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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    The sacrificing of civil liberties to fight the pandemic would be more widely supported if governments would permit dialogue to address peoples’ suspicions and worries over the nature of the problem, but they do not. Valid studies challenging the efficacy of cloth masks, for example, should not be marginalized. Open acknowledgement of scientific evidence regarding the possible man-made origins of Covid-19 must be tolerated if only to provide counter evidence. Punishing such public dialogue only exacerbates common-man superstition and enhances resistance.

    Yesterday I was the only person in the Rona warehouse picking up materials. I asked the old guy what was going on, why is it so dead? “The mills are closing or just going half-speed,” he replied. “We can’t get stock.”

    Governments can play all the games they wish, but there is an economic tsunami on the way. When it hits they won’t be able to print their way out of it, and they may or may not know this now. Regardless, they may wish they had been more civil when they had the chance.

  2. Court system fails again in South Africa

    Teflon coated Julius Malema again escapes trial as his court hearing is postponed.

  3. Trump Reportedly Mulls Executive Order to Sanction Anyone Violating Arms Embargo Against Iran (sputniknews, Sep 18, 2020)

    “A UN conventional arms embargo against Iran, which was secured under the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, is set to expire on 18 October. The Trump administration, which abandoned the JCPOA in May 2018, has been pushing its UN Security Council partners for the extension of the ban – but so far, to no avail.

    US President Donald Trump intends to issue an executive order in the coming days that would authorise Washington to impose secondary sanctions against any foreign entity trading conventional arms with Iran and thus effectively shut them out of the US market, Reuters reported, citing four anonymous sources familiar with the development.

    The secondary sanctions mechanism implies that foreign entities violating the Iran trade embargo would be barred from trade with the third party, the United States in this case. According to the report by Reuters, “most foreign companies do not wish to risk” of losing access to the US market for trading with “smaller countries such as Iran”. American companies have already been banned from selling arms to Tehran.

    On Wednesday, US Special Representative for Venezuela and Iran Elliott Abrams hinted at possible introduction of the executive order, by saying that Trump administration was planning to impose sanctions against violators of the UN arms embargo against Iran.
    The report was not immediately confirmed or refuted by the White House.

    Under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) struck between Iran, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, France and Germany in 2015, Tehran remained subject to a UN conventional arms embargo which is set to expire in October.

    In May 2018, the United States unilaterally abandoned the agreement, which intended to limit Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium, and re-imposed sanctions on Tehran. The Trump administration has now been calling on the UN Security Council to extend the arms embargo against Iran indefinitely, but has failed to secure support from other powers. It also expressed an intention to restore all UN “snapback” sanctions against the country, with the measure expected to come into effect on 20 September.

    According to sanctions lawyer Doug Jacobson, cited by Reuters, the purported executive order would be more “symbolic” rather than practical in its effect, as it is potentially “designed to send a message on this particular issue … that the US is unhappy that the other parties did not agree to a snap back of arms sanctions”.”

  4. Iraq’s Najaf Security Forces Open Inquiry Into Blast in American University, State Media Says (sputniknews, Sep 18, 2020)

    “The Iraqi security service has opened an investigation into the explosion that occurred early Friday on the territory of the American University of Iraq in the central city of Najaf, according to the state-run INA news agency.

    In line with preliminary information, no one has been injured as a result of the explosion, the city’s police department said, as cited by the news outlet, adding that the building sustained material damage.

    ?Early in the day, INA reported the blast in the university’s building for English language studies.”

  5. Turkey slams ‘Napoleon’ Macron for meddling in Greece tensions – ‘Protecting what’s ours’ (express, Sep 18, 2020)

    “TURKEY has warned Emmanuel Macron his interference in Ankara’s dispute with Greece has only “prolonged” the tensions as Defence Minister Hulusi Akar insisted his country will continue to defend Turkish sovereignty.

    Turkey and Greece have been embroiled in a bitter battle of wills further exacerbated by the intervention of Emmanuel Macron in support of Athens. Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar warned the French President he must stop interfering if the ongoing dispute is to be resolved quickly. Speaking to Channel 4 News, Mr Akar said: “Mr Macron is not contributing to a solution here.

    “He is pouring fuel onto the problems and this is why the issue is being prolonged. Mr Macron himself is dreaming.

    “He is trying to take on the role of Napoleon, who died 200 years ago. But we can all see that he is neither powerful enough nor tall enough to do it.

    “We are not pursuing any kind of imperialistic aims. Here we are protecting our rights and the law.”

    The latest bout of tensions between Ankara and Athens is the result of Turkey refusing to back down from conducting energy research in the disputed section of the Eastern Mediterranean.

    Asked whether his country will keep up with the research, Mr Akar said: “Of course we will continue to do it.

    “This is the right and law of out 83 million people and of the nation. This is not a threat against anyone.”

    President Macron has been trying to broker a new treaty between Greece and Turkey in a bid to deescalate the tensions but with little success so far.

    On Wednesday, former Secretary-General of the Turkish Ministry of National Defence Ümit Yal?m claimed Athens had not sovereignty over a group of Aegean islands and should evacuate their citizens immediately.

    Speaking to Turkish website Haber 7, Mr Yal?m said: “The legal status of the islands located in the north of the Aegean Sea was determined by the Six Great States Decision of 1914 and the Lausanne Treaty of 1923.

    “Greece was given only the right to use of the islands of the North Aegean and not the right of sovereignty

    “The areas of sovereignty and maritime jurisdiction as well as the airspace of the islands of Thassos, Samothrace, Lemnos, Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Ikaria, Psara and Agios Efstratios remained in Turkey.”

    Germany, who is currently leading the European Council until January 2021, suggested action could be taken at the European level to ensure Turkey stands down.

    Dr Ernst Reichel, Germany’s ambassador to Athens, told the Standing European Affairs Committee of the Greek Parliament Ankara could soon see the “stick” of the Council.

    Dr Reichel said: “Germany, during its European Union presidency, maybe at the next European Council, will talk to Turkey with the threat of sanctions and the general deterioration of its relationship with the EU.

    “We are dealing with a difficult neighbour and this is a problem we have not only with Turkey but also with Russia, which is also a difficult neighbour.

    “We must persuade Turkey and the question is how to persuade it. I believe the right answer is with a stick and carrot approach. I want to say that the European Council will show Turkey the stick very soon.””

    • Facebook now has an advisory board. 18 of he 20 on the review board are openly linked to George Soros.

      Today I found out a young woman I know died of cancer- – she could not get treatment because of COVID. what a bloody lot of murderers.

      When will George Soros be charged with sedition?

  6. Police Recover Stolen Collection of Rare Books Including Isaac Newton, Galileo First Editions (breitbart, Sep 18, 2020)

    “Police in Romania have uncovered a trove of “irreplaceable” books including first editions of works by Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton that were stolen in a sophisticated 2017 heist from a warehouse in London, police and the European Union’s judicial cooperation agency said Friday.

    The stash of some 200 rare and valuable books was discovered Wednesday hidden in a concealed space under a house in rural Romania.

    London’s Met Police said in a statement that the recovered books have a combined value of more than 2.5 million pounds ($3.2 million).

    “These books are extremely valuable, but more importantly they are irreplaceable and are of great importance to international cultural heritage,” Detective Inspector Andy Durham said in a statement.

    The books were stolen in a raid on a warehouse in west London. Burglars cut holes in the roof and abseiled down into the building to avoid motion detectors, loaded the books into 16 large bags and clambered back up the ropes to make their getaway through the roof, police said.

    A joint investigation involving police from London, Romania and the Carabinieri in Italy, supported by EU agencies Europol and Eurojust in The Hague, identified 11 similar burglaries across Britain, that netted some 2 million pounds worth of stolen property.

    The Met Police said a Romanian organized crime gang was responsible.

    The probe led to a series of raids in the three countries in June 2019 and the arrest of 13 suspects who were charged in the U.K. with involvement in the burglaries.

    The Met said that 12 suspects have pleaded guilty and will face sentencing hearings starting later this month. The 13th suspect is scheduled to go on trial in March.”

  7. U.S. Accuses Hezbollah Terrorists of Storing Explosive Chemicals in E.U. (breitbart, Sep 18, 2020)

    “The Hezbollah terrorist group has stored industrial chemicals that can be used to make explosives across several European Union (E.U.) countries, a senior U.S. State Department official said Thursday. The warning came as pressure resumed on Europe and elsewhere to impose bans on the Iran-backed Islamist organization.

    Hezbollah operatives have moved ammonium nitrate from Belgium to France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Switzerland in recent years and are suspected to still be storing the material throughout Europe, said Nathan Sales, the State Department coordinator for counter-terrorism.

    Ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound commonly used as a fertilizer, but it can be used to make explosives. It can also be unstable in storage, as demonstrated by the devastating explosion last month in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, as Breitbart News reported.

    Sales said the U.S. believes Hezbollah has since 2012 transported ammonium nitrate around Europe in first aid kits with cold packs that contain the compound. The United States believes these supplies are still in place possibly in Greece, Italy and Spain.

    “Why would Hezbollah stockpile ammonium nitrate on European soil?” he said. “The answer is clear: Hezbollah put these weapons in place so it could conduct major terrorist attacks whenever it or its masters in Tehran deemed necessary.”…”

  8. France Backs Calls for EU to Sanction Turkey Over Greece Territory Dispute (breitbart, Sep 18, 2020)

    “France on Friday backed Cyprus’ calls for the European Union to consider imposing tougher sanctions on Turkey if the Turkish government won’t suspend its search for energy reserves in eastern Mediterranean waters where Cyprus and Greece claim exclusive economic rights.

    French Minister for European Affairs Clement Baume said sanctions should be among the options the 27-member bloc considers employing if Turkey continues to “endanger the security and sovereignty of a member state.”

    “We believe that the European Union must be ready to activate…all available tools and certainly to resort to sanctions, if developments don’t proceed in a positive direction,” Baume said after talks with Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides in Nicosia.

    EU leaders are set to hold a summit in a few days to discuss how to respond to Turkey’s refusal to recall a warship-escorted research vessel it dispatched to a part of the eastern Mediterranean that Greece maintains is over its continental shelf. The dispute has ratcheted up military tensions between the two NATO allies…”

  9. EU Commission President Claims Populist Opponents ‘Preach Hate’ (breitbart, Sep 18, 2020)

    “European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen rebuffed populist critics in the European Parliament on mass migration, claiming they “preach hatred”.

    President Von der Leyen was challenged on mass migration policies by members of the populist Identity and Democracy (ID) group in the European Parliament which consists of members of the French National Rally (RN), Matteo Salvini’s League, and other anti-mass migration parties.

    Nicolas Bay, a French MEP and member of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, countered the Commission president by saying that “asylum has become a supply chain for illegal immigration”, newspaper Il Giornale reports.

    “Asylum seekers do not come here to escape wars but for economic reasons and know that they will be able to stay here because of your permissiveness,” he added.

    Bay went on to state that “humanitarian dramas” have become an excuse for the EU to adopt lax policies on migration and advocated more deportations to stop deaths in the Mediterranean by deterring migrants from making the voyage to Europe.

    President Von der Leyen replied: “We are convinced that every human being has dignity, which cannot be touched, regardless of where they come from.”

    Joerg Meuthen, an MEP for the Alternative for Germany (AfD), attempted to interrupt the Commission president but had his microphone cut.

    “This makes you angry because we have caught you in a contradiction. This is democracy. You cannot support the contradiction: you preach hatred, we want solutions. We want a constructive approach to migration because they will always be with us,” von der Leyen said.

    She added: “Every year, about two million people come to Europe and 140,000 refugees. It is normal: we must be able to manage it.”

    President von der Leyen has been a staunch open borders advocate since becoming European Commission president and even attempted to keep the internal EU borders open during the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus earlier this year.

    She also courted criticism in July after seemingly breaching EU rules on impartiality by supporting the centre-right Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) after she appeared in a promotional video.

    Chief spokesman for the Commission, Eric Mamer, later claimed von der Leyen had been speaking in a personal capacity.”

  10. China Targets Pompeo as the Number One Enemy; Twitter Suspends Virologist Account For Virus Origin
    •Premiered 11 hours ago

  11. Kosovo awards Trump with Order of Freedom for peace efforts (abcnews, Sep 18, 2020)

    “Kosovo’s awarded U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday with one of the country’s highest honors for his government’s efforts on peace and reconciliation in the former war-torn region.

    President Hashim Thaci awarded Trump with Kosovo’s Order of Freedom “for his exceptional contribution for the freedom of Kosovo and the strengthening of Peace and reconciliation in the region.”

    The honor is given to local and foreign citizens for their high contribution in defending Kosovo’s freedom.

    Trump’s administration has been working to normalize relations between Serbia and Kosovo, two former Balkan war foes, and two weeks ago Serbian President Aleksander Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti signed an economic normalization deal at the White House.

    Thaci also awarded Trump’s National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and his envoy for Serbia-Kosovo talks Richard Grenell with the lower Presidential Medal of Merits, saying they were “indispensable” for the deal.

    Kosovo, a former Serbian province, and Serbia have been negotiating under European Union mediation since 2011 on normalizing their ties. Serbia fought a brutal 1998-1999 war with separatist fighters in Kosovo. The war ended after NATO conducted a 78-day airstrike campaign against Serbia.

    Kosovo was run by the United Nations for nine years before it declared independence in 2008. Most western nations recognize Kosovo’s statehood, but not Serbia.

    In another nod to inroads made this year, a member of Sweden’s parliament nominated the governments of the U.S., Kosovo and Serbia for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    In a letter sent to Trump, Thaci said that the Kosovo-Serbia deal can be achieved “only under the powerful leadership of the United States of America. Your role in that process is vital.”

    Thaci also invited Trump for a visit to Kosovo.”

  12. Dutch government seeks to hold Syria accountable for torture (abcnews, Sep 18, 2020)

    “The Dutch government announced Friday it is holding Syria responsible under international law for “gross human rights violations,” in a process that could ultimately trigger a case at the United Nations’ highest court.

    The Dutch initiative, invoking the U.N. Convention against Torture, is the latest attempt to hold President Bashar Assad’s government accountable amid widespread reports it is mistreating its own citizens against the backdrop of the country’s grinding civil war.

    “The Assad regime has not hesitated to crack down hard on its own population, using torture and chemical weapons, and bombing hospitals,” Foreign Minister Stef Blok said in a statement.

    “The victims of these serious crimes must obtain justice, and we are pursuing that end by calling the perpetrators to account,” Blok said.

    According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, Syrian authorities detained around 1.2 million people since the country’s conflict began in March 2011. As of the beginning of June, 12,325 were documented as having died under torture in Syrian government prisons, the SNHR said in a report released earlier this year.

    At least 12,989 are still detained or missing, their fates unknown, according to the report. Another 16,000 are missing in detention by other factions in Syria’s war.

    A U.N. Security Council resolution backed by more than 60 countries to refer the Syrian conflict to the International Criminal Court was vetoed by both Russia and China in May 2014.

    The Dutch initiative was triggered Friday with a diplomatic note handed to Syrian diplomats in Geneva in which the Netherlands “reminded Syria of its international obligations” to halt violations of the torture convention and to compensate victims, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

    The note asked Syria to enter negotiations on the issue. If the two countries can’t resolve the dispute, the Dutch government can propose arbitration and if that fails, the Netherlands “will submit the case to an international court,” the ministry said.

    Human Rights Watch welcomed the Dutch move.

    “For years, thousands have been systematically starved, beaten, and tortured to their deaths in Syria’s prisons. By using the Torture Convention to demand justice for their plight, the Netherlands is standing for countless victims in an action that could ultimately trigger a case at the world’s highest court,” said Balkees Jarrah, the rights group’s associate international justice director.

    While international efforts to bring Syrian officials to justice have floundered, a German court has attempted to break down the wall of impunity with a case against a man accused of running a government detention center where thousands were tortured during the early months of the uprising against Assad.”

  13. Migrants stranded at sea as powerful storm batters Greece (abcnews, Sep 18, 2020)

    “A boat carrying dozens of migrants was stranded at sea Friday as hurricane-force winds and heavy rain battered the western coast of Greece, causing power outages and road closures.

    Coast guard officials said due to the high winds, rescue boats were so far unable to approach the vessel believed to be carrying more than 50 migrants south of Greece’s Peloponnese region. A powerful tropical-like storm named Ianos battered the western islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia, and Ithaki overnight, causing flash flooding, property damage, power outages, and road closures mostly from downed trees, police and local authorities said. No injuries were reported. The storm, with winds exceeding 110 kilometers per hour (70 miles per hour), reached the western mainland Friday. Computer models suggested that the storm would not directly affect Athens but heavy rainfall was also expected in the Greek capital. Schools and stores were closed, and ferry services were suspended in many areas in western Greece as authorities advised residents to remain indoors. “We are expecting the storm to progress with the same intensity for the six to nine hours in western Greece and then, weakened, see it head southward,” Civil Protection chief Nikos Hardalias said. “But areas that are not directly affected … will see a large volume of water with heavy rainfall.””

  14. Italy: 70 migrants on ship awaiting OK to land jump into sea (abcnews, Sep 18, 2020)

    “More than 70 migrants on a rescue ship awaiting permission to dock in southern Italy jumped into the sea in frustration Thursday and were picked up by Italian authorities off Palermo, a Spanish humanitarian group said.

    The group’s ship, which is also called Open Arms, had been carrying some 280 migrants and refugees rescued last week in the central Mediterranean as they tried to reach European shores in flimsy boats. Video showed the migrants who jumped wearing life jackets.

    Ten of the Open Arms migrants had also needed to be rescued on Wednesday after they jumped into the sea off Sicily’s southern coast, when they were informed that nearby Malta had refused them entry, the NGO said. The ship then headed for Palermo, on Sicily’s northern coast, where it awaited instructions on where to disembark its passengers.

    On Monday, Italy allowed 27 migrants who had spent some 40 days aboard a Danish tanker to be brought to land aboard an Italian humanitarian rescue ship. The tanker had rescued them from the central Mediterranean after their vessel sank.

    Humanitarian groups complain that the European Union is abandoning migrants making the dangerous sea crossing from North Africa. They say that the EU is instead bolstering the Libyan Coast Guard, with the goal of preventing migrants from departing the lawless country where many complain they have faced torture.

    Maltese Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo, said Thursday that his small island nation is unable to take in any more migrants and refugees. Speaking after a meeting with his Spanish counterpart on Madrid, Bartolo said it was up to the EU to set up a system to deal with migrants rescued by NGOs or merchant ships.”

  15. EU unveils plan to combat racism, increase diversity (abcnews, Sep 18, 2020)

    “The European Commission presented a series of measures Friday aimed at tackling structural racism and discrimination, acknowledging a blatant lack of diversity among the European Union’s institutions.

    The bloc’s executive arm set out its action plan for the next five years, which includes strengthening the current legal framework, recruiting an anti-racism coordinator and increasing the diversity of EU staff.

    The European Commission’s vice president for values and transparency, V?ra Jourová, said that recent anti-racism protests in the U.S. and Europe highlighted the need for action.

    “We have reached a moment of reckoning. The protests sent a clear message, change must happen now,” Jourová said. “It won’t be easy, but it must be done.

    “We won’t shy away from strengthening the legislation, if needed,” she said. “The commission itself will adapt its recruiting policy to better reflect European society.”

    The current College of Commissioners, which oversees EU policies, is made up of 27 members, one from each EU country. All the members of the team set up last year by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen are white.

    Under the plan, data on the diversity of commission staff will for the first time be collected on the basis of a voluntary survey that will help define new recruitment policies.

    Meanwhile, the new coordinator for anti-racism will be in charge of collecting the grievances and feelings of minorities to make sure they are reflected in EU policies.

    The EU said that more than half of Europeans believe that discrimination is widespread in their country. According to surveys carried out by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, or FRA, 45% of people of North African descent, 41% of Roma and 39% of people of sub-Saharan African descent have faced such discrimination.

    The EU’s racial equality directive will also be assessed, with possible new legislation introduced in 2022. In the wake of the Black Live Matters protests triggered by George Floyd’s death in the U.S., the European Commission said it would look carefully into discrimination by law enforcement authorities such as unlawful racial profiling. Meanwhile, the EU agency for fundamental rights will continue to collect data on police attitudes towards minorities.

    The European Commission also wants to combat stereotypes and disinformation by setting up a series of seminars and promoting commemorative days linked to the issue of racism. It also encouraged member states to address stereotypes via cultural and education programs, or the media. A summit against racism is planned next year.

    “Nobody is born racist. It is not a characteristic which we are born with,” said Helena Dalli, the EU commissioner for equality. “It’s a question of nurture, and not nature. We have to unlearn what we have learned.”

    Earlier this year, the European Parliament approved a resolution condemning the Floyd’s death and asking the EU to take a strong stance against racism.”

  16. Jihadist Insurgency in Mozambique Has ‘Crossed the Threshold’, Says Africa Expert (sputniknews, Sep 18, 2020)

    “Jihadists have taken control of a swathe of northern Mozambique. The insurgents have taken advantage of grievances among the predominantly Muslim population in a region which is rich in natural gas.

    Islamist insurgents have taken control of the port of Mocimboa da Praia and the nearby island of Vamizi in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province, close to the border with Tanzania.

    Clashes between government forces and insurgents have claimed more than 1,500 lives since 2017 and forced 250,000 people out of their homes.

    Now a group calling itself Islamic State Central Africa Province (ISCAP) says it is behind fighting in the region.

    Muslim Minority in the North
    While most of Mozambique is Christian and the Roman Catholic Church are very influential, Cabo Delgado province is predominantly Muslim and in recent years radical imams from Kenya and Tanzania have moved into the area.

    Jasmine Opperman, an Africa analyst with the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data (ACLED) Project, told Sputnik the Mozambican government was “weak” and had ignored growing discontent in Cabo Delgado. She said the local people were angry at the lack of job opportunities and investment in the province.

    She said: “A more extremist narrative from countries like Kenya and Tanzania influencing local discontent cannot be ignored.”

    Ms Opperman said the first attacks took place in 2017: “The extremist narrative cannot be denied. There is limited governance and limited opportunity in Cabo Delgado. The extremist voices fed on this and the discontent led to an increase in violence.”

    She said the government initially saw it as just an internal power struggle within the Muslim community and ignored it and added: “When the first attacks came in October 2017 it came as a surprise.”

    Frelimo Has Ruled Since 1975
    The government of Mozambique is led by Filipe Nyusi, whose Frelimo party have ruled over the country since it became independent from Portugal in 1975.

    Mozambique is an impoverished country but the discovery of natural gas in Cabo Delgado province has drawn in foreign investors.

    The French company Total is investing up to US$50 billion in the development of a liquefied natural gas project in Cabo Delgado and Britain’s Centrica has agreed to buy 2.6 million tonnes a year.

    “The insurgency would have started without the gas, in my opinion. But what we are seeing now is the government aligning itself with the LNG sector,” said Ms Opperman.

    Gas Boom in Cabo Delgado
    But will the LNG projects benefit the people of Cabo Delgado or will the money be siphoned off by a Frelimo elite in Maputo, who have been accused of ignoring the northern provinces of Cabo Delgado, Niassa and Nampula?

    Ms Opperman said: “Taking into consideration of corruption by Government officials, one cannot help to fear that a similar situation will evolve related to the LNG sector.”

    She said: “The Mozambican government has got a problem. It’s not acknowledging local problems and grievances. We have crossed the threshold. We need security urgently in Cabo Delgado.”

    One option might be bringing in foreign military advisers but Ms Opperman said: “The stronger the foreign influence within the defence force – whether it be western states or Russia – the more it will fuel the Islamists’ propaganda.”

    Are Government Forces Guilty of Atrocities?
    This week human rights watchdog Amnesty International called for an independent inquiry into a video which emerged on social media on Monday, 14 September, showing a naked pregnant woman apparently being beaten and shot dead by men in military uniform. It was reportedly filmed near the village Awasse in Cabo Delgado province.

    ?Amnesty said: “The authorities in Mozambique must immediately launch an independent and impartial investigation into the extrajudicial killing of a defenceless naked woman.”

    Amnesty said the killers could be heard executioners shouting in Portuguese that the woman is a member of al-Shabaab, another name for the jihadist forces in Cabo Delgado.

    But Interior Minister Amade Miquidade said the video was a false flag incident and the killers were jihadists dressed in uniforms “identical” to those worn by government troops.

    He said: “The video showing atrocities against a pregnant woman is propaganda by terrorists. The video was made by terrorists…to confuse the public.”

    Ms Opperman said she had watched the video and had no doubt the men in uniform were members of the army, known as the Mozambican Defence Armed Forces (FADM).

    ?She said the insurgents were incapable of staging such an elaborate piece of “sophisticated propaganda” and she said there was evidence the FADM had perpetrated atrocities dating back to 2018.

    Difficulty of Fighting Insurgency
    Ms Opperman said the FADM had suffered from low levels of funding and training and added: “In Cabo Delgado they don’t speak the local dialect and are fighting an enemy they don’t know. War is war but they have had a free hand to vandalise and loot…if they suspect people of being insurgents they will just kill them.”

    She said she did not see a “bright future” in Mozambique and feared ISCAP could be close to deploying Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in Cabo Delgado.

    Ms Opperman said if Total came under attack and French soldiers were sent to protect the gas fields then “Cabo Delgado is going to explode.”

    Filipe Nyusi is only Mozambique’s fourth President. The first, Samora Machel, was killed in a plane crash in 1986.

    At the time Machel’s Frelimo government was fighting an insurgency by right-wing Renamo rebels, backed by South Africa.

    Around a million people died during the conflict, which ended in 1992 following the collapse of the apartheid government in South Africa.”

  17. Daily Mail – Government could use emergency powers to give the public an UNLICENSED vaccine – with midwives and soldiers trained up to administer it

    Ministers would utilise regulations to bypass EU laws if a vaccine becomes available prior to the end of the Brexit transition agreement

    Even if a possible vaccine has not been passed by the European medicines watchdog the government will push to use it

    The government is keen to quell fears an unlicensed vaccine is unsafe and said it will go through several safety trials before being used on the general populace


    The government could use emergency powers to vaccinate the public against Covid-19, it was revealed last night.

    Ministers would utilise regulations to bypass EU laws if a vaccine becomes available prior to the end of the Brexit transition agreement on December 31, as reported by the i.

    Even if a possible vaccine has not been passed by the European medicines watchdog the government will push to use it due to the threat the pandemic poses.

    A consultation on the plans closes at midnight on Friday. The independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is advising ministers on the use of any potential vaccine.

    The government is keen to quell fears an unlicensed vaccine is unsafe and said it will go through several safety trials before being used on the general populace.

    The document says: ‘If a suitable Covid-19 vaccine candidate, with strong supporting evidence of safety, quality and efficacy, becomes available, we will seek to license that vaccine through the usual route.’

    It adds: ‘If there is a compelling case, on public health grounds, for using a vaccine before it is given a product licence, given the nature of the threat we face, the JCVI may take the very unusual step of advising the UK government to use a tested, unlicensed vaccine against Covid-19, and we need to make sure that the right legislative measures are in place to deal with that scenario.’

    The i also revealed that the government is set to train members of the Armed Forces, health workers and midwives to administer the vaccine when it becomes available.

    The training is expected to start later in the Autumn so an expanded workforce can assist with the annual series of flu jabs.

    It comes as tough new measures to control the spread of coronavirus have come into effect in the north-east of England, taking the total number of people across the UK in lockdown to more than 10 million.

    The new restrictions cover Northumberland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gateshead, Sunderland and County Durham and began at midnight.

    Residents are banned from socialising in homes or gardens with people outside their own households or support bubble, food and drink venues are restricted to table service only and leisure and entertainment venues must close at 10pm.

    more :

    • “If there is a compelling case, on public health grounds, for using hydroxychloroquine and zinc a vaccine before it is given a product licence, given the nature of the threat we face, the JCVI may take the very unusual step of advising the UK government to use a tested, unlicensed vaccine against Covid-19, and we need to make sure that the right legislative measures are in place to deal with that scenario.”

      – there. All better now.

  18. ‘Hillbilly Brigade’ takes matters into their own hands amid Ore. wildfires

    A group of Oregon citizens took matters into their own hands this week to protect their homes and livelihoods from raging wildfires. Over the past few days, the group called the “Hillbilly Brigade” took to the forests near the city of Molalla, Oregon to clean up fallen trees and implement other fire prevention measures.

    “We are building fire lines, putting out the fires so they don’t crawl back up this way,” explained member Nicole West.

    According to the volunteers, Oregon’s Democrat leaders have failed to protect citizens from the wildfire threat.

    “So everybody stayed up here, even though the sheriffs and everyone told us we needed to evacuate,” stated West. “We all stayed, worked and fought the fire.

  19. Biden tells potato farmer complaining about overregulation to get job hauling chicken manure
    By Ben Bowles September 18, 2020

    In their more honest moments (which are admittedly few), Democrats acknowledge that their goal is to kill jobs in the name of global warming. One of the best-known examples was Hillary Clinton’s “promise” at a CNN town hall in Ohio in 2016 to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

    Sometimes, candidates attempt to finesse their self-serving plans by offering alternative jobs Americans can perform in their brave new world. We saw this in 2017 when Joe Biden, who wouldn’t know a computer program if it fell on him, recommended that displaced coal miners “learn to code.” Adding insult to injury Biden told attendees of a political rally in New Hampshire, “Anybody who can go down 3,000 feet in a mine can sure as hell learn to program as well. Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for God’s sake!”

    video at link location

  20. Fox News goes Orwellian on mentioning one activist’s name and agenda; UPDATE
    By J.E. Dyer September 18, 2020

    Newt Gingrich did nothing more than call out the same things Soros’s own institutions openly announce that they do; in this case, fund campaigns to turn local offices like D.A.s, sheriffs, and city and county governments (councils and commissions) as radically Left as possible. There is simply no disputing that Soros puts money behind this. It’s not a matter of theories or opinion. It’s fact. (Craig Bannister at CNSNews offers a Daily Caller link with background on it; we have published on it a number of times at LU. See here, here, here, and here, for example.) Soros and his activism enterprises at the Open Society Foundation make no bones about it.

    *UPDATE*: National Pulse, Raheem Kassam’s website, suggests another reason why Fox would censor mention of George Soros. The concern is that local D.A.s, with Soros-backed officials prominent among them, will be directly involved in adjudicating the expected disputes over the vote after 3 November. Those D.A.s can be pretty vindictive.

    Offering an example of apparent retaliation, National Pulse writes (emphasis added): “[A] Surf City DA recused himself after one of his prosecutors spoke at a candidate’s rally. That candidate went on to face six felony charges, later reduced to just one misdemeanor regarding errors on past voter and campaign forms.”……..

    • The main take away is that the blogs and the citizen journalists are much more important then most people think and are becoming more important all the time. We are watching the US (and the rest of Western Civilization) march into Civil Wars that will decide the fate of the world.

      We win the coming wars of the light of freedom dies in the world, totalitarianism becomes the governmental system of all nations on earth. Not over night but within a decade or two freedom will have died.

    • In this video Tim and his people are talking about the same future we have been seeing if the left wins. A future of cities that are hell holes and the rich having private household troops to provide security for them and their families.

  21. Israeli seriously injured in rocket attack was delivering food to needy when hit

    An Israeli man who was seriously wounded in a rocket attack on Tuesday was delivering food to the needy in the southern city of Ashdod when he was hit by shrapnel, hit family said Wednesday.

    Asher Biton, 62, a FATHER OF 15, was making his rounds when Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired two rockets into Israel at the same time as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was signing peace deals with the UAE and Bahrain at the White House in Washington.

    According to the Israel Defense Forces, soldiers operating the Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted one of the incoming projectiles.

    The second rocket struck a street in Ashkelon.

    The Magen David Adom ambulance service said Biton sustained shrapnel wounds to his upper body from the rocket. A second man, 28, suffered light injuries to his extremities from broken glass. Four other people suffered anxiety attacks as a result of the rocket fire, medics said.

    Biton was originally described as in moderate condition, but doctors at the Assuta Hospital later said his situation deteriorated.

    Doctors decided not to operate on Biton, fearing that he would not survive the operation, and have decided to wait until his condition improves. However, the hospital said his life was not in danger.

    His wife, Rivka Biton, said the family watched news reports of the attack and saw his car, where he had been making a delivery.

  22. Puppet Master? AOC says Joe Biden can be PUSHED to far leftwing positions

    Bobby Eberle | Sep 18, 2020 | 13-Minute News Hour

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to think she will be puppet master if Joe Biden were to be elected president following the 2020 elections. AOC said in an interview that she felt Biden could be pushed in a more progressive direction (far leftwing policies). AOC’s comments certainly fall in line with others who view Joe Biden as an empty suit.

  23. Black Mayors and Police Chiefs are Being Accused of White Supremacy

    No black official is radical enough for Black Lives Matter.
    Fri Sep 18, 2020 Daniel Greenfield

    “I would have so much more respect for the Bail Fund if they had bailed him out and then let him stay in one of their homes,” Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins blasted the Massachusetts Bail Fund (MBF).

    A statement from a DA blasting the MBF for freeing a rapist wouldn’t usually be extraordinary, except that Rollins, whose campaign was backed by George Soros, was supposed to be different. Not only had Rollins run on a pro-crime platform promising not to prosecute shoplifting, breaking and entering, and resisting arrest, but she had reacted to the Black Lives Matter riots with a hysterical rant about her rage and the white community.

    Rollins had dismissed the damage from Black Lives Matter riots because it “could be fixed”.

    And then the Massachusetts Bail Fund freed Shawn McClinton, a convicted sex offender, who had been accused of raping a woman a few weeks after he was let go, leading Rollins to snap.

    The Massachusetts Bail Fund, whose motto is “Free them all”, really meant it.

    The problem that Rachael Rollins, the first black DA of Suffolk County, a pro-crime black nationalist activist, ran into is a familiar one for a new generation of leftist politicians, many from an identity politics slate, who learned the hard way that they will always be out-radicaled.

  24. The Scary Answer to Trump’s Question About Ilhan Omar

    “Where are the people that vote for such a horrible woman who hates our country?”
    Fri Sep 18, 2020 Raymond Ibrahim

    Yesterday, while speaking at a Minnesota rally, President Donald Trump inquired as to how Congresswoman Ilhan Omar—“a horrible woman who hates our country” and who “called the Minneapolis police a cancer and said they were rotten to the root”—won in that state’s Democratic primaries last week. Asked an exasperated Trump:

  25. Social Media is Not the Cause of our Social Dilemmas

    Exposing the character rot of social media users.
    Fri Sep 18, 2020 Jason D. Hill

    Jeff Orlowski’s documentary The Social Dilemma on Netflix is an interesting panoptic exploration of ways in which human minds are allegedly twisted, manipulated, and directed by social media to produce outcomes by programmed algorithms whose creators, in the end, must have had nefarious motives. On the surface, we may cast them as players in a medieval morality play between good and evil. The evil operatives are the gnomic know-it-alls who somehow must have known that with the invention of the “Like” button on various social media pages and media outlets, they could send recipients into waves of euphoria — while those receiving a “thumbs down” could be sent into paroxysms of rage or, more commonly, paralyzing depression. The social media creators in the film, however, claim that they only wanted to “spread positivity and love in the world.”

  26. NO JOKE: U.N. rebukes only Israel for violating women’s rights

    The Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Belarus were among members of the UN’s 54-nation Economic and Social Council, a principal organ of the world body, who voted on September 14, 2020 to single out Israel as the only country in the world to be rebuked by the council this year for allegedly violating women’s rights.

    In a resolution adopted 43 to 3, with 8 abstentions, the Jewish state was accused of being a “major obstacle” for Palestinian women “with regard to the fulfillment of their rights, and their advancement, self-reliance and integration in the development of their society.”

    • In the video about the equipment that the Indian troops are equipped with they talk about the Indo-Tibetan police. The Indians are using people who are use to high altitude and cold weather to make up their border police and their military personal (Gurkha and Tibetan) this gives them a big advantage until the Chinese troops become acclimated to their new duty station.

      With the snow starting and the temperature dropping to double digit sub zero temps this probably means an end to the tensions in that region until the temps return to summer levels.

  27. (Richard: I haven’t watched this one yet but the summery is interesting.)

    Taiwan: China’s next target? | DW Analysis

    Despite China’s increasingly aggressive behaviour both at home and abroad, Beijing’s open threat to take control of Taiwan by force is receiving comparatively little attention – leaving this flourishing liberal democracy uniquely isolated and vulnerable. The threat may be far more imminent than many imagine. According to Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu “the Chinese authoritarian leaders may find Taiwan as a convenient scapegoat. Therefore Taiwan needs to be doubly concerned about a possible Chinese use of force against us.”

    In this video DW’s Chief International Editor Richard Walker explores the roots of the threat in depth – aided by military and strategy experts from Taiwan, China, the United States and Germany. He charts the dramatic expansion in Beijing’s navy and advanced missile arsenal that is shifting the balance of power against the U.S. in the Pacific. The video examines three possible scenarios: China gradually chipping away at Taiwan’s stability via military and hybrid means; a sudden, Crimea-style annexation of outlying islands; and a full-scale invasion. This final scenario would pose extremely dangerous for global stability. “Everything that happens in this scenario happens under the shadow of a potential nuclear war,” warns Ian Easton, author of “The China Invasion Threat.”

    Adding to Taiwan’s profound vulnerability, there is growing doubt that the any country would come to its aid in the event of Chinese military action – or even have the capability to do so. “Even five years ago, the ability of the United States to come to Taiwan’s defense was greater than it is today,” warns Bonnie Glaser, one of Washington’s top experts on the region. “It has eroded over the last decade. And that is, I think, problematic.”

    In the U.S., Congressman Ted Yoho of the House Foreign Affairs Committee explains his bill that would commit the U.S. to come to Taiwan’s defence, ending the longstanding “strategic ambiguity” that he and some experts see as destabilizing. But could this in itself pose greater dangers? Europe must also take the threat more seriously, argues leading German expert Janka Oertel. “We have not devoted enough energy to these kinds of scenarios. What we lack is a European conversation about what kind of player Europe in the future would like to be in these kinds of scenarios.” m concludes with a passionate plea from Joseph Wu for democracies to end Taiwan’s diplomatic isolation from global bodies like the U.N. and the World Health Organization: “It’s not fair to the Taiwanese people.”
    What should the democratic world do to minimize the risk of an open conflict between China and Taiwan?

    • This is the area that China will probably shift their attention to, they are already sending fighters into Taiwanese air space and will continue to push hard. Is the threat real or just to keep the Chinese peoples minds off of the economic problems brought on by the 1) Wuhan Flu, 2) The food shortage, 3) The flood damage and in some areas the insects that are eating all of the plants.

  28. MSNBC – Fmr. CIA Director Brennan: ‘I Am More Worried Today Than I Ever Have Been Before’

    Former CIA Director expresses his concern over the stability of the country following numerous alarming statements from the president and his attorney general.

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