbiotes have closed the circle and now must defend it. The Canadian circle is closed. So are the British and French.

    Their problem is now to protect their spoils from the people. This will be harder than even the long march of communism, which we see for now was usurped by the sneaky corporate interests. I bet many communists are even too stupid to realize they’ve been had, and that it will now require a very bloody battle to steal both the means of production and private property. Perhaps illuminating the trespass against the “collective interest”, now to the communists in our midst, may work to divide and conquor this power circle. It’s just a thought. Get the commies you know all wound up against the cronies. Always distinguish between small business, and those large enough to pay lobbyists for political connection. Always.

    It’s a)way more difficult to keep the money and power you’ve made than it was to make it.

    • It is the paper, sissors, rock of fear.

      In a top-down dog eat dog world, there is fear from the macho males. Lose.
      In a ferral-male society – there more females to go round for the drones. Win.
      In a narcissic society – more of the mist of Diversity the better.

    • rock paper scissors

      Buck, Cuck and Suck

      A Suck wraps a Buck (inside their fear of low status. One rape and four Gays have to testify in order for them to live).

      A Buck smashes a Cuck (dhimmitude welcomed for Safety and Peace)

      A Cuck cuts LGBTQ++++ into smaller and smaller pieces to become as less and less powerful in the Class Struggle.

  4. Republican group with substantial left-wing funding wants GOP Congress members to resign – Liberty Unyielding
    J.E. Dyer
    5-7 minutes

    Republican group with substantial left-wing funding wants GOP Congress members to resign

    From via Twitter, Breitbart

    A Breitbart article by Amy Furr takes note of a Republican group called the Republican Accountability Project, which is calling on a list of GOP members of Congress to resign over supposedly inciting violence in the U.S. Capitol riot in January.

    Furr points out that at least some of the targeted members, like Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, and Rep. Madison Cawthorn, actually called for rioting to cease and denounced violence in no uncertain terms.

    • “Like The Rohirrim appearing on the ridge at the Pelennor Fields sounding the horn, the Nerds have come to save the metals markets from the forces of the Dark Lord and his Witch Kings”
      Ann Barnhardt – January 31, 2021

      “Thinking of pulling out of the market?”
      by Radio Patriot – December 7, 2011


      Ann Barnhardt, who I — along with many others — consider to be among the smartest folks around, educates us:

      Various Resources

      Posted by Ann Barnhardt – December 5, AD 2011

      I personally use, but there are lots of online precious metals vendors and they all seem to be quite competitive. APMEX has very good and knowledgeable customer service. The online vendors tend to be more competitive because of the ability afforded by the internet to A.) comparison shop and B.) have real-time gold and silver quotes posted at all times. I have heard lots of horror stories of massive markups from people who have seen coin vendors set up at Tea Parties and so forth.

      VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT BUY COLLECTOR GRADE ANYTHING. I personally buy cull grade US Morgan and Peace silver dollars (77.4%) minted between 1875 and 1935. You can also buy 90% silver dimes, quarters and half-dollars by the bag for “small change”. “Shiny” is meaningless for the purposes of survival and barter. I buy the tarnished, heavily circulated coins, which weigh EXACTLY the same as the non-circulated, non-tarnished coins. Who cares if it is shiny or not? DO NOT pay a premium for shiny.

      DO NOT buy bars or industrial silver products such as silver shot. The entire point of struck coins is so a person can look at the coin and know exactly what it is, what it is made out of and how much it weighs. Bars and shot are all uncertain to a counterparty. Heck, for all they know it could be zinc. And do you really want to carry scales around with you? That’s silly. Human beings started minting coins all those thousands of years ago for a very, very good reason: instant identification of the metal and denomination.

  5. Afghan officials: Bombings in Kabul kill 2, including cleric (abcnews, Feb 2, 2021)

    “Separate explosions, set off by sticky bombs attached to cars, killed at least two people in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, including a prominent cleric who headed an Islamist nonprofit organization, officials said.

    Afghan President Ashraf Ghani denounced the cleric’s death as a “”terrorist attack on the dignity and bright future of Afghanistan.” No one immediately claimed responsibility for the Kabul attacks, which also wounded five people.

    The first bomb was attached to a military vehicle in central Kabul and wounded two military personnel, said Ferdaws Faramarz, spokesman for the Kabul police chief.

    An hour later, the second bomb, in the northern part of the city, killed two people, including cleric Mohammad Atef, and wounded two others. A third sticky bomb wounded one person in western Kabul. Faramarz said police are investigating.

    Ghani, in a statement released by the Presidential Palace, also said that Atef’s killing was the latest in a series of targeted crimes and assassinations. Atef headed the central council of Jamiat-e-Eslah of Afghanistan, an Islamist nonprofit organization based…”

  6. Today is February 2, the groundhog saw his shadow and I knew he would because the mail-in guy said it was going to be a long, dark winter.

    I will not wear two masks, I advise all people who want to, to take them off. Does Doug Ford have the man power to arrest most of the people in Ontario.

    Any Canadians coming home from their winter holidays should fly into New York and walk across the border at Roxham Rd. The once famous, RCMP will carry your luggage. You can also look into crossing at Emerson, Manitoba.

    The OIC is once again demanding something be done about Islamophobia.
    I would like to suggest they tell Imams worldwide to stop saying the following:

    “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”

    “Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the. Face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and programme of Islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it .”

    “Conquest through dawah, that is what we hope for. We will conquer Europe, We will conquer America! not through sword but dawah.”

    “Therefore, prepare for Jihad and be the lovers of death. Life itself shall come searching after you. You should yearn for an honourable death and you will gain perfect happiness. May Allah grant myself and yours the honour of martyrdom in His way.”

    “We take Coronavirus Precautions seriously, and should do the same for Allah’s Commands; We must not ally with Jews, Christians, Infidels —This matter is More Dangerous than COVID-19,”

    Speaking of COVID-19 An Ontario REAL Doctor, Critical Care Doctor Brook Falls, was terminated because of his public criticism of the Dictatorship Ontario Government’s handling and his failure to warn the hospital’s communications team about all his media appearances. “Some of your remarks have been misconstrued as being harmful to the government so our funding can be put at risk.

    Many moons ago, when Ontario had a distinguished, diplomatic, Premier, Wm. Davis, his charter for Ontario stated; “Fairness and equality of opportunity can be guaranteed only a government prepared to ensure that power is not used unfairly by any group in society, including GOVERNMENT ITSELF.”

    Unfortunately, Dr. Brook Falls finds himself in the same, position as anyone who speaks out about the failures of this disgraceful Premier and his brown shirts.

    And finally, back to the OIC demanding Islamophobia be erased. I have many people and organizations on my phobia list. I fear for the world, what all the global madmen are proposing and are day by day chipping away at our freedom:

    The OIC, the 57 Muslim countries and their demands/ Shari’ah law
    Justine Trudeau
    Chrystia Freeland
    Klaus Schwab
    Anthony Fauci
    Bill Gates
    all big tech bullies
    Louis Farrakhan
    the hatch men of the Lincoln Project
    George Soros
    WHO officials and their peddling of the 69 billion dollar vaccine programme/ the bio/warfare and weaponization of medicine amid the COVID-19 pandemic/ flu………


    VANCOUVER — Students at the University of British Columbia’s Peter A. Allard School of Law have been reprimanded for allegedly creating a spreadsheet documenting their classmates’ alleged failure to comply with public health orders aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19.

    In an email sent to first- and second-year students, staff members from the school’s career services office write that the spreadsheet was apparently compiled from social media and that the students who created it were planning to share it with potential employers.

    “Any students involved in creating such a list are asked to immediately delete and destroy it and refrain from otherwise sharing the information (with peers, students at large, or externally),” the career services staff members write in the email.

    The email acknowledges that it’s “absolutely frustrating” to see people ignoring public health orders, but describes public shaming as “completely inappropriate and unlikely to lead to increased accountability or change in behaviour.”

    It also reminds students that they are part of both a school community and the professional legal community, and that their behaviour could reflect poorly on them in the future.

    “Collecting and sharing your peers’ personal information without their express permission crosses both ethical and professional boundaries (and arguably violates UBC’s Student Code of Conduct),” the email reads. “Aside from satisfying a vigilante urge, there is nothing helpful that comes from such a spreadsheet.”

  8. Iran Begins Installing Advanced IR-6 Centrifuges at Fordow Nuclear Plant, Envoy Says (sputniknews, Feb 2, 2021)

    “Iran has begun installing advanced IR-6 centrifuges, which are banned under the 2015 nuclear deal, at its underground nuclear facility in Fordow, the country’s permanent representative to the international organisations in Vienna, Kazem Gharibabadi, said on Tuesday.

    “Thanks to our diligent nuclear scientists, two cascades of 348 IR2m centrifuges with almost 4 times the capacity of IR1 are now running with UF6 successfully in Natanz. Installation of 2 cascades of IR6 centrifuges has also been started in Fordow. There’s more to come soon,” Gharibabadi said on Twitter.

    According to the envoy, Tehran has duly notified the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and would not cut access to its inspectors just yet.

    Under the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran has to keep the uranium enrichment level under 3.67 percent and only use first-generation IR-1centrifuges.

    Last December, the Iranian government passed a new law aimed at prompting third countries, specifically the United States, to lift economic sanctions. Under the new law, Tehran is determined to enrich uranium at 20 percent and beyond and use advanced IR-6 centrifuges, as well as deny IAEA inspectors access to Iranian nuclear sites…”

  9. Thousands Flee Hong Kong for UK, Fearing China Crackdown

    HONG KONG – Thousands of Hong Kongers have already made the sometimes painful decision to leave behind their hometown and move to Britain since Beijing imposed a strict national security law on the Chinese territory last summer. Their numbers are expected to swell to the hundreds of thousands.

    Some are leaving because they fear punishment for supporting the pro-democracy protests that swept the former British colony in 2019. Others say China’s encroachment on their way of life and civil liberties has become unbearable, and they want to seek a better future for their children abroad. Most say they don’t plan to ever go back.

    The moves are expected to accelerate now that 5 million Hong Kongers are eligible to apply for visas to Britain, allowing them to live, work and study there and eventually apply to become British citizens. Applications for the British National Overseas visa officially opened Sunday, though many have already arrived on British soil to get a head start.

  10. Trump accused of “historic treason” by Democratic prosecutors

    Actions of Donald Trump before the assault on Congress on January 6 constitute a “betrayal of historic magnitude,” accusing Democratic prosecutors in the impeachment trial of the former US president, in their argument published Tuesday.

    “The president has instigated a violent mob to attack the United States Capitol” and his “desire to stay in power at all costs is a betrayal of historic magnitude.”

    It calls for a conviction ”at the end of this trial which begins on February 9, they say.

    Further details will follow.

  11. Biden Considering Not Giving Trump Intelligence Briefings
    Hank Berrien
    4-5 minutes

    At the White House press briefing on Monday, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki stated that the idea of extending intelligence briefings to former President Trump is “under review.”

    A reporter asked, “Has the White House made a determination about whether it will continue to extend the privilege of intelligence briefings to former President Trump, given the concerns among some Democrats that he’ll either misuse it or leverage it to enrich himself?”

    Psaki answered, “Mm-hmm. This is a good question. I’ve raised it with our intelligence teams — or our national security team, I should say. It’s something, obviously, that’s under review, but there was not a conclusion last I asked them about it, but I’m happy to follow up on it and see if there’s more to share.”

  12. Leftist militants armed with hatchets, knives, batons take over hotel in radical hub of Olympia, Washington — and SWAT is called in
    Dave Urbanski
    3 minutes

    Several dozen leftist militants armed with hatchets, knives, and batons forcibly took over a hotel in the radical hub otherwise known as Olympia, Washington, Sunday.
    What are the details?

    Those inside the Red Lion hotel began calling 911 around 11 a.m., saying a group was attempting to forcibly take over the hotel, the city’s statement said. Police were told that the employees felt threatened by the group and that an employee allegedly was assaulted.

    The group was identified as Oly Housing Now, a homeless activist group, and its members had gas masks, helmets, and goggles, apparently in preparation for a confrontation, the statement noted. Police estimated about 45 members of the group were inside and outside the hotel.

    At the time of the occupation, approximately 40 hotel rooms were booked with bystanders — and those guests sheltered in their rooms during the occupation, the statement said. Hotel employees sheltered in the basement through the afternoon and part of the evening.

  13. Top infectious diseases expert says double masking may actually increase COVID infection: ‘May do more harm’
    Chris Enloe
    4 minutes

    Michael Osterholm, an infectious disease expert, said Sunday that wearing two face masks as a precautionary measure against the coronavirus may actually increase the chances of becoming infected.
    What’s the background?

    As public health experts fear the spread of potentially more contagious COVID-19 variants, Dr. Anthony Fauci endorsed last week the practice of “double masking” — wearing a cloth face covering over a surgical face mask.

    Speaking on NBC’s “Today” show last week, Fauci called double masking “common sense.”

    “If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective and that’s the reason why you see people either double masking or doing a version of an N-95,” Fauci said.

  14. Steve Hilton reveals new evidence linking COVID-19 origins to US-funded research in China – Sara A. Carter
    Annaliese Levy
    3 minutes

    Fox News “The Next Revolution” host Steve Hilton unveiled new evidence Sunday linking COVID-19 origins to U.S. funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan.

    Last week, Hilton revealed explosive evidence that linked COVID-19 to Dr. Anthony Fauci and EcoHealth Alliance, INC based in New York.

    On Friday, the National Institute of Health (NIH) denied Hilton’s allegations in a statement.

    • Steve Hilton reveals explosive evidence on COVID-19 origins and the Fauci connection – Sara A. Carter
      Annaliese Levy
      4-5 minutes

      ‘The Next Revolution’ host Steve Hilton investigated the origins of the coronavirus and announced his findings on Fox News Sunday night.

      Hilton noted that a Utah mink was the first case of COVID-19 to be found in a wild animal.

      According to Hilton, minks and related animals have respiratory systems that operate similarity to humans.

      About 10 years ago, researchers in the Netherlands did an experiment on ferrets and found that a virus that started without the ability to be transmitted throughout the air, can eventually gain that ability.

  15. Denmark: “Our Goal is Zero Asylum Seekers”
    Soeren Kern
    13-16 minutes

    Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has announced that her government intends to significantly limit the number of people seeking asylum in Denmark. Pictured: Danish police conduct spot checks on incoming traffic from Germany, at the A7 highway border crossing on January 6, 2016 near Padborg, Denmark, in an effort to stem the arrival of refugees and migrants. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

    Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has announced that her government intends to significantly limit the number of people seeking asylum in Denmark. The aim, she said, is to preserve “social cohesion” in the country.

    Frederiksen’s comments, which many have welcomed, and others have dismissed as empty promises, are the latest salvo in a long-running debate about multiculturalism and the role of Islam in Danish society.

  16. Lindsey Graham threatens Democrats: If you call even one witness for impeachment trial, we’ll open up ‘Pandora’s box’
    Phil Shiver
    3 minutes

    Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) warned Democratic colleagues Monday night that if they decide to call even one witness in the Senate’s upcoming impeachment trial against former President Trump, they’ll be opening up “Pandora’s Box.”

    Last month, the Democrat-controlled House voted to impeach Trump a second time for “incitement of insurrection” after a mob of his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 while Congress was in session. The process has now moved to the Senate, where a trial is set to begin next week.

    Graham, the outgoing chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, expressed that he looks forward to a speedy trial and acquittal of Trump. But he noted that should Democrats choose to turn it into a “political commercial” and prolong the business for “weeks and months” by calling witnesses, Republicans are prepared to play ball by calling the FBI to testify about security failures at the U.S. Capitol.

  17. The Biggest and Nastiest White House Liar – Ever – Frontpagemag
    David Horowitz
    7-9 minutes

    He’s our president now.

    Yes, Joe Biden – and it isn’t even close. Of course, Biden is widely regarded as an endangered species, a status that serves to protect him from criticism that would be directed at a younger, more mentally stable individual. Even his political opponents are somewhat wary of saying what a catastrophe and menace Biden and his presidency represent. Meanwhile, the whoring intellectual left at the Times and the Washington Post fawn all over this empty suit almost to the same degree that they have slandered Donald Trump for four years as an unrivaled serial liar.

    Fortunately, these smears persuade only dedicated Trump haters, who pretend to be horrified because he exaggerated the size of his inaugural crowd. To those not afflicted with Trump-phobia, a politician who can draw 50,000 people on a winter’s night to Butler Pennsylvania (Pop. 1357) is actually insulated from this kind of slander because the reality is clear enough. Trump has the largest and most devoted following of any politician in our lifetimes. His crowd was as large as Joe Bidens are small.

  18. Weapons of Mask Distraction – Frontpagemag
    Daniel Greenfield
    9-11 minutes

    If you don’t wear three masks, you’re killing people.

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

    After running on a promise to fix the pandemic, Biden admitted, “there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.”

    Except wear two masks.

    “To Prevent COVID, wear 2 masks,” The Los Angeles Times declares. “Time to double,” The Washington Post urges. “Health authority recommends Laredoans limit leaving their homes, or wear two masks if they must,” The Laredo Morning Times warns.

  19. The Show Trials and Purges Are Just Getting Started – Frontpagemag
    Robert Spencer
    6-7 minutes

    The new age of masterful constitutional scholars such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

    This article first appeared in

    The renowned historian H. G. Wells once said of Joseph Stalin, “I like Uncle Joe very much. He’s a great man.” That would be a terrific motto to replace the outmoded slogan of slavery and white supremacy, “In God We Trust,” that is currently emblazoned behind the podium of the Speaker of the House. Now that Stalinist show trials have come to Congress, we all like Uncle Joe very much. Or else. And you have to give them credit: this impeach-a-private-citizen-because-we-hate-him business opens up a whole universe of sparkling new possibilities. Yesterday I offered a list of five presidents who must be impeached now, but that’s just the beginning.

    As fifty-five senators are now on record saying that the impeachment of a former president is perfectly constitutional, there is no reason not to extend wokeness back to 1789 and cleanse the ugly blot Leftists think of as our history. Washington? Jefferson? Slaveowners! Impeach them! Andrew Jackson? Trail of Tears. He clearly has to go, too. James K. Polk? Started a war with Mexico when he should have just opened our borders and given all non-citizens the right to vote, free housing, and a COVID-19 vaccine. As Rashida Tlaib would say, Impeach the motherf***er! Theodore Roosevelt? Imperialist! Woodrow Wilson! Racist! Impeach them all! In fact, we must impeach all previous presidents, even Saint Barack the Hussein, for none of them, none at all, were woke enough. Remember Obama’s opposition to gay marriage? They all must go, every one, or Ilhan Omar’s moral superiority will be affronted. That must not be.

  20. Peter Barry Chowka Explains the Real Story of Dr. Fauci – Frontpagemag
    Thomas Lifson
    2 minutes

    How the tactics used on AIDS “hit pay dirt” with COVID.

    Reprinted from American Thinker.

    Peter Barry Chowka has been a writer on science and health issues for 57 years, often going far behind what the medical and scientific establishments put out for the deeper story. In those decades, he has covered the work of Dr. Anthony Fauci, now the highest paid among the millions of federal employees.

    In a must-see 20-minute interview with Jamie Glazov of The Glazov Gang (see below), Peter explains how Fauci’s handling of COVID closely parallels his work on AIDS decades ago, when he was responsible for much false information put out to spur a massive investment in fighting the disease, dwarfing what is spent on cancer on a per patient basis. In Peter’s view, the tactics used on AIDS “hit pay dirt” with COVID.

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