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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Danish Government Wants to Tap Mobile Phones of Rejected Asylum Seekers

    “As part of a new repatriation law, this measure is intended to offer more clarity on the repatriation process, allowing the government to get rid of the rejected asylum seekers who have been dodging deportation for years, engaging in crime or living under multiple identities.

    As Denmark is stepping up efforts to solve the issue of rejected asylum seekers, the country’s Social Democrat government is aiming to obtain data from the mobile phones of rejected asylum seekers in a bid to speed up their repatriation, TV2 reported.

    According to Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye, many asylum seekers in Denmark have been using YouTube, Snapchat, and other means of communication to discuss their plans, possible routes, and destination countries.

    “I was a little surprised when I found out that in connection with deportation we don’t really use the opportunities to tap the rejected asylum seekers’ mobile phones, for example to be able to establish their nationality or identity”, Tesfaye explained.
    The measure is only one of seven proposals that are part of a new repatriation law currently in the works. Other proposals include granting cash benefits of DKK 20,000 ($3,170) as an incentive for asylum seekers to drop their appeals with the Refugee Board and return home.

    Mattias Tesfaye called the new repatriation law “one more step towards a more coherent repatriation policy”, suggesting that it provides clear direction on the treatment of asylum seekers, from the moment they are rejected residence until the time they are sent home.

    However, the proposed measures triggered opposition from the government’s left-of-centre allies, who traditionally favour immigration. Among others, Red-Green Coalition legal and immigration spokeswoman, Rosa Lund, slammed the government’s actions, arguing that the state was offering people money in exchange for their rights.

    Tesfaye rejected the notion, adding that people who agree to be repatriated will get an “extra bag of money in hand” instead.

    Denmark is currently estimated to have about 1,100 rejected asylum seekers pending deportation. Many of them have been living with this status for five years or more.

    In neighbouring Sweden the situation is even worse, as the police and the immigration authorities there have repeatedly admitted losing track of rejected asylum seekers, many of whom vanished in parallel societies or joined the underworld living under multiple identities.

    During the 2015 refugee crisis, almost 163,000 people sought asylum in Sweden, most of them men from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Today, more than half of them have received a residence permit. However, a large group is left in the country without a permit or missing, national broadcaster SVT reported. Whereas wholly 98,500 of the 2015 arrivals received a residence permit, about 10,000 remain in Sweden without a permit and at least 14,000 are registered as missing, with the authorities oblivious as to their whereabouts.”

    • Great idea! I wonder about the legal aspect though.

      In the Netherlands, the police has used a honeypot website, with a forum for expatriate Albanians. This was to get a grip on their numbers, and map their networks.

      They discovered the country has a few thousand albanian illegals, many of whom are in organized crime. Their criminal network is almost impossible to infiltrate, since it’s based on ethnicity.

  2. So, far-right Wuhan wackery is as bad as radical leftist exploitation of a pandemic, including expansion of government on all levels, central bank intervention, the militarization of police so police are hated more, the limiting of freedoms through regulation not law, and the cooperation of an absolutely biased leftist MSM? Right. A few stubborn hillbillies ain’t the problem here. And not one of these effected spin-offs of the virus can be blamed on too little government.

    So what if a few people think it’s smart or cooly cynical to disbelieve the bonafide threat represented by Covid-19? Their numbers are miniscule compared to those who have completely bought in to the propagandized version of the danger, along with whatever artefacts (economic destruction, social control, suspension of human rights, familial dismemberment, etc) have been attached by bad actors. Because just in case our normalcy bias has so blinded us to the obvious, we live in a hemisphere where the Left pretty much won the war. Even though PT was elected by the skin of his teeth he knows his job is to wrestle back as much of the territory we’ve lost as he can, before our goose, or turkey, is completely cooked. Meanwhile, the socialists have their welfare states and their human rights cops hunting the hinterlands for entrapped poor fuckers who really just wanted to be left alone more than anything.

    In fact, one can argue that so complete is the Left’s victory that they have inadvertantly created the social inversion whereby the Right, aka nothing more than those who want less intrusion from know-better unelected officials, are the new hippies. Like, wow, man, who woulda thunk it? Pass that new counter-culture around like a big fat doobie and let’s all get brush cuts.

    I will gladly tolerate the sprinkling of the few dummies who think EVERYTHING is a commie plot. Their ideas don’t have much legs, but they often do have a bit of imagination, which is never harmful in the name of defense if even for the second it takes to dismiss such silliness out of hand. Yes, ignorance can be harmful, but since when did we complain of the millions of mindless, sheep-like libertarians seeding growing anti-semitism, or tearing our cities apart?

    To equate a few Covid-19 deniers with the tyrannical monsters pulling our strings is to compare an elephant with a mouse, and to squander resources where they rightfully should be aimed.

    • In fact, one can argue that so complete is the Left’s victory that they have inadvertantly created the social inversion whereby the Right, aka nothing more than those who want less intrusion from know-better unelected officials, are the new hippies. Like, wow, man, who woulda thunk it? Pass that new counter-culture around like a big fat doobie and let’s all get brush cuts.

      This is something that I have predicted for a long time, and have told leftists that as they take over and continue to teach their kids to rebel against the system they will discover that their kids are rebelling against them. They don’t have the immigration to understand what is being said about them becoming the man/system and that their kids rebelling against the man/system is rebelling against their parents and their value system.

      • 1966 The Black Panthers Party founded by Marxists Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.

        Critical Resistance founded by Angela Davis, Rose Braz, and Ruth Wilson Gilmore.

        Today Fight for the Soul of the Cities:
        Super Pasadena says:
        NO on measure M
        NO arrests and tickets for “fare evasions”
        NO LA Sheriffs and MTA Police on MTA buses and trains.
        Expand the bus fleet to 5000, zero emissions moratorium on all Rail and Highway Projects.
        NO CARS IN LA – – Buses only lanes.

        Governor announces
        CALIFORNIA to ban the sale of new gas powered passenger vehicles by 2025.

        The Strategy Center wants to eliminate “transit racism”.

        40 years later one can see the results of the crazies of the 60s and how their 10 point plan aligns with the EU.

    • since when did we complain of the millions of mindless, sheep-like libertarians seeding growing anti-semitism, or tearing our cities apart?

      Since right _NOW_.

      NOTHING unites the far left and far-right “libertarians” like jooo-hate. The left is burning our cities, the far right simmering in resentment. When their cold anger gets hot, EVERY Jew will be Soros: “globalist, neocon, warmongers”. The observant, “visible” – polar opposite! – become instant targets.

      A perfect example: the new think-tank that calls itself the Quincy Institute. Jointly established by Soros and Koch, with a roster of left-right that’s roller-coaster nauseating. Tilts toward Iran and MB’s CAIR, among others.

      Notice: far-left 0’s tilt toward Iran paired with the military-industrial complex. Bedfellows you’d never imagine, but that’s characteristic of the oldest hatred in the world.

      Scratch a Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul, and you’ll find funding sources all the way back to the Soviet era. “Isolationism” is a cloak for ditching the Zionist entity – you know, the cause of “all our endless wars”.

      Koch-to-puss types are far more discreet than Soros’ open societies. But they’re serious enemies on the macro level, within the U.S. State Dept [DoS] and the Pentagon [DoD].

      It’s only the exceptional President that’s been able to thwart that kind of opposition, even if only briefly. From General George Catlett Marshall on down. Political generals and despicable, British-aping Arabists intimidate all the rest.

      Prez Truman defied Marshall and endorsed the birth of the Jewish State of Israel.

      The justification for antagonism toward Israel was our dependence on Gulf energy supplies, but that was never it.

      The point is never the point.

      President Reagan freed the Refuseniks. Back then there were sincere advocates in Congress, but everything was blocked by the poisonous DoS and DoD. Prez Reagan rose above them. HE made it happen.

      And now PT has given us a window. Actually moved the embassy to Jerusalem. The bipartisan resolution passed in Congress decades ago, but it was always stalled by the deeply antisemitic DoD and DoS.

      I know this stuff at very close range.

      • Long ago, maybe in the 80’s I remember the head Rabbi of New York telling Jewish people to stop making so many waves. I went looking for an article on this but couldn’t find it. My point was to illustrate the sentiment held by some Jewish people that if they are allowed to worship, live, and conduct their business unfettered then they should relax on the holocaust brow beating of the general population because this will generate more resentment than sympathy. So, even though you are right, and there are anti-semitic “sleeping dogs” that will inevitably awaken during tough times, does this mean they should be poked now, before really tough times set in? Maybe this question is off the mark. The dogs will awaken no matter what. I get this, and I get what you’re saying. I also know the left is now utterly dominant and is the primary source of hatred.

        In my searches for that other story I found this which I watched all of and is very interesting. It supports your argument.

    • What he is saying is that he doesn’t see the war ending without NATO entering it (I can see a Turkish defeat if NATO stays out of the war) this would be a military solution just not the one the NATO chief wants.

    • The revolt of the freedom loving people is spreading, given their military history my money is on the Whites taking over South Africa after a bloody civil war.

  3. From GAB, some facts about German ANTIFA
    In #Germany the terrorist organization #Antifa is in regional parliament, in the federal/state parliament and #EU Parliament with the Greens, Pirates, SPD and The Left parties. The guy with glasses (center) is René Jalaß, Sarah Buddeberg, dressed in black (center) from The Left party.

  4. Man with a large knife shot at Schiphol Airport
    The Koninklijke Marechaussee shot a man with a large knife in the leg in Schiphol Airport’s departure hall on Monday.

    The man was threatening people in the departure hall and attacked responding officers, a spokesperson for the Marechaussee, a policing force that works as part of the Dutch military and is responsible for airport security, said to

    The Marechaussee had to overpower the man after he “repeatedly” did not respond to instructions to put down the knife, the Marechaussee said on Facebook. The man was arrested and taken to hospital with unknown injuries.

    A short time later, a second suspect was arrested for possible involvement in this incident. Surveillance camera footage showed the man with the suspect. His involvement is under investigation.

    The suspect’s motive is not yet clear. The Marechaussee is investigating whether the man was targeting someone specific, or whether his threats were random.

    The Marechaussee did not say how many people were in the departure hall at the time of the incident.

  5. Saudi-Led Coalition Destroys Houthi Boat Bomb in Red Sea, Spokesman Says (sputniknews, Oct 6, 2020)

    “The Saudi-led coalition prevented an attempt by the rebel Houthi movement to detonate a remote-controlled boat bomb in the southern waters of the Red Sea, the coalition’s spokesman, Col. Turki al-Maliki, has said.

    “A Houthi terrorist attack was thwarted in the south of the Red Sea. [The forces] had detected and destroyed an explosive-laden boat, which was remotely operated by Houthis, near the Salif port,” al-Maliki said late on Monday, as cited by the state-run Saudi Press Agency.

    For over five years, Yemen has been engulfed in an armed confrontation between the government forces, led by President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, and Houthi rebels…”

  6. Spy in Moderation: EU Court Rules That Blanket Surveillance is Unlawful, But Allows Exemptions (sputniknews, Oct 6, 2020)

    “The decision follows that of a US court, which last month ruled that the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance programme in which the organisation collected data and recorded the conversations of million of Americans and people across the world, including political leaders, was illegal.

    A mass surveillance programme that allows European intelligence agencies to collect users’ internet and phone data in Europe is unlawful, the European Union’s top court ruled on 6 October. Security experts say the ruling is a red light for countries outside the bloc, in particular China and the United States, who in recent years has boosted their surveillance programmes.

    The verdict is the result of four cases brought up in Belgium, Britain, and France, where authorities wanted to enhance spying tools in order to protect their citizens. However, the EU’s top court stopped short of barring intelligence agencies from snooping on citizens, effectively saying that this should be done only if there is a “serious threat to national security”. In such a scenario, intelligence agencies are allowed to gain full access to phone and internet data of users’ for a limited period.

    “Such an interference with fundamental rights must be accompanied by effective safeguards and be reviewed by a court or by an independent administrative authority”, the court said…”

  7. Report: Law Firm Which Stops Deportations Got £55m in Taxpayer Legal Aid (breitbart, Oct 6, 2020)

    “A law firm which has helped to block a number of deportations has received tens of millions in taxpayer-funded legal aid over the last three years, according to reports.

    Amarpal Singh Gupta’s firm, Duncan Lewis Solicitors, is said to have taken £17.6 million in taxpayer-funded civil legal aid in 2017, £15.8 million in 2018, and £11.3 million in 2019 — causing him to be hailed as “Britain’s legal aid king’”, according to the Mail on Sunday.

    The newspaper also claimed that the firm has “forged a close relationship with charities that work among [migrant] camps on the French coast” and “boasted of mixing with senior Labour Party figures, including Deputy Leader Angela Rayner and Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy.”

    The Mail suggests that the firm, which is said to have acquired clients including boat migrants and “an HIV-positive rapist called Victor Nkomo who attacked a woman in Britain”, has been operating in Calais in order to expand its customer base. A spokesman for the law firm said its trips there were purely in aid of “gain[ing] an understanding of the conditions that asylum seekers are residing in.”

    “It beggars belief that they are going all the way to Calais to only perform charitable work with refugees and not offering their services and advice so that they can get into the UK,” suggested Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative MP with a hawkish stance on migration, in comments to the Mail.

    “Maybe I’m being cynical, but it seems no accident that their business is so lucrative when they are making these trips,” he added.

    “Our role is to always act in our client’s best interests and ensure their legal issues are being dealt with in accordance with the law. Any payments received for undertaking this work is predominantly fixed-fee work and on remuneration rates set by the Government,” a spokesman for the firm insisted.

    Lawyers — “activist lawyers”, according to Priti Patel, Home Secretary in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s administration — have been quite successful in frustrating the government’s limited efforts to deport some of the migrants who have been crossing the English Channel in ever-increasing numbers in recent years…”

  8. Macron Faces Islamophobia Claims Over Homeschooling Ban ‘to Protect Children From Religion’ (breitbart, Oct 6, 2020)

    “Emmanuel Macron has been attacked for “Islamophobia” by the Turkish government in the wake of his announcement that France will ban homeschooling to ‘protect children from religion’, as part of plans to combat so-called “separatism” in the country.

    In a speech highlighting some of the problems France has had with “radical Islamists” in recent years, the French president cited the example of an unregistered religious school where Muslim children were taught mostly just prayers and the Koran, by women wearing niqabs.

    Speaking to an audience in Les Mureaux on Friday, a suburb near Paris where people of Arab and African ancestry reportedly make up the majority of the population, he disclosed that illegal schools, run by religious extremists, were being closed down every week by authorities in France.

    “Confronted by these abuses which exclude thousands of children from education and citizenship, access to culture, our history, our values… I have taken a decision: from September 2021, instruction at school will be made obligatory for everyone from age three years,” declared Macron, adding that “instruction at home will be strictly limited to health reasons”.

    While much of his speech was focused on ‘separatism’ promoted by some adherents of Islam, which he described as “a religion in crisis all over the world today that is corrupted by radical forms”, the globalist premier made clear that Christians would also be targeted by the radical education plans.

    Proclaiming it to be “the republican melting pot”, Macron said French schooling is what “makes it possible for us to protect our children in a complete way from any religious sign, from religion”.

    Calling schools in France “truly the heart of the space of secularism”, and where teachers “train citizens, not believers”, he alleged that they are the “place where we form consciences so that children become free, rational citizens, able to choose their own lives”.

    Responding to the president’s speech, parents who homeschool their children vowed to fight plans to ban the practice, pointing out that Islamic terrorists who have attacked France over the years were not the products of homeschooling.

    “I don’t understand: I hear about Islamism, about Koranic school. These must exist, but they really are not the majority. We are atheists for the most part and we have nothing against school,” said one mother, reporting that she and her husband were “in shock” at Macron’s announcement.

    Gwenaëlle Spenlé, from the homeschooling association Children First, reported that government regulation of the practice has been repeatedly stepped up over the past two decades, “first under the guise of fighting against sects and today against religious radicalism”.

    “We will not let this law pass through Parliament. We will fight to keep our children at home,” the mother-of-five said, vowing to mobilise other parents against the government’s plans.

    Some left-wingers and Muslims hit out at the proposed law as “racist”, and some criticism was international. The Cairo-based Al-Azhar Islamic Research Center blasted Macron’s speech for containing “false accusations against Islam”.

    Demanding an end to “attacks” on the Islamic faith in order to prevent “hate speech”, the centre stated that “such racist statements are likely to inflame the feelings of two billion Muslims around the world”.

    The Turkish government itself spoke out against Macron’s plan on Monday, with government spokesman Ibrahim Kalin accusing the French President of “encouraging Islamophobia”.

    Mr Kalin said: “The claim by President Macron that “Islam is in crisis” is a dangerous and provocative statement, encouraging Islamophobia and anti-Muslim populism. Blaming Islam and Muslims as a scapegoat for the failures of the the French Republic is a far cry from rational politics.”

    In addition to mandatory schooling and the ban on homeschooling, Macron announced a host of other measures aimed at tackling religious “separatism” including tighter controls over the funding of mosques and of associations with an Islamist ideology, and restrictions on foreign-trained imams.

    “The country has been hit by Islamic terrorism since 2012 and we have progressively rearmed against this threat,” the president said in his speech, though he made sure also to blame ‘colonialism’ and housing policy for the problems of non-European migrant groups living in France.

    The supposedly ‘centrist’ leader has made similar comments in the past, having previously insisted that violent crime, terror attacks, and soaring sexual assault rates in Europe were “not linked” to mass migration, and instead were the product of “discrimination” and inequality.”

    • Erdogan: Macron’s remarks on Islam clear provocation

      Turkish President says French president’s remarks claiming ‘Islam is in crisis’ go beyond disrespect

      Macron’s statement on ‘Islam is in crisis’ in a city where Muslims are the majority go beyond disrespect and are a clear provocation,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a gathering of mosque and religious workers in the Turkish capital Ankara.

      A French president making statements urging the restructuring of Islam is “rude,” Erdogan added.

      […]”Attacking Muslims has become one of the most important tools for European politicians to hide their failure,” Erdogan stressed.


      Erdogan to Macron: Who are you to propose reconstruction of Islam?

      The French president’s recent claims about Islam amount to a dangerous provocation, Turkey’s president said on Tuesday. “Macron’s remarks on ‘Islam is in crisis’ in a city where Muslims are the majority go beyond disrespect and are a clear provocation,”

      Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a gathering of mosque and religious workers in the Turkish capital Ankara.

      Delivering a speech during an event in the capital Ankara on Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan severely criticized French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent remarks about Islam, and calling them “disrespectful and provocation”.

      “Have we ever said Christianity, Judaism should be reconstructed? Who are you to propose the reconstruction of Islam?,” Erdogan underlined in his address as targeting French leader for his anti-Islamic discourse.

      […]Erdogan advised Macron “to pay more attention while talking about issues that he is ignorant about.”

  9. Salvini Ally Threatened with Rape After Opposing Mosque (breitbart, Oct 6, 2020)

    “A female colleague from populist Senator Matteo Salvini’s League has received death and rape threats, many allegedly from migrants, after opposing the construction of a temporary mosque.

    Silvia Sardone, who serves in the European Parliament for the League, received a torrent of threats after coming out against a proposal to build a temporary mosque in the Via Novara area of the city of Milan.

    Social media posts and messaging apps allegedly show the League MEP threatened with being set on fire, according to screenshots seen by Italian newspaper Il Giornale. Another person is said to have told the politician: “We foreigners will come into your house and rape you.”

    According to Ms Sardone, many of the threats came from foreigners. She said they “highlight, once again, that there is a latent hatred towards those who dare to demand rules, controls, security on the issue of mosques”.

    “It will not be these threats of rape or death that will stop me from denouncing the [Democratic Party’s] submission to certain Islamic communities and the risks to the city,” she said.

    “I have already instructed my lawyer to denounce this scum. I will continue to stand by citizens who are calling for the closure of illegal mosques, having listened for years to the promises of Mayor Sala and then be disappointed,” she added.

    The Democratic Party (PD) in Milan has been alleged to have close ties with the local Muslim community for years. In 2018, the Mosque of Segrate on the outskirts of the city urged local Muslims to vote for the PD.

    As Breitbart London reported at the time, the mosque told believers to vote for the PD due to the party’s support for the policy of birthright citizenship or jus soli. It was not the only mosque to tell Muslims to vote for left-wing parties that year.

    Sardone is not the only member of the League to receive death threats. Matteo Salvini himself has been on the receiving end of many threats including calls for his assassination by far-left extremists.”

  10. Pakistan man arrested in killing of Ahmadi college professor (abcnews, Oct 6, 2020)

    “Pakistani police said Tuesday they have arrested a man who acted as an accomplice to a Sunni Muslim college professor in the shooting death of a colleague from the country’s minority Ahmadi community.

    The shooting took place in the northwestern city of Peshawar on Monday, a day after the two professors allegedly had a heated discussion over a religious matter, police said.

    The assailant, Professor Farooq Maad, remains at large. He and his accomplice, opened fire on the car of Professor Naeem Khattak as he was driving to work. Monday marked World Teachers’ Day.

    The arrested man, identified only as Mubashar, was still being questioned, according to local police official Ayaz Khan.

    Khattak, the slain professor, was a follower of the Ahmadi faith, which was established in the Indian subcontinent in the 19th century by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, whose followers believe was a prophet. Ahmadis make a tiny minority of the 220 million Muslim-majority Pakistan.

    Pakistan’s Parliament declared Ahmadis non-Muslims in 1974, and they have repeatedly been targeted by Islamic extremists, drawing condemnation from domestic and international human right groups.”

  11. EU court rules against Hungary’s Orban over Soros university (abcnews, Oct 6, 2020)

    “The European Union’s highest court ruled Tuesday that changes by Hungary to its law on higher education which effectively forced a university founded by George Soros to leave the country were not in line with EU law.

    The European Court of Justice ruled against Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s governing, saying in the ruling that “the conditions introduced by Hungary to enable foreign higher education institutions to carry out their activities in its territory are incompatible with EU law.”

    Among the changes, Hungary tied the operation of foreign universities in Hungary to a bilateral agreement between the Hungarian government and the universities’ country of origin. Foreign universities were also compelled to carry out educational activities in their home countries.

    The court ruled that by imposing such conditions, “Hungary has failed to comply with the commitments” under the framework of the World Trade Organisation and acted in contravention of the provisions of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights.

    Under such a ruling, the member state is legally forced to immediately comply with the Court’s judgment, and if it refuses, the EU Commission can seek to fine it.

    At the heart of the conflict is the fate of Central European University, established in New York state by Soros, a Hungarian-American financier. Under pressure from Orban, it had to relocate most of its main activities to Vienna from Budapest, where it had been operating since the early 1990s.

    Orban has been a vocal critic of Soros for years, arguing that the billionaire philanthropist is intent on undermining European values with his liberal views on migration, claims Soros has denied. Orban’s ideological aim of creating an “illiberal state” is also in contrast with Soros’ ideal of an “open society.”

    In light of his views on Soros, the amendments to the academic rules were widely seen as targeting CEU. The EU Commission launched an infringement procedure in April 2017 against Hungary in the wake of the changes. It subsequently referred Hungary to the Court of Justice in December 2017.

    The European Parliament’s top official dealing with Hungary welcomed the ruling. Greens MEP Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield said the ruling from the Luxembourg-based court “ruled on what should be clear in any European democracy: that measures to limit academic freedom are incompatible with EU law. Forcing out a university is undemocratic, it goes against European values and now it’s been ruled as illegal.”

    She added that it “should send a warning to Viktor Orban that it’s time to step back from the brink of autocracy and reverse the Hungarian government’s undemocratic path.”

    The Hungarian government did not immediately react.”

  12. Turkey hits out at Canada for suspending arms exports (abcnews, Oct 6, 2020)

    “Turkey on Tuesday accused Canada of double standards after Ottawa suspended arms exports to Turkey as it investigates the use of Canadian technology in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

    Canadian Foreign Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne announced Monday that he has suspended export permits to Turkey, which is backing Azerbaijan in the conflict, in line with Canada’s export control regime. He said he had instructed his ministry to investigate claims that Canadian drone technology is being used in the fighting.

    Turkey, which has military cooperation agreements with Azerbaijan, accused NATO ally Canada of creating obstacles concerning the export of military equipment to Turkey “in a way that does not comply with the spirit of alliance.”

    A Turkish Foreign Ministry statement also insisted that Turkey “rigorously” implements obligations stemming from the export control regime.

    The ministry statement noted that a U.N. report has named Canada as one of the countries helping fuel the war in Yemen. The statement also accused Canada of being influenced by Armenian diaspora groups.

    “Our expectation from Canada, is to lead a policy that stays away from double standards, to act without falling under the influence of anti-Turkish groups in the country and without being trapped by narrow political interests,” the ministry said.”

  13. US court: Iran owes $1.4B over ex-FBI agent presumed dead (abcnews, Oct 6, 2020)

    “A U.S. judge has ordered Iran to pay $1.45 billion to the family of a former FBI agent believed to have been kidnapped by the Islamic Republic while on an unauthorized CIA mission to an Iranian island in 2007.

    The judgment this month comes after Robert Levinson’s family and the U.S. government now believe he died in the Iranian government’s custody, something long denied by Tehran, though officials over time have offered contradictory accounts about what happened to him on Kish Island.

    Tensions remain high between the U.S. and Iran amid President Donald Trump’s maximalist pressure campaign over Tehran’s nuclear program. And though the U.S. and Iran haven’t had diplomatic relations since the aftermath of the 1979 U.S. Embassy hostage crisis in Tehran, America stills holds billions of dollars in frozen Iranian assets that could be used to pay Levinson’s family.

    In a ruling dated Thursday, the U.S. District Court in Washington found Iran owed Levinson’s family $1.35 billion in punitive damages and $107 million in compensatory damages for his kidnapping. The court cited the case of Otto Warmbier, an American college student who died in 2017 shortly after being freed from captivity in North Korea, in deciding to award the massive amount of punitive damages to Levinson’s family.

    “Iran’s conduct here is also unique, given that — astonishingly — it plucked a former FBI and DEA special agent from the face of the earth without warning, tortured him, held him captive for as long as 13 years, and to this day refuses to admit its responsibility,” the ruling by Judge Timothy J. Kelly said.

    “And his wife and children, and their spouses and children — while keeping Levinson’s memory alive — have had to proceed with their lives without knowing his exact fate. These are surely acts worthy of the gravest condemnation,” the judge added.

    Iranian state media and officials in Tehran did not immediately acknowledge the ruling in a case in which Iran offered no defense. Iran’s mission to the United Nations did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday from The Associated Press…”

  14. CIA Director Haspel and the Anti-Trump Conspirators

    What is most interesting is the timing of Gina Haspel’s last tour as London Station Chief — from 2014 to early 2017. That is the same timeframe (specifically, the late summer of 2016) when the FBI approached foreign policy academic and “utility government operative” Stefan Halper to begin the operation targeting Carter Page and George Papadopoulos in an FBI-designed foreign counterintelligence operation, against Team Trump, to be launched in Cambridge, England.

    The CIA Station Chief is the top intelligence official in any given country. The FBI must inform the Station Chief of what they planned to do and get Station Chief approval. The FBI hates that, but those are the rules. Because the various intelligence agencies are sensitive, they do not use the word “approved.” Instead, they use the word “coordinated.” Jargon aside, nothing would have happened without Haspel’s okay.

    That carried forward to a more sophisticated and aggressive plan to carry out a soft coup against President Trump. People around President Trump were prosecuted and/or had their lives destroyed based on a scheme of U.S. government lies. Who appears to have been “in on it” from Day One? Gina Haspel.

    The FBI is not allowed to penetrate and subvert a presidential campaign. Executive Order 12333, Section 2.9, “Undisclosed Participation in Organizations in the United States,” prohibits it in plain language… That legal prohibition is the reason the FBI felt the need to manufacture a “foreign counterintelligence threat” in the UK and then “import” the investigation back into the United States.

    Gina Haspel is the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Haspel is the first career clandestine service officer to become director, and the first woman. She was the CIA Chief of Station in London — twice, and that repeat assignment is very unusual. What is most interesting is the timing of Haspel’s last tour as London Station Chief — from 2014 to early 2017. That is the same timeframe (specifically, the late summer of 2016) when the FBI approached foreign policy academic and “utility government operative” Stefan Halper to begin the operation targeting Carter Page and George Papadopoulos in an FBI-designed foreign counterintelligence operation, against Team Trump, to be launched in Cambridge, England.

    Nothing speculative here — the Justice Department Inspector General pegged the exact date of the FBI/Halper meeting as August 10, 2016. Halper had been on contract (again) with the U.S. government since the Iowa Caucuses began in October 2015. For the sake of brevity, I am not discussing Halper’s role in targeting former Defense Intelligence Agency Director, Lieutenant General Mike Flynn. That is another column for another day — and certainly Haspel knows a great deal about that, as well.

    The timeframe (2014-2017) matters, because Haspel, as London Station Chief would have been briefed on the FBI’s counterintelligence plan before any actions were approved to go forward. The CIA Station Chief is the top intelligence official in any given country. The FBI must inform the Station Chief of what they planned to do and get Station Chief approval. The FBI hates that, but those are the rules. Because the various intelligence agencies are sensitive, they do not use the word “approved.” Instead, they use the word “coordinated.” Jargon aside, nothing would have happened without Haspel’s okay.

    Think about this for a while: The current CIA director was an active, knowledgeable party to the efforts to target candidate Trump with a contrived foreign counterintelligence investigation. That carried forward to a more sophisticated and aggressive plan to carry out a soft coup against President Trump. People around President Trump were prosecuted and/or had their lives destroyed based on a scheme of U.S. government lies. Who appears to have been “in on it” from day one? Gina Haspel.

    So, when we read in an article by Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, that Haspel is personally resisting the declassification and release of records on “Russiagate,” we are not surprised. In fact, we are relieved, because a few of us have been shouting from the mountaintops about Haspel for years, to no avail. The smarmy James Comey is easier to identify and loathe than the elusive Haspel.

    For those seeking more information on Haspel, Shane Harris of the Washington Post wrote a nauseating hagiography of Haspel in July 2019. Consistent with WaPo’s standards there are several factual errors and loads of opinion masquerading as “tough reporting.” Harris (and one assumes Haspel) makes sure readers know that Haspel and company “boils down” presidential intelligence briefings to “a few key points that they think Trump absolutely needs to know.” We are supposed to also believe that “Trump favors pictures and graphics over text.” Of course, the CIA director’s office did not cooperate with Harris. No, not at all.

    The FBI is not allowed to penetrate and subvert a presidential campaign. Executive Order 12333, Section 2.9, “Undisclosed Participation in Organizations in the United States,” prohibits it in plain language. Historically, the prohibition is a consequence of U.S. Army Counterintelligence penetrating Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) at the behest of the FBI during the 1960s — among other abuses of power and authority. That legal prohibition is the reason the FBI felt the need to manufacture a “foreign counterintelligence threat” in the UK and then “import” the investigation back into the United States.

    The FBI plotters needed to establish a foreign counterintelligence “event” to run their operation. The UK was the easiest and operationally safest/friendliest place to pull it off, especially with Stefan Halper’s connections to Cambridge. Haspel was clearly fully informed and had “coordinated” the operation. She also enjoyed cordial relationships with MI6 and GCHQ. Now we (largely, but imperfectly) know what transpired. Halper under oath, in public, would fill in a lot of blanks. Gina Haspel, under the same circumstances and conditions, might just complete the puzzle. Should President Trump be reelected, it might just happen. A President Biden guarantees we will never hear another syllable of the rest of the story.

  15. Macron’s anti-Islam remark against principles of French Revolution, says Brotherhood leader

    Emmanuel Macron has been sharply criticised by the Deputy General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ibrahim Munir, after the French president announced a law against religious “separatism” aimed at freeing Islam in France from “foreign influences”. The 42-year-old, who faces a tough bid for re-election against stiff opposition from the far-right, sparked controversy with remarks that appeared to condemn Islam and Muslims in general.

    “Islam is a religion that is in crisis all over the world today, we are not just seeing this in our country,” the French president said over the weekend in a speech introducing a new bill to strengthen France’s state ideology of militant secularism, known as Laicite.

    With the French Republic struggling to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Macron’s comments were widely condemned over their timing and divisive message. In his condemnation of Macron, Munir, who expressed dismay that “such utterances would come from the lips of a President of France,” accused Macron of mischaracterising the Muslim Brotherhood and turning his back on the values and principals of the French Revolution.

    “The French Revolution has not served the inheritors of the Revolution” said Munir in his letter to Macron, a copy of which was obtained by MEMO, pointing out that the president’s remark had “blatantly contradicted the thought of its philosophers” who had “ignited the passion of people and their longing for humanity’s freedom, equality and their right to articulate their beliefs.”

    Dismissing Macron’s comments, which appeared to single out the Muslim Brotherhood for condemnation, Munir added: “They [the Brotherhood] resist the excesses of regimes that deliberately seek to force them to abandon their faith and distort their image through illegal and inhuman acts.”

    “We affirm the truth which the whole world knows; that the Muslim Brotherhood sincerely adhere to their Islamic thought and covenants,” insisted Munir. “They uphold the social responsibilities and rights of the countries of their abode. They respect their laws; knowing that this is the basis of their presence therein. They fulfil their duties and protect the security of their countries.”

    Critics of the anti-separatism bill, particularly members of France’s roughly six-million-strong Muslim community — Western Europe’s largest— worry it will deepen anti-Muslim sentiment they say has been on the rise in recent years.

    It has also been suggested that the bill is politically motivated ahead of France’s 2022 elections, while others — notably the leading opposition far-right National Rally party — have complained that the bill does not go far enough.

  16. CBC – How Trump’s COVID-19 message could impact his campaign

    U.S. President Donald Trump could face voter backlash after removing his mask and downplaying COVID-19 while still infected with the virus, says Politico White House correspondent Daniel Lippman.

    + comments on the YT page

    • CBC – Trump tells Americans not to fear virus that has killed 210,000 in U.S.

      U.S. President Donald Trump returned to the White House — still infected with the coronavirus — and removed his mask on the balcony before going inside.

      He then tweeted a video of himself telling Americans not to be afraid of coronavirus or let it take over their lives.

      + comments on the YT page

      • How much would I have to be paid to watch this?
        Nope, can't be bought.
        I'd have to be tied down with my eyelids taped open. Then I'd die of an asthma attack.

  17. Syria: Assad calls Erdogan “main instigator” of Nagorno-Karabakh? conflict

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad described Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the “main instigator and initiator” of the ongoing conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

    “Let’s be blunt and clear; Erdogan has supported terrorists in Syria, and he’s been supporting terrorists in Libya, and he was the main instigator and initiator of the recent conflict that has been going on in Nagorno-Karabakh between Azerbaijan and Armenia. So, I would sum up his behaviour as dangerous, for different reasons”, Assad said in an interview with Sputnik News Agency.

    He added: “Second, because he’s creating war in different areas to distract his own public opinion in Turkey from focusing on his behaviour inside Turkey, especially after his scandalous relations with Daesh in Syria”, claiming that ISIS “used to sell Syrian oil through Turkey under the umbrella of the American Air Force.”

    Clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan have been ongoing after fighting in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh broke out last week when Azeri and ethnic Armenian soldiers exchanged fire.

    At least 200 casualties have been reported in the heaviest fighting since the 1994 ceasefire.

    Both sides blame each other for the escalation and report thousands of casualties.

    On Sunday, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev demanded “a schedule for a withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces” as a condition to “restore the ceasefire.”

    Earlier Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pledged to stand by Azerbaijan in the conflict.

    The Nagorno-Karabakh region is internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan but has an independent government led by a majority group of ethnic Armenians.

  18. Azerbaijan: “Occupied territories” should already be liberated says Turkish FM Cavusoglu

    The Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlut Cavusoglu, was received by Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan in the House of Government in the Azeri capital city of Baku on Tuesday.

    In footage released by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cavusoglu said that “the occupied territories of Azerbaijan should already be liberated. Azerbaijan is both legally and ethically right.”

    Further to this statement, Cavusoglu made the reassurance that both nations would continue the ongoing conflict “together both on the [negotiation] table and on the ground.”

    The Nagorno-Karabakh skirmishes are now continuing into their 10th day, with casualties growing on both sides, in what is considered to be the heaviest fighting since the 1994 ceasefire. Both sides blame each other for the escalation.

    • The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict | Raw footage from the contact line #2

      Intense fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh continues into a second week, with both sides engaging in artillery duels and reciprocal missile strikes.

      Azerbaijan and Armenia have both celebrated purported successes while downplaying reported setbacks in an information war as vicious as the actual fighting.

  19. German NGOs Accused of Spying on Greek Border Authorities to Help Smuggle Migrants (breitbart, Oct 6, 2020)

    “Four German NGOs have been accused of using covert methods to mislead Greek and European Union border forces to help smuggle migrants into Greece.

    Mare Liberum, Sea Watch, FFM, and Josoor International Solidarity are all mentioned in the police investigation as having members or volunteers who have helped people smugglers in Turkey. They have been operating in Greece since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, newspaper Proto Thema reports.

    According to the newspaper, members of the NGOs mapped the movements of migrant boats leaving the Turkish mainland for the Greek island of Lesbos and used espionage and other methods to mislead Greek border forces as well as the European Union border agency Frontex.

    The activists are also said to have recorded telecommunications conversations of Greek officials and manipulated the emergency number used by migrants when they are in distress.

    Greek authorities have spent months conducting investigations into the activity of the NGOs and even managed to find maps on a ship belonging to Mare Liberum which detailed the points of exit for migrants along the Turkish coast and points on Lesbos for them to sail to.

    Along with searches, seizures, and surveillance, investigators sent a group of agents to pose as migrants in July in Turkey to have an inside look at how the people trafficking scheme worked.

    The insider agents said that two women, an Austrian national who is a founding member of Josoor International Solidarity and a Norwegian national, were in direct contact with people smugglers.

    Greek police state that the organisations worked with the charity Alarmphone, which gave the NGOs the positions of the migrant boats which they used to allegedly help guide the vessels away from Greek border authorities.

    While investigators have gathered evidence, which eventually led to the implication of over 30 NGO workers in late September, they have had much more difficulty tracking the cash flow of the organisations as they are all based in Germany, despite operating in Greece.

    The Greek Financial Police, with the assistance of the National Transparency Authority, is expected to request help from Germany to determine if the NGOs under investigation took money from people traffickers.

    The Greek investigation comes after several other countries have claimed that migrant taxi NGOs have links with people traffickers including a German report that stated smugglers track NGO ships off the coast of Libya.

    “In the presence of NGO ships, concerted departures from Libya were noted. According to refugees and migrants, smugglers use the tracking function on various websites to determine the location of NGO ships and contacted them in individual cases using a satellite phone,” a German Joint Analysis and Strategy Centre for Illegal Migration (Gasim) report said earlier this year.”

  20. France plans punishment for ‘virginity tests’ (BBC, Oct 6, 2020)

    “The French government plans to introduce jail terms and fines for doctors who provide controversial so-called “virginity certificates” for traditional religious marriages.

    It is part of draft legislation aimed at reinforcing French secular values and combating what President Emmanuel Macron calls “Islamist separatism”.

    But the French abortion advice group ANCIC says stopping “virginity tests” requires broader educational work.

    The UN says such tests must be stopped.

    The French Interior Ministry says the bill – not yet fully debated by French politicians – proposes a year in jail and fine of €15,000 (£14,000) for any medical professional who issues a “virginity certificate”.

    According to France 3 TV news, about 30% of French doctors say they have been asked for such certificates and most of them refuse.

    The World Health Organization says the practice of inspecting the hymen visually or with fingers cannot prove whether a woman or girl has had vaginal intercourse or not. It also violates her human rights, the WHO says.

    How widespread is the practice?
    Gynaecologist Dr Ghada Hatem told France Inter news that “in France this doesn’t affect thousands of women – I am asked by about three women maximum [for certificates] each year”. Often it is girls from the Maghreb – Muslim-majority north-west Africa – who ask for them, she said.

    She told France 3 TV that she provided such certificates for women and girls who feared physical violence from relatives or family dishonour.

    “If they say ‘my brother will beat me up, my dad will strangle me, my in-laws will ruin my family’s reputation’ I have no reason to disbelieve them.”

    “Virginity tests” have been documented in many countries by the UN, Human Rights Watch and other organisations. They are done not only on religious grounds, but sometimes in rape investigations or in recruitment to security forces.

    Last year BBC Arabic reported that such tests were most common in North Africa and the Middle East, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and South Africa.

    A UN statement in October 2018 urged governments to ban such tests, but also called for awareness campaigns to educate communities and “challenge myths related to virginity and harmful gender norms that place emphasis on control of women’s and girls’ sexuality and bodies”…”

    • This video and the next one are very powerful videos, they need to be seen and shared by as many people as possible.

      I don’t think the woman understands American politics enough to know why Trump is reluctant to do anything in the Pacific right now. He has to take the Democrat reaction into consideration, after the election he will be much freer to act against China.

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