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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Pakistan: Thousands rally against reprinting of Charlie Hebdo Prophet Muhammad cartoons in Peshawar

    […]to condemn French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for the republishing of cartoons mocking Prophet Muhammad earlier this week.

    JI leaders were seen addressing a “‘Finality of Prophethood” rally at Peshawar’s historical Khyber Bazar.

    “We must find the reason why the honour of our kind prophet and his companions is being attacked,” said JI leader Siraj ul Haq while addressing protesters.

  2. Osama bin Laden may have hidden encrypted messages in porn videos to secretly communicate with his Al-Qaeda associates before he was killed by Navy SEALs in 2011, a new documentary explores
    Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden may have secretly communicated with his terrorist associates by hiding coded messages in porn videos, a new documentary series explores.

    The new National Geographic special, Bin Laden’s Hard Drive, analyses the extensive digital and written materials recovered by Navy SEALs at the slain terrorist compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, when he was killed on May 2, 2011.

    The 9/11 mastermind was found to be in the possession of a trove of adult movies and erotic images that was described by officials as a ‘fairly extensive’ collection of modern, electronically recorded video at the time.

    And now, the new documentary presented by Peter Bergen – a CNN national security analyst who was the first Western journalist to interview bin Laden on TV – explores whether his sordid files were actually shrewd tools for communicating with acolytes.
    According to his letters, bin Laden was fearful of using email as a means of issuing instructions to his terrorist subordinates, because the encryption on the messages could not be trusted. Much of his communication with the outside world was facilitated via couriers.

    Bergen’s documentary, however, raises the idea that bin Laden may have been burying encrypted instructions in his porn files, as a devious means of avoiding detection by concealing murderous commands within the very kind of sinful content he reportedly despised.

    However, forensic psychologist and CIA expert Reid Meloy suggests in the special that for all his claims of righteous piousness, bin Laden may have just been a normal man who occasionally wanted to indulge in acts of self-gratification – for ‘biology trumps ideology,’ as reported by the Daily Beast.

    The mystery of the origins of the videos are also subject to much debate. Bin Laden didn’t have internet at his compound or a computer but he did have a number of TVs.

    He also lived in the house with an estimated 22 others, so it’s unknown whether bin Laden was even responsible for stockpiling the tapes, or whether he even watched them in the first place.

    Officials have also declined to divulge details of precisely what kinds of kinks the videos contain. In June 2017, the CIA said it would not release the files due to the ‘nature of their contents’.
    While the true nature of his possible X-rated pursuits may never be known, the discovery of the files does speak to the terrorist’s overarching hypocrisy, since watching porn clashed with his fundamentalist image.
    Throughout the documentary, videos, media footage and conversations found on bin Laden’s hard drives paint him as a man of a two-faced nature.

    Many feature experts and ex-comrades speak to bin Laden’s humility, describing him as a devout Muslim who allegedly spoke softly, loved and doted on his family and condemned arrogance among his followers.

    However, as Bin Laden’s Hard Drive reveals, his computers also contained hundreds of news reports and documentaries about himself, as well as multiple takes of pre-recorded speeches in which he demanded perfection.

    The program, in essence, reveals bin Laden – for all his projected modesty – to be a narcissist who obsessed over how he presented himself, and how he was received, to the extent of event of dying his beard to make himself appear more youthful.
    He also grew more paranoid the longer he lay in hiding from the outside world. In one missive to one of his four wives, he voiced fears she may have had a tracking device implanted into her tooth during a dentist appointment.

    ‘I was told that you went to a dentist in Iran, and you were concerned about a filling she had put in for you…The size of the chip is about the length of a grain of wheat, and the width of a fine piece of vermicelli.’ he wrote.

    The hour-long special points towards his more obvious contradictions, such as him feigning piety while simultaneous massacring thousands of people in the name of God.

    Bin Laden would even apparently call up his TV’s channel guide whenever a female newscaster would appear on screen to complain, for he believed one should not gaze upon women, but then simultaneously relied on two of his wives to help him write and edit his videotaped sermons.
    The infamous terrorist is also described in the special as a doting father, who reveled in nurturing his children and grandchildren for hope of a better world in the future. However, in a home movie purportedly shot by his grandson of a bird being shot and then callously kicked and prodded, he also raised them to be violent and rancorous.

    Bin Laden further presented himself as a profit seeking to change the world for the better, while simultaneously masterminding attacks that ruined countless lives, spurred military conflicts and made the world less safe as a whole – including for him and his family.

    The 9/11 mastermind was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2, 2011, by U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six.
    Nearly 470,000 digital files, 250 gigabytes of data, more than 100 USB drives, DVDs and CDs, were discovered inside the compound along with five computers And multiple cell phones.

    Also recovered was a number of books he was reading at the time of his death, along with letters he’d penned to family members.

    The al Qaeda leader was obsessed with 9/11 conspiracy theories and U.S. military strategy along with dabbling in works about the Illuminati bloodlines and magic.

    Works by left-wing liberals Noam Chomsky and Michael Scheuer were recovered from the bin Laden home along with the Oxford History of Modern War and Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier.

    ‘Exploring these hard drives, it’s clear that digital information can say a lot. Osama bin Laden’s files left behind an imprint of a complex man, responsible for the murder of thousands of people. History will remember him for that but, in order to cut through the perception of this ascetic in a cave on a holy crusade, it’s important for us to see how he crafted the videos that went out to his followers,’ Bergen said.

    ‘To read how his well-educated wives helped him write incendiary speeches. To watch as he inculcated his children and grandchildren into an ideology of hate leading to acts of violence against animals and the recitation of jihadist poetry. Understanding him is vital in order to combat other potential bin Ladens in the future.’

  3. Globalist communism used Covid-19 to generate and exploit fear. The first profit taken from this action is power. Monetary compensation follows. Cloth masks are a feedback litmus to this fear, and to compliance. Fear must be maintained using proven methods. More virus and more violence are effective. Extra-constitutional regulatory control exerted locally is an effective other tool. Too few people are able to resort to lawfare to counter it. This is the math.

    The failure of this equation may be the oversight of one critical variable. This is a variable which the perpetrators of any communist schema will fail to comprehend because or their narcissistic nature.

    Yes, the instinct of self-preservation compels people to wear cloth masks even despite their understanding the inneffectiveness of the mask. Where fear is not a factor, compliance and conformity bend the arm.

    The instinct of self-preservation is trumped only by one other emotion. Only love is stronger. Only love compels one to sacrifice oneself for another. Women are often conspicuously courageous, first. Look at the women of Belarus. The drama unfolding in Belarus is flying a bit under the radar. Karen has an alter ego and she is the present woman of Belarus who stands up against tyranny. Karen the fearful has a fearless flip side, which will be activated when those she loves are threatened directly.

    Where communism succeeds to take over countries there is always bloodshed. This blood is shed by mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and lovers of others. Lovers of self need not apply. You belong on that front line yonder.

    It remains to be seen how the U.S. melted pot responds to this challenge. Does love conquor all? Ask the former Soviet satellites, or the not-so-Red Chinese. However, so long as there are people there will be their love springing eternal, herculean even in wait. It is the ultimate, and final, grassroots reaction to tyranny.

  4. You can say a lot about muslim weddings, but not that they’re uneventful. Recent “incidents” in the Netherlands:

    Boy, 15, seriously hurt in stabbing at Brabant wedding
    A 15-year-old boy was seriously hurt in a stabbing near event center Sultan Palace on Bredaseweg in Rijsbergen on Sunday night. Two suspects were arrested on Meirseweg in Zundert a short time later, the police said on Twitter.

    That article doesn’t mention that the the suspects were “belgians”, and on their way to cross the border with Belgium. It’s mentioned in this article in Dutch:

    Police post about reckless driving by a wedding caravan in Arnhem, the Netherlands. This happens all the time:
    Antisocial wedding parade: Today we received many reports of a possible wedding parade that caused dangerous driving behaviour in the center of Arnhem. In total, 26 tickets have been issued through camera footage. All license plate holders can expect a ticket between 90 and 400 euros.

  5. Piece on muslim “gratuitous violence” in France:

    The Reverse-Colonization of France
    (Originally Published by the Gatestone Institute.)
    yon, the third largest city in France, July 20, 3 a.m. A middle-class neighborhood. A young woman walks her dog on a quiet street. A car arrives at high speed and crushes her dog. The driver stops, backs up, runs over the young woman and crushes her too. He goes forward again, at full speed, and drags her dead body half a mile. People awakened by the noise write down the license number of the car. The police officers who come to the scene are horrified. The young woman’s body was dismembered. A leg was found on one side of the street; the rest of her body was shredded. One arm was close to the body of her dog. The other was still holding onto the dog’s leash. Her name was Axelle Dorier. She was a nurse, only 23.

    The French Department of Justice asked the police not to release the name of the killer. An anonymous policeman released it anyway on a social network site. The killer’s name is Youssef T. He was driving under the influence, without a license. The prosecutor charged him with “reckless murder”. He is in jail awaiting trial. He risks a maximum sentence of ten years. Residents of Lyon wanted to organize a peaceful march to pay tribute to the young nurse. They asked the government to get tough on crime. The young woman’s parents objected: they said they have “have no hatred” for the killer.

    This was not the only barbaric act in France during the month of July. On July 4, on a small road in Lot-et-Garonne, in southwest France, a young gendarme, Mélanie Lemée, age 25, tried to stop a driver who was speeding. He accelerated and deliberately crushed her. She was killed instantly. The other gendarmes at the scene quickly found the driver. One of them, a police officer, gave the name of the driver to a journalist. The driver’s name is Yacine E. He too was driving under the influence, without a license. Mélanie Lemée’s parents did agree to a peaceful march, but also said that they had “no hatred” for the murderer. They even added that they had compassion for him, because “his life is destroyed”.

    A third barbaric act occurred on July 5 in Bayonne, a small town in the French Basque area. A bus driver, Philippe Monguillot, age 59, refused to allow two young men to board without tickets and masks. The two young men immediately started beating him violently and forced him get out of his bus. Two more young men joined them and began beating him too. They left him on a sidewalk. He was covered in blood and dying. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with a cerebral coma. His relatives, who came to see him there, said his face had been completely destroyed. Two days later he died. The four killers, who are in prison, have been identified. Journalists knew their names but decided not to publish them. Police officers gave them out anyway: Mohamed C., Mohammed A., Moussa B., Selim Z. There was a peaceful march. Philippe Monguillot’s wife said that her life is destroyed and that she doubts the courts will do their job.
    Equally horrific acts, increasingly numerous, have been taking place every day in France, many times, for years. The perpetrators are usually young adults in their late teens or early twenties. All are immigrants from the Muslim world. They are not Islamists and have no political or religious motives. They generally show no remorse.
    They are described by the psychiatrists examining them as “practicing gratuitous violence”: a violence without a goal other than enjoying inflicting violence. They appear to have no respect for human life or for laws.
    Maurice Berger, a psychiatrist assigned to treat young people of this kind, recently published a book, “Sur la violence gratuite en France” (“On Gratuitous Violence in France”). “Gratuitous violence”, he writes, can now happen anytime, anywhere, and strike anyone. “An act of gratuitous violence,” he notes, “occurs every 44 seconds in France…. Any citizen can be confronted by it. If you do not want to compromise your chances of survival, you should submit, look down, accept humiliation.”
    Sometimes, as with Axelle Dorier, submitting is not possible: she did not have any contact with her killer until the moment he crushed her. Sometimes — if you are, say, a bus driver or part of the police force — your job does not allow you to submit.
    “France is undergoing reverse colonization,” commented a journalist, Éric Zemmour, on television.

    “Populations coming mainly from countries formerly colonized by France have settled in France without any intention of integrating. Most of them live in neighborhoods where the laws of Islam now reign and where imams spread hatred of France. Successive governments have allowed these neighborhoods to grow in the belief that hatred of France and the French would not come out of these neighborhoods.
    “The hatred of France and the French did come out and took the form of riots and terrorism. It now takes the form of assaults and murders: a generalized expression of hatred of France and the French. And in a gesture of submission, the French authorities say that hatred does not emanate from those who kill, but from those who want to react and say that we must put an end to assaults and murders. It is a suicidal attitude.”
    From June 16 to 18, in Dijon (population 156,000), the capital of Burgundy, street fights pitted a gang of Chechen drug traffickers against a gang of Arab drug traffickers. Military-grade weapons were used — this in a country with no constitutional right to bear arms. The government once again asked the police not to intervene. The conflict was eventually settled in a mosque, under the supervision of imams. The police called for the residents of Dijon not to leave their homes and to be extremely careful until the fighting ended. The police made a few arrests, but only after the fighting had stopped.

  6. Jordan Reverses Course with the Muslim Brotherhood

    Jordan’s top court decided on July 15 to officially dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood after it operated legally in the kingdom for 75 years. The Brotherhood, based in the Qatari capital of Doha, has thrived in Jordan.

    The group is popular at a grassroots level and is capable of triggering public unrest. Before the court decision, the Muslim Brotherhood had been eyeing Amman as an alternative base of operations.

    The Brotherhood stood by King Hussein when army generals tried to stage a coup against him in 1957, and then again during his 1970 showdown with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

    When members of the Syrian and Egyptian Brotherhood fled their countries in the 1960s and 1980s, many were given asylum in Amman. Jordanian members of the group secured the speakership of parliament in the 1990s.

    Relations began to deteriorate with the outbreak of the Arab Spring in 2011. In January 2013, their leader, Hammam Said, described Jordan as a “state in the Muslim caliphate.” That raised the ire of King Abdullah, who three months later described the Muslim Brotherhood as “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

    In November 2014, Jordanian intelligence broke up a secret cell of the Brotherhood that had been smuggling arms to the West Bank.

    Jordan, which is firmly allied with Saudi Arabia and the UAE and has relied on them to settle its bills, could simply not afford to continue tolerating the Brotherhood’s activities in Jordan.

  7. Nigerian men arrested over German PPE ‘scam’ (BBC, Sep 7, 2020)

    “Two Nigerian men have been arrested for allegedly scamming a German state that tried to buy 2.3m euros (£2m) of personal protective equipment (PPE).

    Nigerian police say they cloned the website of a Dutch company to obtain an order from the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

    When the PPE didn’t show up, a state government representative visited the company’s offices in the Netherlands.

    The company then informed him that they had never done business with him.

    The representative notified the Dutch police and investigations led to Nigeria where the two suspects were arrested in the capital, Abuja. They are due to appear in court soon…”

  8. Jamal Khashoggi murder: Saudi court commutes death sentences (BBC, Sep 7, 2020)

    “A court in Saudi Arabia has commuted the death sentences handed to five people convicted over the 2018 murder of Jamal Khashoggi, state media report.

    The public prosecution said they were given 20-year jail terms because the journalist’s family had pardoned them.

    Three others had their sentences of between seven and 10 years upheld.

    Khashoggi, a prominent critic of the Saudi government, was killed inside the kingdom’s consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul by a team of Saudi agents.

    The Saudi government said the journalist was killed in a “rogue operation” and the following year Saudi prosecutors put 11 unnamed individuals on trial.

    Five were sentenced to death for directly participating in the killing; three were handed prison sentences for covering up the crime; and three were acquitted.

    The trial was dismissed as “the antithesis of justice” by a UN special rapporteur, who concluded that Khashoggi was “the victim of a deliberate, premeditated execution” for which the Saudi state was responsible.”

  9. Pakistani Nuclear Power Plant’s K2 Unit Completes Thermal Testing Using China’s Hualong One Tech (sputniknews, Sep 7, 2020)

    “China’s domestically-produced nuclear technology received a major push on Friday as the Hualong One reactor completed fuel loading for the first time in Unit 5 at the Fuqing nuclear power plant. China is in line to surpass France as the second nuclear generator in the world by 2022 and may claim the top spot, replacing the US, a few years later.

    The K2 unit at the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan has successfully completed Hot Functional Tests (HFT), as per the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). Karachi is the first overseas unit using China’s Hualong One technology. The thermal testing will be followed by nuclear fuel loading and grid-connected power generation.

    The HFT, spread over several weeks, includes simulating nuclear power plant operations to verify reliability of the main equipment and systems under thermal conditions before the reactor is loaded with nuclear fuel. The outer containment dome of the K3 unit was successfully installed, resulting in completion of the nuclear power plant on August 31.

    In China, the number 5 unit of the Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant started nuclear fuel loading on 4 September after receiving an operating license from the nation’s Ministry of Ecology & Environment. Six units with Hualong One technology, or HPR1000, are under construction at home and abroad.

    Unity 5 in Fuqing is the world’s first pilot project using China’s domestically-manufactured third-generation nuclear power technology. The successful completion of third-generation reactors would mean a nuclear revival in China.

    With 49 gigawatts of nuclear power installed as of 2019, GlobalData Plc has predicted that it will pass France as the world’s number two nuclear generator in 2022 and claim the top spot from the US by 2026.

    Pakistan has five fully functional nuclear power plants and two under construction, making for a total of 1430 MW of nuclear capacity. The K2 nuclear power plant is being constructed by the China National Nuclear Corporation.”

    • Playing with Fire: China Fuels Middle East Arms Race

      Aided and abetted by China, the Middle East risks barreling towards a nuclear and ballistic missiles arms race.

      A disclosure in the last week that Saudi Arabia has constructed, with the help of China, a facility for extracting uranium yellowcake from uranium is the latest in a series of Chinese moves that advance the kingdom’s drive to acquire nuclear technology.…

      The Saudi nuclear drive is likely to stiffen Iranian resolve, fuel Turkish ambitions, and heighten Israeli worries that its regional military superiority could be jeopardized.…

      Cooperation on nuclear energy was one of 14 agreements worth US$65 billion signed during Saudi King Salman’s 2017 visit to China.…
      China, by failing to impose restraints on its nuclear dealings similar to those maintained by the United States, may be contributing to a regional downward spiral that would be detrimental to Chinese interests in the longer term.

  10. Swedish Police Seek to Wiretap Unsuspected Citizens as Criminal Clans Harass Country (sputniknews, Sep 7, 2020)

    “According to Deputy National Police Chief Mats Löfving, the family-based clans have a great capacity for violence and apart from drug-related crimes, violence, and extortion also get into business and politics.

    Criminal clans are spreading across Sweden and as of today number several dozen, Deputy National Police Chief Mats Löfving has warned, stressing that these networks seek a role in public governance.

    The clans have admittedly established themselves in several Swedish cities.

    “Right now we have at least 40 family-based criminal networks in Sweden, so-called clans. They have come solely for the purpose of organised crime. They work to create power and have a great capacity for violence. They want to make money. This is done through drug crimes, violent crimes, and extortion. They get into business and politics. They want to play a role in public governance in a municipality or even in Sweden”, Mats Löfving said in an interview with Swedish Radio.

    By Löfving’s own admission, this development is unique and is not to be seen in any of Sweden’s peers.

    “We do not find a corresponding country in Europe”, Mats Löfving said, stressing that there is no “evidence-based explanation” for why things have gone this way.

    However, he mused that Swedish politicians have a naïve attitude to integration, as not all immigrants who come to Sweden want to be part of society.

    Löfving underscored that the criminal clans come to Sweden with the sole purpose of engaging in crime, and are very difficult to access because they are based on blood ties. Marriages are arranged to further strengthen the clan, he emphasised. The children are brought up in taking over the networks and never want to become part of Swedish society. Furthermore, the clans seek ways of influencing the political government in Sweden and are very dangerous, he assessed.

    To offset this development, police in Sweden now want to expand their wiretapping abilities to include people not yet suspected of anything. This measure is said to specifically target gang crime.

    “We need a change in legislation that gives us greater opportunities to listen to encrypted phones”, Mats Löfving stressed.

    At present, Swedish police are allowed to eavesdrop on people suspected of a crime that could result in at least two years in prison. This must also be green-lit by the prosecution. According to the police, wiretapping people without a specific suspicion will allow them to better understand the criminals’ reasoning and dealings.

    Many Swedes, however, see this proposed measure as an encroachment upon their privacy and legal rights.

    “First Sweden accepts large immigrant populations who show total disregard for freedom of speech. Then the crime rate among these immigrants is so explosive that Swedish Police demand mandatory eavesdropping on ALL citizens to fight gang violence. This is not going well, is it?”, producer, musician, and thinker Alexander Bard tweeted.”

    • Free, Free, Palestine Swedenistan! Intifada, Intifada!
      Congrats, you’ve got yourselves your own “West Bank”.

      Arabs in Judea and Samaria are organized along tribal lines. These local counsels, or hamulas, govern the major Arab-population centers. Not the kleptocrats of the Soviet-construct, dubbed the “Palestinian Authority” in ye olde 1993.

      Clans remain the effective governing system throughout Mesopotamia, the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and much of North Africa. Libya, Syria-Iraq, Yemen – all synthetic. Confederations of these clans can work. The UAE, for example.

  11. France. Man stabbed in the throat in Paris. Runaway attacker–man-stabbed-in-the-throat-in-paris–runaway-attacker.Skx4mNof4w.html
    According to an initial reconstruction provided by Le Parisien, the seriously injured person is a man in his thirties. He was waiting for a train sitting on a bench when he was badly stabbed
    06 September 2020A man armed with a knife seriously injured a person around 5 pm at the Gare Du Nord in Paris.
    This was announced by the Prefecture of the French capital.
    The victim was transported to the hospital, the attacker is on the run.
    The causes of the attack are not yet clear.
    According to an initial reconstruction provided by Le Parisien, the person attacked is a man in his thirties.
    He was waiting for a train sitting on a bench, when the assailant approached him and stabbed him in the throat, then ran away.
    According to some media, a man was stopped in a train, but it is not the attacker.

  12. Outrageous moment BLM protesters scream ‘f**k the white people’ at elderly outdoor diners before downing their drinks, smashing glasses and forcing other patrons to leave the restaurant (dailymail, Sep 7, 2020)

    “Black Lives Matter protesters screamed in the face of white elderly outdoor diners during protests in Pittsburgh on Saturday, disturbing new video shows.

    Cellphone footage shows the crowd taking over the outdoor dining space with one person even approaching the older couple’s table before drinking their beer in front of them; another smashed a glass from a table.

    One protester tells the diners: ‘F**k the white people that built the system.’ He adds: ‘F*** 12′; a reference to police. Others eating at the restaurant pick up their belonging and leave after demonstrators call them an ’embarrassment’…”

  13. British Army to Blow £500,000 on Woke ‘Diversity and Inclusion Directorate’ (breitbart, Sep 7, 2020)

    “Senior British Army officers are set to introduce a Diversity and Inclusion Directorate to enforce politically correct standards in the forces and will hire a team of equality specialists to carry out the woke initiative.

    The army will invest over £500,000 on the new staff, as well as an additional £110,000 per year salary for the Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

    According to the Mail on Sunday, candidates for the positions will be required to help soldiers and employees at the Ministry of Defence “feel authentic in the workplace”, to make people’s differences feel “valued”, and to ensure that “everyone’s needs are considered”.

    Sir Nick Carter, the Chief of Defence Staff, has reportedly signed off the plan to diminish further the perception that the British Army is made up of straight, white men — even though they do, in fact, comprise the majority of troops.

    Just 8.8 per cent of regular service personnel are from racial minority communities, and women comprise 10.9 per cent of full-time personnel in the Armed Forces. The new initiative is believed to be an attempt to boost recruitment numbers from so-called underrepresented groups.

    The revelations come as United States President Donald Trump ordered the elimination of Critical Race Theory programmes and initiatives from America’s federal government.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson has yet to comment on the introduction of the new woke brigade.

    The move was slammed by the former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp, who said: “Liberal madness and its cult of identity politics has no place in military units who fight as teams, not as individuals.”

    “The emphasis must remain on inspiring the iron ethos of service before self and creating the cohesion, which is vital in combat. Obsessing over differences and individuality is dangerous,” he warned.

    “There is also no evidence diversity and inclusion policies contribute to increasing recruitment from across all parts of British society. Most people join the forces because they want to belong to something greater than the corrosive cult of individualism,” Colonel Kemp concluded.

    The Ministry of Defence shot back, claiming: “Defence is at its best when it is diverse, and we are committed to promoting an inclusive working environment that attracts the best people from a wide range of backgrounds.”

    In July, the Royal Navy also succumbed to woke outrage mobs, reportedly banning “gendered” terms such as “unmanned” and “manpower” out of fear that using the words would be viewed as “sexist”.”

  14. Rioters cause $100,000 in damage during overnight protests in NYC, police say
    By Daily Caller News Foundation September 7, 2020

    Around 150 demonstrators reportedly with Black Lives Matter vandalized storefronts and broke windows in Lower Manhattan Friday night, the New York Post reported.

    At least five banks, two Starbucks stores, and a Duane Reade convenience store and pharmacy sustained around $100,000 in damage from smashed windows, the Post reported citing sources within the New York City Police Department. Eight people were arrested, and police reportedly found smoke grenades, burglary and graffiti tools, and two stun guns, according to the Post.

    The “New Afrikan Black Panther Party” and the “Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement” sponsored the rally to “#DropTheCharges and demand #AmnestyForAll” encouraging people to “pull up” to 100 Centre Street, the address of New York County Courts in Manhattan, on Friday morning.

  15. Owners of closed gyms in SF furious to find gyms in gov’t buildings are open
    By LU Staff September 7, 2020

    Nancy Pelosi’s bad week is turning into a bad month. The speaker, who was captured on video last week hypocritically getting a wash and blowout at a San Francisco hair salon that is closed for business owing to the pandemic, escalated the situation by claiming she had been “set up” by the salon owner.

  16. Almost 300 Rohingya found on beach in Indonesia’s Aceh (abcnews, Sep 7, 2020)

    “Almost 300 Rohingya Muslims were found on a beach in Indonesia’s Aceh province on Monday after months at sea, officials said.

    The group arrived at Ujong Blang beach from one boat and were reported by local residents. Officials arrived and found that the Rohingya had dispersed into three groups after landing, Banda Sakti Subdistrict Military Commander Roni Mahendra said.

    “We persuaded them and asked the local residents to help until they gathered again,” Mahendra said.

    The 181 women, 100 men and 14 children were given shelter and received help from local residents, police, military and health providers.

    “Now we are still waiting for further instruction from our supervisors,” Mahendra said…”

  17. Pakistan says 5 militants killed in raid near Afghan border (abcnews, Sep 7, 2020)

    “Pakistan’s military says security forces shot and killed a local militant commander along with four of his associates in a raid on Monday near the border with Afghanistan.

    It identified the slain commander as Wasim Zakaria and said he was involved in multiple attacks on security forces. The military said he was also involved in the killing of Zubaidullah Khan, a federal housing official who was gunned down in May while visiting his village in North Waziristan to celebrate the Islamic festival of Eid al-Fitr.

    North Waziristan served as headquarters for local and foreign militants until 2017, when the army said it had cleared the region of insurgents following several operations. The region still sees sporadic attacks, mainly targeting security forces.”

  18. Greece to boost military amid tension with neighbor Turkey (abcnews, Sep 7, 2020)

    “Greece will be bolstering its military with new armament programs, a boost to military personnel and the development of the country’s defense industry, the government spokesman said Monday, as a tense stand-off with neighboring Turkey has led to concerns of open conflict between the two NATO allies.

    Ankara is currently facing off against Greece and Cyprus over oil and gas exploration rights in the eastern Mediterranean. Greece and Turkey have deployed naval and air forces to assert their competing claims in the region.

    “The Turkish leadership is unleashing, on a near daily basis, threats of war and makes provocative statements against Greece,” Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas said. “We respond with political, diplomatic and operational readiness, determined to do whatever is necessary to protect our sovereign rights.”

    Petsas said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis would be announcing details of plans to upgrade the country’s military, during his annual state of the economy speech on Saturday.

    “We are in contact with friendly countries in order to reinforce the equipment of our armed forces,” Petsas said. Last week, Greece raised 2.5 billion euros ($2.96 billion) in a bond auction as the country seeks to increase military spending and raise funds for businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

    Greek media have reported the purchases may include French-made Rafale fighter jets and at least one French frigate. Petsas said Mitsotakis would be meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday on the sidelines of a meeting in Corsica of European Union Mediterranean countries.

    Last Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Greece to enter talks over disputed eastern Mediterranean territorial claims or face the consequences.

    “They’re either going to understand the language of politics and diplomacy, or in the field with painful experiences,” he said.

    On Monday, a senior NATO official met with Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and senior military officials in Ankara, and discussed the standoff as well as a NATO initiative aimed at avoiding the risk of accidents and conflict between the two allies.

    A statement from Akar’s office said the Turkish minister conveyed to Gen. Stuart Peach, the chairman of the NATO Military Committee, that Turkey backs the NATO initiative, attaches importance to “dialogue and good neighborly relations” for the resolution of problems but that the country was determined to protect its rights in the eastern Mediterranean.

    In Athens, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said Turkey was the only regional country “that threatens its neighbors with war when they want to exercise their legal rights — in blatant violation of the U.N. Charter.”

    Speaking after a meeting with visiting Maltese Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo, Dendias said Greece was “always ready to have dialogue with Turkey, but a dialogue based on international law, and on the only pending issue, the delimitation of the continental shelf.”

    Turkey, he said, “has a clear choice: dialogue without threats or sanctions.”

    Greece and Turkey have come to the brink of war three times since the mid-1970s, including once over exploration rights in the Aegean Sea.

    The current dispute escalated when Turkey sent seismic research vessel Oruc Reis, accompanied by warships, to prospect for oil and gas reserves in an area between Cyprus and the Greek island of Crete that Athens claims as its own continental shelf.

    Greece sent its own warships to the area and put its armed forces on alert.”

  19. Sad news, the passing of Justus Reid Weiner:

    Weiner was a human-rights lawyer who exposed the persecution of Christians in the territories under Palestinian jurisdiction.

    He was most noted for an extremely courageous article he published in the September 1999 issue of Commentary, in which he exposed the Palestinian polemicist Edward Said, who had grown into being one of Israel’s most formidable intellectual adversaries. A Columbia professor, Said served as the main author of Yasser Arafat’s 1974 address to the UN General Assembly.

    The article was entitled “‘My Beautiful Old House’ and Other Fabrications by Edward Said.” Weiner proved that in pursuit of the truth, he was prepared to defy conventional wisdom. That was a secret source of his strength.

    A key part of Weiner’s story related to Said’s house in Jerusalem, including the legal title the Said family supposedly had to the house. By initiating a title search in Jerusalem, Weiner disclosed that the house that had been so pivotal in Said’s writings and speeches never had the name of the Said family on it, punching a huge hole in Said’s argument claiming rights to the land. Said sued Weiner in court after the article appeared – and lost.

    • “His writings focused on a wide range of issues, including: Gaza, Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, Christians, Palestinian Children, Prisoner Release, Peace Process, Incitement, Peacekeeping, Jerusalem, Illegal Construction, Universal Jurisdiction, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Movement, and Jewish Settlements.”

      Links to his publications; [scroll down for Christian topics]

  20. The United Arab Emirates, Israel, and the Strategic Imbalance of Power

    …In other words, the Emiratis are more worried about Turkey’s ingress into the Arab world than Iran’s. This makes sense given Iran’s identity as the ethno-sectarian “other,” which imposes natural limits on how far the Iranians can go in terms of inroads in the Arab world.

    Besides, Iran is contained given the toll that sanctions are taking, not just on Iran’s external power projection capabilities but also on its domestic political and economic stability. Tehran does have a deep footprint on its western flank extending to the Eastern Mediterranean, but not much can be done about it.

    Turkey is also challenging Iran, albeit in a subtle way, and herein lies the problem for the UAE and the Arab sides: They do not want to contain Iran at the cost of empowering Turkey. That is a huge price to pay, given that the Turks are on the Arab side of the geosectarian struggle in the region. Ankara is also appealing to the broader Muslim sensibilities of Arab masses, which it is leveraging through the use of soft-power tactics.

    What is more alarming from the UAE point of view is Turkish backing for Islamist forces, particularly those affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood….

    Therefore, the UAE strategy is to use Iran and Israel to counter Turkish inroads into the Arab world….

    Great perspective from a not-so-friendly, but dead-on analyst. Reaches the same conclusions as the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

  21. A Sleeping Giant is Waking Up in Minnesota

    Six mayors from Minnesota, one of the states hardest hit by Biden-voter rioting, have publicly shamed their party and endorsed President Trump.

    Their given reason is Biden, but let’s be honest: what ordinary American can look at the Democrat Party today and say “yes, these people have my best interests at heart and in no way want to destroy my way of life”?

    Voting Democrat has become a habit for many, especially in industrial parts of the country – but what these mayors show is that normal Americans are still out there, still living their lives, and, regardless of local or partisan politics, still recognize that there’s only one man representing America, and that’s Donald Trump.

  22. Trump Ramps up Support for Taiwan in Face of Chinese Threats – Strongest in 40 Years

    As communist China conducts multiple military drills and other hostile moves against democratic Taiwan, the Trump administration is ramping up U.S. support for its beleaguered island ally of 24 million. In the immediate wake of second transit by a U.S. warship through the Taiwan straits on Sunday, Trump’s national security team publicly declassified commitments made to Taiwan during the Reagan administration.
    – Advertisement –

    Reagan’s Six Assurances describe how U.S. arms sales and diplomatic support to Taipei will move forward regardless of any pressure from Beijing. Those commitments also included pledges that the U.S. wouldn’t alter its view on Taiwan’s sovereignty, and it would not set a date for ending arms sales.

    The remaining four points are that the U.S.:

  23. UK:Consultation document: changes to Human Medicine Regulations to support the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines Published 28 August 2020

    Five Points:

    1. Temporary authorisation of the supply of unlicensed products.

    2. Chivil liability and immunity

    3. Proposed expansion to the workforce eligible to administer vaccinations

    4. Vaccine promotion

    5. Make provisions for wholesale dealing of vaccines

  24. Hong Kong shocked by violent police arrest of 12-year-old girl

    Child’s mother says her daughter was buying art supplies when she was tackled and pinned to the ground by police

    Hong Kong police have been strongly criticised over the rough arrest of a 12-year-old girl whose family says was caught in a protest crowd while out buying art supplies.

    Video widely shared across social media and in Hong Kong media showed the officers seeking to corral a group of people including the young girl, who ducked aside and tried to run away. An officer tackled her to the ground, while several others helped to pin her down.

    The arrest came amid the largest street protest seen in Hong Kong since 1 July, the first full day under the national security laws imposed by Beijing on the city, outlawing acts of sedition, secession, foreign collusion and terrorism.

  25. Pasco’s sheriff created a futuristic program to stop crime before it happens.
    It monitors and harasses families across the county.


    By KATHLEEN McGRORY and NEIL BEDI Photos by DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD Times staffSept. 3, 2020

    Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco took office in 2011 with a bold plan: to create a cutting-edge intelligence program that could stop crime before it happened.

    What he actually built was a system to continuously monitor and harass Pasco County residents, a Tampa Bay Times investigation has found.

    First the Sheriff’s Office generates lists of people it considers likely to break the law, based on arrest histories, unspecified intelligence and arbitrary decisions by police analysts.

    Then it sends deputies to find and interrogate anyone whose name appears, often without probable cause, a search warrant or evidence of a specific crime.

  26. Multicultural Birmingham: Locals Say Stabbings Happen ‘All the Time’ (breitbart, Sep 7, 2020)

    “Birmingham has become “unsafe”, with violence in the city becoming “worse and worse”, locals have told the British media.

    Speaking after a man described as “Somalian” by the Telegraph — a detail the police have not officially confirmed — was arrested on suspicion of murder and seven counts of attempted murder for a deadly stabbing spree in the city, Birmingham residents said that violence “has become normalised”.

    “This city has become unsafe,” resident Phil Paul told The Guardian, adding: “I am not surprised this has happened. I’ve lived here all my life, and it has got worse and worse. When incidents like this take place, it just feels like an average day in the city.”

    Another man told the newspaper that “stabbings happen unfortunately all the time”, asserting: “Nowadays Birmingham is dangerous, especially the city centre. I’m not really surprised.”

    “It’s something that is basically happening on a daily basis in Birmingham, stabbings and other violent crime,” he added.

    Despite the suspect being on the loose for several hours after his knife rampage, police declined to give the public any description of the attacker for some time.

    However, a journalist published footage on Twitter in which a witness described the assailant as “a black guy, between 20 to 25, wearing a hoodie [with two vertical white stripes], a black cap, [and] black trousers”, and hours later police finally did release CCTV of a man matching this description.

    West Midlands police and crime commissioner, David Jamieson, attracted ire from rival politicians for “trying to excuse” the knifeman after the Labour figure claimed that rising violence in Birmingham had been “almost inevitable” during the coronavirus lockdown due to “pent-up feelings” over job insecurity.

    Figures released earlier this year showed that murder, knife crime, and violence had “soared” in the multicultural city, reported BirminghamLive in January, noting that: “The area continues to see rising levels of serious crime involving a knife, including murder, attempted murder, assaults, threats to kill, robberies, and rape and sexual assaults.”

    Data showed violent crime had risen 27 per cent in just a year, with 84,039 incidents recorded in the year up to September 2019, compared to 65,914 the year before…”

  27. Confiscating Books in Sweden

    by Judith Bergman
    September 7, 2020 at 4:00 am

    In June, four armed Swedish police officers seized and confiscated the entire stock of the book Det här är en svensk tiger (“This is a Swedish Tiger”), written by Swedish author and standup comedian, Aron Flam. The book tells the story of how Sweden’s claim of neutrality during World War II covered up a reality of Swedish collaboration with the Nazi war effort and the profits that the Social Democratic government made from the war.

    The title of the book is a play on the words of a 1941 wartime poster of a tiger drawn in the blue and yellow colors of the Swedish flag with the title “En svensk tiger” (“A Swedish Tiger”) and made by Swedish illustrator Bertil Almqvist. The word “tiger” in Swedish means tiger, but it also means to keep silent. The original poster was part of a Swedish government campaign to warn Swedes to keep silent, presumably not to rattle Sweden’s wartime relationship with Nazi Germany.

    Flam satirized Almqvist’s illustration on the cover of his own book by drawing an armband with a swastika on the tiger, and having one of its front legs lifted in the Nazi salute, while winking at the reader. The owner of the copyright of Almqvist’s tiger, however, Sweden’s Military Readiness Museum, alleged that Flam had violated its copyright and reported him to the police — who confiscated the books. According to Flam, now the prosecutor even wants to seize books from readers who already bought them, to make sure the books are destroyed.

  28. Trump Says Schools Teaching NY Times’ 1619 Project ‘Will Not Be Funded’

    President Donald Trump on Sunday warned the Department of Education is investigating the use of the New York Times’ “1619 Project” in schools, saying that institutions that use the alternative narrative of U.S. history could lose federal funding.

    The “1619 Project,” created by Nikole Hannah-Jones and widely panned by historians and political scientists, attempts to cast the Atlantic slave trade as the dominant factor in the founding of America instead of ideals such as individual liberty and natural rights. Some critics have said that it is an attempt to rewrite U.S. history through a left-wing lens. Some historians have criticized the project over inaccuracies such as the American Revolution having been fought to preserve the institution of slavery rather than for seeking independence from Britain.

    “Department of Education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded!” Trump wrote on Twitter Sunday, responding to a post that said California has “implemented the 1619 project into the public schools,” and that “soon you won’t recognize [A]merica.” California’s Department of Education came up with a draft model last month to include some of the project in history classes.

  29. Hong Kong Police Arrest 289 at Protests Over Election Delay

    HONG KONG—At least 289 people were arrested Sunday at protests against the government’s decision to postpone elections for Hong Kong’s legislature, police and a news report said.

    The elections were to have taken place Sunday but Chief Executive Carrie Lam on July 31 postponed them for one year. Lam blamed an upsurge in coronavirus cases, but critics said her government worried the opposition would gain seats if voting went ahead on schedule.

    Police said that 289 people had been arrested, mostly under suspicion of unlawful assembly. One woman was arrested in the Kowloon district of Yau Ma Tei on charges of assault and spreading pro-independence slogans, the police department said on its Facebook page. It said such slogans are illegal under a newly enacted national security law.

  30. The Heist of Iran’s Nuclear Archive and Its Continued Importance

    The half-ton of files cataloguing Iranian efforts to develop a nuclear weapon that Mossad removed from a Tehran warehouse in January 2018 continue to shape the discussion of Iran’s nuclear program. The covert archive contained much information that contradicts longstanding assumptions about Iran’s nuclear program by revealing additional nuclear facilities, equipment, and activities previously unknown to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

    • What is the impact of the archive?
    • How does it affect the IAEA’s ongoing investigations?
    • What should U.S. policy be?

  31. 24 Killed in Clashes in Yemen’s Northern Al-Jawf Province

    “More than 20 people were killed in clashes in Yemen’s northern province of Al-Jawf late Sunday as government troops tried to reclaim positions lost months ago to Houthi rebels.

    Yemen’s internationally recognized government has been fighting the Iran-allied insurgents since 2014, when the Houthis seized much of the north including the capital Sanaa.

    A Saudi-led military coalition intervened on the side of the government the following year.

    A government military source said 16 Houthis and eight loyalists were killed in clashes Sunday night. Government troops captured more than 40 rebels, the source told AFP.

    Meanwhile, the insurgents advanced in the neighboring Marib governorate, in particular the Mahliya district, after heavy fighting that also resulted in casualties.

    Houthi rebels took control of the capital of Al-Jawf earlier this year in a strategic advance that means they now threaten oil-producing Marib province.

    Tens of thousands of people have been killed in the Yemen conflict, which the United Nations has described as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

    Fighting has carried on despite repeated calls for a ceasefire to help combat coronavirus, which health agencies fear could be disastrous in impoverished Yemen.

    More than 1,900 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the country, including 572 deaths.”

  32. Turkey slams France for spreading Kurdish ‘propaganda’ in schools

    “Turkey yesterday criticised France for a textbook intended for use in high schools that included propaganda from Kurdish groups it deems terror groups in Syria, the Foreign Ministry announced in a statement.

    The book, which was reportedly prepared by a publishing house to be taught in high schools in France, includes information on the Kurds in accordance with the separatist ideology of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) which Ankara believes is the Syrian arm of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

    The PKK is designated as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the United States, the European Union, Australia and Japan. While, the US-led coalition against Daesh in Syria has been backing YPG forces in the country.

    “The views and warnings in Turkey’s previous statements – regarding France’s support to the terrorist organization, which is threatening Turkey’s national security, and insisting on a mistake of equating Syrian Kurds with the PKK/YPG – are still valid,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said.

    Aksoy said France’s attempts to build its foreign policy preferences on nearly all issues based on its anti-Turkey rhetoric and while attempting to distort historical truths and the law are worrying.

    “It is obvious that this terrorist propaganda, resulting from the official policy of France, was initiated with the courage of those who welcome the so-called representatives of the terrorist organization to the presidential palace,” he added.

    Last year, Turkish troops along with the Syrian National Army (SNA) launched Operation Peace Spring against the YPG and Daesh in northern Syria.”

  33. Iran dams threaten Iraqi water supplies

    “Iraq’s agriculture industry has been hit hard as a result of ongoing Iranian dam projects which reduce the water flow and block major water supplies from two of the region’s main rivers, Middle East Eye reported.

    Farmers in the eastern province of Diyala and the Kurdish region say their livelihoods are under threat as a result of Tehran re-directing the Sirwan and Little Zab rivers to dams in Iran, forcing some Iraqis to leave their towns and villages.

    The two rivers in Iraq are considered the primary sources of livelihood for nearly two million people.

    “In a couple of years, Iran’s dams projects will not only create a catastrophe that will force people to migrate to other places, but will have an impact on farmland, wildlife and tourism,” Director of Iraq’s Darbandikhan Dam Rahman Khani told Middle East Eye.”

  34. Yemen’s Houthis claim ‘massive drone attack’ on Saudi airport

    “Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed to have launched a “massive” attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport on Sunday, the latest in increasing cross-border assaults by the rebels.

    The group, which has controlled the capital Sanaa since 2014 despite a Saudi-led military coalition intervention, dispatched eight drones into the kingdom, a statement by the rebels said.

    “The air force, using a number of drones, carried out a massive attack on military sites in southern Saudi Arabia,” Houthi military spokesman, Yayha Sarea said.

    Abha International Airport was among the targeted “sensitive sites”, Sarea said, according to the Houthi-run Al-Masirah television channel.

    The Houthi official said the attacks were launched in response to air bombardment by the Saudi-led coalition as well as the ongoing “aggression” and siege of Yemen by the neighbouring kingdom.

    Saudi Arabia has yet to issue a statement on any attacks from Yemen…”

  35. Qatar paying $2m per month to Houthi terror cells: document

    “Qatar’s support to Iran-backed Al Houthi rebels is continuing through the Qatar Charitable Society and the Turkish Red Crescent, against the Saudi-led Arab Coalition’s efforts to restore legitimacy in Yemen, a Qatari document revealed.

    “The $2 million (7.5 million Qatari riyals) monthly support for a former top rebel leader in Taiz Hamoud Saeed Al Mikhlafi, was ordered by the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs to the ambassador of Qatar in Oman to thwart the Arab alliance, as part of the charitable expenditures of Qatar Charity Association,” a source told Al Watan newspaper.

    A letter by the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Sultanate of Oman, Jassim bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, stipulated the following:

    “With reference to the letter 856 regarding the Emir of the State’s directive regarding support for the struggle operations of the resistance brothers in the Republic of Yemen, it was decided to provide financial support to continue the resistance and to support their tasks, provided that it was presented to Sheikh Hamoud Saeed Al Mikhlafi in the amount of $2 million in cash per month from the monthly expenses of the embassy and within the charitable expenditures of the Qatar Charity Association, in order to increase the efforts and cover the expenses of the resistance in the field, and in accordance with the directive the amount mentioned above will be disbursed unilaterally, hand in hand inside the embassy,” the letter read.

    The source said that Al Mikhlafi made large payments to some leaders of his militia using the Qatari money. Others have been promised similar amounts, but are often given much smaller sums.

    The source indicated that Al Mikhlafi has left Yemen for Qatar and Turkey repeatedly since 2017, and he has eventually settled in Qatar with a number of his family members, where he bought a huge house, and a number of shops, apartments and restaurants from the Qatari money, and he also owned an apartment in Doha.”

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