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4 Replies to “Lest we forget…”

  1. Soros is one of our big opponents who are much more dangerous then the leaders of the Dem Party. Soros and some other Left Wing Oligarchs are the ones who are giving the orders to antifa and they are the ones who will order it to attack the Dems. The question is will the Oligarchs be able to control anitfa or will it turn on them? Antifa doesn’t like rich Oligarchs and once the opportunity occurs they will turn on them and destroy the Oligarchs, their families and the businesses that gave the Oligarchs so much money and power.

    • The Oligarchs will squash them like bugs. Their PRC allies will gladly help.

      There was a video of a riot in Venezuela, some serious armed opposition to Maduro. He used Chinese crowd-control equipment. A Tiananmen on steroids.

      • China will happyly also supply the US under Creepy Joe and his Democ Rat-Cirkus with the latest in crowd-control equipment…

        • This Soros should be wiped out from the planet earth!!, He is the biggest criminal in the history of world, He destroyed Europe, and He is paying for this fake NGO,s , who bring all this savages and parasites to Europe, like the “refugees “ , I hope He die soon , and His son should be prosecuted too , for the crime against humanity..

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