French Viscount, entrepreneur, author, discusses islam

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  1. I think this video would be a perfect example of the real target of YouTube’s crackdown on “hate speech”. It’s not about gay rights or cyber-bullying or transgender hurt feelings, it’s about Muslims hearing the truth, reacting with rage, and using their numbers to have the truth banned and the truth-tellers punished, lest they let the cat out of the bag and alert us hapless victims to the monster that is sneaking up on us. Soon, through both immigration and large birth rate, the indigenous people of the West will be swamped by people from poor countries who will vote to have the borders flung wide open and the system changed to socialism and free stuff and corruption and economic disaster.

    Once this critical mass has been reached there will be only the decision to either fight or run for the hills. How many white Americans, for instance, will agree to live in an America that does not have a First Amendment and where it is illegal to own a gun?

    • But there are MANY MORE NON-MUSLIMS than Muslims – so why are people so afraid????

      Resist. Push Back. Laugh at “Islamophobia”.

      Eurabia is already near the tipping point of being overwhelmed by Islamofascism thanks to Regressive Socialism which is USING ISLAM to destroy the West.

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