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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Breaking– France’s Macaroni jumps to lead of globalist Neo-Marxist leaders in race to signal to other Neo-Marxist leaders who’s people can be best trained fastest to display obedience to nonsensical virus-control measures via increasingly-ridiculous pet tricks such as mandated outdoor mask wearing even though UV-rays kill the virus in seconds. (large breath) Fauci reportedly sucking own thumb in retaliatory suck-hole attack because no one takes seriously his suggestion that all people wear defensive safety goggles. Dystopia’s Trudeau purportedly planning move to leap to Neo-Marxist leader lead with scheme to mandate all Canadian neo-slaves to wear ear muffs in summer so virus doesn’t enter ear canals. Merkel reportedly upset, urges own secret service to invent anti-viral lederhosen asap.

    (How is it that I went to an indoor shopping mall the other day and roughly 25% of the people were not wearing masks, and of those 100% were non-white?)

    • The CCP is also trying to get a lot of the retired vets to come back on active, we won’t know if these actions are saber rattling or preparations for war for several months.

  2. “Florida Doctor Dareld Morris Explains How Politics Is Affecting The Medical World During Covid-19”
    Michael Smith 757 – July 31, 2020


    I went to “Bitchute” and waded my way through the Jew-hating Nazis to see the videos of the George Floyd case and what happened bears faint resemblance to the story told by Fox News and all the rest. The video shows that George was the size of a house and was play-acting and resisting and being a huge pain in the ass from the moment the officer taps on his window.

    The article completely overlooks the fact that Floyd was crying and moaning and saying things like “I can’t breathe” the whole time. He was putting on an Academy Award performance as the other officers were trying to explain to the crowd. In fact, George was talking loud enough for the people around to hear and maybe start a riot so old George could just slip away in the confusion. That’s what he was doing. “Please, sir… Don’t shoot me… I just want to live… I can’t breathe… I’m sorry, I didn’t do nothin’… I’m claustrophobic”, and on and on. Then he absolutely refuses to get in the car and falls on the ground and moans and cries and tried to get the crowd to react which they do.

    George Floyd was such an obnoxious criminal a^^hole that he could get himself shot by the Girl Guide cookie girl and the crossing guard. Black criminals often bait the cops into getting angry and smashing their heads in so they can claim “police brutality”. I know that’s unlikely, but it’s true. George Floyd was making it virtually impossible for the officers to do their job and the media simply chose to ignore that fact and paint him as a saint, just like that “Gentle Giant”, Michael Brown, the 300-pound psychopathic killer…

    Lord knows why Floyd died. It looked to me as if he just got so overwrought with how he didn’t do nuffin’ that he went into cardiac arrest and died…

    What kind of world do we live in when I have to go to the Jew-hating Nazis to find out the truth about something? Officer Chauvin might be guilty of something but it sure as hell isn’t murder. He was in a ridiculous situation and the criminal simply died at an inconvenient moment and made them all look bad.

    I didn’t know if you wanted to be linked to “BitChute”. They really are a bunch of Nazis there and it could be awkward. Like, they think that Jews are behind every bad thing that ever happened… lol… And yet, they are more honest than CNN or MSNBC… A-bloody-mazing…

    • Please post the Bitchute link ASAP to the footage. It would be a public service. Also I could post it somewhere there are not a gaggle of historically challenged ‘nazis’ ready to pounce on every adjective.

      • I tried to post it a few times and it simply did not post… Go to BitChute and search for it if you want to see it. They’ve got me blocked somehow… The video is still restricted from the public and is clearly something they do not want you to see because it blows their stupid lying narrative right out of the water. George Floyd was an obnoxious loser who got himself killed through his own bad actions and stupidity, not a poor victimized saint. George Floyd killed himself and all the riots and the “police reform” and Black Lives Matter are nothing but grade-A premium-quality manure…

        All this BLM stuff is nothing but pure race-baiting anti-white prejudice and should be given no respect whatsoever. How dare they get down on their knees to these evil racist pricks…

  4. Action starts at 50 seconds

    Sharia Crime Stoppers: Briefing with Clare Lopez – Bidens Islamist Advisor, Red/Green/Blk Alliance

  5. Armed Syrian Arab Tribes Storm Local Headquarters of US-Backed SDF Across Deir ez-Zor – Video (sputniknews, Aug 4, 2020)—video/

    “Kurdish militant groups, mostly the Syrian Democratic Forces, have been in control of the eastern parts of the country over the last couple of years with the support of American troops, illegally deployed there with orders to “keep” the local oil fields.

    Representatives of Syrian Arab tribes have stormed several local headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the cities of Deir ez-Zor, Diban, and Al-Hawaij in the eastern Deir ez-Zor Province. The armed tribesmen also detained SDF militants present in the buildings at that moment.

    Sputnik has obtained a video showing how the representatives of the Arab tribes rushed into one of the headquarters in Deir ez-Zor. Around 100 men participated in the storming of the building.

    The seizure of the SDF headquarters in the province happened after representatives of the tribes went protested against arbitrary actions by militant groups supported by the US. They demonstrated against a recent surge in killings of elders and sheikhs of the local tribes by the SDF militants, demanding the group to hand over those responsible for the arbitrary murders.

    A local Sputnik correspondent says that the demonstrations in Deir ez-Zor and neighbouring regions are far from being over, reporting that the number of protesters continues to grow at the moment…”

  6. Pakistan’s New Map Includes Earlier Uncontested Indian Territories, Sparking Fresh Conflict (sputniknews, Aug 4, 2020)

    “India included Aksai Chin in Pakistan-administered Kashmir and certain territories bordering Nepal in its political map issued last November. At the time, Beijing termed the Indian decision as a “challenge to China’s sovereignty”, while Islamabad dismissed it as “incorrect, legally untenable and void”.

    Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan issued an all-new political map of the country on Tuesday claiming authority over settled areas of India. In the new map, Islamabad includes Gujarat’s Junagarh and Sir Creek on the Indian side of Jammu and Kashmir as their region. Ladakh, which India announced as a separate territory in August 2019, and China’s border have been termed as “frontier undefined”.

    The erstwhile princely state of Junagarh was included in India during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. With the inclusion of Junagarh in the new map, Pakistan has questioned the plebiscite of Junagarh, in which 99 percent of the people voted to join the Indian Union in 1947.

    Pakistan has been on a diplomatic offensive against India since the Narendra Modi government revoked the temporary special status of Jammu and Kashmir on 5 August 2019. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has made several attempts to garner international support over Kashmir at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), where it was only supported by Turkey and China…”

  7. House Intel Committee opens probe into DHS involvement in Portland

    The House Intelligence Committee is launching an investigation into the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and their response to protests nationwide.

    The committee’s chairman, Adam Schiff, raised his concerns in a letter to Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf and Acting Undersecretary of Intelligence and Analysis Horace Jen. His concern surrounds two pieces of information originally reported by the Washington Post.

    According to the report, former Undersecretary of of Intelligence and Analysis Brian Murphy emailed other members of his department to stop referring to certain individuals as violent opportunists and begin referring to them as “violent Antifa anarchists inspired.”

    A legal analyst at MSNBC leaked the email over Twitter where Brian Murphy allegedly informs his officials of these changes.

  8. WATCH: Migrant Boat ‘Shadowed’ Into British Waters by French Ships (breitbart, Aug 4, 2020)

    “French ships were seen apparently escorting illegal migrants in small boats across the English Channel again on Tuesday morning, confirming earlier reporting from Breitbart London and Brexit leader Nigel Farage, who uncovered the practice…”

  9. Albania transfers IS terror cell suspect to Germany (abcnews, Aug 4, 2020)

    “Albania has transferred to Germany a Tajik man accused of being part of a cell of the Islamic State group that allegedly planned to attack U.S. military facilities in Germany, prosecutors said Tuesday.

    The suspect, identified only as Komron B. in line with German privacy rules, was arrested on his arrival at Frankfurt airport on Monday, federal prosecutors said in a statement. Four other Tajiks were arrested in Germany in mid-April and their alleged leader was taken into custody in March 2019.

    Prosecutors said Komron B. and the other suspects joined IS in January 2019 and founded a cell in Germany on the group’s instructions, initially intending to travel to Tajikistan and fight that country’s government. They then allegedly changed plans and decided to carry out attacks in Germany, either on U.S. military facilities or on individuals — including an unidentified person living in Germany who they considered critical of Islam.

    As part of their efforts to raise money for their plans and for IS, one of the cell’s members traveled to Albania to carry out a contract killing for $40,000 but the plan failed, prosecutors said. He and another suspect who had traveled with him then returned to Germany.

    Komron B. was arrested in Albania on April 29.”

  10. Go to BitChute, wade past the Nazis, and find the George Floyd police body-camera footage. I couldn’t post it here but it is extremely important. There is a reason that footage was not included in the original footage we were shown. They didn’t just kill George for the crime of being black in America. It’s all BS… George Floyd was just aching to be killed by the police and did everything in his power to make it happen. George’s death was his own damn fool fault – period! And officer Chauvin was distracted by the crowd who were interfering with the police like crazy and should have all been arrested for mouthiness. I would never lip-off the cops like that and expect to come out in one piece…

  11. Belgium: Dozens of Sheep Seized to Stop Illegal Muslim Eid Slaughters (breitbart, Aug 4, 2020)

    “Belgian authorities seized around 70 sheep in total in the provinces of Brabant and Hainaut, preventing the animals from being illegally slaughtered for the Islamic Eid al-Adha holiday.

    The seizures came shortly before the Islamic festival, which took place over the weekend in the two Wallonian provinces, and police say the seizures this year were far higher than the year before.

    This year is also the first year in which a new law banning the slaughter of animals without stunning came into effect in Wallonia, with police saying the change in law could explain the rise in the number of seizures compared to 2019, La Dernière Heure reports.

    The new law, which came into force in September of last year, allows for individuals to request permits to slaughter animals at home but, in practice, many municipalities outright refuse to grant them as it is impossible for them to determine whether an animal was stunned or not before slaughter.

    The animals seized by the authorities were eventually taken in by a local horse shelter in Steenkerque, which took in 65 sheep, and a shelter in Bousval, which offered to take 16 of the animals…”

  12. North Korea has ‘probably’ developed nuclear devices to fit ballistic missiles, U.N. report says

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – North Korea is pressing on with its nuclear weapons program and several countries believe it has “probably developed miniaturized nuclear devices to fit into the warheads of its ballistic missiles,” according to a confidential U.N. report.

  13. The Containment of China

    by Lawrence A. Franklin
    August 4, 2020 at 5:00 am

    After China’s many transgressions over the past 50 years — including the theft of $600 billion of U.S. intellectual property each year; Beijing’s malignant cover-up of the Covid-19 virus; the Communist regime’s attempts to blind US airmen with lasers; constructing military islands in the South China Sea, and last month sending a massive fleet of 250 Chinese fishing vessels near the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador, to name but a few — the military containment of Chinese expansionism and Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping’s stated goal of world domination needs to be the highest foreign policy priority of the Free World.

    The ultimate objective of this initiative would be to prevent Communist China’s aggression against the independent states of the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

    China’s walk-in-the-park takeover of Hong Kong — an illegal appropriation — undoubtedly served to whet China’s expansionist appetite.

    The first military containment of China could encompass a broad and multi-tiered defense perimeter in an arc extending from Japan’s coastal waters, southeast to the continent of Australia, and northwest to the Himalayan borderlands between China and India, where China has already been attempting a land invasion. Although China’s recent record of malign behavior has drawn the ire of many, China is encouragingly vulnerable. Fourteen states share sections of China’s land borders, and the Chinese already have territorial disputes with 18 countries.

    The leaders of China’s Communist Party have been clear about China’s territorial claims, particularly in the South China Sea. China’s claim there, if realized, would include about 85% of the waters off China and most of the island archipelagos within the South China Sea. The United States needs to be unambiguously clear that it will physically block any Chinese effort to realize any baseless assertions of Chinese sovereignty. America’s determination also needs be transparent so that Chinese leaders do not doubt U.S. resolve, in case China might be tempted to check it by staging a violent incident.

    • The big blast was a secondary explosion possibly caused by a bullet striking a detonator. You could see the smoke from a smaller explosion that wasn’t in the video before the secondary explosion.

  14. Hydroxychloroquine: Fauci silences Henry Ford researchers

    A small white pill continues to be a controversial touchstone in an ongoing debate about potential treatments for COVID-19.

    The Henry Ford Health System has issued an open letter about a study it published in July that found hydroxychloroquine cut the death rate by 50% in certain sick patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

    Saying “the political climate that has persisted has made any objective discussion about this drug impossible,” the Henry Ford Health System said in the letter that it will no longer comment outside the medical community on the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat novel coronavirus.

    “We are deeply saddened by this turn of events,” said the letter, signed Saturday by Dr. Adnan Munkarah, Henry Ford’s executive vice president and chief clinical officer, and Dr. Steven Kalkanis, senior vice president and chief academic officer.

    “Like all observational research, these studies are very difficult to analyze and can never completely account for the biases inherent in how doctors make different decisions to treat different patients. Furthermore, it is not unusual that results from such studies vary in different populations and at different times, and no one study can ever be considered all by itself.”

  15. Days After President Trump Sends In The Feds, His Approval Rating Shifts To A Near-High, Beats Obama Days After President Trump Sends In The Feds, His Approval Rating Shifts To A Near-High, Beats Obama

    Days After President Trump Sends In The Feds, His Approval Rating Shifts To A Near-High, Beats Obama
    By Adam Casalino|July 31, 2020
    Days After President Trump Sends In The Feds, His Approval Rating Shifts To A Near-High, Beats Obama
    What’s Happening:

    President Trump obeyed the law when he gave Democratic leaders time to restore law and order.

    But it was clear many liberal mayors and governors were unwilling to end night after night of chaos.

    (Richard: The more he works to restore the rule of law the more people will like him.),/em>

  16. Syrians Arrested for Pushing German Man Into Path of Oncoming Train (breitbart, Aug 4, 2020)

    “Two Syrians, both asylum seekers, were arrested in the city of Waghäusel after allegedly pushing a 54-year-old German man in front of an oncoming train.

    The incident took place at the local train station in Waghäusel last week on Tuesday evening but the two suspects were not arrested until two days later after being identified by local police.

    The two Syrian asylum seekers, who are said to be brothers aged 22 and 25, were detained at the community asylum accommodation where they both live, Heidelberg 24 reports.

    The elder brother is alleged to have physically assaulted the German man and then pushed him onto the train tracks. He would not let the man escape as an oncoming train approached, eventually hitting the 54-year-old and causing serious injuries.

    The victim is said to have suffered a dep wound, a thigh fracture, and several other broken bones as a result of being hit by the train.

    The Karlsruhe public prosecutor has launched an investigation into the incident as attempted murder and noted that the victim had been attacked seemingly for no reason.

    The incident comes just a year after an African migrant in Frankfurt pushed a woman and her eight-year-old child off a railway platform into the path of a train, which killed the child. The Eritrean migrant was later arrested for murder and the attack was thought also to be a random act of violence.

    Germany has seen multiple incidents of migrants attempting to push people in front of trains since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015.

    In North-Rhine Westphalia in 2019, for example, a Bosnian migrant killed a 34-year-old woman by pushing her in front of a train, and a year before in Wuppertal a 23-year-old asylum seeker from India tried to kill a five-year-old by grabbing him and jumping in the path of a train…”

  17. Germany: Migrant drags 47-year-old woman off her bike and rapes her at knife point in Munich

    “German police are actively searching for a migrant who is accused of pushing a 47-year-old woman off her bike in Munich and raping her at knife point in an adjacent corn field, according to a police report from the Munich Police Department.

    On Thursday, July 30, at approximately 7:00 p.m., the woman was in the area of Pappelallee on her way to Röhrichtstraße, when she was suddenly pushed off her by bike by an unknown male and pulled into a field. The male is described as speaking German with a foreign accent and having a foreign appearance. According to the victim, he has darker skin, a slim figure, was between 20 and 30 years old, between 170 and 175 centimeters tall, and had short brown curly hair.

    The woman said the man hit her and threatened her with a knife while accusing her of stealing money. He then began to search through her clothing.

    The woman was confused and terrified. He proceeded to pull her deeper into the field and began to rape her. Out of sheer fear, she did not fight back or call for help, including when people walking in the area passed nearby and were within earshot.

    After he was finished, the stranger asked the 47-year-old to come with him to Feldmochinger See, a local lake. He forced her to wash in the lake and then demanded that she give him her underwear.

    The woman was injured and managed to convince her attacker to allow her to leave. She walked to a local restaurant and called police to the scene.

    A police search in the immediate area was unsuccessful. Police are still hunting for the suspect. At the time of the attack, the suspect was wearing a white T-shirt with black writing on it, short beige pants, and had a sports duffle bag.

    The police are asking for witnesses to come forward if they have information about the attack by calling +49 089 29010-0 or to go to a Munich police station and speak with detectives.”

  18. 435 illegal migrants land in Spain, 34 escape coronaivrus quarantine

    “Since Friday, 435 migrants from Africa have arrived at the Spanish coast in small boats, with most of them landing on the Canary Islands and the Andalusian coast. Police are also currently searching for 34 migrants infected with coronavirus who escaped from quarantine.

    Of the 435 migrants, 168 arrived in the Canary Islands, eight in the Balearic Islands, 128 in Andalusia, and five in the neighboring region of Murcia, according to

    On Sunday, Spanish media reported that police in Murcia were still looking for 45 migrants from the group of 454 refugees who arrived in Murcia the previous weekend and fled the center. They were originally supposed to spend 14 days in quarantine. The situation is all the more urgent as 34 migrants from this group tested positive for COVID-19.

    One week ago, the authorities in Sicily, Italy, also dealt with the issue of over 700 migrants escaping from quarantine, for example, on the island of Lampedusa, which has recorded thousands of illegal migrants arriving in recent weeks.

    Last week, approximately 11,000 illegal migrants arrived in Italy in just one week. The Italian Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, discussed the increase in the number of migrants arriving in Italy, especially on Lampedusa, with counterparts in Tunisia. In the coming days, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio also plans to meet with Tunisia’s representatives to talk about the issue.

    According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), 14,000 migrants had arrived in Italy via the Mediterranean since the beginning of this year, which is more than last year, when it was 11,471. In 2018, however, 23,370 migrants arrived in Italy, and 119,369 a year earlier.

    Behind the lower numbers in the previous year was the strict anti-immigration policies of the then Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, who currently leads the League party.

    Since the beginning of this year, 1,000 refugees have arrived in Spain, according to UNHCR. Last year, 26,168 migrants had arrived in the country via the sea, while 6,345 refugees crossed the border fences to Ceuta and Melilla.”

  19. “Ep 313 – Dr. Harvey Risch on War Room: Pandemic After CNN Hit Job”
    Bannon WarRoom – Citizen of the American Republic – August 3, 2020


    On August 3rd, a Taliban flag was unfurled inside Hagia Sophia.



    Afghanistan Calls On Turkey To Take Action Against People Who Unfurled Taliban Flag

    Afghanistan called on Turkey to take action against the people who raised the Taliban flag inside the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul.

    On Monday, a video allegedly showing a group of men posing with the Taliban flag inside the mosque went viral on social media. This came after a similar incident was also reported in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

    Foreign Ministry spokesperson Gran Hewad said that the support for the Taliban should be countered in Turkey and Iran for the sake of the Afghan peace process.

    The video shot in Hagia Sophia showed men dressed in traditional Afghan clothes and unfurling the Taliban banner, shouting slogans at the mosque’s entrance and then inside the prayer hall.

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