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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    JaHyung Lee, a resident at a Newton care home, received his COVID-19 vaccine at the age of 110.

    Amenida Seniors Community said in a news release that residents at the facility received the first dose of their vaccines on Thursday (Jan. 14). JaHyung Lee is one of Canada’s oldest seniors to be inoculated.

    The second dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine will be administered “in the coming weeks.”

  2. “I PUT the following work under your protection . It contains my opinion upon Religion. You will do me the justice to remember, that I have always strenuously supported the Right of every Man to his opinion, however different that opinion might be to mine. He who denies to another this right, makes a slave of himself to his present opinion, because he precludes himself the right of changing it.

    The most formidable weapon against errors of every kind is Reason. I have never used any other, and I trust
    I never shall.
    Your affectionate friend and fellow citizen”
    Thomas Pain, “Age of Reason: Being an investigation of true and fabulous theology.”

    • Diane realizes ‘give me a child up to seven, and I’ll give you the man,’ when she looked into the backgrounds and allegiences to Communism from the players around Trump. And finds ‘Conservatives’ cannot look into their own souls to be able to look at the demons of others.

      The animals looked at shoe-horn jobsworths and then to sensuous pig-wallowers, and back again, and could not tell any of them apart.

  3. (Richard: Are some of these part of the Spec Ops Unit that is suppose to have stolen Pelosi’s laptop?)

    New video shows US Capitol rioters rifling through Senators’ desks and papers | ITV News

    • I find it interesting that the Guard Officer said they would do what is necessary to support the Citizens of the United States of America. He is following the Constitution and the Dems aren’t gong to like this, he is probably good example of the other Guard Officers and the active duty Officers. This is why the Dems are having investigations run on the military, they have violated the Constitution and are worried about what a free thinking military will do.

  4. Richard Grenell claims ‘she’ will be ‘shadow president’ — and he does not mean Kamala
    By Guest Post January 18, 2021

    With Joe Biden looking to kick off what will effectively become Obama’s third term in office, he’s reassembling the “old guard,” calling up remedial learners like Anita Dunn and John Kerry. He is even planning to resurrect the Iran nuclear deal, though he hasn’t yet revealed how many billions he’ll be shipping in the dead of night to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

    Theories are already circulating as to who will really be running the show because — face it — Biden is a lot of things, but “leadership material” isn’t one of them. Half the time he’s too busy licking his finger and testing the winds of political opinion to have one of his own.

    As to who will be in charge, Kamala Harris may be too busy keeping the plates spinning in the evenly split Senate to do much else. But Richard Grenell, who served as acting Director of National Intelligence under Donald Trump, has advanced a theory about who will be call the signals. Appearing on “Sunday Morning Futures” on the Fox News Channel, Grenell raised the possibility that former Obama right hand Susan Rice “will be the shadow president.” “I think you need to watch Susan Rice very closely,” he added. Via Fox News:

  5. The Political Theater of the National Guard’s D.C. Occupation
    Nic Rowan
    4-5 minutes

    Washington, D.C. — “I’m going to need to see some identification,” a National Guardsman told me as I pulled up to a downtown security checkpoint.

    I fumbled for my wallet and produced an expired, chipped driver’s license that has earned me several warnings from police officers in the past month. The guardsman glanced at it and waved me through.

    “Thanks, that’s great,” he said.

    Lackadaisical security check-ins have become common since more than 25,000 guardsmen descended on D.C. last week. I’ve heard reports of Capitol Hill workers breezing through security lanes and mantilla-draped church ladies rolling through Chinatown roadblocks uninhibited. In the most dramatic instance, an office worker near the White House convinced two guardsmen to move a Humvee so he could park his car in a locked-down garage.

  6. Parler’s website is back online with message to ‘lovers and haters’
    Tamar Lapin
    2 minutes

    The website for Parler, the conservative-friendly social media platform, was back online on Sunday — with a message for the company’s “lovers and haters.”

    “Hello world, is this thing on?” Parler CEO John Matze wrote on the website, above a note from the company saying the platform would be restored after challenges were resolved.

  7. Trump will leave the White House at ‘8am Wednesday’ – the morning of Biden’s inauguration
    Luke Kenton
    13-17 minutes

    Donald Trump is set to leave the White House and fly out of DC before 8am on the morning of Joe Biden’s inauguration after issuing around 100 pardons to white-collar criminals, high-profile rappers and a jailed Florida eye-doctor, according to reports.

    The outgoing president is due to hold a farewell ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, in Maryland, on Wednesday. He will then depart the nation’s capital on Air Force One and head to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida before his successor is sworn in.

    White House aides have reportedly sent out invitations for the event, with guests instructed to arrive between 6am and 7:15am. Specific details regarding the ceremony are said to still be under consideration, but it may include a color guard and 21-gun salute.

    Attendees are permitted to bring up to five guests but have been instructed to wear masks throughout, Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs reported.

  8. Hadassah Ein Kerem: Baby born to coronavirus patient dies

    A woman in her ninth month of pregnancy underwent an emergency c-section in an attempt to save her baby, but the infant died a short time later.…

    [T]he hospital staff prepared for an emergency Caesarean section in accordance with the coronavirus protocol, and the woman was taken to the operating room, where hospital staff did everything in their power to help alleviate the baby’s complex and serious situation.

    Following the operation, the baby was resuscitated and sent to the NICU in very critical condition.

    The critical condition in which the mother and baby were admitted had effects later on as well, and the mother required certain urgent medical procedures. However, despite attempts to save him, hospital staff were forced to declare the newborn’s death on Saturday night.

    An investigation showed that the woman waited 40 minutes for a c-section, which according to the hospital occurred because “the staff protected themselves and prepared the woman for an operation, including anesthetizing her.…”

  9. FBI Probing Allegation That Woman Stole Laptop From Pelosi’s Office to Sell It to Russia
    By Zachary Stieber
    January 18, 2021 Updated: January 18, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating whether a woman seen in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) office on Jan. 6 stole a computer or hard drive and planned to sell it to Russia.

    The claim was outlined in an affidavit filed in the case against Riley June Williams, a Pennsylvania woman who authorities said stormed the U.S. Capitol earlier this month.

    In the days following the breach, a witness called the FBI’s tip line several times. The witness said he or she was a former romantic partner of Williams and saw Williams in video footage captured on Jan. 6.

  10. Helsinki Committee to declare Pfizer performing unauthorized human experiment in Israel

    Committee in charge of supervising human trials expected to state vaccine campaign is clinical study and needed pre-approval.

    Calcalist reports the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights is expected to announce that Pfizer is conducting unauthorized human experiments in Israel.

    The committee in charge of supervising human trials is expected to submit an opinion to the Health Ministry stating that the immunization process led by the state with Pfizer is a clinical study, and therefore needed to be approved in advance.…

    The expected letter from the Helsinki Committee is of far-reaching significance. First, the Committee can determine that the Israeli government must stop transmitting information to Pfizer, something that could cause Israel to be in breach of contract. If the government decides to ignore the Committee’s directive, every Israeli citizen will be able to appeal to the Supreme Court on the matter.…”
    It’s huge.
    Then it keeps updating.

    • ugh
      I only go to Ynet for wars.

      UAE delays visa waiver for Israelis over COVID infections

      The United Arab Emirates has suspended a visa exemption agreement for Israelis, which was supposed to come into effect in February, until July 1 due to Israel’s high coronavirus infection rates.

      The UAE announcement came a few hours after Israel announced that all returnees from the UAE and Brazil will have to enter isolation in government-commandeered hotels.
      Even so, the UAE said the decision to delay the waiver is unrelated to this move and actually stems from the high infection rate.…

      Under the current agreement, Israelis planning to make the trip to the UAE will have to get an entry visa to the Gulf State, as will Emiratis intending to visit Israel.

      Israel’s visa exemption for Emirati citizens has been heavily criticized by defense officials as an entry visa facilitates a thorough background check and the option of denying entry to the country upon arrival at Ben-Gurion Airport if necessary.…

    • Israeli Health Ministry Publishes Data-Sharing Contract Inked with Pfizer

      …The stated objective of the Jan. 6 “Real-World Epidemiological Evidence Collaboration Agreement” … is to measure and analyze epidemiological data arising from the product rollout, to determine whether herd immunity is achieved after reaching a certain percentage of vaccination coverage in Israel.”

      Under the terms of the contract, some clauses of which are redacted, the Health Ministry will regularly report to Pfizer on the information it gleans on the coronavirus pandemic and vaccination status in Israel.

      The agreement states that “Pfizer will collaborate with the MoH … by providing … technical knowledge and subject matter expertise in infectious disease, respiratory disease, vaccines, epidemiology, infectious disease modeling, data analysis and public health, and by providing the MoH with the Pfizer data,” while the MoH “will share aggregate project data with Pfizer,” which the two will analyze jointly.

      The document also guarantees patients’ confidentiality, as follows: “No identifiable health information shall be shared between the parties, and the MoH shall provide the project data solely in a form rendered anonymized … such that [it] could not reasonably used to re-identify the identity of an individual.…”

      The Contract:

  11. Ocasio-Cortez demands taxpayer dollars to ‘deradicalize’ white supremacists: ‘Their world will never exist’
    Chris Enloe
    3 minutes

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) says that taxpayer funds should be used to “deradicalize” white supremacists.
    What did AOC say?

    Speaking with supporters during a virtual town hall Friday night, Ocasio-Cortez blamed recent violence — including the deadly riots at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 — on white supremacy.

    “The white supremacist cause is futile, it’s nihilist — it will never be realized,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “The path forward for all of us is a multiracial democracy that fights for the economic and civil rights of every American.”

    She added of white supremacists, “Their world will never exist. That’s why we’re seeing violence right now.”

    • And everyone tiptoes around not saying what we all think about this communist piece of GIT processing. This is the kind of creature that deserve 10 years re-education in a KL along with the rest of her squad “babes”. No different to your local commissar and the idiots actually voted for her.
      If there is a god, creatures like her would have to be close to the “last straw” for him/her so just listen up and obey if a voice tells you to build a boat as even heavenly patience is not infinite WRT imbecilic fools.

  12. Indiana heavy metal musician arrested for alleged role in Capitol riot
    David Aaro
    3 minutes

    An Indiana heavy metal guitarist was arrested on Sunday in connection with the U.S. Capitol riot earlier this month, according to the FBI.

    Jon Schaffer, a founding member of the heavy metal band, Iced Earth, faces 6 charges, including engaging in an act of physical violence in a Capitol building, FBI Indianapolis wrote on Twitter.

    “Schaffer was allegedly among rioters who sprayed Capitol police with ‘bear spray.'” the FBI wrote.

  13. Horowitz Video: The Real Reason Troops are Being Deployed in DC

    “The early stages of the establishment of a fascist state in America.”

    Freedom Center Founder David Horowitz recently appeared on Newsmax’s National Report. He discussed the real reason troops are being deployed in DC. and warned that we are in “the early stages of the establishment of a fascist state in America.” Don’t miss it!

  14. Senate Prepares for Star Chamber Trial of Donald Trump – Frontpagemag
    Joseph Klein
    9-12 minutes

    Why it’s unconstitutional.

    The U.S. Senate is preparing to put Donald Trump on trial after he has already left office at the end of his term and has become a private citizen once again. If the Senate proceeds with this star chamber proceeding, it will be acting in a blatantly unconstitutional manner.

    Trump was impeached while still serving as president, on the grounds of alleged “incitement of insurrection.” The charge flowed from the mob attack on the Capitol building on January 6th, which followed Trump’s speech at a peaceful “Save America” rally at the Ellipse near the White House. However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not immediately send the article of impeachment to the Senate, which is necessary to trigger the Senate to proceed with the trial. In any event, the Senate has been on recess and is not returning until January 19th. The Senate is not planning to take up Trump’s trial until he is already out of office and the Democrats assume control of the Senate.

    To begin with, there is no merit to the insurrection incitement charge against Trump. In his January 6th speech, the centerpiece of the House’s impeachment article, Trump said to the rally attendees: “We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated, lawfully slated. I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” (Emphasis added)

  15. 2 Syrians charged with terrorism over army officer’s killing (abcnews, Jan 18, 2021)

    “Two Syrians have been charged in Germany for alleged links to a terrorist organization on suspicion they were involved in the killing of an army officer in their homeland in 2012, prosecutors said Monday.

    Khedr A.K. was charged with membership in a terrorist organization while Sami A.S. was charged with supporting a terrorist organization on allegations they were acting on behalf of the Nusra Front, as al-Qaida’s affiliate in Syria was known at the time of the alleged offenses.

    Neither of their last names were given in line with German privacy laws.

    The two were arrested last summer in Naumburg, in eastern Germany, and in the western city of Essen.

    The pair are suspected of taking part in the killing of a captured lieutenant colonel of the Syrian government forces in July 2012, prosecutors said. They said that Khedr A.K. guarded the man as he was brought to the execution site. Sami A.S. is suspected of filming the officer’s shooting and preparing the footage for use as propaganda.

    It was not immediately clear when the two came to Germany.”

  16. Facebook bows to Turkish demand to name local representative (abcnews, Jan 18, 2021)

    “Facebook announced Monday it has begun the process of assigning a legal entity in Turkey to comply with a controversial law governing social media companies.

    The law, which passed in July, requires social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter to maintain representatives in Turkey to deal with complaints about content on their platforms. Companies refusing to designate an official representative are subject to fines, advertising bans and bandwidth reductions that would make their networks too slow to use.

    “This decision does not change Facebook’s Community Standards, nor the global process for reviewing government requests, and we will withdraw the representative if we face pressure on either,” Facebook said in its statement.

    According to the law, the local representative of social media companies would be tasked with responding to individual requests to take down content violating privacy and personal rights within 48 hours or to provide grounds for rejection. The company would be held liable for damages if the content is not removed or blocked within 24 hours.

    The law also requires social media data to be stored in Turkey, raising concerns in a country where the government has a track record of clamping down on free speech.

    Turkish authorities fined the social media giant at least 40 million Turkish lira ($5.3 million) last year for not complying with the request to assign a representative. Advertising bans for companies that have not complied are set to begin Tuesday.

    Facebook will join LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Dailymotion and the Russian social media site VKontakte in setting up legal entities in Turkey.

    Rights groups have said the decision by international tech companies to bow to Turkish pressure and appoint representatives would lead to censorship and violations of the right to privacy and access to information. The Freedom of Expression Association says more than 450,000 domains and 42,000 tweets have been blocked in Turkey as of October.

    Amnesty International’s Turkey campaigner Milena Buyum tweeted that the law undermines freedom of expression online in a country where independent media are already curtailed.

    “The consequences of compliance for human rights are huge: companies would not be able to resist arbitrary blocking/banning requests, would be compelled to provide user data,” she said.

    Facebook said, “We remain committed to the Turkish community and maintaining free expression and other human rights in Turkey.”

    Last week, Turkey’s antitrust board launched a probe against messaging application WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook Inc. for its new usage terms. The new terms, which were later postponed by the company, unleashed privacy concerns and prompted Turkish users to switch to other messaging apps.”

  17. Pakistani raid kills Taliban suspected of slaying of troops (abcnews, Jan 18, 2021)

    “Pakistani security forces raided a hideout Monday in a former insurgent stronghold in the country’s northwest and killed two Taliban fighters, including one suspected of involvement in an October attack that killed six soldiers, the military said.

    A third suspect was arrested in the raid in the South Waziristan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The military said it acted on intelligence.

    The six soldiers were killed in a bomb attack in the region three months ago. The military statement provided no further details.

    Pakistani militants have in recent months stepped up attacks on troops in the former tribal regions bordering Afghanistan, citing concerns that insurgents are regrouping there.

    The North and South Waziristan districts served as the main base for local and foreign militants until the military secured the regions in 2015 with a series of operations.

    The Pakistani Taliban, also known as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, are a separate insurgent group from the Afghan Taliban, although Pakistan’s militant groups are often interlinked with those across the border.”

  18. In his first week of office as Prime Minister Dear Leader sold an amount of gold completely irrelevant in any monetary sense, but highly symbolic. It was Canada’s last bit of gold in reserve and he booted it out the door. Obama made his own symbolic gesture with his little flight over New York.

    Now we see Biden is set to make his own symbolic overture to the high priests of the Green religion. Nice knowing ya, Alberta:

  19. Horowitz: For the first time in our lives, free speech is about to be criminalized
    Daniel Horowitz
    7-8 minutes

    “Our First Amendment freedoms give us the right to think what we like and say what we please. And if we the people are to govern ourselves, we must have these rights, even if they are misused by a minority.” ~James Madison

    We never thought this day would arrive in America. Last year, we learned that they can shout “COVID” as an emergency, and our life, liberty, and property disappear. They can shout “racism,” and our inalienable right to self-defense disappears. The last thing we had was the freedom to criticize what is happening, even if there was nothing we can do about it. Now they can shout “right-wing terrorism” or “right-wing conspiracy” and say that freedom of speech no longer applies.

    Leftists in this country claim that their violence is speech and our speech is violence. That is why they glorified riots last year that burned down numerous cities, caused thousands of injuries, cost billions of dollars, and elevated their cause as the most urgent grievance in need of redress. At the same time, they are pushing to criminalize not just the violent acts and actors at the Capitol on January 6, but any view or speech or assembly predicated on views that are held by those people. This is why they seem to be taking direct shots at the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech for Americans, even as they plan to grant amnesty to those whose entire presence in this country is illegal.

  20. Left-Wing Guardian ‘Names and Shames’ Tory MPs Who Joined ‘Far-Right’ Parler (breitbart, Jan 18, 2021)

    “Britain’s leading left-wing newspaper The Guardian has published a list of Conservative MPs and prominent personalities who joined the social media platform Parler, which the newspaper claims is favoured by the “far-right” and “Trump supporters”.

    The Observer — the Sunday edition of Britain’s Guardian newspaper — claimed that at least 14 Conservative MPs had joined Parler before it was disappeared off the internet, after being removed from Apple and Google Play app stores, and Amazon Web Services ultimately pulling the company’s access to their internet servers. The social media network has since insisted it will “be back soon”.

    The article named cabinet minister Michael Gove, Foreign Office minister James Cleverly, health minister Nadine Dorries, and Tory MPs Steve Baker, Ben Bradley, and Mark Jenkinson for joining Parler.

    The Guardian said that Conservative MP Ben Bradley — who rose to national attention following his refusal to take so-called ‘unconscious bias training‘ in the Parliament — was the most “prolific Tory MP on the site”, claiming that he posted 52 messages to over 12,000 followers.

    Responding to the article, Mr Bradley told Breitbart London: “Parler is just a platform, the same as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram. The very nature of platforms is that they are a channel for the views of other third parties. They don’t have a ‘stance’ themselves. So ‘far-right platform’ is a total oxymoron. It’s nonsense.”

    “There may well be some idiots on Parler with unsavoury views, just as there are idiots on Twitter, but you don’t hear anyone ask ‘are you on the far left platform Twitter?’”

    “It’s a classic case of the left concocting some faux outrage to feed the online trolls,” Bradley concluded.

    Despite linking the Conservative MPs to the far-right, the article admitted: “There is no evidence any Conservative MP posted anything untoward or what might be considered extremist or far-right. Some of the accounts had been hardly used, and some of those activated in June 2020 appear to have been set up only to support the free speech protest.”

    Yet, The Guardian did go on to cite analysts from the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), who claimed that Parler served as a platform in which “the ideas of mainstream Conservative MPs coalesced with those of extremists”.

    A senior policy manager at ISD, Milo Comerford, told the paper: “By positioning themselves as a safe haven for free speech and an alternative to the alleged ‘liberal bias’ of social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, platforms like Parler attracted a motley crew of ultra-libertarians, violent extremists and conspiracy theorists, as well as more mainstream ‘free speech fundamentalists.’”

    Former Brexit youth campaigner turned political commentator, Darren Grimes, who was also listed in the article, said: “I wonder which one they’re saying that I am? Certainly not a libertarian. Violent? No. Conspiracy theorist? I don’t think so. Free speech fundamentalist? Well, I think most in this country quite like the freedom to speak without fear.

    “It’s an odd position for a newspaper to take.”

    The article from The Guardian comes amidst increasing calls for censorship in America following the unrest at the Capitol building on January 6th. Following the events at the Capitol, Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley blacklisted or banned President Donald Trump from their platforms.

    Left-wing media figures have also called for supporters of the President to be sent to “re-education camps” and to be “deprogrammed“.

    In Britain, there have been growing attempts by the left-wing media establishment to tie Prime Minister Boris Johnson to President Trump — despite the British leader being far more globalist oriented than Trump.

    Mr Johnson has “unreservedly condemned” President Trump for allegedly “encouraging people to behave in the disgraceful way they did”. Unlike other world leaders, Johnson has yet to take a firm stand on the actions by the tech giants censoring the sitting President of the United States.

    Brexit leader Nigel Farage questioned last week: “If Macron and Merkel are both worried about Trump being banned from Twitter, where does Boris Johnson stand?””

  21. Trump Lawyer Ousted as Law School Professor
    By Matthew Vadum
    January 17, 2021 Updated: January 17, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    A lawyer who represented the Trump campaign in a legal challenge to the Pennsylvania election results was forced out of his post last week as a law professor at Chapman University in California for representing President Donald Trump as a client.

    But what especially earned the ire of left-wing activists at the famous conservative legal scholar’s school was that John C. Eastman spoke alongside the president at the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington. Violence began at the U.S. Capitol during certification of the presidential election results while the rally was still going on at the other end of the Washington Mall. There is no evidence that Eastman, or Trump, did anything unlawful by speaking at the rally.

    Nevertheless, Chapman University President Daniele Struppa promptly denounced Eastman for engaging in constitutionally protected free speech. Struppa accused Eastman in a Jan. 8 statement of playing “a role in the tragic events in Washington, D.C., that jeopardized our democracy.”

    “Eastman’s actions are in direct opposition to the values and beliefs of our institution. He has now put Chapman in the position of being publicly disparaged for the actions of a single faculty member, and for what many call my failure to punish and fire him,” Struppa wrote.

  22. UK’s Youngest Terrorist Who Plotted Police Beheading Set for Release by Parole Board (breitbart, Jan 18, 2021)

    “Britain’s youngest terrorist has been deemed to be “suitable for release” by the Parole Board after serving just five years behind bars for plotting an attack on an Australian policeman.

    The terrorist, known only as RXG, will be free to walk the streets without the public being aware of his identity, as he was granted life-long anonymity in 2019.

    Announcing their decision to free the terrorist, the parole board said: “After considering the circumstances of his offending, the progress made while in detention, and the evidence presented at the hearings, the panel was satisfied that RXG was suitable for release,” the board said in a document detailing the decision.”

    RXG was handed a “life” sentence with a minimum of five years in prison in 2015 after he pled guilty to inciting terrorism overseas. The terrorist pled guilty to trying to convince Australian 18-year-old Sevdet Besim to behead a policeman in Melbourne on Anzac Day, Australia’s equivalent to Remembrance Sunday or Veterans Day.

    During his trial, it was revealed that RXG, had sent thousands of messages to Besim, urging him to get his “first taste of beheading” by attacking “a proper lonely person”.

    The attack was foiled by British police, who discovered the plot and alerted Australian authorities. In a raid on his home, police found additional evidence of his terroristic intentions including an Isis flag, as well as a bomb-making guide and a combat knife.

    In a written summary of the decision to release the terrorist, the Parole Board said that “no-one at the hearing considered there to be a need for further time” in prison as “all necessary work had been completed”.

    The summary went on to claim that during his incarceration, RXG has “undertaken extensive specialist work in detention to address his offending behaviour, his understanding of Islam and to develop his level of maturity”.

    As part of his release license conditions, RXG — who is now 20-years-old — will be required to live at a designated address, will have limits placed on where he can go and with whom he can meet, and be monitored by an electronic tag.

    The ban on reporting RXG’s actual identity would have typically ended on his eighteenth birthday, but in what has been described as a “remarkable decision”, Judge Dame Victoria Sharp granted the terrorist lifelong anonymity, arguing that identifying him could result in “serious harm”.

    A research fellow for the anti-extremism think tank the Henry Jackson Society, Dr Paul Stott, previously said of the reporting restrictions: “The public will rightly be disturbed that a young man considered dangerous enough to be jailed for life in 2015 may be considered for release.”

    “The attack at London Bridge and Sudesh Amman’s in Streatham have proven that we can’t rule out released terrorists going on the rampage again,” he said, adding: “The interests and concerns of the general public must come first.”

    During RXG’s sentencing, the presiding judge remarked: “I have no doubt a significant risk remains. I very much hope that the risk will have been removed in five years and he can be released.””

    • At the age of just 14, the teenager took on the role of ‘organiser and adviser’ and suggested beheading or using a car to kill officers.

      “He was recruited online by ISIS propagandist Abu Khaled al-Cambodi.

      Over nine days in 2015, he sent thousands of messages to 18-year-old Sevdet Besim, instructing him to kill police officers at the remembrance parade in Melbourne.

      The teenager, who was moved to a school for troubled children, was nicknamed ‘The Terrorist’ by classmates and showed pupils footage of beheadings on his phone.”

      Child neglect 101. And if the child is still unable to see Muhammad was a rapist, thief and murderer – and not a Saint – then the future is not bright for UK citizens in the streets that do not have the same guns and security of their overlords.

    The doctor who denied COVID-19 was leaked from a lab had this major bias
    By Steven W. MosherJanuary 16, 2021 | 1:23pm | Updated

    Emails reveal that EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak (inset, left) led the charge to deny the Wuhan lab leak theory, while his company has worked with that same lab on coronavirus research.
    Emails reveal that EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak (inset, left) led the charge to deny the Wuhan lab leak theory, while his company has worked with that same lab on coronavirus research.
    Last year, as the China Virus was just beginning to spread across the US, I suggested in these pages that it might have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. That’s China’s top lab for researching and engineering dangerous pathogens, especially coronaviruses.

    No sooner did the story appear than it began to be attacked from all sides.

    China issued heated denials, claiming the virus had jumped from bats to humans at the city’s seafood market. The lab a few miles down the road, Beijing officials huffed, had nothing — zip, zilch, nada — to do with it.

    I was not surprised that Beijing tried to shuffle off its responsibility for the pandemic onto our little furry flying friends. I mean, the alternative was potentially being held liable for millions of deaths and countless trillions of dollars in damage to the world’s economy.

    But I was taken aback when The Lancet, one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, published a letter signed by “27 prominent public health scientists” that dismissed my lab origin thesis as a “conspiracy theory.”

    They reported that scientists from multiple countries “overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife” and “strongly condemn[ed] conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.”

    Then Facebook piled on, suppressing my opinion piece for weeks on end last year.

    Today, in the aftermath of Big Tech’s takedown of President Trump’s social media accounts, no one would be surprised by such blatant censorship. But at the time I was shocked that the social media “fact-checkers” decided that mine was not a valid opinion.

    China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, located only miles away from the city’s street markets, denied the virus was spread from bats to humans.
    China has denied the coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (left), insisting instead that it originated in the city’s nearby wet markets (right).
    AFP via Getty Images (2)
    Later, it was revealed that one of the original “fact-checkers” Facebook had used was herself participating in a joint research project with virologists at the Wuhan lab. Can anyone spell “conflict of interest”?

    Now it turns out that she wasn’t the only one with a research connection to the lab.

    US Right to Know, an investigative public health nonprofit group, decided to look into the matter further. Through a public records request, they were able to obtain emails that show The Lancet statement was organized by employees of EcoHealth Alliance, which in turn has close ties with the Wuhan lab.

    How close? So close that EcoHealth Alliance has received millions of dollars of US taxpayer funding to genetically manipulate coronaviruses with scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    This is the same kind of research that I have long suspected escaped to cause COVID-19.

    The drafter of The Lancet statement was none other than the president of EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak. Which means that the very statement that, for many months, shut down open debate on the possible laboratory origin of the China Virus, was actually the product of an organization that was collaborating with the Wuhan lab in the genetic engineering of coronaviruses.

    Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook “fact checkers” suppressed my opinion piece for weeks on end last year.
    Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook “fact-checkers” suppressed The Post’s original story, suggesting the lab leak theory. But now others are asking the same question.
    Getty Images
    Daszak evidently did not want this connection to become widely known. He stressed in emails that the “statement will not have EcoHealth Alliance logo on it and will not be identifiable as coming from any one organization or person,” so that it will be seen as “simply a letter from leading scientists.” It was in fact signed not only by Daszak, but by four of his EcoHealth colleagues as well. (The entire tranche of emails is archived here: EcoHealth Alliance emails: University of Maryland.)

    The Daszak statement closes with the sentence: “We declare no competing interests.”

    I find this strange, for I can think of a number of “competing interests” in play here. Chief among these would be a desire to deflect attention away from the close ties between EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan lab, where they were carrying out the kind of “Gain of Function” research on coronaviruses that may well have given rise to COVID-19.

    Now that even New York magazine — no bastion of conservative thought — is belatedly exploring the theory that the virus leaked from the lab, are the rest of us now free to at least debate that question? I mean, without being dismissed as conspiracy theorists?

    EcoHealth Alliance declined to comment.

    Steven W. Mosher is the President of the Population Research Institute and the author of “Bully of Asia: Why China’s ‘Dream’ is the New Threat to World Order.”

  24. Khan’s London: ‘Up to Forty’ Males Fight Street Battle with Swords, Knives, Broken Bottles (breitbart, Jan 18, 2021)

    “A mob of “up to 40” males fought a running battle on the streets of London with swords, knives, and broken bottles, despite England’s draconian anti-coronavirus lockdown.

    Metropolitan Police officers covering Ealing reported on social media that they had “responded to a large fight… in [Southall] involving up to 40 males fighting with swords and bottles,” managing to chase two from the scene and detained them after they were “identified as having carried swords during the fight.”

    The pair were arrested for violent disorder and affray, but as yet there is no word on whether any of the remaining 38 or so brawlers have since been apprehended. Officers are urging anyone with information which might help them to identify them to contact them the 101 non-emergency number citing reference 136/17jan.

    The clash follows reports of a similar street battle in the more northerly multicultural urban centre of Greater Manchester, which saw “tens” of criminals fighting it out with “machetes and guns” in the dead of night.

    That brawl, which police described as an “isolated incident”, left a 15-year-old hospitalised with stab wounds, and shaken residents recalling what “sounded like gunfire” ringing through the streets.

    “Members of the gang of six were shouting ‘shoot him, f***ing shoot him’,” recalled one eyewitness, in reference to just one group of participants in the apparently multi-sided battle.

    “At one point it seemed as though one may have been stabbed or slashed due to the sound of his cry, a sound of shock and fear,” the witness added.

    “This is a very concerning incident which has left a young boy needing hospital treatment for a stab wound,” commented Detective Inspector Thomas Willis on behalf of Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

    “This will have undoubtedly caused some concern in the community, but I would like to reassure members of the public that we are treating this as an isolated incident,” he added.”

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