Ottawa Statues fighting back!

There was a massive and very successful demonstration against Trudeau and his malfeasance today. We have some fantastic videos and photos to come. But for the moment, at the bar behind Parliament Hill, the statues are starting to fight back

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  1. GREAT, now let’s rid the mosques of any designated charity status and call them out for what they really doing —spreading hate —in Canada. i.e.
    M-103 is a hate speech motion introduced by a Muslim, Canadian Member of Parliament. Canadians DEMAND the Muslims follow the rules.

    January 4th recording from Bab Ul Hawaii Islamic Center in Mississauga, Ontario, Soleimani is hailed as a martyr and a hero who was showing “The True Face of Islam” to the world. Congregants were seen wailing and crying over Soleimani.

    Jan 26, Syed Fayyaz Medhi Rizvi claims Soleimani was killed because he was on the “ right path”. “We must stand up and say that Jihad is part of our faith”.
    The clip says only it was produced in Toronto, BUT its cover photo shows Rizvi in a previous appearance at the Al Mahdi Islamic Center in Pickering.
    The Center also hosted an online event honouring Ayotollah Khomeini.

    March 5 YouTube shows a ceremony honouring Soleimani at the Imam Ali Islamic Center . The room contains a banner describing Soleimani as one of the “Heroes of Islam”, while a large crowd, including CHILDREN listen intently to a sermon.

    These Mosques are designated Charities and they are morning a terrorists leader, where are the people who run Canada Revenue Agency?

    I DEMAND they lose their charitable status IMMEDIATELY.

      • Yes. And if you examine the personality and actions of Muhammad it is clear that, were he alive today, he would look very kindly upon Mr. Soleimani and upon the Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini as well. Muhammad was probably the evilest genocidaire to ever walk the earth and his religion commands his Believers to emulate him in every possible way. Why, in God’s name, would anyone welcome a religion like that into their country? It’s just plain bonkers…

    • Its coming to all of us and much faster then I thought it would, I thought we would have another year before it hits the fan.

      • If Joe Biden/Kamala Harris wins there will be at least four years of calm and peace as the Democrat-voting Guatemalans and Somalians and Hondurans and Syrians pour across the border and ensure that no Republican ever wins another election in the United States again and the mainstream media reports that everything is just fine and dandy. It will be calm and the construction of the wall will be halted. And the Democrats will busy themselves with absolute bullshit, like climate change and school bullying and Black Lives Matter and Gluten sensitivity and plastic straws and slavery reparations until they waste every dollar and run the country into bankruptcy.
        If Biden/Harris win it might well spell the end of the good old USA. Once the majority of the people in America hate America, the battle is lost. So sorry…

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