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22 Replies to “In Italy, Political Correctness is killing a lot of people”

  1. – FOX News – MARCH 16 2020- Italy’s coronavirus health workers face mask shortage


    Associated Press – MARCH 16 2020 – Aid group highlights face mask shortage in Italy



    FEBRUARY 15 2020 – The city of Florence donated 250 000 medical masks to China

    • FEBRUARY 03 2020 – Flocence’s Mayor hugging a Chinese to stop discrimination and psychological terrorism

      clap clap clap

      + comments on the YT page

  2. Italy: Military trucks transport coffins of coronavirus victims from Bergamo cemetery

    Several Italian army trucks transporting the coffins of coronavirus victims were seen leaving the Bergamo cemetery and driving into the highway on Saturday.

    The coffins are expected to be transported to a crematorium in the Ferrara region, due to the inability of local morgues to deal with the growing amount of the coronavirus victims. The town north of Milan is the hardest-hit hospital in Italy by COVID-19.

    According to data provided by the Italian Civil Protection, on Friday more than 42,000 were infected by the virus in Italy, with more than 4,000 fatalities since the beginning of the outbreak, making it the European country that is worst hit by the coronavirus.

    In Bergamo’s region of Lombardy more than 15,000 cases have been recorded.

  3. Isn’t it typically, “Political Correctness” only extends to Non-Whites.
    I just had a argument with someone that over the CCP-Virus that is threatening Health and Life’s all over the Globe.
    “It’s NOT a Chinese Virus” I was told.
    It didn’t matter that the Virus “escaped” from a Bio(weapons) Lab in Wuhan, China.
    It didn’t matter that Experts in their Fields say that HIV-Genomes had been INSERTED.
    But that same person blames ALL GERMAN people, past, present and future for the Nazis and World War Two.
    The Hypocrisy is outstanding.
    But what can you expect from someone that believes that Bernie Sanders is a Good Man and Trump is the root of all that ails this Planet?
    But it’s NOT the Chinese.

  4. No matter what happens with regards to the virus, come late summer the media will be blasting everything the President is doing now and calling Trump every name in the book in preparation for the fall election. The polls are already showing a majority think Trump is bungling the whole thing and that will just get worse and worse as the election looms. This could cost us the election and serve to put Joe Biden in the White House and a few million more left-voting “immigrants” into the country. Aren’t they clever?

    Once the Democrats achieve their “supermajority” events will no longer have any meaning and the Democrats will always win every election no matter what. And then the country will start to fragment as the leftists move to ban the Second Amendment and then the First Amendment and then the Electoral College, and Conservative Americans see that as an intolerable deal-breaker…

    • Chris! There you go again!!

      – The Media lies. Polls lie.
      – Demonrats will NOT win!
      – We are The Good Guys.
      – G-d is on Our Side.

      • Repeat the above 100 times each time you wash your hands.
      • Best done while making the sign to avert the mal-de-ojo or ayin-hara, the Evil Eye.
      (If you don’t know the hand sign, just spit three times over your left shoulder. [GESTURE spitting, NOT REAL spit!])

  5. zero hedge – Russia Deploys Military Virologists & Equipment To Italy After Putin Phone Call

    Russia’s Defense Ministry announced over the weekend that starting Sunday the military will deploy medical help to hard-hit Italy, the coronavirus epicenter in Europe which has seen its death toll take record jumps in the past days, now approaching 5,000 killed from the disease.

    The Kremlin said the emergency aid was initiated on orders from President Vladimir Putin after he spoke with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Saturday, and will include eight mobile brigades of military medics and special disinfection vehicles.

    The operation will see Russia’s top military specialists in virology and epidemics deploy to the hardest hit regions of Italy. The doctors and specialized equipment is being flown on nine Il-76 aircraft from an airfield outside Moscow.

    “A group of some 100 people is ready for the flight, which consists of leading specialists of the Russian Defense Ministry in the field of virology and epidemiology, who have major international experience in fighting against the epidemic along with modern equipment for diagnosing and carrying out disinfection efforts,” the ministry said.

    Russia currently has only 306 confirmed cases and one death, most concentrated in Moscow.

    The country is also said to be well-stocked with necessary equipment which has been in short supply in some places in the West, such as ventilators.

    Italy recorded its biggest jump in deaths yet throughout the crisis — at 800 in a single 24-hour period — on Saturday.


    • We’re sure the case numbers are as reliable as those of China. And since the Jews emigrated, Russia can’t spare doctors.
      Russia did close the border with China and restricted international arrivals early. Quietly.

    • Italy: FM Di Maio welcomes Russian aid planes amid coronavirus fight

      A plane carrying Russian medical assistance to Italy, amid the country’s struggle with the coronavirus, landed in Pratica di Mare military base near Rome on Saturday.

      Italian foreign minister Luigi Di Maio welcomed the Russian delegation and the first of the nine cargo planes to arrive at the base saying, “It will bring about eight teams of Russian doctors who will support our doctors, our medical staff especially in Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna.”

      “Italy is not alone, there are many countries that are helping us,” he added.

  6. Italy: Crematorium in north reaching overload after performing 170 cremations in a week

    A crematorium in Valenza in northern Italy described the tragic overload their facility is currently experiencing as it becomes overwhelmed with the sheer amount of coffins arriving during the coronavirus crisis.

    “We have reached the point where we are doing between 160 and 170 cremations per week,” said a crematorium employee on Saturday. At the speed of 170 cremations per week, the ovens would have to be working almost non-stop, which may lead to over-heating if the situation worsens.

    “Regarding hours, doing a double shift we start between 5.30 and 6.00 am and we go on until 3.00 am,” he went on to say.

    The footage highlights the tight working space available due to the number of coffins arriving. “Because of lack of space we have been obliged to leave some coffins on the terrace floor,” the employee explained. “It makes my heart bleed but we don’t have another choice,” he proclaimed.

    Italy has been Europe’s worst-hit country by the COVID-19 outbreak with over 53,000 confirmed cases and 4,825 deaths thus far.

  7. Sky News – Coronavirus: Italian city’s warning to the rest of the world

    Bergamo’s streets are empty as it deals with a devastating number of coronavirus-related deaths – and residents have a warning for others.

    It is the worst-hit city in Italy, the country currently struggling the most with the coronavirus crisis.

  8. Italy: Cuban doctors and nurses arrive to help fight coronavirus

    A delegation of 37 Cuban doctors and 15 nurses arrived at Milan Malpensa airport on Sunday to offer a helping hand to the overloading Italian healthcare system which is currently buried under the weight of the coronavirus outbreak.

    • If the Cuban doctors survive, they will apply for asylum in Italy. That’s what they do everywhere they’re sent. (But they’re so poorly trained, they can’t get a license to practice medicine or pass exams for remedial training.)

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