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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. ‘No Time for Grief and Forgiveness’: Sweden Democrats Want to Close Down Terror-Supporting Mosques (sputniknews, Nov 4, 2020)

    “Amid a wave of Islamist terrorism that has swept Europe, national-conservative Sweden Democrat leader Jimme Åkesson has called for the throttling of grant money, the closure of mosques that support terror, and that the Swedish citizenship of those involved be revoked whenever possible.

    Following the Islamist terrorist attack in the Austrian capital of Vienna, Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson has demanded harsh measures against Islamists expressing extreme views in Sweden.

    In a video he published on social media, Åkesson lamented the recent terrorist act, but called for forceful action against Islamism. Åkesson emphasised that his party already a decade ago warned that Islamist was the biggest threat to decmoracy.

    “Unfortunately, the reality shows that we were right. Another Islamist terrorist attack in Europe. Even more people had their lives shattered to pieces. Even more innocent people lost their lives,” Åkesson said.

    The perennial Sweden Democrat leader argued that this is not about “a few crazy people”, but well-organised extremists.

    “It is a low-intensity war against our democracy, against our freedom of expression. A war against everything we are and everything we stand for in our part of the world”, Åkesson stressed. “This is not the time for grief and forgiveness. It’s time to be determined. To show action. If the Islamists cannot accept our democracy, then our democracy must not accept the Islamists either. At that point, we can not back down a single inch.”

    Åkesson directed harsh criticism at those who try to approach Islamism understandingly or avoid conflict.

    “It’s nothing more than pure complicity,” he ventured.

    To counter this adverse development, Åkesson demanded a crackdown on terror-supporting organisations and individuals, renewing the Sweden Democrats’ demand to withdraw citizenship.

    “Individuals, or organisations, such as schools or mosques, that even breathe support for these Islamists, should have their state subsidies restricted, they should be shut down immediately. Those who attack and threaten us must be locked up. And they should be sent back to where they came from. If they do not want to be part of our Swedish democracy and our civilised society, they shouldn’t have a Swedish passport either. I think that is a matter of course”, Åkesson concluded…”

  2. Vienna Attacker ‘Deceived’ Deradicalisation Mentors, Got ‘Premature’ Release, Interior Minister Says (sputniknews, Nov 4, 2020)

    “The Vienna terrorist attacker, identified as 20-year-old dual Austrian-North Macedonian citizen Kujtim Feizulai, was prematurely released from a deradicalisation programme as he had misled his mentors, giving them the impression that he had given up on jihadist intentions, Austria’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said during a Tuesday press conference, as quoted by The Guardian…”

    • Suspect’s neighbour reacts as Vienna mourns terror shooting victims

      “…. He was helping elderly women carry their bags ”

    • Austria: Vienna residents hold candle-lit vigil in honour of attack victims

      Vienna residents attended a vigil on Wednesday to honour the victims of the recent attack in the Austrian capital.

      Participants carried a wreath through the city’s streets and left candles and messages in honour of the four victims of the shooting. Participants also held a minute of silence.

      Speaking to the people gathered, one participant expressed their condolences to the victims and their families.

      She stressed, “We also want to show a sign against all hatred, against those who are currently trying to use this brutal attack for their inhumane goals” adding “terrorism, anti-Semitism, racism, and fascism are all evidence of a capitalism system in permanent crisis.”

      On Monday, four people were killed, as well as the perpetrator, and 15 wounded in a series of shootings that broke out hours before a new coronavirus lockdown came into effect in the Austrian capital.

      The deceased suspect has been identified by authorities as a twenty-year-old Austrian citizen who also had a North Macedonian passport

  3. Iranian General Slams US Covid Sanctions ‘Savagery’, Soleimani Killing, Warns ‘Revenge’ Yet to Come (sputniknews, Nov 4, 2020)

    “Iran’s enemies should continue to expect “revenge” for the January 2020 assassination of Revolutionary Guards Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani and Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Committee Deputy Chairman Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Hossein Bagheri has warned.

    “The brutal assassination of Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis in the darkness of night and under the direct order of the criminal US regime is a clear indication of the fight against Islam and a confirmation of state terrorism,” Bagheri said, speaking at the International Islamic Unity Conference on Tuesday night, his comments cited by Mehr News…”

  4. French buses remove Borat posters after outcry from Muslims over the near-naked comedy character wearing a ring that reads ‘Allah’ (dailymail, Nov 4, 2020)

    “A poster for the latest Borat film on Paris buses has caused anger among some French Muslims for featuring a nearly-naked Sacha Baron Cohen wearing a ring bearing the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic script.

    Incensed locals have taken to social media, accusing the city’s authorities of insulting Islam.

    While Paris’ main transport network RATP refused to remove the posters, buses on the TICE network, which operates in a largely-Muslim area, no longer feature the advert…”

  5. Pope Francis Warns ‘Cruel’ Terrorism Is Spreading in Europe (breitbart, Nov 2, 2020)

    “Pope Francis warned Wednesday that violent terrorism is on the rise in Europe, following recent lethal attacks by jihadists in Nice, France and Vienna, Austria.

    “In these days of prayer for the dead, we have remembered and still remember the helpless victims of terrorism, whose worsening cruelty is spreading in Europe,” the pope said via livestreaming from the library of the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace…”

  6. ‘Neo-Marxist Idea’: Free Speech Activists Slam Proposal for Hate Crime Laws to Cover Conversations at Home (breitbart, Nov 4, 2020)

    “Free speech campaigners and MPs have criticised proposals from the Law Commission to remove the “dwelling exemption” from incitement laws, meaning that conversations in people’s houses could be subject to police investigation for hate crimes.

    The Law Commission of England and Wales, comprised of lawyers and judges, has observed in a report seen by the Daily Mail that actions or remarks which could be deemed to incite racial hatred are exempt from prosecution if they take place in a person’s home and “cannot be seen or heard outside that or another dwelling”.

    The 500-page document says: “To the extent that the aim is to ensure that the criminal law does not intrude on purely private matters, the exception is poorly targeted. It would include a meeting held in a large private house, for instance, but would exclude a private conversation conducted in an office.”

    “We therefore propose that the dwelling exception should be removed from the stirring-up offences,” the document concluded.

    The Law Commission is also looking into recommending expanding protections for people who belong to sub-cultures like goths, nudists, and vegans, and making misogyny a hate crime. The body confirmed to the newspaper that its proposals would be sent to government ministers next year.

    The recommendation comes as Scotland’s Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf last week called for Scotland’s new hate crime law also to remove any private dwelling exemptions, saying that a perceived hateful comment made even in a person’s home amongst friends “deserves criminal sanction”.

    Head of the UK’s Free Speech Union, Toby Young, had warned in the wake of Mr Yousaf’s plans that the English and Welsh commission was indeed “proposing to change the law so exactly the same thing applies here”.

    Responding to the Law Commission’s proposals, the Conservative MP for Romford Andrew Rosindell said: “People are already afraid of freely speaking in public because of hate speech laws which they believe stop them even telling a joke. The police have enough to do without investigating what is said inside homes.”

    Members of Fair Cop, the free speech group that campaigns against the overreach of hate crime legislation, warned that the proposals, if adopted, would breach human rights laws.

    Its founder Harry Miller, a former policeman who sued Humberside Police last year for investigating him for sharing alleged “transphobic” posts on Twitter, told the Daily Mail: “If the private home law is adopted by Government, a comment over the dinner table about a huge range of people could lead to a prison sentence.

    “Human rights laws protecting privacy and family life would be in the bin. This is a neo-Marxist idea and will generate unfriendliness between different communities where there is none.”

    Harry Miller won his High Court free speech battle in February 2020, with presiding judge Mr Justice Knowles saying at the time: “In this country we have never had a Cheka, a Gestapo or a Stasi. We have never lived in an Orwellian society.”

    Concern over Soviet-style thought-policing was evoked by another Fair Cop campaigner, barrister Sarah Phillimore, who told the Mail on Tuesday: “I cannot believe the Government is being asked to consider surveillance of citizens in their own home. How will the evidence of such hate crimes be collected?

    “Will we have an East German-style secret police like the Stasi?””

  7. Ethiopia nears war as PM orders military into defiant region (abcnews, Nov 4, 2020)

    “Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister on Wednesday ordered the military to confront the country’s Tigray regional government after he accused it of carrying out a deadly attack on a military base, declaring “the last red line has been crossed” after months of alleged provocations.

    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s statement, and the reported attack by the well-armed Tigray People’s Liberation Front, raised concerns that one of Africa’s most populous and powerful countries could plunge back into war. That would send a shock wave through one of the world’s most turbulent regions, the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia’s neighbors include Somalia and Sudan, and the prospect of spreading instability sent a chill down the spines of observers.

    Signaling the gravity of the threat, the United States in the midst of its election drama quickly issued a statement urging “an immediate de-escalation of the current situation.”

    Abiy in a televised address announced “several martyrs” in the overnight attack in Mekele, the northern Tigray region’s capital, and Dansha town. He said “the end is near” for the regional force, based in Ethiopia’s most sensitive region, neighboring Eritrea. The two countries made peace in 2018 after a long border war.

    Fighting continued Wednesday afternoon, and the TPLF was claiming it had captured and killed Ethiopian army officers, a government statement said hours later.

    The TPLF was the dominant part of Ethiopia’s governing coalition before Abiy took office in 2018 and announced sweeping political reforms that won him the Nobel last year. Those reforms, however, opened space for ethnic and other grievances. The TPLF, feeling marginalized, left the coalition last year. Its strong military force has been reinforced in recent months, but analysts said it’s little match for the federal government.

    Ethiopia declared a six-month state of emergency in Tigray on Wednesday, saying that “illegal and violent activities” there are “threatening the country’s sovereignty.”

    A statement on Tigray TV accused the federal government of deploying troops to “cow the people of Tigray into submission by force,” and said the regional government was acting “to avert more destructive measures.” It banned movement by Ethiopia’s military in Tigray and warned of “proportional measures” for any damage to people or property.

    Tigray leader Debretsion Gebremichael on Monday warned a bloody conflict could erupt, accusing Ethiopian and Eritrean leaders of making “all necessary preparations to start war against Tigray.” There was no immediate comment from Eritrea.

    Internet and phone lines were cut in Tigray, provoking distress among people who could not reach loved ones. Tigray TV reported that airspace had been closed over the region, and it asserted that the Ethiopian military’s northern command had defected to the Tigray government. The prime minister’s office told The Associated Press the defection report was “not true.”

    Ethiopia was already stressed by a dispute with Egypt over a massive Ethiopian dam project that has drawn rare attention by President Donald Trump to Africa, and by a multi-layer crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, deadly ethnic violence and a locust outbreak.

    Now the greatest test of Abiy’s rule has come, as the fighting in Tigray could inspire other restive regions in Ethiopia.

    Tigray officials had objected to the postponement of Ethiopia’s national election, once set for August, because of the pandemic, and the extension of Abiy’s time in office.

    In September, people in Tigray voted in an election, defying the federal government and increasing tensions over a region of some 5 million people that despite its small share of Ethiopia’s population of 110 million has had outsize influence. Last month the federal government moved to divert funding for Tigray to local administrations instead of the regional government, angering the TPLF.

    On Sunday, a senior TPLF official, Getachew Reda, told the AP his side will not accept a negotiation with the federal government. “What we need now is a national dialogue,” he said. The TPLF calls the release of detained former officials a precondition.

    “This war is the worst possible outcome of the tensions that have been brewing,” said William Davison, International Crisis Group’s senior analyst for Ethiopia. “Given Tigray’s relatively strong security position, the conflict may well be protracted and disastrous.”

    Abiy’s statement asserted that the TPLF attempted to take artillery and other equipment in the overnight attack, and it accused the TPLF of recently arming and organizing irregular militias.

    “TPLF has chosen to wage war,” his office said. “The last red line has been crossed with this morning’s attacks and the federal government is therefore forced into a military confrontation” to save the country.

    Observers have worried for months about the growing tensions and their implications for the long-turbulent Horn of Africa region, where Abiy has cast himself as a peacemaker.

    A report last month by former U.S. diplomats for the United States Institute of Peace said the fragmentation of Ethiopia “would be the largest state collapse in modern history, likely leading to mass interethnic and interreligious conflict … and a humanitarian and security crisis at the crossroads of Africa and the Middle East on a scale that would overshadow the existing conflicts in South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen.”

    The international community needs to rally around the idea of national dialogue in Ethiopia, the International Crisis Group has said. “The alternative, given the country’s multiple and bitter divides, is a potential march to war that would be catastrophic,” it wrote last week.

    Fighting could undo Ethiopia’s military cohesion, the group said: “Tigray officers hold positions throughout the armed forces in different parts of the country; some might prove more loyal to their region than to federal authorities.”

    It was not immediately clear how Ethiopia’s regions would respond.

    The head of the Amhara region, Temesgen Tiruneh, in a Facebook post said members of Tigray’s security forces were welcome to defect, writing that “we know you are fighting because you’ve no choice.” The Amhara and Tigray regions before Abiy’s rule were locked in a bitter confrontation over disputed border areas.”

  8. Turkey fines social media giants for breaching online law (abcnews, Nov 4, 2020)

    “Turkey has issued fines against global social media companies for failing to appoint a representative to ensure they conform to Turkish law, a senior official said Wednesday.

    Omer Fatih Sayan, chairman of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority, said Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube and TikTok would be fined 10 million lira ($1.2 million) each.

    The fines are the first step on an escalating scale of penalties that can end in a block on 90% of the site’s internet traffic bandwidth.

    Social media firms with more than 1 million daily users in Turkey had been due to notify the government that they would establish a representative in the country by Monday.

    The fine is the first of five stages to penalise companies that do not comply with the law, which came into force on Oct. 1.

    “I have complete faith that social network providers will make representative notices to our country as the legal process progresses,” tweeted Sayan, who is also Turkey’s deputy transport and infrastructure minister. “Our aim is not to be in conflict with these providers serving billions of people around the world.”

    The legislation was passed in July, less than a month after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for social media sites to be “cleaned up” after his daughter and son-in-law were insulted on Twitter following the birth of their fourth child.

    It requires platforms to appoint a representative accountable to Turkish courts, abide by orders to remove “offensive” content within 48 hours and store user data inside Turkey.

    Critics say the law is a government bid to control the online sphere. Some 90% of newspapers and TV news channels are controlled by the government or its supporters.

    Turkey has previously blocked sites including YouTube, Twitter and Wikipedia over what it claimed was offensive content.”


    Report: The Palestinian Authority Is Communicating With the Biden Campaign
    BY TYLER O’NEIL NOV 03, 2020 11:39 AM ET

    The Palestinian Authority (PA), the government of Gaza and the West Bank, is reportedly in contact with Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s campaign. The Palestinians opposed President Donald Trump’s decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and to move the U.S. Embassy there. They have also opposed Trump’s historic peace deals linking Bahrain, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with Israel in the Abraham Accords.

    In the lead-up to the U.S. presidential election, two senior Palestinian officials confirmed to The Media Line that the Palestinian Authority is maintaining direct channels of communication with the Biden campaign, providing further evidence that Biden is likely to undermine Trump’s Middle East foreign policy successes should he win on Election Day. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

    “Having dialogue with the Democratic candidate is important to the leadership,” one of the officials told The Media Line. “We want to let Mr. Biden know that we are willing and ready to talk.”

    Palestinian leaders have cut off contact with the Trump administration and refused to enter U.S.-led talks with Israel on the Abraham Accords, which they rejected as biased toward Israel. Washington also terminated millions of dollars in PA financial aid.

    The PA has accused Trump of making the U.S. a dishonest broker when it comes to mediating peace, while it holds out hope that a Biden administration, like the Obama administration, would be more friendly to Palestinians.

    “We are sure that if he wins, he will reassert the US position on the two-state solution and order the [Palestinian Liberation Organization] office in Washington reopened,” the second PA official told The Media Line.

    Jihad Harb, a political analyst for Palestinian media outlets, told The Media Line “it is not surprising that there are relations with American parties. The Palestinians have reestablished relations with an important segment of the congressional leadership in the past few years. The Democratic Party has a majority in the House of Representatives, and there are certainly channels of communication.”

    Harb insisted that the Palestinian leaders “definitely want Trump to leave” the White House. “He imposed a set of cruel, unfair and anti-Palestinian measures, and therefore they prefer Biden, at least because of their experience with him during his years as vice president in the Obama administration.”

    According to Harb, the Palestinians would be “ecstatic” to see Biden win the presidential election. “The Palestinians usually prefer the Democrats, and the Palestinian leadership prefers that the president be from the Democratic Party.”

    Biden’s likely support for the Palestinians, paired with his support for the Iran nuclear deal, would undermine Trump’s historic successes brokering Israeli peace deals in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Balkans.

  10. Election 2020: Presidential vote goes dead in the water as 3 states delay vote results for days
    By J.E. Dyer November 4, 2020

    [I’m calling a lid as soon as the president makes his statement about the election, expected any moment now. The 1:45 AM update at the bottom is the – go figure – bottom-line summary on the state of the election at this point. – J.E.]

    In the interest of featuring the latest information and where we stand with the election unresolved, at 2:30 am on Wednesday, I am moving some material over from the original election thread and adding a conclusion to it in this new, more focused article.

    The midnight summary from the original thread lays out what sent the all-stop signal for the presidential vote.

    • CBC should have been defunded years ago. I have not watched the Liberal Propaganda Corporation for 25 years. taxpayers seem to be OK with this farce. CBC is a damn disgrace.

    • I am going to be at odds with the audience here, but I’m with this being paramount: “peaceful transfer of power.” Fifty simultaneous elections and if some states are too corrupt to appropriately supervise an election, then we’re stuck with that. I fear that a Trump win would spur the PRC to send another virus. We have Congress and the Supreme Court to balance the Executive. 2024 is just four years away and Republicans can concentrate on that without weakening the Republic by disputing mail-in votes. BTW, the PRC and the IRI (Iran) have won, but they are oceans away, so we (via Congress) will need to formulate more effective anti-corruption law with enforcement and surveillance. The US is still more stable than Canada or Mexico!

      • I’m going to respond on behalf of the Dual Loyalty Brigade.

        I’m strong enough to hold both: my roots here go back to Sephardic New Amsterdam; my spirit – and now much of my family – dwell in the Nation State of the Jewish people. Rather than conflict between the two, it’s the double bond that’s more enduring.

        “Peaceful transfer of power” vs. PRC bioweapon is appeasement. “Oceans away” is a flood of aliens that brings IRI operatives – among others – into our neighborhoods.

        Our “stable” institutions? Congress led by corruptocrats like Nancy Pelosi – and, yes, Mitch McConnell – is already Third World. “Bribe” translates to “lobby support”, that’s all. Cheap labor, guaranteed voter block, ChiCom money.

        Courts depend on effective prosecutors. These are elected officials that have been a target for prog funding for years. They determine what charges to press – homicide, manslaughter, degree of each. If you see equal justice, you’re not looking closely enough.

  11. DAILY MAIL – Austrian authorities were warned that Vienna gunman had been trying to buy ammunition but IGNORED the threat after he duped ‘de-radicalisation’ counsellors into believing that he’d renounced extremism

    Terrorist Kujtim Fejzulai tried to buy ammunition in Slovakia in the summer but failed in his attempts

    Slovakian police confirmed the attempted purchase and said they had alerted Austrian authorities at the time
    Twenty-year-old killer Kujtim Fejzulai was jailed in April 2019 because he wanted to travel to Syria to join ISIS
    He was granted early release in December under juvenile law as he was not deemed a threat

    Austrian authorities were warned that the Vienna terrorist had been trying to buy ammunition across the border in Slovakia, but they ignored the threat, it emerged today.

    In the latest security blunder for Austrian intelligence services, it was revealed that Kujtim Fejzulai, 20, tried to buy ammunition in Slovakia in the summer but he failed in his attempts – most likely due to him not having a gun license.

    It comes after it was revealed the ‘lone wolf’ duped officials in a 2019 trial by saying he had been led astray by the ‘wrong mosque’ and then convinced ‘de-radicalisation’ counsellors he had renounced his ISIS ideals as part of a parole deal.

    Slovakian police confirmed the attempted purchase of ammunition and said they had immediately alerted Austrian authorities.

    ‘The Slovak police noticed in the summer that suspicious people from Austria tried to buy ammunition here,’ Denisa Bárdyová, spokesperson of the Police Corps Presidium, told TASR newswire. ‘The purchase did not happen though.’

    Fejzulai was jailed in April 2019 because he wanted to travel to Syria to join ISIS but he was granted early release in December under juvenile law.

    He was not deemed capable of carrying out an attack, according to a report.

    The terrorist, who went on a rampage and killed four people in Vienna, posted a picture on his Instagram account before the deadly attack.

    The social media post shows him holding the three weapons he would use in his attack and pledging his allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi.

    Fejzulai is seen with a vacant expression staring directly at the camera while clutching his arsenal of weapons, including an automatic rifle, pistol and machete. Until now, the harrowing picture of Fejzulai has been pixelated.

    Fejzulai began his attack at 8pm near the central synagogue armed with an automatic rifle, pistol and machete.

    The Islamist marauded through the streets wearing a fake explosives belt and injured 22 as he fired at random before he was ‘neutralised’ – shot dead by police at 8.09pm.

    More details have emerged about the four people killed in the terrorist attack, German media outlet Kronen revealed on Wednesday.

    A 24-year-old German woman was shot while working as a waitress in front of a restaurant in Ruprechtsplatz.

    A 21-year-old man was shot close to the Fleischmarkt. He came from North Macedonia, where the terrorist’s parents lived before they moved to Austria.

    A 39-year-old man was shot in front of a fast food restaurant in Schwedenplatz, whilst a 44-year-old woman died from her gunshot wounds in hospital.

    A 28-year-old police officer was shot but is said to be in a stable condition, while seven civilians who were injured are in a critical, life-threatening condition.

    The Austrian authorities confirmed a total of 23 people, aged between 21 and 43, were injured. There were seven women among those injured.

    Vienna Police said 13 people – including the 28-year-old police officer – suffered gunshot wounds, whilst others were injured by splinters or while fleeing the scene, according to Kronen.
    Most of the injured are Austrians, but there are also citizens of Germany, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Afghanistan and Bosnia among them.

    Fejzulai had been jailed in April 2019 for trying to join Islamic State but he was granted parole in December under juvenile law because he was under 18 years old at the time of his offence and had agreed to take part in a de-radicalisation program.

    Fejzulai was not deemed capable of carrying out an attack and Interior Minister Karl Nehammer admitted that the terrorist had fooled the country’s judiciary and workers on the de-radicalisation course.

    ‘The perpetrator managed to fool the de-radicalisation program of the justice system, to fool the people in it, and to get an early release through this,’ Nehammer said.

    Austrian police have arrested 14 people in raids linked to the deadly attack and have found no evidence that a second shooter was involved, the minister said Tuesday.

    ‘There have been 18 raids in Vienna and Lower Austria and 14 people have been detained,’ Nehammer told a televised press conference.

    The minister added that police believe that the attack in central Vienna was carried out by Fejzulai on his own and an evaluation of the video material ‘does not at this time show any evidence of a second attacker.’

    Initial witness reports suggested that there were several gunmen holding people hostage, resulting in thousands of police being deployed to the city in search for them, swooping in on 18 addresses and arresting 14.

    Swiss police on Tuesday also arrested two people in the city of Winterthur as part of an investigation into possible links to the main suspect in attacks in Vienna that killed at least four people, authorities in Zurich said in a statement.

    ‘The two men were arrested on Tuesday afternoon in coordination with the Austrian authorities,’ Zurich police said.

    ‘The extent to which there was a connection between the two arrested persons and the alleged assassin is currently the subject of ongoing clarifications and investigations which are being carried out by the responsible authorities.’

    Fejzulai’s lawyer in the 2019 case, Nikolaus Rast, told public broadcaster ORF that his client had seemed ‘completely harmless.’

    ‘He was a young man who was searching for his place in society, who apparently went to the wrong mosque, ended up in the wrong circles,’ Rast said.

    Fejzulai’s family ‘wasn’t strictly religious at all; the family wasn’t radical,’ Rast added. ‘I still remember that the family couldn’t believe what had happened with their son.’

    Fejzulai was born and raised in Vienna and was one of 90 Austrian Islamic radicals known to intelligence because they wanted to travel to Syria, one national newspaper editor tweeted this morning.

    He had Albanian roots and his parents were originally from North Macedonia, Falter editor Florian Kenk wrote. Police thought he was not capable of planning an attack in Vienna, Klenk added.

    Interior Minister Karl Nehammer admitted the attacker had ‘fooled’ the judiciary’s de-radicalisation programme.

    Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said this morning: ‘It is now confirmed that yesterday’s attack was clearly an Islamist terror attack. It was an attack out of hatred – hatred for our fundamental values, hatred for our way of life, hatred for our democracy in which all people have equal rights and dignity.’

    His government on Tuesday ordered three days of official mourning, with flags on public buildings to be flown at half-mast until Thursday.

    Angela Merkel called Islamist terror the ‘common enemy,’ saying that ‘the fight against these assassins and those who instigate them is our common struggle.’

    Authorities were still trying to determine whether further attackers may be on the run for much of Tuesday and people were ordered to stay and home and children did not have to go to school. Some 1,000 police officers were on duty in the city this morning.

    The rampage came on the final evening before Austria went into lockdown amid rising coronavirus rates, with bars and restaurants in the country closed from midnight and people flocking to enjoy one last night of freedom.

    The first shots were heard at around 8pm in the heart of city close to the central synagogue and the world famous opera house.

    Up to 100 shots from an automatic rifle were heard by one witness.

    A total of six crime scenes have been set up all in the Innere Stadt – a small area making up the old town of Vienna.

    One of those cordons is in place at a well-known restaurant on Ruprechtsplatz 1 where the waitress was shot dead.

    Another victim was killed at the Fleischmarkt (meat market) and another at Franz Josefs Kai close to the river.

    Further down Franz Josefs Kai, the killer fired and seriously injured a 28-year-old police officer.

    Fejzulai was shot dead nine minutes after his assault started close to the restaurant on Ruprechtsplatz 1 where he had killed the waitress.

    Video footage showed the suspect, dressed in white coveralls, firing off bursts apparently at random as he ran down the Austrian capital’s cobblestone streets.

    Other clips showed the man gunning down a person outside what appeared to be a bar with a long-barrelled weapon. He moved down the street before returning to the crumpled body of his victim and then fired at him again, this time with a handgun.

    Oskar Deutsch, the head of the Jewish community in Vienna, said the shooting took place in the street where the city’s main synagogue is located but that it wasn’t clear whether the house of worship had been targeted.

    The synagogue was already closed at the time of the shooting, Deutsch tweeted. A neighbouring restaurant was also closed.

    Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister said he saw at least one person fire shots at people sitting outside bars in the street below his window.

    ‘They were shooting at least 100 rounds just outside our building,’ Hofmeister said. ‘All these bars have tables outside. This evening is the last evening before the lockdown. As of midnight, all bars and restaurants will be closed in Austria for the next month and a lot of people probably wanted to use that evening to be able to go out.’

    A Turkish national, Recep Tayyip Gultekin, told how he barely escaped death when he heroically carried an injured woman and then the stricken police officer to safety during the attack.

    Gultekin was out with a friend when they heard gunshots, he told Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency.

    ‘After I carried the woman to a nearby restaurant, the terrorist pointed his gun at me,’ Gultekin said.

    He hurled himself onto the ground to avoid being hit by the rifle but was wounded.

    Despite having the shot embedded in his foot, he and his friend managed to get to a nearby police station where they said they saw the policeman who was wounded.

    Gultekin and his friend helped carry the 28-year-old officer to an ambulance.

    The shooter had ‘shot wildly with an automatic weapon’ before police arrived to intervene, witnesses said.

    ‘It sounded like firecrackers, then we realised it was shots,’ said one witness quoted by the public broadcaster ORF.

    Footage believed to be taken near the scene showed people ducking and weaving as they ran for cover, with shots ringing out.

    Police sealed off much of the historic centre of the city overnight, urging the public to shelter in place.

    Many were forced to shelter inside hotels and restaurants as police patrolled the streets and warned people to stay inside for fear there were multiple gunmen on the loose.

    Around 20 ended up inside the Hotel Wandl where a receptionist ‘acted unselfishly and without fear,’ in letting people hide inside, Der Standard reported.

    Norbert Suchanek, managing director of the hotel, told the paper his receptionist ensured that panic didn’t spread when it became clear police were not going to let anyone leave.

    The manager said other hotels had turned people away and the receptionist was commended by many guests for his actions at breakfast on Tuesday.

    At the nearby Am Stephansplatz hotel, three rooms were opened up last night for people who had been forced to flee the streets in fear of their lives.

    One waiter described how police told them: ‘You all have to stay inside because there’s a probably a dead man there.’

    ‘At the beginning, I thought to myself that maybe we were making an American film or that they had drunk too much,’ said waiter Jimmy Eroglu, 42.

    Robert Schneider, who lives in central Vienna, went out and found two lasers trained on his chest.

    ‘Hands up, take off your jacket,’ officers shouted at him, the 39-year-old told AFP. ‘We had seen nothing, heard nothing. We are in shock.’

    Vienna police urged people to avoid all open spaces and public transport in the city. They also said trams and buses were not stopping and urged social media users not to post videos of the police operation, so as not to endanger officers.

    Photos and videos from the scene show police officers searching restaurants, cars and people as part of the manhunt.

    Czech police said they had started random checks on the country’s border with Austria following Monday’s attack.

    ‘Police are carrying out random checks of vehicles and passengers on border crossings with Austria as a preventive measure in relation to the terror attack in Vienna,’ the police tweeted.

    Reacting to the attack, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: ‘I am deeply shocked by the terrible attacks in Vienna tonight. The UK’s thoughts are with the people of Austria – we stand united with you against terror.

    Home Secretary Priti Patel tweeted: ‘Deeply shocked and saddened by the incident that has taken place in Vienna this evening. My thoughts are with everyone who has been affected and we stand ready to support in any way we can.’

    French President Emmanuel Macron vowed Europe would not bow to terrorists following the shootings in Vienna on Monday in which at least two people including one attacker died and several more were injured.

    ‘We French share the shock and sorrow of the Austrian people following the attack in Vienna,’ Macron tweeted in both French and German.

    ‘After France, it is a friendly nation that has been attacked. This is our Europe. Our enemies must know who they’re dealing with. We will concede nothing.’

    US President Donald Trump said in a tweet ‘our prayers are with the people of Vienna after yet another vile act of terrorism in Europe.’

    ‘These evil attacks against innocent people must stop. The U.S. stands with Austria, France, and all of Europe in the fight against terrorists, including radical Islamic terrorists.’

    Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu wrote: ‘Israel condemns the brutal attack in Vienna and stands in total solidarity with Austria. Civilized peoples everywhere must unite to defeat the savagery of resurgent Islamist terrorism.’

  12. Austrian Interior Minister: All Those Held in Connection to Vienna Attack Have Migration Background (sputniknews, Nov 4, 2020)

    “Four people were killed and over a dozen others injured, several of them critically, in Monday’s attack in the Austrian capital. The 20-year-old perpetrator was shot and killed by police. Authorities have classified the attack as a terrorist incident motivated by Islamist extremism.

    All those detained in connection with Monday’s terror attack have a migrant background, and some are foreign nationals, Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer has said.

    Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Nehammer also indicated that the arrested persons were between the ages of 18-28, and are under investigation for suspected involvement in a terrorist organization. Police earlier reported that 14 people had been detained in Austria following raids on 18 separate locations.

    The interior minister added that over a terabyte-worth of video evidence of the attacks from eyewitnesses confirmed the lone attacker theory to be true, and showed the brutality and cruelty with which they took place.

    Nehammer also reported that Slovak officials had informed the Austrian side of the possible purchase of ammunition by the terror suspect inside Slovakia, and said that “something went wrong” and that an “apparent miscommunication” took place between Austrian agencies after the intelligence was received.

    “In the last few hours information has come to light that some time prior to the terror attack, Slovakian intelligence intelligence BVT [Austrian intelligence] about the attacker. The information was that he wanted to get ammunition,” Nehammer said.

    The minister blamed his predecessor Herbert Kickl for weakening the capabilities of Austria’s domestic intelligence service and causing it “lasting damage.”

    Nehammer also reiterated that the attacker had fooled Austria’s deradicalization programme “perfectly,” leading to his early release from custody on terrorism-related charges late last year…”

  13. USA: Trump’s COVID-19 adviser apologises for appearing on RT

    White House COVID-19 adviser Dr. Scott Atlas on Sunday apologised for appearing in an interview on RT’s Going Underground show after being criticised by several mainstream media outlets for speaking to a Russian state-owned TV channel.

    In the interview, Dr. Atlas questioned the effectiveness of lockdowns against the coronavirus, calling the policies an “epic failure” and argued they are “killing people.”

    However, Atlas apologised on Twitter for doing the interview after reporters from CNN, Politico, and NBC among others criticised him for talking to RT.

    “I recently did an interview with RT and was unaware they are a registered foreign agent. I regret doing the interview and apologise for allowing myself to be taken advantage of. I especially apologise to the national security community who is working hard to defend us,” Atlas said in a tweet.


    Nancy Pelosi Told Us This Would Happen
    BY ROBERT SPENCER NOV 04, 2020 9:50 AM ET

    The highly questionable goings-on in several key swing states have elucidated an odd statement Nancy Pelosi made on October 29: “I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president on Tuesday,” she said. “Whatever the end count is on the election that occurs on Tuesday, he will be elected. On January 20 he will be inaugurated president of the United States.” As it turns out, she was giving us a clear glimpse into the Democrats’ plans: even if Trump had a substantial lead at the end of election night, they would find enough absentee and mail-in ballots to propel Joe Biden into the White House.

    Biden himself confirmed that early this morning, saying: “We are on track to win this election. We knew because of the unprecedented early vote and the mail-in vote that it’s going to take a while. We’re going to have to be patient until the hard work of tallying votes is finished, and it ain’t over ’til every vote is counted, every ballot is counted, but we’re feeling good. We’re feeling good about where we are. We’re feeling real good about Wisconsin and Michigan. It’s gonna take time to count the votes and by the way, we’re gonna win Pennsylvania.”

    President Trump, meanwhile, declared that he was not going to sit back and watch the election being stolen away from him. “Millions and millions of people voted for us tonight,” he said, “and a very sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise that group of people, and we won’t stand for it. We will not stand for it.”

    Trump added: “This is a fraud on the American public. This is an embarrassment to our country. We were getting ready to win this election, frankly we did win this election. We did win this election. So our goal now is to ensure the integrity for the good of this nation, this is a very big moment. This is a major fraud on our nation. We want the law to be used in the proper manner. So we will be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at 4 o’clock in the morning and add them to the list. OK?”

    As if to prove Trump’s point, the New York Times reported at 4:55 a.m. that “after the city of Milwaukee reported its 169,000 absentee and early votes, Joe Biden pulled to a narrow lead in Wisconsin.” Then at 6:26 a.m., Daniel Nichanian of The Appeal: Political Report tweeted that “Wayne County (Detroit) just reported roughly 150K ballots, and nearly 140K were for Biden. Just this update cut Trump’s lead in Michigan by nearly two thirds.”

    Pelosi told us. Trump may have led in “the end count,” but the Democrats were determined to make sure that he trailed in the end end count. And even though it does appear at this point as if the president won enough states to put him over the top and secure his reelection, he faces an uphill battle, because this is not a fair fight and was never a fair fight. The forces arrayed against Trump are formidable. The elites who control the social media giants, the establishment media, the educational system, the entertainment industry, and pretty much everything else are enraged at Trump for challenging their hegemony, and are determined to reassert their power. They view Trump’s 2016 victory as an embarrassing slip-up, and are determined not to allow it to become the basis for an uprising that takes control out of their grasp permanently.

    But it may already be too late for them. Trump may be declared the loser of the election after new bundles of mail-in ballots are found where they’re needed the most. Maybe the voters will even helpfully vote in alphabetical order, as they did to give Lyndon Johnson victory in his 1948 Senate race. Nevertheless, there is a massive difference between the America of 2020 and even the America of 2016. Four years ago, most Americans had never heard of the Deep State, and had no idea that Washington bureaucrats would or could work to hinder an elected President’s agenda. Four years ago, trust in the establishment media was much higher than it is today, after mainstream media outlets spent four years trying to defame, destroy, and remove from office that same elected President.

    Now, whatever Nancy Pelosi revealed about her party’s plans, and whatever the elites succeed in doing regarding the 2020 election, and whoever takes the oath of office on January 20, be it Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, or someone else, today millions of Americans are aware that we are in a fight for the life of our nation, a fight for our rights and our freedom, a fight for our children and our future. We are not going to go quietly.

  15. President Trump says he’ll to go to Supreme Court in attempt to keep states from counting suspicious ballots

    Fighting words

    President Donald Trump vowed in the early hours of Wednesday morning to go to the Supreme Court in an attempt to keep states from counting suspicious ballots.

    In remarks from the White House, Trump declared victory in the presidential race against former Vice President Joe Biden despite the fact that millions of votes were still being counted across the country in states such as Georgia, Michigan, and North Carolina.

    No election officials have declared a winner in any of the above-mentioned states.

    He also said that he would go to the Supreme Court in an attempt to stop ballot counting.

      • Papered over fraud may look First World for a while, but not for long. It’s a steep dive we face, this fundamentally transforming our nation.

        Exfiltrate our wealth, impoverish the middle class. Bring in aliens to accelerate the process. Extreme inequality, a permanent underclass.

        To manage conflict, trash the Bill of Rights. This coup has been ongoing since 2016. That’s rolling Third World.

        With our wealth, so goes our influence over aggressive foreign powers. They don’t play fair; we’re not self-sufficient. We need to build stocks NOW, not when we’re “swimming in a sea of coronavirus,” to borrow Xi’s charming phrase.

        Like it or not, we have responsibilities to our allies: Taiwan, Japan, So. Korea, others. Instead of strategic use of economic sanctions, we’ll have no choice but to revert to old-fashioned weapons of war.

  16. Report Warns of Islamic Radicalization in France

    by Judith Bergman
    November 4, 2020 at 5:00 am

    A report published in July by a commission of inquiry of the French Senate, the upper house of the French Parliament, has found that “Islamist radicalization” is a “reality” in France. The commission of inquiry, made up of approximately thirty senators, interviewed a large number of researchers, politicians and other experts on the subject.

    The commission found the consequences of radicalization alarming, particularly the “dissemination of behaviors that… directly affect freedom of conscience, equality between men and women, and the rights of homosexual persons”

  17. Michigan County to Review Ballots Following Report of Skewed Results
    By Zachary Stieber
    November 4, 2020 Updated: November 4, 2020

    A county in the battleground state of Michigan is reviewing the Election Day vote count after the clerk “became aware of apparently skewed results.”

    Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy learned of the skewed results in unofficial tabulations, the county said in a statement.

    Since then, her office has been reviewing the results “and the multiple redundancies to search out any possible discrepancies.”

    Staff members are working with township officials and Election Source, the company that provides the voting software programs and hardware.

    “By this afternoon, we expect to have a clear answer and a clear plan of action addressing any issue,” Guy said in a statement. “Until then, we are asking all interested parties to bear with us while we get to the bottom of this.”

    • BREITBART – Mark Levin: Let’s Not Pretend Any of This is Normal

      Conservative radio host and litigator Mark Levin wrote Wednesday morning that many of the voting procedures that contributed to the unusual result in the 2020 election were both extraordinary and unacceptable.

      In a Facebook post, Levin wrote:

      Let’s step back. I’ve been hearing commentators trying to normalize all these changes to voting procedures and court interventions and acting like this has gone on throughout our history or was compelled by the virus. That’s clearly not true. Mail-in voting was pushed hard by the Democrats and they’ve filed scores of lawsuits to change the rules set by state legislatures. Unfortunately, activist courts have been more than happy to accommodate many of them and the Supreme Court failed to put its foot down. No, none of us recall a time like this when so many crucial state counts are delayed. There’s also a legitimate concern about backdoor voter harvesting in some areas. And we know for a fact that cities like Philadelphia have a problematic history. So let’s not pretend that this has been a routine election. Many of the same forces that rejected Trump’s 2016 election have tried to manipulate the system this time as well.

      As of the time Levin wrote, the presidential race was undecided, with additional mail-in ballots threatening to tip the balance in the Electoral College narrowly to former Vice President Joe Biden over President Donald Trump.

    • Trump campaign makes statement as ballots continue to be counted

      Officials with the campaign of President Donald Trump are expected to make a statement in Philadelphia, Penn. on Wednesday as ballot counting continues in the election.

      Trump’s son Eric, 2020 senior advisor Lara Trump, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi and campaign senior advisor Corey Lewandowski are expected to be in attendance.

      Pennsylvania is one of the battleground states being carefully watched as Trump holds a lead, but with mail-in ballots being counted, the margin is narrowing.

      Trump has already requested a recount in the state of Wisconsin and filed a lawsuit in Michigan requesting the counting be halted alleging that his campaign had not been provided “meaningful access to numerous counting locations.” The lawsuit says counting can resume when “meaningful access” has been granted.

    • Interfaith leaders gather in post-vote solidarity

      After months of a surging pandemic, protests over racial injustice and a presidential campaign marked by fear and polarizing views, a coalition of Buddhists, Christians, Jews and Muslims gathered for a post-election ritual of prayer, song and solidarity.

    • Associated Press – Biden wins electoral battleground of Michigan

      Democrat Joe Biden has won the electoral battleground of Michigan, the third state that President Donald Trump carried in 2016 that the former vice president has flipped.

    • Associated Press – PA Governor calls Trump move ‘simply disgraceful’

      Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf says a lawsuit filed by the President Trump’s campaign to stop the counting of ballots in the state is “simply wrong.”

  18. FRANCE – PARIS – Protest für mehr Corona-Sicherheit an Schule: Polizei setzt Pfefferspray gegen Schüler ein

    Hunderte von Schüler protestierten am Dienstag in Paris gegen die Corona-Maßnahmen der Stadtverwaltung zur sozialen Distanzierung innerhalb von Bildungseinrichtungen. So wurden Schulen trotz zweitem Lockdown wieder geöffnet.

    “Wir fühlen uns nicht sicher. Wir sind verpflichtet, in schlecht belüfteten Räumen zu sitzen, und Masken sind dabei nicht besonders hilfreich“, äußerte sich eine Gymnasiastin inmitten der Proteste. Zuvor hatten viele französische Schüler Videos geteilt, die angeblich die extreme Überfüllung in Gemeinschaftsräumen in Schulen zeigen. Eine Lehrerschaft fordert die Einführung geeigneter Protokolle zum Schutz von Schülern und Lehrern. Die derzeitigen Voraussetzungen seien nicht ordnungsgemäß befolgt, so die Lehrerschaft.

    Die Schüler nutzten Mülltonnen, um die Eingänge von mindestens zehn Schulen in der Hauptstadt zu blockieren. Besonders in den Schulen “Colbert Gymnasium“ und “Sophie-Germain-Schule“ kam es zu Spannung zwischen Schülern und Beamten. Beamte setzten dabei Pfefferspray gegen die Schüler ein. Berichten zufolge wurden etwa 60 Schüler wegen ihrer Beteiligung an den Unruhen zu einer Geldstrafe verurteilt.

  19. Montreal police seeking man in connection with mosque break-ins

    Ashraf Taha Awad is believed to be in downtown Montreal.

    Montreal police are looking for a 61-year-old man in connection with a series of break-ins at local mosques.

    The police are asking for the public’s help to find Ashraf Taha Awad. They say he is a suspect in break-ins at three Montreal Island mosques in October.

    Police say Awad is believed to be in downtown Montreal.

    Awad is 1.91 metres tall and weighs about 95 kg. He has grey hair and brown eyes.


    Montreal police ask for help finding 61-year-old suspected of mosque break-ins

    MONTREAL — Montreal police are asking the public to help find a man suspected in a string of break-ins at local mosques.

    Ashraf Taha Awad, 61 years old, has been named as someone “linked to” three break-and-entries in October.

    He could be in downtown Montreal, police said in a news release Wednesday.

    He’s very tall, at just over 6’3”, and weighs around 210 pounds, police said. He has grey hair and brown eyes.

    Anyone who sees him is asked to call 911, their local police station, or to report it anonymously to Info-Crime Montreal at 514-393-1133.

  20. Slovak police warned Austria that Vienna terrorist Kujtim Fejzulai tried to buy ammo
    Police in Slovakia alerted Austrian authorities in the summer that “suspicious people” had traveled to the country to try to buy high-power ammo a few months before the deadly attack in Vienna, according to a report.
    Austrian-born radicalized Islamist Kujtim Fejzulai, whom ISIS called a “soldier of the caliphate,” returned empty-handed from his July trip to Slovakia to buy ammo for the AK-47, the BBC reported, citing German media.
    His attempt to buy high-power bullets failed because he had no gun license, according to the reports.
    Slovak authorities confirmed that they had passed the message on to their Austrian counterparts immediately.
    “The Slovak police noticed in the summer that suspicious people from Austria tried to buy ammunition here,” said police spokesman Denisa Bárdyová, as quoted by the TASR newswire, the Slovak Spectator reported.
    “The purchase did not happen, though,” Bárdyová added.
    Some experts have said the AK-47 Kalashnikov was not used in the attack in Vienna, in which four people were killed and nearly two dozen wounded Monday night, according to TASR.
    Instead, the attacker used an M70 assault rifle, according to the outlet.

    Also see:

    Austria admits mistakes made in tracking flagged Vienna attacker
    Slovak intelligence informed Austria that gunman Kujtim Fejzulai was trying to buy ammunition, but ‘something apparently went wrong,’ says Austrian interior minister

  21. There Is Still a Fighting Chance
    Conservatives should be encouraged by this election.

    Late Tuesday night, it appeared that Donald Trump had won reelection rather decisively. Not only had he scored a historic win in Florida (about which more later), but the results being reported at 11 p.m. Eastern showed the president with commanding leads in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. By the time I woke up Wednesday morning, however, those states had all been flipped into Joe Biden’s column, and cable TV news was claiming — contrary to evidence — that Georgia was still “too close to call.”

    The Democrat I mocked as “Landslide Joe” failed to meet expectations, and Democrats also lost important down-ticket races where they squandered tens of millions of dollars trying to take Senate and House seats that the GOP won. Mitch McConnell cruised to reelection in Kentucky, and Lindsey Graham fought off a well-funded challenger in South Carolina.

    Details of presidential results in the states that will decide the winner of this election are something that pundits will be chewing over all day, if not for weeks to come. What we can conclude now — without knowing the final official outcome — is that Trump wildly outperformed the results predicted by public opinion polls. Not only that, even if Trump should eventually get edged out in the Electoral College vote, he did better than either of the two most recent Republican presidential candidates.

    In 2008, the late Sen. John McCain got 45.7 percent of the popular vote (59.9 million to Barack Obama’s 69.5 million) and 173 Electoral College votes. In 2012, Mitt Romney got 47.2 percent of the popular vote (60.9 million to Obama’s 65.9 million) and 206 Electoral College votes. As of Wednesday morning, Trump had 48 percent of the popular vote (67.3 million to Biden’s 69.6 million) and 213 Electoral College votes.

  22. Who Won?
    Democrats will only take Biden for an answer — and they’re already doing everything it takes to find the votes they need.

    Who won the United States presidential election as of 8 a.m. Eastern Time on November 4? The answer is not known yet. Democrats are looking for votes in Wisconsin, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

    Here’s what I wrote to our subscribers two days ago:

  23. Gunmen Kill 8 in Central Mali Attack

    “Gunmen have killed eight people in central Mali, a local official and security ministry staffer said Wednesday, in the latest violence to hit the war-torn Sahel state.

    Militants attacked a minibus Tuesday, the officials said, which was traveling between the towns of Bandiagara and Bankass in central Mali’s volatile Mopti region, which is prone to frequent jihadist attacks and ethnic killings.

    “Armed men opened fire on the minibus,” a local government official told AFP, adding that eight people died, four escaped and eight were seriously wounded, three of them children.

    An official from Mali’s security ministry, who also requested anonymity, confirmed the details of the attack and the death toll…”

  24. IRGC Unveils New Missile System (+Video)

    “The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) unveiled a homegrown multiple ballistic missile launcher on Wednesday.

    The automated and smart system, used for launching multiple long-range ballistic missiles, has been manufactured by the IRGC Aerospace Force.

    The homegrown missile launcher system was unveiled by IRGC Commander Major General Hossein Salami.

    “The launch of our missiles rattles the enemy. Our missile power guarantees the withdrawal of enemies,” the IRGC commander said in the unveiling ceremony.

    He also said that the deterrent and defense capabilities give Iran huge power that helps the country demonstrate its political will and impose it on the enemy if necessary.

    Iranian military experts and technicians have in recent years made great headways in manufacturing a broad range of indigenous equipment, making the armed forces self-sufficient in the arms sphere…”

  25. Iraq’s PMU Forces Destroy 3 Daesh Command Centers in Anbar

    “Members of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, known as the Hashd al-Sha’abi, hit and destroyed three headquarters belonging to the Daesh group in the western province of Anbar.

    Qassem Mosleh, a senior PMU official and its commander in Anbar operation, said the terrorists used the centers to launch attacks against Iraqi security forces in Anbar province.

    He added that communication devices were recovered and some intelligence was obtained at the sites.

    In recent months, suspected Daesh militants have stepped up attacks, particularly in the area between Kirkuk, Salahuddin (north), and Diyala (east), known as the “Triangle of Death”…”

  26. Bahrain king, European Council president seek joint efforts for combating terrorism

    “Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on Wednesday received a phone call from European Council President Charles Michel.

    They discussed the joint and continuous efforts being exerted by the two sides to combat terrorism and extremism, in light of the recent events that took place in Europe.

    King Hamad expressed his appreciation to the European Council president for his call that reflects the noble efforts he is exerting to consolidate mutual understanding among societies and religions as an alternative to division.

    King Hamad expressed his categorical rejection of all forms of violence and extremism, stressing that terrorists and extremists do not represent true Islam which is based on love and tolerance.

    The king indicated that Islam is the religion of morals, fraternity, and peace with everyone, stressing, at the same time, the need to reject extremism and hate speech, as well as to confront them wherever and in any form they are.

    King Hamad affirmed that Bahrainis always welcome all, co-exist with them peacefully and respect all religions.joint aspiration and interests. — Bahrain News Agency”

  27. US elections 2020: Anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist wins seat in Congress

    “Anti-Muslim candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene is the first supporter of the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory to win a US House seat.

    Greene declared victory in Georgia’s 14th congressional district on Wednesday after both the Associated Press and CNN assured her of the win earlier in the day.

    Greene’s Democratic opponent, Kevin Van Ausdal, had dropped out in September citing personal reasons, all but guaranteeing her the victory.

    “BIG WIN TONIGHT!” the 46-year-old said on Twitter. “THANK YOU to the people of NW Georgia for choosing me to fight for them in Washington, DC!

    Greene will now become the first person to serve in the US House to have openly supported the QAnon conspiracy, which spreads the baseless and xenophobic idea that a network of “deep state” actors is working behind the scenes against US President Donald Trump to create a new world order.

    QAnon has also peddled the theory that a secret plan was orchestrated by American Muslims to use coronavirus restrictions as a means of bringing Sharia law into the country…”

  28. IOM returns 154 Bangladesh migrants from Libya

    “The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said it has sent 154 migrants from Libya to their countries of origin, Xinhua news agency reports.

    According to report, last week, 154 Bangladeshi migrants returned home through the Voluntary Humanitarian Return (VHR) programme with a charter flight travelling from Benghazi Benina airport located in eastern Libya.

    “Aboard the flight were also seven Indian migrants whom the IOM assisted with the same charter to reach New Delhi,” IOM said.

    The flight was made possible with the support of the European Union Emergency Trust Fund, and close coordination with the embassies of Bangladesh and India in Tripoli.

    Xinhua reports that the VHR programMe, run by the IOM, arranges the return of illegal immigrants stranded in Libya to their homeland.

    More than 4,800 stranded migrants in Libya are registered with the IOM in preparation for their repatriation, the UN body said.

    A total of 3,196 refugees and migrants were being held in 11 detention centres across Libya as of 19 October, sources from the UN refugee agency UNHCR and UN migration agency said.”

  29. GOP makes substantial gains in House; media mum
    By Hans Bader November 4, 2020

    You would never know it from the media, but Republicans are currently leading in 218 of 435 House seats. If vote-counting stopped right now, they would take control of the U.S. House of Representatives from the Democrats, even though the mainstream media declared last night that the Republicans would lose seats in the House.

    Of course, vote counting continues. Late-counted ballots are likely to flip a couple races, and thus give Democrats a narrow majority of at least 220 seats. But the possibility of Republicans taking control of Congress cannot be completely ruled out. But you would never have known this from reading this morning’s newspapers.

    Even as preliminary election returns showed more than a dozen Democratic members of Congress losing their races, newspapers continued to claim that the Democrats were likely to expand their margin of control in the House of Representatives.

    • Interesting, the Republicans are looking to make massive gains in the House, maybe not enough to take control but they may gain enough seats to do this. Think about the irony of a Democrat President and a Republican Congress, If this happens the only thing preventing a Biden impeachment would be VP Harris but they might decide that having an open Marxist to block would be better then having her pull Biden’s strings as he sinks deeper into senility.

  30. Turkey arrests 2 Daesh terror suspects

    “Turkish gendarmerie units arrested at least two people in the central Kayseri province over their suspected links to the Daesh/ISIS terror group, security sources said on Wednesday, Anadolu reports.

    The Syrian nationals, who entered Turkey through illegal means and were active in Syria, were nabbed in simultaneous raids on addresses predetermined, said sources, who asked not to be named due to restrictions on speaking to the media.

    Suspects, Ali E. and Sami K., were active in the Daesh/ISIS terror group in Syria’s Aleppo and Al-Bab regions during 2012-2015, the sources said.

    Gendarmerie teams also seized digital materials from the residences of the suspects, including photographs of suspects holding weapons. They were also found to be active on social media for the terror group…”

  31. ‘Muslims in IIOJK top target of anti-Islam frenzy’

    “Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan has said that the Muslims particularly in India and Kashmir are the main target of the wave of Islamophobia currently sweeping across the world.

    “Kashmiri Muslims have not succumbed to repression being perpetrated by the Indian fanatic rulers,” he said while addressing a seminar held in Muzaffarabad on Wednesday to pay homage to prominent religious scholar Qari Masood Yousuf.

    The seminar was also addressed by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider, AJK Minister for Finance Dr Mohammad Najib Naqi and Maulana Sayeed Yousuf.

    President Masood said that Islam is flourishing in every continent and the Azan (call for prayer) was echoing in every length and cranny across the world. “Therefore neither the Muslims can be eliminated nor can the call of Allah-o-Akbar be suppressed by any power on earth.”

    He said that the Muslim Ummah is protesting and condemning the blasphemy in France and called upon the Muslim world and the civilised countries to boycott French products. He also asserted that during his recent visit to the University of Health Sciences, students and teachers had pledged to boycott French products in all medical colleges affiliated with the UHS.

    The AJK president said that “we would have to uphold the spirit of martyrs of Kashmir particularly those who liberated this part of Kashmir by shedding their blood”.

    He added: “The people in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmiri [IIOJK] have spurned all perks being offered by India and they demand just their freedom and the right to self-determination.”

    Masood lamented that the modesty of the respectable woman folk on the other side of the Line of Control was not safe today, and the Kashmiris are being turned into a minority in their own homeland as non-Kashmiri subjects from all over India are being settled in the occupied territory.

    Paying homage to late Sheikhul Hadith Maulana Yousuf, the AJK president said that the Poonch region particularly Sadhnoti was the land of martyrs and ghazis who had sacrifices their lives to liberate Azad Kashmir.

    On the occasion, Maulana Fazl said that the whole Muslim Ummah, particularly the Pakistani nation, stands by the Kashmiri people. “The federal government must avoid any action related to Gilgit-Baltistan which may hurt the Kashmir cause.”

    In his address, the ex-AJK prime minister Farooq Haider said that we cannot leave our brethren of Occupied Kashmir alone before the Indian aggression, and the liberation struggle will continue till the last Kashmiri subject is alive.

    PM Minister Haider said freedom movement in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir will be continued till last Kashmiri is alive.”

  32. Turkey fines Facebook, others over new social media law

    “Turkey on Nov. 4 fined Facebook, Twitter and three other social media companies for failing to appoint a country representative under a controversial law which came into force last month.

    The legislation, passed in July, requires platforms with more than one million users to appoint representatives in Turkey that could implement court orders to remove contentious content or face heavy fines.

    Turkey has ordered Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube and TikTok to pay 10 million lira ($1.2 million, 1.0 million euro) fines for failing to comply, Deputy Transport and Infrastructure Minister Ömer Fatih Sayan tweeted. If the networks fail to open local offices by the start of December, they will be fined an additional 30 million lira.

    Failure to comply by early January would result in an advertising ban.

    Should the social media companies still ignore Turkish law three months after the advertising ban, they will see bandwidth reductions of 50 percent and then by as much as 90 percent in the fifth and final stage.

    Digital rights expert Yaman Akdeniz said any bandwidth reduction would start in April and reach 90 percent by May, making the platforms effectively inaccessible.

    Akdeniz tweeted on Nov. 3 that only the private Russian social media firm VK had appointed a Turkish representative to date.”

  33. Turkey: 34 FETO-linked terror suspects arrested

    “Turkish authorities arrested 34 people on Wednesday over their suspected links to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), the group behind the 2016 defeated coup in Turkey, security sources said.

    Istanbul Police Department’s teams for anti-smuggling and organized crimes conducted simultaneous operations across seven Turkish provinces and arrested 19 suspects, said a source, who asked not to be named due to restrictions on speaking to the media.

    The suspects are accused of using ByLock, the terror group’s encrypted smartphone messaging app, and being “covert imams” – the senior FETO members – plotting infiltration into the Turkish armed forces, it added.

    Meanwhile, two people, including a former judge, suspected of links to FETO were nabbed in the northwestern Edirne province when they were trying to escape to Greece illegally, another source said.

    In a separate operation in the southern Antalya province, police arrested nine suspects, with one of them remanded in custody, and four of them sent to the provinces where the investigations continue on their name. The other four suspects were released.

    Also, in a southern Kahramanmaras-based operation to uncover the activities of the terror group, gendarmerie teams arrested four suspects.

    FETO and its US-based leader Fetullah Gulen orchestrated the defeated coup of July 15, 2016, in which 251 people were martyred and nearly 2,200 injured.

    Turkey accuses FETO of being behind a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through the infiltration of Turkish institutions, particularly the military, police, and judiciary.”

  34. Turkey: Over 120 irregular migrants held

    “At least 124 irregular migrants were held in northwestern and northeastern Turkey, local sources said on Wednesday.

    In the coastal province of Canakkale, the Turkish Coast Guard rounded up 102 migrants trying to cross to Greece off the coast of Kumburnu, said the sources, who asked not to be named due to restrictions on speaking to the media.

    The migrants were taken to local repatriation center for foreigners.

    Separately, in the northeastern Ardahan province — bordering Georgia and Armenia – local police held 22 irregular migrants.

    The migrants included 20 Afghan and two Pakistani nationals…”

  35. Catholic archbishop warns Trump that ‘forces of evil’ working against him to execute a ‘Great Reset’

    “Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, perhaps best known for accusing Pope Francis of covering up child sex crimes committed by Theodore McCarrick, a disgraced former American Cardinal, has penned a letter to US President Donald Trump, warning him that the ‘global elite’ are planning a “Great Reset” that, if implemented, intends to undermine “God and humanity”.

    In the open letter, Viganò, the Vatican’s former ambassador to the United States, takes aim at a nefarious “global elite” which he says wants nothing more than to “subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations.”

    According to the Viganò, the same group of so-called “global elites” is responsible for implementing the draconian lockdowns which have destroyed the global economy and have severely restricted the movement and freedom of people around the world.

    “The purpose of the Great Reset is the imposition of a health dictatorship aiming at the imposition of liberticidal measures, hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and cancelling individual debt,” Viganò writes.

    “The price of these concessions from the International Monetary Fund will be the renunciation of private property and adherence to a program of vaccination against Covid-19 and Covid-21 promoted by Bill Gates with the collaboration of the main pharmaceutical groups,” the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States speculates in the letter.

    The letter, which was widely shared on the web, also contains a number of other controversial claims.

    “Beyond the enormous economic interests that motivate the promoters of the Great Reset, the imposition of the vaccination will be accompanied by the requirement of a health passport and a digital ID, with the consequent contact tracing of the population of the entire world. Those who do not accept these measures will be confined in detention camps or placed under house arrest, and all their assets will be confiscated.”

    Although Viganò offers no concrete evidence to support his claims, influential people across the world in tech, health, science, politics, and other fields have referred to a “Great Reset” following the coronavirus, with some arguing that their policies would amount to more control over the global population….”

  36. Terrorists will exploit uncontrolled migration, says Czech Senate president

    “The Czech Republic should be more cautious about its migration policy to prevent terrorist attacks, said Czech Senate President Miloš Vystr?il in an interview with According to him, Czechia should unite with its foreign partners to prevent the arrival of other migrants who would want to fight against the Western way of life and its freedom of religion.

    On his Twitter account, he previously called the terrorist killings in the French city of Nice and the Austrian city of Vienna an attack on the very foundations of European civilization.

    “At the political level, we need to re-evaluate where and under what circumstances terrorist attacks occur. And if, as part of migration policy, it is necessary for us to control who comes to our country and for what purpose. I think it is not possible for people we know nothing about to come to the European Union. It is our common duty to address this issue,” he stated.

    According to him, all people should realize that if there is a social order where freedom and democracy dominate, then it is also has the potential for abuse by people who have a different opinion on freedom of thought and religion, and who may reject those concepts…”

  37. Sakiewicz: We must oppose recent Islamic terrorist attacks or there will be more of them

    “Churches, Christians and priests are the targets of current terrorist attacks conducted by Islamic youth, the editor-in-chief of Gazeta Polska, Tomasz Sakiewicz, warns in the context of Monday’s Islamic terrorist attack in Vienna and another one that left three dead inside the Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption basilica in Nice, France.

    Sakiewicz warned that despite us having dealt with terrorist actions in the past and possibly in the future, the situation will become much worse if we do not act with radical measures, according to Polish news outlet

    “Let’s take a look at what and who is the target of these attacks. These are churches, Christians and priests. Groups of youth, in this case Islamic youth, are entering churches, assaulting and interrupting masses,” Sakiewicz told TVP Info in reference to another incident last week in Austria where dozens of Turkish youth stormed a church in Vienna and attacked church pews and confessionals in an incident caught on security camera.

    He explained that typically there are several dozen people for every terrorist who create a network of psychological and ideological support for the attacker. With the support and adulation they know they receive whenever they conduct an attack, they gain the bravery to carry out such actions…”

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