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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Here is an article that asks more eloquently what I asked the other day: how did Covid-19 spread so incredibly well in the rose garden? It’s a fair question given the super spreading that has occurred. Was there an accelerant involved? The article doesn’t answer this question, but it is the only place I’ve seen it asked, really:

    • Collectivists are the accelerants for all viruses.

      Look alikes, sound alikes, and act alikes. Nothing that groins, hearts and minds cannot spread.

      These are the carriers of parasites and become their superspreaders.

  2. California asks people at restaurants to mask-up between bites. At what point do government mandates become so absurd that sleepwalkers wake up? At what point are grown men and women teased to the point they refuse the carrot (being left in peace by complying) knowing the stick comes next?

    Covid-19 is an accelerant to globalists enterprise. Tell this to your neighbor for a good laugh.

    • Her story are why gun and ammo sales are through the roof, the right wants to resist and win legally. We really do but the left is creating a situation where are are being forced to prepare for to resist their violence. Our choices are clear, we fight back and live free or we kneel, submit and ensure that slavery rules the world for the next century or two.

  3. German court makes a fool of itself: Arab who threatened to kill a female lifeguard only has to write a school essay as punishment

    Last year, the riots by young people in the Düsseldorf public swimming pool Rheinbad made quite a stir throughout Germany. On each of three days the pool had to be evacuated by the police. Now, after a two-day trial, a young man (17 years old) was convicted of threatening behaviour.According to a ruling by the Düsseldorf District Court, the North African Amaru C. must take part in a literary project entitled “Crisis situations – how do I deal with them? He is then to write an essay on this topic with special attention to a victim!The trial against him took place behind closed doors. The reason for the lenient sentence is said to be that Amaru C. has no criminal record and also attends school regularly.In the juvenile law regulations, the focus is on the educational aspect.

    A second trial against a rioter (27 years old) resulted in an order of summary punishment for insulting for a sum amounting to 600 euros. He had insulted a policewoman as a “dirty piece of shit”.
    During the incidents in the Rheinbad in summer 2019, up to 400 people had attacked employees and other visitors, thrown chairs into the water and rioted.

  4. Two Arab clan members in Germany reveal: ” First of all, would she be tortured, strangled, killed, stabbed, shot very slowly if my wife cheated on me”

    In Germany, criminal extended families have established a parallel society that follows its very own rules. Spiegel TV authors Thomas Heise and Claas Meyer-Heuer spoke with two clan members. The result is a documentary about the internal life of extended families – and about the failure of politics.

    Ali F. and Sherif B. come from two different extended families; they have almost lost track of the numbers of members of their clans. Nevertheless Sherif knows to report: “You can already count on 70 to 80 percent that all of them are criminal. Ali F. confirms this: “It’s the same with me. 80 percent may not be, but 60 to 70 percent are criminals.

    Especially the male clan members are often delinquent. Sherif served nine years in prison for drug dealing and assault. Extended families like the Al-Zeins, the Remmos or the Miris are known to the police. Ali F. and Sherif B. also talk bluntly in the interview about criminal machinations, blood and bride money, marriages within their families and drug dealing. One statement in particular remains in the memory.

    When Sherif B thinks about the fact that his wife is cheating on him, he speaks out in a rage. “If my dignity is violated by my wife cheating on me, I will feel the same as everyone else,” he says. “I would torture, strangle, kill, stab, shoot her very slowly, no matter what. I would do it immediately. Her and the one she cheated with, both of them. There’s no mercy there either, nothing. And I think everybody in this family would agree with me.” Obviously furious, he adds, ” I’ d stab her right in the neck and that’s it! If she cheats, she has had bad luck. We are not interested in the Basic Law. We only go by Islamic law.”It is precisely this attitude that makes clans so dangerous, says the law and Islamic Studies Professor Mathias Rohe of the University of Erlangen. “The problem with parallel societies in the narrower sense is hermetic closure. One has its own code of values, its own code of norms, which then, if necessary, is also directed against what is generally valid in this country, namely the legal system.

  5. Refugee beats young mother to death with a hammer – Before that, the Saxon state government had called the murderer a prime example of successful integration and appointed him ” Ambassador of Saxony”

    For the public prosecutor’s office it was a planned revenge killing. The trial of Edris Z. who is said to have killed a young mother in April in the Auwald forest started today, Wednesday, at the Leipzig Regional Court.The refugee aid worker had previously denounced the Afghan-born man under the Protection Against Violence Act – apparently this was her death sentence!

    Hiding his face behind a file folder, Edris Z. enters the courtroom in the morning. Four police officers guard him. In front of the courthouse, almost 100 people demonstrate simultaneously against femicide – the political term for the killing of women for their sex.

    Without a word, the Afghan, who emigrated to Germany with his parents in 1995, takes a seat next to his lawyers. In 2006, former Saxon Prime Minister Georg Milbradt (75, Christian Democratic Union) called the accused an “ambassador of Saxony” as a prime example of successful integration and granted him German citizenship in 2015.

    Flashback: In the morning of April 8, Myriam Z. (37 years old) changed her sling, carefully put her two and a half month old daughter Ava in it and went for a walk in the southern Auwald forest.

    According to the prosecution, Edris Z. also was staying there. Not by chance. But having a hammer in his backpack and the plan to kill a human being.

    Edris and Myriam were once a couple. Both worked as social workers in the refugee aid department. It is said that the young Afghan never got over the fact that the self-confident woman eventually separated from him. According to the investigations, Edris Z. has been stalking his ex-girlfriend ever since.

    And he became violent: In August 2018, when Edris Z. saw Myriam in the company of another man, he allegedly attacked him.The prosecution mentions a wild biting attack, and the accused is also alleged to have attempted to gouge out the eyes of the migrant rival (25 years old) with his fingernails. The victim suffered severe injuries to his eyeballs, bite wounds all over his body, and a piece of his ear was also missing afterwards.

    Myriam then reported the stalker to the police and obtained a ban on approach against Edris Z. via the Protection Against Violence Act.

    Apparently this was her death sentence. In the murder charge, the prosecution assumes that Z. killed his ex-girlfriend to punish her for reporting him to the police.

    The stalker approached the young mother from behind and smashed her skull with a hammer.
    Even when Myriam fell to the ground, lay protectively over her baby and therefore had no hand to protect her head, the accused is said to have continued to beat her. At least ten blows, four of them on the head, are listed by the prosecution with reference to the forensic medical examination.

    Two days after the violent crime, Myriam died of her severe injuries in hospital. The trial will continue next Wednesday.

  6. Bangladesh Wants China, India to Pressure Myanmar to Take Back Rohingya Refugees (sputniknews, Oct 8, 2020)

    “Both India and Bangladesh have expressed concerns about possible links between Pakistan-located terror outfits and the Rohingya insurgent outfit Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has described the Rohingya refugees living in her country as a national security “threat”.

    China and India must exercise their economic and military clout over Myanmar to convince the Aung San Suu Kyi administration to expedite the repatriation of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees living in the camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh Deputy High Commissioner to India Toufique Hasan has told Sputnik.

    Stating that India is helping Myanmar with an array of connectivity projects and China, on the other hand, has been one of the biggest investors there, Bangladesh’s second-most senior diplomat to India Toufique Hasan said: “Our government wants both to talk to Myanmar on the issue”.

    China and India have backed the Myanmar government on the Rohingya refugee issue, with both Asian giants having invested in infrastructure and connectivity projects in the strategically-located Asian nation.

    During a visit to Myanmar earlier this week, Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla and Army Chief General M.M. Naravane, “conveyed India’s support for ensuring the safe, sustainable, and speedy return of displaced persons to Rakhine State”.

    “Despite various assurances, the repatriation of Rohingya refugees doesn’t seem to be a priority for either India or Myanmar”, Hasan stated.

    The Bangladeshi diplomat expressed concern that Nay Pyi Taw has not been honouring a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with Dhaka in January 2018, stipulating the Asian nation take back 1,500 Rohingya refugees every week.

    Hasan claimed that Rohingya refugees continue to flee from the state of Rakhine, despite Bangladeshi Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque warning the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) last year that Dhaka won’t accept any more refugees.

    “We will continue to welcome them. Their return to Myanmar is also voluntary. We can’t pressure them into returning. No Rohingya refugee from Bangladesh wants to return voluntarily”, he said.

    The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) documents that 909,000 Rohingya refugees live in 34 “congested” camps in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazaar, which is also the site of the world’s largest refugee camp.

    Just more than 860,000 of these refugees are registered with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) as per its website…”

  7. Trump Says All US Troops in Afghanistan Will Be ‘Home By Christmas’ (sputniknews, Oct 8, 2020)

    “The remaining American troops deployed to Afghanistan “should” be “home by Christmas,” declared US President Donald Trump on Wednesday – the 19th anniversary of the US invasion of the Central Asian country.

    Trump took to social media Wednesday evening to announce that despite recent news, the American people should expect a December 25 return of the “small remaining number” of US troops deployed to Afghanistan.

    Earlier Wednesday, White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien claimed that there would only be a substantial decrease in deployed troops by early 2021.

    “When President Trump took office, there were over 10,000 American troops in Afghanistan. As of today there are under 5,000, and that will go to 2,500 by early next year,” he told attendees of an event at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Reuters reported.

    Prior to October 7, David Helvey, the official performing the duties of assistant secretary of defense for Indo-Pacific security affairs, had expressed that the service would be “conducting prudent planning to withdraw to zero service members by May 2021.”

    O’Brien highlighted “Americans need to come home,” while stressing that “Afghans themselves are going to have to work out an accord, a peace agreement,” with the Taliban.

    Reuters noted that dozens of Afghan civilians have been killed in recent weeks. At the same time, peace talks in the Qatari capital of Doha have stalled.

    Political-military analyst Brian Downing told Radio Sputnik’s Political Misfits on Wednesday that “all sides” involved in current Afghan affairs “are pretty tired of war.”

    “I think it’s dragging on for two reasons: first, Donald Trump has signaled, rather carelessly, an eagerness to get out, and that’s not exactly a good position to have going into negotiations,” he told hosts Bob Schlehuber and Michelle Witte.

    “Second, I think there are people in the Taliban who feel that they can reconquer most of the country and that a peace agreement would simply be a concession – too big a concession – to the other powers inside Afghanistan.””

  8. Magyar M1- Orban:
    -doctors have received 120% pay increase
    -bribes to doctors will mean a jail sentence for patient and doctor
    -Hungary among most protected countries from Corona-19
    -Soros using EU to punish Hungary


    The Battle of Lepanto: Avenging the Skinning Alive of Christians Who Refused Islam

    “Battle of Lepanto” (Public Domain) Venetian print 1572.
    (It’s a shame that graphics don’t copy because this one is quite spectacular)

    Today in history, on October 7, 1571, one of the most cataclysmic clashes between Islam and the West — one where the latter for once crushed and humiliated the former — took place.

    In 1570, Muslim Turks — in the guise of the Ottoman Empire — invaded the island of Cyprus, prompting Pope Pius V to call for and form a “Holy League” of maritime Catholic nation-states spearheaded by the Spanish Empire in 1571. Before they could reach and relieve Cyprus, The Muslims took its last stronghold at Famagusta through treachery.

    After promising the defenders safe passage if they surrendered, Ottoman commander Ali Pasha — known as Müezzinzade (“son of a muezzin”) due to his pious background — had reneged and launched a wholesale slaughter. He ordered the nose and ears of Marco Antonio Bragadin, the fort commander, hacked off. Ali then invited the mutilated infidel to Islam and life: “I am a Christian and thus I want to live and die,” Bragadin responded. “My body is yours. Torture it as you will.”

    So he was tied to a chair, repeatedly hoisted up the mast of a galley, and dropped into the sea, to taunts: “Look if you can see your fleet, great Christian, if you can see succor coming to Famagusta!” The mutilated and half-drowned man was then carried near to St. Nicholas Church — by now a mosque — and tied to a column, where he was slowly flayed alive. The skin was afterward stuffed with straw, sown back into a macabre effigy of the dead commander, and paraded in mockery before the jeering Muslims.

    News of this and other ongoing atrocities and desecrations of churches in Cyprus and Corfu enraged the Holy League as it sailed east. A bloodbath followed when the two opposing fleets — carrying a combined total of 600 ships and 140,000 men, more of both on the Ottoman side — finally met and clashed on October 7, 1571, off the western coast of Greece, near Lepanto. According to one contemporary:

    The greater fury of the battle lasted for four hours and was so bloody and horrendous that the sea and the fire seemed as one, many Turkish galleys burning down to the water, and the surface of the sea, red with blood, was covered with Moorish coats, turbans, quivers, arrows, bows, shields, oars, boxes, cases, and other spoils of war, and above all many human bodies, Christians as well as Turkish, some dead, some wounded, some torn apart, and some not yet resigned to their fate struggling in their death agony, their strength ebbing away with the blood flowing from their wounds in such quantity that the sea was entirely coloured by it, but despite all this misery our men were not moved to pity for the enemy. … Although they begged for mercy they received instead arquebus shots and pike thrusts.

    ‘Pride Was Their Downfall’—The Muslim Slaughter of Christians at Nicopolis
    The pivotal point came when the flagships of the opposing fleets, the Ottoman Sultana and the Christian Real, crashed into and were boarded by one another. Chaos ensued as men everywhere grappled; even the grand admirals were seen in the fray, Ali Pasha firing arrows and Don Juan swinging broadsword and battle-axe, one in each hand.

    In the end, “there was an infinite number of dead” on the Real, whereas “an enormous quantity of large turbans, which seemed to be as numerous as the enemy had been, [were seen in the Sultana] rolling on the deck with the heads inside them.” The don emerged alive, but the pasha did not.

    When the central Turkish fleets saw Ali’s head on a pike in the Sultana and a crucifix where the flag of Islam once fluttered, mass demoralization set in, and the waterborne mêlée was soon over. The Holy League lost twelve galleys and ten thousand men, but the Ottomans lost 230 galleys — 117 of which were captured by the Europeans — and thirty thousand men.

    It was a victory of the first order, and Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Protestants rejoiced.

    Practically speaking, however, little changed. Cyprus was not even liberated by the Holy League. “In wrestling Cyprus from you we have cut off an arm,” the Ottomans painfully reminded the Venetian ambassador a year later. “In defeating our fleet [at Lepanto] you have shaved our beard. An arm once cut off will not grow again, but a shorn beard grows back all the better for the razor.”

    Even so, this victory proved that the relentless Turks, who in previous decades and centuries had conquered much of Eastern Europe, could be stopped. Lepanto suggested that the Turks could be defeated in a head-on clash — at least by sea, which of late had been the Islamic powers’ latest hunting grounds. As Miguel Cervantes, who was at the battle, has the colorful Don Quixote say: “That day … was so happy for Christendom, because all the world learned how mistaken it had been in believing that the Turks were invincible by sea.”

    Modern historians affirm this position. According to military historian Paul K. Davis, “More than a military victory, Lepanto was a moral one. For decades, the Ottoman Turks had terrified Europe, and the victories of Suleiman the Magnificent caused Christian Europe serious concern. … Christians rejoiced at this setback for the Ottomans. The mystique of Ottoman power was tarnished significantly by this battle, and Christian Europe was heartened.”

    No matter how spectacular, however, defeat at sea could not shake what was first and foremost a land power — so that more than a century later, in 1683, some 200,000 armed Ottomans had penetrated as far as and besieged Vienna.

    But that — to say nothing of Turkey’s many other jihads down to the present — is another story.

    Note: The above account was excerpted from a book that CAIR and its Islamist allies did everything they could to prevent the US Army War College from learning about: Raymond Ibrahim’s Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West

  10. Russia’s Assistance ‘Turning Point’ in Syrian War, Allowing to Crush Terrorists, Bashar Assad Says (sputniknews, Oct 8, 2020)

    “The war in Syria will continue until every part of the nation’s territory is liberated from terrorists, Syrian President Bashar Assad told Sputnik, recalling how Russia’s involvement in the conflict at Damascus’ request changed the course of events and resulted in a massive counterterrorist advance.

    Russia’s military assistance to Damascus is marking its fifth year. Sputnik asked the Syrian president whether after these five years he could say the war was over.

    “No, definitely not. As long as you have terrorists occupying some areas of our country and committing different kinds of crimes and assassinations and other crimes, it’s not over, and I think their supervisors are keen to make it continue for a long time. That’s what we believe”, Assad replied.

    The Syrian president listed Russia’s entry into the war as one of three key turning points, together with the first liberation of lands from Nusra Front terrorists* in 2013 and then the sudden emergence of Daesh* with the United States’ backing and their subsequent grab of important areas in 2014.

    “Then the other turning point was when the Russians came to Syria in 2015 and we started liberating together in many areas. In that stage, after the Russians came to Syria to support the Syrian Army, I’d say the turning point was to liberate the eastern part of Aleppo — this is where the liberation of other areas in Syria started from that point. It was important because of the importance of Aleppo and because it was the beginning of the liberation — the large-scale liberation that continued later to Damascus, to the rest of Aleppo recently and other areas in the eastern part of Syria and the southern part”, Assad said.

    Asked whether he could distinguish any particular acts of heroism by the Russian military in the Syrian war, the president said “there are so many”, going on to recall how Russian pilots “kept flying over the terrorists on a daily basis, risking their lives, and you had a few aircraft that were shot down by the terrorists”.

    “After five years of this cooperation between the Syrian and the Russian armies in a vicious war, I think heroism is becoming a collective act”, Assad said. “What I’m going to tell my grandchildren someday is not only about this heroism but I’m also going to talk about the common values that we have in both our armies that made us brothers during this war, these noble values, faithful to their causes, defending civilians, and defending the innocent”.

    The war in Syria is in its ninth year. In August 2015, Damascus asked Moscow for military assistance in countering the armed opposition forces, including terrorist organisations. Russian forces have been providing assistance on the ground and monitoring the ceasefire as well as facilitating the return of Syrian refugees and restoration of normalcy…”

  11. Live Updates: Yerevan Says Stepanakert Hit by Azerbaijani Rockets Overnight (sputniknews, Oct 8, 2020)

    Azerbaijan Shares Footage of Alleged Artillery Strikes Against Armenian Armed Forces During Night (sputniknews, Oct 8, 2020)

  12. Cyprus President Slams Reopening of Varosha Resort as ‘Illegal’ (sputniknews, Oct 8, 2020)

    “The authorities of the breakaway Turkish part of Northern Cyprus announced they would reopen the resort for tourists on Thursday, despite United Nations Security Council Resolutions 550 and 789, which condemn all resettlement attempts in the area.

    “The decision by Turkey and the occupation regime to extend part of the fenced-in city for use … is an illegal and clear violation of international law and UN Security Council resolutions”, Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades stated.

    Meanwhile, Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas has also urged Turkish authorities to step back, adding that otherwise Greece and Cyprus will bring the issue before an EU summit scheduled for 15-16 October.

    The resort was abandoned by Greek Cypriots fleeing war in 1974 when the island nation was divided by a conflict between Turks, supported by Ankara, and Greeks. As a result, the once-popular resort town of Varosha remained a ghost town for decades.

    The reopening of the resort comes amid mounting tensions between the EU and Turkey, as the latter sent its research vessels for gas and oil exploration to the Mediterranean waters already claimed by Cyprus and Greece.

    Since 1974, the northern part of the island has been under the control of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is only recognised by Ankara.”

  13. UK Parliamentary Defence Committee: “Huawei colluded with the Chinese state” | World News
    •Oct 8, 2020

    • These are really bad guys.
      They went to Syria to get training, fight for Assad, like their Nazi role models post-WW-2. Terribly dangerous on the loose in Greece.

  14. Denmark Summons Iranian Ambassador Amid Crackdown Against Sharia (sputniknews, Oct 8, 2020)

    “Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod called Iranian interference in Danish law unacceptable and demanded an explanation over its alleged role in Sharia divorce contracts, which continue to rock Danish politics and triggered a stern condemnation from the country’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

    As Denmark has cracked down on imams who propagate Sharia divorce documents, Iranian Ambassador Afsaneh Nadipour has been summoned to the Danish Foreign Ministry to explain reports that point at the Iranian Embassy’s involvement in cases regarding religious divorces.

    “Naturally, we will in no shape or form accept an embassy being involved in cases that go against Danish law – and our basic democratic values in Denmark”, Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod told the newspaper Jyllands-Posten. “This form of religious control does not belong in Denmark”, he added.

    “Reports that the Iranian Embassy has in an unsolicited fashion sought out women living here to pressure them into getting their Danish divorce papers religiously validated is something I take very seriously”, Kofod said.

    Reports of Muslim women living in Denmark being forced to accept divorce contracts made in accordance with Sharia law have been making headlines in the Danish media over the past month. In September, an Odense-based imam was reported to the police over a Sharia Law contract stipulating that a woman would lose her parental rights if she chose to remarry or behave in a way that “violates her own or her family’s honour”.

    To nip the instances of Sharia law in the bud, the Danish government aims to crack down on the practice by seeking up to three years’ jail time for the imams involved.

    More specifically, the Danish government intends to put forward a law that would expand the punishment for “psychological violence” to include negative social control (which includes Sharia divorce contracts). The law will also include a framework that punishes family members engaging in negative social control.

    “When we see imams getting involved in divorce cases in such a negative way, we need to take this more seriously. And I think a change of the law can help do that, because we cannot give imams a pass to meddle in divorces in a way that casts aside Danish law”, Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye told the newspaper Berlingske newspaper.

    While several parties, including the left-wing Red-Green alliance and the liberal-conservative Venstre are prepared to support the new bill, it has also faced opposition. Among others, from the Council of Ethnic Minorities (REM).

    Its spokeswoman Halima El Abassi contended that stiffer punishment would only push those involved further into darkness and suggest the idea that Danish politicians are going after Muslims only. According to El Abbasi, Danish society must ensure that there is an alternative to Sharia contracts.

    While Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen in late September issued a stern condemnation, stressing that Sharia is “wrong”, “not Danish”, and “doesn’t belong in Denmark”, many Danish Muslims appear to think otherwise. According to previous surveys, four out of ten Danish Muslims would like to have laws at least partly based on Sharia law, whereas over 10 percent even said the nation’s laws should be based on Sharia alone. A more recent report by the Danish Justice Ministry found that nearly eight out of ten Danish Muslims would like to make criticism of Islam illegal, as opposed to merely 18 percent of the general population.

    Islam is Denmark’s largest minority religion at over 300,000 Muslims, or 5.4 percent of the total population.

    This is not Denmark’s first altercation with Iran either. In 2018, Denmark summoned the Iranian ambassador following claims by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) that Iran was involved in an assassination on Danish territory. Iran denied any involvement.”

  15. Swedish Populists See Largest Rise in Support in Stockholm (breitbart, Oct 8, 2020)

    “The populist Sweden Democrats (SD) have seen a surge in support in Stockholm, as another poll shows a rapid decline in national support for the current Social Democrat prime minister.

    The Ipsos poll showed that the SD and the centre-right Moderates had gained ground in the Swedish capital while the Christian Democrats, Feminist Initiative, and the Greens have seen a decline in support.

    Since the 2018 municipal elections, the populists have gained 2.1 percentage points, the largest of any party in the city, while the Greens and Feminist Initiative have seen a drop of 1.6 per cent and 1.8 per cent respectively, Nyheter Idag reports.

    Nicklas Källebring, an opinion analyst at Ipsos, said that while FI and the Greens are still far more popular in Stockholm than they are on a nationwide basis, the polling reveals that issues such as restricting immigration have had an effect on their numbers.

    The very pro-immigration Greens even made threats to collapse their coalition with the Social Democrats earlier in the year when the Moderate Party proposed to put an annual cap on the number of asylum seekers entering the country.

    Another poll, released by Demoskop for the newspaper Aftonbladet, has shown that Social Democrat leader and current Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has seen a rapid decline in public confidence in the last month. Less than one-third of Swedes have a high or very high amount of confidence in his leadership.

    The poll puts Lofven behind four other party leaders, including SD leader Jimmie Åkesson, Moderates leader Ulf Kristersson, and Christian Democrat leader Ebba Busch Thor. The most popular leader, according to the poll, is Left Party leader Jonas Sjöstedt who will be retiring as party leader at the end of the month.

    According to Aftonbladet, the results of the poll can be explained by Swedes growing tired of the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus crisis and a lack of enthusiasm from Löfven himself.”

  16. Paris to Open Migrant Reception Centre in Historic Former Town Hall (breitbart, Oct 8, 2020)

    “The Paris city government has announced it will be transforming the historic former town hall in the city’s 1st arrondissement into a reception centre for asylum seekers and migrants.

    Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced the move on Sunday, saying that the humanitarian mission that was previously located in the notorious Porte de la Chapelle area would be moved to the very centre of Paris in the vicinity of the world-famous Louvre museum.

    “In the former town hall of the 1st arrondissement, we will install the humanitarian stop that has been open for several years at the Porte de la Chapelle. Paris will continue to play its role as a safe haven,” Hidalgo said.

    According to a report from French broadcaster BFMTV, around 100 to 200 migrants will be housed in the new reception facility. They will have access to care and sanitary areas to clean themselves as well as be able to start their asylum claims at the facility.

    The move comes as thousands of migrants remain on the streets of the French capital, many living in makeshift tent cities in various parts of the city, despite occasionally being evacuated and moved by local authorities.

    Earlier this year, police removed 1,436 migrants from a tent camp in the north of Paris at the Porte d’Aubervilliers and took many of them to the 15 gymnasiums commandeered to accommodate migrants. According to reports at the time, it was the 60th time the area had been evacuated since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015.

    A high number of those living on the streets of the Paris region also claim to be underage, and many engage in crime while being addicted to highly addictive drugs such as benzodiazepine, commonly known as “benzos”.”

  17. Share this before social media finds out you did. Is a Biden win a win for ???
    1 week ago Brad Johnson


    The Tuesday 22 September edition of Meshari al-Khayidi’s “maraya” (mirrors) show on al-Arabiyya TV discussed the effect that a Biden victory in America’s November elections would have on the Middle East and the war on terrorism. Meshari al-Khayidi writes regularly for the internationally distributed ash-sharq al-awsat,, and other Arabic news outlets. His maraya show has a 10-12-minute slot on Sundays through Thursdays on al-Arabiyya TV. His views can be expected to track well with the Saudi regime which owns the above news outlets.

    In using the phrase “bin Laden, bin Biden” only half-jokingly in opening his show, Mr. al-Khayidi said that he chose this topic because the previous Obama-Biden administration showed a bias towards those who merchandise in political Islam such as Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and he expected that a “Biden/Obama administration” to continue that policy, which is why he felt justified in coining the term “bin Biden,” calling a potential Biden victory a huge gift for al-Qaeda.

    He noted that the Democrats used to be just liberals, and not radical leftists. However under Obama they went off into a “strange direction way left.” Al-Khayidi went on to complain about the MB influence in America through CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations), Turkey, and Qatar. In this regard he made reference to Ilhan Omar, Rashaida Tlaib, and Linda Sarsour as being tools of the MB. Sarcastically he said that “if you are a non-Muslim and you criticize any of that you are called an Islamophobe. Oh no, you can’t do that! They say.”

    In a more serious vein he repeated that “if Biden wins it will be a great gain for al-Qaeda and all extremists in the world.” At this point in his show he played a video of the planes crashing into the WTC, with a female voice over in Arabic saying that “if Biden wins, another 9/11 could happen in the near future, or even sooner.”

  18. CBC – Trump touts unapproved treatment as COVID-19 ‘cure’

    In a video posted to Twitter, U.S. President Donald Trump called being infected with coronavirus a ‘blessing from God’ and touted an experimental, unapproved treatment as a ‘cure’ for COVID-19.

    • CBC – Trump tells Fox Business he won’t do virtual debate

      The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates announced that a second debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden would take place virtually.

      Trump later refused to take part in such a debate.

  19. Epoch Times op-ed: Historical disinformation campaigns from history to today

    Great Disinformation Campaigns From History That Live On and Prosper Today

    Two of the most successful intelligence disinformation campaigns that survive today were put forth by British Intelligence and the Russian KGB during, and shortly after, World War II.

    During World War II, the British made a spectacular technological advancement in the form of early radar that allowed them to target German bombers flying toward England, particularly at night, when they were extraordinarily difficult to intercept. The radar was fabulously successful, and many new British fighter aces were baptized by fire through shooting down German bombers.

    Naturally, they wanted to hide this fact for as long as possible, so we can imagine the long meetings that took place to come up with a plan. One of the golden rules of disinformation is that the best lies are based on truth, a tenet often still used today.

    In this case, they chose to lie using real information and settled on the fact that carrots are high in Vitamin A, which is a vitamin useful to eyesight. This was the true fact that was then stretched to substantiate the lie that British pilots had extraordinarily good night vision that allowed them to intercept and shoot down so many German bombers at night.

    A substantial propaganda campaign was undertaken to convince the British public of the truth of the false statement, in order to have German spies pick up the information and pass it back to the German military. No clear records are known that indicate if the disinformation campaign had any effect on the Germans, but it was so successful with the public that it benignly lives on to this day.

  20. CBC – Quebec conspiracy theorist with links to QAnon removed from Facebook

    Facebook has removed the account of popular Quebec conspiracy theorist Alexis Cossette-Trudel as part of its campaign to take down any group or page openly identifying with the QAnon right-wing conspiracy movement, a group U.S. law enforcement officials call a security risk.

  21. EUROPRAVDA – What is the EU’s new migration pact and how has it been received?

    Experts have criticised some aspects of the EU’s new pact on migration and asylum, particularly the faster border procedures and emphasis on returns.

  22. Azeris and ethnic Armenians fight as Russia, U.S. and France seek ceasefire

    YEREVAN/BAKU/GENEVA (Reuters) – Azerbaijan and ethnic Armenians fought with artillery and heavy guns on Thursday as the United States, France and Russia stepped up efforts to secure a ceasefire and avert a wider war in the South Caucasus.

    Azerbaijan said the city of Ganja had come under fire, deep inside its territory. Ethnic Armenians who control the mountain enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh inside Azerbaijan said Stepanakert, its main city, had been shelled by Azeri forces.

  23. He means it: Signs positive so far on Russiagate declassification battle plan
    By J.E. Dyer October 7, 2020

    The fact that we can see such signs immediately is a sign in itself, because it means this was precoordinated. That seems to answer the question whether the scope of President Trump’s declassification order was comprehensive.

    • This one is worth the time it takes to read, the timing is interesting, it makes it important that people turn out to vote for Trump and the Repubs down the line so the investigation/prosecutions won’t be stopped by a Biden administration. It also points out that Biden is under criminal investigation over his dealings in Ukraine. If you think this seems like some thing out of the Byzantine Empire you are right. The Democrats let the Radical Left take over their political party and the corruption they brought in has created a modern Byzantium political system which PT is in the process of destroying (not really part of the Swamp will survive and start reforming the current mess) the price of freedom in eternal vigilance. We that unwashed masses forgot this and let the Totalitarian left gain a power hold in all of the Western Countries.

      After we win this fight to remain free (I refuse to think we might lose) perhaps we can put some more safeguards in place to extend the period that our nations are safe from the wannabe Dictators.

    • Trump calls for Biden, Obama to be indicted in ‘greatest political crime in history’

      President Trump called on Attorney General Barr to indict Obama and Biden in connection with the Russia investigation.

    • Pelosi Teases Friday Announcement About 25th Amendment

      House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday teased an announcement about the 25th amendment at her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill.

      How could a sitting U.S. president be legally removed from office? Most people have heard of impeachment, a power granted to (and rarely used by) the U.S. Congress.

      But there’s also the 25th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which provides an avenue for a president to be removed under extraordinary circumstances by his or her own leadership team.

      Critics of President Donald Trump have cited the amendment approvingly, even wishfully, over the past two years while reviewing what they consider his erratic behavior.

      More recently there are indications that deploying the amendment has even been discussed within Trump’s own government.

  24. Bangladesh sends troops to halt Rohingya refugee drug fighting

    Bangladesh has sent more troops into the world’s largest refugee camp after days of fighting between rival Muslim drug gangs left seven people dead.

  25. U.S. Prosecutors Seize 92 Websites Used by Iran to Spread Propaganda

    The U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) announced on Wednesday it has “seized 92 domain names that were unlawfully used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to engage in a global disinformation campaign.”

    DOJ said four of those 92 domains “purported to be genuine news outlets but were actually controlled by the IRGC and targeted the United States for the spread of Iranian propaganda to influence United States domestic and foreign policy in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).”

  26. Pelosi questions Trump’s health, says ‘we’re going to be talking about the 25th Amendment’
    Pelosi questioned how long President Trump has had coronavirus

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a dramatic announcement during her weekly press conference Thursday by telling reporters that she intends to discuss a constitutional measure to remove President Trump from office, following questions regarding Trump’s health as he recovers from coronavirus.

  27. WATCH: Wisconsin Rioter Brandishes Gun After Police Fire Tear Gas

    A black-clad rioter in Wisconsin brandished a firearm as a large group of demonstrators retreated from police who fired tear gas at them.

    The image was shared by an independent journalist on the scene who had been tracking the “peaceful protesters” throughout the day.

  28. From individual diagnosis to collective diagnosis:

    “Cultural humility is one construct for understanding and developing a process-oriented approach to competency. Hook, Davis, Owen, Worthington and Utsey (2013) conceptualize cultural humility as the “ability to maintain an interpersonal stance that is other-oriented (or open to the other) in relation to aspects of cultural identity that are most important to the [person]” (p. 2).

    Three factors guide a sojourner toward cultural humility.

    The first aspect is a lifelong commitment to self-evaluation and self-critique (Tervalon & Murray-Garcia, 1998). Underlying this piece is the knowledge that we are never finished — we never arrive at a point where we are done learning. Therefore, we must be humble and flexible, bold enough to look at ourselves critically and desire to learn more. When we do not know something, are we able to say that we do not know? Willingness to act on the acknowledgement that we have not and will not arrive at a finish line is integral to this aspect of cultural humility as well. Understanding is only as powerful as the action that follows.

    The second feature of cultural humility is a desire to fix power imbalances where none ought to exist (Tervalon & Murray-Garcia, 1998). Recognizing that each person brings something different to the proverbial table of life helps us see the value of each person. When practitioners interview clients, the client is the expert on his or her own life, symptoms and strengths. The practitioner holds a body of knowledge that the client does not; however, the client also has understanding outside the scope of the practitioner. Both people must collaborate and learn from each other for the best outcomes. One holds power in scientific knowledge, the other holds power in personal history and preferences.

    Finally, cultural humility includes aspiring to develop partnerships with people and groups who advocate for others (Tervalon & Murray-Garcia, 1998). Though individuals can create positive change, communities and groups can also have a profound impact on systems. We cannot individually commit to self-evaluation and fixing power imbalances without advocating within the larger organizations in which we participate. Cultural humility, by definition, is larger than our individual selves — we must advocate for it systemically.”

  29. The Battle of Lepanto: When Turks Skinned Christians Alive for Refusing Islam

    The anniversary of one of history’s most cataclysmic clashes between Islam and the West
    Thu Oct 8, 2020 Raymond Ibrahim

    Earlier this week, on October 7, 1571, was the anniversary of one of history’s most cataclysmic clashes between Islam and the West—one where the latter finally crushed and humiliated the former.

    In 1570, Muslim Turks—in the guise of the Ottoman Empire—invaded the island of Cyprus, prompting Pope Pius V to call for and form a “Holy League” of maritime Catholic nation-states, spearheaded by the Spanish Empire, in 1571. Before they could reach and relieve Cyprus, its last stronghold at Famagusta was taken through treachery.

    After promising the defenders safe passage if they surrendered, Ottoman commander Ali Pasha—known as Müezzinzade (“son of a muezzin”) due to his pious background—had reneged and launched a wholesale slaughter. He ordered the nose and ears of Marco Antonio Bragadin, the fort commander, hacked off. Ali then invited the mutilated infidel to Islam and life: “I am a Christian and thus I want to live and die,” Bragadin responded. “My body is yours. Torture it as you will.”

    So he was tied to a chair, repeatedly hoisted up the mast of a galley and dropped into the sea, to taunts: “Look if you can see your fleet, great Christian, if you can see succor coming to Famagusta!” The mutilated and half-drowned man was then carried near to St. Nicholas Church—by now a mosque—and tied to a column, where he was slowly flayed alive. The skin was afterward stuffed with straw, sown back into a macabre effigy of the dead commander, and paraded in mockery before the jeering Muslims.

  30. Pelosi, Democrats Introducing Bill to Create Commission on ‘Presidential Capacity’

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) announced a bill to create “Commission on Presidential Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office” that would possibly attempt to invoke the 25th Amendment of the Constitution to enable Congress to “help ensure effective and uninterrupted leadership in the highest office in the Executive Branch of government.”

    Earlier on Thursday, Pelosi said Democrats were planning to discuss the 25th Amendment, but she did not elaborate. At the same time, she called on President Donald Trump, who tested positive for the CCP virus, to reveal his latest test results.

    “I think that the public needs to know the health condition of the president,” Pelosi said in a news conference. “Before he got the virus and admitted to it, when was his last negative test?”

    According to the Constitution, Section 4 of the 25th Amendment allows Congress to come up with a body to declare whether a president “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

  31. China Ties to US Riots Exposed by Trevor Loudon
    When it comes to the protests and riots that have swept across the United States, there have been rumors about whether China is involved, which organizations are really behind them, and where their money is coming from. To learn more about this, we’ve invited to speak with us Trevor Loudon. He has been researching radical and terrorist groups for more than 30 years, and has exposed these networks heavily as an author and filmmaker.

    Meanwhile, it’s now being revealed that while Trump was continuing his work while undergoing treatment for COVID-19 at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland, part of his work was to declassify intelligence related to the Russia investigation. The same day, the US attorney who had been assigned to review unmasking spy requests made by Obama administration officials, related to the Trump-Russia investigations, gave letters of resignation both to Attorney General William Barr and to President Donald Trump. This follows revelations that reports released by the Director of National Intelligence were missing details on unmasking data at the time of the 2016 election.

  32. US Sanctions Threatening Lives in COVID-19 Battle: Iranian Envoy

    “TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s representative in the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly decried the harmful effects of the US sanctions on ordinary people, saying the cruel and illegal sanctions have endangered many lives amid the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

    In an address to the 75th session of the Third Committee on Wednesday, Mohammad Zare’ian said the American sanctions have undermined the humanitarian goods and services, contrary to Washington’s claims.

    Following is the full text of his remarks:

    “In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

    Madam Chair,

    I begin by expressing my congratulations to you on your election, and wish you success in leading the Committee.

    Madam Chair,

    Human rights should be seen as a common heritage of humanity, which have been initiated and developed by valuable contributions of all civilizations and cultures.

    The Islamic Republic of Iran’s firm commitment to promotion and protection of human rights is deeply rooted in its rich civilization and religious teachings. Iranians enjoy equal rights irrespective of their color, race, language and such other features.

    Despite more than four decades of unfair and unlawful external pressure, my Government has not only made significant progress in improving the human rights situation, but also has been obligated by the Constitution to exhaust its capacities in favor of guaranteeing legal protection for every person, secure the status of women and children; and guarantee freedom of speech, freedom for religious minorities to practice their religion as well as freedom of peaceful assembly and association. Everyone is afforded social, political, civil and economic rights on the same footing.

    Madam Chair,

    The United States’ insistence on continuing –or even doubling down– on its illegal sanctions policy is not only immoral and against international law, but also endangers the lives of many people fighting the coronavirus across the globe. Contrary to the US claims, humanitarian goods and services are affected by the cruel sanctions. Financial institutions fear the US vengeance, which is why the financial channels created to facilitate transactions for humanitarian commodities, have had no tangible results.

    The inhumane unilateral coercive measures have blocked Iran’s efforts to import medicine and other medical supplies needed to fight the pandemic, thereby denying Iranians the right to health and to life. The unlawful sanctions have dealt a hefty blow to the very basic and fundamental rights of my people. And now, the ironic tragedy is that the US and its blind followers who confirm the unilateral coercive measures feel they can lecture us on human rights.

    To them, the United States’ targeted assassination of Iranian Lieutenant General, Qassem Soleimani, who was a peace defender and a hero in the fight against terrorism is surprisingly not a human rights violation. Those who shed crocodile tears for the human rights situation in our region are the ones who have razed the entire region to the ground and turned it into the wasteland with their arms sales.

    The people of Palestine, have –for a long time– been forced to bid a bitter farewell to the realization of their very basic human rights. The occupying regime’s systematic oppression, blatant disregard of international law and rights violations go on unabated even during the current pandemic, grossly violating their right to health, and life.

    In conclusion, Madam Chair, one may pose a question as to know why my country has been the target of a sustained disinformation and propaganda campaign. The answer is resistance and refusal of the Iranian nation which does not surrender to the whims of an outlaw bully. True that the United States’ knee-to-neck policy has deprived many of the right to breathe, but my people –throughout the history– have proved that they will not buckle down under any pressure.

    My Government, however, will remain committed to continue constructive cooperation with the United Nations mechanisms in a balanced and non-politicized manner.

    Mechanisms such as Universal Periodic Review should further be strengthened as a workable solution and the sole mechanism which considers the human rights situation in all Member States equally, and on the same footing.

    I thank you, Madam Chair.””

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