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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Egypt: French FM professes “deep respect” for Islam in Cairo

    French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said his country had a “deep respect” for Islam, during a visit to Cairo on Sunday following weeks of backlash across the Muslim world over France’s defence of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

    “I affirmed and I affirm here the deep respect that we have for Islam,” Le Drian said following a meeting with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry. “I also recall, and it is evident to me, that France’s Muslims are part of the history and the identity of the French Republic.”

    “What we are fighting is terrorism, it is the hijacking of religion, it is extremism,” Le Drian continued. “Egyptians know it better than anyone, since they have lived it in their flesh and in their recent history. It is therefore together that we must face this fight.”

    Along with holding talks with Shoukry and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Le Drian Sunday also met with Grand Imam of al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayeb, Egypt’s top Muslim authority.

    • French minister, in Cairo, affirms respect for Islam in dispute over cartoons

      CAIRO (Reuters) – The French foreign minister asserted his country’s “profound respect for Islam” during a visit to Cairo on Sunday in a dispute with the Muslim world over France’s defence of the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad.

      Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian’s visit comes in the wake of several attacks in France apparently provoked by anger over the defence of the caricatures, considered blasphemous by Muslims, as freedom of expression.

      After meeting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, Le Drian said an “anti-French” campaign in the Muslim world had often been the result of a distortion of French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments on the issue.

      “We have a first principle which is the highest respect for Islam,” Le Drian told reporters. “I also want to say that Muslims are fully part of society in France.

      “The second message is that we’re confronted by a terrorism threat, fanaticism, on our soil but also elsewhere, and this battle is a common battle.”

      Le Drian said he had a long exchange marked by “great frankness” with Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, who heads al-Azhar, Cairo’s thousand-year-old seat of Sunni Muslim learning.

      “I noted numerous points of divergence in our analyses. I told the Grand Imam how much we need a voice of balance, tolerance and moderation,” Le Drian told reporters.

      French officials later said Le Drian had meant to say “convergence”, not “divergence”.

      The only battle France was fighting with Egypt and other countries was against extremism, Le Drian said.

      “The Grand Imam suggested that we work together to deepen this common convergence.”

      In a written statement about the meeting,Tayeb said he had stressed that any insult against the prophet was unacceptable.

      “I am the first to protest against freedom of expression if this freedom offends any religion, not just Islam,” he said.

      “We refuse to describe terrorism as Islamic,” he added. “Al-Azhar represents the voice of nearly two billion Muslims, and I said that terrorists do not represent us, and we are not responsible for their actions.”

    • He just mentioned the ones that have received the most publicity, before the counting is over PT will win an electoral collage landslide and a lot of Dems are going to be running for cover.

  2. Watch: Nearly 2,500 African Migrants Arrive in Italy in Just 5 Days (breitbart, Nov 9, 2020)

    “In the first five days of November, 2,462 irregular immigrants landed in Italy despite strict new anti-COVID regulations, Italian media reported Monday.

    One video circulating on social media shows a large rubber dinghy loaded with young African males preparing to land in Lampedusa. The migrants smile and one young man waves a scarf with “Italia” written on it. The voice of someone off camera encourages them to look happy and invites them to repeat the words “freedom, freedom, Italy, freedom.”

    According to official statistics, 29,952 irregular migrants have arrived in Italy by sea since the beginning of 2020, but no one knows exactly how many moved on to other European countries, how many were repatriated, and how many remained in Italy. As of this date in 2019, fewer than a third as many irregular migrants (9,944) had disembarked in Italy.

    In the five years from 2014 to 2019, 498,524 migrants applied for asylum in Italy, claiming to be fleeing from threats to life and freedom, from wars and persecution, and asserting the legal status of refugees and all have been included in the reception system that offers them free food, clothing, healthcare, lodging, Italian lessons, and 35 euros a day in petty cash for small expenses until their request is definitively approved or rejected.

    Asylum seekers also benefit from interpreters, cultural mediators, legal operators, social workers and other professionals considered useful for their psychophysical well-being. In the case of unaccompanied minors, social educators, children’s rights experts, and a legal guardian are added.

    If the outcome of the asylum request is positive, the asylum seeker obtains international protection, has the right to reside in Italy and to enter a six-month integration program that can be extended for another six months.

    If the outcome is negative, the applicant has 30 days to appeal to the Supreme Court, a practice entirely paid by the state including legal fees, interpreters, and cultural mediators.

    Between 2015 and 2019, 435,068 asylum requests were submitted, and of these 430,382 were examined and processed. Legal refugee status was granted to 8 percent of applicants and subsidiary protection to 10 percent.

    Therefore, a total of 18 percent — less than one in five — of asylum seekers obtained international protection, leading the leader of Italy’s Lega party to describe the vast majority as “fake refugees.”

    Many of the migrants arriving on Italian shores flee the system and simply disappear. One of these, a 21-year-old Tunisian named Brahim Issaoui, notoriously arrived on the island of Lampedusa on September 20, then proceeded to the southern Italian city of Bari before traveling north to Nice, France.

    On 29 October, Mr. Issaoui entered the Basilica of Notre Dame in Nice brandishing a knife and a copy of the Quran and proceeded to stab three people to death while repeating “Allahu akhbar” (Allah is greater). The man was shot by local police and is currently hospitalized in Nice and has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.”

    • Once Trump is safely in the White House for 4 more years the left is really going to go crazy, and China will have to decide if they are going to accept economic collapse and oblivion or start a war. My guess is start a war, a war that will see China us bio weapon to do a lot of damage.

  3. Keep calm and carry on, President Trump won the election. At the end of the rainbow there will be no mail-in President, No matter how many times Cavuto, Wallace, Williams, and the rest of the collaborators tell you Biden won. 2 + 2 is not five and there is absolutely no way 136,000 ballots could be for one person.

  4. AUSTRIA – ‘A strike against breeding ground for extremism’: Austrian police arrest 30 people with suspected links to Islamist groups

    The Austrian authorities have conducted sweeping raids across the country against people with suspected ties to extremist groups. The operation took place a week after a deadly terrorist attack in Vienna.

    As part of the action, dubbed Operation Ramses, police searched 60 apartments, houses, and businesses early on Monday morning. The raids were carried out in Vienna and the regions of Styria, Carinthia, and Lower Austria.

    The authorities have arrested 30 people with suspected links to the Islamist groups Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. According to the prosecutor’s office in the city of Graz, more than 70 suspects are being investigated for possible ties to terrorist organizations.

    “We have succeeded in striking against the breeding ground for extremism,” Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told reporters after the raids.

    Integration Minister Susanne Raab said the action against the Muslim Brotherhood was aimed at preventing “the spread of extremist ideas in Austria,” and showed that the country is “serious about the fight against radical, extremist ideologies.”

    The prosecutor’s office clarified that Monday’s raids had “no connection” with the terrorist attack in Vienna last week. On November 2, a gunman killed four people in the Austrian capital before being shot dead by police. The perpetrator was a 20-year-old man of Albanian origin and an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) sympathizer who had previously been convicted for trying to join the militants in Syria.

    Sixteen people were arrested in Austria immediately after the attack. Similar raids were carried out in neighboring Germany and Switzerland, where police detained several people with links to the perpetrator in the Vienna shooting.

  5. Copied this interesting comment from another site. Is it true?:

    This is going to the Supreme Court where they will rule the election is invalid due to fraud or mistakes on a country wide scale. It will go one of two ways, either they will rule that all the unconstitutional mail in ballots will be removed and the states ordered to recount without them or they will simply rule the election is invalid due to mass voter fraud and at that point it will be sent to the congress and senate for a vote.

    This is where it gets good. The House/Congress votes on who the President will be. It has nothing to do with what party that has power. Every state gets one vote and 30 states are held by Republicans / 19 by Democrats.

    They have to vote down party lines, they have no choice due to the 12th Amendment of the Constitution and the Senate votes for the Vice President where a similar event will take place. This is The Law. This is why the Democrats are so mad at Nancy Pelosi. This will happen in January. The only way President Trump won’t be president is if he concedes the election and that will never happen.

    So stop watching the fake news and don’t let your heart be troubled and live your life knowing this will all work out. Another fun fact is when they called Gore the President elect back in 2000 until the courts ruled against him and declared Bush the winner –– the two people that were part of that decision was none other than new Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. Why do you think the Democrats tried so hard to keep them from being confirmed.

  6. Iran Will ‘Punish’ US for Killing Soleimani Even if Trump Steps Down, Country’s Judiciary Chief Says (sputniknews, Nov 9, 2020)

    “In early January, top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani was killed in a US drone strike, which further exacerbated the Tehran-Washington tensions that have persisted since the Trump administration’s unilateral withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018.

    Iran’s judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi has signalled Tehran’s resolve to avenge the US killing top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani regardless of who takes office after the 3 November presidential election.

    The official results of the vote are yet to be announced, but Democrat Joe Biden has already been projected by major American news networks as the winner.

    Speaking at a session of the judiciary’s Supreme Council on Monday, Raisi made it clear that Iran will not give up its drive to punish all those responsible for Soleimani’s assassination even if President Donald Trump steps down.

    Raisi slammed Trump as a “terrorist” who had the Iranian general’s blood on his hands, also dubbing Soleimani’s killing a cruel action not only against the Iranian nation, but all regional and Muslim countries as well.

    He spoke after Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underscored in September that “the book” on the possibility of retaliating for the US assassination of the Iranian general is “not closed”….”

  7. Bangladeshi Teen Arrested As Possible Accomplice to Vienna Terrorist (breitbart, Nov 9, 2020)

    “An 18-year-old Bangladeshi was taken into custody by Austrian police on the belief that he may be a possible accomplice to the Vienna terror attack that saw four people killed last week.

    Bangladeshi Istiaque A. is one of the ten people arrested aged between 16 and 24 in the aftermath of the terror attack last Monday that saw radical Islamic terrorist Kujtim F. kill four people in a shooting spree in central Vienna.

    The arrested teen is said to have been previously arrested and charged in October with being involved with the Islamic State terrorist group since March of 2018 and is reported to have supported Vienna killer Kujtim F., who wanted to travel to Syria to fight for the group, Kronen Zeitung reports.

    According to investigators, the Bangladeshi is said to have spread various Islamic state propaganda material online, including songs calling for violent jihad against “infidels.”

    His potential involvement in the Vienna terrorist attack is still under investigation according to the newspaper.

    The arrest of the teen, along with nine others, comes as part of a broader crackdown on radical Islamists by the Austrian government headed by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz…”

  8. Nagorno-Karabakh govt: Azerbaijani forces nearing capital (abcnews, Nov 9, 2020)

    “Azerbaijani forces took control of a strategic city in the separatist territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and were nearing its capital, a spokesman for the region’s government confirmed Monday.

    The seizure of Shushi — which Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev had claimed a day earlier — is the most significant military development since fighting between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces over Nagorno-Karabakh restarted in September.

    The region lies in Azerbaijan but has been under control of ethnic Armenian forces backed by Armenia.

    Reflecting the strategic importance of the city, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian insisted that “the fight for Shushi is continuing,” indicating Armenian forces were either trying to retake the city or prevent advances toward the capital.

    Shushi’s position just 6 miles (10 kilometers) from the regional capital of Stepanakert gives strategic advantage to whoever holds it. The city also lies along the main road connecting Stepanakert with Armenia. Long lines of vehicles jammed the territory’s main road on Sunday as Nagorno-Karabakh residents fled the fighting into Armenia.

    “Unfortunately, we are forced to admit that a series of failures still haunt us, and the city of Shushi is completely out of our control,” Vagram Pogosian, a spokesman for the president of the government in Nagorno-Karabakh, said in a statement on Facebook. “The enemy is on the outskirts of Stepanakert.”

    In an episode that will likely add to the tensions in the region, a Russian military helicopter was shot down in Armenia near the border with Azerbaijan. Two servicemen were killed, but the Russian Defense Ministry said the aircraft was outside the conflict area.

    The helicopter was downed near the border with Nakhcivan, an exclave of Azerbaijan surrounded by Armenia, Turkey and Iran. It was not clear who shot it down.

    The ministry said the helicopter was accompanying a military convoy, but did not say what the purpose of the convoy was. Russia maintains a large military base in northern Armenia, about 90 miles (150 kilometers) from the site where the helicopter was downed.

    Nagorno-Karabakh was an autonomous republic during the Soviet era. As the Soviet Union began to break apart, there were clashes and then full-scale war erupted after the Soviet collapse in 1991. An estimated 30,000 people died in the fighting, which ended with a 1994 truce.

    Since then, international mediation efforts to determine the region’s final status faltered, and the region was separated from the rest of Azerbaijan by a demilitarized zone.

    The current fighting has continued despite the declaration of several cease-fires. Armenia says more than 1,200 Armenian troops have been killed in the war; Azerbaijan has not stated its losses.”

  9. Rights activists slam EU plan for access to encrypted chats

    “Digital rights campaigners on Monday criticized a proposal by European Union governments that calls for communications companies to provide authorities with access to encrypted messages.

    The plan, first reported by Austrian public broadcaster FM4, reflects concern among European countries that police and intelligence services can’t easily monitor online chats that use end-to-end encryption, such as Signal or WhatsApp.

    A draft proposal dated Nov. 6 and circulated by the German government, which holds the EU’s rotating presidency, proposes creating a “better balance” between privacy and crime fighting online.

    The confidential draft, obtained independently by The Associated Press, states that “competent authorities must be able to access data in a lawful and targeted manner, in full respect of fundamental rights and the data protection regime, while upholding cybersecurity.”

    It adds that “technical solutions for gaining access to encrypted data must comply with the principles of legality, transparency, necessity and proportionality.”

    German Left party lawmaker Anke Domscheit-Berg accused European governments of using anxiety caused by recent extremist attacks, such as those in France and Austria, as an excuse for greater surveillance measures, and argued that providing authorities with a way to access encrypted communications would pose a grave security risk to all users.

    “Anyone who finds an open back door into my house can enter it, the same is true for back doors in software,” Domscheit-Berg said. “The proposed EU regulation is an attack on the integrity of digital infrastructure and therefore very dangerous.”

    Patrick Breyer, a member of the European Parliament with Germany’s Pirate Party, said enabling governments to intercept encrypted communications “would be the end of secure encryption altogether and would open back doors also for hackers, foreign intelligence, etc.”

    The proposal, which would still need to be adopted by EU governments later this month, is not legally binding. But it sets out the political position that EU member states want the bloc’s executive commission to pursue in its dealings with technology companies and the European Parliament.

    Germany’s Interior Ministry said the resolution was an effort to “enter into a dialogue with industry and reach a general consensus about how progress can be made in this area that’s acceptable for both sides.”

    “This initiative is not about defining or creating any kind of master key,” ministry spokesman Steve Alter told reporters in Berlin.

    The German government recently agreed to expand existing surveillance powers reserved for law enforcement agencies to the country’s domestic intelligence agency.”

  10. Greek authorities arrest father of dead migrant child (abcnews, Nov 9, 2020)

    “Greek authorities have arrested a migrant whose son died while attempting to reach a Greek island from the nearby Turkish coast on suspicion of endangering a life, a crime that could carry a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

    The 25-year-old man and his 6-year-old son, both Afghans, were among a total of 25 people who were found on the shores of the eastern Aegean island of Samos early Sunday. The coast guard said the body of the 6-year-old boy was found with one woman on a part of the coast that was particularly difficult to access, while the others were found in small groups elsewhere.

    According to the coast guard, the migrants said they had come across from the Turkish coast in a dinghy. Authorities said it was unclear what had happened to the boat, and exactly how the child had died.

    The coast guard said Monday a 23-year-old who had been identified as having driven the boat was arrested on suspicion of migrant smuggling, while the boy’s 25-year-old father was arrested on suspicion of violating endangerment laws. The endangerment of a person which leads to death can result in a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

    Greece is one of the most popular routes for people fleeing conflict and poverty in the Middle East, Asia and Africa and hoping to enter the European Union. The vast majority make their way to eastern Greek islands from the nearby Turkish coast…”

  11. Pakistan’s supreme court orders release of detained TV mogul

    “Pakistan’s supreme court on Monday granted bail to the owner and editor-in-chief of country’s largest independent group of newspapers and television stations, months after his arrest in a decades-old case related to allegations of tax evasion in a real estate purchase.

    Mir Shakilur Rehman’s release comes amid increasing pressure on journalists in Pakistan by state institutions and security agencies. Human rights workers, activists and members of civil society also have been targeted in recent years.

    Rehman’s Jang Group of Newspapers, which includes Geo TV, has been critical of the government. He was arrested in March in the eastern city of Lahore by the National Accountability Bureau. The bureau is pursuing an over 30-year-old case against him over a land sale, one it acknowledges did not defraud the government at the time.

    The terms of Rehman’s bail were not immediately known.

    Activists say the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan, elected in 2018, has failed to protect freedom of speech in Pakistan. Before becoming prime minister, Khan often publicly said that he would have Rehman arrested if he came into power and now considers Rehman’s media house to be one of his main critics.

    Opposition party leaders as well have been targeted in anti-graft probes in recent weeks.”

  12. Official: Suicide car bomber kills 4 people in Afghanistan (abcnews, Nov 9, 2020)

    “A suicide car bomber in Afghanistan killed at least four people and wounded 40 in an attack on a police base in the country’s southern Kandahar province, a provincial official said Monday.

    Paramedics still searched the rubble of homes destroyed by the blast hours after the attack late Sunday night in the province’s Maiwand district, said Mohammad Ashraf Nadery, the provincial director of Kandahar’s public health department. He said those wounded included both soldiers and civilians.

    No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, though suspicion immediately fell on the Taliban. Kandahar long has been a stronghold for the militants since the 2001 U.S.-led invasion following the Sept. 11 attacks masterminded by al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, whom the Taliban hosted at the time…”

  13. Gunmen kill 82-year-old minority Ahmadi man in Pakistan (abcnews, Nov 9, 2020)

    “Gunmen shot and killed an 82-year-old Ahmadi man on the outskirts of Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar, officials said Monday, the fourth-such apparently targeted killing of a member of the minority group in recent months.

    The attackers shot Mahmoob Khan on Sunday as he stood at a bus terminal, said Saleem Uddin, a spokesman for Pakistan’s Ahmadi community.

    Uddin said he believed gunmen targeted Khan because of his faith. Police confirmed the shooting took place, but declined to offer any motive.

    The Ahmadi faith was established on the Indian subcontinent in the 19th century by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, whose followers believe was a prophet.

    Pakistan’s parliament declared Ahmadis non-Muslims in 1974. Ahmadis repeatedly have been targeted by Islamic extremists in the time since in this Muslim-majority nation, drawing condemnation from human right groups.”

  14. Berlin-Based Syrian YouTuber Fayez Kanfash Leads “Macron the Dog” on a Leash, Burns Macron Pictures

    In a November 2, 2020 video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Berlin-based Syrian YouTuber Fayez Kanfash dragged by rope “Macron, the dog” – a man wearing a mask of French President Emmanuel Macron through the streets of Berlin.

    While burning pictures of Macron, Kanfash hit the man and shouted at him that he is a lowlife and a dog.

    Kanfash told onlookers that this is how people who curse Islam and the Prophet Muhammad will be treated, and he led people in chants of “Allah Akbar!”

    The video concludes with Kanfash being interrogated by several police officers.

    Kanfash’s YouTube channel has close to one million subscribers.

  15. Azerbaijan says it shot down Russian helicopter over Armenia

    Azerbaijan said Monday that it shot down a Russian military helicopter that was flying over Armenia. Two Russian servicemen were killed.

    The helicopter was shot down as it flew near the border with the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan, which is surrounded by Armenia, Iran and Turkey. The area is distant from Nagorno-Karabakh, the region where Armenian and Azerbaijani forces have been fighting heavily since late September.

    The Russian Defense Ministry said earlier that the aircraft was outside the conflict area.

    But a statement from the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said the conflict was a factor in the incident. The ministry noted that the helicopter was flying in the dark at low altitude and “in the context of these factors and in light of the tense situation in the region and increased combat readiness in connection with possible provocations of the Armenian side, the duty combat crew decided to open fire to kill.”

    • If the Legal Authorities ever decide that Biden won I wonder how the Indian papers are going to spin his stabbing India in the back and giving everything to China?

      • PR wishful thinking is what’s promoted here.
        They tell the news as stories. It’s Bollywood news.

        The Indians never trusted PT. Pompeo just India. He tried to push expensive, impractical weapons on them. Modi said, no thanks.

        They don’t take any of this “Quad” business seriously.

        Who knows what’s going on between India and China? No visible evidence of economic decoupling. But since so much of India is subsistence, it’s a tolerable fraction of the population that will even notice a major economic depression.

  16. Lawsuit alleges election fraud in Detroit, provides sworn affidavits by witnesses

    Two witnesses claim Wayne County elections officials encouraged fraudulent activity with absentee ballots.

    A new elections lawsuit filed in Michigan on Sunday alleges massive voter fraud in vote-counting procedures in Wayne County, a Democratic stronghold and home to the city of Detroit.t

    The Great Lakes Justice Center, a nonprofit civil liberties defense organization, announced its lawsuit in a press release, claiming that “Wayne County election officials allowed illegal, unlawful, and fraudulent processing of votes cast in last Tuesday’s election.” Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump in Michigan, winning by 146,119 votes.

    The lawsuit seeks to void the results of the election in Wayne County and calls for a do-over.

  17. (Richard: The timing of this news release is suspicious, very suspicious.)

    Pfizer Says Vaccine May Be 90% Effective, Plans To Apply For Emergency Use By End Of November

    The pharmaceutical company Pfizer says that its developmental vaccine for COVID-19 may be 90% effective at inoculating people against the disease.

    The company announced the news in a statement issued Monday morning. The rate of effectiveness was calculated by analyzing early data from 94 trial participants in a study involving 43,538 subjects from all over the world. The small early sample means that the protection rate could change by the time the study ends and all the participants are accounted for, according to The Associated Press.

  18. Election Systems in Michigan County Appeared to Be Connected to Internet: Sworn Affidavit
    By Ivan Pentchoukov
    November 9, 2020 Updated: November 9, 2020

    Voting machines used in Michigan’s Wayne County appeared to have been connected to the internet, according to a sworn affidavit signed by a poll watcher.

    At approximately 11 p.m. on Nov. 3, Patrick Colbeck observed an icon identifying an active internet connection on the screens of the computers used to tabulate and adjudicate ballots.

    “All it takes to confirm the connectivity status of a Windows computer is to roll the cursor over the LAN connection icon in the bottom right comer of the display,” Colbeck’s sworn affidavit states. “When there is no internet connection, a unique icon showing a cross-hatched globe appears. I proceeded to review the terminal screens for the Tabulator and Adjudicator computers and I observed the icon that indicates internet connection on each terminal. Other poll challengers can attest to this observation as required.”

  19. Tens of Thousands of Unsealed Ballots Arrived in Michigan County, All for Democrats: Lawsuit
    By Ivan Pentchoukov
    November 9, 2020 Updated: November 9, 2020

    Tens of thousands of unsealed, unsecured ballots—all cast for Democrats—arrived in vehicles with out-of-state license plates in Michigan’s Wayne County at 4:30 a.m. on the morning after Election Day, according to a lawsuit filed on Nov. 9.

    “At approximately 4:30 a.m., tens of thousands of ballots were brought in and placed on eight long tables. Unlike the other ballots, these boxes were brought in from the rear of the room,” a sworn witness affidavit signed by Andrew Sitto, a poll challenger, states. “The same procedure was performed on the ballots that arrived at approximately 4:30 a.m., but I specifically noticed that every ballot I observed was cast for Joe Biden.”

    “I heard other challengers say that several vehicles with out-of-state license plates pulled up to the TCF Center a little before 4:30 a.m. and unloaded boxes of ballots,” Sitto testified.

  20. Trump Lawyer Makes Explosive Election Fraud Claim

    Sidney Powell, a member of President Trump’s legal team went on Fox News and made explosive claims about voter fraud.

    According to Town Hall:

    “The computer glitches could not and should not have happened at all,” she told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo on Sunday. “That’s where the fraud took place where they were flipping votes in the computer system or adding votes that did not exist. We need an audit of all of the computer systems that played any role in this fraud whatsoever.”

    The Michigan Secretary of State has disputed such claims about a glitch in Antrim County, saying they have “no merit” and that the error was accidental, adding that the “equipment and software did not malfunction and all ballots were properly tabulated.”

    Powell said Biden was right when he claimed to have “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    “They had this all planned, Maria, they had the algorithms, they had the paper ballots waiting to be inserted if and when needed and notably President Trump’s vote in the blue states went up enormously,” she continued. “That’s when they had to stop the vote count, and go in and replace votes for Biden and take away Trump votes.”

  21. (Richard: Earlier today I ready several articles that say that the Biden Campaign are sweating bullets because no state has certified him as winning that state. He is making his big claims trying to create a narrative that he has won so people will object when the law suits go against him. This article about the Biden Team (Deep State/The Swamp) trying to get the General Services Administration to approve a transfer of power from the Trump White House to the Biden White House is part of that attempt to build a Narrative.)

    GSA Responds to Biden Campaign: ‘Ascertainment Has Not yet Been Made’ on Power Transfer
    By Jack Phillips
    November 9, 2020 Updated: November 9, 2020

    As the campaign for Joe Biden attempts to push the General Services Administration (GSA) to approve a transfer of power, the agency said that it hasn’t made an assessment of the situation.

    “An ascertainment has not yet been made. GSA and its administrator will continue to abide by, and fulfill, all requirements under the law,” a spokesperson with the GSA told The Epoch Times on Nov. 9.

    The agency said that GSA administrator Emily Murphy will only initiate the transition when a “clear winner is clear, based on the process laid out in the Constitution.”

    “The administrator’s ascertainment is done for the purposes of making services provided by the [Presidential Transition Act] available,” the spokesperson said. “Until an ascertainment is made, the statute allows for the Biden Transition Team to continue to receive the pre-elect services from the government (e.g., limited office space, computers, background investigations for security clearances). GSA has met all statutory requirements under the PTA for this election cycle and will continue to do so.”

  22. The Left Goes Full-Fascist With an Enemies List

    To hold “Trump sycophants” accountable for their “complicity.”
    Mon Nov 9, 2020 Mark Tapson

    Even as last week’s election results are being contested and the Democrats’ massive voter fraud is being exposed, the supporters of empty-suit candidate Joe Biden are already claiming victory and chafing at the bit to implement their radical agenda. And in contrast to his hypocritical call to “put away the harsh rhetoric” and unify Americans after the purported divisiveness of Donald Trump, Biden’s supporters have already begun threatening their political opponents with vicious retribution for supporting their #MAGA nemesis.

    True to their totalitarian nature, newly-reelected New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other high-profile Democrats tweeted Friday that Trump supporters essentially should be blacklisted for their role in advancing his unacceptable agenda to make America great again. “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?” the socialist Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

    “Lol at the ‘party of personal responsibility’ being upset at the idea of being responsible for their behavior over last four years,” she added later. It takes enormous chutzpah to accuse Republicans of misbehavior in our current, thuggish “cancel culture” marked by rampant leftist violence.

  23. American Coup

    This was not just voter fraud out of Philly. It’s a coup by the oligarchy.

    The plan was simple.

    Saturate the media with polls showing a blue wave and an inevitable victory. Discourage people from voting in person. And then, after tabulating the paltry votes of those who defied the media to vote in person, dump all the tampered, altered, and harvested ballots for Biden in key cities.

    Even before Election Day, the Democrats knew their plan was going awry. Suddenly, instead of urging their base to use mail-in ballots they were, just as loudly, telling them to vote in person.

    Why? Too few Republicans were voting by mail and too many were going to vote in person.

    If the Election Day numbers tilted too decisively to President Trump before suddenly going Biden’s way, the election would look rigged, and there would be an outcry from Republicans.

    Despite last minute efforts urging Democrats to vote in person, that’s exactly what happened.

    Once again, Democrats had overreached, committed a massive crime, and have been left with no choice except to ride the tiger. That’s what happened last time when the Obama administration allied with the Clinton campaign to eavesdrop on its political opponents. And then doubled down with investigations and indictments, not of the perpetrators, but the victims.

  24. Chris Wallace Mocks Cruz’s Trump Defense, Compares It To WWII Japanese Holdout Soldier. Cruz Fires Back: You’ve ‘Beclowned Yourself’

    On Sunday, after Fox News anchor Chris Wallace mocked Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), likening his defense of President Trump to Japanese soldiers who refused to accept defeat after World War II, Cruz fired back, snapping that Wallace “beclowned himself with a shamefully biased debate performance” and “continues to demonstrate his rank partisanship.”

    As Mediaite reported, Wallace stated, “It would seem to me that Republicans on Capitol Hill have a role to play in this, a very few of them have said ‘look, you pursue your legal options but damp down the rhetoric,’ like Mitt Romney, like Pat Toomey. There are a lot who are just silent and there are some, I mentioned Ted Cruz, who are like the Japanese soldiers who come out 30 years after the end of the war and out of the jungle and say, ‘Is the fight still going on?’”

  25. Missouri, Kentucky AGs Join Lawsuit Challenging Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Deadline Extension
    By Tom Ozimek
    November 9, 2020 Updated: November 9, 2020

    Attorneys general in Missouri and Kentucky have joined a Republican lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania mail-in ballots before the U.S. Supreme Court, according to multiple reports.

    A spokesperson for Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt was cited by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as saying that Schmitt intends to add his name to an amicus brief—a legal document that can be filed by a non-party in a given case—in a lawsuit brought by the Pennsylvania Republican Party challenging the state’s Supreme Court decision to extend by three days the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots, provided they are postmarked by Election Day.

    Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron will also join the court filing, according to the Louisville Courier Journal, citing plans for attorneys general from Louisiana, Georgia, and Missouri to hold a virtual conference later Monday on what the outlet characterized as “major legal action.”

  26. Whistleblower Saw People in Biden Van Opening, Filling, and Sealing Nevada Ballots, Trump Campaign Claims
    By Ivan Pentchoukov
    November 9, 2020 Updated: November 9, 2020

    The Trump campaign on Sunday described a sworn affidavit from a whistleblower in Nevada who alleges to have witnessed people inside a Biden-Harris van opening, filling out, and resealing mail ballots.

    The whistleblower, who the campaign did not identify, witnessed the alleged incident while on lunch break. He said the people inside the van were using letter openers to open the ballot envelopes. Once the people became aware they were being watched, they formed a human shield around the van to purportedly cover up the activity.

    The Biden campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

    Trump campaign representative Matt Schlapp detailed the allegation during a press conference in Las Vegas on Sunday. Schlapp described other instances of potential fraud, including 9,000 ballots cast by people who have moved out of the state, two examples of ballots cast using the identities of dead people, and voter registrations issued to minors under the age of 18.

  27. Whistleblower Saw People in Biden Van Opening, Filling, and Sealing Nevada Ballots, Trump Campaign Claims
    By Ivan Pentchoukov
    November 9, 2020 Updated: November 9, 2020

    The Trump campaign on Sunday described a sworn affidavit from a whistleblower in Nevada who alleges to have witnessed people inside a Biden-Harris van opening, filling out, and resealing mail ballots.

    The whistleblower, who the campaign did not identify, witnessed the alleged incident while on lunch break. He said the people inside the van were using letter openers to open the ballot envelopes. Once the people became aware they were being watched, they formed a human shield around the van to purportedly cover up the activity.

    The Biden campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

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