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  1. There Was in Fact Fraud That Took Place:’ FEC Chairman Trey Trainor
    By Allen Zhong
    November 21, 2020 Updated: November 21, 2020

    Federal Election Commission (FEC) Chairman Trey Trainor said that affidavits from the Trump campaign show that fraud has occurred during the November general election.

    “The massive amounts of affidavits that we see in these cases show that there was in fact fraud that took place,” he said during an interview with “Just the News AM” on Friday.

    He said it’s important to have transparency surrounding the election process and that answering questions raised by the Trump campaign over election integrity is “very important for the legitimacy of the presidency.”

    In response to a question from reporter Carrie Sheffield, Trainor specifically mentioned a sworn affidavit by Steven Miller, a professor of mathematics at Williams College.

  2. Widening the Rubicon. Good article. I think we all are feeling the waters lapping at our feet. And don’t forget, we are the people who simply wanted to be left alone to live our lives and to raise our families. The aggressors are the smug leftists who have decided they know so much better on all matters. Any sense of the commoner need not apply.

    Widening of the Rubicon includes the moving of the goal posts. This is how you were disappeared from your happy place just right of center. Remember that place? Just across the river and into the trees, yet seemingly another light-year away. I guess that’s where Stephen Harper has gone. Remember him? Canada’s best leader before it became Dystopia with nary a shot fired.

    I never read a history book where it mentioned historic times would make me feel like I’m aging faster. Perhaps it’s just the burden of trying to keep my feet dry from these damned rising Rubicon waters. And I’m not even Caesar.

    I find it disturbing whenever talk goes to rectifying current matters with the 2024 U.S. Presidential election. The problem is that once one loses one’s normalcy bias, the abnormality of the situation becomes remarkably intolerable.

  3. Ethiopia ‘Ready to Use Tanks, Artillery’ to Capture City of Mekelle From Rebel Tigray Forces (sputniknews, Nov 22, 2020)

    “In the beginning of November, fighting erupted between the Ethiopian federal government and the rebel TPLF party, which maintains de facto control of the Tigray region in the north. On 21 November, the government announced that they had taken control of the town of Adigrat in the region, and were now heading to Mekelle.

    The spokesman for Ethiopia’s government military forces said on Sunday that they will “use tanks, artillery” to capture the city of Mekelle, the capital of the Tigray region, from TPLF forces.

    “The next phases are the decisive part of the operation, which is to encircle Mekelle using tanks, finishing the battle in the mountainous areas and advancing to the fields,” military spokesman Colonel Dejene Tsegaye told the state-run Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation, as quoted by Reuters.
    The Ethiopian military warned civilians about the possible use of artillery on the city.

    The TPLF later said in response that the regional forces were “holding firm” against the federal troops on the southern front, according to Reuters.

    Just a day before, the Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check, a government agency, said on their Facebook page that the country’s defence forces were now marching on Mekelle after capturing Adigrat.

    Adigrat is located 116 km north of Mekelle and 898 km north of the country’s capital Addis Abada. The current position of the forces was hard to verify due to severed internet and phone lines, Reuters said earlier.

    The Ethiopian government’s spokesman, meanwhile, responded by saying that the opposition Tigray forces have “laid explosives” and “destroyed roads” in the south.

    Military Operation Continues in Ethiopia
    The federal government has been pushing the military further into the Tigray region, which is under the de facto rule of the TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front), which state officials describe as a “military junta”.

    The fighting between the government forces and TPLF erupted in early November, when officials in Addis Abada accused the rebels of attacking a local military base located in the region.

    According to Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Russia Alemayehu Tegenu, the operation has been conducted with “maximum care to protect civilians”, despite rising concerns among UN officials about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the northern part of the country, which has prompted thousands of people to flee Ethiopia in recent weeks.”

  4. French Lawmakers Call for Tough Action on Those Refusing to Assimilate, Fiche S Extremists (sputniknews, Nov 22, 2020)

    “…French authorities have to draw consequences for those people who refuse to assimilate or refuse to respect French culture, including those on the Fiche S list, European parliament member Jean-Lin Lacapelle told Sputnik.

    When attached to a person, the Fiche S list identifies him or her as a serious threat to national security and allows surveillance. Apart from suspected Islamists, these markers are assigned to criminals from gangs, prison escapees and radical ecologists. Back in 2015, the then-French administration admitted that there had been 20,000 on such a list in the country.

    “If these persons are foreigners, they must be deported. If they are binational, they must be stripped from their French nationality and deported. If they are French, they must be monitored in a way that serves two purposes: preventing terror attacks (by strengthening the abilities of Homeland Security), and severing them from radicalisation fertile grounds, by acting on mainstream narratives and public interests, on the consultation of online content, on preachings and religious rhetoric, whether uttered in mosques or not,” Lacapelle said.

    According to Lacapelle, many Muslims in France live with a set of values that are “completely alien” to the European ones and who do not respect France’s values.

    “This, however, is none of the President’s [Macron] doing: the core of the problem lies within the incompatibility between these persons and the core values of France and Europe,” he explained.

    Meanwhile, the leader of the Unbowed France political party, Jean-Luc Melenchon, who was Macron’s rival in the 2016 presidential election, believes that hatred against Muslims in the country is merely disguised as secularism.

    “There is hatred in this country toward Muslims under the guise of secularism. Secularism does not mean to hate religion,” Melenchon, who represents a Bouches-du-Rhone department in southern France, which has a large Muslim population, told French media in the wake of the attacks.

    The politician called for ending constant suspicion toward the Muslim population and added that Muslims should be respected.

    “What is the goal of the Islamist terrorist? Scare and divide. He seeks to divide Muslims from the rest of the population to draw them under his political authority. Terrorists must know that they do not scare us and that they will not achieve their goal,” he said in a separate statement on Twitter.

    Another European Parliament member, Jean-Paul Garraud, drew attention to the French jails which are considered to be a breeding ground for extremism.

    “Many terrorists are coming [from these prisons] and will come out in the coming months. This will undoubtedly increase the threat in the country,” Garraud, who is also a member of the parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, told Sputnik.

    Radicalisation in European jails has become a worrying trend over recent years and French prisons are not an exception. For example, Amedy Coulibaly who shot dead a police officer in Paris’ southeastern suburb of Montrouge in 2015 and a day later took hostage and killed another four people in the Hyper Casher store, revealed to have planned the attacks with Cherif Kouachi, a Charlie Hebdo office attacker, whom he met while serving his jail term in Fleury-Merogis Prison back in the 2000s….”

    • France Irate Over Pakistani Minister’s ‘Macron Doing to Muslims What Nazis Did to Jews’ Outburst (sputnikenws, Nov 22, 2020)

      “France’s President Emmanuel Macron earlier added fuel to growing tensions within the country by presenting the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) with a “charter of republican values” ultimatum as part of his broad clampdown on “radical Islam” within France.

      The French Foreign Ministry has condemned harsh statements targeting President Emmanuel Macron made by Pakistan’s Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari.

      Mazari went on Twitter to liken Macron’s clampdown on “radical Islam” within French society to what “the Nazis did to the Jews”.

      The irate outburst of the Pakistani official came after the French President asked the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), an organisation comprised of the country’s top Muslim leaders, to accept a “charter of republican values” as part of his fight against so-called “radical Islam” within France. A 15-day ultimatum was given to accept the new charter.

      Commenting on the tweet, a spokesperson for the French Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that Pakistan should engage in dialogue based on respect.

      “A member of the Pakistani government spoke today on social networks in deeply shocking and insulting terms towards the President of the Republic and our country,” the spokesperson said, as quoted by Le Parisien newspaper, adding that “Pakistan must rectify these remarks.”

      Amid the French President’s recent statements on Islam and moves to defend the right of the nation’s citizens to draw cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, an act deemed blasphemous by Muslims, Islamic communities in numerous countries have called for a boycott of French goods.

      Pakistan itself condemned Macron’s remarks and accused his country of conducting a “systematic Islamophobic campaign”. Prime Minister Imran Khan even called on his countrymen to counter what he described as the “repression” of Muslims in Europe.

      Some of the entrances into Islamabad were blocked off on the 16 November after a two-day anti-France rally in the neighbouring city of Rawalpindi threatened to spill over to the Pakistani capital, AFP reported.

      The protests had been organised by the party Tehreek-Labaik Pakistan (TLP), which takes a hardline stance on religious issues.

      French Clampdown on Radical Islam
      France embarked on a ramped up fight against radical Islamism and terrorism after a spate of recent religiously-motivated attacks that included beheadings in Nice and Paris.

      Tensions first spiralled after the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo republished cartoons in late September depicting the Prophet Muhammad amid the trial of 14 suspects involved in the deadly 2015 attack on the magazine.

      Muslims perceive depictions of the Islamic prophet as blasphemous and insulting. The beheading of history teacher Samuel Paty for showing his students the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, and a brutal assault on parishioners of the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Nice led President Macron to double down on his criticism of “radical Islam” and intolerance, while triggering a wave of protests in predominantly Muslim countries around the world.

      On 2 October, Macron outlined a new law aimed at combating religious “separatism” and freeing Islam in France from “foreign influences”, adding that Islam was “in crisis all over the world today”.

      In accordance with the new rules, all Islamic organisations receiving funding from the French state would be called upon to sign a “secular charter”, and associations found to be propagating ideals contrary to those of the French republic will be ordered to disband.

      More recently, on 18 November Macron asked Muslim leaders to agree to a “charter of republican values” as part of a broad clampdown on radical Islam, giving the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) 15 days to work with the interior ministry.

      “Two principles will be inscribed in black and white [in the charter]: the rejection of political Islam and any foreign interference,” reported Le Parisien newspaper.
      The formation of the National Council of Imams was also agreed upon.

      The measures adopted also include drafting a wide-ranging bill seeking to prevent radicalisation, incorporating measures such as restrictions on home-schooling, and giving children an identification number that would be used to ensure they are attending school, with parents who break the law facing up to six months in jail as well as large fines.

      “We must save our children from the clutches of the Islamists,” France’s interior minister Gerald Darmanin told the Le Figaro newspaper on Wednesday.
      The draft law will be discussed by the French cabinet on 9 December.”

  5. ISIS brides line up for UK return from Syria as they join Shamima Begum in legal action (express, Nov 22, 2020)

    “ISIS brides could be set to return to the UK after challenging the decision to strip them of their British citizenship.

    Four former ISIS brides are now set to challenge the Government’s decision and therefore could potentially be allowed to return home from detention camps in Syria. The brides will argue they should return home to the UK under the premise they were effectively trafficked to Syria by their eventual husbands. Shamima Begum will also be challenging the Government’s decision to remove her nationality in 2019.

    According to The Sunday Times, the mothers have been given anonymity after they claimed identification would breach their human rights.

    The women also argued their own families could be at risk if their identity was revealed.

    Begum, 21, is currently being held in a refugee camp in north-east Syria after former Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, removed her British citizenship in 2019.

    The Home Office made the move on security grounds while also arguing the former ISIS bride was eligible for Bangladeshi citizenship.

    Under international law, it is illegal to render someone stateless and citizenship can only be revoked if the person is entitled to citizenship from another country.

    Bangladesh has also refused to accept her despite her mother being of Bangladeshi descent.

    Begum, who travelled to join the terrorist group in 2015, claimed she had made a mistake in leaving London to join ISIS.

    She also claimed to want forgiveness in order to return home.

    Following the ruling from the Court of Appeal in July, judges insisted justice must outweigh national security concerns.

    Lord Justice Flaux said: “Fairness and justice must, on the facts of this case, outweigh the national security concerns, so that the leave to enter appeals should be allowed.”

    In a limited statement on the ruling, Mr Javid said: “Any restrictions of rights and freedoms faced by Ms Begum are a direct consequence of the actions she has taken, in violation of both government guidance and common morality.

    “It is not clear to me why an appeal could not be made abroad using modern technology.

    “However, this is not solely a matter of justice.

    “It is also a matter of national security.”

    The judge also claimed the national security concerns could be managed upon her return to the UK.

    Begum, who fled with two school friends from Bethnal Green, east London, has since lost three children during her time in Syria.

    After travelling to Syria, she married ISIS fighter and extremist Yago Riedjik three weeks after arriving in the country.

    In later interviews, she claimed she had only acted as a housewife to the ISIS fighter and nothing else.”

  6. Swedish Islamic Political Party to Challenge Social Democrats in No-Go Zone (breitbart, Nov 22, 2020)

    “The Islamic Nyans Party are looking to cause an upset in upcoming municipal elections in the notorious Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby after recruiting a popular member of the local Somali community.

    Nyans party leader Mikail Yüksel announced that Mohammad Hagi Farah, a popular member of the no-go zone’s Somali community, would be running as a local candidate in the area for the party in the upcoming local elections in 2022.

    Described by local press as “Rinkeby’s mayor” and “the father of the town” by local media, Mohamed Hagi Farah has been involved in the Somali community in Rinkeby for years and was praised last December when he went into retirement.

    Johan Westerholm, the author of a book on Islamism in Sweden, told news website Nyheter Idag that the candidacy could pay off for the Islamic party and could threaten the Social Democrats.

    “Mikail Yüksel has been smart. He has sat down and calculated on which cities you have the chance to get in and so he has invested there,” Westerholm said.

    Westerholm noted the influence of local mosques and clans on voting in areas like Rinkeby that have high migration-background populations and stated that the Social Democrats would not be able to respond to such a party.

    “They call themselves a suburban party,” Westerholm said and added, “It’s the classic Islamist rubber language.”

    The Nyans party emerged in January this year, saying they wanted Muslims in Sweden to become recognized as a “special minority” in the same way the country recognizes Sami people and Jewish people.

    Party chairman Mikail Yüksel was formerly a member of the Centre Party but was kicked out after it emerged he had links to the Turkish ultranationalist Grey Wolves, a group that was recently banned in France after clashing with police and vandalising an Armenian genocide memorial.

    The Grey Wolves participated in a protest in the southern Swedish city of Malmo earlier this month following the French ban.

    Swedish-Kurdish author Kurdo Baksi commented on their appearance, saying: “I’ve checked and I don’t know that it’s ever happened before. It’s unusual. This is an organisation that in the ’80s hid in laundromats because they did not want to expose themselves.””

    • The retired Army Officer in the video has a very bad case of the “It Can’t Happen Here” delusions, he thinks that this is an ordinary election that we can reverse in 20 to 4 years. All of the regular readers know that this isn’t the case, if we let the Radical Left get away with this steal the next election will be even more crooked and we will have lost time and assets we need to ensure that freedom survives in the US.

  7. Health Dept, Sheriffs: ‘Civil Disobedience Starts Now’

    “Go get a warrant … This is private property.”
    By Amanda Prestigiacomo

    Nov 21, 2020

    It became apparent on Friday night that some business owners in Buffalo, New York, have had enough of the arbitrary coronavirus-related restrictions handed down by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo that are killing their establishments and hurting their employees.

    Gathered inside Athletes Unleashed gym in Orchard Park, a number of business owners refused to comply when a health department official and the Erie County Sheriff’s Department entered their facility. The business owners, who taped the interaction, told the health dept. official and the sheriffs to “go get a warrant” and leave their “private property.”

  8. Caucasus: Clash of Imperial Dreams

    by Amir Taheri
    November 22, 2020 at 4:00 am

    As the dust settles after the latest fighting in Transcaucasia we may be witnessing the shaping of a bigger disaster involving more parts of the Western Asian arch of instability spanning from the Caspian Basin to the Mediterranean.

    Let’s briefly recall what happened.

    Sometime in 2018, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan offered to help his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliev to reconquer the High Qarabagh enclave captured by neighboring Armenia in the early 1990s, soon after the disintegration of the Soviet Empire. A crash program of training and arming the newly created Azeri army was launched by Ankara, financed by Azerbaijan’s spiraling oil revenues. The fact that the so-called Minsk Trio, the United States, France and Russia, who guaranteed the status quo had lost interest in the whole thing enabled Erdogan to put the new and as yet fragile Azeri republic on a war footing with the help of over 100 Turkish advisers and some 300 Syrian jihadis forming part of a Turkish Foreign Legion.

    Meanwhile, successive Armenian governments, thinking that Russia will always be there to protect Armenia, as it had done since the 18th century, had neglected the new nation’s defense needs. Just over a month of fighting drove the Armenians onto the defensive and then defeat on various fronts. But when the Azeris and Turkish allies were swooning for the kill, Russia intervened by calling the leaders of Baku and Yerevan to Moscow to agree to a confused ceasefire that, while stopping the fighting, left the deep causes of the conflict untouched. In typical fashion of opportunist powers, Russia used the occasion to extend its military presence, already significant in Armenia, to Azerbaijan as well. Under the Moscow accord, a Russian “peacekeeping” force will seize control of the ceasefire line plus the borders of Azerbaijan and Armenia with Iran.

  9. Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests “Unreliable” & Quarantines “Unlawful”

    Important legal decision faces total media blackout in Western world

    n appeals court in Portugal has ruled that the PCR process is not a reliable test for Sars-Cov-2, and therefore any enforced quarantine based on those test results is unlawful.

    Further, the ruling suggested that any forced quarantine applied to healthy people could be a violation of their fundamental right to liberty.

    Most importantly, the judges ruled that a single positive PCR test cannot be used as an effective diagnosis of infection.

    The specifics of the case concern four tourists entering the country from Germany – all of whom are anonymous in the transcript of the case – who were quarantined by the regional health authority. Of the four, only one had tested positive for the virus, whilst the other three were deemed simply of “high infection risk” based on proximity to the positive individual. All four had, in the previous 72 hours, tested negative for the virus before departing from Germany.

    In their ruling, judges Margarida Ramos de Almeida and Ana Paramés referred to several scientific studies. Most notably this study by Jaafar et al., which found that – when running PCR tests with 35 cycles or more – the accuracy dropped to 3%, meaning up to 97% of positive results could be false positives.

    The ruling goes on to conclude that, based on the science they read, any PCR test using over 25 cycles is totally unreliable. Governments and private labs have been very tight-lipped about the exact number of cycles they run when PCR testing, but it is known to sometimes be as high as 45. Even fearmonger-in-chief Anthony Fauci has publicly stated anything over 35 is totally unusable.

    You can read the complete ruling in the original Portuguese here, and translated into English here. There’s also a good write up on it on Great Game India, plus a Portuguese professor sent a long email about the case to Lockdown Sceptics.

    The media reaction to this case has been entirely predictable – they have not mentioned it. At all. Anywhere. Ever.

    The ruling was published on November 11th, and has been referenced by many alt-news sites since…but the mainstream outlets are maintaining a complete blackout on it.

    The reddit Covid19 board actually removed the post, because it was “not a reliable source”, despite relying on the official court documents:

    Lookout for a forced and disingenuous “fact-check” on this issue from HealthFeedback or some other “non-partisan” outlet in the near future. But until they find some poor shlub to lend their name to it, the media blackout will continue.

    Whatever they say, this is a victory for common sense over authoritarianism and hysteria.

  10. twitter @AlexBerenson

    If you’d like to know how the US has reach 200,000 reported #sarscov2 deaths, the Milwaukee coroner’s office is a good place to start.
    It reports the (anonymized) death certificates of #Covid cases.

    Just a few of the most recent (sorry about the glare):

    + PIC

    Three in a row:
    A woman, 90, in renal and heart failure
    A man, 84, with prostate cancer, dementia, and heart disease
    A man, 88, with heart and renal failure, afib, diabetes, and Parkinson’s (yes, all five, can’t make it up).

    + PIC

    All in the first 20 cases. All called Covid.

    • Today is the last day of the deer hunt where I live. All the deer shot in this area died of COVID, even though there has never been a person with COVID.

      The numbers will be spiking now, Justine and Doug Ford will be pleased to inform us. The Great Reset – FTGR.

    • DAILY MAIL – Britons who test negative for Covid twice in a week are set to receive a ‘freedom pass’ under government scheme that will allow them to live a normal life

      It is hoped the scheme could allow Britons to go back to a relatively normal life
      To earn a freedom pass people will need to get a negative test twice a week
      Pass will allow you to mix with friends and family without distancing or masks

      Britons are set to be given Covid ‘freedom passes’ as long as they test negative for the virus twice in a week, it has been suggested.

      The details of the scheme are still being ironed out by officials in Whitehall, who hope it will allow the country to get back to normal next year.

      To earn the freedom pass, people will need to be tested regularly and, provided the results come back negative, they will then be given a letter, card or document they can show to people as they move around.

      The certificate would be stored on a phone, according to sources, and would allow people to live a relatively normal life until the government’s vaccination programme gets up to the speed.

      It would even allow Britons to get away without wearing a mask, it is thought, and visit family and friends without the need to socially distance.

      A source told the Telegraph: ‘They will allow someone to wander down the streets, and if someone else asks why they are not wearing a mask, they can show the card, letter or an App.’

      It comes after former health secretary Jeremy Hunt threw his backing behind the ‘freedom pass’ concept.

      His proposal suggests far less testing, however, with calls for Britons to be tested just once a month before being given their certificates.

      The former health secretary has called on ministers to come up with ‘proper incentives’ for people to get tested, self-isolate and receive a vaccine.

      His suggestion follows recommendations by behaviour experts advising Downing Street, who said those not infected with the virus should be handed paper wristbands to allow them to return to a more normal life.

      The Behavioural Insights team, also known as the ‘Nudge Unit’, also suggested lotteries at testing centres and paying for people’s travel if they go to get tested.

      Mr Hunt pointed to the example of Slovakia’s mass coronavirus testing scheme, where all the countries residents aged between ten and 65 – almost four million people – were swabbed for the virus over a single weekend.

      Those that tested negative were presented with a paper certificate and told they no longer needed to follow rules ordering them to stay home.

      Writing in The Times , the chair of Parliament’s Health and Social Care Committee said Britain should ‘go further’ to encourage more people to get tested for Covid-19.

      He warned although the country has a Plan A to end the pandemic – a vaccine – it also needs a watertight Plan B.

      ‘We should go further, offering people who comply with testing and isolation requirements a “freedom pass” that removes the requirement to follow lockdown regulations,’ he wrote.

      ‘In Slovakia they gave those with negative results a certificate that released them from curfew and allowed them to go out, shop, and go to work.

      ‘This meant 97 per cent of the eligible population was tested.

      ‘We should do the same in the UK, using the NHS Covid-19 app to record who has been tested and who has received the vaccine.’

      He added putting these plans in place would mean the Government could ‘set a date’ to get back to ‘some kind of normality’, which could be ‘perhaps as soon as Easter’.

      However, the government will have to carry out millions of tests per day to ensure either freedom pass scheme works.

      At the moment, testing capacity is at about 500,000 per day.

      The UK is also planning to roll out a nationwide mass testing scheme to beat the virus – called ‘Operation Moonshot’ – by weeding out infections that aren’t causing any symptoms.

      It is claimed that ministers were hoping to be carrying out up to 10 million tests a day by early next year as part of a £100 billion expansion of its national testing programme.

      If achieved, the programme would allow testing of the entire UK population per week.

      A similar scheme to the freedom passes was first suggested in April.

      At the time, Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, said: ‘(An immunity certificate) is an important thing that we will be doing and are looking at but it’s too early in the science of the immunity that comes from having had the disease.’

      ‘It’s too early in that science to be able to put clarity around that. I wish that we could but the reason that we can’t is because the science isn’t yet advanced enough.’

      It comes as it was revealed that the government is to give Britain a pre-Christmas boost by scrapping the 10pm curfew on pubs and restaurants.

      The Mail on Sunday understands that the Prime Minister intends to extend opening hours until 11pm when the second national lockdown ends on December 2. While last orders will still be called at 10pm, people will get an extra hour to finish drinks and meals.

      As well as helping the hospitality sector, the plan – expected to be accepted in a crunch Cabinet meeting this evening – will help prevent crowds congregating on the streets at kicking-out time.

      The 10pm curfew was widely criticised after its introduction in September and No 10 is determined to show it can both listen to its backbenchers and learn lessons when measures are unsuccessful. The proposal has widespread support. One Minister said: ’10pm last orders and being allowed to stay longer sounds eminently sensible.’

      Mr Johnson will on Monday tell the House of Commons and the nation in a televised address that lockdown will end, as promised, on December 2.

      The move by Westminster to extend the curfew in England is expected to put pressure on the devolved nations to follow suit.

      He will also set out details of a new winter plan to tackle Covid, including a revised three-tier structure for restrictions. The new framework will run until the spring in a move designed to give businesses and the public more confidence and clarity while work continues on approving vaccines and a mass immunisation project.

      There is growing confidence that positive results from a trial of a vaccine being developed by Oxford University and the pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca are ‘imminent’. Vaccines produced by Pfizer and the US firm Moderna have already been shown to be almost 95 per cent effective.

      One Government insider said: ‘There is a possibility that one day soon we will wake up and Brexit will be done and we’ll have the Oxford vaccine.’

      However, the revised tier system unveiled by Mr Johnson is expected to see more areas enter the highest third level. The final decision for which areas go into which tiers will be taken on Thursday.

      While almost all shops will be allowed to reopen, bookmakers and so-called ‘wet pubs’ that do not serve food may be required to remain closed in places with the highest infection rates. There may also be harsher controls on households mixing indoors. ‘The new Tier 3 will look a lot tighter than the old version,’ a Government source admitted.

      However, restrictions on playing sport are set to be relaxed, while Ministers are having detailed discussions about allowing crowds in open-air stadiums – but the main sticking point is how to get fans to and from the events without risking infection on public transport.

      Seeking to bolster confidence, Mr Johnson said in a speech yesterday: ‘My first message is ‘thank you’ for what you have done over the last very difficult eight months, my second is that there is hope on the horizon.’

    • CBC – Who would get a COVID-19 vaccine first and when?

      Dr. Caroline Quach-Thanh, chair of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, discusses how vulnerable populations will be prioritized when a COVID-19 vaccine rolls out.

      + comments on the YT page

  11. Whenever Twitter changes up something, I ask why. Is it competing with Tik Tok or with playing with “I spy”?

    Twitter Unleashes ‘Fleets’ With 24-Hour Life Span …!
    In initial tests of Fleets, Twitter users engaged more using the 24-hour expiring format than they would have using conventional tweets. True, Twitter is years behind Snapchat and Instagram in …

  12. German police arrest protesters during ‘silent march’ in Berlin

    Activists protesting the coronavirus lockdown have organized another ‘#silentmarch’ in #Germany’s #Berlin, angering the locals and provoking counter-demonstrations.

    Police made arrests as they dispersed a blockade on the path of the marchers.

    The organizers of the event insist that the “campaign of fear” launched by the government over the Covid-19 pandemic is infringing on their rights and must end.

    They are aiming for their protest to be as civilized as possible, with participants asked to wear face masks, abide by social distancing rules, and refrain from chanting any political slogans.

  13. Dominion Voting Systems Outside Spokesman Refutes Fraud Claims in 2020 Election on FOX News

    ( 9 min 35 )

    “We Would Love to See Any Evidence of Fraud – Nothing They Are Saying Is True” – Dominion Voting Systems Spokesman Refutes Fraud Claims

    • HPS – Leading Thinking

      Michael Steel


      Senior Advisor for Policy and Communications, Governor Jeb Bush Presidential Campaign

      Press Secretary, Speaker of the House John Boehner

      Press Secretary, 2012 Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan

      After nearly two decades working in journalism, on Capitol Hill and for political campaigns, Michael Steel joined Hamilton Place Strategies in 2016, where he advises a range of clients on strategic communications and public policy.

      Steel is also an adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy. He is a former Rankin Visiting Professor at the University of North Carolina’s School of Media and Journalism and currently serves on their Board of Advisors.

      Steel is a frequent guest on MSNBC, NPR, and Bloomberg TV and radio. He has written op-ed columns that have appeared in The Washington Post, The Washington Examiner, NBC’s ‘Think,’ and elsewhere. Steel is frequently quoted on Congressional and political issues, including in The Economist, Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, POLITICO, Roll Call, and The Washington Post.

      Before HPS, he was a senior policy and communications advisor for Governor Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign. Before that, Steel was the press secretary for Speaker of the House John Boehner. He was involved in debates over spending, taxes, health care, financial regulations, energy, and national security.

      During the 2012 Presidential election campaign, he served as Press Secretary to Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan and traveled with him throughout the campaign.

      Prior to working for Speaker Boehner, Steel was the Communications Director for Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee (which has jurisdiction over tax, trade, and health care policy) and the House Republican Policy Committee, in addition to serving as the Press Secretary for then-Reps. Jim McCrery of Louisiana and John Shaddegg of Arizona.

      He also assisted several political campaigns, including Governor Mitt Romney’s 2008 primary campaign and Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn’s first senate race.

      Before working on Capitol Hill, Steel was a journalist at National Journal, a leading publication covering politics and policy in Washington, DC. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and Columbia University’ s Graduate School of Journalism.

    • Lord Malloch Brown Revealed: The British Hand Behind the Coup Shows Its Scales Again

      Throughout the four-year drama of Russiagate, the hand of British intelligence has revealed itself continuously.

      From the obvious role of Sir Richard Dearlove and his former MI6 underling Christopher Steele who together played a driving role in shaping the dodgy dossier, to their involvement with Oxford Rhodes Scholar Strobe Talbott in composing, promoting and marketing the fraudulent dossier to targeted members of Congress and media, to British Ambassador Sir Darroch caught “flooding the zone” with British intelligence assets to shape Trump’s perception of the world, to the array of British entrapment operations that targeted Michael Flynn as early as 2014 in London… wherever one looks, the hand of British intelligence seems to be everywhere.

      While vast effort is made to downplay the British roots of the deep state by the media which tends to portray this problem from a partisan narrative of “democratic party corruption”, this sleight of hand misses the causal nexus and demands we believe that the tail truly wags the dog.

      The uncomfortable truth which many are either too afraid, lazy or corrupt to admit is that since the moment John F Kennedy died on November 22, 1963, both the Democratic and Republican Parties have undergone a slow take-over by this foreign parasite. The thing that has come to be known as the “deep state” was never based on one party or another, and never emanated from anything native to the Constitutional traditions of the US government itself as I outlined in my previous article “Understanding the Trifold Nature of the Deep State”.

      While the Republican party of George Bush was in power, this deep state had used its controls of computerized vote counting to rig elections in 2000 and 2004 in its favor as showcased brilliantly in the 2006 documentary Hacking Democracy. Later, when it was time for a controlled opposition to take power in 2008, it did the same thing under a different cast of characters.

      While one side of the unipolar world government agenda was driven by a view that the USA should forever be the primary global police force governing a zero sum system of perpetual war, with an unelected elite managing the system from above, the other side believed that the USA should surrender its claims to sovereignty to an international global body with unelected technocrats and financiers at the top managing the zero sum system of perpetual war from above.

      Notice the common denominator?

      Election Theft as Russiagate 5.0
      Now that it has become increasingly clear that mass election fraud has swept across the USA in an effort to accomplish what four years of Russiagate failed to achieve, yet another light has fallen upon the British hand behind Biden which aims to dissolve any nationalist spirit remaining in the embattled republic.

      As I outlined in my last report, the largest private computer voting system in the USA which services 30 states and 70 million voters was shown to be at the heart of the current election theft. In that article, it was made clear that Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company which dominates the USA’s private computerized voting systems and is closely tied to another larger company called Smartmatic.

      For those still out of the loop, Smartmatic furnishes voting machines and its software (backdoor codes and all) to governments all around the world and is highly enmeshed with the Clinton Foundation, Soros’ Open Society and Nancy Pelosi’s very own Chief of Staff.

      Not only that, but the key figure controlling Smartmatic is none other than Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a former vice chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds (2007), as well as Soros’ Open Society Institute and World Economic Forum, former Vice President at the World Bank (1995-1999), UN Administrator for Development (1999-2005), UN Deputy Secretary General and UK Minister of State for Africa, Asia and the UN (2007-2009). These are just a few hats he has worn in recent years which we will explore in greater detail.

      Lord Malloch Brown: Not Your Typical British Agent
      Through his lifelong affiliation with Soros, Lord Malloch Brown (Knight of the Order of St George and St Michael) played the role of color revolutionary godfather and key controller of such “technocrat friendly puppet leaders” as Corazon Aquino as well as her son Benigno Aquino III of the Philippines, Georgia’s George Saakashvili and even the hapless talking ego Barack Obama.

      After working through an extended “apprenticeship” under the cover of UN aid worker, and marauding journalist for the London Economist, Malloch Brown found himself working for a Washington consulting firm named Sawyer Miller in 1985. It was at this time Malloch Brown was deployed to become the advisor and speech writer to Philippine opposition leader Corazon (Cory) Aquino under the supervision of then Secretary of State George Shultz. Corazon was a darling of the western establishment but had the nearly impossible task of challenging the popular nationalist President Ferdinand Marcos who had steered his country into economic sovereignty in opposition to international financiers since his inauguration in 1965.

      Applying all of the arts of perception management and marketing, Malloch Brown took control of Aquino’s campaign transforming it into the “People Power Revolution” that was in many ways the first successful color revolution of our modern times. Knowing that votes would likely favor the incumbent Marcos, Malloch Brown wrote that he drafted Aquino’s victory speech before the elections and had her deliver it before votes were even finalized- and which accomplices in the media were all too happy to project publicly fueling the mythology that Corazon had won.

      Describing these events years later, Malloch Brown said: “An outstanding accomplishment during the Cory campaign was to produce an exit poll that indicated that she had won. It landed on the front page of the Inquirer and had a profound impact as it planted the idea that Aquino had won over Marcos… Marcos did not really recover after that. It was a very exciting experience to watch.”

      Malloch Brown failed to mention that the “polling station results” which produced the false perception that Corazon had won were manipulated by George Shultz’s local agents survey firms Social Weather Station, and Pulse Asia which have never been held accountable for their role in the anti-Marcos coup.

      Shock Therapy
      Soon after this “accomplishment”, Malloch Brown began working closely with George Soros on a number of projects that radically altered the world during the intense period of transition from a bi-polar to unipolar age.

      In 1993, Soros had only recently carried out a speculative attack on the British pound sterling which resulted in $1 billion profit to the Hungarian speculator while providing the UK with a convenient excuse to avoid walking into the Euro trap which it had set for other European targets entering into the “post-nation state epoch”. In 1994, Soros announced a $50 million grant for “democracy building” operations in Macedonia and Bosnia which Malloch Brown was hired to administer as part of the Shatalin Shock therapy agenda.

      From 1993-1994, Malloch Brown was part of the Soros Advisory Committee on Bosnia where advanced the Balkanization projects of the 1990s. In 1998, Malloch Brown also co-founded Soros’s International Criminal Court (ICC) after the duo had created the International Crisis Group (ICG) in 1994. These institutions served to 1) shape “international perception” of the causes and solutions to “crises”, real or fabricated and 2) advocate solutions that removed sovereignty in military and judicial affairs from sovereign nation states where they had been enshrined in the UN Charter, Nuremburg laws and UN Declaration of Human Rights, to supranational unelected organizations under the control of “experts”.

      As Vice President of the World Bank from 1995-1999 he took credit for transforming its image to a more democratic organization, and from 1999-2005 led in the creation of the Millennium Development Goals which increasingly tied UN funding to George Soros’ Open Society operations internationally (during his time in New York, Malloch Brown lived on an estate owned by Soros).

      R2P and More Color Revolution
      During this period, Malloch Brown was among the earliest advocates of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and did more than anyone else to incorporate the doctrine into United Nations “post-Westphalian” governance outlook in 2005 as UN Deputy Secretary General (2005-2006).

      Demonstrating his imperial outlook on March 2011, the self-proclaimed “pacifist” grew impatient of nations who were reticent to blow up Libya and wrote in the Financial Times: “declare victory and get on with ousting Gadhafi”.

      As co-chair of the International Crisis Group (which was born of seed money from Soros and on whose board of trustees sit Larry Summers, Joe Biden’s advisor Jake Sullivan and both George and Alexander Soros) Malloch Brown supported the narco-terrorist linked Kosovo Liberation Army which was also propped up by both the CIA and NATO during the Bosnia crisis coordinating closely with his Rhodes Scholar colleague Strobe Talbott who referred to Soros in 1995 as “a national resource—indeed, a national treasure.”

      Describing Talbott, Malloch Brown recently wrote: “Strobe Talbott, is a very old friend of mine and in some ways a similar sort of practitioner and theoretician of globalisation… As such he really understood the hidden back-story of modern politics, which always gets shoved out of view by the more familiar story of nation-states.”

      After bankrolling Georgia’s Rose Revolution in 2003 that put Soros’ Saakashvili in power, the Georgian state was rendered ungovernable due to a mix of vast incompetence and corruption. Here, Soros and Malloch Brown again came to the rescue by organizing a January 2004 event in New York that garnered $1.5 million for Georgian government reform programs (75% from Soros’ Open Society and 25% from the UN Development Program headed by Brown). The UNDP report justified the expense that was to pay Saakashvili’s salary as well as top government officials, and security forces when it said: “Georgia lacked the skilled professionals needed to design and execute sweeping reforms”.

      The fact that these actions led to the murder of 1,600 in South Ossetia (mostly Russians) in 2008 and nearly triggered WWIII should not be forgotten, nor should Saakashvili’s nefarious role as Governor of Odessa (2015-16) where the convicted felon protected neo Nazis of the Azov Battalion. Similarly, the strange rise in popularity of Saakashvili underway in Georgia should make anyone with half a brain more than a little concerned.

      Handler of Team Obama
      On February 24, 2008, Samantha Power, wiffe to Harvard behaviorist Cass Sunstein and soon-to-be Ambassador to the UN under Obama gave an interview to the London Times describing the Malloch Brown-Obama connection in glaring detail. In this interview, Power said: “The principal conduit between Britain and the Candidate [Obama] has been Lord Malloch Brown, the Junior Foreign Minister, whom Obama came to admire when he [Malloch Brown] was Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Obama was really taken with him. It’s a relationship that has persisted and they have talked a number of times since.”

      Indeed, Obama’s political career, like Saakashvili’s and Aquino’s, was always a creation of higher powers with Soros even providing the first $60,000 for Obama’s 2004 Senate run and then organizing the earliest fundraising parties for Obama’s Presidential run in 2007.

      Samantha Power herself attributed her career to Soros and Lord Brown saying in 2004: “My book and my research was utterly unsustainable on the free market. If I hadn’t been able to get a grant from George Soros and the Open Society Institute, there is no way I could have done the kind of investigative reporting I needed to do”.

      The Case of Cass Sunstein

      While Power spent her time in the UN fighting viciously to push a pre-emptive P2P humanitarian regime change on Libya and later Syria, her husband Cass Sunstein worked as an advisor to Obama from 2009-2012 and authored a paper addressing the dangerous rise of “conspiracy theories” which threaten his idea of good government. Sunstein wrote “the existence of both domestic and foreign conspiracy theories, we suggest, is no trivial matter, posing real risks” and recommended “a series of possible responses” which include cognitive infiltration of conspiracy groups by government agents.

      Additionally five options are developed by Sunstein:

      “(1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing. (2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories. (3) Government might itself engage in counter speech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories. (4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counter speech. (5) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help”

      On August 24, 2020 Sunstein was tapped to chair the World Health Organization’s Technical Advisory Group mandated with modifying global behaviour in compliance with the new norms of the pandemic world order. The WHO chief stated “In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries are using a range of tools to influence behavior: Information campaigns are one tool, but so are laws, regulations, guidelines and even fines…That’s why behavioral science is so important.”

      Lord Brown in the Obama Era

      In 2007, Malloch Brown left the UN to head up Soros’ Quantum Hedge Fund- a lucrative post which he soon left to join the British Foreign Office as Minister of State for Africa, Asia and the UN from 2007-2009.

      After leaving his position in the UK government in 2009, Lord Malloch Brown went on to consult oil companies and steer his International Crisis Group. By this time, the ICG had a near monopoly on drafting anonymously published reports of international crisis hotspots priding itself on maintaining armies of “on the ground” specialists who could profile all disputing parties and release their assessments on the international market. These reports have been used by governments, NGOs, corporations, and international bodies like the UN and have played a major role in shaping global policy and perceptions of the causes and remedies to conflict.

      Utilizing his expertise in vote fraud and perception management, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Malloch Brown soon found himself at the helm of SGO Corporation Ltd in 2014 which serves as a holding company whose main asset is Smartmatic voting technologies. Smartmatic sells itself as having “handled more than 3.7 billion votes over the past 14 years in election projects on five continents” and while it denies having activities directly on US soil, a screenshot from the Way Back Machine demonstrates a very different story.

      • Since 2010 Smartmatic has been found to have been at the heart of election fraud in Mexico, Venezuela, the USA, and the Philippines where the first Presidential election using this system resulted in the victory of Corazon Aquino’s son Benigno Aquino. After mountains of evidence have come to light of Smartmatic’s role in systemic fraud, the IBON Foundation called out Lord Brown as “a foreigner who has made a career out of influencing elections”.

        It is an irony of history that not only did Lord Malloch Brown install a second generation cardboard cutout into power in the Philippines, but deployed his voting system to undermine the popular Ferdinand Marco Jr in favor of the Liberal Party’s Leni Robredo during the 2016 elections. Luckily in the same year that Trump was to beat the system via his landslide popular victory in the USA, a similar victory occurred in opposition to all odds when nationalist President Duterte took office and later demanded the Philippines rid itself of Smartmatic tech.

        Lord Malloch Brown’s Ultimate Obsession

        Speaking to the World Government Summit of June 2020 alongside Cass Sunstein and an array of other Davos-creatures, Lord Malloch Brown expressed his disdain for the rise of the multipolar alliance led by Russia, China and Trump’s USA which has obviously endangered his life’s work. Malloch Brown hypocritically attacks China for being a regime which has no respect for individual rights and only a concern for “the many”, and then calls out the rise of authoritarian governments “Russia, China, India, Turkey, Hungary and the USA” which he believes must be stopped at all costs saying:

        “In the wider world a more authoritarian form of government is the new majority. It is not China alone. This “new majority” embraces leaders who come to power by the ballot box and those who didn’t, but who all share a preference for a nationalist foreign policy, the weakening of domestic institutions and the rule of law”

        Malloch Brown obviously felt very comfortable with his audience and assumed no one would think about the obvious hypocrisy of his admitting that these “new majority” nationalists often come to power “by the ballot box” and thus emblemize democratic principles, while his social engineering defense of individual liberties and freedom of choice always occurs outside of the democratic volition of the plebs who are obviously considered to dumb to know what is good for them and also at the expense of the many who must be sacrificed in wars, regime change and anarchy “for the greater good”.

        These hypocrisies were made even more obvious in a more recent October 26, 2020 keynote speech on the topic of the UN at 75: Slow Death or New Direction? In this speech, Lord Brown calls for the creation of reformed United Nation to avoid its obsolescence by getting rid of the Security Council which has prevented necessary humanitarian actions due to the insufferable veto held by Russia and China. When asked how the veto may be abolished, Lord Brown admits that nations will never aquiesce and so “the only way you’re going to get these entrenched members to embark on this is to make them largely irrelevant… we have to work around the security council.”

        How would anyone be expected to “work around the Security Council” you may ask?

        Here Lord Brown answers by calling for the empowerment of “civil society clusters” and “civil society mosaic” that can harness energy coalition of non-state actors. Brown states: “Building variegated coalitions of state and non-state actors willing to be first movers on different parts of this agenda is not a new path to action in the UN. Now it needs to be turbo charged. The world won’t wait for the most plodding and resistant nations to sign up to action”.

        Calling the UN Human Rights Council “not fit for purpose” due to its “steady capture” by Russia, China and Cuba who won seats on the body this year, Lord Brown lamented the greatest threat to his vision for a post-national world: “the failures we all individually made pale compared to just the fact that nation states have ultimately- particularly the bigger and more powerful ones- resisted conceding power and sovereignty and decision making to this multilateral body.”

        This is the British hand behind the current phase of Russiagate 5.0 which has come closer to its objectives of running an American coup than at any other moment during the past four years. This is the vision of a dystopic post-nation state world order managed by mis-anthropic technocrats who wish to lord over a technetronic feudal dark age in the 21st century and beyond. As much as it might disappoint you to hear this, but at this moment, the most important thing standing in the way of this anti-human world order and your future is the embattled President Trump who requires the serious support of an awakened, informed and active citizenry.

        In a future segment we will look more closely at the figure of the late Maurice Strong and the self-induced destruction of western civilization over the past 50 years, and also the battle to resist a bankers’ coup in Britain over 300 years ago which holds peculiar lessons for our current age.


        Smartmatic denies being favored by COMELEC

        ( 10 min 34 )

        Smartmatic rejects claims it is being favored by the Commission on Elections. Smartmatic Chairman Lord Mark Malloch-Brown maintains they’ve been complying with existing election laws.

    • twitter @kylenabecker

      Smartmatic & Dominion are tied.

      “The fact is, yes, part of our technology is licensed through Dominion.”

      This is according to former Smartmatic Chairman Lord Mark Malloch-Brown.

      + video

      twitter @InversionesSaen

      Mark Malloch Brown was Vice President of Soros organizations: Quantum Fund and Open Society Foundations, and is a member of the Global Board.

      Creator of the disastrous International Crisis Group and is a member of its Executive Committee and Co-Chairman of the Board of Trustees

      The Chairman of Smartmatic is Mark Malloch Brown, a member of the British House of Lords and a former Vice President of the World Bank. He was also Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations in 2006 and Minister of the United Kingdom (2007-2009.

      2017 – Associated Press – Election company: Venezuela result was tampered

      (2 Aug 2017) The turnout figures in Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly election were “tampered with”, the director of a company that provides electoral support services to the country said on Tuesday.

      Speaking in London, Antonio Mugica, the CEO and Director of Smartmatic, said the company estimated “the difference between the actual participation and the one announced by the authorities is at least one million votes”

      Smartmatic was a company created by Venezuelans in Caracas providing electronic voting machines to the late President Hugo Chavez. In recent years it has branched out to provide the same services to countries across the world, while continuing to provide support for elections in Venezuela.

      Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called the vote for the constitutional assembly in May after weeks of protests fed by anger at his government over food shortages, triple-digit inflation and high crime.

      Many people accuse the ruling party of corruption and mismanagement.
      Tensions have escalated since government-allied electoral authorities said more than eight million people voted on Sunday, a turnout figure that was disputed by the opposition and independent analysts and condemned by many nations in the region and beyond.

      + comments on the YT page

  14. USA: “Unfair” Paris climate accord was designed to “kill” US economy – Trump at G20

    US President Donald Trump defended his withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, calling it ‘unfair and one-sided’ during his recorded speech for the G20 summit, in Washington DC on Sunday.

  15. China: Xi urges G20 nations to strengthen response to climate change

    Chinese President Xi Jinping called for G20 countries to strengthen their response to climate change, as he remotely addressed the G20 members on Sunday.

    “G20 should continue to take the lead in tackling climate change, We need to follow the guidance of the UNFCCC, and push for the full and effective implementation of the Paris agreement on climate change,” he declared.

    Citing China as the country with “the world’s biggest clean energy system,” Xi pledged to be carbon neutral by 2060.

    “China will pursue clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient use of energy and accept the growth of new energy and green industries to promote greener economic and social development in all respects,” Xi stated.

  16. London bloodbath: Man stabbed dead at West London cemetery – police make arrest (express, Nov 22, 2020)

    “POLICE and emergency services have rushed to the scene of a fatal stabbing at Kensal Green Cemetery on Harrow Road at around 2pm today.

    Police found a man who had been stabbed. Despite trying to be revived by the first responders, the man died at the scene. The police have released no further details about the victim, however, they are trying to trace his next of kin.

    There has been one arrest, a 50-year-old, who is now in police custody.

    Police officers are guarding the crime scene.

    A spokesperson for the Met Police said: “Police were called at 2 pm on Sunday, November 22 to Harrow Road, Kensal Green to reports of a stabbing.

    “Officers, London Ambulance Service and London Air Ambulance attended and found a man, no further details, suffering from stab injuries.

    “Despite the efforts of emergency services he was pronounced dead at the scene.”

    The Met Police added: “Enquiries are ongoing to trace his next of kin.

    “A 50-year-old man has been arrested in connection with this incident and is in police custody.

    “Officers remain in the area as enquiries continue.”

    Reports from the scene earlier today said that members of the public within the cemetery when the police arrived were not allowed to leave.

    Speaking to MyLondon a witness said: “The police were letting people out and taking details.”

    One witness said armed police came to the scene.

    A cordon was set up by police at one entrance to the cemetery.

    More to follow…”

  17. More than 2,000 adult asylum seekers have been caught lying about their age and pretending to be children, figures reveal (dailymail, Nov 22, 2020)

    “More than 2,000 adult asylum seekers arriving in the UK have lied about their age to be processed less harshly in the system as children.

    Of the 3,755 ‘children’ investigated over their age by UK immigration since 2015 more than half were found to have been lying.

    Latest Home Office figures reveal that 2,203 cases resulted in the migrant’s age being verified as over 18, which can mean they are processed more harshly by the system.

    Asylum seekers who are genuine child victims of war, terror and humanitarian disasters, will have the right to financial help with accommodation up until they are 25.

    Those who are over 18 will still receive state funding if their application for asylum is successful, however the majority do not have the right to work in the UK meaning they must live off the small cash support of £37.75 per person, per week – £5.39 a day.

    If a refugee does not have a birth certificate or other travel documents, a Home Office screening officer must decide whether or not they are a child based on their ‘physical appearance and demeanour’.

    Unless the person appears ‘significantly’ over 18, they should be ‘afforded the benefit of the doubt and treated as children’ until they are age-assessed by local council social workers, official rules state.

    This is to avoid the risk of a child migrant accidentally being placed in adult accommodation or detention.

    But on some occasions it meant adults were treated as children, potentially posing a risk to school pupils, foster families or children in care.

    A Home Office spokesperson said: ‘We are fixing our broken asylum system to make it firm and fair. We will seek to stop abuse of the system while ensuring it is compassionate towards those who need our help, welcoming people through safe and legal routes.’

    Last month a school pupil who was claimed by parents of other pupils to ‘look 40 years old’ was placed into a school by local authorities in Coventry.

    The school pupil who is said to have recently moved to Britain from West Africa was claimed by parents to have a receding hairline.

    Photographs emerged in October purporting to show the asylum seeker student, following concerns raised by his fellow pupils after he joined their school in Coventry.

    The city council had to write to parents to reassure them about the situation – and the school said it has been able to verify the pupil’s age, but did not explain how.

    Home Office statistics show Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Sudan had the most adult asylum seekers claiming to be children in 2020. “

  18. Pakistan says soldier, 4 militants killed in border shootout (abcnews, Nov 22, 2020)

    “Pakistan’s military said a soldier and four militants were killed Sunday in a shootout during a raid near the border with Afghanistan.

    The military said two soldiers were also injured during the raid in the Spinwam area of North Waziristan, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

    North Waziristan served as a headquarters for local and foreign militants until 2017, when the army said it had cleared the mountainous region of insurgents following several operations. The region still sees sporadic attacks, mainly targeting security forces.

    Such incidents have raised fears that the Pakistani Taliban are regrouping.

    Separately, in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, a Pakistani official said Indian cross-border firing killed a 7-year-old girl and wounded 10 villagers.

    Umar Azam, the deputy commissioner of Kotli district in Pakistani-administered Kashmir, said Pakistani troops returned fire across the border.

    There was no immediate comment from India…”

  19. United Nations Tells European Union to Give Vaccines to Migrants (breitbart, Nov 22, 2020)

    “The UN Migration Agency, or International Organization for Migration (IOM), appeared to call on European Union member-states to ensure all migrants in their territory receive coronavirus vaccines, regardless of legal status.

    “When we have now news about a vaccine, the challenge that EU European member states are confronted with, is to guarantee access to the vaccine to everybody that is in your territory, not just your citizens, but also all the refugees, displaced people and migrants that are in Europe,” argued Antonio Vitorino, the United Nations agency’s director-general — seeming to suggest that Europe’s largely publicly-funded health services shoulder the cost of vaccinating all migrants, not just those with legal status as refugees.

    “It is for the sake of their safety and well-being of the entire host communities’ in the countries taking them in,” Vitorino said.

    “No-one is safe until everybody is safe,” he insisted, going on the suggest that the pandemic has been increasing migration flows, with the Sahel region of Africa, in particular, “exploding”.

    Asylum seekers and illegal migrants in Europe have not always accepted the free services and facilities extended to them with gratitude.

    In Britain, which is not technically an EU member-state but remains a member in all but name as the Brexit “transition” period continues, migrants housed in an open camp on a British military base in Wales recently protested that their free accommodation was like a “prison”.

    Migrants at another former military barracks expressed their displeasure with the accommodation more forcefully, attempting to break down the fences around the camp.

    Before the camps opened, migrants had been — and many continue to be — hosted in hotels at great expense, although even this was considered to be insufficiently generous by many migrants and pro-migration organisations.

    At a hotel in Glasgow, for example, an incident in which a resident launched a brutal knife attack on several people, including a police officer, was followed by activists revealing that he had complained of being “very hungry”.

    According to the left-wing Guardian, migrants at the hotel had been provided with “three meals a day” along with “basic toiletries and a laundry service” and free WiFi, but Kurdish Community Scotland activist Ako Zada explained that “people were complaining at getting the same spaghetti and macaroni cheese all the time. It wasn’t culturally appropriate for them.”

    Hundreds of people broke the coronavirus regulations to attend the funeral of the knifeman, who was killed by officers responding to his attack.”

  20. More troubling ties between Hunter Biden’s business associates, Chinese Communist Party
    By Rusty Weiss November 22, 2020

    Two Senate Republicans released a supplemental report that alleges millions of dollars in questionable financial transactions between Hunter Biden and associates with ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the Russian government.

    Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) released the information on Wednesday.

  21. US Power Eroding in Face-Off with Iranian Resistance: IRGC Chief

    “The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps highlighted the US’ shrinking sphere of influence, depleting power, and successive defeats in confrontation with the Islamic Republic’s resistance for more than forty years.

    In a meeting of IRGC commander in Tehran on Sunday, Major General Hossein Salami said the US government is not known as a superpower anymore, as it is “aging” and its power has been depleted.

    Like a person on a diet and suffering from osteoporosis, the US has been shattered from inside and Washington’s external influence has also dwindled and its range of operation has been restricted, the commander added.

    Highlighting the major economic problems that have plagued the US and the waning American military power, General Salami said the “robust eroding resistance” from Iran over the past four decades has pulled the US out of its strategic base, grappled with it, and defeated Americans several times.

    The undeniable fact is that the US, as the symbol of Western power, is experiencing a downfall, he said…”

  22. Iran’s Ghaani in Baghdad to Maintain Truce between Iraqi Factions, Washington

    “The head of the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force, Esmail Ghaani, had arrived in Baghdad last Tuesday and has been meeting with a number of senior Iraqi officials dealing directly with the issue of armed factions, a well-informed source told Asharq Al-Awsat.

    Ghaani and Iraqi officials discussed the truce that was announced by the militants prior to the US presidential election, the source added.

    Iraqi militias backed by Iran have agreed to temporarily halt attacks targeting the American presence in Iraq, on the condition that US-led coalition troops withdraw from the country in line with a parliamentary resolution.

    Last week, however, several missiles were fired at different areas in Baghdad’s Green Zone, targeting the US embassy. The attacks killed an Iraqi child and wounded others.

    Major armed factions close to Iran in Iraq denied responsibility for launching such missiles and condemned the attacks.

    Kataib Hezbollah, a prominent paramilitary in the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), described the assaults as “amateur.”

    While Asaib Ahl al-Haq leader Qais Khazali denied responsibility for the attack, he confirmed that the truce with the Americans was over.

    Although Ghaani’s visit to Iraq is reportedly focusing on reaching understandings with armed factions to maintain the truce despite recent violations, the Iranian commander met with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustapha al-Kadhimi and conveyed Tehran’s support for his government.

    Discourse on the truce remains inconsistent, even among Shiite political blocs that are considered close to the Iran-aligned factions.

    Some say that the truce was purely an Iraqi initiative taken by the factions, while others believe that it emanated from Iranian pressure.

    Tehran allegedly was trying to avoid giving the Trump administration an opportunity to target Iran under the pretext of attacks led by the factions.

    Some even linked the ceasefire to a meeting joining Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, the UN envoy to Iraq, and Abdulaziz al-Mohammadawi, the deputy head of the PMF.

    Fatah Alliance politician Ghadanfar al-Batikh, in recent statements, debunked rumors of a new truce being shored up by Iranian mediation.

    Even though he said that there will be no renewal of the truce, al-Batikh asserted that all parties are trying to de-esclate tensions in the country.”

  23. Two Algerian Parties Say France ‘Part of Africa’s Problems’

    “Two prominent Algerian parties condemned “France’ interference in the internal affairs of its former colonies,” in response to the recent comments of President Emmanuel Macron on the relations between Turkey and Russia with African countries and the Hirak movement.

    Speaking to “Jeune Afrique,” Macron accused Turkey and Russia of spreading anti-French sentiments in Africa by playing on “post-colonial resentment.”

    “We must not be naive on this subject: many of those who speak, who make videos, who are present in the French-speaking media are funded by Russia or Turkey,” Macron told the magazine.

    Macron was referring to the protests in some African countries, following his statements about a “plan to combat Islamist separatism in France,” which he launched after a French teacher was killed in October.

    In response, President of the Rally for Culture and Democracy Mohcine Belabbas denounced Macron’s statement, saying the frequent interventions in the sovereign decisions of African countries are the problem.

    “Post-colonial France is part of our problem, as well as being part of the painful past of Algeria and Africa. Algeria and Africa cannot remain forever in a state of dependency, to serve new colonial interests,” he argued.

    Belabbas called on African leaders, especially elected ones, to cancel their participation in the Africa-France Summit, saying they were summoned to participate as rulers who follow France’s orders.

    Belabbas, who is considered one of the fiercest opponents of the Algerian authorities, denounced Macron’s statements regarding Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune and the Hirak movement.

    He said that Macron announced France’s readiness to help Tebboune during the “transition period.”

    In the interview, Macron described him as a “brave leader,” saying countries and state institutions can’t be changed in a few months.

    Asked about the Hirak, the French President said that there is a desire for stability, especially in rural areas, stressing that everything must be done to ensure a successful transition process.

    Tebboune has recently praised Macron, saying the French President is willing to develop relations with Algeria by overcoming the “colonial past” and head towards a promising future for both countries.

    Member of the Islamist party Movement of Society for Peace Nasser Hamdadouche accused France of always finding a way to return to its old habits by interfering in the internal affairs of its former colonies.

    He indicated that France’s behavior shows that it does not recognize the independence or sovereignty of these countries.

    Hamdadouche called on the Algerian authorities to take a firm, honest and strong stance against this French intervention.”

  24. Houthis Accused of Committing Thousands of Children’s Rights Violations

    “At a time when dangers threatening Yemeni children are escalating, in terms of pandemics, malnutrition, and deprivation of education, government reports have accused Iran-backed Houthi militias of committing thousands of children’s rights violations that included torture and forced recruitment.

    The Yemeni government’s Sanaa-based human rights office documented 24,488 children’s rights violations in the Houthi-run city between November 2019 and November 2020.

    “Militia violations against children included murder, kidnapping, physical assault, forced recruitment, looting and storming of health and educational institutions, and the establishment of sectarian activities and events,” said the director of the Sanaa human rights office, Fahmi al-Zubairi.

    Zubairi urged the international community and organizations to take a serious stance on protecting Yemeni children from gross violations carried out by Houthi militias.

    Last Friday, the National Committee to Investigate Human Rights Violations (NCHRV) concluded closed hearing sessions with victim children on major violations of the six human rights during armed disputes.

    NCHRV member Ishraq al-Maqtari, in official statements, said that the committee commenced its sessions early this November and listened to 12 children who are victims of torture, disfigurement, rape, kidnapping and recruitment.

    The committee also listened to the children’s parents, said al-Maqtari, pointing out that the sessions included testimonies from children and their relatives on details of violation incidents and perpetrators and the testimonies unearthed the violations and names and bodies standing behind them.

    Maqtari said that since last November, the committee has investigated 661 cases of children who were victims of bombings, mutilation, mine explosions, forced recruitment, torture, and sexual violence.

    She also verified that investigative mechanisms pursued by NCHRV are designed to reach the truth and to analyze patterns of human rights violations that encroached on the basic rights of children.

    Maqtari expressed deep concern about the scale of violations and abuses that children suffer in Yemen and called on all warring parties in Yemen to immediately cease all violations of international laws.”

  25. 6 Arab Countries Take Part in Joint Military Drill in Egypt

    “A military drill involving six Arab countries kicked off in Egypt on Sunday.

    The “Sword of the Arabs” (Seif al-Arab) exercise was launched in the Northern Military Region.

    It includes forces from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain, Sudan and hosts Egypt.

    The exercise is part of efforts to develop relations and strengthen military cooperation between Egypt and Arab countries, read a statement by the Egyptian armed forces.

    The drill will conclude on November 26.”

  26. ‘The French government has no right’: CAIR slams Macron’s ‘ultimatum’ to Muslims

    “The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) condemned French President Emmanuel Macron’s “attempt to dictate the principles of the Islamic faith” to French Muslim leaders, and his demand they “falsely state that Islam is an ‘apolitical religion'”.

    Macron on Wednesday gave the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM) two weeks to draw up a charter of “republican values” with which its member organisations and affiliates would be expected to comply, amid a row over Islam’s place in the country.

    Macron warned that “if some do not sign this charter, we will draw the consequences from that”.

    CAIR, the largest Muslim civil rights organisation in the United States, slammed the ultimatum on Thursday, declaring that “the French government has no right to tell Muslims or any other religious minority how to interpret their own faith”.

    The order also seeks to put an end to foreign involvement in French mosques, and establish a “National Council of Imams”.

    ‘Hypocritical and dangerous’
    “President Macron must reverse course before his nation returns to the colonial racism and religious bigotry that haunted so many European nations for centuries. President Macron is turning ‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité’ into ‘repression, inequality and division’,” CAIR executive director Nihad Awad said, referring to the national motto of France.

    Macron’s order is a stated attempt to tackle “extremism”, and he has said that the move is part of an effort to centralise the formation and accreditation of Muslim religious leaders in the country.

    Still, CAIR denounced it as “hypocritical and dangerous”, warning American Muslims against travelling to France.

    The US-based organisation accused France of having a long history of oppressing its Muslim population.

    “Over the past 20 years, France has implemented numerous laws designed to limit and punish the free exercise of religion, especially among Muslims. France has banned students, teachers, and public servants, from wearing visible signs of their faith, including hijabs, at school or at work,” CAIR pointed out in its statement.

    Macron’s plans have been criticised by some from domestic Muslim communities, as well as by international organisations. His decree follows the killing of schoolteacher Samuel Paty, who was slain in October after showing his class a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad in a class on freedom of speech. Another attack in the city of Nice left three dead that same month.

    Weeks earlier, the French president sparked controversy during a speech in which he called Islam “a religion in crisis” and vowed to crack down on alleged Muslim “separatism”, resulting in international protests and a boycott of French products.

    A draft law on “separatism” is expected to be presented to the French cabinet on 9 December.

    Accrediting Muslim leaders?
    Macron has also indicated that he wants about 300 imams from countries including Turkey, Morocco and Algeria currently working in France to leave the country within four years.

    Unlike Catholicism or the Greek Orthodox Church, Islam does not have centralised leadership, which may complicate French efforts to consolidate training and accreditation of religious community leaders.

    While the degree of qualifications expected from imams may vary from one country or area to another, in practice, sufficiently knowledgeable individuals can lead prayers and religious rites without formal training.

    The planned National Council of Imams would reportedly require different levels of qualifications – including fluency in French and university degrees – depending on whether one leads prayers, gives sermons or engages in public speaking.

    It remains unclear what consequences will face imams and organisations that do not abide by the future charter. However, AFP reported that, under the planned national council, imams would receive a type of accreditation card that could be granted or rescinded based on their adhesion to the charter.”

  27. Syrian regime killed 98 people in Daraa

    “The Syrian regime has tortured 98 people in the last two years violating the 2018 Daraa agreement, according to local sources, Anadolu reports.

    The regime tortured many people who resided in Daraa and applied for amnesty based on the agreement, local sources told Anadolu Agency.

    Those tortured included about 40 former soldiers who left the Syrian army when the civil war began.

    According to the Syria TV news website, a former police officer, Muaz Ata El-Samidi, who applied to the regime for amnesty was executed on Saturday. His family was asked to take his body…”

  28. Cops nab three ‘terrorists’

    “The Malir City police arrested three alleged terrorists on Saturday, seizing explosives, grenades and material used in making bombs from their possession.

    According to a police spokesperson, law enforcers nabbed Shaikh Muhammad Moinuddin, his brother Arbaz alias Aryan and Areeb alias Bilal during a raid at a house in Steel Town after receiving a tip-off.

    He said the confiscated items included two grenades, 90 grammes of explosive material, 1,005 ball bearings, 25 kilogrammes of nails and other similar items.

    The spokesperson further claimed the arrested men had gathered in the city in order to carry out a major terrorist act, but their plans were foiled. Moreover, he stated that Moinuddin was the brother of notorious terrorist Mumtaz alias Firaun, adding that they had both been arrested in 2013, but Mumtaz escaped Karachi Central Jail with an accomplice, Ahmed alias Munna, in 2017, while Moinuddin fled to Afghanistan after being released on bail. According to him, Mumtaz was killed by the Frontier Corps in 2018, while an FC official was also martyred. Ahmed is still on the run.

    The police said Mumtaz and Ahmed were involved in targeted attacks on police officials and sectarian killings.

    Furthermore, the spokesperson said Areeb confessed to killing two police officials in Orangi Town in 2019 and fleeing to Afghanistan after that.”

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