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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. The WHO and other so called NGOs have proven to be corrupt organizations under the pay of various dictators around the world. One common thread through out history is how when the major conflict starts the side of the totalitarians always seems so powerful but always loose. Germany and the Austro/Hungarian Empire were suppose to be unbeatable. Nazi German was suppose to be so strong as was Japan the Soviet Union had the tides of history forcing it to victory. All of the above predictions were wrong, Dictatorships can’t innovate worth a hoot (no top down economy can innovate) and that always costs them the war. The UN was a nice idea but doomed to the trash heap of history by the fact that they were suppose to use reason to force people do to the right thing instead of let Dictators take over the organizations.

    It is tragic indeed that the Trump Administration choose to ignore the appeal of Dr. Peter Lurie against Dr. Redfield’s appointment at the head of CDC. “What one wants in a director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a scientist of impeccable scientific integrity. What one would get in Robert Redfield is a sloppy scientist with a long history of scientific misconduct and an extreme religious agenda. We urge the administration not to appoint Dr. Redfield.”
    Dr. Redfield’s cruelty and falsification of results should cause concern. Given his Jesuit education, they might not be all that surprising. ““Liguori, in his treatise on oaths, Question 4, asks if it is allowable to use ambiguity, or equivocal words, to deceive the judge when under oath, and at No. 151 he answers: ‘These things being established, it is a certain and a common opinion amongst all divines that for a just cause it is lawful to use equivocation in the propounded modes, and to confirm it (equivocation) with an oath…. Now a just cause is any honest end in order to preserve good things for the spirit, or useful things for the body’. . .”” To add insult to injury, the mainstream media trumpets the Jesuit Dr. Redfield as a Bible-believing Christian. In reality, he practices the mysticism, or “spiritual exercises”, of his Jesuit teachers. Greg Bentley and Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic

    • You are 100% correct. Jesuits control the world. Jesuits are the top of the Roman church, and the front man (pope) this time is actually a Jesuit for 1st time. The new world order will be the Roman Empire and the 1 world religion will be Roman Catholic (means universal) Church. The Pope rules the religions of the world, USA with Trump will be the political Roman Empire. Just like the Pope and the Caesar ruled Rome together. Watch for USA to complete the image of Roman Empire (image of the beast) soon when trump merges church and state.(think obama already passed laws to consider USA as a “battle ground” so the army can detain americian citizens on usa soil without trial or process, and can torture them too, just like the Romans did). And the Pope makes Sunday law come into effect for the whole world (mark of the beast). USA will enforce it. Here is a good video on the history of wars and revolutions since 1700’s.

  3. CBC – Hydroxychloroquine trials halted, researchers focus on other COVID-19 treatments

    The WHO has suspended trials of hydroxychloroquine, the once touted COVID-19 treatment, because it doesn’t work and researchers are turning their focus to other promising treatments and the ongoing race for a vaccine.

    • Turkish Radio & Television – TRT – WHO discontinues trials of hydroxychloroquine drug

      The World Health Organization has suspended trials of hydroxychloroquine as a potential COVID-19 treatment. Dr Bharat Pankhania from the University of Exeter explains why.

    • Sky News Australia – ‘Ideological arguments’ show Trump Derangement Syndrome runs deep: Kenny

      Sky News host Chris Kenny says the fact some Leftist media organisations can view the success or failure of a drug used to potentially treat COVID-19 “as being ideological” shows just how deep the Trump derangement Syndrome runs.

      It was revealed this week that the drug hydroxychloroquine, which has been hailed by US President Donald Trump, may in fact be effective as a potential treatment for COVID-19.

      Mr Kenny said the US President saw the anti-malaria medicine as “a wonder drug”.

      However, much of the media “including our own ABC, has derided it and dismissed its potential,” Mr Kenny said.

      While CNN recently reported the drug’s potential ability to boost survival rates among patients, but in the past criticised the President’s endorsement of it.

      “How they can view the success or failure of a particular drug as being ideological just shows how deep their Trump derangement syndrome runs,” Mr Kenny said.

    • TED- How the pandemic will shape the near future | Bill Gates

      […]providing an update on promising vaccine candidates, offering his thoughts on reopening and even taking a moment to address conspiracy theories circulating about himself.

      Virtual conversation – recorded June 29, 2020

    • twitter @realDonaldTrump

      “Treatment with hydroxychloroquine cut the death rate significantly in sick patients hospitalized with COVID-19 – and without heart-related side-effects, according to a new study published by Henry Ford Health System.

      In a large-scale retrospective analysis……of 2,541 patients hospitalized between March 10 and May 2, 2020 across the system’s six hospitals, the study found 13% of those treated with hydroxychloroquine alone died compared to 26.4% not treated with hydroxychloroquine.”


    • twitter @realDonaldTrump

      Deaths from the China Virus are down 39%, while our great testing program continues to lead the World, by FAR!

      Why isn’t the Fake News reporting that Deaths are way down? It is only because they are, indeed, FAKE NEWS!


      BREAKING NEWS: The Mortality Rate for the China Virus in the U.S. is just about the LOWEST IN THE WORLD!

      Also, Deaths in the U.S. are way down, a tenfold decrease since the Pandemic height (and, our Economy is coming back strong!).

      Why does the Lamestream Fake News Media REFUSE to say that China Virus deaths are down 39%, and that we now have the lowest Fatality (Mortality) Rate in the World.

      They just can’t stand that we are doing so well for our Country!


      Fauci says state of virus in US is ‘not good’

      + comments on the YT page

    • CBC – Scientists suggest coronavirus is airborne, ask WHO to change recommendations

      The World Health Organization has said the coronavirus spreads primarily from person to person through small droplets expelled when a person with COVID-19 coughs, sneezes or speaks.

      Now, hundreds of scientists are saying there is evidence that the virus is airborne and are calling for the WHO to revise its recommendations.

  4. Denmark Evaluates Sending Syrian Refugees Home as Damascus Area Deemed Safe (sputniknews, Jul 6, 2020)

    “Danish Integration Minister Mattias Tesfaye stressed that almost 100,000 refugees have returned to Syria from the surrounding areas, and that Syrians living in Europe should do the same.

    Integration Minister Mattias Tesfaye has asked the Immigration Service to review the residence permit for hundreds of people from Syria’s Damascus province based on the idea that the war in the country is effectively over and they don’t need protection.

    In recent weeks, the Refugee Board has intervened in five cases, saying that Syrians from the Damascus area don’t need protection.

    “Last year, there were almost 100,000 refugees returning to Syria from the surrounding areas. I think it is fair that the people who live here in Europe also return home if they don’t need protection,” Mattias Tesfaye said in a statement. “So I think it is natural for us to find the pile of Damascus cases and evaluate them.”

    So far it remains uncertain how many Syrian cases will be reassessed by the Danish Immigration Service. The government’s press release estimates “with considerable uncertainty” that there may be about 900 cases. The majority of them are expected to be settled this year, the press release said.

    In December last year, the Refugee Board upheld a decision by the Immigration Service on conditions in Damascus province. The Refugee Board ruled that conditions in the province were no longer so severe that there was a basis for granting or extending temporary residence permits.

    According to the Danish law, a residence permit is granted for the purpose of temporary residence if the person applying for asylum is facing the death penalty or risks being subjected to torture, or inhumane or degrading punishment.

    Last year, more Syrians emigrated from Denmark than immigrated into the country. 886 Syrians left Denmark while 563 moved in. In part, this is due to a new Danish repatriation law that encourages immigrants to return to their home countries.

    However, the plan has sparked polarising reactions. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees stressed that there was no prospect for a peaceful solution to the long-standing conflict in Syria.

    “Unless the situation in Syria is significantly improved in terms of ensuring protection for the population, UNHCR calls on states that have received Syrian refugees – including Denmark – to continue their protection,” UNHCR spokeswoman Elisabeth Arnsdorf Haslund said.

    The Social Liberal Party urged the government to listen to the UNHCR’s recommendations. Its spokesman Andreas Steenberg also stressed that Denmark has no return agreement with Syria, which is why sending the refugees back would imply cooperation with Bashar Assad and his government, which Copenhagen has avoided doing.

    The national-conservative Danish People’s Party, by contrast, sees the decision as symbolic and has no qualms about cooperating with Assad.

    “We just have to see that Assad has been sitting there for a number of years. He is not so easy to get rid of, though we might wish for it,” the party’s foreign rapporteur and former leader Pia Kjærsgaard told the newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad.

    In total, there are over 40,000 Syrians living in Denmark, a nation of 5.8 million.”

  5. Vast Majority of Swedes Want Fewer Migrants Amid Nascent Government Crisis (sputniknews, Jul 6, 2020)

    “While public opinion is in favour of a more restrictive policy, the ruling Social Democrats are hesitant to introduce a “ceiling” on immigration, pressured by the centre-right opposition and their junior left-wing allies, the Greens.

    An increasing majority of Swedes want to see a reduction in asylum immigration, a new survey conducted by pollster Novus on behalf of national broadcaster SVT has indicated.

    Wholly 63 percent of Swedes said they want their country to receive fewer asylum seekers than in 2019, when Sweden took in some 22,000 migrants. Last year, 56 percent answered “yes” to the same question.

    At the same time, the share of people with a welcoming attitude is decreasing. Only 8 percent of Swedes want to receive more immigrants, compared with 12 percent last year.

    “These are significant changes in opinion, both the increase among those who want fewer and the decrease among those who want more,” Novus CEO Torbjörn Sjöström told SVT.

    Asked whether they want a “ceiling” on immigration, 28 percent said it should be 10,000 per year, whereas 11 percent said there should be no limit whatsoever.

    The poll came at a time of a nascent government crisis, as the two parties in the minority ruling coalition, the Social Democrats and the Greens, are clashing over whether Sweden should tighten its asylum immigration, an issue that has largely dominated the past two general elections.

    While the ruling Social Democrats have voiced cautious support for a tightening, pressed by opposition parties, their sidekicks the Greens strenuously oppose limiting immigration and have even threatened to leave the government.

    As the Social Democrats, following their worst electoral performance in a century, cannot afford to lose key allies, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has already pledged to rule out a maximum limit, which the opposition parties have been pushing for.

    However, the Social Democrats are still facing a dilemma. While agreeing for a more relaxed asylum policy may whip up support for their right-of-the-centre rivals, a tougher immigration stance may further rob the party of key voters, including Swedes of immigrant descent, who previously were found to favour the Social Democrats.

    A shift toward tighter rules would also mean the end of a decade-long experiment initiated under Moderate Party two-term prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, under whose leadership Sweden became arguably the most welcoming country for asylum seekers in entire Europe. The Moderates have since reconsidered their stance and now advocate harsher policies.

    In the words of political commentator Mats Knutsson, “for Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, the difficult challenge is to negotiate a broad and credible migration policy agreement without simultaneously cracking the government and triggering a crisis. And this doesn’t seem to be a simple task.””

  6. First 25 Unaccompanied Minors From Mediterranean Reportedly to Arrive in Finland This Week (sputniknews, Jul 6, 2020)

    “A group of 25 children from the Mediterranean countries will arrive in Finland this week in line with the Finnish government’s plans to receive a total of 175 unaccompanied minors from the region, the Yle News outlet reported.

    In February, the Finnish Interior Ministry announced that it would receive up to 175 vulnerable migrants living in refugee camps in the southern EU frontier states, including Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Italy, and pledged to prioritize those eligible for international protection.

    According to the Finnish Immigration Service, as quoted by the Yle News outlet, the exact date of arrival has not been revealed yet and the authorities would soon decide where to accommodate the migrants.

    “Because of the coronavirus epidemic asylum seekers will initially have to spend two weeks in quarantine in Espoo. After that, they will be placed in reception centers, especially for underaged children,” Mikko Valisalo, a senior officer of Migri’s reception center unit, said, as quoted by the media.

    The news outlet stated that exact locations would be set throughout the placement process. Meanwhile, according to the Immigration Service, the country’s reception centres are mostly ready to accept new residents.

    The country’s Interior Ministry said in late June that the Finnish Immigration Service would receive 12 million euros ($13.5 million) from the EU as financial support to accept new migrants. The funds are expected to cover reception costs for accommodation, immediate living needs and services for the asylum seekers.”

  7. Wolverhampton paramedics stabbed during call out to residential street – multiple injured (express, Jul 6, 2020)

    “PARAMEDICS have been stabbed at a house in Wolverhampton during a call out.

    Two paramedics have been rushed to hospital after the attack in Stephens Close at about 12.15pm. Two air ambulances were scrambled to the scene while police swooped and Tasered a man.

    The paramedics were treated at the scene before being taken to hospital.

    Shocking footage from the scene shows a medic being wheeled away by a colleague.

    A number of emergency service vehicles are on the scene.

    A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Two members of ambulance service staff have been stabbed after attending a call out to check on the welfare of a man in Wolverhampton.

    “The initial call came through at around 12.15pm this lunchtime to an address in Stephens Close.

    “Shortly after arrival, the crew used their emergency alert to say that they had been stabbed.

    “Three additional ambulances, two Midlands Air Ambulances and the West Midlands Care Team attended the scene along with three paramedic officers.

    “The two members of staff, both paramedics, have been treated at the scene by doctors and paramedics and have been taken to hospital for further treatment.

    “A man who was tasered by police officers at the scene has also been treated by ambulance staff.”

  8. BLM controversy at Austria GP.
    Fans of Dutch F1 driver Max Verstappen (who’s refused to take a BLM knee today) started a hashtag #NietKnielenVoorDebielen, which roughly translates to “Don’t Kneel Before Morons”

    Leclerc, Giovinazzi, Kvyat, Sainz, Raikkonen also refused to kneel.

    Lewis Hamilton was not happy.. He wears a bike chain around his neck to refer to the slavery of his ancestors. It is my understanding he had his car spayed black to show his allegiance to BLM. He drives for Mercedes btw, a company with a.. checkered past.

    Football (soccer) coach Ronald Koeman criticized Verstappen, provoking the ire of many fans. He’s buddies with the Qatari slavers btw:

    K-pop fans are flooding the hashtag with clips of their idols. They’ve been very supportive of BLM, they seem to identify with African-Americans for some reason.

  9. Japan floods, mudslides kill at least 44 as streets turn to rivers

    TOKYO (Reuters) – Torrential rain hit Japan’s southwestern island of Kyushu on Monday, with at least one more river bursting its banks, as the death toll from three days of floods and mudslides rose to 44, including 14 at an old people’s home.

    Evacuation orders were issued for more than half a million island residents, as well as evacuation advisories for tens of thousands more in western Japan, broadcaster NHK said.

  10. Ahead of run-off vote, Polish president proposes constitutional ban on LGBT adoption

    WARSAW (Reuters) – Poland’s President Andrzej Duda on Monday proposed changing the constitution to ban LGBT couples from adopting children ahead of Sunday’s presidential run-off in which the candidates are polling neck-and-neck.

    The opposition centrist Civic Platform (PO) candidate, Warsaw mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, said this weekend that he is also against the adoption of children by LGBT couples.

    Duda is an ally of the ruling nationalist Law and Justice Party (PiS), which dismisses LGBT rights as an invasive foreign influence undermining Poland’s traditional values.

  11. The ultimate reason why there’s no there there in the ‘Russian bounties’ narrative
    By J.E. Dyer July 5, 2020

    The ultimate reason why there’s no there there in the ‘Russian bounties’ narrative
    By J.E. Dyer July 5, 2020

    Spoiler up front: the reason is that the proposition – that it’s some kind of administration black eye in terms of taking care of the troops – is militarily incongruous. We don’t need special indications that Russians (or Iranians, or anyone else) are offering bounties on the U.S. troops deployed in active combat zones, to be alert and proactive about force defense in those zones.

    We’re already alert and proactive.

    Such information is supplemental (and it was provided to the forces in-country on an unconfirmed basis). It doesn’t change the basic operational posture.

    This is especially the case given that we’ve already known for years that bounties are likely to be offered on U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. U.S. forces haven’t spent one day in the last decade under the misapprehension that no one could possibly be offering bounties on our troops in AfPak (or Syria, for that matter).

  12. China begins pulling back troops near site of India border clash, Indian sources say

    NEW DELHI/BEIJING (Reuters) – China began pulling back troops from along its contested border with India on Monday, Indian government sources said, following a clash between the two countries last month in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed.

    Troops fought for hours with rods and clubs on the night of June 15, with some falling to their deaths in the freezing waters of the Galwan river in the western Himalayas.

    (Richard: China pushed the border issue as far as they thought they safely could, now they are going to use the conflict around the Japanese Islands and the Naval maneuvers to keep people distracted. The need for massive distraction shows how worried the CCP is between the Flu and and natural disasters the Chinese People are thinking that the CCP has broken the Social Contract, the CCP gets total control and in return protects us and keeps us prosperous. Since that hasn’t been working China can either turn more brutal then normal (which will turn more nations against them) or create external crisis to take the peoples minds off their real problems.)

  13. The ultimate reason why there’s no there there in the ‘Russian bounties’ narrative
    By J.E. Dyer July 5, 2020

    Spoiler up front: the reason is that the proposition – that it’s some kind of administration black eye in terms of taking care of the troops – is militarily incongruous. We don’t need special indications that Russians (or Iranians, or anyone else) are offering bounties on the U.S. troops deployed in active combat zones, to be alert and proactive about force defense in those zones.

    We’re already alert and proactive.

    Such information is supplemental (and it was provided to the forces in-country on an unconfirmed basis). It doesn’t change the basic operational posture.

    This is especially the case given that we’ve already known for years that bounties are likely to be offered on U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. U.S. forces haven’t spent one day in the last decade under the misapprehension that no one could possibly be offering bounties on our troops in AfPak (or Syria, for that matter).

    • The empire strikes back: White anti-BLM protesters paint over ‘Black Lives Matter’ slogan
      By Ben Bowles July 6, 2020

      It’s hard to say with confidence how many cities have permitted anti-police protesters to paint the slogan “Black Lives Matter” on a public street in letters large enough nearly to be seen from space. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is so “down with” the slogan that he has asked protesters to paint one on a street in each of the city’s five boroughs.

      It appears to have been taken on faith from the outset that everyone else was “down with it” as well. Apparently that presumption was wrong. As the Washington Examiner reports, “[T]wo white people were caught on video Saturday defacing a Black Lives Matter mural in Martinez, California.”

  14. If UK Makes China a Hostile Country, It Will Bear Consequences, Ambassador Warns (sputniknews, Jul 6, 2020)

    “Britain had previously taken aim at the recently passed national security law for Hong Kong. The Chinese envoy to the UK retorted that “the UK has no sovereignty, jurisdiction or right of supervision over Hong Kong.”

    Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese ambassador to the UK, has warned Britain against “making China a hostile country”, saying otherwise it will have to “bear consequences.”

    HK Legislation
    Liu referred to Hong Kong as a territory that is “no longer under colonial rule” but that is part of China, expressing hope that the UK won’t interfere in the Asian country’s internal affairs.

    He contended that the country would in no way “brook any external interference”, and that no one should underestimate China’s determination to safeguard its sovereignty.

    The UK has opposed the adoption of the new Hong Kong Security Law, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson denouncing the legislation for breaching the Sino-British Joint Declaration. The ambassador tweeted in response in early July that “the UK has no sovereignty, jurisdiction or right of “supervision” over Hong Kong whatsoever”, and stressed that Hong Kong issues are China’s internal affair alone and no business of the outside world…”

  15. Turkish Foreign Minister Calls for EU Backing After Naval Standoff With France (sputniknews, Jul 6, 2020)

    “Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu urged the European Union on Monday to side with Ankara after accusing France of wrongly depicting a standoff between their ships in the Mediterranean.

    “EU should side with the solution, not conflict in Eastern Mediterranean,” Cavusoglu was quoted as saying by the state-run Daily Sabah during a press conference with top EU diplomat Josep Borrell.

    France said that a Turkish warship escorting a Tanzanian-flagged vessel used a targeting radar on its frigate Courbet on 10 June as the French ship approached the convoy while on a NATO mission to stop arms smuggling to Libya, where Paris and Ankara are backing rival sides.

    The Turkish minister argued that his country’s ambassador to France had exposed as false the French account of the incident. Ismail Hakki Musa told Ankara’s version of the story to the French Senate’s committee on foreign affairs and defence on 1 July, angering the French Foreign Ministry.

    France pulled out of the NATO mission shortly afterwards.”

  16. Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook Face Slew of Curbs as Europe Seeks to ‘Reign In’ Tech Giants (sputniknews, Jul 6, 2020)

    “After the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the huge dependence on US internet services, EU anti-monopolies chief Margrethe Vestager has emphasized the “urgent” need for the bloc to forge ahead with its planned Digital Services Act, to avert “monopoly-like situations” involving tech giants such as Amazon, Google and Facebook.

    A swathe of newly-proposed European regulations are reportedly in the pipeline targeting tech giants such as Google parent Alphabet Inc., Inc. and Facebook Inc., reports The Wall Street Journal.

    As the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the dependence on US internet services, EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager has emphasized the “urgent” need for the bloc to forge ahead with its planned Digital Services Act, to avert “monopoly-like situations” involving tech giants.

    The proposed measures are a means of curbing the companies’ alleged anticompetitive policies, levying greater taxes on them, and promoting more oversight regarding illegal content and “harmful activity” on their platforms.

    Vestager has outlined some details of her sweeping new plans to more tightly regulate tech companies.

    “It’s a full complex of things. It’s not done with just one piece of legislation,” said the top EU official, as she underscored that the EU sought to map out new legal boundaries for tech companies.

    The new proposals, touted as likely to win broad support in principle and set to become law by the end of next year, contain three separate pieces of legislation.

    One includes addressing platforms’ liability for their content.

    According to the competitions commissioner at the European Commission, the EU will not be requiring platforms to be “liable for each and every post or fake bag that is put up for sale.” However, businesses and individuals should be able to appeal to specific mechanisms in situations when they find their posts and ads taken down.

    In another new proposal, it will be requisite for the platforms to establish themselves as business entities in Europe, said Vestager, “so that they are all governed by these sets of rules, and that goes for platforms wherever they come from on this planet.”

    A third piece of legislation was inspired by three EU antitrust cases against Google, that entailed fines worth over $9 billion, and presupposes listing prohibited practices to stop platforms from wielding their clout to overwhelm smaller rivals.

    Vestager was cited in the interview as emphasizing she was seeking heightened investigative powers to ensure that all companies in a certain sector be prevented from monopolizing a particular market. The move would “prevent new gatekeepers from arising, so we can still have the benefit of competition in the market,” said Vestager.

    Regarding taxes, the EU is mulling introducing its own digital tax after there has been an impasse in talks on the issue between the Trump administration and European countries.

    “So many businesses have to work very hard to make a profit, and from that profit to then pay taxes. They should not be met with competitors for capital, skilled employees and customers who do not contribute to society,” added the European official.

    Tech Giants Wary of New Proposals
    While some tech companies signaled they were on board with the new laws and ready to take on a role in elaborating them, concerns have also been raised regarding specific elements of the proposals.

    Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon representatives were wary of offering comments on the commission’s new approach, writes the outlet.

    As the commission in June launched a month-long public consultation on the suggested changes to the existing Digital Services Act, Apple urged against altering the current legislation.

    “The limited liability regime has helped deliver choice and innovation… What makes sense for public-facing, content-sharing platforms may not be appropriate or technically feasible for services used to facilitate private communications or storage,” said the company.”

  17. BLM’s Violence & the Death of America’s Cities

    The corpses are already piling up.
    July 6, 2020
    John Perazzo

    The police-hating rhetoric of the openly and proudly Marxist “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement is doing exactly what it did five years ago – creating a massive increase in violent crime and homicide throughout urban America. You may recall that back in 2015-16, BLM’s anti-police protests and riots – particularly in the aftermath of the 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri – intimidated officers nationwide into becoming much less proactive in dealing with criminal suspects. A Pew Research Center report titled “Behind the Badge” – which tabulated the results of a questionnaire that was sent to thousands of officers – confirmed that 85 to 95 percent of law-enforcement officers in large police departments became highly reluctant to engage criminals except where absolutely necessary.

    The consequences of the new timidity of law-enforcement were monumental:

  18. Supreme Court Rules States Can Bind Faithless Electors

    The Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that states can remove presidential electors who refuse to vote for their state’s popular vote winner.

    The ruling comes less than four months before Election Day and has potentially significant implications given the outsized role so-called faithless electors could have in a presidential race decided by a handful of electoral votes.

  19. Country music icon Charlie Daniels — an outspoken proponent of conservative values — dies at 83

    Last year, Daniels compared New York’s ‘satanically inspired’ abortion law to the Holocaust and warned that God ‘is waiting behind the final veil’ where ‘verdicts are final and eternal’


    Country music icon Charlie Daniels died Monday morning after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke, the Tennessean reported. He was 83.

  20. Florida Sheriff Says He’ll Deputize Lawful Gun Owners to Fight Violent Protesters [VIDEO]

    Quote of the Day

    Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels, no stranger to making viral videos appealing to tough-on-crime politics, released a video (click here to watch) Tuesday that said he will make “special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county” if he feels the county is overwhelmed by protesters.

    The three-minute video shows Daniels standing in front of 18 deputies as he derides civil-rights protesters as godless disruptors and tells them to stay out of Clay County, a suburb of Jacksonville.

    “And if you come to Clay County and you think for one second, we’ll bend our backs for you, you’re sadly mistaken,” he said. “I know what happens when lawlessness prevails. And in this day and time, God is raising up men and women just like the folks standing behind me who will have strong backbones and will stand in the gap between lawlessness and the citizenry we’re sworn to protect.”

    • If you read the comments you will discover that both sides of the argument are looking as this as a police operation against organized vandals instead of a communist insurrection. The detractors (who are a big part of the problem) are taking the attitude that the mob is to be handled with kid gloves. They are also showing the attitude that all firearms owners are knuckle dragging subnormal intelligence members of the human race that are a bigger danger then the human race. They refuse to admit that there are a lot of high intelligence highly trained personal that can be called on to protect the monuments and businesses without having more then15 minutes instructions.

    Vatican News presenting Pope Francis’ support for the UN Secretary General’s vision of a global future of sustainable local cooperatives which eliminate the unfairness of Capitalism. Pope Francis sadly does not explain why a system in which people work hard but other people receive the benefit is somehow fairer than a system in which people work hard and get to keep the benefit. Of course, if all the fruits of my efforts were redistributed, perhaps I would choose not to work so hard. There is no point trying to work and save up for stuff you want to buy, if you are not allowed to keep what you save. Perhaps this is what Pope Francis means by “a non-consumerist model of life”. Eric Worrall

        • “The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of freedom and a force for liberation”

          So far, so accurate.

          “Liberation is first and foremost liberation from the radical slavery of sin……which is the gift of grace.”

          No. Not true.

          Because, I cannot love you more gracefully to make you nicer than you are. If I could, that would make me your God to match every standard that I deemed to sell you.. Punishment and Reward to serve me. Only a bully does this. Not a Jesus.

          It is only after repenting of pride, and then going on your own journey into the wilderness could you seek and find the painful truth that will set you free.

          Until.then, addiction already feels like the Greatest Love of All. To call and fill the emptiness night after night. .Any priest can say, “God loves you as you are, we are all equally sinners,” and sit you amongst the children who know nothing of your slavery and the need to make mini-replicas in order to blind six billion followers to appear right yourself. The play-acting.

          How then do we know that sin, is all about your own slavery, and not about being God’s greatest Apostle?

          Well, the story of the Hebrew, who came to Jesus without any sin by keeping all of G_d’s Commandments.

          “…he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?””

          “Jesus looked at him and loved him.”

          Jesus loved him, and the man was filled with Jesus’s grace. (So, that’s it. Next Christian please…).

          “One thing you lack,” he said. “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.”

          Sinless before God, but sinful in his conceit. The block on the kingdom of god coming to Earth.

          Rich in Pride without riches in heaven. (A clever juxtaposition here).

          And as you forgive, your god instantly forgives you.

          It’s only a story – but it does makes the point to love your god and love your neighbour as yourself, to be honest to both and afraid of neither. To not be afraid to lose your money, and not be afraid to lose your special seat in heaven. To get on with living life once again.

          Mark 10:17 – 31

  22. Country Garden Opens Restaurant Operated Completely By Robots

    Country Garden, a property developer in China, revealed that its subsidiary Qianxi Robot Catering Group (Qianxi Group) opened a restaurant complex operated completely by robots. Located in Shunde, which is a city in China’s Guangdong province, the restaurant eliminates most human-to-human contact and may be a harbinger of how businesses plan to handle the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak.

    “Country Garden assistant executive officer and Qianxi Group general manager Qiu Mi explained that Qianxi Group has built a complete industry chain encompassing back-end supply production (the centralized kitchens) and robotic cooking alongside the operation of restaurants and the management of robots,” Country Garden shared.

    The restaurant complex is 2,000 square meters or about 21,527 square feet, and it has 20 robots equipped to serve a variety of dishes, including Chinese food, fast food, clay-pot rice and hot pot. The menu has 200 items, but they are available within 20 seconds of ordering. The restaurant can handle 600 diners at once.

  23. Nigeria: Over Fifty Boko Haram Attacks on Christians in Six Months Go Unreported (breitbart, Jul 6, 2020)

    “Boko Haram Islamic terrorists carried out over “fifty different attacks on different communities between the end of 2019 to June 2020,” the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN) has revealed, most of which were “unreported or underreported” by the media.

    As Breitbart News reported, EYN — the largest indigenous Christian denomination in the Northeast of Nigeria — has reported the slaughter of more than 8,370 of its members, including 8 pastors, by militants of the Boko Haram Islamic terror group.

    The Reverend Joel Billi, president of the EYN, said last week that the church has been the hardest hit by jihadists of any Christian denomination in the country and along with the deaths more than half of EYN’s 586 church buildings were either burned or damaged by Boko Haram.

    The extent of the attacks, amounting to what many consider an authentic Christian genocide in the country, is exacerbated by the seemingly willful silence of the global media.

    “The Boko Haram factions continue to be responsible for the most appalling violence in northeast Nigeria on an almost daily basis,” said Mervyn Thomas, chief executive of Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW). “However, aside from particularly appalling incidents that garner international attention, the majority of these attacks go unreported and unnoticed.”

    “Both local and international media outlets must do more to report on the violence which is unfolding across Nigeria,” Thomas added. “We are deeply saddened by the suffering endured by the EYN and its members, and echo its calls on the Nigerian government to take immediate action to mitigate and address attacks by all non-state actors.”

    CSW has provided a helpful partial list of some of the many unreported terror attacks carried out against Christians by Boko Haram over the last six months.

    On December 25, 2019 Boko Haram militants attacked the Bagajau community in Askira/Uba LGA, Borno State, killing nine Christians, CSW notes. Among them were Damjuda Dalihis, his two children and their friends, who were burnt alive in their room.

    Four days later, eighteen Christians were abducted following an attack on the Mandaragirau community in Biu LGA, Borno State, in which raiders destroyed the church building, primary school, and foodstuffs.

    On February 2, 2020 all three EYN Churches were burnt down during an attack on the Leho community of Askira/Uba LGA, Borno State.

    On February 20, 2020 Boko Haram raided the Tabang community in Askira/Uba LGA, Borno State, abducting a 9-year-old boy, injuring a female EYN member, and burning down the homes of 17 EYN members.

    The following day, jihadists attacked the Garkida community and torched the first EYN Church, along with an Anglican and a Living Faith church building. The assailants went on to loot and burn the EYN Brethren College of Health Technology, the EYN Rural Health Department and its vehicles, and prominent Christian homes and shops, and abducted Mr. Emmanuel Bitrus Tarfa.

    On April 3, 2020 Boko Haram jihadists attacked Kuburmbula and Kwamtiyahi villages in Chibok, Borno State, burning down 20 homes and abducting and later murdering Meshack John, Mutah Nkeki and Kabu Yakubu.

    Two days later, Boko Haram attacked Mussa Bri in Askira/Uba LGA, Borno State, looting and burning Christian-owned shops.

    On April 7, 2020 Boko Haram terrorists stormed the Wamdeo community in Askira/Uba LGA, Borno State, burning two vehicles, robbing stores, and killing five people.

    On May 6, 2020 members of Boko Haram attacked the Debiro, Dakwiama, and Tarfa communities in Biu LGA, Borno State, killing Mr Audu Bata, destroying two villages, and burning down two EYN Churches.

    The following week, Boko Haram once again raided Mussa Bri in Askira/Uba LGA, Borno State, killing Luka Bitrus and slashing Mrs Ijaduwa Shaibu with a machete.

    On May 30, 2020 Islamic terrorists attempted to slay an entire family in Kwabila village in Askira/Uba LGA, Borno State. They managed to kill three family members, and the other three had to be hospitalized because of their injuries.

    On June 16, 2020 Boko Haram militants attacked Mbulabam in Chibok LGA, Borno State, abducting a young girl named Mary Ishaku Nkeke.

    The next day, Boko Haram attacked the Kautikari community in Chibok LGA, Borno State, killing three and kidnapping five young women and girls belonging to EYN.

    On June 22, 2020 Boko Haram attacked the Kautikari community in Chibok LGA, killing two and abducting two teenage girls and a 20-year-old woman.

    The U.S.-based Family Research Council (FRC) recently denounced the “bloodbath” taking place in Nigeria, as radical Islamists carry on a largely unreported slaughter of the nation’s Christians.

    The “dangerous darkness” of radical Islam with its genocidal intentions is sweeping across the African continent and is particularly lethal in Nigeria, Lela Gilbert wrote on June 23 in an article titled “The Threat of Genocide Darkens the Future for Nigeria’s Christians.”

    In recent decades, “tens of thousands of Nigerians have been slaughtered,” Gilbert writes, and yet “their stories rarely appear in mainstream Western news reports” despite the fact that it is “increasingly clear that another genocide is already taking place.”

    Last January, the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) appealed to President Trump and Pope Francis to intercede to help stop the “genocidal killings of Christians” taking place in the country.

    Spokesmen for the rights group said they had made this decision after a recent string of well-coordinated attacks on Christians by armed Islamists in Kaduna state.”

  24. Militants Shell Settlements in Syria’s Latakia, Idlib Provinces, Russian Military Says

    “The Hayat Tahrir al-Sham* terrorist group shelled settlements in the Syrian provinces of Idlib and Latakia, the head of the Russian centre for Syrian reconciliation said during a press briefing on Monday.

    “We have registered two attacks on the Mortlu settlement, one shelling of the Akch-Bayer settlement, one shelling of the Safsafa settlement and one shelling in the Jubb-al-Zarur settlement in the province of Latakia as well as one shelling of the Dadih settlement in the province of Idlib by the Nusra* terrorists,” Rear Admiral Alexander Shcherbitsky said.
    Russian military police units continued to patrol the Aleppo and Raqqah provinces, while military aviation crews flew patrol missions, the military official added.

    On 5 March, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, agreed on a ceasefire in Idlib, which started at midnight. The sides also agreed to create a security corridor six kilometres (3.7 miles) north and south of the M4 highway in Syria, which connects the provinces of Latakia and Aleppo. In addition, Moscow and Ankara agreed to jointly patrol the M4 highway.

    Militants remain in control of a small pocket of the Idlib province in northwest Syria.

    *Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra) is a terrorist organization banned in Russia and many other countries.”

  25. Insurgents Kill 8 Gas Project Workers in Northern Mozambique

    “Gunmen ambushed and killed eight employees of a private construction firm working on a multi-billion-dollar gas project in Mozambique’s restive north, the company said Sunday.

    Fenix Constructions Service Lda, subcontracted by French oil giant Total, said five gunmen wearing military fatigues similar to those worn by the Mozambican government forces staged the attack on June 27. Three of the 14 occupants in the vehicle survived and another three are still missing.

    Northern Mozambique has been hit by a jihadist insurgency since 2017 that has killed more than 1,000 people and complicated the country’s plans to develop its offshore gas reserves. But attacks on workers involved in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project development have so far been rare.

    Internal Displacement Worsening
    The attack on the construction workers occurred around 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the Total LNG site in Palma. On the same day, Islamist militants also attacked and temporarily occupied the small town of Mocimboa da Praia for the second time this year, igniting a mass civilian exodus from the town.

    Attacks in the region have already killed at least 1,300 people according to The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED).

    The United Nations estimated in May that the attacks had displaced at least 210,000 people. With the recent attacks, the number of displaced people may have reached more than 250,000, according to aid organizations working locally.

    The latest Mocimboa da Praia attack was claimed by Islamic State Central African Province, a group that has already revealed its goal of establishing a caliphate in the region.

    Despite the unrest in the region, Total has said it will proceed with its $23 billion gas project.”

  26. Turkish Troops Cut Off Drinking Water in Syria’s Hasakah: Report

    “Turkish troops and their allied militants cut off drinking water supplied to civilians in the Hasakah city in northeastern Syria, a report said.

    The Turkish forces stopped the pumping of water in the al-Olouk station in the countryside of Hasakah, depriving one million people in the city from drinking water, SANA said on Sunday.

    It added that the al-Olouk station is the only source of drinking water for the people in Hasakah.

    The report said the Turkish forces prevented the workers in the station from accessing it on Sunday.

    In an interview with SANA on Sunday, Director General of Hasakah Water Company Mahmoud al-Ukla said that Turkish soldiers and Ankara-backed militants stopped al-Olouk Water Station on Saturday evening and barred workers of the station from entering the facility.

    He warned that the inhumane move was threatening the lives of inhabitants of the city and its surrounding residential neighborhoods in northeastern Hasakah province.

    He added that the criminal act came as the people of the affected areas are in the utmost need for the water from the al-Olouk station, the only source for guaranteeing the drinking water for them.

    The water station has so far been forced to stop several times by the invading Turkish troops and their allied militants.

    Back in March, the Syrian foreign ministry sent two identical letters to the chief of the United Nations and the UN Security Council in protest against the repeated inhumane move. It noted at the time that the Turkish military forces shelled the water station during their cross-border military operation last October, putting it out of service.”

  27. Saudi FM: Regional Meddling Destabilizing the Region

    “Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah stated on Monday that foreign meddling in Arab internal affairs were playing a destabilizing role through supporting armed terrorist militias and stoking sectarian and ethnic divisions.

    Speaking before an Arab-Chinese ministerial virtual meeting, he stressed that such meddling demands a “serious stance” from the international community.

    Saudi Arabia underscores the unity and sovereignty of Arab territories, he added, saying that Riyadh does not interfere in their internal affairs and opposes anything that destabilizes the region.

    Moreover, Prince Faisal remarked that Arab-Chinese cooperation was growing stronger, noting that it is based on each side “respecting international law, the sovereignty and independence of nations and resolving conflicts through peaceful means.”

    He said that both sides are keen on “expanding and deepening” cooperation in order to achieve mutual interests.

    “Joint efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic are among the fruits of this cooperation,” he noted.

    Prince Faisal hailed Beijing for its support to the Palestinian people’s rights, the 2002 Arab peace initiative and two-state solution.

    On Saudi-Chinese relations, the minister said they are bound by “growing ties of friendship in all fields, which will pave the way for a comprehensive strategic partnership.”

    Beijing is Riyadh’s greatest trade partner, he noted, representing 13 percent of the Kingdom’s exports and 15 percent of its imports.”

  28. Libya: Turkey vows ‘retribution’ for attack on its positions at al-Watiya airbase

    “Turkey is incensed by Saturday’s attack targeting the strategic al-Watiya air base in Libya that damaged Turkish air defence systems, with officials warning it will likely escalate the conflict in the North African country.

    Although Turkey is cautious about openly declaring who it believes responsible, it has no qualms about displaying its fury for eastern Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar, whose forces Ankara has been fighting.

    “The only thing I can say is this: whoever did this made a big mistake,” a Turkish official familiar with the issue told Middle East Eye. “There will be retribution.”…”

  29. Turkey warns it will respond if EU takes fresh measures against it

    “Turkey will respond with its own steps if the European Union imposes further sanctions on Ankara, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Monday after meeting the EU’s top diplomat.

    France’s foreign minister said last week EU ministers would discuss Turkey on July 13 and said new sanctions on Ankara could be considered in addition to steps taken over Turkey’s drilling in the Cyprus economic zone.

    “If the EU takes additional decisions against Turkey, we will have to respond to this,” Cavusoglu told a news conference with EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell in Turkey’s capital.

    As relations deteriorated between the bloc and Ankara, the European Union imposed a travel ban and asset freezes on two people in February for their role in Turkey’s drilling in Cyprus’ maritime economic zone off the divided island.

    Cavusoglu berated the EU for failing to fulfill promises and linking issues such as the Cyprus dispute and a 2016 migrant deal. He said Turkey will not allow itself to be held hostage by Greece and Cyprus and called on the EU to be an “honest broker”….”

  30. Gunmen kill prominent Iraqi analyst and advisor: officials

    “Gunmen in Baghdad shot dead a well-known former government advisor and political analyst near his home on Monday in a rare high-profile killing in the Iraqi capital, government officials, police sources and medics said.

    The government officials described the killing of Hisham al-Hashemi, who had written about politics, Islamic State and the role of Iran-backed militias in Iraq, as a targeted killing but did not point the finger at any particular group.

    There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Hashemi’s killing…”

  31. Baldia factory fire act of terrorism: JIT

    “The Baldia factory inferno joint investigation team (JIT) report has been brought to the fore in which important revelations have been made.

    The 27-page report, a copy of which is available with The Express Tribune, stated that Baldia factory incident was an act of organised terrorism.

    The report said that the factory was set on fire for not paying extortion money of up to Rs250 million and leaders of a major Karachi-based ethnic group – Hammad Siddiqui and Rahman Bhola – were involved in the act…”

  32. Over 40 Europe-bound asylum seekers held in Turkey

    “At least 42 asylum seekers were held in western Turkey for attempting to reach Europe illegally, a security source said on July 6.

    Acting on a tipoff, provincial gendarmerie command teams in Menderes district of Izmir province detained 36 Congo nationals, four Central African Republic nationals and two Afghan nationals who were preparing to travel to Greece, said the source on the condition of anonymity.

    The asylum seekers were referred to the provincial migration office, while a rubber boat and a motor were seized by security teams.

    Due to its geographical location and conflicts in neighboring regions, Turkey has been one of the main routes for asylum seekers seeking to start a new life in Europe.

    The deadly civil war in Syria has been one of the triggering factors behind the large-scale migration to the continent.

    Turkey hosts nearly four million Syrians, more than any other country in the world.”

  33. Cross-border ops in N Iraq lawful: Foreign ministry

    “Turkey’s cross-border operations in northern Iraq against the terrorist PKK are done under its right to self-defense under international law, said Turkey’s Foreign Ministry on July 5.

    Turkey is determined to use its rights to take essential steps against terrorists illegally taking shelter in northern Iraq, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy in a statement rebuffing Iraqi statements against the operations.

    Aksoy also called on Iraqi authorities to fulfill its commitments in line with international law and its Constitution, adding that Turkey expects Iraq to not allow the PKK terror group to use its territory.

    Stressing that the terror group also poses a threat to Iraqi security and sovereignty, he said Turkey stands ready to cooperate with Iraq against the PKK.

    He went on to say that Turkey will take necessary steps so long as its expectations in the context of counter-terrorism are not met by Iraq.

    Turkey’s operations Claw-Tiger and Claw-Eagle were launched last month.

    PKK terrorists often use northern Iraq, just across the Turkish border, to plan attacks in Turkey.

    In its more than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK – listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US and EU – has been responsible for the deaths of nearly 40,000 people, including women, children and infants.”

  34. Silvia Romano says Islam comforted her during captivity

    “Silvia Romano, an aid worker who converted to Islam during an 18-month detention by Somali Islamist militants,, said Monday her new faith had comforted her during her ordeal.

    Speaking to online daily La Luce two months after being freed, Romano said “after accepting the Islamic faith, I began to look on my destiny with serenity in my soul”.

    Romano was crticised by rightwingers after converting, and a nationalist opposition League MP called her a “neo-terrorist” in parliament.

    In the interview with La Luce, Romano said “I was desperate because I was living with the certainty of my destiny”.

    She added: “faith has different gradations, and mine developed over time”.
    Prosecutors have opened a probe into a campaign of Web-based hate against 25-year-old Milan native Romano, and police cars are patrolling the street where she lives.

    Romano was freed at the weekend after 18 months in captivity by the Somali Al-Shabaab group, to whom she was handed over by a kidnapping gang who snatched her in Kenya in November 2018.

    Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio has denied an Al-Shabaab spokesman’s statement that the militants had received a four-million-euro ransom for Romano.

    Hatred on social media has been directed against Romano’s conversion to Islam, the fact that has did not overtly criticise Al-Shabaab, her alleged naivety in travelling to a hotspot without proper protection, and the fact that her case has allegedly ended up funding terrorism.

    A former League councillor in Veneto said she should be hanged, and League MP Alessandro Pagano spurred a row with his “neo-terrorist” remark.

    Di Maio, former leader of the ruling anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S), said “spine-chilling things have been said about Silvia, they have gone beyond any acceptable limit.” Romano has responded to the criticism by saying she adopted Islam freely and intends to remain in the faith. (ANSA).”

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